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    ttt: yorcxryc CVRrnnvrAN. FRIDAY, JtryE 19, 1914.
: '
Forger Cannot Be Extradited
but Japanese Promise They
Will Prosecute Him.
Theory of Remarkable Escape Is That
Grimes Got Custodian Drunk
and Delivered -Drugged Sailor
In His Own Place. .
Grimes, convicted forger, who la be
lieved to have drugged Albert Johann
en in a. Nagasaki saloon and sub
stituted Johannsen, a Norwegian sailor,
for himself Just before his transfer
tinder guard to the transport Sheridan,
has been apprehended near Nagasaki
by the Japanese authorities and is now
In custody, according to information re
ceived from Washington by United
States District Attorney Preston to
night. Johannsen, unable to speak English
and explain himself, was brought here
as Grimes, and had served two days
of Grimes' three-year term in San
Quentln penitentiary before the discov
ery of Grimes' daring escape was made.
Victim at Once Set Free.
After the full facts came to light
yesterday a writ of habeas corpus -was
filed for Johannsen's release and when
the case came before Judge Dooling
in the United States District Court to
day the Norwegian was set free Im
mediately. Technically Johannsen is free on his
own recognizance and his formal writ
of release was made returnable June
27, but the Federal authorities are con
vinced of his innocence.
The news of Grimes' capture was re
ceived by Preston from the Depart
ment of Justice at Washington, which
had learned it through the State De
partment. .
Japan Will Prosecute.
The State Department received mes
sages early today from the United
States Consuls at Shanghai and
Nagasaki confirming the substitution
story and later news of Grimes' arrest.
Preston was told that Grimes could
not be extradited, but that the Japa
"nese government had given assurances
that it would prosecute the forger.
Preston was requested to gather all
possible evidence from Johannsen and
forward it to the Japanese authorities
at Nagasaki.
The theory of Grimes' escape is that
when he was in charge of a deputy
marshal at Nagasaki he got the dep
uty drunk, and then, picking up Johann
sen in a saloon, gave the sailor a
stupefying drug and himself delivered
Johannsen over to the officers of the.
Sheridan as the prisoner.
Official Says Arbitration and Media
tion Arc Rejected as Useless.
NEW YORK, Juno 18. Edward
Zurcher, secretary and treasurer of the
Industrial Workers of the World, ex
pounded the beliefs of that organiza
tion before the Federal Industrial Com
mission, which today held its last
meeting in this city.
He said that the leaders of. the 1913
strike among the Paterson silk work
ers had never counselled violence or
approved of it. Most of the bombs set
off at the time of the disorder, he con
tended, had been planted by detectives
employed by mill owners.
Zurcher declared under questioning
that sabotage was common in all in
dustries. "When a hand wants a day off and
can't get it he drops a screw driver
Into machinery," said 'the witness.
"The I. W. W.," he continued, "does
not advocate arbitration, mediation and
conciliation. These methods have been
rejected by the workers and have never
proved a success."
Average fncrease In Weight Since
Fall Is 20 0 Pounds.
POMEROY, Wash., June 18. (Spe
cial.) The annual June turn-off of fat
beef in Garfield County began this
week with the sale of 830 head of
Kteers to Seattle packers. Last Win
ter's feeding- of beef was an unprofit
able undertaking for the growers.
The profit is In the increase in weight,
which has been about 200 pounds a
head, obtained with little feed besides
grass, as last Winter was a mild one.
The cattle are small this year owing
to the class of Imported stock. Native
Garfield County steers frequently run
as high as 1800 pounds.
Yachtsman Widower Since August,
, Bride Divorced Iast April.
NEW LONDON. Conn., June 18. The
marriage of Morton F. Plant, yachts
man and capitalist, and Mrs. Elden B.
Manwaring. of Hartford, at Brandford
House, Eastern Point, yesterday was
formally announced today. Rev. F. M.
Kerredge, rector of St. James' Episco
pal Church, of this city, officiated, and
only a few friends were present.
The bride obtained a divorce last
April. She is 31 years old and Mr.
Plant Is 62. The first Mrs. Plant, who
was Miss Nellie Cupron, of Baltimore,
died last August. -
Vessel Strikes Quay at IjegazpirP. I.,
Is in Dangerous Position.
British steamer Hynford is ashore at
Legazpi. P. I., according to advices re
ceived today by the marine department
of the Chamber of Commerce. The
Hynford was bound for San Francisco
via China and collided with the quay
at Legazpi. Afterward she went ashore
and now lies in a dangerous position.
The Hynford is a steel steamer of
42S6 tons.
(Continued From Flrat Page.)
tion whether most of the $3,000,000 is
to get into the Nicaraguan treasury or
to be subject to the hands of politicians
and others.
Senator Smith, of Michigan, a mem
ber of the committee, who already has
proposed an Investigation of this ques
tion, tonight issued a statement declar
ing that the payroll of Nicaragua was
filled with Americans, and Intimating
that political intrigue by banking in
terests has figured in putting the
present Nicaraguan government in
The Colombian treaty, also before
the foreign relations committee, did
not come up for discussion today. It
was made public tonight by the Senate
and the correspondence which preceded
it also will be published later.
Colombian Minister Denies Graft.
Reports that the 825,000,000 to be
given Colombia under the treaty might
be largely spent In" enormous fees and
i. .. (h. pmiTitrT'ti militarv
1 11 ... - - . -
establishment brought a denial tonight
from Senor Betancouri,. me uoiumuiu
"TV. Miniate,. Ar.inia KAld sl state
ment issued from the legation, "that
the sums to be paid by the United
States to Colombia will be entirely
spent in works of peace and progress,
such as railways, sanitation of ports.
colonization ana cuiuvsuwu v.
lands. Mr. Betancourt's most sincere
. r. i. ha hn anH f t ii re-establish
the old and cordial relations which have
so long existed, between tne two coun
tries for their mutual and reciprocal
nront and for the ultimate ends of
i ! ,
. n
Followers Cheer for Mrs. Foreman
When Her Faction Gets Majority.
Logins Side Charee Illegal Voting.
CLATSKANIE, Or., June 18. (Spe
cial.) Socialist backers of Mrs. Flora
L Foreman, the teacher at Quincy
arrested recently on a charge of forc
ibly entering the schoolhouse at the
head of a band of her followers after
she had been dismisesd, won the school
election there Monday. H. J. Larson,
member of the Board of Directors
who led the fight against Mrs. Fore
man, was defeated for re-election for
a three-year term and Charles Overly
chosen in his place.
The vote was 55 to 50 and the Lar
sen faction charges that the result was
due to illegal voting by some of the
Foreman faction. Although it is said
that Mrs. Foreman will not teach
school next term, the election has re
newed the fight between the two
Mrs. Foreman was present at the
The vote was heavy for this district
When the result was announced the
...11 . 1.' n r r, ... "j II CUV A.
demonstration for her. They cheered.
shouted ana stampeu. tneir leei uu
hurrahed for Mrs. Foreman and the
The Socialists had been canvassing
and preparing votes for six weeks.
The defeated faction charges that
some votes were cast by residents who
had never owned even a dog or cat,
but tax receipts were produced by the
voters in question. ,
Charles Johnson, manager of the
Farmers' Co-operative Store, was
elected clerk for one year. Mrs. Bird
B. Clarke was elected principal for
eight months and a Miss Howard was
elected to teach one of the other
Two of the Board. J. A. Lumijarvl
and John Jolma, were retained as di
rectors for .-one and two years, respectively.
Prisoner. Sentenced to Five Years, Is
Man Who Caused Arrest of Cu
ban Currency Thief.
ST. LOUIS, June 18. Harry C. Base
ler, ex-paylng teller of the Third Na
tional Bank here, sentenced June 11,
1913, to five years' imprisonment for
embezzling 815,000 from the bank, has
obtained his freedom and has been
with his family here for 10 days.
This became known today when
United States District Attorney Houtz
said Baseler's attorney had telephoned
him of the commutation of his client's
sentence. Mr. Houtz said he had not
been informed officially of the release
of Baseler.
After reports that a . high Governj
ment official had Interceded in his
behalf were circulated Baseler said he
understood Rev. Harris Gregg, pastor
of a Presbyterian Church here, had
gone to Washington to see Secretary
Bryan in his behalf.
Baseler is the teller who brought
about the arrest of Raymond Llano,
when the latter attempted to change a
$10,000 bill that was part of a 8200,000
currency shipment stolen in Havana,
Cuba, a few years ago.
Grange Complains of Telephones.
HOOD RIVER, Or., June 18. (Spe
cial.) The Parkdale Grange probably
will make a complaint to the Railroad
Commission because of alleged poor
service of the Oregon-Washington Tel
ephone Company, according to J. F.
Thompson. "At the present time," said
Mr. Thompson, "we are charged 81 a
month for our telephones, with an extra
charge of 6 cents- for each call to the
lower valley.". .
Sunburnt Use Santlseptlo Lotion. Adv.
that conform to prevailing
Furs Remodeled
during Summer at a saving.
Main 24 Phones A 2440. "
Perfect Fur Storage
at a nominal cost.
H. Liebes & Co.
J. P. Plagemann, Manager,
288 Morrison st. Corbett bldg.
Our Chef prepares each
article of food as if our
reputation depended on It
alone. Cool dining parlor.
Orchestra aany. r.aui.c
down stairs, Morgan Bldg.. Washington,
between Broadway and Park street.
Stamped Art Goods for Needleworkers
At Special June Sale Prices
$5.00 Centerpieces of pure linen, in cream color, 72 inches in
diameter, beautifully stamped; sale "VV e'ff
$4.25 Centers, of pure natural colored linen, 54 inches . . .
$5.00 pure German linen centers, 54 inches
$5.75 pure natural colored linen centers, neatly stamped, size IL
inches ; sale - 2-8f
$1.50 fancy English brocaded scarfs, in color soft green, all stamped,
special 75c
$2.00 Burlap Stamped Scarfs, for pianos, special $1 .00
tl J?e nw,A it. SO stamDed scarfs, special .75c and 63c
Fifth Floor
Take with you to the country
One Victrola IV i ... $15.00
Six 10-inch Doable Records . . . 4.50
which we will deliver to you on payment of
$1.00 cash and $1.00 weekly
We have a large supply of the Victrola IV. tested
and packed ready for shipment.
A book on how to dance the modem dances, by
Vernon Castle, will be given with your purchases.
Trunk News for the Traveler
bumper trimmings, excelsior lock, large bolls and
fitted with one try, are very special now and come
in four steamer sizes. All are fiber-covered and bound
with center band.
Special, $10.00, $10.50, $11.00 and
$11.50, in sizes 34-inch, 36-inch, 38-inch,
40 inches.
LARGE SIZE TRUNKS, fiber coveted and
bound with center band, solid steel bumper trimmings,
front and end dowels. Corbin lock and two trays.
Special $12.50, $13.00, $13.50 and $14.00
buse, Porch and Lawn Wicker Furniture
A New Section 2d Moor At fnces Less inan iou nave ncicLumtc
We Make Our Bow
with this opening exposition and sale of genuine wicker furniture. A complete stock, including chairs,
rockers, tables, couches, stands, desks, lamps and trays. - ' .... ,
Artistic furniture for living and bedrooms and for libraries. In old ivory. Castillian brown, ma
hogany, fumed and enamel finishes. . .
This furniture can be upholstered in tapestry, art linen, chintz and cretonne, carrying out any color
scheme desired. . '
In introducing genuine wicker and reed furniture to our patrons we add here to our infallible rule.
THE BEST ONLY. Our prices are LESS than good wicker furniture has ever been sold at before.
You must not mistake this grade of furniture with inferior willow and grass furniture now being sold
An Introductory Special
$4.00 Rockers
$2.45 '
Full sizet firmly con
structed porch rockers,
made in light maple finish
with genuine reed back and
seat. Good, substantial
chairs, which are guaranteed
!o give excellent service. .
i ii i 1 1 1 1 . ijiiilljLj
Porch Furniture
We direct your attention
to our complete stock of old
hickory chairs, rockers, ta
bles, lawn seats, porch
$12.50 Couch Hammocks $9.75
Upholstered couch hammock, made of heavy quality
of khaki colored duck. Made with upholstered mat
tress, built on good standard springs, with wind shields
and valance complete. Can be used as a regular bed,
couch or swing.
Site 27x54 inches, special. . . . 89c
Size 3x6 feet, special -.$1.63
Size 4-6x7-6, special $2.95
Size 6x9 feet, special $4.95
Size 8x10 feet, special $7.19
Size 9x12 feet, special $9.45
New Embroideries
Bloom in the White Sale
New purchases keep arriving that add fresh charm to the
June White Sale embroideries that are most fashionable for
trimming waists, dresses and fine lingerie and for children's
65c, 75c and $1.00 Embroideries
33c the Yard
Medium and simple patterns on fine sheer Swi and nainsook.
perfectly embroidered in clear, distinct design! with firm scalloped
edges, in pompadour, eyelet and floral spray effects. 8 to 14 inches
75c, $1.00 and $1.50 Embroideries
49c the Yard
Fine and dainty patterns in small, medium bold effects, showing
the eyelet, pompadour and floral patterns, raised and padded effect,
which are distinctly new. Of fine sheer Swiss and nainsook. 9, 1 2
and I 7 inches wide.
$3.';0, $3.50 and $5.00 Embroideries .
$2.69 the Yard
Handsome embroidered crepe, inset with beautiful Venise laces in
reproductions of exquisite hand-made novelties. In simple and elab
orate patterns. 45 inches wide. These embroideries are very fash
ionable for tunics and for making entire dresses and waists.
I'lnl Klo.r
Additional Shipments of
Fine Undermuslins
Have Been Added to the
June Sale of White
All kinds of dainty undergarments in such pretty
styles that they sell out as fast as they are received.
For Friday hosts of new undermuslim
added to this already interesting collection
nrirei are their most attractive features.
r . . . t . i
Complete Stock of WhittalPs Rugs and Carpets, Lowest r rices bination sult$ in waisted nd princess .tyie,. prin-
Slip ailVJ vwvi w
$7.50 Reed Rockers $4.45
Genuine reed rocking chairs, a very comfortable
and serviceable chair for any home.
Merchandise of cJ Merit Onty
New Artamo
Stamped Articles for
Embroidering, Fall Designs
Art Needlework Seetloa,
Fifth Floor
4rf ( ,i W
1 U-
50c Brassieres 29c
-Excellent fitting brassieres, ex
tra well made of splendid wear
ing materials, in the hook-front
style, finished at the top with a
fine embroidery edge. All sizes.
New Novelty Belts
in Patent Leather Finish
Economy Sale 25c
Summer novelty crushed
belts, six inches wide," in
shiny patent- leather finish,
with large bow in front; each
belt is lined with' sofe white
50c and 65c Union Suits
Economy Sale 43c
Union suits of fine white cotton
in low-neck, sleeveless style, with
tight knee. Trimmed at neck and
run with wash ribbon.
Vests of Swiss-ribbed lisle and
silk lisle. Made low neckT sleeve
less, trimmed with crocheted lace at
neck. "
25c Women's Hose
Economy Sale 18c Pair-
Three Pairs for 50c
Medium weight hose of fine cot
ton yam, made for durability and
wear, seamless with reinforced heel
and toe.
An Unequaled Bargain Sale of
$1.25, $1.36, $1.50 and $1.65
Lingerie Waists for 95c
Offering Seven New Styles
You will agree with us that you have
never seen waists of these qualities
and these styles for so s"mall a price.
Seven clever, new and original styles,
reflecting all that is new in Summer
waist fashions.
Of flowered crepe in dainty pink floral sprays, with long shoulder.
organdy collars, hemstitcnea seams nu uwia
Models of mercerized brocaded fabrics in light blue, pink, white,
maize and peach. Raglan sleeves and hemstitched seams, organdy col
lars and cuffs, fancy buttons.
Those of white organdy are very pretty, with their embroidered fronts,
picot edge collar and cuffs, hemstitching trinimings.
Also of white voile with clusters of small and medium tucks, embroi
dery edge collar and cuffs, hemstitched seams, silk cord and tassel.
Semi-tailpred model of white corded voile, lawn collar and cuffs.
hemstitched raglan sleeves.
Dainty waists of flowered crepe, showing the designs worked in
black, navy, red, lavender and green. Organdy collar and cuffs, picot
edge, cord tie with, tassel.
Also models of white embroidered crepe, hemstitched seams and picot
edge collar and cuffs.
$3.50-Ten-Piece Fireproof Cooking Set $1.98
This cooking set is made of a heavy fireproof brown earthenware with
white porcelain lining. It consists of ten pieces, as follows: One 8-rnch
covered casserole, two 8-inch scallop or baking dishes and six individual
25c Shell Hair Novelties
Economy Sale 10c Ea.
Barrettes, tango pins, braid
pins, pompadour combs, push
combs, etc, in plain or fancy
styles, shell or amber color.
Curtain Net Samples
Economy Sale 14c Each
Selling Regularly at 50c to 75c Yard '
Now is the time to get curtains for the Summer cottage.
and it would be hard to "find anything more suitable or in
expensive than these samples of nets. They are from 40 to
50 inches wide and from 1 yard to 1 1-3 yards long. In white
or Arabian color. A great many patterns are shown at this
price, and it will be easy to select just what you want
$1.25, $1.50 and $1.75 Gowns
for 75c
S2 and $2.50 Gowns for $1.69
JWLfin and $2.75 Gowns S1.95 J
$1.35 and $1.50 Combination Suits 98c
$1.75 Combination Suits for $1.19
$2.25 Combination Suits for $1.59
$1.75 Princess Slips 98c
$2.75 Princess Slips for $1.95
$1.50 and $1.75 Skirts for 98c
$1.35 and $1.50 Crepe Gowns 98c
40c Corset Covers 29c 75c Corset Covers 49c
$1.25 and $1.35 Corset Covers 98
The Best Silk Gloves Made
$1.00 Silk Gloves, 1 6-button length, of pure silk, in black and wb.lf .
guaranteed double-tip finger. Special, 79c
At $125 pair Extra quality pure Milanese silk gloves, w.lh
three row. of embroidery on the hack. 1 6-button length, double lips. In
black and white. Size. 5 to 8.
At 75c Pair Two-clasp Milanese .ilk gloves with embroidered
back, in .elf or contrasting .titching. Black and white, in s.ze. 5 to 8.
Oval Antique Gold Picture Frames
Selling Regularly at $1.25 to $3.50
From the Small 4x4-Inch Size to 10x20 Inches
59c Each
These are sample frames, bought at a special concession from one of
the foremost manufacturers in the country. 1 hey were used a. show piece,
and represent the newest antique gold design, in a .oft. rich tinish. which it
a perfect reproduction of real antique gold.
There are handsome plain frames, and exquisitely ornamented frames,
with bow knot design at the top, other, caned in v.nou. .tyle.. J rom
a half to three inche wide.
Each frame is fitted with glas. and back.
In the following sizes: 4x4 inches, 4x6, 5x5, 4
7x9, 5x10, 8x10, 7x7, 6x6, 7x10, 7x14, 9x11, 6x12, 7x14,
10x12, 11x14, 13x16, 11x17, 10x20 and 14x17 inches.
None will be sent C. O. D. No telephone orders taken, and
none will be exchanged. b.xlh floor