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Managing: Editor Main 7070, A 60;j
r-iv E-Hlt. Ualn 7070. AWWO
Sunday Editor' "Main 7070, A 6015
Advertising Department.. . Main l. a
bit Main 7070. A
Composing-room Main 7070. A 60Jt
Printing-room Main 7070. A 6095
Superintendent Building.. .Main 7070, A 609o
HEILIG THEATER (Eleventh end Morri
son) Annette Kellerman in the photo
play. '-Neptune's Daugnter, this alt
noon at a and tonight at 8:30.
BAKER THEATER (Broadway and Morrl
... . n.tnM. "Tnn o the World.
.1 i.' ..... .i .... L- vi.wi and lectures.
f'nntfminu. nerf ormance. starting at 12
o'clock noon till 11 P. M.
This afternoon at S and tonight at 8:30,
First and Alder) McKiroy" band, musical
comedy and vaudeville. Thla afternoon at
z ana tonignt at s.
ORPHETJM (Broadway and Taylor) Thl
afternoon at 2:15 and tonight at 8:15.
EMPRESS (Broadway and Tamhill) Con
tinuous from 1:30 to ll.
PANTAGES (Broadway and Alder) This
afternoon at S:30 and tonight at 7:30
and 9. I
PEOPLES West Park and Alder.
MAJESTIC Park and Washington.
COLUMBIA Sixth, near Washington.
GLOBE Eleventh and Washington.
NEW STAR Park and Washington.
Subscribe with the following
agents, at your Summer resort,
to secure the most prompt deliv
ery of The Oregonian. City
rates. Subscriptions by mall are
payable In advance:
Bay City, Or......Seeley Stone.
Brighton, Or. J. A. Baldwin
Carson, Waak.. .. .Carl B. Smith
Columbia Beach
Mrs. n. B.,Borkhead
Ecola, Or L. W. Crone
Gearkart, Or. E. J. F"irhart
Long Beach, Wash, J. H. Stranhal
Manaaaita, Or. Emll Cardell
Nahcotta, Wash. J. H. Brown
Newport, Or.. . .George Sylvester
Ocean Park O. E. Beechey
Roekaway Beach. . .Frank Miller
Shepherd's Spring;, Wash
Mineral Springs Hotel Co.
St. Martins Springs, Wash
Mrs. N. S. Martin
Seaside, Or Clark Strsttoa
Seaview, Wash.
Constable Pntman
Tillamook, Or. J. S. Uast
Wheeler, Or It. H. Codey
Eleven Wagons at Alberta Market.
Eleven wagons filled with farm pro
duce appeared at the East Twenty
third and Alberta streets public market
yesterday, and practically everything
was sold out by 10 A. M. There were
four more wagons at the market than
lr week, hut still there was not
enough produce to supply the demand. J
ine crowa was tnere to purcnaao a-im
could have taken at least 20 loads of
produce had it been for sale. Mrs. R.
Ackles, of the market committee, said
the market is doing finely, yesterday
being the third day. A market In
spector attended, the market, and he
complimented the women or the Vernon
Women's Improvement Club on their
management of the market and the
kind of produce offered for sale.
Industry League Plans Magazine.
The Oregon Industry League will
hold a meeting at the Commercial
Club at 8 P. M. Wednesday, at which
the general plans of the league will
be submitted for discussion and per
manent adoption. All delegates from
the clubs and societies affiliated with
and forming part of the league will
be present. It is expected that among
other plans a monthly magazine de
voted exclusively to Oregon industries
and edited by able writers under the
management of a strong publishing
committee from the membership of the
league will be part of the plans sub
Eastern Star to Give Picnic. The
Eastern Star board of relief will give
Its second annual picnic at Bonneville
July 4. The board consists of the 11
Eastern Star chapters of the city,
which represent a membership of 2500
Masons and their families. Refresh
ments will be served on the grounds
and many modes of entertainment will
be presented. Dancing will be held
in the pavilion. There will be races
for the grownups and for the children.
Hurdles and wheelbarrow races will tie
amusing features. The proceeds of the
picnic will be used for charitable pur
poses only.
Former Calitornianb Plan Meeting.
The last regular meeting of the Call.
fornla Society before the vacation sea.
son will be held In the assemby hall
of the Central Library Tuesday night.
C. H. Flory, of the United States
Forestry Service, will trive a colored
stereoptlcon view lecture of Oregon's
grandest scenery and music will be
furnished by an orchestra of 15 pieces
under the direction of Professor Walter
A. Bacon. Rev. Frank W. Gorman,
tenor, will sing. Another attraction
will be a women's quartet All former
Californians and their friends are invited.
Sweet Peas Placed on Display.
Captain George Pope has placed on
display in Feldennelmers window on
Washington street a few of his latest
creations of sweet peas. They are Dr.
John McLoughlln.'H: W. Scott, Mrs.
Caroline Couch, May Douglas, two new
unnamed lavenders and a pink, the
Multnomah. As most of these flowers
are required for seed they may not be
found on the tables at the exhibition
to be held soon.
Seattle Man Inspects Dairy Work.
J. H. Henderson, chief milk and
dairy Inspector of the Seattle Health
Department, was In Portland yester
day Investigating the work of the
Portland milk department. He was
shown through the laboratories and
visited various dairy plants. Mr. Hen
derson was attracted here by the score
of dairies issued last week showing
remarkably good dairy conditions.
Vancouver Society to Bb Host.
Members of the Portland Social Turn
Vereln will be guests of the Vancouver,
Wash., Ltederkrana Society Sunday at
the dedication exercises of the Wash
ington organization. Following dedica.
tion services a plcnio will be held at
Oermania Park on the Sifton carllne.
The clubouse of the Turn Verein will
be closed Sunday because of the picnic
Rabbi Meyer Here for Celebration.
Rabbi Martin A. Meyer, of San Fran
cisco, will be In Portland this week
to participate In the celebration of
the 3Stb anniversary of the dedi
cation of Temple Beth Israel. The
relebration will be Friday evening at
8. All men and women are Invited.
Woodmen of the World of Portland
have decided to Join with the Van
couver Woodmen in celebrating the
Fourth of July. It was intended and
partly arranged to hold a celebration
at Gresham on the fairgrounds, but the
grounds were plowed up.
Rev. J. D. Cummins to Bb Advanced
to Priesthood. Ceremonies will be
held tomorrow morning at the Pro
Cathedral of St. Stephen the Martyr
at which Right Rev. Frederick W.
Keator, bishop at Olympla. Wash., will
advance Rev. J. D. Cummins, cf Albany,
Or-, to the priesthood.
Picnic Is Postponed. The picnic
which was to have been held in Pen,
Insula Park today by those who man
aged the Peninsula Rose Show has been
postponed indefinitely on account of
the rains
Hood River.
Cottage Farm Summer resort, com
fortable home-like place in the coun
try; cottages for families', home cook
ing;; reasonable ' rates. Address Mrs.
Alma L. Howe. Hood River. Or. Adv.
Furnished Summer Cottages and
camping. Shlpherd Springs. Adv.
Gas Company to Build Reservoir.
The Portland as & Coke Company is
preparing to erect a gas reservoir in
the Ladd Drooertv between East Ninth
and East Eleventh streets, south of
the Southern Pacific Railway. The
company owns the tract between East
Eleventh and East Twelfth street south
of Division and intended to erect the
gas tank on that property, but the
property owners objected and suc
ceeded in getting an ordinance passed
which made it impossible to build
there, it being near residences and a
church. The Ladd property is out
side of the 250 feet requirements of
the ordinance. At present a machine
is drilling for a foundation for the
tank, and if found satisfactory the
tank may be built there.
Admen to Plan for Trip. Prepara
tions for sending a big delegation of
Admen to the Potlatch In Seattle in
July will be presented to the Ad Club
at its luncheon In the Portland Hotel
today at noon. The Royal Rosarlans
are to run an excursion to the Pot
latch and the Ad Club Intends to send
a goodly representation of Admen.
J. E. Werlein is chairman of the
Rosarlan committee on the excursion,
with J. Fred Larson, R. W. Edwards,
C. H. Mayer, R. H. Thomas, E. E.
McClaren, G. B. Hall. Mr. Mayer will
represent the Ad Club on this com
mittee. The excursion is to run to
Seattle on July 17. The Portland
Transportation Club, too, will send a
big delegation.
Parents to Co-Operate. Parents in
the neighborhood served by the
Brooklyn playground will be organized
20-Inch Trunk at East 30th
and Stark Shattered.
Pipe Is Cracked When Heavy Steel
Collar Is Dropped and Pressure
Does Rest Considerable
Damage Results.
Streets for blocks about East Thir
tieth and Stark streets were flooded,
the water supply of nearly all of the
districts of Northeast Portland was cut
off and considerable damage was done
to the intersection of Stark and Thir
tieth by the breaking there yesterday
morning of a 20-inch trunk water main.
For more than an hour many thousands
of residents were without water, while
into a body co-operating with the play- j others near the break were fighting to
ground directors in much the same I keep the water out of their basements
manner as the parent-Teacner as
soclations of the Bchools co-operate
with the teachers. The idea for such
organization was started by R. C.
Branion, director of the playground.
and the meeting to perfect the or
ganlzatlon will be held at the play
ground today at 2 o'clock. Representa
tives from Parent-Teacher Circles of
the Stephens and the Brooklyn schools
have been asked to attend.
H. D. Rajisdell Goes to The Dalles.
H. D. RamsdelL president of the
Portland Commercial Club, will go to
The Dalles today to represent the Port,
land organization at a "Made in Wasco'
banquet.' which will be held tonignt at
The Dalles Hotel, under the auspices
of the business men of that city. The
Dalles Hotel is a new establishment,
which was built and is controlled and
managed by the organization of busi
ness men of The Dalies. Kepresenta
tives from many of the commercial
clubs of neighboring cities will take
part in the celebration tonight.
Modern Dances Shown. Professor
Ringler has returned from New York,
with the latest steps taught by the
Castles. Sebastian, Maurice and other
leading dance artists; also, the scandard
steps adopted at the Cleveland na
tional convention of dancing masters.
The new steps are full of grace and
beauty without the objectionable dips.
Instruction for a limited period will be
given at studio, Cotillion Hall. Main
3380. Engagements made at private
homes. Adv.
Boy Arrested at Cache. Max
Hoglin, a youth whom Detective
Smith arrested early Monday morning,
after having lain in wait for him in a
barn, where Hoglin had cached some
plumbing material stolen from the
home of Chambers Howell, Mayor of
Gladstone, at 502 Wygant street, was
turned over to the Juvenile Court yes
terday by Municipal Judge Stevenson.
The lad was a recent inmate of the
State Reform School, and an effort will
be made to send him back.
Government Timber Bought. The
East Oregon Lumber Company has
bought 120.000,00?feet of timber in the
Wallowa National Forest from the Gov
ernment, the transaction being con
summated through the Portland office
of the United States Forestry Service.
A mil' will be erected at Enterprise,
according to the plans of the com
pany, and a line of railroad into the
timber from that point will be built.
The timber is on Davis and Mud creeks
about 15 miles north of Enterprise.
MoLALLA Invites Portland. Pre-
paring for a great celebration of the
Fourth of July, the people of Molalla
have invited the Portland Commercial
Club to contribute the speaker of the
day. District Attorney Walter H.
Evans has been appointed to represent
the Portland club and to give the ad
dress of the day. If possible a dele
gation of several other members of
the club also will be sent to partici
pate as representatives of the Com
mercial Club of this city.
C. A. Smith Company Not Liable.
Because the C. A. Smith Lumber Com
pany had let a contract to Willett &
Burr, which bad Been sublet to Luna
berg & Co., for a construction con
tract. Judge Bean yesterday held that
Victor Aho, who was injured in the
work, could not properly bring a dam
age suit against the C. A. Smith Com
pany. It was shown that contractors and
sub-contractors were independent of
the Smith Company. A decree of non
suit will be issued.
Husband's Cycle Tried Out. When
a man answered an advertisement
which Mrs. R. H.. Ward, of 631 East
Sixtieth street North, inserted in the
papers, to Bell her husband's motor
cycle he wished to try the machine. She
allowed him to ride away on it. He
did not return and she notified the
Notice to Employers and Minors.
Employers will please note that all
children under 16 years of age must
secure a permit before being employed.
This applies to vacation work also
Permits are Issued at the office of the
Child Labor Commission, room 19, 250
Third street Adv.
Democratic Candidates Speak.
Dr. C J. Smith, Democratic candidate
for Governor, and A. F. Flegel, Demo
cratic candidate for Congress from
the Third District, were speakers at a
meeting in Parkrose last night.
Free Entertainment Tomorrow.
Members of the Ladies of the Modern
Maccabees will give a free entertain
ment in Alisky hall tomorrow evening.
The public is Invited.
Oak and fir cordwood Cannon Coal.
Multnomah Fuel Company.
Main 640, A 2 lit. Adv.
Cartozian Bros.' Sale. Oriental rugs
for less at all times, 473 Wash., bet.
13th and 14th. Adv.
Dr. Harrt McKay, 415 Morgan bldg.
and yards.
The break occurred while workmen
of the water department were lower
ing a large collar Into a hole in the
street preparatory to connecting up a
new main. The cable supporting the
collar broke and the big cast Iron col
lar fell onto the trunk main, cracking
it. The pressure of water In the main
broke the pipe into a thousand pieces
almost the instant the collar dropped,
and a geyser of water shot high into
the air, carrying rocks, bricks and
other debris with It. A large hole was I
torn In the street and the water flowed
in torrents down streets to the south.
It was considerable time before the
water in the main could be shut off.
The flood went down as far as Belmont
street, taking In all side streets as it
went. A number of cellars were flooded
and some damage was done to yards,
gardens and lawns. Large rocks were
carried the full length of the block.
Workmen were set at once to the 1
task of repairing the pipe and getting
the hole filled in so that work of con
necting up the other main could go on.
The main which broke was the trunk
main feeding Beaumont. Rose City
Park and some other districts in North
east Portland. These places had no
water for about an hour. Water finally
was supplied In a roundabout way. It I
is expected all the damage will be re
paired by this afternoon.
S A Change of Altitude
m Is Good for Everyone .
B Those of us living here
H In Portland, practical 1 7 m
H at sea level, could not find a
a more healthful and attractive
H spot than S
B -Queen of tht Cascades "
V right in the heart of the
H Cascade Mountains high on
R a mountain trail. FUhlaKt H
B Hunting-. Riding, Climbing
B and Resting. Over 20 of the B
W hottest curative springs in H
the world. For full
TBl particulars write for
tj. beautifully illustrated M
Y5k booklet. B
D"y $S. EsUKada?COr. 3
Half few f
Ju. AW
u we-. tfsr
Mountains tlK3agakmmV
1 fssegjgsLsbfci i
n i -sgaMgglii mi in'" i a
1 Portland's Model Photo-Play U
New Chnrch Is to Be Bnilt on Site, Al
though Temporary Chapel Donbtless
First Will Be Erected.
Alexander Christie, archbishop of the
diocese of Oregon, concluded a deal
with O. w. Taylor yesterday afternoon
for the purchase of five lots in the cen
ter of Laurelhurst, where a new Cath
olic church is to be erected in the near
future. The consideration was $15,000.
The property is situated on a high
elevation, immediately north of the
residences of Mrs. Harvey W. Scott and
Dr. Homer L Keeney, and bounded by
Laddington Court, Coloncy Place and
East Thirty-ninth street North. The
old Ladd barn stood on the spot before
the tract was subdivided. The five lots
were originally purchased by O. W.
Taylor as a site for a new home, but
about six months ago -Mr. Taylor
bought the residence of Dr. W. A. Wise,
at the corner of East Davis street and
Floral avenue. In Laurelhurst.
Although the Laurelhurst tract com
prises about 448 acres, improved with
nearly 600 homes, the projected Catho-
Today, Until Sunday
Most Stupendous, Most Spectacu
lar, Most Sensational Serial Photo
Play Ever Produced.
See This Production Win the
a JlO.Oty) Prize.
1 Oc -Admission - lOc I
ond. Katherlne Goodman; best general
display sweet peas, Helen Jones; sec
ond Gordon McNeil; best three heads
cabbage, Syrill Fleming: second, James
Laird; best onions, Veronica Shoe
macher; second, Robert Jewell; best
long radishes. Arnold Barnhardt; sec
ond. George Gllman; best six turnips.
Oliver Reynolds; second, Vlrglni
Endrlzzl; best six beets, -Gertrude
Koskey; second, Clara Clark.
There was large attendance. The
children sold out their garden products.
Death Comes Suddenly to Member of
Many Lodges Here.
Vander Cook Dunning, son of Mr.
day at his home, 800 East Taylor
IT-' i
If - ' . "
lit . V f t
Companions of Alleged Auto Robbers
Guilty of Vagrancy.
Four young men, who were arrested
by Detectives Pat Moloney, Tichenor
and John Moloney Monday for rob
beries committed with the aid of an
automobile, were bound over to the
grand Jury by Municipal Judge Stev
enson yesterday. They are L. Sylva,
alias Dan Phillips; Roy Fisher, Frank
Webber and Frank Smith.
Gus Esplnoza, who was arrested with
the others, received some of the stolen
goods, but, was not implicated in the
robberies, it was proved. He was ad
judged guilty of vagrancy and sentence
id. Morales, a machinist, at whose
place of business the men congregated,
was fined 1 20 when adjudged guilty ot
vagrancy for associating with bad
characters. ,
Women's Exchange. Fifth near Tam
hill. Fried perch, egg -and ham ti in
hales, creole sandwich, roast lamb, cold
Virginia ham and potato salad, fresh
vegetables, cherry and banana salad,
German wilted lettuce and bacon crisps,
pineapple sponge, cream rhubarb pie,
vanilla Ice cream Adv.
T ' A.
v. rr c-
. -"St
j. .
-v. .
lie church is the first church to be
built on the entire tract. It is said
that two other church organizations are
figuring on building in Laurelhurst. .
No definite plans as yet have1 been
formulated for the new Catholic struc
ture, but it is understood that a tem
porary chapel will be erected until an
elaborate stone edince can ds duml
School Garden Contest Prizes De
eded and Distributed.
Awards were made at the Lents
school contast Monday. Ralph
Warmsely won the Mount Scott W. C.
T. U. prize for best basket of vege
tables and Nora Dorsey was second.
Cyril Fleming won first prize offered
by Principal A. F. Hershner for best
general vegetable exhibit, Charles
Kearns second and George Warmsley
third. Room 18, Miss Lulu George
teacher, won prize for class room. Ruth
Reynolds, who won first prize for the
best cake last April, won first prize
for the best head of lettuce. Herbert
Wise took the second prize.
The remainder of awards were: Best
potatoes, Oliver Bohna, second, Richard
McGaw: best loose leaf lettuce, Ade
laide Auda: second, James Laird; best
carrotts. Williard Dolson; best 14 pea
pods, Theodore Hauser; best vine
sweet peas, Clara Koskey: best vase
sweet peas. Beatrice Schuerman: see-
street Death came suddenly, although
he had been in ill health for several
Born August 20, 187G. at Albany, Or.
Mr. Dunning came to Portland when i
child. He attended the public schools
and the Bishop Scott Academy.
Mr Dunning was a member of Wash
ington Lodge. No. 46. Masons; Wash
ington Chapter, No. 18, R. A. M.; Wash
ington Council No. 8. the Oregon Con
sistory No. 1, Al Kader K. M. 8. and
the Eastern Star, the Elks, Ancient
Order of United Workmen, Multnomah
Camp No. 77. Woodmen of the World,
the Modern Woodmen of America and
Degree of Honor. No funeral .arrange
ments yet have been. made. -
The most artistic split bamboo shades
for sunparlors and porches. On rollers
same as other shades. The Laura Bald
win Doollttle Studios, 414 - 41S Eilers
bldg. Marshall 438, A 4238. Adv.
The Store of 100 Per Cent Service
Men's Summer Suits, $20.
Smart, new Kuppenheimer English, box-back and conservative
models in graya, tans, browns, blues and mixtures; pin stripes,
pencil stripes, checks and diagonal weaves, f Ja.uu
Suits now at.
Norfolks and Outing Suits in
tan, gray and blue worsteds,
white flannels and blue serges;
. Si.':!. $14.00
Palm Beach Suits in tans, grays
and blues. Featherweight fab
rics for hot weather comfort.
SET .$10.00
GUS. KUHN, Pres.-
Successors to
Steinbach & Co.
At Fourth
S. & H. Stamps Given
WiW4 IVI4 K.
Transportation Club to Elect.
The Portland Transportation Club
wlU hold its annual election of officers
in the clubrooms in the Multnomah
Hotel tomorrow evening.- E. M. Burns,
general agent for the Chicago Great
Western, and William Merriman, local
freight agent for the Southern Pacific,
are the nominees for president. A
smoker and entertainment has been ar
ranged to while away the hours dnr-
The Oregon
Roseburg June 23-28
Eugene ... June 24-29
Lebanon June 25-30
Corvallis June 26-July 1
Dallas ... . . June 27-July 2
McMinnville June 28-July 3
Salem June 29-July 4
The Dalles. June 30-July 5
Baker July 1- 6
Pendleton July 5-10
Dr. Frank W. Gunsaulus
Ng Poon Chew
(On Second Day)
Ciricillo Italian Band
Thaviu Grand Opera Company
(Fourth Day)
Ten Good Places to Spend a
Pleasant Week
For programme of any of abive Chautauquas, address
"Quality Folks"
Lumber Exchange Building, Portland
ing which the balloting will be In
For baby's comfort Santlseptlc Lotion.
Buy by
This Label
ThU Label on Every Garment
-V -r err , - v i
Summer Underwear
Cool, Comfortable
I M mJTm VB MM . . I
Shirts Drawers
Union Suits
t ' v v v'.a. . TT TTV - "
Made in All Styles
Troperly brewed and aged, contains only Z'a to 4
per cent alcohol.
It never has and never will hurt anyone.
Columbia Beer
is pure and wholesome.
Ask your dealer or phone A1172, Main 72.
Henry Weinhard Brewery
Ask Your Dealer
St. Helens Hall
Portland. Oreson.
Resident and Day School for Girls
i.l cbarse ol Sisters or St. Jotin tsaptlsl
fKDiiicoDal). Collegiate. Academic and Ele
mentary Departments Music. Art. Elocution.
Domestic Art. Domestic Science, Gymnasium
For catalogue address
St. UeJrn s UalL
A rendezvous for business men and their friends, you
f ill find the
Imperial Hotel Grill
one of the most satisfactory dining place in hu-n. Cu'n'me and
service art above reproach. Miuic evenings.
Lunch 12 to 2 Seven-Course Sunday Dinner IV er-Da) Dinner
35c. 50c 5 :30 to 9. One Dollar ' 5:30 to 9. 75c
Preparation Arrenlte, an Improve
ment on the formula used at State In
dustrial School and Juvenile Courts.
At your druirerlet or send 60c for full
treatment, postpaid.
Sforriaea St Partlaa. Or.
I Have Few Choice
Pleeee ef
For Sale at
Sat k Art. Cor. Hot a 8t S. E.
Take a Ride and Save
fa. 8. If. TAKKJIAJH.
First and Oak Stkeets
Telephones: Main 16 j A x i6y
akv Vntum Seusra
Sre4. mk
iurepean Plan $ 1fQ i in is
mir cin Plin 13 f0 a 0i n
Kew stMlasd concrete straetare. TBtr4
ddltloa of knndred rooms Just eoss.
61 ted. Sverf meters eaavenleBre.
i.derste reus. Oenur of Ueatre
null ei strict. Oa rarllnes irsssfer
rla; all ever city. Eloetria eauubaa
Beets trains sad. ftsewera.
Boys and Girls
Do Tou Want to Visit the
Panama-Pacific Exposition?
Call at the Office of
The National Amusement
And Learo Bow Tou Can Secure
A Free Trip
Plttock Block.
Room I, Mazsanlne Floor.
Office Hours 1:39 to JJ P. M.