Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 01, 1914, Page 16, Image 16

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April Wheat Cargo 313,508
. i" i ma 1 "IM a
pusneis more man i ear Ago.
dumber Also SIiows Increa&rf of 5,
354,696 .Feet Compared AVltti
That Handled In Correspond
ing Month in 1913.
Wheat shipments from Portland last
month exceeded those for April a year
ago by 313,508, bushels, and there were
40,625 more barrels of lour exported
than for the corresponding: period in
1913. Lumber exports led by 6.354,695
During: April, 1913, 'there was no ex
portation of wheat and 416.898 bushels
went to. California. Last month Cali
fornia received 5S,897- bushels, Europe
213,086 bushels and British Columbia
8333 bushels-. Flour shipments a year
ago totaled 31,771 barrels, while last
month they were 72,396 barrels, being
made up of 48,140 barrels for Califor
nia, 15,533 barrels for Oriental ports,
6750.-barrels to South America. 1143
barrels to Europe .and- -830 barrels to
British Columbia. - For the season to
date, 1,056,141 barrels of flour have
been floated from here, as compared
with 734,630 barrels during: the 1912-13
period. . '
Puget Sound sent away 350,351 bush
els of wheat, as compared with 541,332
bushels in April, 1913. and for the sea
son to date is credited with 6.080,261
bushels, while Portland has dispatched
.12.546,236 bushels.
Portland exported 199.452 bushels of
barley last month and this season has
sent abroad 2.491.368 bushels. From
Puget Sound 76,760 bushels were ex
ported ,in April, bringing the total, for
the -season -to 939,719 bushels.
Lumber exports for April reached 12,
375.767 feet .and were valued at $205,
684. Durins the corresponding period
in 1913 lumber exports were 7,021,071
feet. Coastwise . lumber shipments
showed the effect of the decrease in the
number of steam schooners employed,
as 15,284,105 feet went south, against
23.141,000 feet a year ago.
Some Rlvei1 Aids Are Missing and
Those Remaining Are Listed.
Spar buoys removed by the tender
. Manzanita in the channel to the sea,
as a means of preventing them being
carried away during the Summer
freshet,. Include the following, accord
ing to a report made to Henry L. Beck,
inspector of the Seventeenth Light
house District: Cowlitz River buoy No.
1. Cottonwood Island Shoal buoy No. 1,
Hunter's Shoal buoys- Nos. 1, 2 and 4,
Martin Island buoys 2 and 4, Henricl's
Crossing buoys 1,-2 and 4, Reeder's
Crossing buoy No. 2, and Nigger Tom
Island buoy No.,, 1. Buoys found miss
ing were those at-Ladu Rock, Carr
Slough buoy. Keeper's Crossing . . buoy
No. 4, and Morgan ShoaT buoy No. 2. .
Buoys remaining in position of the
spar type are Pillar Rock Channel
buoy No. 1, Skamokawa Bar' buoy No.
1, Slaughter's Channel buoys 2 and 4.
Hunter's Shoal buoy H. S... and Warrior
Rock Reef buoy No. 2. .
Air. , Beck says that copies of the
new buoy list covering aids to naviga
tion in the Seventeenth Lighthouse
District, corrected toijanuary 1, 1914,
have been received. The new light list,
showing lighted aids on the Pacific
Coast, along the coast of Canada and in
the Hawaiian and Samoan Islands has
been checked and will be distributed
soon. ....
Commission ' Orders Payment for
AVork Completed.
Bids opened' by the Commission ' of
Public Docks yesterday-resulted in the
General Electric Company getting
a contract for furnishing power
equipment on Municipal Dock No.
1 for $2598.15; the Tlmms-Cress Com--pany
the contract for providing and
Installing threa Are doors on- the cen
tral firewall, $835. and the Reliance Iron
& Wire Works the work of installing
pipe railing on the float and wire
Brill work, on other railings in place
at the Municipal Boatlanding, foot of
Stark street. $265.
The Commission ordered a warrant
irawn in favor of Stebinger Bros. for
building offices and a' waiting-room on
Dock No. 1. the contract price of which
was $1995 and extras brought it to
J200S.20, also one for $405 for building
bulkheads and a flrestop there, which
have been completed as far as the
present stage of water permits. F. W.
Mulkey. chairman of the Commission!
was empowered to make an award for
a concrete foundation and plank ap
proach to team scales, which are on
the way from the East to be installed
at the dock.
"orth Jetty Crew Puts 4 800 Tons
Into Pacific In Eight Hours.
Breaking all records for Government
jetty work in this district in the mat
ter of the amount of rock handled,
the crew employed at Fort Canby on
. the North jetty project dumped 4800
tons of material along the trestle in
eight hours Monday. -
Gerald Bagnall, assistant engineer in
charge of the undertaking, who re
turned yesterday from the mouth of
the river, says every pound of the 4800
tons was actually dumped and Tuesday
4500 tons were handled. He promises
that the amount will be increased when
additional derricks can be provided for
-"'s owitv irum uarges to the
trains. Fine weather is facilitating
the work and with no more delays
from channel conditions around Sand
Island, tugs are delivering loaded
barges with regularity.
Washington, and Oregon Naval Mi-
" litia to Fraternize.
Grays Harbor divisions of the Wash
ington Naval Militia, which have the
torpedoboat destroyer Fox for training
and cruising purposes, are expected in
the river Sunday and will proceed as
far as Astoria. Members of the Ore
gon Naval Militia have been lsfnrn..H
that it is planned to steam the Fox to
Portland later in the month, when the
Washington tars will be the guests of
the Oregon-men on the cruiser Ttnxton
Sailors of the Bister state are enabled
to mane irequent short cruises with
the Fox, as she is a handy-sized vessel
for a small complement. It has been
me wish ot the Oregon men to have
one oi tne same type assigned here.
Government .Insists on Changes In
Clauses Before Acceptance.
Objection to a clause '.in the jm1
fcivlns the use of. the river at the
Willamette Falls for power purposes.
so the War Department would not have
full control ox the stream, is the most
important of several changes asked
by the Attorney-General of the United
States to the title of the Oregon City
iocks and canal. . Papers in connec
tion with this have been returned to
Lieutenant-Colonel McKinstry, with in
structions to negotiate a new instru
ment of transfer that will be satis
factory. The transfer of the Iocks and
canal to the Government has been up
lor several years, but in February,
1912, an agreement was reached for
the sale and preliminaries have oc
cupied the time since.
The Portland Railway, Light & Power
Company, owner of the property, is
willing to do whatever 1s required, but
it is argued that water for power pur
poses can be taken from the river
above the locks and redelivered, below
without impeding navigation.
Fulton to Make Ports That Were on
Itinerary of Tiverton. ,
Since the steamer Tiverton, operated
by the Portland Steamship Company,
has been withdrawn from the Portland
Puget Sound-British Columbia service,
the Border Line Transportation Com
pany has announced that the steamer.
Fulton will go on the- run from Tacoma
May 4. The steamer Despatch, now
on the Powell River paper run, is to
be pressed into permanent service later
if the five-day schedule proposed is
not sufficient to care for the business,
and for the present will make the
same ports as the Fulton, when south
bound. .-
The service is to Include Seattle,
Anacortes. Bellingham, . Blaine and
Vancouver, B. C, and southbound by
way of Nanaimo and Victoria. The ves
sels are also due to call at Blubber
Bay and Dutch Harbor at times for
lime. Tacoma wholesalers expect to
be benefited through the service in
reaching down Sound patrons. " Port
land interests withdrew the Tiverton
so as to direct all attention to the
Alaska line.
News From Oregon Ports.
COOS BAY! Or.'; April 30. (Special.)
The tug Gleaner, from the
River, is in port and came for Gardi
ner and Scottsburg freight. '.-
The- steam schooner Adeline Smith
sailed today for -San Francisco with
1,600.000 feet of lumber.
' The Breakwater sailed today for
Portland, carrying a number of pas
sengers. -.-''
The Estabrook schooner Speedwell
arrived from Bandon this morning and
is loading .lumber at the Simpson
mills. , v .
The steam schooner Paraiso is due
here Friday from San Francisco.
. ' ' ..
ASTORIA, VOr., April 30. (Special.)
- The schooner Irene sailed today for
San Pedro with lumber from Portland.
The schooner Mindoro left tonight
for Portland, where she is to load
lumber for the West Coast.
The - steamer Portland sailed today
for San Pedro with grain from Port
land. . The steamer Yucatan sailed today
for San Francisco and San Pedro with
freight and passengers from Portland
and Astoria.
After taking on 40,000 feet of lumber
at the Hammond mill today the steam
er Yellowstone sailed today for Coos
Bay to complete cargo for San Fran
cisco. The British steamer Glenroy, of the
Royal Mail line, arrived today from
Seattle en route for Portland.
The British steamer Manninetry will
shift tonight from Westport to Wauna
to take on .lumber.
The steamer General Hubbard shifted
from "Wauna to the Hammond mill last
A wireless report received this
morning from the Columbia River
Packers' Association ship .St. Nicholas
said that last evening the vessel was
1070 miles out from the Columbia
Klver and all on board were well.
The steamer Thomas L Wand sailed
today for Southeastern Alaska with
general cargo.. She loaded cannerv son
plies here. 1
This afternoon Agent Titlev. of the
Port of Portland Commission, received
instructions to have a tug in readiness
tomorrow to tow the dredge Columbia
rrom. band island to Tongue Point.
From this it is supposed that all ar
rangements nave been nerfftRtpA in
nave the dredge begin work at once on
digging out the narrow shoal and thus
opening the Tongue Point waterway.
.-Notice has been received from the
treasury Department that the mem
Ders or the crew of the customs launch
patrol, which went out of commission
a lew days ago. will remain in the serv
ice until May 15, when their positions
win oe aDoiisned.
Marine Sotes.
Captain James W. Shaver has PAD
traded with the Smith & Watson Iron
Works for a cvlinder to rffnlor. that
damaged aboard the steamer Cascades
Tuesday night, when a broken pitman
strap just about stripped the starboard
engine. He expects the cylinder to be
cast within a week, so the Cascades can
De returned to service in three weeks
or a month.
C. D. Kennedy. Portland nt nf h
American-Hawaiian Steamship Com
pany, has been informed that when the
steamer Isthmian sails from San vraT,.
clsco May 11 she will carry cargo for
New York and foreign ports, which will
be routed from Balboa to the Atlantic
via the Panama Railroad. That Is the
on.y sailing irom the Pacific Coast an
nounced in tne rieet since the Tehuan
tepec route was abandoned.
At the instance of Lester Hammer,
ii68urfman, wno aueepjl. that- . m
Buiumeo injuries in November, 1913,
while engaged in loading the McCor-
mica steamer Yosemite. the vessel
was libeled at St. Helens Wednesday
by reputy United States Marshal Ful
ler, une action is in the sum of $2
Lumoer will be taken from th rv-
luniDia. raver or Puget Sound to the
r-on r-irie rtange by the British
steamers Hawkhead and Cape Ortegal,
wnicn nave been chartered by the
American Trading Company.
unce more the Royal Mail liner
Glenroy is in the harbor, the vessel
having arrived last night from Seattle,
where she underwent extensive repairs
as a result of having been burned
when the Columbia and Montgomery
docks were destroyed. She berthed at
Oceanic dock and will complete load
ing tor tne orient and Europe.
iowea Dy tne tug Oneonta, the
Mindoro, hailing from Suva, arrived up
last evening and berthed at the Port
land mill. The schooner Kint. cvyna
lumber laden for San Pedro, is to leave
St. Helens' this afternoon in tow of
tne oneonta.
Public Markets Representative Chos
en at Club Luncheon.
At the luncheon of the Progressive
Business Men's Club in the Multnomah
Hotel yesterday. President Kanzler ap-
pointea tne puouc markets parade com
mittee. The members are: R. w. Nis
bet. James J. Sayer. Frank H. Hilton,
V. a. Howell and George F. Honey.
Six new members of the club were
announced: A. Moles worth, assistant
claim agent of the Portland Rallwav.
Light & Power Company: C. H. Far
rington. president of the Western Bond
& Mortgage Company: Leonard L. Hurst.
agent of the Pacific Mutual Life Insur
ance Company: W. F. Honey, farmer.
ot iresnam: William F. Llpraan, vice-
president , and manager of Llpman,
woue & uompany, and F. T. Richards,
maaaser of tbe Troy Laundry.
All Used Pianos and Player Pianos
To Be Closed Out at Once
1 .
Many Prominent Makes Included, at Prices That Are Lower
Able to Offer Heretofore, for Fully Warranted and First-Class Instru
ments; Thus Affording the Public the Greatest Opportunity
for Piano Buying Ever Known'.
130 Used Pianos to Be Sold, Regardless of Their Value Sale Prices in
This morning promptly at 8:30 o'clock
we commence a great clearance sale.
Never before have circumstances made
ii possiDle to orier such a vast assort
ment of the world's best and most de
sirable instruments, including Uprights.
Player Pianos and Talking Machines.
For the past few weeks we have been
organizing the Player Piano Purchas
ers' Club, whereby we supply latest
player pianos on very easy terms, and
at prices heretofore unheard of for
high-grade player pianos. We have
Deen so successful in this undertaking
that we have secured A. lare-A numHo,.
of good, used pianos, taken in as part
payment on these beautiful little
Bungalow Players offered on the P P.
P. Club plan. All of these instruments
are in first-class condition, many of
them nearly new.
These instruments have been tuned
and regulated, and are now on display
in our main salesroom.' Such open cut
in prices as we now make may disar
range the immediate future music
trade here, but we feel obliged to make
this sacrifice. In no other way can we
hope tO disnOSe of t h ".. tnnti-iimonta
within the next ten days, at which
time we desire to have all of thesn in
struments sold. Space here will not
permit us to enumerate all of the 130
pianos on sale. However, we will
enumerate a few of the attractive bar
gains offered, in groups, as follows?
CROrP - A " AT 43.
The oldest nlann. ..... , t
this group. All of them are for sale at
ine uniiorm price of $45 apiece. Among
them a Frisbee upright in ebony case,
suitable for practice work; a Knabe
old-style and Criterian old-style case,
Thomas Goggan and several others. At
this low price, $45 apiece, we feel we
should get all cash and not be asked
to put a time-payment contract for so
small an amount on the books, but we
will deliver to any part of the city,
with stool to match, free of charge.
GROUP " B - AT 93.
fahould a more nretentlona ti innn nf
still better tone quality be desired, then
the pianos In Group "B." at $95. are
available. There are many different
"lakes, among them a Haines, a Hallett
a Kohler & Camnhell an v'vnna i'r..t 1
m. niiiie, a. ocnrojeaer, etc. They are all
upright pianos in good condition. We
do not ask all cash for these. Pay
ments of $S cash and $4 a month buy
delivery iree, stool included.
GROUP "C AT 145.
in roUn ( , P n almnal angina.
variety of reallv fine ninnn i. k
found. $145 cash or $10 down and $5 a
Men Standing in Water Waist
Deep Forced to Leave Boat.
Heavy Wind Thwarts Attempts t
Float Vessel Stranded on Spit
Near Florence for Three Days.
Rescue of Women Perilous.
FLORENCE, Or., April 30. (Spe
cial.) A heavy northwest wind is re
tarding the attempts to float the
schooner Hugh Hogan, ashore on the
South Spit at Florence, and it is be
lieved the vessel will be lost. The
rudder was broken off when the ship
struck, a big leak was opened in the
seams and the crew of seven men was
inr water waist deep when taken off
today. They had refused to leave the
boat while there was any chance of
saving it.
The captain, two women and sailors
had a strenuous- time Tuesday night
when the Hugh Hogan was first
stranded and seas washed over the
vessel all night. The women were
placed in positions of safety and when
they were taken off yesterday morn
ing tne sailors carried them through
four feet of water.
A large part of the deckload of lum
ber was washed away yesterday and
today. .
Efforts are still being made by the
tug Roscoe to pull the Hugh Hogan
from the spit, but her position has
been made worse by the northwest
wind, which is driving her further
The night the vessel struck the high
seas broke all the lights in the cabins
and left the occupants hovering in
watery rooms.
The rescue of the two women on
Thursday by the Umpqua River life
savers was a perilous one and the citi
xens here say the crew is entitled to
credit for their work.
None of the victims was injured
during their night of anxiety. The
crew and Captain Hill today were out
with the wrecking crew, aiding in at
tempts to float the ill-fated vessel.
A late telephone message from Sius
law says cables and anchors were run
out today from the Hugh Hogan and
an attempt to haul her oft made. The
vessel moved about 60 feet towards
deep water, when the surf put out the
nre in the donkey engine. More lines
will be put out in the morning and if
the vessel does not change position it
is expected to get her- oft on the after
noon tide.
Amerlcan-Hanalian Line Denies Right
of Checkers to Organiie and jjLoad
May Be Returned to California.
Giving as a reason that the Amer
ican-Hawaiian line declined to employ
cnecKers Holding memberships in the
recently organized Checkers' Union,
iQxigsnoremen reiused to discharge car
go from the steamer Navajo at Albers
dock, yesterday. She arrived Wednes
day night with 1068 tons of freight. C.
Kennedy, Portland agent of the
fleet, says he offered to pay checkers
40 cents an hour, an increase of 10
cents over the previous wage, but he
weuia not nire union men.
. "We do not consider that checkers
should be alTUiated with the longshore
men or any other brotherhood with
which they come In contact when work
ing for tlie company," said .Mx. ' Jen-
a Number at $195 and Some at
month buys them. Such well-known
makes as Kimball,' In mahogany case;
Hobart M. Cable, in fancy mottled wal
nut: Decker Bros., in rosewood: Jacob
Doll, in mahogany; H. P. Nelson, in
choice mahogany; Estey, Kohler &
Chase, Gerhard. Leland. Kohler &
Campbell, Wheelock, Warren, Criterian,
Schilling, in fancy mahogany; Schilling,
in walnut, are to be found in this
GROUP " n " AT 195.
Thls group consists of very choice
and especially fine instruments. Most
of them cannot be told from new.
Chtckterlng, in ebony case: Klmballs, in
fancy quarter-sawed oak: Marshall &
Wendells, in fancy mahogany; Claren
don, Lester, in elegant mottled walnut;
Smith & Barnes, in choice mahogany;
Story & Clark, in Hungarian ash;
Whitneys. in oak and walnut; Baus, in
Lnglish walnut, and McPhail, in ma
hogany. Pay us $195 cash for any of
these, or $14 down and $6 per month.
Delivery made free to any part of the
Finally, group "E" is presented,
wherein a large variety of the cost
liest pianos can be found. The famous
Sohmer in the new art finish mahogany
case, a dainty Knabe in a beautifully
figured dark mahogany, the famous
veoer in curly English walnut, sev
eral Lesters in mahoganv, walnut and
oak cases, a number of Eilers in fancy
mahogany and quarter-sawed oak cases.
jusn As Gerts in English oak. All of
these pianos are . marked at one and
the same uniform price. $265. Terms,
$21 down and $8 per month. Most of
these have come to us in part payment
me piayer piano ue Luxe, Auto
pianos, Chlckering Flexotone and Kim
ball Acmelodic.
Milton player piano, at $345; Weber
pianola piano, at $325; Bailey player
piano, at $258; Hobart M. Cable, at
am; atuyvesant pianola piano, at $290
Wheelock pianola Diano. at t29!. an
other at $310, and many others at big
reductions. These instruments are
guaranteed to be in perfect condition,
and will play the new 88-note hand-
piayea rolls. We Include a large quan
tity of music with each instrument
and a bench to match. Terms, $30
cash and balance in thiry equal month
ly payments, or equivalent, as may be
desired. Retail buyers will be given
preference. Dealers must apply to our
wholesale manager, Mr. Foley, and be
fore 10 o'clock of any morning during
nie naie.
Our famous two-year exchange agree
ment will be given with each instru
nedy. "The Commission of Public
Docks has adopted a scale of 40 cents
for checkers and I understand that is
the same as is paid at Seattle. We shall
endeavor to discharge the Navajo's car
go tomorrow and if unsuccessful, the
ship probably will be returned to San
Representatives of the longshoremen
retained by the San Francisco & Port
land Steamship Company conferred
with G. L. Blair, general manager of
the fleet, and W. D. Wells, Portland
agent, yesterday, but it is said no un
derstanding was reached. Mr. Blair
says the men are to continue loading
the Rose City, which sails tomorrow
morning. Whether they will handle
cargo from tbe steamer Bear is said to
be undecided- That company also re
fuses to hire union checkers.
Captain Jan sen Sails Thomas 1.
Wand North as Skipper.
Concluding to give Captain A. C.
Jansen command of the steamer Thomas
I. Wand, which left the river yester
day on her way to Alaskan ports as
far as Skagway, of which he has been
pilot since she went on the run, N. F.
Titus, manager of the line, ordered
Captain Herriman, master of the. Wand,
to proceed to Seattle and meet the
steamer J. B. Stetson, relieving Captain
MacGregor, who resigned to accept
command of the steamer Al-ki.
Captain Jansen was mentioned as the
successor of Captain MacGregor but
Captain Herriman having navigated
the first vessel of the Portland-Alaska
line north, he was assigned the flag
ship by virtue of service. A pilot for
the Wand will be employed in Alaska.
ine stetson is due here Mondav and
sails on the return Wednesday. Pas
senger accommodations are at a pre
mium and she should - have all the
freight that can be carried.
Movements of Vessels.
PORTLAND, April 30. Arrived British
steamer Glenroy. from Seattle : schooner
Mindoro, from Suva. Sailed Steamer Celilo,
tor San Diego and way ports; steamer AJ
iance. for Coos Bay and Eureka.
Astoria. April 30. Arrived down at mid
night Schooner Irene. Left uo at 4:30 A.
. Schooner Mindoro. Sailed at 6 A. M.
niczuner 1 ucaian, ior ban uirgo and way
ports. Sailed at 8:30A. M. Steamer Port,
land, for San Francisco. Arrived at 11
A. M. and left up at 2 P. M. -British
steamer oienroy. from Seattle. Sailed at
ii:ao A. M. Steamer Thos. L. Wand, for
Skagway and way ports. Sailed at 1:30 P.
M. Steamer Yellowstone, for San Francisco.
San Francisco, April - 30. Arrived
steamer Roanoke, from San Diego. Sailed
at a M. steamer Bear, for Portland.
Point Loboa. April 30. Passed Steamer
. H. -Buck, from Portland, for Monterey.
Seattle. Wash., April 30. Arrived
steamer K.ent. iintlsTi. from San Francisco;
steamer Strathdee, British, from Portland.
Sailed Steamers N'ort lAvestern, for South
western Alaska; President, for San Diego:
Spokane, for Southeastern Alaska; Admiral
J? arragut. for San Francisco.
Tacoma, Wash., April 30. Arrived
steamer Mexico Maru, Japanese, from
MongKong; steamer Seward from Alaska;
steamer Christian Bora, Nor., from Guay
mas; steamer Klamath, from San Francisco,
Kobe. April 30. Arrived previously
Steamer Cardiganshire, from Seattle for
Antwerp. Sailed, 28th Steamer Den of
Ruthven (from London, etc), for Portland.
Manila. April 30. Arrived previously
Steamer Minnesota, from Seattle. Sailed,
2Sth Steamer Taithybiu (from Tacoma).
for Liverpool.
San Francisco. April 30 Arrived Steam
ers Redondo, Hardy, from Coos Bay; Vir
ginian, from Saltna Cruz. Sailed 8 team -ers-r-Sverre.
for Sydney; Kvlchak, for Nush.
agak, Bristol Bay; Bear for Portland.
Columbia River Bar Report.
NORTH HEAD, April 30. Condition of
the bar at 5 P. M., smooth; wind, north
west, miles.
Tides at Astoria Friday.
High. Low.
3:47 A. M 8.1 feetHl:26 A. M....0.1 foot
3:07 P. M....6.1 feet 10:58 P. M....4.2 feet
Marconi Wireless Reports.
(All portions are report e dat 8 P. M,,
April SO. n aires otherwise show.)
Adorna, Antafogasta for San Francisco,
40u mile ssouth of San Francisco.
Richmond, EI Segundo for Seattle, 235
miles south of San Francisco.
Multnomah. San Pedro for San Francisco,
10 miles west of Santa Barbara.
Lyra. San Francisco for Balboa, 60 miles
sout h of San Ped ro.
Leggett. San Pedro for San Francisco, off
Point Vincent,
Falcon. San Pedro for Port San Luis Obis
Jo. off point Hueneme.
St. Helens. San Pedro for San Diego, 20
mtlea south of San Pedro.
Governor. San Pedro for San Francisco,
3 miles south of Point Argullo.
City of Sydney, Balboa for San Francisco,
490 miles south of San Francisco.
Hanalef, San Francisco for San Pedro, 19
mlls south of Pledras Blancas.
Yale. San Pedro for San Francisco, passed
Point Hueneme 6:14 P. M.
Willamette. San Francisco for Seattle 10
xnilea sou Lb, ot Cape Jloai s
Than We Have Ever Been
Groups at $45, $95; Still More at
ment, meaning that a buyer may have
tne tree use Of any oi tnese UBea
instruments for as long as two years.
Such used instruments may be given
back to us as part payment on any
new piano of higher price, full Bale
price now paid being then allowed
toward payment of such new instru
la tke PhODosrapftt part ment.
This sale affords you a chance of
taking advantage of our special
"talker" clearance offers of both dine
and cylinder types among which are
included fine talking machine outfits
that have been taken in part pay
ment from buyers of the higher-priced
styles and new Edison disc phono-
grapns, also Bungalow piayer pianos.
All are in fine condition and
in almost every respect as good
as new. These bargains will be picked
up quickly, so call at once in order
to secure a choice. Terms to suit.
Any instrument will be sent subject
to examination and approval. They
are tanged in groups as xouows:
Talkers with 32 selections, including
record aioum, at eacn.
Talkers with fine automatic ecord
cabinet and 26 selections; exceptional
values at $z.o eacn.
High-grade mahogany cabinets, with
30 selections, at $77.50 and $95.50 each.
Talkers, with 30 assorted records,
specially priced at $33.50 eacn.
Talkers, with 40 records (outfit that
lormeriy sold for $100), now $45.50 each.
One $200 type mahogany case at $138.
Anotner $200 type in mahogany at $168
inciuuiiig iw selections eacn.
telephone: or write o.uick
Those living out of town should
write or telephone for descriptive lists
and numbers. We send these instru
ments anywhere subject to examination.
a aeposit on amount stated in this ad
vertlsement should be sent to show
good faith. Such deposit is cheerfully
refunded If instrument, after deliv
ered, is not found satisfactory to the
This sale as above commences this
irriaayj morning at 8:30 o'clock.
Remember, every instrument is fully
guaranteed, and at the prices Quoted
will be taken quickly. Eilers Music
no use, ine Nations Dargest Dealers,
callers Duuatng, Broadway at Alder,
Norwood. San Francisco for Grays Har
bor, off Cane Lookout.
Catania, Tacoma for San Luis, S55 miles
uunn ok can r ran Cisco.
Berlin. Portland for Alaaka. 00 miles
west oi L-oiumbla Klver, 8 P. M.. April 2!
Hazel Dollar, Seattle for Hankow, 890
roues irom Seattle, S p. M.. April 29.
Farragut. Seattle for San Francisco, off
Jaarrowstone Point.
Henry T. Scott, Seattle for San Pedro,
ozi Hush point.
Mariposa. Alaska ports for Seattle, off
tape Lazo.
Sierra. San Francisco for Honolulu. 435
mues irom Ban Francisco. R P. M.. April 29,
Hllonlan, San Francisco for Hilo, 1269
miles from San Francisco, at 8 P. M., April
Hyades. San Francisco for Honolulu, 216
mues irom iigntsnip.
Topeka. San Francisco for Eureka,
miles south of Point Arena.
Maverick, Richmond for Portland, 20
mues rrom KicQmond.
Watson. San Francisco for Seattle, 12
mues nortn or foint Reyes.
Centralta. &&n Prancisro for Rravi TTi.
bor. off Point Bonita.
Roma. Port San Luis for Bamberton. SS
mues nortn oi fomt bur.
Queen. San Francisco for San Diego, 17
mues south or point sur.
Edgar A. Vance, San Pedro for Astoria,
oir --oini Arena.
Buck. Portland for Port San Luis, 654
mues irom Columbia Klver.
Bear. San Francisco for Portland, 5 miles
oum ox roint Arena.
Paraiso. San Francisco for Portland, - off
Adeline Smith. Coos Bay for San Fran
Cisco. 4 mues north or Point Arena.
Redondo. San Francisco for Redondo, 20
miles south of Pigeon Point.
Umatilla. San Francisco for Seattle, 43
mues north ot Cape Blanco.
Washtenaw, powder Point for Port San
xuis, zo mues south oi caoe Bianco.
Columbia. Aberdeen for San Francisco, off
Northwest Seal Rock.
Porter. Monterey for Portland, 210 miles
north of San Francisco.
Georgian. San Francisco for Seattle, off
Northwest Seal Rock.
Lucas. Vancouver for Richmond, 35 miles
nortn or cape ianpo.
Lansing. San Francisco for Seattle, 230
mues north or ban Francisco.
Yucatan. Portland for San Francisco, off
Laps Araeo.
At las. Richmond for Seattle, 40O miles
nun n oi Kicnmono.
El Segundo. Point Wells for Richmond,
o 1 7 mues north oi tsan Francisco.
FREUND To Mr. and Mrs, C. C. Freund,
i commercial street, April i, a daugh
COOPER To Mr. and Mrs. Jules Cooper,
096 East Cnrutners street. April 15. a son.
(jLtSOiN 10 Air. ana Mrs. a. A. oison. St,
.lonns, Marcn iv. a aaugnter.
BRINKHOLTER To Mr. and Mrs. F.
Brinkholter. 77 East Oak street, April 2:
a daughter.
CLINE To Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Cllne,
DX5 East Ftfty-flrst street North, April 3,
HANSEN To Mr. and Mrs. Herman Han
sen, 727 East Seventy-eighth street North,
April zo. a daughter.
SOMMERV1LLE To Mr. and Mrs. George
is. m. bommerviue. dat n-ast uixty-IUto
street North, a daughter.
DOLL A RH IDE To Mr. and Mrs. Guy L.
Dollarhlde, 985 K Mississippi avenue, April
u eon.
OLSEN To Mr. and Mrs. Erlck Olsen,
4916 Seventy-sixth avenue Southeast, April
to, a son.
EIDE To Mr. and Mrs. John Eide,
Skid more street. AdHI 25. a daughter.
PETERSON To Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Pet
erson. ttOO Borthwlck. April 6. a son.
F1SSEL To Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Kissel,
iou .Missouri avenue, April a son.
STEIGERWALD To Mr. and Mrs. Fred
encK bbeigerwara. 431 East Taylor stree:
April 26. a daughter.
LIKES To Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Likes,
466 East Everett street, April 26. a daughter.
a il l, t il tKj i o air. ana Jura. j. k beioerg,
454 Haiieck street, April 13. a son.
LUCAS To Mr. and Mrs. Howard
Lucas, 863 Twenty-firth street Nortn, April
i, a son.
Marria-tre Ureases.
RATZ-FALLERT C. M. Ratx, city, 26,
ana Marie j. hi lmes, city. 24.-
neau. Alaska, legal, and Ellen M. Sullivan,
city, legal.
aid. Scappoose, Or., 27, and Beth Chllds.
city. "3.
SING-FONG Toy Sing, city, 32, and Lena
r ong. cny,
son. -Trout Lake. Wash., legal, and Amelia
mcniner, city, legal.
HALL-GASKIN Percy W. Hall, city, le
gal, and Francis N. Gasktn, city, legal.
ren. city. legal, and A. Lena Robertson.
city, legal.
KEEN-LANDSTROM John Keen, city,
35. and Ktsle M. Landstrom. cltv. 26.
with. city. 25, and Ella Karlnen. city, 21.
Seaside, Or.. 25. and Minnie Martls, city. 19,
Case af Hard Lack.
Binks That chap pitched three years
at Yale.
Winks What's he doing: now?
Binks President of a bank. His arm
went back on him.
Winks Poor, fellow.
After an extensive experiment In a clinic
In Cologne the physicians announce that
the average pulse rate of persons free fro;
heart defects Is 59 a minute during slee
and 74 when awake, the subiecta in. aither
case oeias ac nm in oeo
Portland's Building Directory!
Board of Trade Building
AppnUkn ot Rral Estate.
SIGLEB. B. D.. Main 1158 S20
BEACH. SIMON & NELSON. Main 5118. .709
HECKBERT, B. E. Main 7396. A 1032.. 1010
LANG LEY. LOTUS L. Main S348 1117
O-ROURKE. L. w.. Marshall 3141 413
Broken, Storks. Bonds and Grain.
A 3341. Main 3842 218-218
Marble Works.
Real Estate.
LARK. CEO. KNIGHT. Main 3154 1017
WALLER, FRANK L., Main 8295 1015
Chamber of Commerce Bldg.
BAIN, JAMES R. Marshall 244-4 121
HAINES. & H. Main 871
TIFT, ARTHUR P. Mala 427 Tl
UfTOS, JAI H Mala 2S Ill
.MJiasOM BUNGALOWS. Mar. MIT. .tit
VINCENT. & D. A CO, Mala 16S4.
K K A PET. DORR E. A CO, Main 1189. .131
M-QRATH. B. A. Marshall 2208 !
8LAUSON. A. I). Mala 1444 2
Stock Exchange Building.
Baa Si"?
Abstracts at Title.
W. R. CO. Main 7331 ...403
RALPH c Marshall 217S 207
CITRON. R. Main 8387 41
FERRERA. A. B. Mala 4782 403
GRUBER. 6. II. Main 1048 401
OANTTER. A. J. A 2947 813
HATES A DEMENT. Marshall 4014 314
STORY, H. D. Main 8387 413
WOERNDLE HAAS. Mala 6821 202
A nti-Saloon Lrssna
Ulfl. OF OREGON. Main 6812 611
Addressina. Kte,
OREGON UCL7IGHAM1 CO. Mar. 838. .211
Aluminum Ware.
UAUTOFF. J. D. Mala 12 612
American Sunday School Union
MARTIN. E. R Main 616 80S
Collection Aresrr.
PARSON A WOOD. Main 8426 616
Home Builders.
InTestmenta and Real Estate.
AKSK5US, GOOCH A CO. Main 6763. .614
pulja j. r. aia
HAIZLIP. W. R. Main 7331 407
JACKSON. C. B. Main 6476: 606
NE1LON A PARKHILL. Mar. 2832 804
SMITH-WAGONER. Main 6111 612
Mos-lna- Pictures.
THOMAS A BAUMANN. Main 8290 812
Kosher Restaurant.
249 Yamhill
Ciaara. Tobacco and Mnzeslnea.
NAL. Main 8778 410
PACIFIC DRUG REVIEW. Main 871.. .672
Stock Exehanne Office.
. i u in tiu u. e intfuiro room u.i.
Main 8035.
Portland and Oregon City R. R Co.
Spalding Building
ALEXANDER. GEO. R. Mar. 2420 1001
SAWYER. HAROLD M.. Marshall 2S01..6O3
Consulting; Engineer. '
KYLE. Q. A. Marshall 4111 718
Mortgage lxans.
BAIN. JOHN. A 7442. Main 6021 B07
Real Estate.
BAY CITY LAND CO.. M. 1116. .. .701-702
RIGGS, GEO. A. Marshall 2746, A 24S9.1101
SEITZ. W. H. A Co.. Main 6384 310
Wife of ex-Army Officer Asks
Divorce and 3 Children.
Plaintiff Is Former Belie and Xotcd
Horsewoman Couple Has Been
Prominent in Ixcal Social
Circles Many Vears.
Suit for divorce on the ground of
desertion was filed in the Clatsop
County Circuit Court Wednesday by
Mrs. Margaret Burrell Biddle against
Captain William S. Biddle. The com
plaint is short, setting forth their mar
riage, in Portland December 22, 1897.
Her husband deserted her, Mrs. Biddle
charges, March 18, 1813. Copies of the
complaint and summons were received
by Sheriff Word yesterday to serve on
Captain Biddle, but he was out of the
city. The suit was filed by Attorneys
Smith & Barrett, of Astoria.
Mrs. Biddle asks for the custody of
their three children, Margaret, aged 15:
Willima, aged 13. and Martin, aged 12.
on condition that their father be al
lowed to visit them at reasonable times.
No property rights are mentioned in
the complaint.
Since their marriage whenever they
have been in Portland Captain and Mrs.
Biddle have been prominent at select
social affairs. Before their marriage
Mrs. Biddle was Miss Margaret Burrell
and has always been identified with
Portland's smart set. She took an ac
tive part in all local horse shows and
won several blue ribbons, both for her
mounts and her horsemanship. She is
a sister of Walter F. Burrell and Mrs.
Gordon Voorhies.
Captain Biddle. at the time of his
marriage, was a military attache of
the American Embassy at Berlin, and
took bis bridde with him to his post.
They returned to Portland a few years
later, where they have lived since. Cap
tain Biddle having resigned his com
mission in the Army.
Though Portland has always been
her home, Mrs. Biddle has traveled ex
tensively, both before and after her
marriage. For the past several years
she has maintained a home at Seaside.
I where she is living at present,-with her
ft-? 1
Lewi Building
MOULTON. " ARTHUR X. Marshall 24B. .312
Bonds, Stocks, Grain and Cotton.
WILSON. J. C. &. CO. A 4X8T. Mar. SS58
Builders and Real F.ntat.
SUMMERS. W. J. Max.ball 3761. .. .3C3-S0
1 ' Consult Ina KnKlneers.
LUCIUS. W. W. Marshall 33 S18-S1T
REED. M. E. Marshall 677 1-617
General Insurance,
H HUM tR-KELLY CO. Main or A I0O2..J
luTestmenta and Loans.
STIDE, J. H. Mala S107 40
Marine Insurance.
Selling Building
Afrrertislns; Ben Me.
REED. MERRILL. A. Mar. 220....
Adrertlstns: Publishers.
LAWSON A CO.. A 7133, M 4UHS....
Dairy Lunch.
IMPERIAL. DAIRY LL -SCH ... Ground floor
Kodaks. Optlclana.
COLUMBIAN OPT-L CO.. Mar. 819.. Gd fir.
Prescription Druggista.
NAU. FRANK, Main 721. A 2721... Gd fir
Plane Wholesalers,
HOLT. K. H- PIANO CO., M. 199S 2X1T-8
Rentals and General Insurance.
Wilcox Building
DetectWe Bureao.
Optician. Optometrist.
EOLLE, DR. D. W. M.4183. A 7SS6. .7O6-T0T
Patent and Trade-Mark Attorney.
LTTZENBERO. WM. R. Mar. 1847 904
Public I'tlUty Specialist.
FOSHAY. WILBUR B. Main 6273 1014
Real Estate. t
KORELL, CHAS. H. Main 2744 807
H. P. PALMER-JONES CO. M. C699 404
Yeon Building
KENNETH. Main 1558.
ARNEST. G. C. Main 493 1104-1103
COHN. JULIUS. Main 2310, A 7202. ...1318
GRAHAM, SIDNEY J. Main 493. .1319-1S23
JOHNS. CHAS. A. Main S33 1308-lilOi
KIMBALL. HENRY M. Mar. 630 925
DIBBLE. Main 1301. A 5212. . .1500-1503
MANNIX. THOS. Main 2310, A 7202. ..1519
MOON A ORTON. Marshall 630 925-929
MOORE. WILLIS S. Main 493. . .1318-1323
PARKER. SHIRLEY D. Main 423 1024
R1DDELL, H. H. Main 6835 52'J
STOTT A COLLIER. Marshall 3078. .608-Olu
SULLIVAN, R. A. Mala JJ10. A 7101.. 151
WILSON. JOHN O. Marshall 852. .1311-1317
KINNEY. M. J. Marshall 6614 618
Barber Shops.
MYERS. ROBT. W 6econd Floor
Billiard HaU.
Cigar Store.
Court Reporters and Stenographers.
FLEXNER, VIVIAN. Main 11SL, A 2779.1403
SAY RE. JULIA K. Main 1431. A7279..140S
Real Estate.
CALLAN A KASER, Main 1633 TS2-724
MERRILL. GEO. W. Marshall 2858 411
METCALF. LYLE S. Marshall 2432 SIO
RAINEY. J. G. Marshall 3177 1304
WARD. THOS. J. Marshall 2858 411
For space In th Oregonlan's Bulldlne
Directory nhone classified advertising department-
children, tJ whom .ehe devotes much
of her time. She still maintains a home
in Portland, at 777 Marshall street.
Captain Biddle has apartments at the
Arlington Club.
State Highway Commission Meets but
Does Sot Award 173,0 00 Fund.
SALEM, Or.. April 30. (Special.)
Just where to spend the $175,000 re
maining of the state highway fund is
a problem discussed by the State High
way Commission today. The original
fund for the year was about $238,000.
A proposition that the money re
maining be divided among Jackson,
Columbia and Clatsop counties, which
have authorized bond issues for build
ing roads, is opposed by representa
tives of other counties which may vota
for issuing bonds this year.
The Board decided to wait until bids
had been opened for the work in Clat
sop and Columbia counties before mak
ing a definite decision. ,
Southern Federation of Clubs Same
Mrs. K. E. McKibbon President.
GRANTS PASS, Or, April 30 (Special.)-
The Southern Oregon Federa
tion of Women's Clubs adiourned at
noon today. The election of officers
occupied some time during the morn
ing session, the following being elect
ed; President, Mrs. K. E. McKibbon. of
Grants Pass; first vice-president. Mrs.
Fuller; second vice-president, Mrs. Gil
more; recording secretary. Miss Towne;
corresponding secretary, Mrs. Cora
Henkle; treasurer. Mrs. Scblefflin: au
ditor, Mrs. Frank Smith; district or
ganizer, Mrs. Gard.
Professor Hodge, of the University
of Oregon, delivered a very instructive
lecture on general welfare and rela
tion of women's clubs. .
XTnlty Aim of Meeting. '
OREGOM CITY, Or, April 30. (Spe
cial.) The first of a series of meet
ings under the direction of the Live
Wires, an adjunct of the Commercial
Club, to bring the business men and
the farmers in closer business relation
ship will be held in the new hall at
Shubel Tuesday.
It is the aim of the business men to
show that only by the united efforts of
the farmer and the townsman can the
greatest good for Clackamas County
be accomplished.
Subjects pertinent to the growth of
the community will be discussed.
BSISIf .'-v.
S S 5 B M S rV'f'
' II!IgS t!i!" .
1 E : i!-" 1