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'Uy circulation Ma In 7070. A 0095
ompo.los-rooro. Man A Sa?
Vrinling-rooni Ma n Tu.O. A 0O5
Superintendent Building.. -Main 70.0. A 6VUS
HEILIQ THEATER (Eleventh and Morrl-
.on William Hodie In the play I"
Road to Happlneas." TonlgUt at 8.15.
OAKS AMUSEMENT PARK tears from Flrat
.id Alder-McElroy band, musical com
lay tad vaudeville. This afternoon at 2
and tonight at 8.
ORPBEUM (Broadway and Taylor) ThU
afternoon at 2:1 Sand tonight
EMPRESS (Broadway and YamnllO i-on-
tinuous from l:3l to 11.
PANTAGES (Broadway and AldrV-i
afternoon at 2:1S and tonight at 8.15.
and U.
PEOPLES West park and Alder.
MAJESTIC Park and Washington.
COLUMBIA Sixth, near W ashington.
GLOBE-Eleventh and Washington.
Sfew Tar Park and Washington.
Subscribe with the following
agents, at your Summer resort,
to secure the most prompt deliv
ery of The Oregonlan.
rates. Subscriptions by mall are
payable in advance:
Bay City, Or Stone A Seeley
LT.ato?. Or -"-iS2
Cms, Was Carl B. Smith
Columbia Beach
Mrs. N. E. Bnrkhead
Ecola, Or I- W. Crone
Gearh.rt, Or E. J. Falrhor.t
Log Beach. Wash, J. H. Str""""
Blansanlta, Or Emll Kardell
Kahcotta. Wash J. H. Bro"
Newport. Or. ..George SylT"te'
Ocean Park E. Beecfcer
Rocfcavray Beach Frank Miller
Shepherd's Springs. Wash. .
Mineral Springs Hotel C.
St. Martins Sprints, Wash.....
....Mrs. Nr Bt. Martin
geaside."o'r Clark Stratton
Seavtew, Wash .. '"1"
Constable & Putnam
TlilVm'oolc. Or J. s'1'"m"
Wheeler, Or B, H. Cady
Orient District to Hath Hioh
School. Plans for a high school ad
dition to the Orient school, at Pleasant
Home, were accepted at the special
meeting of taxpayers Monday after
noon. This addition will cost 12000. A
tax of 6 mills was levied, 3 mills to
maintain the school and 3 tor the
building fund. Orient i a Joint school
district partly in Multnomah and
partly in Clackamas County. A. F.
Chase, I. N. Ia. Shrlner and C. H.
Johnanson, appointed to measure the
grounds and co-operateWlth the board
of directors, submitted a report which
was accepted. The addition will be
two-stories wjth concrete basement,
32x40 feet, and will be built on the
north side of the present building, the
stairways to be placed between the
addition and the main building. The
plana will bo submitted to County
Superintendent Armstrong. Work on
the building will be started at once.
Hotel Flavel will be opened up
for business on July 1, 1914, under the
management of Captain C. T. Belcher
and Dan Murphy. Captain Belcher
needs no Introduction to the general
public as they all know him of Collins
Hot Springs. Mr. Murphy Is a "new
one" in the hotel game, but you will
find him a genial good fellow, and
they will Bpare nothing In the accom
modation of all guests. Hotel Flavel
Is located where the Hill Interests are
building their extensive docks for the
new steamer line to San Francisco.
Take the Spokane, Portland Seattle
trains at North Bank depot. Trains
leave dally at 8:30 A. M. and 8:40 A. M.
Eastern Stab Board Plans Picnic.
The Eastern Star board of relief will
hold its second annual plcnlo at Bonne
ville Saturday. A special train will
leave the Union Depot at 9 A. M. An
orchestra has been engaged to pro
vide music for dancing. The com
mittee on stunts has arranged several
unique contests for the women. The
Order of the Eastern Star Is an
auxiliary to the Masonic bodies and
it is expected that many Masons and
their friends will celebrate together.
Bonneville Is located on the Columbia
River, between two mountain streams,
where the Government flsh hatcheries
are located.
Mrs. Ltdia Beckett, 94, Dies. Mrs.
Lydia Beckett, 94 years old, died Mon
day at her home, 1238 Ivon streeL Mrs.
Beckett had been a resident of Port
land for two years, coming here from
San Francisco. Three daughters, Mrs.
Leonard Erick, of Portland; Mrs. John
Eddy, of Seattle, and Mrs. James Wil
lard, of San Francisco, and two sons,
George Beckett, of Dubuque, la., and
Henry Beckett, of San Diego, survive.
The funeral was held yesterday from
Holman's chapel. Interment was made
in Rose City Park cemetery.
Rco Sale Held at Institute. To as
sist the work of the institution a sale
of rugs suitable for Summer homes is
being held at the People's Institute.
The rugs are made by the members of
the Mothers' Club. Any one wishing
information regarding the work may
telephone Main 1871. Work for boys
f nnllp.itMl. Several bovs are
anxious to earn money for their Sum
mer vacations. Those having an op
portunity for a boy to earn money for
this purpose are asked to notify Miss
Presbtterians to Hear Millikin. B.
Carter Millikin, of New York City, an
officer of the missionary educational
movement, and head of the missionary
educational work of the Presbyterian
Church, will speak at the First Pres
byterian Church house this afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock. Any one interested In
Sunday school and mission study work
is invited to hear one of the experts
In the country talk on these subjects.
Mrs Staogs Foneral Held. The fu
neral of Mrs. Newman K. Staggs, who
died June 27, was held yesterday from
Pearson's chapel, and interment was
made in Rose City Cemetery. She lived
at 925 Knott etreet and was formerly
Miss Stella Marie Nylander. She is sur
vived by her husband, Newman G
Staggs, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John F. Nylander.
Swedish Picnic Arranged. A
Swedish picnic will be held -at Rice
road, near Main street and the old
racetrack in Vancouver, Thursday,
' July a. The picnickers will meet at
11 A. M. and luncheon will be served at
noon. The programme will start at 2
P. M. ,Rev. John Ovall and others
will speak. All are invited.
Refuse Dcmpino Ordered Stopped.
Following receipt of complaints to the
effect that occupants of the Public
Market on Yamhill street are dumping
refuse In the vacant lot adjoining the
market on Fourth and Yamhill streets.
City Heath Officer Marcellus yester
day ordered the practice stopped and
the property cleaned up.
Fres Textbooks Voted Down.
Cedar school district No. 10, in this
county, at its annual meeting, voted
down the free textbook proposition by a
unanimous vote. J. C Duke was elected
director and a 1-mill school tax was
Hood River.
Cottage Farm Summer resort, com
fortable home-like place In the coun
try: cottages for families; home cook
ing; reasonable rates. Address Mrs.
Alma L- Howe, Hood River. Or. Adv.
VT. C. T. U. to Meet. The Central
W. C. T. U. will meet In the Dekum
building today at 2:30 P. M. There
will be an address at 1:30 P. M. by
Rev. Luther R. Dyott on "Sabbath
Missionary Convention Opens.
A missionary convention of the
Church of the Nazarene for the Port
land and Willamette district will be
held Thursday and Friday In the
Brentwood Nasarene Church, on the
Mount Scott Railway, ten minutes'
walk from the Tremont station. Rev.
C. Howard Davis will be in charge.
Papers and addresses will be given on
missionary subjects. Rev. J. S. Binge
bald, pastor of the Norwegian Nazarene
Church, will deliver the missionary
sermon Thursday night. Rev. and Mrs.
E. G. Eaton, returned missionaries
from Calcutta. India, will attend the
convention and speak both days. The
two little widow girls, whom they
brought back with them to be educated
in this country, will be 'at the con
vention and deliver addresses. All in
terested will oe welcome to attend.
Suit Brought Against Bankers.
Six suits were brought In the Circuit
Court yesterday against the Bank of
Gresham, John G. Sleret, its president;
O. A. Eastman, Its cashier; J. M. Short,
a director, and George J. Hodder, presi
dent of the defunct Co-Operative
Supply House. The plaintiffs are Ned
Nelson, who is suing for 81006.66; CH.
Johanson. $958.27; O. W. Boring.
$1041.75; C. J. Unis, $1040; F. O.
Ekstrom, $1025.31, and H. G. Mullen
hoff, $1554.83. They blame the bank
for their losses or the ground that the
officers of the bank indorsed the co
operative company. These allegations
they allege to have been false.
Venire of 75 Men Ordered. District
United States Judge Bean yesterday
ordered a trial jury venire of 75 men to
appear In court July 8 for the trial of
W. F. Menard and four other men
from Seattle, who are under Indict
ment of having fraudulently located
settlers on the forfeited lands of the
Oregon & California Railroad grant.
A special panel of 15 also was ordered
yesterday to report today. The land
locators' trial Is expected to be one
of the most Interesting of the year and
probably will last for several weeks.
C. W. Ransom Buried. Funeral serv
ices for C. W. Ransom, a former com
mercial traveler, who died at Good
Samaritan Hospital Sunday, were held
yesterday at Finley's chapel at 1 P. M.
yesterday. Interment was at Forest
Grove. The pallbearers were: Judge
William M. Cake, Sheriff T. M. Word,
F. P King, Barney May, C. . iiuntiey
andSH. D. Angell. Rev. John H. Boyd,
of the First Presbyterian Church, offi
ciated. Mr. Ransom was 64 years old.
For 18 years he traveled over Oregon
as a salesman.
Dr. Joseph R- Wilson Leaves. Dr.'
Joseph Rogers Wilson, retiring prin
cipal of Portland Academy, left last
night for Hemet, Riverside County,
California, where he will live on an
apricot ranch he owns. Dr. Wilson was
principal of the Portland Academy
since its organization 25 years ago. He
is succeeded by James F. Ewing, for
several year assistant principal of the
institution. A farewell banquet was
tendered Dr. Wilson Thursday by the
faculty. Alumni Association and diss
of 1914.
Burglar Robs Saloon. A burglar
entered the salooay of Mike Dawglallo,
at 16 1 North Broadway, some time be
tween 1 and 5 o'clock yesterday morn
ing and rifled the safe of two purses
containing a total of $52.10. Entrance
was gained through a trap door In the
sidewalk Into the basement. and
through another trap door into the
saloon. The safe, whlch was an old
one, had been left unlocked. The cash
register and the stock in the saloon
were unmolested.
Seven of 17 Pass Examinations.
Seven out of 17 persons who took a
recent Civil Service examination for
the positions of playground directors
passed the test, according to the re
port completed yesterday by the Civil
Service Board. The seven and their
ratings based on 100 points are: Miss
Irene Lacey, 82.68; David K. Brace,
80.95; Mary A. Brownlie, 77.05; Ellon
C. Loucks, 76.63: Henry H. Hewitt, Jr.,
76.42; Agnes A. McLauchlin, 77.7; Alvln
C. Shagren, 75.03.
Civil Service Tests Announced.
The United States Civil Service Com
mission announces that on July 22. an
open competitive examination for both
men and women will be held in this
city' for the position of minor field
clerk. - Reclamation Service, for serv
ice in this state, at a salary of $720 to
$900 per annum. For complete infor
mation and application blanks, apply
to T. V. Hutchins. local secretary, Post
office building, Portland, Or.
Sunday School Expert Coming.
Frank E. Mayers, business manager of
the International Sunday School As
sociation, of Chicago, will - come to
Portand in a few weeks at the behest
of the Multnomah Sunday School As
sociation. Mr. Mayers is reputed to be
an "Efficiency" expert in Sunday school
work and he will Institute a methodical
system in local Sunday school affairs.
Mr. Mayers also will conduct a finan
cial campaign.
C H. Bristow Must Eschew Auto.
C. H. Bristow must not drive an auto
mobile nor ride In one for a month or
he will be brought before the
Municipal Court and fined $100. This
was the order of Judge Stevenson yes
terday morning when Bristow was
brought up on a charge of speeding.
Officers will be Instructed to watch
for the number of Bristow's car, and
if he is found driving It he must be
E. C. Herlow Sentenced. E. C
Herlow, convicted last week of larceny
by bailee of $3500 from Mr. and Mrs.
William Grace, was sentenced yester
day by Circuit Judge Morrow to a
term of one to ten yearB in state
prison. His former partner, W. H.
Chapln, was sentenced ten days ago
for his share In the transaction, which
was alleged to have been using money
intrusted for Investment,
Light Pillar Menaced. Jose Rossi's
wish to go to Jail was not gratified,
for Municipal Judge Stevenson turned
him loose yesterday afternoon. The man
was arrested by Detectives Hill and
Hammersley, when he tried to chop
down one of the cement light pillars
on the corner of Third and Washing
ton. He was booked as demented, but
when he explained his desire to go to
Jail, he was dismissed.
. Inheritance Tax of $5318.16 Set. An
inheritance tar of $5318.16 was de
clared yesterday on the estate of Wil
liam K. Smith, who died January 15,
1914. The value of the estate Was
$580,593.27. Mrs. Debbie H. Smith, the
widow, inherited $222,908.08. and each
of the four children, Eugenia S.
Bartlett, W. K. Smith, Jr., Victor H.
Smith and Joseph H. Smith, $83,477.02.
Boys Sent to Juvenile Court. John
Kelleher and Harry Currigan were yes
terday remanded to the Juvenile Court
by Municipal Judge Stevenson. They
were arrested Monday in Oregon City
and brought back to Portland charged
with stealing the automobile of Dr. J.
H. Loomis. Three other boys who were
with them at the time of their arrest,
were released.
Liquor Debate Tonight. A debate on
Prohibition will be held tonight be
tween F. W. Jobelman and J. L.
Kerchem in room A of the Central Li
brary. Mr. Kerchem will favor pro
hibition. Attorney George Wilson will
preside over the debate. The meeting
will be thrown open for a general
discussion of the. question at the close
of the debate.
Appeal Reduces Fine. On an appeal
to the Circuit Court Judge Cleeton yes
terday reduced the fine imposed on J.
D. Hanson In the Municipal Court from
$50 to $25. Hanson was charged with
selling cigarettes to a minor, Robert
Berg, aged 19 years, in Rich's tobacco
store. Sixth ana Washington streets.
Fireworks and Firecrackers of
Every Description lor outside town.
private, celebrations and sane city
sparklers; wnoiesaie ana retail; Doth
phones. Andrew Kan Washington,
near Twelfth. Adv.
Furnished Summer Cottages and
camping. Shlpherd Springs. Adv.
Dr. Harry McKay, 415 Morgan bldg.
r-. ...... . .A niw PTrnT.Tr Market,
W - "
The Montavilla Parent-Teacher As
sociation will open a public market in
Montavilla, at East Stark and East
Seventy-sixth streets, next Tuesday,
Mrs. W. R. Cummins, Mrs. R. C Weinel
and Mrs. A. C. Welne, committee from
the association, secured permission
yesterday to erect booths on the street
The market days will be Tuesday and
Saturday from 6 to 10 A E A num
ber of farmers have promised to bring
produce to this market.
. Fourth of July Excursion. On
steamer Cailey Gatzert to Cascade
Locks and Multnomah Falls, $1 round
trip; leaves Alder-st. dock at 9 A. M.,
arriving on the return at 6 P. M.,
allowing 2 hours at Multnomah
Falls to those preferring to visit that
scenic spot. Phones: Main 914 or A
5112. Adv.
Man's Hand Crushed. O. I.
Ruspeneyar, of Kelso, Wash., was
taken to Good Samaritan Hospital yes
terday with a badly crushed hand.
Ruspeneyar Is employed at Kelso by
the Oregon & Washington Lumber
Company. He was coupling cars yes
terday morning when his hand was
caught between two of them.
' For Good Eats have your dinner at
the Columbia River Tavern, July 4,
located eight miles east of Vancouver,
Wash., on Columbia River drive. George
S. Allen, manager. Adv.
Oak and fir cordwood Cannon CoaL
Main 5540. A 2116. ADV.
Mr. Hyland Brings Films From San
Francisco Counties Are Being; Or
ganised to Make Exhibits.
Motion picture films of the .raising
of the great i3Z-ioot nagpoio ouu
by Astoria to the Panama-Pacific Ex
nnDitinn worA hrniierht back to Port
land by George M. Hyland, who re
turned yesterday from a trip to
Francisco representing the Oregon
nnMm!..tnn of thH exposition. SiX
great donkey engines were required to
hoist the big suck ana set. it in ii.
socket of concrete. The work cost
On his way back to Portland Mr. Hy
land stopped In Grants Pass and partic
ipated In a meeting Froday for the or
.... i ,., i Af thA niintipa .of Southern
Oregon to prepare for an exhibit at
... - -1 - . L. n C,,.V,
the exposition, (juicers oi "" si."
ern Oregon organization are: President,
tr r nKaVi nf AahLand: Vice-Dresi-
dents, Lewis Wylde, of Klamath, and
Sam Josephson, or rtoseourg, m.aa
retary, M. P. Quinlan, of Grants Pass,
v.- tt..i -Tile-h for Pendle-
ton, where he will begin the work of
organizing Eastern Oregon counties ir
participation in tne exposition.
. . - ... nartinlnfLtprf In the WO
jni. iij ' ' -
gramme Tuesday night at the meeting
of the Oregon society i uamui mo.
and in the exercises dedicating one of
, ..rnniHinii' th a Oregon
building to the State of Virginia. This
is the first column omciauy aeoicswu.
Statement Snbmltted Shows Dally At
tendance of 131 Prodncers Who
Greatly Undersell Stores.
At the request of City Commissioner
m t r to wvTnan nfltlnsr master
joigeiuvr, ' ' j... ... - -
of the Yamhill Publio Market, pre
sented a .report yesterday oi m oper
ation of the market from June 22 to
June 29. The report Is to be used by
the Council in deciding whether or not
.w- wm tBira Avr the market. The
question will be up for settlement this
morning. ,
Mr, Wyman's report shows the daily
average attendance of farmers was
118. Counting market associations
represented, there was a dally average
attendance of 131 producers. An In
crease of about 35 per cent is noted In
the amount of produce sold during the
period mentioned compared with the
amount sold the week previous.
In regard to prices Mr. Wyman says:
"A careful comparison with pjjces on
the East Bide open market and Front
street quotations shows a decided dif
ference In favor of the public market.
t .nTna thine a decrease of nearly
50 per cent over prices charged for
same articles in lis is noieo, in ma.
n ty, a nnmnarlfloni I am not consid
ering the great difference in fresh
ness and quality.
Jury Returns Verdict Against Jour
nal In Favor of J. E. DaJgle.
t tp rk-icriA allowed $1 damasres
by a i'ury In his suit against the Jour
nal Publisjung company lor uuoi
terday. In an article the Journal re
ferred to him as "another Fagin" in
telling of his being charged with con
tributing to the delinquency of a minor
In teaching him to steal. The charge
was afterwards "dismissed by District
Judge Jones. ,
Daigle sued the Journal for $50,000.
The trial was before Circuit Judge
Phelps. -
Joseph Boyd Wants $3510 for Al
leged Abscess of Gum. s
Joseph W. Boyd yesterday brought a
$3510 damage suit against Dr. E. R.
Parker, known as "Painless Parker.'
Boyd charges that Dr. Fitzgerald,
one of Parker's operators, pulled his
tooth and injected some sort of a fluid
Into the gum that caused an abscess.
He also charges that he was unable to
open his rnouth to take food for six
days. "
Fifty cents a ton saved on an invest
ment of $9 by buying NOW, a couple of
months before you need the coal, means
about 30 per cent interest on your
money. We carry all grades of coal
and will advise the best coal for your
particular stove or furnace. Our expert
furnace man isat our patrons' service.
Stark street, opposite new Broadway
Theater. Adv.
The most artistic split bamboo shades
for sunparlors and porches. vOn rollers
same as other shades.1 The Laura Bald
win Doolittle Studios, 414-41S Eilers
bldg. Marshall 438. A 4238 Adv,
J. P. Morgan Leaves City Bank.
NEW YORK, June 30. J. P. Morgan
today retired from the directorate of
the National City Bank. His retire
ment follows the statement Issued by
his banking-house several months ago
that the senior member and his part
ners would gradually withdraw from
many of the boards with which they
had been Identified.
THE Coolest Spot
in Portland -O
The grassy courtyard of
The Portland Hotel, with
its scores of easy chairs,
its trailing green vines .
and sweet-scented flowers.
You're . cordially welcome
any evening come and
listen to the superb music
of the orchestra, playing
in the open air.
The Portland's dainty
. Summer menus will please
you. Table d'hote dinner
is served in the main dining-room,
with its great
win'dows open on the
Weekday Dinners $1.00
Sundays $1.25
Breakfast 6:30 to 12
Noon Luncheon 11:30 to 2
Service in Grill to 1 A. M.
The Portland Hotel
G. J. KATJFMANN, Manager.
M No sweltering days
B high up In the Cas-
cades. You follow a moun-
tain trail for twenty miles, B
H on pack horses to reach H-
H First season opened June 9
H 1st. Fine Fishing, Hunting, H
B Riding, Climbing and Rest- g
H Over 2 of the hottest cur- B
a atlve Springs in the world. H
igk Write for complete in- 3
'B, formation and beautl- g
k ' ful booklet to H
j Poatoff lee Jff
Mountains SSjrflB
The Store of 100 Per Cent Service
Store Closed July 4th Open Till 10 P. M. Friday
nLOTHES may be "all wool" and
made in the prevailing styles and still
Poi -Pif vnnr rpr?nrmlitv. In KuDDenheimer
clothes you're sure to be fitted, both mentally
and physically because every Kuppenheimer model is
tailored to fit a certain type of man. There are styles
fer business, for dress, for outing and for every occa
sion. See the extreme values here now jJ20 00
$20 and $25 Norfolks Selling at $14.00
Coorritht 1914 KappesMsM
Gus. Kuhn. Pres.
Successor to
Steinbach & Co.
at Fourth
S. & H. Stamps Given
First and Oak Streets
Telephones: Main i6y A i 165
You Are Invited to
Join the
Admiral's Special Train
'. leaves North Bank Station
Wednesday July 1, 4 P. M.
Tour Days of Thrilling Water Sports in Connection with Astoria's Celebra
tion of Independence Day Championship Motor Boat Racing
Fare for the Round Trip $0
Tickets Sold July 1, 2, 3 and 4, Good for Return July 6
City Ticket Office
5th and Stark Sts.
North Bank Station
10th and Hoyt
1 1
1 I . , I
Caary Strsst. above Union Squars
European Plan 1.60 a day up
American Plan $3.50 t day 0
New steel and concrete tractor e. Third
addition of hundred rooms Jurt com
pleted. ETery modern conTenlence.
Moderate rates. Center of theatre and
retail district. On ear lines transfer
rins all orer city. Electrio omnibns
lmeets trains and Steamers.
I . .. .M .I.,,,,,,., ... una titnMi imfcuwaaBonr- j--.-i"n tq
v Tmnrove vour Tjronertv bv wiring your
houses for Electric Light. Tenants" de
mand this modern convenience. Prem
ises which do not have it are out of date.
You may pay in easy installments. Do
it now and your houses will not stand
Phone the Commercial Dept.
Marshall 5100, A 6131 N
Portland Railway, Light & Power Co
Automobile Races
' and
Montamara Festo
Reduced Rates
JULY 2d, 3d. 4th.
Fourth of July Fares, July 3 and 4.
Fare and one-third for the round
trip for points within radlui
of 200 miles.
Return Limit July 6th.
H. DICKSON, C. P. and T. A.
Schools Re-Open TUESDAT. September tn.
or 1914-la snouia oe aiaus at uu
To be sure of admission, sppll'-a-
ce. Calendars sent on application to
tlnns for
REV. E. D. McLAREN, D. D., 8 Stanley Court, Vancouver, B. 0
Law Department
University of Oregon
Fall term opene September Jl. 1114. 'Courje
uf three yesr.. le.dim to dcirree , ol U. B.
and embraclna 10 br.jiche. of the law ln
riudlng moot court and debate rk. Cndi
dates prepared specially for ad million to
bar Faoulty of 17 Instructors. Located in
heart of city. Adjacent to eourle. "'"ii
loaue a-lvlna- entrance replrementa and full
Information addrees Carlton E. 6pencer, sec
retary, 410 TUford bulldlnc.
B&r HILL -a
A Select Non-Seetian Boarding and Day School
lorBoya. MiUtyDicipline; Small Clat Men
Teachert. Careful .upenrUion lecure. reaulu that
are not attained eUewhete. Send for catalog.
St. Helens Hall
Portland, ' Oregon.
x :A.i mrA Dair School for Girls
.a cbars. of BUter. of . John . B.PU.t
" ' r a J. nr,,0.,ir. lixisne. Gvmauium
0r s- srpERIOR,
BU Uelro's Halt.
TiK oma, h.
A c refilled at !a.liis eoJ ), 11
xperltanc-rd mfr, all col.c ffrad
uatfi, tTtaintftiQ hlh tandard of irhni.
aihip, Ciaaaea amaU. IjiaLructioft Indi
vidual Location afford unutual opportunity
tor mphiiliinr outdoor Ufa.
Huparvid. athlctlca, go if, tannla. Na
rymnaaiurn. beparata acttoal fur jrounf
Twanty-thlrd yar btglna Spt, IT. ft.
Iuatratd Catalonia on rqot. D. tt,
Pulford. A. M.; John Rica Kd?n, a. P..
principal. Foatorrica, tfo. Tacooia tVa.
Twnty-aUth Year Opcat Mptrmbpr 1C I
I to 1 Dallv.
Fits boya and fir If for Fatrn and
Weitarn collf'. Wall -quipped lah
oratorlea In Chamlatry and Fhyaica. A
Gymnaalum In chars of a aktllod dl
rertor. Flld and Track AthltMica.
Tha Academy !ncLuda a primary and
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