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"What's the matter J
with the coffee?"
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PORTUAND'S smart set was enter
tained charmingly yesterday aft
ernoon by Mrs. Charles T. Whit
ney at a large and pretty tea at Alex
andra. Court. Close to 200 attractively
gowned women called during the after
noon, their handsome rrocks belns en
hanced by the artistic floral decoration
of the rooms. A delightful scheme of
decoration was developed in the dining-room,
apropos of the season of
witches and revelry. The tea table was
adorned with a -huge pumpkin filled
with luscious fruit, made to resemble
a chariot, drawn by witches.
During the reception hours a stringed
orchestra played. Mrs. Thomas D. Hon
eyman and Mrs. J. D. Farrell served
Ices, and the samovars were in charge
of Mrs. James Honeyman and Mrs. D.
A. Shindler. Stationed at the punch
bowl were Mrs. George D. Schalk and
Mrs. Harry Hemlnghouse, of St. Paul.
The hostess was assisted about the
rooms by Mrs. Elizabeth Freeman,
Miss Bertha Tongue. Miss Rutheford
Hartz. of the Army Post: Misses Char
lotte and Katherine Laidlaw, Margaret
Hears and Anna Munly.
Mrs. Charles Edwin Fear and two
mall daughters returned, last week
from the East.
Cotillion .Hall will be the scene of
the Cotillion Club's big annual Hal
loween party tonight. The hall has
been beautifully decorated as a big
farm scene and many spooky innova
tions have been arranged to make this
party one of old-time Halloween revel
ry. - Those serving on the committee
are: Dr. C. R. Walker, Miss Grace Pow
ell. Wade R. Bagnall, Miss Frances Ma
glil. Miss Izetta Martin. Miss Hawkins.
Harry Kaiser. E. O. Wayne. Patron
esses, Mrs. Montrose M. Ringler, Mrs.
R. E. Jones and Mrs. H. B. Lobe.
William D. Wheelwright will address
the guests at a large dinner tonight at
the University Club on the European
situation. A scholarly and impartial
presentation of the present debacle in
Europe will be made. Mr. Wheelwright
has returned recently from the warring
countries. A number of men prominent
In literary circles in this city will be
present at the dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Burrell were
hosts last night at a charming dinner
party complimenting Mr. and Mrs.
Wheelwright. Halloween decorations
prevailed, and it was a delightful af
fair. The Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority
will hold its regular monthly luncheon
meeting today at 12:30 o'clock at the
University Club.
To augment the funds of the Red
Cross Society. Mrs. Ralph Charles Mat
son will entertain this afternoon with
an informal bridge-tea at her home.
Her guests will include a number of
the younger married set.
The important event on the tapis to
day interesting the younger contingent
Is the dinner and danceior which Wirt
Minor will bo host complimenting Miss
Ailsa MacMaster, attractive young
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Mac
Master. The event will be typically
Halloween, both in decorations and
general details, and about 70 belles and
beaux will enjoy Mr. Minor's hospital
ity at the Waverly Country ClUb.
A large gathering attended the first
formal ball of the season at the Mult
nomah Club last night. The gymnasium
was brilliantly decked with Halloween
novelties, combined with chrysanthe
mums and brightly-tinted foliage.
About 300 guests were present, and
were received by the president, the
board of trustees and their wives. The
entertainment committee members, un
der whose direction the vance was
given, are A. H. Allen, chairman:
Harry Fischer, E. R. Morris and Rex
m m m
Mrs. E. E. Fisher, of Salem, passed
a. few days of this week In Portland,
coming here to attend the Oregon Con
gress of Mothers.
The Irvington Park Club will hold
an old-fashioned Hallo veen party at
the clubrooms. East Thirtieth and Klll
ingsworth avenue, this evening at 8:30
o'clock. Supper for two should be
one of the leading philanthropic
organizations among the clubwomen,
will give a Halloween party tonight in
the Mississippi-avenue hall, 795 Mis
sissippi avenue, for the benefit of their
charity fund. Mrs. Robert Berger,
president of the organization, will be
assisted In receiving by a number of
the members. Features appropriate
to the season will be in evidence.
The next meeting of the Overlook
Club will be held November 6 in the
h!me of Mrs. James Roberts, 801 Over
look boulevard. Rollcall will be
answered with quotations from Helen
Hunt Jackson. Crater Lake and Glacial
National Park will be the subject of
an address by Mrs. R. A. Wllllson;
Yosemite National Park, by Mrs. G.
H. Watson. Mrs. Percy Brown, presi
dent of the Silverton Woman's Club
will be the honored guest. Music
will be an added attraction.
On November 20 the Overlook Club
women will have a typical Thanks
giving programme. Mrs. F. H. Paegler
will give a paper on "The Origin of
Vernon Parent-Teacher Association
will meet on Tuesday afternoon at 3
o'clock in the assembly hall of the
Holman circle also will meet on
Tuesday when Runo E. Arne will be
the speaker.
Mrs. F. Joplin, president of the
Daughters of the Confederacy, has re
turned from an extended visit in Cali
fornia and will preside at the next
meeting of the chapter, November 17.
The Shakespeare department of the
Portland Woman's Club will meet
Tuesday at 2 o'clock in the committee
room. Women of Woodcraft HalL
Under the direction of Mrs. Alva
Lee Stephens the Parent-Teacher pro
gramme of November 4 at the Manu
facturers' and Land Products Show will
be of exceptional interest.
Mrs. Overton Ellis, of Olympia,
"Wash a member . of the programme
committee of the General Federation
Council, arrived in the city yesterday
and was entertained at dinner at the
Hotel Portland with Mrs. Sarah A.
Evans, president of the Oregon Feder
. ation of Women's Clubs, and members
of the local board and as many presi
dents as could be reached when news
of Mrs. Ellis' arrival was received.
Mrs. Josephine R. Sharp, president
of the Alberta Woman's Improvement
feM ;'- '. i
pm I .-' H&H
J Jri
Sif& CA?-J Z&SeS A
Miss Christabel Pankhurst, daughter of the leader of the Militant Suf
fragettes of Great Britain, has opened her campaign in 'New York and i
shaping plans for making a tour of the United States, visiting every city of
Importance, pleading the cause of the militants and generally spreading the
gospel of woman's rights. It is not usually known that Miss Pankhurst is.
privileged to write "LL.B." after her name. The degree was conferred on
her by Victoria College at Manchester, England. The accompanying photo
graph is Miss Pankhurst's latest.
Club and of the Women's Political
Science Club, is greatly interested in
the "city beautiful" movement, and as
a means of carrying out some of its
dominant thoughts she has suggested
that a general clean-up day might be
successful right after the election.
The object of the day would be to tear
down all election signs that usually
are left to adorn or disfigure the
buildings and trees for months. Mrs.
Sharpe will submit her- plans to the
authorities and the School Superin
tendent and will ask for the co-operation
and advice of others Interested.
A junior guild has been organized by
the girls of St. John's Church, and will
work for the church bazaar to be held
December 11. The officers are: Presi
dent, Camilla Can field: vice-president,
Jeanita Krogstad; recording secretary,
Dorothy Ballheim; corresponding sec
retary. Helen ' -Krogstad; treasurer.
Marguerite Mathie; chaplain, Ruth
Capell; membership committee, Emma
Capell, Lila Mathie and Phea Fallis;
social committee, Jennie Cappell, AJme
da Colwell. Oils Deeth, Helen Faming
and Frances Cummins. Mrs. John D.
Rice is work directress.
Another society recently organized
which promises to do a large work in
the interests of the church Is the
Daughters of the King. '
Religious Paper Champion of
Hon. R. A. Booth.
Pacific Christian Advocate Styles
'Preposterous" Attack on Candi
date for Senate. Who Is Known
as "a True Man.'
THE idea that a few self-seeking
politicians, determined to stoop to
any methods to carry out their pro
gramme, have discovered, all in a mo
ment, in Robert A. Booth a personal
unfitness, concealed from his most inti
mate associates of a lifetime, is prop
erly designated "preposterous" by the
Pacific Christian Advocate.
How Mr. Booth stands among his fel
low townsmen and fellow church mem
bers and among all who have known
him for any length of time is related
by that journal as follows:
"It does not take long to discover a
counterfeit. The resemblance may be
perfect and thereby the eye may be de
ceived. Even the sound, "the ring," may
at times cause one to have confidence,
but repeated tests bring to the trained
ear the false note of spurious metal.
Sometimes we find men in whom we
had placed our trust who prove false
and utterly unworthy. Repeated trial
is the true test of character. And
character is the most precious asset
any man has. Bad men and weak men,
in their extremity, will try to destroy
even that, Shapespeare says:
"He who Bteals my purse steals trash:
But he who takes from me my good
Takes that which doth not enrich him
self. And makes me poor indeed.'
"When will men realize the tremen
dous truth of these words? We were
astonished a few days ago to read in
the papers that Hon. R. A. Booth had
been accused of 'wearing religion as a
cloak to cover up his evil deeds. It
seems unnecessary for us to refute
such an unwarranted statement. Such
unjustifiable attacks should discredit
all the accusations of his political
enemies. Having been born and reared
in Oregon; the son of an honored re
tired member of this conference: the
head of a Christian home; a life-long,
active member of the church; our lead
ing philanthropist and supporter of
Christian education; repeatedly hon
ored by his brother laymen and hon
ored almost revered by his towns
men and friends; such a man. active
- -
In city, county, state and National af
fairs, successfully deceiving his friends
for a third of a century? Can any
thing be more preposterous?
"It would be ridiculous were It not
so serious. The person who will as
sassinate a man's character without
cause places himself upon a plane be
neath that to which he would precipi
tate Ms victim. To know Robert A.
Booth is to know a true man."
Thomas M. Hurlburt Makes
Promises to Women.
Republican Nominee for Sheriff
Will tinard Girls From Pltfalla
and Invites Sex to Aid and Advise
WOMEN voters will have opportun
ity next Tuesday for the first
time to vote for a candidate for Sheriff
and realizing that this is an office that
comes closer to the sphere of womanly
activity than many others. Thomas M.
Hurlburt. the Republican nominee for
the office of Sheriff, has made the fol
lowing statement to the women voters:
"To the Mothers of Multnomah Coun
ty: On next Tuesday, for the first
time in your lives, you will have an
opportunity to vote for a Sheriff of
this county.
"I am the nominee of the Repub
lican party for the office, and if I am
elected I want every woman to realize
that the Sheriff's office is not con
ducted solely for the purpose of tak
ing care of criminals and collecting
your taxes, but there is another work
of greater importance and one in which
you can be of a big help to me in many
ways in safeguarding the welfare of
our boys and girls.
"I want you to feel free to come to
me at any time and talk these things
over and know in advance how wel
come your suggestions and advice will
be received. No work is of greater im
portance to the upbuilding of a com
munity than safeguarding the moral
welfare of our boys and girls, and no
one knows better than you mothers
what measures are necessary. I want
your help and your co-operation, and
at all times you will find me ready
and willing to do everything in my
power to rid this county of the pitfalls
which beset .the young and inexperi
In Short Session of Council Bndget
Is Trimmed $3050. .
In a short session yesterday the City
Council, sitting as budget committee,
pruned $3050 from the estimates of ex
penditures for the public works depart
ment. This makes a .total of about
$83,000 cut out of the estimates sub
mitted by Commissioner Dieck. There
is still a long list of items to be con
sidered. Commissioner Dieck, in the
face of the cutting of his estimates,
announced that between now and Mon
day he will do some pruning bimself
to save the Council as a whole from the
The decrease in estimates yesterday
consisted of small cuts in estimates for
supplies and materials..
Prosser Club Entertains1.
PROSSER. Wash., Oct. 30. (Special.)
The Prosser Woman's Club enter
tained the Grandview Civic Improve
ment Club yesterday. About 25 visit
ors were present. Luncheon was
served at noon, followed by addresses
of welcome, responses and toasts. A
programme and social time occupied
the afternoon,
M Royal Br Jc v Immediately jf'
flV-- - J Cook Book L Ci--? on receipt of v". U
vsir TrU"r tnti stjuy your address..
WT Tells How to Make 178 Kinds of Cake
((if Cakes of all kinds for all people 1M
are best made with Royal IB
Those That Put Soap on Car Tracks or
Push Autos Away Face Dauber
of Befna- Locked In Jail.
Young man. don't think that because
there is no blue uniform about that it
will be perfectly safe to put soap on
that car track or to hang that gate
on a telegraph pole tonight. Fifty po
licemen without uniforms or helmets
and clad in civilian clothes will patrol
the residence districts of Portland to
hold within proper bounds the exuber
ant spirits of Halloween.
Not a single spook or witch will be
placed under arrest, as uncanny spirits
have made this night their own and
mortals dare not interfere with their
revelry. But should a ghost be seen
pushing an automobile down a ravine
or placing a section of fence on a car
line he will be taken to jail, for the
policemen would know that he was
only a make-believe ghost, for a really
truly spook would never do such a
The daytand second night police re
liefs will be called upon to work over
time to keep a watch on Halloween
pranks. Chief of Police Clark has or
dered the day relief to report at the
Btation for duty at 7 o'clock at night
to work until 10:30 o'clock. The second
night relief will go on at 10 o'clock
instead of midnight. The captains will
detail 25 officers to work in plain
clothes on the west side and a like
number to patrol the East Side.
Strict orders have gone out to pre
vent the defacement of public or pri
vate property and Interference with
the streetcar traffic
Beautiful Verna Mersereau Portrays
in Film Actress Trials.
A dancer whose beauty and ability
have won her a name on the stage is
b ' J 1
Every Woman
No more need of Baking! The ideal bread at last is found
stands as the crowning achievement of the baker's art.
Thousands of women know this. You will know it
if you'll try -just one loaf.
For your.own sake, make the trial today.
All groofl grocers sell Butter-Nut S and 10 cents the
loaf. The Butter-Nut label is on the genuine. 13
Corner East Eleventh and Flanders
Mk WE PI IKE N0V-10th
111.50 36-tnch Switch
9.50 32-inch Switch
f 8.00 30-inch Switch
s 6.00 28-inch Switch
i 6.00 Transformations.
300 24-lnch Switches, val.
15.00 Long Gray Switches
110.00 Long Gray Switches
150 FIFTH STREET, Opposite Meier & Frank
Verna Mersereau. who is at the Majestic
Theater in "The Dancer." Mademoiselle
Mersereau is an emotional dancer and
her Interpretations of the Egyptian
dances are beautiful. The story itself
is one of disappointments for the girl
who is trying to make a living for her
invalid mother.
She signs a contract for a dancing
engagement, but a man who is fascin
ated by her has it canceled and prevails
upon her to dance at his home at a
reception. This she does, neglecting
her mother. The man. soon tires ot
her, however, and the effects of her
Indiscretion are lucidly depicted in the
end of the story.
A Vitagraph offering of unusual
merit is "Goodbye Summer," with
Norma Talmadge in the leading role.
The theme of the play Is a new one.
cleverly worked out. A farce in one
reel and the Hearst-Selig news pic
torial conclude the bill, which will run
until Sunday.
Efficient Teachers Must Strengthen
AVeak Rural Link Is Plea.
"This is a time when the rural school
Is the center of interest, educationally.'
said Professor Joseph Shafer, of the
University of Oregon. last night. "'It
is recognized by everyone as the weak
est link in the school system, and it
must be strengthened.
Professor Shafer is In favor of es
tablishing more normal schools in Ore
gon. "The demand is for trained teachers
in all rural schools," he said. "Under
present conditions only a small pro
portion of the teachers in the rural
schools of Oregon have had normal
school training."
George Welfare Club Organized.
SANDY. Or.. Oct. 30. (Special.)
George, a district near here, has com
pleted the organization of the George
Social and Welfare Association. Ar
ticles of incorporation were filed on
Wednesday with the County Clerk, the
capital stock being placed at $600.
The lncorpoators are Henry Joyner.
H. K. Stevens, Otto Paulsen and Henry
Johnson. State Traveling Library No.
84 has been installed In the Flrwood
School and is open to the public from
9 A. H to 4 P. M. There are SO books
In the library.
J3.S0 59c
The minute I opened the can I noticed it hadn't any
aroma. I am going to send it back and insist on Royal
Royal Club is the finest, most skillfully
blended coffee roasted in Portland. Thou
sands of pounds roasted every day and
packed while fresh in air-tight tins.
Ask your grocer for Royal Club.
Lang & Co.
Largest Importers and Coffee
r t I I : rrs. I .stO
Temperatures various Southern California points week en dins; October 26.
Max. Min. Mean
Los Angeles ?2 54 70
San Diego ...90 54 66
Santa Barbara 90 4 4 64
Arrowhead 94 42 62
Famous for Its Vnsurpawsed Service and
.Excellence or cuiMne.
"Close to the Rhythmic Surf."
Winter bathing- directly In front of hotel.
TennU. golf, fishing, yachting, motoring,
dancing and many other diversions. Delight
ful warm Winter climate.
Steel Concrete Marble.
Fireproof America Plan.
Write for Rates and Reservations.
Ocean Park's finest hotel. Recently
erected; absolutely fireproof; 150 rooms;
ideally located; close to the surf. Rates
from $1. Special weekly and monthly
rates. Write Ward McFadden, prop.,
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Make Ocean Park
'our Inter Home.
The Playaround of the
Southland. Ocean Park teem
with life and fun. Its countless
amusements and attractions are
enjoyed by thousands of Winter
orthwest tourists. The climate la
perfect. Surf bathing every day.
Excellent hotel accommodations.
Biff modern bath house with hot and coid
plunges. Band concerts, dancing;, etc. Write
r. t. McMillin. Sec y Ocean Park Boosters,
for booklets, etc
Moved to Oar New Home, 449 Washington St.
To "Do It Electrically"
In Orange It s Edison
In Portland Its Knight
when you think of light,
thiiik of Knight and when
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Our New Home
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I put enough cof
fee in, but it's not
the kind w e
been using.
grocer sent us Eastern Cof
fee instead of
Roasters in the Northwest
Max. Mln. Mean.
Hollywood 93 B 7S
Long Bach 93 K 73
Ocean I'ark 93 bS 7S
i llr!!i m
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533 ROOMS.
All With Private Bath.
Fteel and Concrete Absolutely Fireproof.
Half block from Central Pa rlc. rnnvanlent
to all stores, theaters and amusements.
V. M. DIMM1CK. Louse e.
Hill st.. between -4th and 6th, Los Angeles.
Arrowhead Hot Springs said
Hottest and most curative
springs In world. Water and
mud radio-active. Ran Ul
Sodtum Arsenate present.
Altitude 2000 feet. beliKht-
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Arrowhead P. O.. So. Cal.
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Opening Day
New Home
(Removed From
291 E. Morrison')
Established 1S97.
. Jtlr. JIT
"For Light It'. Knlg-fctJr