Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, April 27, 1915, Page 7, Image 7

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Manaicln Editor Main 70TO. A 60US
lly Editor Main 7070, A SOUS
Sunday Editor Main 7070. A B0U5
Advertising Department. ... Main 7070. A ecus
-"y circulation Main 7070, A oua
. omposlnn-room Main 7O70. A 605
Printing-room Main 7O70. A OUW5
superintendent Building Main 707O, A d0U3
IlEIUQ (Broadway at Taylor) 'Every
Woman." Tonight at S:15 o'clock.
BAKER (Broadway and Sixth, between Al
der and Morrison) Italian Grand Opera
Company In "i-UCIA." Tonight at 8:20
HIPPnnRftMB! AMT-KE-Viwn ,"fiXT P i 'T
(Fourth and Stark) Moving pictures and
vttuueviiie. coDiinuoua till 11 o clock.
RECREATION PAhK (Twenty-lourth and
Vauglin) Baseball. Portland vs. Bait
Lake. This alternoon at a.
. Vaudeville.
ORPHEUM (Broadway and Stark). Per
formances '2:.i0 and 8:20 o'clock.
PANTAGES (Broadway at Alder) Perform
ances 1:30 to 11 P. M.
and Yamhill) Continuous performances
trom l;3u to 11 P. M.
Motion Picture Theaters.
NATIONAL Park. West Park, near Wash.
PEOPLES West Park, near Alder.
MAJESTIC Park and Washington.
NEW STAR Park and Washington.
SUNSET THEATEH Broadway and Wash
ington. COLUMBIA THEATER Sixth and Stark.
Tleasant Home Selected as Site.
At the special election held Saturday
in Victory, Orient, Lusted and Cottrell
school districts to decide on the site of
the proposed union hiph school, the
new Pleasant Home, on the Mount Hood
Railroad, was selected, tlio exact loca
tion to be made later when the union
hish school district U formed. The
vote Saturday was the first step in the
organization of the union district.
County School Superintendent Arm
strong will prepare petitions asking for
an election to decide on the organiza
tion. These will be circulated and
placed In the hands of the county
boundary board, and if these petitions
contain a sufficient number of signa
tures an election will be called in
each of the four districts on the or
ganization of the proposed union high
school district.
South African Miner's Sentence
Suspended. George Cramer, a South
African miner, and Ethel Young, aged
24, who were the principals in a shoot
ing: fray at 2"!3Va Columbia street Sat
urday night, received suspended sen
tences in Municipal Court yesterday. A
handsome diamond, brought by Cramer
from the Kimberly mines, was given
the woman in San Francisco upon the
sealing- of an engagement between the
two. In a quarrel Saturday night, the
girl gave Cramer hla diamond back
and fired two shots after him as he fled
Detectives Royle, Tichenor and Cahill
made the arrest.
Bot Scouts Have Outing. The Boy
Scouts, of Sixth avenue, at Ients.
passed two days last week at Oswego
Lake, pitching their tents at the head
of the lake. The boys kept strict guard
at night, the sentinels taking turns
standing guard and keeping up the
fires, to protect themselves from
any sudden attack by the enemy or
wild animals from the surrounding
'Jungles." The usual scout Instruc
tions were given on camp life. After
a hearty breakfast the scouts formed
ln line and marched back to their
homes in Lents.
Washington Strawberries Arrive.
Rich, ripe, red strawberries from W.
H. Galligan, of Cooks, Wash., have -been
received by The Oregonian. The ber
ries were grown in an open patch and
had nothing to encourage them except
the warm sunshine, says Mr. Galligan.
He will start the shipments of his fruit
this week, which is exceptionally early.
The berries are large and sweet. They
were grown in the Underwood district,
only a sh-ort way from the home of the
famous White Salmon Valley berry.
Reed Lectures Announced. In
Reed College extension course 12, nat
ural science. Dr. H. B. Tcrrey will
give the 68th lecture, entitled "Charles
Darwin and the Origin of Species," to
day at 3 o'clock, in the biological
lecture room of the college. In course
21, Pr. W. C. Morgan will give the
last of the lectures on world riddles,
entitled "How Long Will the Universe
Last?" (illustrated), tonight at S
o'clock, in Library Hall, Central Li
brary. Hygiene Societt to Meet. The Ore
gon auxiliary to the National Mouth
Hygiene Society will meet tonight in
room S of the Library to complete its
organization and outline work for the
ensuing year. All of the Parent
Teacher Circles and other welfare so
cieties of the city will be expetced to
have representatives at the meeting. L.
R. Alderman, superintendent of schools,
is president of the society.
Commission Merchant Fined. John
Manis, a commission merchant, was
fined $10 in Municipal Court yesterday
on the charge of selling short weight
asparagus. R. Roelofsz, who filed the
complaint, declared that lie had re
ceived only 25 pounds of asparagus
when he paid for 32 pounds, and did
not notice the -discrepancy until he was
prepared to sell the vegetable.
Mrs. John Gwii.t Dies in Alameda,
Cal Word has been received here of
the death of Mrs. John Gwilt, formerly
of Portland, at Alameda, Cal." Mr. and
Mrs. Gwilt were old-time residents of
Portland and were prominent in G. A.
R. circles. They moved to California
several years ago. Mr. Gwilt died
several years ago. Mrs. Gwilt was about
70 years of age.
Home Inmates Invited to Matinee.
The federated clubs of Portland in
charge of the club vaudeville to be
(riven today and tonight In the
Eleventh-street playhouse, have in
vited the residents of the Catholic Old
People's Home, the Patton Home and
the Mann Home to be their guests at
the matinee performance.
Rotarians Today Seb Circus. The Y.
M. C. A. circus, under the direction of
A. M. Grilley, in charge of the physical
, department, will be the feature of en
tertainment at the luncheon, of the
Rotary Club at the Benson Hotel to
day. H. V. Stone, general secretary
of the Y. M. C. A., will be chairman
of the day.
Mazamas to Take Moonlight Tramp
The Mazamas will have a moonlight
walk Wednesday. The members will
meet at Fourteenth and Jefferson
streets, at 8. o'clock and will tramp
by the city reservoir to a point on the
hills to the west, where a camnflre
session will be held.
New Store Firm Incorporates:
Articles of incorporation were filed ves
terday in County Clerk Coffey's office
lor "Foutainette," a confectionery store
with a capital stock of $10,000 The
Incorporators are: George H. Watson
C. C. Stout, E. J. Stout and Fannie
E. Watson.
Opportunity for dentist with es.
tablished first-class physician; splendid
light, well-known building, central
location; moderate rental AM 708,
Oregon ian. Adv.
Expert paper-hanging and paint
ing wanted by married man badlv in
need of work; prices reasonable. Phone
Marshall 3086. Adv.
Informal Dancing Partt tonight.
Cotillion Hall, delightfully cool; ball
bearing floor. Professor Ringler, man
ager. Adv.
To Let. For business purposes, store,
1876 square feet, central location, mod
erate rental. AK 710, Oregonian. Adv.
Doctor's OrncKS to let in downtown
building;, central location; moderate
rental AL 708 Oregonlan. Adf.
Automobiles. Take a run to Mount
Hood. Stop at Rhododendron Tavern.
Roads are fine. Adv.
Dr. Datton, glasses, Swetland bldg.
$20,000 in Bonds Not Redeemed.
Cjty Treasurer Adams Is wondering
where $20,0J0 of city Improvement
bonds of an issue, which was called
in some time ago. are now located as
the owners have not called to have
them redeemed. Where they have gone
is a mystery that the official has, as
yet, been unable to solve. The original
purchasers were notified that the
money is on hand for the redemption
of the bonds and that interest on them
had been stopped. Most of the bonds
were purchased originally by bond
brokers and then resold.
Mrs. Zaninovicii's Estate $18,000.
An estate valued at more than $18,000
was left by Mrs; Jenniaf F. Zaninovich,
who died April 9, according to the will
filed in County Clerk Coffey's office
yesterday. Of this amount, $12,500 is
in 125 shares of stock in Zan Bros, and
$5000 is in 100 shares of the Anne
Donovan estate. The entire property
is divided between a son and a
daughter, Dominick Augustus Zanino
vich and Regina Veronica Zaninovich.
Lieutenant-Colonel W. Hart
Lieutenant - Colonel W. Hart
McHarg. of the Sixth Regiment,
Vancouver, B. C, who, according
to yesterday's dispatches, was
killed last week during the en
gagement of the Canadian di
vision in the western theater of
the war in Europe, was well
known in Portland. He com
manded the British Columbia
rifle team which won the inter
national championship of the
Northwest in the shoot held at
the Clackamas range October 4
and 5. 1912.
Colonel McHarg was the cham
pion rifle shot of the world, hav
ing won this title at the rifle
match held at Camp Perry, O.,
In 1913.
Mrs. Zaninovich -also owned a house
and lot at 663 Brockhurst street, Oak
land. Cal.
St. Johns Annexation Discussed.-
D. C. Lewis, of St. Johns, addressed
the East Side Business Men's Club
yesterday at the luncheon, calling at
tention to the vote on the annexation
of St.' Johns to Portland. A committee
was appointed to take up the annexa
tion question and urge citizens to vote
n that subject. V. C. Cooper, candi
date for City Commissioner, made a
brief address. Steps were taken to
get together 20 automobiles for the
police parade next Thursday.
61 Firemen in Test Todat. Sixty
one firemen desirous of promotion will
participate today in a civil service ex
amination for fire lieutenants. The
examination will be held in the Council
chamber at . the City Hall. Firemen
have been looking forward to the ex
amination lor months inasmuch as it
is the1 one chance they have for promo
tion. While being examined the men
will be subject to tire call in case of
a "second alarm" fire.
"Made In Oregon" Festival Parade
Slogan. "Made in Oregon" will be
the slogan exemplified by the employes
of the Ford automobile factory In their
participation in the Portland Rose Fes
tival, June 9-11. Information has been
sent to the Chamber of Commerce that
the Ford Ractory will have 10J uni
formed marchers In line, and every
member of the body will be clad in
garments woven from Oregon-grown
wool and made up in Oregon shops.
ATrs. W. T. Elmore. Missionary. Speaks.
Mrs. W. T. Elmore, of Rampatman,
India, spoke yesterday at the White
Temple under the auspices of the
American Baptist Missionary Society.
Her topic was "How the Hindus Lost
God." Mrs. Elmore's talk was devoted
largely to the mode of conversion of
the Hindu men and also was an appeal
to the American missionaries to do
more for the women of the Orient,
Fred Lock ley to Talk at Y. M. C. A.
Fred Lock ley will speak at the Y. M.
C. A. at 8 o'clock tonight on "Cashing
Spare Time." The lecture is one in a
new course In business methods and
efficiency that has just been started
in the association and which is open
both to men and women.
German Plat to Be Given. A new
German play "Mlt IHnderburg in Polen"
will be given in the German House
May 16, at 8 o'clock, under the auspices
of the German Drama League. The
play will be presented under the dlrec
tion of Mrs. Richard Adam.
This regular meeting of the Catholic
Women's League will be held Tuesday
afternoon at 2 P. M. instead of Wednes
day. Adv.
Wanted. Physician to share office
with dentist: first-class building Ad
dress AP 774, Oregcnian. Adv.
Stock wanted. W. E. Davidson. 216
217 Lewis bldg. Adv.
To all who so nobly assisted us In the
funeral of our beloved husband and
father. Many thanks to all the dear old
Grand Army veterans and especially to
-Mr. Shorno, who so kindly helped us in
the sad hour of bereavement,
Mrs. Ida Stack liarvey wishes to
thank her friends, especially Mr. Skewes
and Dr. Hale, for their kind sympathy
and assistance rendered during her sad
bereavement in the loss of her son.
Richard S. Stack. Adv.
Companies Vrse Voter to Decide for
Purchase of Present Plants to
End Present Litigation.
Milwaukle Is in the throes of a
heated water works campaign, which
will culminate Saturday at a special
election when two questions will be
voted on: "Shall the charter be so
amended as to compel Mllwaukie to
acquire the property of the Milwaukie
Water Company and the Minthorne
Springs Water Company by purchase,
arbitration or condemnation?" and
"Do you favor Milwaukie buying Min
thorne Springs for a water supply,
rather than buying Bull Run water
from Portland at a fixed price per
If the first amendment carries the
Council may offer a sum for these
water plants, but if the terms are not
accepted the Council may condemn
both properties. Minthorne Springs
may be acquired in the same way If
the voters declare In favor of Min
thorne Springs as a water supply.
A pamphlet has been sent to regis
tered voters setting forth the attitude
of the water companies and the reply
by" the former Mayor and Councilmen,
who made the contract for Bull Run
water. The Milwaukie Water Com
pany asserts that it holds an exclusive
franchise under section 1 of ordinance
No. 6, passed by the Council April 29,
1904, which reads: "That an exclusive
franchise and right of way for a period
of 30 years is hereby granted to F. W.
Berkemier and B. M. Fisch and their
associates west of the Southern Pacific
track, and their associates shall have
exclusive right to all water flowing
through said town for sale to private
parties and for fire purposes during
said period." The Minthorne Springs
Company does not claim exclusive
franchise. It operates east of the South
ern Pacific track. The companies urge
the citizens of Milwaukie to vote for the
acquisition amendment, as they declare
It will end trouble and prevent further
expensive litigation.
Burglar Sketch, Clever Acrobats, Grace
ful Dancers and Good Singers
Appear on BUI.
The audience at Pantages didn't wait
for Tom Kelly to begin his song, "I'm
on My Way to Dublin Bay," nor did it
pause till he had rattled off some of
his inimitable jokes and patter, but it
applauded vigorously the minute Tom,
me lasnion plate baritone, appeared.
It was a hearty greeting of a genuine
favorite. Kelly has personality, loads
of it, and he has, in additions, a splendid
voice and a fund of sparkling wit. Sev
eral enthusiastic encores rewarded his
successful efforts to entertain. He sang
"I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier,"
Dancing Linderneath an Irish Moon"
and several other songs. He also made
a little curtain speech yesterday.
A Santa Claus pack lull of lauglis Is
found in the comedy sketch "A Hieh-
Toned Burglar's Christmas Tree," which
is presented by Dolan and Lenharr. The
aaventures or the burglar are unique.
He is a burglar of a brand-new varietv
a most obliging fellow. The plot Is
screamingly runny and the lines are
full of surprises.
Billed as "the nuttiest of tbe nn."
the Reed Brothers appear in an acro
batic offering that gives them the right
to be classed as "the cleverest of the
clever" as well. Their stunts with
trapeze and other paraphernalia am
amazing and sensational.
The Dollle Sisters are i-orn nt-ot..
brunettes who do some bright, delight
ful singing and graceful dancing. They
have several costumes and many differ
ent songs.
A girl with a beautiful figure
can sing well and dance art iH-n,, !
Gertie Van Dyke, who has an origYnal
act in which she is ably assisted by her
skillfully and with expression. Gertie
sings a song arranged as a duet, taking
the high and low voice alternately She
wears stunning costume r
The roller skate wizards j
Anderson have a lively act that goes
with a zip and a hum nH
shares of applause. Th.v 7
fellows, regular "dare-devils" on wheels.
'"V -"i.o me an-round tip-top bill
that will run all the week at the Pan
Other Acts on Bill Elicit High Praise
aud Every Feature Declared
rlJl AYe!.Ch' Hebre- comedian, is a
few tLfden,t of human "a1" and
few foibles In his fellow men have
escaped his keen observation. He dis-
fihTS ih'l,nd a flne sense of comedy
in his headline act at the Empress this
. ... ambles slowly along, look--S
ii an anJmated sign for David
Varfields clothing store In "The Auc
tioneer. Nothing fits Joe but his
smile, his delightful dialect and his
teeth. He tells stories and makes per
sonal comment on his entire family and
the neighbors- Joe pokes fun at fash
ions and derides the efforts of vrm-n
to reduce avordupols and make them
selves beautiful. The audience called
him back three times and didn't want
to let him go even then.
An act that offers loads of entertain
ment is offered by Sadie Sherman, a
stunning brunette, who wears a gor
geous red gown. Miss Sherman sings
and gives Impersonations of an old
lady anJ later of a mother with a new
baby sitting for their photographs.
Her impersonations are distinctly .real
istic. She has another number that
pleases immensely when she appears
as an Italian woman and sings about
her folk. Miss Sherman possesses that
most elusive thing, personality, and it
pervades her work.
A most diverting sketch is presented
by Etta Bryan, a clever little actress,
with Roy Sumner and Laurence Will
iams. The sketch is called "A College
Proposition" and tells entertainingly of
how a giggling little bride outwits
her brilliant father-in-law when he
would annul her marriage to his son.
Miss Bryan acts with ease. The lines
of the play are snappy and bright, the
work of Edgar Allan Woolf.
A duo of real entertainers are Cooke
and his good-looking son, Rothert, In
an extraordinary and -eccentric act
combining acrobatics and rapid-fire
Johnson and Deen are colored sing
ers and dancers. Miss Deen has a tune
ful, big voice, the two are alert and
smiling and their presentation gets
over in great style.
An act that stands out for sheer
merit is the f oot-juggllnrr achieve
ments of Von Cello, a slim and dapper
to L
Business Properties
We are in a position to
make loans (first mortgage
security) on retail or whole
sale business properties in
centrally located business
districts in large cities.
Loan Repayable
by our
Serial Payment Plan -
We invite correspondence
from corporations and in
dividuals requiring large
sums on above security
Money advanced on
construction loans
as work progresses. Amount
of loan limited only by pro
portionate security.
Current rates of
and commission
All correspondence regarded
as confidential. Prompt
answers to all applications.
Rmol Sitai Loan Departmrnnt
- MmbT Fdrml Jtcttrvs Sauk
St. Louis, Mo.
Cafiital and Surplus
Nint and Oat-Hal Miltiam, Dalian
young man with feet far more clever
than most people's hands. He juggles
a huge barrel In the air with his ten
toes to a musical accompaniment, and
the applause he gets is generous
Buy From
the Maker
Pay Only
One Profit
The man who buys his clothing here buys
from the Woolen Mills' representative. He
is asked to pay only one .profit a small one,
at that. He gets the best that is going in
quality Oregon Wool, and Expert Tailoring.
Our New Spring Suits at
$15, $20, $25
would cost you $5 to
!C3lc!tll lVma
Woolen Mill Store
ird at Stark
Don't forget
"Paint up. Clean up Week."
Say, Fellows,
These Srrina'
one's thoughts just naturally turn
tn things that mean we
have new Gloves, Hose
fixin's whether the thoughts be of. sport,
vacation, a new girl
Our Gloves, Hose, Neckwear, Etc., Etc., are high in quality
and low in price This is the truth not a boast.
ggp msmmMMmm
I '
See that tent at left-hand side of picture?
That's the LAURELHURST CO.'S new Tract Office at E. 41st and Bumside streets, where you can
always get full particulars of all houses and lots for sale or rent in LAURELHURST.
What Is
p Eg1 IvJ BVifi
Why, it's the Addition of Beautiful Homes, located in the center of the East Side residence district
and, although only four years old, it is the home of some twelve hundred of the best people in
Portland. It has a thirty-one-acre natural scenic park right in its heart.
LAURELHURST is first in so many things that to list them would be a reflection on the rest of
the city.
Thirty-five new homes are now being erected in LAURELHURST. It's simply burning up with
activity. Sixteen new homes are going up in the vicinity of our new Bungalow Block and are selling
before-completion. That's why we had to put an office down there to handle the visiting crowds.
Because LAURELHURST is the leader in everything that stands for projrreHsiveness and it is
recognized as THE LEADER in the new type of homes we are erecting, which on sight simply take
the people right off their feet, and because IT'S A WONDERFUL TIME TO BUILD RIGHT NOW.
You can save hundreds of dollars on the price of labor and materials.
Let us assist you into a home you WILL BE proud of. We'll finance it for you and you can pay
it back in monthly installments. Well welcome a visit from you. WHY NOT TODAY?
PAUL C. MURPHY, Sales Agent, 270'2 Stark Street. Main 1503, A 1515.
Mexican Cuttle Thieves Slain.
NOGALES, Ariz., April 2G. A band ol
cattle thieves, long sought by May
torena officials in Sonora. were
$7.50 more elsewhere,
and coo
Third at Morrison
simply must
and other
or just plain work.
HOSE 250 (Durable Silk Fiber).
309 Morrison St.
Postoffice opposite.
Chas. F. Berg, Mgr.
.A V I
cornered yesterday at Imuris, four were prisoner and executed
killed by Villa Foldierw, one wwa madelolherw excapod.
Whether the Shoes be Black, White or Tan
2 in 1 Gives the Shine that won't come off
on the clothes Quick Brilliant Lasting.
In "Easy-Opening" Box,. 10c.
i : m
Not from any idea of sentiment, but for purely business reasons.
Its merchants are energetic and attentive. They want your busi
ness, but they want to deserve it and make it profitable to you.
The House of Welcome
Park and Alder Streets,
Portland. Or.
In the theater and shopping dis
trict, one block from any car
line. Rates $1.00 per day and
up. With bath, $1.50 per day
and up. Take our Brown Auto
C W. Cornelius, President
IL E. Fletcher, Manager
Tha Nob York Glob
Famous Food Specialist
"POMPHAN OLIVE OIL has b.aa put throuth
tha most drastic analysis by chamista workinc
under my direction without any knowledge of
what each other was doinv.
If all -the olive oils that ack for admittance
into the United States wero subjected to the
same test. I believe that 90 per cent, would be
and K-veraI
( f
i t
I ' ,
$ ' '?
i .1
i 1
The SEVVAHL) Is a new. modern mnd
eleantly appointed hotel, tig
on.- of the inoei beautiful cornnr iuo
blea in ih Northwest. Located at
lutb and Aliir -us., oppa old.
Wortmun & KIdk's d!k dopartmnt
stoitt la heart of retail and theater
district. Hates $1 and up. Bus
mtts all trains "XV car tuo runs
from In Ion lepot direct to HOTKL
SEWARD. W JA. bKWAK L. frop.
School for the Adult Blind.
11th and Davis.
For particulars call J.'F. Meyers,
. Phone Main 548.
e-'woTe inmj M uunw v sjn ishiiwiii