Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 21, 1914, Page 22, Image 22

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Portland Agents
Watch This Page for Daily News of Special Interest to People Residing Outside of Portland
Portland Agents
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Assure Comfort in tee Home This Winter
re's a Page of Interesting News tor You!
Readers of this paper, residing outside of Portland, can take advantage of the immense'stocks of the great Meier & Frank Store by ordering through the mail, and the purpose "of this
full-page advertisement is to convey timely information regarding Heaters and Angle Lamps. .'.. . .
For 57 years the Meier & Frank Store has supplied thousands of Portland' and Northwest homes with practically every need, and that same dependable service is available to all resi
dents outside of Portland, the same as if they shopped in person. ... " -
This is the season when thoughts are turning to heating and lighting of the home for the Winter months, and we highly recommend any of the Stoves described on this page, and we
know the prices to be the lowest possible. - The information given regarding the wonderful Angle Lamps is worthy of your attention, and you'll find the Angle Lamps a simple method of
lighting the home brilliantly and economically.
Send your Mail Orders to us, and we guarantee that our Mail Order Service will both please and satisfy you. Order Heaters today!- .
The Ivy "Acorn"
Wood Base Burner
Burns 22-Inch Wood
Price, $24
The "Ivy" is a floor-warmer t
requisite in a Heater that is not to
he over-estimated. The heat is car
ried down a front flue, under the
base and up the rear flue, thus cir
culating the entire stove. The draft
enters from the right side of the
. stove through register wood grate,
1 which gives perfect control of the
fire. Large feed door, will burn 22-
inch wood. Has handsome nickel swing top, foot rail and base.
$17.50 "Acorn" Gas Ranges
Reduced to $14.50
This is a wonderfully popular Gas Range of the famous
"Acorn" make. Has four regular star burners, and one sim
mering burner. 16-inch oven, with broiler underneath. Where
space is at a premium this Range is ideal, as it is small and
Four Sizes
$12 to $20
14-inch firepot Oak Heaters priced $12.00
16-inch firepot Oak Heaters priced $15.00
18-inch firepot Oak Heaters priced $18.00
. 20-inch firepot, Oak Heaters priced $20.00
The Oak Heater is another famous "Acorn" that gives
universal satisfaction. Like the Garden Heater, it is a stove of
excellent appearance. The castiron parts of this Heater are a
smooth velvet finish. The body is of very heavy polished
boiler steel. Has draw center shaking grate. Large ash. pan.
The side rails and top ring and screw drafts are of polished
vi..-I -.1.
- . :-. ' .;.'-v - --
Oil Heaters
Two Sizes.
Small Size "Perfection" Oil Heater
Priced $3.00
Large Size "Perfection" Oil Heater
Priced $4.00
"Perfection" Oil Heaters are
ideal for heating small rooms where
heat is not required contimiously,
like bathrooms and bedrooms, thus
affording economy in fuel. Steady,
blue flame, burning the minimum of
oil. The "Perfection" is compactly
built, and comes in large or small
Call Your
to the Famous
For simplicity and fconvenience of operation the Angle Lamp is
the closest rival of gas or electricity, being an entirely new method
of lighting by oil. '
The distinctive feature of the Angle Lamp is the angle at which
the ! flame burns. Unlike - all other lights, the burner is not
upright, but extends from the side of the fixture at almost a right
angle. This doubles the effect of the light, for the best brilliancy
of the full flat side of the flame is thrown directly downward upon
your book or table. It is a neglected fact, but a true one that
The Distribution of Light Is the Most Important Feature of
Proper Lighting.
And right distribution is the reason that a quart of oil, which
is consumed in 5 to 7 hours in the ordinary round-wick lamp, gives
a full 16 hours of the finest light when burned in an Angle Lamp.
A second feature is perfect combustion. The air current i3
controlled by the ball-shaped globe which, replaces the ordinary
lamp chimney, circling through and through the flame until every
particle of oil is consumed and turned into light. And that is the
reason the Angle Lamp is as smoke free as gas, and more econom
ical than the ordinary oil lamp. V
For living-room, dining-room, kitchen, barn, garage, store,
church or lodge rooms, the Angle Lamp is the ideal oil lamp.
Is in Chandelier Form, the Newest Oil-Method of Lighting.
Write for Catalogue and Price List
19 14
The- Quai-it V Stor& of Porjlahd
-Fifths, Six-tlvTlorTisorv. Alder Sts.
The Garden
For Wood Only
In Three Sizes
18-in. Garden "Acorn" Wood Heaters
Priced at S11.50
20-in. Garden "Acorn" Wood Heaters
Priced at S13.00
24-in. Garden "Acorn" Wood Heaters
Priced at S15.00
The Garden "Acorn" is a most ornamental design, adding to
the attractiveness of any room a feature that's of vital impor
tance in selecting a Heater for living-room or dining-room use.
The body of the Heater is made of heavy steel, with castiron
top and bottom, and castiron linings. The foot rail, top ring
and swing top are in polished nickel, in graceful patterns.
Has very large feed door. Garden "Acorn" burns wood only.
The Air Blast
For Coal Only
Two Sizes.
16-inch Air Blast "Acorn" Heaters
Priced $22.00
18-inch Air Blast "Acorn" Heaters
Priced -$25.00 -The
Air Blast Heater gives perfeet
combustion, doubles the heat, holds
the fire and warms the floor. The
clouds of heavy smoke of the ordi
nary stove are instantly burned
with a. bright red flame by the Air
Blast Acorn it's the best soft-coal
heater ever bxiilt. Handsome in de
sign, made of the finest materials,
there is not an ounce of scrap iron
in it. Beautifully finished in Acorn
triple-plate nickel.
The "Cozy Empress"
Combination Coal and Wood Heater
(Similar in Appearance to the "Smile.")
Three Sizes.
18-inch body Heater priced S14.00
20-inch body Heater priced S16.00
22-inch body Heater priced S18.00
One of the most modern and up-to-date Heaters on the mar
ket. Castiron top and bottom, and heavy castiron fire linings;
. large ash pan and mica door. "The foot rail, top ring and
swing top are of the highest grade of nickel. Perfectly smooth
in design.
Wood Only
Three Sizes.
18-inch "Smile" Heaters
Priced $11.00
20-inch "Smile" Heaters
Priced $12.50
22-inch "Smile" Heaters
Priced $14.50
The "Smile" Heater is an
airtight stove, with castiron
top and bottom and solid
castiron linings. Fitted with
laree swine: too and feed
door. Smooth nickel foot rail '
and top ornaments.
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