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Manaplnjc Editor Main 7070. A 60P5
:itv iQdltor Main 7070. A 6095
Sunday Editor aln 7070, A 6095
Advertising Department .. .Main 7070, A 6093
rity Circulation Main 7070. A 6095
Composing-room Main 7070. A 60s
Printing-room Main 7070, A 6095
Superintendent Building ...Main 7070. A 05
IJEIL1G THEATER (Eleventh and Morri
son). The Stratford-upon Avon Players
In Shakespeare's -King Richard JI." To
night. 8:15.
BAKER THEATER (Broadway and Morri
son) Baker players lu "The Man Higher
L'p." Tonight at 8:15.
RECREATION PARK (Twenty-fourth and
Vaughn) Boseball. Venice vs. Portland.
This afternoon at 3.
ORPHEVM (Broadway and Taylor) This
afternoon at 2:15 and tonight at 8:15.
PANT AGES (Broadway and Alder) This
afternoon at and tonight at 7:30
and g.
EMPRESS (Broadway and Yamhill) Con
tinuous from 1:30 to 11.
PEOPLES West Park and Alder.
MAJESTIC Park and Washington.
COLUMBIA Sixth, near Washington.
GLOBE Eleventh and Washington.
KEW STAR Park and Washington.
Remonstrance Is Signed. fine re
monstrance against the paving' of the
Kast Flanders street district has been
signed by enough property owners to
defeat the improvement, it was reported
yesterday. The contract was let, and
the contracting firm Is trying to induce
enough persons whose' names are on
the remonstrance to remove them so
the improvement can go forward. The
opposition comes mainly from property
owners on Kast Couch street, where a
single block between Grand avenue
and Cast Sixth street and several inter,
sections are included in Hast Flanders
street district. These property owners
say they will derive no benefit from
these fragmentary improvements, be
sides they' want either to widen Kast
Couch street or pave it from Kast Third
street to East Twenty-fourth street.
Alleged Robbers Arrested. Within
two hours after Andrew Newman had
complained to Detectives Craddock and
John Moloney yesterday that he had
been knocked down and robbed of J10
by three men Sunday night, the three
alleged robbers were locked up in the
city jail by the detectives. Newman
said Hans Weidenbauer, John Inken
and Fred Simkin were his assailants.
He did not know their names or ad
dresses, but by a visit to the place
where Weidenbauer was believed to
have worked, the three were found.
They were unable to furnish $1000 bail
"Vagrant" Is Indicted. One in
dictment, charging A. I. Petty with
vagrancy, was returned late yesterday
by the grand Jury and four not true
bills, all charging violations of morality
statutes, were returned to Circuit Judge
McGinn's court. After the report of
the grand jury had been received,
Judge McGinn ordered the prisoners
against whom not true bills had been
returned released and fixed Petty's
bail at ?250. In the indictment re
turned against Petty, it is charged that
he failed and refused to accept em
ployment that had been offered to him.
Plbdoe Procures Freedom. Martin
Burke's plan for holding out part of
his paycheck was disclosed in Muni
cipal Judge Stevenson's court yesterday
morning. Burke invented a new way
of "holding out" part of the family
funds. His scheme consisted of de
positing about $15 of his weekly pay
check with a friendly bartender. The
remainder he took home to his wife.
He was arrested for getting drunk on
the "holdout." Judge Stevenson freed
him. when he signed the pledge to
leave liquor alone for one year.
Zimmerman Estate Valued $22,650.
The estate of Peter Zimmerman, who
died December 30, 1913, is valued at
$22,650 according to the inventory and
appraisement filed yesterday in the
probate department of County Clerk
Coffey's office. The heirs of Mr. Zim
merman are his son and daughter, C.
Zimmerman and Mrs. Maria Schanz.
Petition for his appointment as admin
istrator of the estate of Johanna Ford
was filed yesterday by Edward Ford.
The estate will not exceed $1200 in
Value, the petition states.
Alleged Shoplifter Arrested.
Caspar Schmidthuber. a recluse, wh
lives in a shack at 309 Eugene street,
and has $2300 in a bank, was arrested
yesterday by Detectives Hyde and
Vaughn for alleged larceny of goods
in the Meier & Frank Company's store.
Schmidtnuber, who is 45 years old,
said that the theft was an "uncontroll
able impulse," and that he never had
stolen anything before. His house was
searched by the detectives and they
found about $20 of goods alleged to
be stolen.
Machinist Falls From Scaffold.
Vernon F. Jewett, a machinist em
ployed by the Willamette Iron & Steel
Works, fell about 20 feet from a
scaffold at the Oregon Dry Dock yes
terday. He was taken to Good Samari
tan Hospital, where Dr. A. W. Smith
found that he was suffering from con
cussion of the brain and bruises on
his right leg and hip. The injuries
are not considered serious. Jewett is
24 years old and lives at 424 Wygant
Sandt Commercial -Club to Meet.
1 he sandy Commercial Club will meet
Wednesday to . consider the proposed
imion high Bchoo'l. electric lighting- and
road construction. The matter of en
larging the membership to include
more farmers Is under consideration.
Delegates from the Neighborhood Club
have been asked to attend. The new
officers are: President, R. E. Esson;
vice-president, J. Scales; treasurer.
Otto Meinig; secretary, Fred Glockner.
Phrenologist Will Speak. The
Portland Educational Alliance will
meet tomorrow at its clubrooms in
the Neighborhood House, corner Second
and Hood streets. The special feature
will be an illustrated lecture by Pro
fessor Morris, phrenologist. A selected
musical programme will complete the
meeting. All members and friends are
requested to be present. The meeting
commences at 8 P. M.
Civic League Folk to Meet. The
next regular meeting of the depart
ment of revenue and taxation of the
uregon civic League will be an ira
portant business meeting for the de
cision of a number of interestine mat
ters, and will be held in the college
room of the Hazel wood todav at 2
o'clock. Members and all others in
terested in the work of the depart
ment should attend.
Social Club to Give Plat. The
Sacred Heart Social Club will give the
play entitled, 'The Irish Detective" at
Gregory Hall. Milwaukie and Center
etreets, Thursday night. Members of
toe crjD are: a. Froelich, C. J.
Lair, Cyril Myers. J. Nash, W. Sable,
Rube Smith, Clara Reverman, Mary
Schertzinger and Marie Weber.
Mr. Bigelow to Speak. Commis
sioner Bigelow will be the speaker to
night at the meeting of the Men's
Club of the Third Presbyterian Church
East Pine and Kat Thirtconth ...
Mr. Bigelow will tell "Where the Money
a ainner win De served in the
"'ly part oi tne evening.
MR. POI.EY'B VTVm II 1Tiin rt.,.
uiruy oi jsejamin v. Pn cv vh. t
April 18 at 1220 Union avenue, was
sent to Lostine. Or., yesterday, where
.uo junerai was conducted. He was 78
years old, and was th -rtvir t--
A- P. Poley and Charles M. Poley, of
Hotel Carlton. 14 th and WnsViinir
ton, desirable suites and single rooms,
all outside, with or without hath
moderate rates by week or month.
For Sale. One :ianrl rhun tt js
Laundry Co.. cor. Grand ave. and e!
TamhilL Adv.
Dr. Harrt P. Mckay has resumed
viae lite uuitcs iuorgaa pidgr. Ad,v,
Art Lkcturh Announced. All who
are interested in- art are invited to at
tend the free lecture to be given by
Charles Francis Browne at the Port
land Art Museum at 9 o'clock Thursr
day night, on "The Paintings and Mural
Decorations of the Panama-Pacific Ex
position." Mr. Browne is assistant
director of fine arts at the exposition.
The paintings loaned by the artists who
are doing the mural work at the ex
position have been on view at the
Portland Art Museum for two weeks.
The view will close Sunday night.
Roheburq Judge Sitting Here. Cir
cuit Judge Hamilton, of Roseburg, .is
presiding In department No. 7, Circuit
Court, to help the local judges clean
up the heavy calendar, resulting from
the establishment of the criminal divi
sion several months ago, leaving only
five regular courts for the hearing of
civil matters. The Roseburg jurist
expects to remain all of this week and
probably a few days next week.
Rotary Club "Stunts" Devised.
Doctors, dentists and specialists who
are members of the Portland Rotary
Club will have charge of the luncheon
programme today at the Multnomah
Hotel at noon. Dr. A. L. Higgs
chairman. The medical men and
dentists have been devising many spe
cial "stunts" for the occasion and sev
eral musical features will be intro
duced. Beach Service Planned. W. D.
Skinner, traffic manager for the North
Bank road, went to Astoria and Seaside
yesterday to make . preliminary ar
rangements for inauguration of train
service between Portland and Clatsop
beach points during the coming tourist
season. It is proposed to inaugurate
service within the next few weeks.
Italian Manager Here. M. Serantoni.
manager for the American Express
Company in Italy and also representa
tive in that country for the Union Pa
cific Railroad system, arrived in Port
land yesterday for a few days' visit.
He will visit other cities of the North
west and study the general business
Knight Siding Case Up Today. The
state Railroad Commission today will
hear the case of John B. Knight against
tne O.-W. K. & N. Co. Knight is ash
ing for a siding to serve his industrial
plant at Umatilla.
Rooming-house Has Fire. Fire in
a woodlift in the rooming-house main.
tain eel by Mrs. B. M. Crowder at 125
Fourteenth street yesterday did about
$150 damage. Patrolman Bender saw
the blaze and turned in an alarm.
Education Alliance Meeting Tomor
row. The Portland Education Alliance
will meet at 8 o'clock tomorrow night
at the Neighborhood House, Second and
wooa streets.
We have three choice apartments
to rent at 705 Davis St. Adv.
Shipherd Springs. Now la a rood
time to go. Adv.
Koadmaster Prepares Estimate for
Sandy Koad Improvement.
Maps designating the assessment
district within which the property will
be taxed to hard-surface Sandy road
rrom the city limits to Troutdale were
approved by the County Commissioners
yesterday morning. Roadmaster Yeon
was directed to proceed with prepara
tions for improving the 10 miles of
road under the plan whereby the
county and affected property owners
will share expense. The improvement
will cost $12,000 a mile.
Approximately 8900 acres of land is
included in the district, said Assistant
Roadmaster McMullen, under whose
supervision the maps were prepared.
The district parallels the road, half
a mile south and a mile north. A strip
of land along Villa avenue, between
the Sandy and Base Line roads, is ex
cluded from both the assessment dis
tricts which have been laid out. This
strip will be assessed, Mr. McMullen
said, when Villa avenue is improved.
With the filing of the assessment
district maps of the Sandy road yes
terday, steps have been taken now to
hard-surface 20 miles of county
roads. Ten miles of this improvement
will be made on Sandy road, about nine
miles on the Base Line road and a
mile and a half on Riverside drive.
Fred Morris Property Bought for
$22,300 at Auctions
Judge L. B. Stearns yesterday bought
at public auction the former residence
of Fred S. Morris, at 190 King street.
for $22,300.
The residence of Judge Stearns is
located on the lot immediately south
of the Morris property. The purchase
was made both as a protection to the
Stearns property and as an invest
ment. Abe Tichenor represented
Judge Stearns at the sale, of which J.
T. Wilson was the auctioneer.
The Morris property Is 75 by 100
feet and is in the exclusive King's Hill
residence district. The house was built
about 12 years ago at a cost of about
lesterdays sale. considering the
price of the real estate alone, fixes the
value of property in that territory at
approximately $300 per foot front,
which. real estate men consider a fair
Oregon Electric and United Hall
way Cases Go Over to May " 4.
Further hearings in the Linnton and
Garden Home rate cases, which were
to have been held by the State Rail
road Commission yesterday, were post
poned until May 4.
In the Linnton case the United Rail
ways is applying for an increase in
the passenger rate between Portland
and Linnton, which now is 5 cents. At
a previous hearing the railroad pre
sented figures to show that the line is
operated at a heavy loss.
In the Garden Home case certain
residents of Garden Home asked for a
flat passenger rate of 5 cents between
Portland and Garden Home. The Ore
gon Electric contends that such a rate
would be confiscatory.
In ' the last few weeks the Commis
sion has been making an Independent
investigation of the duplication cost
and the revenues of the railroad.
All Escrow transac
tions are strictly con
fidential. This is a
trust company, and a
primary principle es
pecially impres sed
upon all employes is
to the effect, that no
client shall ever have
cause for complaint,
by reason of leakage
of information. Every
caution is observed to
avoid an unauthorized
acquaintance with the
contents of an
Escrow, while every
courtesy is extended
to every proper in
quiry by any princi
pal or a designated
representative. . Title
& Trust Co., Fourth
near Stark.
HotQl Oregon,
I Concert
during lunch, dinner
and after the theater
by the
American Concert
asssited by the
Oregon Symphony
Signor Pietro Marino,
Musical Director.
for record yesterday in County Clerk
Coffey's office. The incorporators are
. O. Fry, T. J. Carlisle and H. A. Kel-
sey. The Portland Construction Com
pany, incorporated by W. L. Morgan,
W. F. Flledner and Joseph A. Boyce,
filed articles of incorporation for $1500.
The company will engage in a general
real estate and agency business.
The National Scrip Company, caol
tallzed at $1000, was incorporated bv L
D. Goodrich, H. L. Goodrich and Rae
F. Goodrich. Supplementary articles of
Incorporation were filed changing the
name of the Blumauer Photo Eupply
Company to the Pike & Markham Com
Flonzaley String Quartet Plays at
Heilig Monday, April 2 7.
"No words can convey the beauty of
the luscious tone of the Flonzaleys,"
says the- Toronto Mail and Empire,
which echoes the enthusiastic criti
cisms current in Berlin, .Paris, London
and New York, where they are
recognized . as the greatest string
quartet in the world to-day. Mail
orders are now being received ad
dressed to Lois Steers-Wynn Coman,
308 Columbia bldg., the regular seat
Bale opening Friday morning of this
week. Prices Floor, $2, $1.60, $1;
balcony, $1.50, $1, 75c, 50c Adv.
Wire Tie, Real Estate and Scrip
Companies File Articles.
Articles of incorporation of tha Econ
omy wire Tie & Manufacturing; Com
pany. capitalized at $10,000, were filed
Suit to Replevin Car From Insurance
Company Is- Lost.
H. M. Terry, whose automobile wan
burned several months ago, lost a suit
yesterday in. Judge Cleeton's court to
replevin a new machine which he had
purchased and later transferred to
Dooly & Co. and the Federal Insurance
Company. The Jury returned a verdict
for the defendants in less than an hour
alter the case had been submitted.
After the Insurance company had
paid Terry $1550 on an $1800 policy on
the machine, Stanley Stewart reported
that the machine had been burned by
Terry to collect the insurance. Terrv
had bought a new machine, which the
company forced him to transfer, under
threat of criminal proceedings, Terry
charged, in the suit brought to replevin
the auto. Attorneys Powers & Lord
represented Terry, and Attorneys Cole
c uoie tne defendants.
A f reft marv nf Portia nH trtrla
to every visitor attending the free
luuoudicu iwiure, snowing Willam
ette VallV viAWn at Alt Wc1,Ut
opp. Ladd & Tilton. 13:30 to 6 and
i .cut in c sr. 11 . j f l v.
Safety First
(si The placing of your
valuable papers in a
U box in our Vaults is If
.the initial step to e
U take in your Safety j
First program Do m
it today Delays are m
Commerce Safe Deposit
and Mortgage Co.
91 Third Street
Chamber of Commerce Bids-
Established 1892.
Lovers of Irish music will learn with
delight that Thomas Egan, the great
Irish tenor, will visit Portland Sunday,
April 28, Masonic Temple.
The rise to fame of Thomas Egan Is
even more remarkable than that of the
other Irish tenor, John McCormack. He
y- .f . .
I fry
won his triumph in grand opera on the
continent, and now, although he is a
boy in years, be ranks with the great
tenors of the world. Musical critics
prefer his voice to that of John Mc
Cormaek, and all agree that in a few
years Egan will be' without a rival
amongst tenors.
The New York Sun. the most influ
ential paper in this country, paid him
the extraordinary compliment of an
entire page review in a recent Sunday.
.During the last few seasons, savs
that Journal, "the Royal Italian ODera
company or Drury Lane. London, has
maae an annual visit to Ireland, and
upon the last occasion the leading
tenor was Thomas Egan. An Irishman
at the head of an Italian opera com
pany does seem like a .revolution."
Musical critics will appreciate the
reputation of Egan when Drury Lane
made nim its leading tenor.
Egan has appeared in all the leading
operas, but his specialty is Irish music.
He sings all the ancient and modern
National songs of Ireland, and his
superb voice and interpretations thrill
his audiences, not only in London and
Dublin, but in New York, where he
has won his latest triumphs.
It is certainly a matter of nride for
the Irish people that such a star as
Egan has appeared. He will carry on
the tradition of Irish song and make
insn musio Known at home and abroad.
Franre (Nice) Rla-oletto whs vKpli.hi.
inumpn lor jfan. .l journal Tranal&'
Italy (Genoa) Dim nlnnl rn.,1 . r.
plause for beautiful singing' and powers of
acting. n Decoia aia (Translation).
j grcni tenor. uornere ai tsenova.
Brooklyn Mtandard T'nion v.ran ! i.nn.
wi irue quality o voice. DOtn aa to tlmbra
and register, and sing with feeling.
Brooklyn Times He sings with an can
ana. connaence given nim In the training
of the Eurooean masters. To th armm.
mlng strings ot his natlva Instrument the
singer swung through the Irish National
songs as tnougn ne was sounding a slogan
on a battlefield. The audience was held
Dreamless surety tno man seemed match'
less in this field.
Mimical America At once It was an.
parent that here was a tenor with a rar.i.
ueauuiui voice, lor HiaoiQ nai tne serenade
been so well suns: at th MetroDollt.n
xnuro lire lew tenors or any nationalities
heard in this country who can command
tne iiery impetuosity ana emotion that
ne can. Adv
Your Telephone Expert
rpHE switchboard operator who an
swers your telephone call has a
mission in life her mission is to serve you. She
has at her finger tips the most modern telephone
equipment in the world. Quickness, accuracy
and courtesy are her essential qualifications.
Frequently she is called upon to act quickly in
emergencies when courage and presence of mind
are required.
It is as essential to good telephone service that
each Bell Telephone operator should be healthy
and happy as it is that every part of the equip
ment of that great intercommunicating system
should be in good working order.
In the Bell System, 70,000 operators make connec
tions which furnish clear tracks for 26,000,000
telephone talks each day.
Every Bell Phone Is a Long -Distance Station
Is King!
the best bread In thH
world the most palatable,
wholesome, nourishing
the bread that slII can
afford, and that is good for every-
at your frrorrr
When Put to the Test
Browndale Farms Eggs
more than meet the
rigid requirements
you demand if served
with your' breakfast,
lunch or dinner.
Hazel wood
Confectionery and
Washington at Tenth.
F"or sale, fresh dally,
in our dairy store.
Sail 0 A. M April 22, for
Low rates, lncludlnc berth and meals.
(Through tickets to all points).
The Saa F'ranclaco Jt Portland S. S. Co.
antra ana waaBlnston,
(With O.-W. R. N.)
Tel. Marshall 4500; A 6121.
The BEE CLEANER meets this de
mand. It has all the good points,
and more, of the higher-priced elec
tric machines.
Among: its features are the follow
BER.TIRED WHEELS, saves wear
on rugs and carpets; ADJUSTABLE,
you can raise or lower nozzle to suit
thickness of carpets or rugs. This
adds 100 to efficiency.
104 Fourth, Bet. Wash, and Stark Sta.
supplied to
Barber Shops.
You get the very
best service
when you are
our customer.
Phone us today.
Maln39X -;- JU1Z3
pi ii
The SEWARD is a new. modern and
lntly aDnolnted hoteL possessing
' on of th most bsantlf ul corner lob
bies in the Northwest. Xxtcated at
loth and Alder sta., opposite Olds.
Wortman aV King's bis department
store. In heart or retail and theater
district. Rates. (1 and up. Bus
I meets all trains. "W" car also runs
from Union Depot direct to HOTEL.
London, England. Equipped With
Every Modern Convenience.
iuuu isjjsniei
This Baking Powder
Keeps Its Streng th
The large can of K C lasts longer
than 25 cents worth of other baking
powders but no matter how long it
takes to get to the bottom the last
spoonful is just as good as the first.
KL C raises the nicest, lightest biscuits,
cakes and pastry you ever ate, and it
is guaranteed pure and wholesome.
For goodness sake, use K C
Work finished In one day vrhrn
riood Hubhrr I'latea. rsrh...Q.M
The Beat Red Rubber 1'latea,
2-knrat ttold or Porcelain
Crown 113.00
Latest rainless Methods Laed.
Platen With Flexible Suction
The very best and latest in modern
dentistry. No more falling; plates.
What We Can't Guarantee We Ion't Da.
Wise Dental Co.
Phones Mala 2021). A-SOSO
Falllnc Bid., 3d and W ashlngrtoa
The Portland's
are served to you
promptly ; some thing
iifferent each day.
Keeps your appetite
and your interest keen
In the
Main Dining-Room
11:30 A. M. to 2 P. M.
Fifty Cents
Portland Hotel
G. J. Kaufmann, Manager
o o
The Most Popular
"Uptown" Hotel
VssklDStos t Cot-. Twelfth.
Portland. Or.
Chas. H. Rowley, Mgr.
Klreproof. Modern, European Plan
Running Water, Both Phones,
Clothes Closet, Two Parlors and
Large Lounging-Room.
Beautiful Marble Lobby Bntranee
Daily Rates, $1, $1.50, $2, $2.50.
Bus Meets Trains and Boats.
$18, $20, $22.50, $25 per Month.
Detached Bath, no Extra Charge
$25, $30, $35 Private Bath.
fir p fir'
nu u. Lonn
Circus Bore
Send for Cuta
loaraea and
Trial Offer of
The . Famous
Conn Band
Sold Exclusively
In Oregon and
Washington by
Graves Music Co.
131-133 Fourth Street. Portland. Oregon
All the Comforts of
Satisfactory Diuing
are to be bad at the
All delicacies,
especially those in
season, are on our
Cuisine and service
exceptionally fine.
Lunch, 12 to 2,
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bunday Dinner,
5:30 to
9, $1.00.