Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 14, 1914, Page 10, Image 10

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Have All Labels in for Prizes by September 1 8th
if you use
No Eggs Required!
to make delicious and nutritious hot cakes
All the unpleasant
'heaviness" removed.
So simple a child
cannot fail.
Have all labels for
prizes Friday."
Home Industry and This Page-
The Relation!
DO YOU realize what this page has done for Oregon's industries? Here is a brief out
line: Some articles advertised here have been lifted from obscurity and brought to
the buying public's attention. Others have been popularized and standardized! But
the big thing is the unifying and solidifying of Oregon manufacturers. They are working
together as one man" for the
Upbuilding of Home Industry
Co-operation is as the weaving of a stout cloth warp and woof thread npon thread. Each one ineffectual
alone, but made strong and powerful through unity.
Oregon can grow and become strong only as her industries the very backbone of her existence become
strong. Now is the time to show your price and love for your own state.
Keep your money at home to develop Oregon. She depends upon you - you need her. As Oregon grows,
your own position will become firmer it is bound to be mutual.
Work with this definite end in view Buy Oregon-made goods. Support the state that supports you!
XSVv dally in our own
hut Delicious
A dessert of daintiness
prepared in a few mo
ments. Eleven true fruit
flavors make
Cash Prizes
for Labels
plAMOJia Jelly
the most popular dessert for the whole
family! It "jells" quickly
because it's pure!
At all Grocers, 10c
Have all Diamond " W" labels for prizes Friday
For the greatest
number of labels
turned in each
month, the follow
ing cash prizes are
First Prize $10
Second Prize ... $ 5
Third Prize. . . .$ 2
Three Prizes. . $ 1
Variety of labels
counts 50 and
number 50. flave
them in The Orego
nian office on the
last Friday of the
Being a Baby
means more than just being petted and cuddled
and kissed! It means being looked after seri
ouslv and sensibly.
The best "baby food" is
Purity Milk
and Cream
It's pure, Pure, PUKE
Absolutely the safest milk
delivered in Portland today.
Have all caps in for prizes-Friday.
233 II
$120 for Best
On "Why Oregon
People Should Do
All Their Buying
From Oregon Man
ufacturers, Every
thing Else Being
Equal." Contest
open to every boy
and girl in Oregon
under 18.
Taxes Paid in Oregon
mean moneys turned into the coffers of the
state. Just think of the vast sums paid by the
Portland Railway,
Light & Power
on its plant in the ten large, generating sta
tions throughout the state.
Help develop Oregon.
Buy "home-made" electricity!
Broadway and Alder Streets.
Phones : Marshall 5100, A 6131.
Eet Collect UjijLj ISIilkl
jj I C'
1 iBSU -f 711
Essay iSW
I -V 9 Mm mm : 111 I fix. F "
lc.laL Bad) ham. earr
. vf'VNf tm tiacon, each pound of lard m
J Pen t0 ever-v m Jzs-i-F-fi xi7mDia
, tjmmmm and girl in Oregon .f OlUl-
"gk 9SmV . -r, e - -li, t Ham, Bacoi and Lard
STfei? First Prize S5 -.. Is produced as If our repu-
CJJjJi SQCOnd Prize $ Jh- JJJjA 1 depended upon it
3iM?$ I Three Prizes. . . .$1 j1"'"''"111' ft Tsbso- E
Rf li Essay nt over 200 ds, tmBjlA" ""'"
... , rfian Office on last Fri- -mJJPimm,mt999m
5588 day of the month.
, H l Til
You Need
Not Be
an Expert
to make a half dozen
tasty dishes out of
Every can has several simple recipes.
The tender part of young clams from
famous Oregon beaches used.
At your Grocer's
15c 2 cans 25c
Have all labels in for prizes Friday.
I "More Loaves to the Sack
1 and better ones, too! That's been my expe- J
rience with h
Olympic Flour J
It's the Blend
which gives the delicious flavor and fragrant aroma to
"Golden West" Coffee
Only thoroughly "sea
soned' coffees are blend
ed, insuring the smooth
"mellowness" so charac
teristic of "Golden
West" Coffee.
Have all "Golden West"
labels in for prizes next
Mn. Margaret McGulre Tlrea of Clear
Wtim - Smoklns, auarrellnK B?
OITlcrr'a Report I'nlque.
8UATTLK, Sept. IS. (Special.)
At the request of his mother. Mrs. Mar
garet McGulre. of 150H Broadway.
Kr&ncla McGulre. a confessed member
of the Industrial Workers of the
World, aged 22 years, was arrested at
his home this morning on a charge of
exhibiting: excessive fondness for lying
In bed. smoking cigarettes and indulg
ing in annoying quarrels with his sis
ter. The accusation Is unique In local
jolice annals, and was written oppo
site the young man's name on the blot
ter at headquarters after an amusing
scene In which McGulre insisted that he
be allowed to stand, or rather. He od
his constitutional rights.
The excitement started about 8:30
o"clock this morning when Mrs. Mc
Gulre called police headquarters on the
telephone. Motorcycle Policeman Frank
Olmstead was given ambassadorial
powers, and forthwith departed for the
scene. Olmstead, who is one of the
scholars of the force, returned in half
an hour, properly "booked" his pris
oner and made the following self-explanatory
"I found the young man in bed,
yawning and extremely indolent. He
objected most strenuously to my ef
forts to rouse In him any ambition or
desire to work. He then maintained
most stoutly that I had no jurisdiction
In the case; that the Constitution of
our fathers gave him the right to lie
in bed as much and as often as he
pleased. He also Intimated that my
presence in the room was most dis
tasteful to him.
"I saw the utter futility of reasoning
with him or attempting moral suasion,
so I ordered him to dress and go to the
station with me. His mother says she
will come to headquarters and prefer a
charge against him."
Olmsted says McGulre. announcing
loving fondness for the I. W. W.. re
galed htm with the doctrines and prin
ciples Incorporated In the constitution
and bylaws of the "I-Won't-Works."
Falrview Boy Injured.
FAIRVIEW, Or., Sept. 13. (Special.)
Claude, the 9-year-old son of John
Heslin, of this place, was Injured se
verely by a dynamite cap yesterday.
He picked up the cap at the railroad
camp and attached it to an electric
battery to and out how It worked.
There was an explosion and the boy's
leg and face were badly lacerated.
Winston Prune Drier Burned.
KOSEBURG. Or, Sept. 13. (Special.)
The large prune drier owned by Nor
man Agee in the heart of the Winston
fruit district was burned to the ground
Saturday night. The drier was stocked
with prunes, and the loss will total
S3000. Mr. Agee carried S1000 insurance
on the prunes.
Political Parties Rave Until Septem
ber 24 to File Statements at SO
a Page Some Restricted.
SALEM, Or., Sept 13. (Special.)
Because of false impressions regard
ing the filing of statements for publi
cation in the campaign pamphlet. Sec
retary of State Olcott today directed
attention to sections 3491 and 3492,
Lord's code, as amended. These sections
provide that "not later than the 40th
day (September 24) before the general
election the state executive commit
tee or managing officers of any political
party or organization having nom
inated candidates, but no other except
Independent candidates, may file with
the Secretary of State portrait cuts of
its candidates and typewritten state
ments and arguments for the success of
Its principles and the election of Its
candidates and attacking the princi
ples and candidates of all other
"Political parties," said Mr. Olcott,
"are limited to 24 pages and independ
ent candidates to four pages of space
in the pamphlet and shall pay at the
rate of $50 a page for each page used.
"Every person regularly nominated
by a recognized political party for any
office to be voted for by the electors
of the state at large or for Senator or
Representative in Congress, shall be
entitled to use four pages of space.
The candidate, or his supporters with
the candidate's written permission filed
with the Secretary of State, may set
forth the reasons why the candidate
should be elected.- Where any indi
vidual statements, other than those
presented by the state executive com
mittee of a recognized political party,
are filed with the Secretary of State
under the latter provision of the law
the charge is at the rate of 1100 a page.
"The impression seems to be abroad
that candidates of a political party for
any office can file Individual state
ments for publication in the campaign
book, but this privilege extends only
to candidates for Congress and for of
fices which are voted for by the elect
ors of the entire state and not to dis
trict officers."
Springfield Hops and Dryer, Burn.
SPRINGFIELD. Or., Sept 13. (Spe
cial.) Fire Saturday morning total
ly destroyed the three-kiln hop
drier at West Springfield owned by
Campbell & Walker, of Eugene, to
gether with approximately 60,000
pounds of choice baled hops. The loss
on the hophouse Is 3500, and that on
the hops is estimated at S9000. The
loss is partially covered by Insurance.
Palmer Bros., J. A. Seavey and Camp
bell & Walker owned the hops that
were destroyed. The cause of -the fire
is unknown.
Argentina In January hlpp! P00.OO0
bushel! of corn to th United btta
Washington Politician, One-Tlmc
Head of State Senate, Dead.
SEATTLE, Wash., Sept. 13. --(Si"'
clal.) Ellis Morrison, a former member
of the Seattle City Council and at one
time Speaker In the House in Washing
ton State Legislature, died at t o'clock
this morning at his home, 1816 Terry
avenue. Death was due to a gradual
decline caused by age.
For nearly 25 years his activities ha1
contributed to the growth of this city
and state and he had been recognise!
as a potent factor in the political and
financial fields.
In 1890 Mr. Morrison cama to Heattle
from Pennsylvania. Since that time he
has been actively engaged In financial
circles. For six years he was a member
of the City Council and In 1902 wnn
chairman of the Republican Stale Cen
tral Committee. In 1908 ha was a Re
publican candidate for nomination as