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VOL. L.IV. NO. 16,833.
PDAnnnifooum bulletins
Yireless Call for British
Admiral Unanswered.
Britons Outnumbered and Un
aware That Enemy Was
I Approaching in Force.
Jwo Vessels on Each Side
Missing Victors Unable
. to Succor Foes.
LOSDON, Kot. e According to the
Dall Mall's Rotterdam correspondent,
the Inhabitant of Oatend have been or
dered to take to their cellars with five
days provisions.
WASHINGTON, Not. B. Two German
officers and two men of the crew of the
German cruiser Oder, now at Honolulu,
who have been held for some time at
San Francisco, will be paroled, bnt mast
i remain In the United States an til the
end of the war. The German embassy
was so Informed today by the State
rETROGRAD, Nov. 6. Emperor
Nicholas has arrived at army headquar
ters at the front.
LONDON. Nov. B. The British mine
eeper alary was sunk by a mine in
the North Sea today. Six of the crew
of 14 were rescued. The survivors, who
landed at Lowestoft, reported
heavy arun firing off the Yorkshire coast
LONDON, Nov. 5. Lieutenant Murray
lost his life today in an aeroplane acci
dent at the Avon flying school. It is
believed he miscalculated the distance
while landing;, after making; a flight
over Rushall Down.
BERLIN, Nov. 5. (By wireless via
London.) Vienna officially reports that
In Russian Poland the Austrlans cap
tured over 2000 prisoners. Including 20
officers. On the Gallclan front BOO
Russians surrendered. During the op
erations against Servla 77 officers and
650 men were taken at Roumanla, ;
I well as much war material.
Protection of "United States' Interests
at Beirut Is Ordered London
Government Annexes Otto
man Island of Cyprus.
BERLIN, Nov. 3. (By Marconi wire
less via London.) Shanghai nevrspa
pera report that the German artillery
fire la systematically destroying the
VALPARAISO, Chile. NOV. 5. At entrenched positions occupied by the
mtmlaca tt, -r -t v. f Japanese arounu -rsing-'i'au. Tie Jtp
Glasgow intercepted by the German attacks. The waters around Tslng-Tau
victors was the last word received
from Rear-Admiral Cradock's squad- London. Nov. Marconi wire-
t I I... dinnntch from Berlin IITI that in
ron following the engagement off the Egypt the English have abandoned the
rhilPHn K.innv Arabian frontier and withdrawn across
The Germans saw trip ATnnmnTit h
I M V BTPBn A Iff -.-1 fjmilnn VftV
6ink and heard an explosion on board PriB Joachim Aibrecht, of Prussia,
the Good Hope that they believe Sent! son of the late regent of Brunswick,
the crippled battleship to the bottom.
Nnrnberg Searches Sea.
..All that night the German cruiser
Nurnberg searched the seas unsuccess
fully for the Good Hope. They picked
up a radiogram directed to the flag
ship by the Glasgow. There was no
reply. .
There were about 650 men on the!
has been wounded while fighting
France, according to the Telegraaf.
BERLIN, via London, Nov. 6, 120
A. M. Fog was responsible for the loss
of the German cruiser Yorck, which
struck a mine and sank In Jade Bay,
an Inlet of the North Sea, on November
4. This statement Is made by the Lokal
have been killed by ' their . machines
falling on the roof of a house at Issy
LONDON, Nov. 5. Emperor William
and Prince Henry of Prussia both have
been removed from the ranks of hon
orary Admlrala of the British fleet.
Their namea are stricken from the No.
vember navy list, which has Just been
LONDON, Nov. C A dispatch to tbe
Exchange - Telegraph Company from
I pari, -1vM an Aff lolnl mntniinli.1l&o
Jilonmouth when she .disappeared be-which says that Captain Remy and
TiPttfVi thn wws ' Ailmii-ol rVoJ!,! Faure, distinguished French aviators,
had 900 men with him on board the
Good Hope.
I Fate of Four Vessels in Doubt.
"Whether the Glasgow and the trans
port Otranto, which escaped destruc
tion, survived the damage suffered
is not known. The whereabouts also
of the German cruisers Leipzig and
Bremen remains in doubt
Further details of the first really
important naval battle of the war be
came known from statements made
by German officers. The latter did
not hesitate to commend the bravery
of the Britishers and intimated that
an effort to save lives would . have
been made if the weather had per
, Norther Blows Like Hurricane
The engagement was fought in the
teeth of a norther that assumed al
most hurricane proportions. Small
boats could not live in the sea. The
Russians Victorious at
Bazygan and Dyadan.
ranee and Britain Formally
Announce War on Sultan.
Refugees to Be Enrolled by Russians
and Sent to Caucasus.
LONDON, Nov. 6. In a dispatch from
Tiflis, trans-Caucasia, coming by way
of Petrograd, the Daily Telegraph
correspondent says:
"The Turkish Armenians were piti
lessly plundered on the eve of the war.
Hundreds were arrested. The arrival
of the Russian troops was greeted en
thusiastically in those neighborhoods,
where harvesting now has been resumed.
Large numbers of Armenian refugees
have reached Odessa seeking enroll
ment in the Russian army. . .They will
PETROjSRAD, Nov. 5. The follow
lng communication or the general staff
of the Russian army in the Caucasus
was made public here tonight:
"Concerning the operations during
the last 24 hours, there is nothing im
portant to report.
Turks Pursued Vigorously.
"Our troops are vigorously clearing
the enemy's territory, which is occu
pied by small bands, the remnant of
the Turkish vanguards defeated during
the last few days.
'One of our columns has defeated
the Turks near Bazygan, routing them
and capturing the town. The Turks
In their flight, threw away their arms
and- scattered to the villages in the
Kurds Meet With Defeat.
'Our cavalry attacked to the east of
Dyad en three Kurd regiments support.
ed by Infantry and threw them back."
AMSTERDAM, via. London, Nov. 5.
The following Turkish official state'
ment Is contained In a dispatch from
"The Russians are now strengthen
lng their positions near the frontier,
but have been repulsed completely from
the Karaklissa and Teehan districts.
'Bombardment Not Kffeetlve.
"During the bombardment at the en
trance to the Dardanelles the hostile
fleet fired 240 shells without causing
material damage. Our forts fired only
10 shots."
PARIS, Nov. 6. The French govern'
ment tonight declared that "a state
war exists between France and Tur
key," according to the Bordeaux cor
respondent of the Havts Agency.
Presence of Germans Cited.'
He says that the Foreign Office issued
the following note: . '
"The hostile acts of the Turkish fleet
against a French steamer, causing the
The Weather.
YESTERDAY'S Maximum temperature. Att
degrees; minimum, 62.2- degree.
TODAY'S Partly cloudy, probably occasional
raia; winds mostly southerly.
, flections.
Technical point raised against prohibition
In Arizona. Page 5.
Washington- prohibition majority estimated
at 20.000. Page 0. -
Woman suffrage believed to have won In
Montana and Nevada. Page 6.
Democratic majority in House is 24 and in
Senate 13. Page 1.
Democrats find reason for hope, following
decrease In majority. Page a.
Reduced House majority puts Democrats on
uneasy seat. Page 5.
Colleague and defeated opponent .congratu
late Senator Chamberlain. Page 13.
Hurlburt la elected Sheriff. ' Page 1.
Count over state four-fifths complete, same
leads are maintained. Page 7.
British Admiral believed lost with ship after
battle off cnliean coast, page 1.
Routed Turks are hunted down by Rus
sians. Page 1.
American signal officer urges development
of aeroplanes In United., States Army.
Page 8.
Germans continuo strong offensive movement
in west. Page 2.
Russian army column marches for SO hours
through snowy mountains. Page 8,
Russians report entire German front in re
treat, and Austrlans routed. Page 2.
River and harbor bill to be considered early
in. next Congress session. 'Page &.
Cattle epidemic spreads alarmingly. Page 0.
Bis- learues' baseball war to continue.
Fin 14.
Leaarue Interest still centers In sale of Seals
and Sacramento club's future. Page 14.
Boxing In California takes count. Page IS.
Selecting: Aggie end Is big problem for coach.
pass li.
Commercial and Marine.
British steamer held at Esquimault is re
leased and will load here. Page- 13.
Red wheat sells higher' on local exchange.
Page 10. . ...
Proflt-taklns: sales send wheat down at Chi
caxo. Page 19.
Improvement In sentiment In steel trade is
pronounced. Pago 19.
Portland and Vicinity.
Bands play - airs to ' Xun-bent Land Show
crowds. - Page 9.
Flxinir of Densities for violations of prohl
biuon law Is dry's next step. Page 9.
Canadian Pacific official says war aids
Canada. Page 11.
Weather report, data and forecast. Page 19.
(Concluded, on Pare 2.)
Englislrhian Volplanes Mile After
Aeroplane Bursts Into Flame.
ALDERSHOT, Kng. (via London)
Nov. 6. Aviator Busk, of the aircraft
staff, was burned to death - In midair
today ' when a biplane which he was
testing caught fire.
About 1000 feet above the ground the
biplane suddenly burst Into flames.
Busk tried to descend by gliding. He
continued this for nearly a mile, the
aircraft metfn while -blazing furiously.
The aviator was burned to death be
fore the machine 'etruc'x the ground.
Mexican Asks Philadelphia to Care
for His Children.
PHILADELPHIA. Nov. 5. Mariano F.
Clrat, until recently Mexican, Consul in
this city, today appeared In the Munlcl
pal Court here and asked that his live
children be committed to institutions
In this city.
. Me explained that since ex -Pro vis
ional President Huerta had fled to Eu
rope he has received no salary and 1
now destitute.
igure May Be Changed
With Full Returns.
Thursday's War Moves
Results in .Three States Are
- Still Doubtful.
NO decision has yet been reached In
the battle In the sand dunes of
West - Flanders, and the opposing
armies now stand virtually as they
have stood for many days.
"While the Germans keep hammering
away at the allies around Ypres, which
route they chose for their march to the
coast after they had found the road
along the sea barred to them, and the
allies are making an effort to move
north to Ostend, neither side has gone
far. The Belgians and those support
ing them have found that the floods
which they created to stop the Ger
man advance are a hindrance to their
movements, although they have been
able to occupy some villages, ' Includ
ing Blxschoote, which had been In the
possession of the Germans.
Around Ypres the German offensive.
according to the accounts of the allies,
has met with no success. In fact, it
seems that all along the line there has
been merely a repetition of artillery
duels and of Infantry attacks and
counter attacks, which sometimes sue
ceed, but more often do not?
Progressives Have Seven Represen
tatives and One Senator Wiscon
sin, Colorado, Nevada Upper
House Races Unsettled.
NEW YORK. Nov. S. The member
ship 61 the Sixty-fourth Congress as
the result of Tuesday's election, exclud
ing one contest still In doubt, will be
as follows:
House of Representatives, Demo
crats, 229; Republicans, 196; Progres
sives. 7; Socialist, 1; Independent. 1.
Democratic majority, 24.
Senate Democrats, 53; Republicans,
39; Progressive, 1. Democratic major
ity, 13. '
Three Senate Results la Donbt,
Senatorial contests still In doubt to
night were In Colorado, Nevada ' and
Wisconsin. Democratic leaders still
claimed the election of Charles S.
Thomas over Hubert Work. In Colorado,
and of Francis D. Newlands over Sam
uel Piatt, in Nevada.
Republican leaders claimed the elec
tion of Francis E. McGovern over Paul
A. Hustlng. Dem., In' Wisconsin, but
through an error discovered late In the
day In one of the Wisconsin counties,
an apparent majority for McGovern had
been swept away, leaving the situation
much in doubt.
One Representative la Doubt
The result in only one Congressional
district waa undetermined tonight. In
the First New York District, Frederick
C. Hicks, Rep., and Representative
Drown were running -on, virtually even
terms, and the outcome, probably will
not be .known, until an official count 1
made. ..
In computing the Democratic total In
the House at 229, William Kettner, of
the Eleventh California District, who
also ran on the Progressive ticket and
ranks as a Progressive in the presen
Congress. Is Included with the majority
Progressive With Minority.
Representative Knowland, of the
Tenth California District, who ran on
the Republican and Progressive tickets.
and was elected to the present Congres
as a Progressive-Republican, Is classed
Concluded on Page 4.)
heavy weather militated against the be enrolled as a special corps and sent
1 1.: J ii IT . . , 1 V-UW"
larger amps ana me uoou iiope louna
her guns almost useless because of
the ship's roll.
The German China fleet, the cruis
ers Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Num..
berg,, had joined the cruisers Leipzig! NAL
ana rsremen, wnicn later nad Deen
'The Russians administered most se
vere losses to the Turks during their
advance across the frontier. The Rus
sian artillery was skillfully handled
and created a panic among the Turks."
Way Sentenced for Life. "
LONDON? Nov. 5. The Alexandria.
Egypt, correspondent of the Exchange
Telegraph Company sends the following
A German officer named Mors was
arrested by the Egyptian police on his
return from Turkey with plans for dy
detached to patrol the coast north of German Conspiring to Destroy Snez
.Valparaiso. The unit proceeded south
ward, apparently well aware of the
rendezvous of the British off Concep
tion Bay.
British Vessels Taken by Surprise.
At the same time the British cruis-
rs Monmouth and filasariw. swnm.
... , ' namiting the Suez Canal. He was sen-
panied by the transport Otranto, tenced by courtmartial to Imprisonment
moved north to meet the flagship r life.
Good HoDe. The Britishers evidently
were not aware of the proximity of MINE HIT BY HOSPITAL SHIP
the Germans and met off Coronel
It was 6 o'clock Sunday when the
Germans sighted the three British
ships. The latter attempted to alter
their course, evidently with an inten-
Commander of Briton Recently lost
Explains Cause.
LONDON. Nov. 5. The hospital ship
Rohllla, which was recently wrecked
off the Yorkshire coast with a larca
tion to approach the coast and gain number of casualties, was struck by a
mine and so badly damaged that her
captain was forced to run her onto the
rocks to escape sinking at sea.
Captain Wilson, the commander of
the Rohllla, gave testimony to this at
an Inquest today.
territorial waters and so avoid an
unequal match. The Germans, how
ever, headed them off and forced the
At the moment that the German
guns were trained the Good Hope was
Been coming at full speed, and through
good seamanship managed to join the Anti-Prohibitionists' Majority Is
other British ships. I More Than Hundred Thousand.
TMr Rrmrnntra.t-.efl nn CinnA TTnna
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 5. Returns
The Britishers had come about and! from 332 precincts out of 4585 in the
the two sauadrons sailed southward state give
,, , ,. ,, . . 1 Prohibition For
in parallel lines, ine uermans Demg
nearer the coast.
Gradually the two
lines came nearer to each other and
.(Concluded on pace 2.)
Red light abatement-
against 165,259.
Anti-prizefight For 145,045,
Word Fails to Lead at
Any Time In Count.
Multnomah Tally on Principal
Issues Practically Complete.
On the frontier in ' the East more
wide-sweeping movements are being
made by the opposing armies. The
Russians, from all reports, have driven
back the German center to the River
Warthe in Russian PolandJiave held
back a German offenslvenovement
from East Prussia, and now are
straightening out their line for a more
vigorous offensive against the Aus
trlans, who have been trying to beat
their left wing in Galicla.
It is to the battles In these regions
that the British military men are now
looking, for they declare that if the
Russians can keep up their successful
fighting against the Austrlans and
Germans relief will come to the allies
in the West because of the necessity for
the withdrawal of a German army corps
from France and Belgium ' to protect
Silesia and East Prussia.
These military observers express the
belief that the Turkish threat against
the Russian Caucasus will weaken the
Russian armies by withdrawals from
Poland, but the Russian authorities say
that the advent of Turkey Into the war
already has been, discounted and that
they have sufficient troops to deal with
Turkey on the spot.
The first reports of the fighting be
tween the Russians and the Turks are
as conflicting as were the first Aus
trian and Russian accounts of the war
fare in Galicla. Each contender claims
to have Invaded the other's territory
and- to have defeated hla frontier
armies. These fights, however, prob
ably have been only advance-guard af
fairs," and It is thought here that some
time may elapse before a pitched battle
occurs. '
The Anglo-French fleet continues to
bombard the Dardanelles forts, but the
Turks say the warships have Inflicted
no damage. In other parts of Turkey,
British warships are being kept busy.
The government, however, has ordered
that holy places shall, be respected by
the British gunfire as long as the In
dian subjects visiting them are not molested.
This necessity for respecting the
feeling of her Moslem subjects, it is
considered, may hamper Great Britain
somewhat in the prosecution of the war
against Turkey, but with her large
Moslem population it cannot be disre
garded. In addition to the assurances
received from the Indian Princes, Eng
land has been Informed by the leaders
of the Moslems in the Malay estates that
her war against Turkey will' not affect
the loyalty of the Moslems to the em
The result of the naval battle in the
Pacific between the German and Brit
ish squadron, details of which still are
lacking, naturally is the most discussed
subject of the war in England. It is
realized that the worst accounts, which
include the sinking of the Monmouth
and serious damage to the Good Hope,
probably are true.
"It Is the price of the admiralty
says the average Englishman of this
and other losses to ships that have been
sustained since the war began. The
balance thus far Is on the side of Ger
many, but every Britisher seems con
fident that when the main' fleeta meet
this -discrepancy will be more than
wiped ou(, It is said here that should
the German fortress of Tslng-Tau fall,
the British and Japanese vessels en
gaged there will start out in an en
deavor to round up the eight or nine
German cruisers still at large.
Alleged. Cruelty to Soldier to Cost
City $1,000,000 in Levy.
THE HAGUE, via London. 1:10 A. M
Nov. 6. There has been received here
a copy of a German military decree
issued in Brussels on October 28 by
Field Marshal Von'Der Goltz. military
governor of the occupied part of Bel
glum, condemning the two Belgian po
licemen to two and five years" iinprls-
! onment, respectively, on the charge of
maltreating a German soldier.'
The same decree fined the city of
Brussels 5,000,000 francs (11.000,000)
because it was alleged citizens partici
pated in this affair.
German Reports Biggest Airship
Will Attack City This Month.
LONDON. Nov. 6, 3:23 A. M. The
Dally Chronicle correspondent of Lake
Constance, Germany, sends the follow
ing dispatch:
"An Immense super-Zeppelin shed is
being rushed to completion in a float
Ing shed for a raid on London before
the end of November. This will be the
largest Zeppelin yet constructed.
will mount several pieces of artillery
and have an unprecedented steaming
Chamberlain Goes 850 0 Ahead; Republicans-
Get All Other OfTlccs.
Alleged Defective Ballots May
Cause Protest on Sheriff.
Practically complete returns from
Multnomah County prove that the re
sults announced by The Oregonian In
Its early editions immediately follow
ing the election on Tuesday were cor
rect In every particular. The late
count, however, has overcome the early
lead against prohibition and the county
has returned a slight majority in favor
of the dry amendment.
With the exception 'of the United
United States Senatorship the Repub-N
Ilcans have carried every office on both
state and county tickets, although the
count for Sheriff has been close.
Hurlburt Elected Sheriff.
However, complete figures from 324
county precincts and incomplete re
turns from the other two give Thomas
M. Hurlburt, Republican candidate Tor
Sheriff, a clear lead of 276 votes over
Tom M. Word, his Democratic opponent
and the incumbent In that office.
The vote for these two condldates
now stands:
Hurlburt 34,235, Word 33,959.
Hurlburt's plurality cannot be af
fected by more than a few votes in the
returns yet to be made. He may carry
the county and be elected by 300.
Although some of the rural districts
yesterday served to reduce Hurlburt's
previous plurality materially, at no
time was his margin of safety In dan
ger. Hurlburt has maintained his lead
from the time the first reports came
In on Tuesday evening.
Allesred Defective Ballots Held.
In a number of precincts yesteVday
alleged defective ballots were found
and some of them were not counted by
the election officials. It is reported
that Sheriff Word will ask to have
them counted. Whether he will con
test the election has not been determined.
The Hurlburt supporters declare that
there is no chance or cause for a con
test and insist that if a contest is or- '
dered it will be found that fully as
many Hurlburt votes have been thrown
out by the judges for irregularities as
Word votes.
Dry Vote Is Surprise.
A surprising result of the later re
turns was the revelation that Multno
mah has Joined the sisterhood of coun
ties and swung into the "dry" column.
Multnomah was the last county to re
port and makes the verdict in favor ot
prohibition, by counties, unanimous in
the state. -
With only parts - of two .precincts
missing the vote on this issue now is:
For prohibition. 36,588.
Against prohibition, 36,202.
Majority for, 386.
The early returns on Tuesday night
and the following morning indicated
that prohibition had failed to carry the
county. All the later returns brought
In overwhelming votes In favor of pro
hibition. Election officials- explain that
the last ballots dropped Into the boxes
were the first removed and counted
and that those that were voted first,
or early in the morning, were the last
to be counted. It is evident, according
to this, that that element of citizenship
that voted "dry" voted early in the
day and that most of the "wets" voted
late In the day.
Hepnbllcaaa Coatlnne Calus. x
Meanwhile Republican candidates for
all offices excepting United btates
Senator continue to make gains.
George E. Chamberlain. Dem., has
carried the county for re-election to the
United States Senate by approximately
9h03 votes. His present lead over R. A.
Booth, Rep., Is 9503. They have 35.363
and 25,866 respectively. William Han
ley, Prog., who was expected to develop
great strength, has received 8425 votes
in the county with only parts of two
precincts yet to hear from.
Dr. James Withycombe, Rep., for
Governor, has secured a majority of
1690 votes over his five competitors in
the county. He has a lead of 11.7T
over Dr. C J. Smith, Dem. His total
vote now Is 38,699, to 26,931 for Dr.
L.afferty Is Poor Third.
C. N. McArthur, Rep., for Congress,
has been elected by a plurality over A.
F. FlegeL Dem., by a plurality that ma'
reach 4000. His present lead is 3062. He
and Flegel have 26.533 and 23,471 re
spectively. A. W. Laf f erty. Independent
candidate and Incumbent, ran a poor
C. M. Hurlburt, Republican candidate
for State Representative In the Multnomah-Clackamas
"joint district, has
been elected over Roscoe P. Hurat,
Dem., In spite of the fact that he was
repudiated by the Republican organi
zations in both courAies of his district
and supported openly and actively by
thousands of Republican voters. Ho
has a majority of 418 in Multnomah
(.Concluded on Page S.)