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sailing tomorrow. The Kentuckian is
due in the harbor Sunday from New
York, and the schedule has been ex
tended to include all steamers until
the arrival of the Ohioan December 7
Steamer Shaver Goes to Fight
Blaze on Santa Catalina.
Officials Here to Estimate Damage
to Freighter and Cargo Rc
V pairs May Require Three
3Ionths Other Ship Coming.
Fire was discovered again aboard the
Grace liner Santa Catalina. lying at
Columbia City, yesterday, and the
uteamer Shaver was sent from here
with several lengths of hose with
which to tight the blaze. It was .not
deemed sufficiently dangerous to re
quest that the nreboat David. Campbell
be detailed there, especialy as her
crew had worked for 50 hours along
side the big ship.
Captain Logan, of Vancouver. B. C
surveyor for Lloyd's there, with Cap
tain Pillsbury and C. H. Williamson, of
San Francisco, both representing in
surance interests as well as those of
the owners, arrived yesterday. They
will conduct a survey of the ship and
cargo today as far as conditions will
permit. It is the plan to have the
vessel pumped out and towed to Muni
cipal dock No. 1. that her cargo may be
discharged. When she is empty a
complete survey will be made of the
vessel, that bids can be asked on re
pairs. Grace & Co. yesterday diverted east
bound cargo awaiting shipment here
to the American-Hawaiian line and ar
rangements will be made to charter a
vessel to take the place of the Santa
Catalina leaving New York. The Santa
Cecilia will be here early in November.
She will load salmon and other cargo
lying at Astoria for New York deliv
ery. It has been estimated that the
i-anta Catalina can be repaired in three
months, unless her machinery has sus
tained greater damage than supposed.
Tramps Arrive From Baltimore ana
Newport News for Cargo.
Coming to load a full cargo of wheat
British tramp Qowanburn arrived In
the river yesterday from Baltimore, a
trip she made to San Francisco in 26
there was ordered to Portland to load.
Another tramp to cross into the Co
lumbia was the British steamer Ven
tura UtS ijuiiiuitgil, w 1 1 1 v.. ii n:i l .icn-
port News September 22 and made a
- slow run compared with that of the
British steamer South Pacific, which
sailed from Newport News on Septem
ber 21 and entered the river October
The South Pacific is also under char
ter to Kerr, Gifford & Company, and
will gel illVity L11I9 WGCIt, WHIJO Lite
' Ciowanburn will be dispatched before
1 November 1. The Northern Grain &
tvareuouBts iui!ipau, wuiuu uanuica
cargoes for Strauss & Company, is
prepared to dispatch the Ventura de
Lorrinaga without delay.
Rids for Work on Hull Are Opened
and Job May Come Here.
Extensive repairs ordered to Light
vessel No. 67, now lying at Seattle,
drew four tenders yesterday and the
bid of the Willamette Iron & Steel
"Works, totaling tl5,014, being the low
est, it is expected that the vessel will
be sent here. Hall Brothers' Marine
Kailway & Shipbuilding Company bid
$25, 849. Seattle Construction & Dry
dock Company J19.920.40, and the Puget
Sound Navy-Yard J20.384.20. The llgh-t
vessel is to have her hull replanked and
other important work done.
Bids were opened' at Washington for
the construction of the new lighthouse
tender ltose, October 12, and it is un
derstood that a strong effort is being
made to have the award given to
Puget Sound builders. The vessel Is
for service between the Columbia River
and small harbors along the Coast. She
will be of light draft as compared with
the tenders Manzanita and Heather.
Court ot Appeals Affirms Verdict In
Henderson-Samson Case.
Tn an appeal from a decision of the
United States District Court in the
case of the Shaver Transportation
Company against the Columbia Con
tract Company, in which there was a
verdict in the sum of 130,700, the
United States Court of Appeals at San
Francisco has affirmed the lower
.court and the Shaver interests will be
reimbursed for the loss of the steamer
M. F. Henderson, which was struck
by the tug Samson in July. 1911, and
sent to the bottom of the Columbia.
The Shaver Transportation Company
valued the Henderson at $40,000, and
the action was for that amount, but
the lower court found for the plaintiff
in the sum of $33,700. Since the loss
of the steamer the Shaver fleet ha
been augmented by the steamer Hen
derson, which cost more than the judg
ment now allowed for her predecessor.
jipjiruxinmiL'iy i,uuu,uuu uusueis oi
Grain Are Ready at Snake Ports.
LEW1STOX, Idaho. Oct 21. (Special.)
Steamer service on Snake River has
teen delayed longer than ever before
thi3 Fall. In former years the boats of
the O.-W. R. & N. Company have gene
into service during the month of Sep
tember and continued in operation until
the entire grain crop along the river
liad been moved, but owing to the price
of grain, the farmers are holding their
crops for hijrher prices.
Captains George F. Campbell and
John E. Akin, of the steamers Lewiston
and Spokane, were recalled from Port
land last month to take "command of
the boats here, but neither has started
yet. There arg approximately 1,000,000
bushels of grain in the warehouses
along the river awaiting shipment.
Nebraska n Brings New York Freight
and Loads Oregon Products.
Captain G. B. Knight, master of the
American - Hawaiian steamer Xe
braskan, which began discharging at
Albers dock yesterday, says that on
the run here from the Canal not a
naval vessel was sighted. Because of
the activity when his ship passed
through the big ditch the first time,
she being the "official" ship that bore
greetings from Mayor Rolph. of San
Francis-.-o, to New York, he said he
missed the excitement and would have
welcomed sighting a fighting ship as
a means of breaking the monotony
The Nebraskan had 700 tons of cargo
for Portland and loads back with 2000
tons of salmon, hops, prunes and other
stuff from here and takes on several
hundred tons of salmon at Astoria,
Kirkcudbrightshire Sails From Co
lumbia With Wheat for England.
Under orders to load wheat the
British steamer Oristano was to have
sailed from San Francisco for Portland
last night, she being under engagement
to Strauss & Company, and will be
given cargo at the North Bank dock by
the Northern Grain & W arehouse Com
pany, which also loads the tramp Ven
tura de Larranaga that arrived last
The British ship Kirkcudbrightshire
got away from the river yesterday
with ' a full cargo of wheat for the
United Kingdom. It is reported that a
shipment of wheat will be made to
Japan early in November aboard the
Japanese steamer Kongosan Maru,
which is consigned to Alitsui & Com
pany. That firm will supply the wheat
and there will be shipments of flour
made by others; probably some general
cargo in addition.
News From Oregon Ports.
COOS BAY. Or., Oct. 21. (Special.)
The steamship Kedondo arrived today
from Sah Diego and San Francisco,
bringing freight and passengers.
The steamship George W. Klder ar
rived from Portland, having a good
list of passengers for this port.
Bringing 5U0 tons of steel rails for
the Willamette-Pacific Railroad, the
first shipment for the Coos Bay end
of the road, the Daisy Gadsby arrived
from Portland.
The steamer Speedwell arrived from
Bandon and is loading lumber at
North Bend
Clearing weather, with the wind
shifted to the northwest, indicated the
barbound vessels in this port would
sail today, but the conditions at the
bar did not warrant.
ASTORIA. Or., Oct. 21. (Special.)
The steamer George W. Elder sailed
during the night for Coos Bay and
Eureka with freight and passengers.
The American-Hawaiian line steam
er Montanan sailed for Puget Sound
with part cargo from New York.
The steam schooner Quinault sailed
early for Southeastern Alaska with
general cargo from Portland, St. Helens
Land Astoria.
The British steamer Ventura de Lor
rinaga arrived from Newport News, via
the Panama Canal, and will load grain
at Portland for Europe.
The steam schooner Olson and Ma
honey arrived during the night from
Westport and will finish loading lum
bar at the Hammond milL
The British steamer Gowanburn ar
rived from Baltimore, via the Panama
Canal, and will load grain for Europe
at Portland.
The British steamer Kirkcudbright
shire, grain-laden for Europe, went to
sea. today.
The steam schooner Saginaw arrived
from San Pedro and after taking on
400,000 feet of lumber here will go to
Portland to finish.
The British ship Queen Elizabeth,
from the West Coast, was picked up by
the tug Wallula this evening and
brought inside tonight.
Diseased Man Must Stay on Boat.
MARSHF1ELD, Or.. Oct. 21. (Spe
cial.) Captain Palmgreen, of the
schooner Encore, has a peculiar pre
dicament to overcome. When off Val
paraiso 400 miles, Charles Johnson was
discovered stowed away. The Govern
ment health officer here found John
son was diseased and could not be per
mitted to land, nor can he be put
ashore at any United States port. The
Encore has no foreign charter at pres
ent and Johnson probably will be a
guest of the Encore for some months,
coasting up and down the Oregon ana
California ocean line.
Steamer Schedule.
Name. From Data.
klaver. . . . i . . Lun Angeles. ..... In port
liew. W. Klder. .... Jurek& .Oct. 24
now city . ..... U-us Angeles. .... .uct y
urekkwttu. ...... coos bay. ........ Oct. -
1 ucmiau. . . ....... Jbaji Diego. . . .... - Oct. 2
iear. ....... l.u Aufcelea. ..... Oct. 2tt
itoaaoka. ...... ... ban Uiego. .. .Nov. 1
Name. For Date.
Yosemite. ......... San Francisco. . . .- Oct.
Willamette. ... ..toan Diego. ...... .Oct.
tivcr. ... ...... ..l.os Angolas. ..... Oct.
uultoomth Diego. ...... .Oct.
.crtnl&nd. ... . . . -ban Francisco.... Oct.
baa Kamon. ...... ui Franclaco. ... Oct.
b. F. to L. A. Oct.
Harvard t F.toL. A- Oct.
Uco. W. Elder. .... Jurek Oct.
iviamatn . ...... ... ban Diego. .Oct.
iiiean water. ...... Coos Bay Oct
Kuse City. ...Los Angeles. ....Oct.
kuoatan.... -ban Diego ...Oct. 'tt
liear. ......... ... .los Angelas. Nov. 2
Kuanoke. . .;'..... an Diego. ...... .Nov. 4
Celllo. ... . ...iiV. . ban Diego. ...... .Nov. 4
Name. From Data.
Den ot Alrlle London. Oct. 2&
Merlonethanlrv.... London.......... Oct, oi
Caraigan&iilra..... London. ......... N.. 44
Name. For Data.
Den ox Alrlie. ...London. ......... Nov. 1
Merionethshire. London. ......... Nov. t
c,aruigansnir0. .... London. ......Nov. j
. Name. For Data.
Too. L Wand.... .Skagway. ........ Oct.
Viuinault. ... ...... bitasway. ........ Nov. 6
Miss Marparet MacCreighton is the winner
ot the nrai ecnoiarsntp ever awarded by
the Pennsylvania School of Horticulture "VA'omen.
Importance of keeping body well
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enemy's base of supplies. it is the
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ur. fierce s uowen .Medical Discov
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stomach with pure, rich blood. It's
weak, impure blood that causes stom
ach weakness. Oet good blood through
the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery, and you will have no more
It is the world's proved blood puri
fier. It's not a secret remedy for Its
ingredients are printed on the wrap
per. Start to take it today and before
another day has passed, the impuri
ties of the blood will begin to leave
your body through the liver, kidneys,
bowels and skin, and in a few days
you will know by your steadier nerves,
firmer step, keener mind, brighter eyes
and clearer skin that the bad blood
is passing out, and new, rich, pure
blood is filling your veins and arter
ies. The same good blood will cause pim
ples, acne, eczema and all skin erup
tions to dry up and disappear. Ur
Pierce's Oolden Medical Discovery is
the helpful remedy that nearly every
one needs. It contains no alcohol or
narcotics of any kind. Adv.
Ethel Barrymore in Photoplay
at Columbia.
"Wildflowcr," Story or Love, Is Fea
ture at Star "When Trail Di
vides" Thrills at Peoples.
Majestic Has Startler.
Ethel Barrymore, America's most
popular actress, is featured in -The
Nightingale." a five-act drama, at the
Columbia Theater. It Is a drama of
adventure, ambition and love, and con
tains the story of a little street Arab,
who becomes one of the foremost grand
opera stars. The play is of unusual
merit and is filled with scenes that are
exciting, sympathetic humorous and
tender. In addition to the star, "there
is a strong cast, the settings are elabo
rate and the photography is excellent.
"Trapped by the Flames," the eigh
teenth episode of "The Million Dollar
Mystery," offers thrilling moments. It
is one succession, of stirring climaxes
which fairly raise you from your seat.
The most exciting incident is the res
cue by Norton, the newspaper reporter,
of Florence Gray, his sweetheart, who
has been trapped in a burning building.
This bill runs until Sunday.
"Where Trail Divides," Powerful
Drama, Still Featured.
"Where the Trail Divides" is still at
the Peoples Theater and will remain
there the rest of the week. The story
Is a big, gripping one of the Western
outdoors. It tells how an Indian raises
himself above the petty cowardice and
greed of the white man and stands su
preme in the eyes of a good woman.
It is all about, two children, one red
and the other white, who were lost on.
the prairie. The little white girl was
cared for and the red boy shifted for
himself. But when they erew up the
red child went away to school and the
white child stayer at borne and became
a modest little jrairie flower. They
met, loved and were married. The girl
suffered the indignity of being called
a squaw. A. white man lures her away
with visions of the city life. Afier a
bitter life in the city with the man,
who does not love her, she returns to
the West and to the love and protec
tion of her Indian husband.
Film at Majestic Shows Trials of
Girl, Who Shifts for Self.
One of the most powerfully dramatic
productions ever passed by a censor
board is shown at the Majestic Theater
this week.
It Is a story of the stage in all its
sham and sordidness. Above it all, out
of the anguish and tragedy of a wom
an's heart, mother love stands supreme
and conquers all, even death.
It is a wonderful film, with a plot
that centers about a woman of the
stage who deceives. her child, making
her believe that she is a wealthy wid
ow. The action swiftly unravels until
the girl discovers her mother's duplic
ity and goes out to get a taste of life.
The terrible results of the "taste" are
ucidly depicted in the film. Not one
of the heartrending details Is omitted.
The play will De at the Majestic the
rest of the week. "
"Fatty's Sweetheart," a roaring com
edy, and the Hearst-Selig News Pic
torial, conclude the offering.
"The ong Way," Mary Ismay Tay
lor's Xovel, Is at Sunset.
"The Long Way." a three-reel dram
atization of Mary Ismay Taylor's novel.
is the feature at the Sunset Theater.
Givleg em
iinvr inn i'i I M f 1 i
Altfear&n? is HEREBY J.ICEMSC0
1 '
now docto-r,
the est!
The all-star cast is beaded by Marc
McDermitt and Robert Conness, for
merly of the Baker Players, and Mabel
The story concerns two sisters. Eva
and Rachel- Eva involves her Innocent
sister in an affair with a man and
to save herself Eva persuades Rachel
to marry him. The interest in the
gradually unfolded tale is so wonder
fully sustained that the real Issue re
mains in doubt until the final reckon
ing in a stupendous scene.
"Harold's Toupe," the regular com
edy offered, is unusually funny. t
"The Power of the Angelus," an emo
tional drama, is a feature in itself.
The scenes are laid in old Mexico amid
some of the richest effects seen on the
screen in a long time.
The policy of showing extra features
afternoons has proved to be popular
and will be contln1 indefinitely.
"Wildrlower," Story of Love, Wins
Hearts of Audiences.
'"Wildflower" won the hearts of
Portlanders yesterday when she made
her appearance at the Star Theater.
Marguerite Clark, the little star of the
Famous Players' Company, took audi
ences by storm with her sweet, fas
cinating smile and her utter abandon
and girlishness in the interpretation of
the title role.
"Wild-flower" is just a little girl
when' she first meets the man of her
dreams, who is on his vacation In the
heart of the woods. He falls In love
with her at once and she adores him
with innocent, childish ardor. But the
brother to "the man" lures her away
with visions of the beauty of the city,
II I I & 1 S P" !XU "T I . 'i-MlliVU 11.1 I I ' It I
I if y -yYSv ""www - '' yi r i
svsca . mmmmmmar . fir-
(Paid Advcrtteemest.)
mark with a
stake -driver and
a branding iron
a mark which for
decades to come
will be pointed
to with pride
by every open
fronted Western
er and with snarly
venom by every
dollar wolf and
- i i
trust Hireling.
(Paid Advertlsemeat.)
Brother, however, is married, and later
a really good man comes to the rescue
of the little "Wildflower" and all ends
This picture may truly be classed a
a triumph, in photography and acting.
To miss seeing "Wildflower" is like
missing a bright Spring day.
A Robert Leonard and Ell' Hall of
fering and a reel ot pictures from
the war center conclude tho. pro
gramme. Movements of Vessels.
PORTLAND. Oct. 21. Arrived British
steamers Ventura de Larrlnaga, from New
port News: Ciowanburn. from Colon; steamer
W. F. Herrin. from Gavlota. Sailed Steam,
ers Koanoke and Celllo, for San Diego and
way porta; P. H. Buck, for Monterey.
Astoria, Oct. 21. Sailed during night,
steamer Quinault, for Skagway and way
porta. Arrived at 7;SO and lift up at 10
A. M-, British steamer Ventura de Larrin
aga, from Newport News. Sailed at 5 A. M..
steamer Breakwater, for Coos Bay Arrived
at u and left up .at 11:30 A M. British
steamer Gowanburn. from Colon. Left up
at 11 A. M., steamer W. F. Herrin. Sailed
at 9:30 A. IS., steamer Montanan, for New
York and way ports. Arrived at 4 P. M
steamer Kastnaw. from San Pedro. Sailed
at 2 P. M., British ship Kirkcudbrightshire!,
for -United Kingdom.
San Francisco, Oct. 21. Arrived at 3 A.
M. Steamer Bear, from Portland. Arrived
Steamer Rose City, from San Pedro, for
Cape Town. Oct. 20. Arrived Schooner
W. H. Marston, from Portland.
San Pedro, Oct. 20. Sailed Steamer In
catan, from Portland, for San Diego.
Coos Bay. Oct. 21. Arrived at 3 P. M.,
steamer Geo. W. Elder, from Portland.
Astoria. Oct. 20. Left up at 2 P. M..
steamer F. H. Buck. Arrived down at 4
and sailed at 8 P. M., steamer Geo. W. El
der, for Coos Bay. Arrived down at 2 P.
M., steamer Montanan.
Seattle, Oct. 21. Arrived Steamers Cor
dova, from Nome: Richmond. . from San
Francisco: power schooner King and Wlnge,
from Nome. Sailed Steamers Jefferson, for
Southeastern Alaska: Admiral Farragut. for
San Francisco: bark Edward Sewall, for
United Kingdom. ,
Fan Francisco. Oct. 21. Arrived Steam
Some years ago a voice,
loud, long", convincing-, arose
in protest against the dollar
wolf a voice which was the
first voice raised against
the practices of the Mighty
Wall-street brigands the
voice of Thomas W. Lawson.
Again, in Friday's issue of
The Oregonian, this same
voice will be raised in a full
page statement (the accom
panying extract being taken
therefrom), again in protest
to the game as revised down
to date and strenuously
played by The System.
Watch for it the edition
will be quickly exhausted
order your copy in advance
read every word tear out
the page and read it be
tween times and then pass
it on to a friend that he,
too, may learn THE TRUTH
all to the individual profit
of every citizen and to the
future greatness of Oregon.
ers Bear, from Portland: Argyll, Admiral
Schley, from Seattle; Atlas, from Port An
geles: Thor (Norwegian!, from Nanalmo:
William Chatham, from Belllngham: His
torian (British), from Puget Sound: Se
quoya (British), from Milkl: ship Star of
Poland, from Lortng. Sailed Bark Annie
M. Reid, for Leith. Scotland.
Boston, Oct. 21. Arrived Steamer Penn
sylvania, from San Francisco.
Dunkirk. October 11. Arrived Artemis,
from San Francisco.
Yokohama, Oct. 18. Arrived Steamer
Panama Maru. from Tacoma.
Tide at Astoria Thursday.
High. Low.
3:03 A. M 7.3 feet'8:42 A. M 2.8 feet
2:2D P. M .7 feetll:50 p. M -LI feet
Colombia River Bar Report.
NORTH HEAD. Oct. 21. Condition of the
bar at 5 P. M. : Sea, smooth; wind, south,
eight miles.
Marconi Wireless Reports.
(All positions reported at 8 P. M-, October
1, unless otherwise denUrnated.)
CoL Drake, San l'ranclsco for Seattle, 32
miles north of Yaqulna Head.
Stetson. Tacoma for San Francisco, 120
miles south of Columbia River.
Norwood. Grays Harbor for San Pedro.
oftT Tillamook Rock.
EI Sea-undo. Point Wells for Richmond.
4&4 miles north of San . Francisco.
Lucas. Richmond for Cordova, 1402 miles
" i o i . at., ctooer -u. I
Enterprise, San Francisco for Honolulu.
15&0 miles out, October 20.
.. lor nonOlUIU, lOO. miles
from Cape Flattery. October 20
Congress. San Francisco for Seattle, seven
miles north of Point Sur.
Olson, San Francisco, off Point Reyes.
W lndberg. Belllngham for New York. 40
miles Boutn of Point Arena.
Nome City, Everett ror San Francisco.
30 miles north of Point Reyes
Columbia Santa Barbara for San Fran
cisco, off Pigeon Point
-Wi!oelmln' San Pranclsco for Honolulu
miles out.
Man oa. Honolulu for San Pedro via San
Francisco, off Point Firmirr
Damn!: Knn xA.tA '
Ct Point Sur. i5an "ancisco.
Adn-iral Farragut. Seattle for San Fran
cisco, off Point Wilson.
Alameda, Alaska for Seatle, off Pointers
Marine Xotes.
Having discharged general cargo, the
steamer Alvarado was cleared yester
day for San Francisco with 200 tons of
middlings. The Yosemite was entered
for the same harbor with 675 tons of
cement. The Yosemite shifted to Linn
ton from Couch-street dock yesterday
and the Willamette went from Rainier
to St. Helens.
On finishing digging at Hunter's yes
terday the dredge Columbia was
shifted to Keeder's to widen a cut that
she dredged through early in the sea
son. t
Captain R. J. Young has assumed
command of the steamer N. R. Lang,
relieving Captain Alexander Oordon.
Here Is Good News
for Stomach Victims
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ach, fermentation ceases and stomach
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George H. Mayr. for twenty years a
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