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Bulk of Crop in Harrisburg
Section Moved.
Demand for Later Hops Is Held in
Check by TTncertalnty as to
Vields in This Country
and Europe.
All the remaining crepe of Fuggle heps
but three in the Harrtsburr; section vera
bought yesterday. The prices paid wara 13
and 22 cant.
No trading waa reported In tha late crop.
Thera wara order at 18 to 19 cents tor con
tract, but growers would not aell at these
prices. It looks now as If operations will
be suspended until tha hops ara In the bale.
Conflicting advices ara arriving aa to the
alia of tha European crops and this keeps
buyers in the air. Letters from abroad
also Indicate that there Is the same differ
ence of opinion aa to tha probable extent
of the American yield. Consequently the
market la in a waiting attitude and until
something more than mere guesses can be
put out. buyers are certain to pursue a
conservative policy.
A cable received front Alost yesterday re
sorted that in tha Hallertau and other im
portant districts the crop waa suffering
from a bad attack of red spider and tha
weather was hot. 'The crop waa coming
down below estimates. In Belgium 150
marks was paid, which i equivalent to 84
cents. These are hops that compete with
Americans in the London market.
Brewers ara always Inclined to take a
bearish view of the crop situation, yet the
London Brewers' Journal says:
"We have rarely experienced so much
difficulty In estimating the crop as we have
this season. It Is abundantly palpable that
there cannot be such a large production as
there was In 1912 namely. S73.43S cwts.:
tha difficulty Is to judge approximately how
much short of that quantity It will be. We
shall, perhaps, be somewhere near the mark
If wa put it at about 800.000 cwts. more
or less.
"The demand for consumption, acting on
excessively small stocks, has caused prices
to rise considerably. The position la ac
centuated by reports from the Continent. Ac
cording to all estimates there will be a
serious shortage' there and instead of this
country taking from that quarter some
200.000 cwts., as we did last year, the Con
tinent. In all probability, this year will be
Importers from us."
Tha Maidstone Oasatte of August IS said
of tha crop prospect In England:
The natural progress of the plant has
been seriously delayed and It le not yet pos
sible to say how small the yield may prove
to be. Tha one thing certain Is that the
crop will be considerably below an average,
and It must fall short of last year's yield
by 20 or 25 per cent per acre at least. A
good deal of speculation Is taking place In
the shape of bets and even money has been
laid against an all-round Euglish crop of
m cwts. per acre. To sum up the general
r. ports from all districts, growers may. If
granted favorable weather, eventually se
pura a crop of about 9 cwts. per acre, but
If the cold snap continues much longer even
this estimate may have to be considerably
"If the English yield is less than half a
Ion per acre (which seems now to be a
certainty and the Centlnental yield only
equals half that of last year, prices equal
to those secured late In the season of 1911
will be more than Justified."
A circular received from Cattley. Grldley
A Co., of London, says:
"In spite af the cool and cloudy weather
those plantations that have been thorough
ly cleansed of the blight have made prog
ress during the week, and, with normal tem
peratures and conditions, give promise of
quite a full average crop, though scarcely
as heavy as last year. The slack and blight
ed plantations show little change for the
better. The harvest will be rather later than
usual. Continental reports speak of more
favorable weather conditions and some Im
provement In most districts, though blight
has dona much damage. Estlmataa still
suggest a good half of last year's produce
on the whole. All markets are quiet, but
firm, with stocks of last year's and old hops
very short Indeed.'
Peaches In Large Supply and Active De
mand Tomato Lower.
The first car of Payette Valley canta
loupes was started for Portland yesterday
and will reach thia city Monday. The Idaho
cantaloupes long ago established a reputa
tion for excellency and their arrival on
the market Is always eagerly awaited by
tha trade. Usually they sell at high
prices, but the growers have made reason
able quotations this year and the first ship
ment will be put on sale here at 11.75 w 2 a
Tha market waa well supplied with other
cantaloupes yesterday and $1.00 was the
top price. Inferior cants sold aa low as
$5 cents. Turtock cantaloupes of good
quality are still coming along and sell well.
Two cars were received yeaterday and two
mora are rolling.
Tha peach market was in good shape,
with a big atock on hand and an active de
mand. Among the receipta waa tha flrat
car of Taklma Elbertas, which sold at S3
ta TO cents.
Tha tlrst straight car of Muscat grapes
also arrived and they were quoted at $19
1.25 a crate.
Tha banana market could not well be
weaker. Seven cars were unloaded yester
day "and nve more are due today.
Thera haa been an overstock of tomatoes
an tha market all the week. Yesterday two
full ears arrived from Dlllard and prices
went to pieces. Offerings were made at
low as 30 cents a box. '
A car of sweet potatoes arrived and they
were quoted lower at 82 85 a crate.
lacertalnty as ta Freight Rates Checke
Owing to tbo uncertainty regarding the
steamship ratea to prevail In October and
November, export flour buying, which has
not been brisk at any time this season, has
some to almost a complete step. It Is be
lieved that when the freight altuation Is
settled the Japanese buyers will show in
terest In the market, and It la alas likely
that within a month the Chinese demand
will revive.
Tha wheat market continues quiet. So
gar as club Is concerned, the undertone of
the market is easy and 79 cents is quoted
as full value, but bluestem is firm at 63
' cents. The spread between club and blue
stem is gradually widening and It is net
thought that It will get closer.
Weekly foreign wheat shipments were s
This Wk. Last Wk. Last Tr.
Argentine .... ii-.',:J bu2,ooo l,o-0,ou
Australia atH.OoO Srttt.OfN) 7i"3.tKk0
India l,S6,out ktd.uu0 810, 0W
Local receipts, lit cars, were reported by
the Merchants- Exchange as follows:
Wheat Barley Flour Oats Hay
Monday 121 11 1
Tuesday T 2
Wednesday . . . 44 4 4 3 a
Thursday 24 4 ....
Friday Si J 1
Tear ago...... T .... 8 ....
EetssB to ai ji-w o... 4.1 v
ler ago "
California Reports Short Crop and Market
Tancnee IS Cents.
Tha almond market la advancing rapidly
because of tha short crop In California, i ..e
present local quotation on IXLs Is 20 cents.
Foreign advlcea eay the crop of Tarragona
almonds will be a large one. and it may be
that Importations will ba brought Into tha
Western markets.
Walnuts continue firm and scarce. Man
churian nuta are being largely used on the
Coast In the absence of native stock.
As the time for the heavy consumption
of Brazil nuts draws near, tha position as
regards this commodity becomes more clear
ly defined, and It la easy to eee that the
stock of good nute of the new crop la not
sufficient for the usual Fall requirements
and prices naturally have a hardening ten
dency. An advance of half a cent a pound
both for the medium Paras and the large
Manaos Is noted. Stocks are small, and with
any ordinary demand would become
exhausted long before the holiday trade
waa actually over.
Poultry Scarce and Higher.
The poultry market was firm and higher.
Not enopgh chickens were received to fill
orders, and choice hens sold readily at le
Dressed meate were also firm, with fancy
veal bringing 18 centa. Pork was quoted
at 12 cents, with an upward tendency.
The egg market was firm at unchanged
prices. There were no new developments la
the butter or cheese trades.
Whits Beans Are Weaker.-
The crop of beans In California, while
short of last year's. Is nevertheless coming
down better than was expected early in the
seison. and as a consequence, prices have
declined from a quarter ta half a cent.
Ismail whites are now quoted by Jobbers at
6 cents, and large whlteo at cent.
Bank Clearing.
Bank clearings of the Northwestern cities
yesterday were as follows:
Clearings. Balances
Portland Sl.HSI.SS 1184,157
Seattle ls.Bt7 1-U.3S1)
Tacoma ............. 40.751 7.556 ttM.uaa S4.71J
Orain, Flour, Feed, Ete.
WEAT Track prices: Club, 79c; blue
stem, 85c; forty-fold, bOc; red Russian, 7sc;
fife. 76c: valley, sOc
FLOUR Patents. 14.70 per barrel;
straights. 44. lu; exports, $3.55 ff 13.65; val
ley. J4.70. graham, 14.60; whole wheat,
OAT3 No. 1 white. 125.50 per ton.
CORN Whole, S37; cracked, 3S per ton.
MILLdTUFFa Bran. 1:13.50 per ton;
shorts, $25.50 per ton; middlings. 131 per
BARLEY Feed. 24.50 per ton: brew
ing. Sl!5.50: rolled. sjifZS per ton.
HAY Fancy Idaho timothy. 1T1S:
fancy Eastern Oregon timothy. ll.lyjlfl;
timothy and clover, (14 S 13; timothy and
alfalfa. 111) S?14alalf, tl3; clover, S.5o'
10; oat and vetch. 110U; cheat, fluull;
Valley grain hay, I10&11.
Finite and Vegetables.
Local jobbing puotatlons:
6 per box; lemons, JS.o04j per box; pine
apples, 7o per pound; banniyias, StMfac
per pound.
ONIONS Walla Walla, 11.60 per sack.
VEGETABLES Beans. S?4c per pound;
cabbage, 2if2Wc per pound; cauliflower, 12
per crate; corn, loigfl5c dozen; cucumbers,
20 40c per box; eggplant. 6i.i8o per pound;
head lettuce, 3.,r40c per dozen; peas. 5?7c
per pound: peppers, 6Hc per pound: rad
ishes. 10 12c per dozen; tomatoes, 30&40c
per box; garlic. 10c per pound.
POTATOES Oregon.. 11 per hundred;
sweet potatoes. S2.25 per crate.
GKEEN FRUIT Apples. 12.2S per
box; cantaloupes. eftctif-:! per crate: peach
es. 3Oral0c per box; watermelon!, 41. 25
1.50 per cvt; plums, 75c till per box pears,
HSl.uO per box; grapes. 55c11.25 per
crate: casabas, (1.73 per dozen; nectarines,
7oc4j$l per box.
Dairy and-Country Produce.
Local Jobbing quotations:
POULTRY Hen. 16lc; Spring. 18c;
turkeys, live, 20c: dressed, choice, 25c;
ducks, 10613c; geese, young. 12Hc
EGG3 Oregon ranch, case count, 25 9 26c
per dozen; fresh ranch, candled. 2BC0&OC
CHEESE Oregon triplets, lOfec; Daisies,
17c; Young Americas, 18c.
UK.' 1 1 CK ' ureguo crwniarj ouii.i cui"",
32c per pound; butter fat. delivered. 820
mr puuna.
PORK Fancy, 114c per pound.
VEAL Fancy, 15Vjltlc per pound
Staple Groceries.
Local Jobbing quotations:
SALMON Columbia River. one-peund
tails. 12.25 per dozen; half-pound flats,
(1.40; one-pound flats, 82.43: Alaska, pink,
one-pound talis, 85c; silversldes, one-pound
talis. 81-25.
HONEY Choice, 83.25 3.75 per case.
NUTS-r Walnuts, lac per pound; Brazil
nuts, ll'Htiljc; filberts, 1513c; almonds.
20c; peanuts. G54c: cocoanuts. OOcQll
per dozen; chestnuts, 11c per pound; hickory-nuts,
a-oMOc: pecans! 17c: pine. 17 tr 20c
BEANS Small white. hic; large white.
5c: Lima, 8.30c; pink, 4.15c; Mexican,
5c: bayou, 4.15c
SUGAR Fruit and berry. (565; Honolulu
plantation, S5.t4; beet. (5.43; extra C, 85.15;
powdered, barrels, 85.9u; cubes, barrela,
COFFEE Roasted. In drums, 18932s per
SALT Granulated, 814 per ton: half
ground 100s, (10 per ton; 80s, (16.75 per ton;
dairy. $12.50 per ton.
RICE No. 1 Japan, StfSttc; cheaper
grades. 4Vc; Southern head. 54660.
DKIEO FRUITS Apples. 10c per pound;
apricots. 126x14c; peaches, 8911c; prunes.
Italians, St? 10c; sliver, lc; figs, white and
black, 6-&7c; currants, 9V:c; retains, loose
Muscatel. K472c; bleached. Thompson,
llc; unbleached. Sultanas. 5c: seeded.
74 SbS-c; dates, Persian, 7feSc per pound:
fard. (1.05 per box.
FIGS Twelve 10-ounce, 85c: 50 6-ounce.
81. S5; 70 4-ounce, $2.50; 30 10-ounce, $2.25;
loose, 50- pound boxes, 6i4s7e; Smyrna,
boxes, (i.iugj, 1.25: candled, (3 per box.
Hops, Wool and Hides. ,
HOPS 1013 contracts, lSfflKc; 1313 fug-
gles. 22-6v22itc; 1012 crop. 184lSc.
fELTa liry. iuc; lambs, salt abearllag.
10 If SOc.
WOOL Eastern Oregon, llw10o; val
ley. It-$rl9c per pound.
HIDES Salted hides, UK 612a per lb.;
salt kip. 12 4 18c; salted calf, 17 Si 17 Vic;
green hides. lOHSllc; dry hides, 22&23o.
dry calf. fro. 1, 25c; No. 2, 20a; salted bulls,
8c per lb.
MOHAIR 1913 clip. 27H per pound.
CASCAR.A BARK Old s.nd new, o per
Local Jobbing quotations:
HAMS 10 to 12 pounds. S2f2Sc; 12 to
14 pounds, 22323c; picnic, 15c; cottage
roll, 17 c
BACON Fancy. 30 31c; standard, 25 O
20c; English, 2122c
LARP In tierces, choice, 1430; com
pound. 104ta.
DRY SALT MEATS Regular short clears.
14Hgtloc: short clear backs. 12 to 16 Jbs..
ISulOsc; short clear backs. 18 to 23 lbs..
lJSjlii'ic; exports. 15ifl7c
BARRELED BEEF Extra mess beef.
(20, mess beef, $JU; piste beet, 22
Linseed Oil, Gasoline, Etc.
LINSEED OIL Raw. barrela. 62c: boiled,
barrele, 64c; raw, cases, 67c; cases, 69c.
OIL MEAL F. o. b. Portland works: Car
lots. $35; 5 and 10-ton lota, $34; ton Iota.
$35. .
TURPENTINE-Barrels. 52Ho; case. 55c
COAL OIL Cases. 17k-oyic; drums
and barrele, 10t13e.
GASOLINE Cases. 23c; bulk. 16c.
Prices Quoted at the Bay City for Vega-
tables. Fruit. Ete.
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 29. The follow
ing produce prices were current here today:
Fruit Apples. Orsvenstelns, 75ce$l.T3;
other varieties, 75c$$1.15; Mexican limes,
numlnal; California lemons, fo6; pine
apples. $1.25225.
Cheese New, littsyllc; Taung America.
Hay Wheat, $19. 50 20. 60; wheat and
oats. $17&lb; alfalfa. $11$14.
Butter Fancy creamery, ;ie; seconds.
Eggs Fancy rancn. 83"c; store, 27c
Vegetables Cucumbers, 15jj50c; green
peas. IS 4c; string beans. 2 4c,; eggplant.
14 4 73c.
Onions New, yellow. 0c(r$l per sack.
Potatoes New river whites, 85c tj (1.05;
Merced sweets, lMSIc
Bens Pink, $3.1.a3.30: 11m as, $3,509
5.6u: smail white. $3.5usg.60; large white.
$4.55(1 4.05.
Fiour Family extras, $5.60 O-J bakers'
extras, $4.65 tr 5 20; Dakota, (8.461b T.4U;
biansas. $0$ 6.25.
Receipts Flour. 1966 quartera; barley.
24 lo centa:; potatoes, 6S90 sack; hay, 422
Metal Market.
NEW YORK. Aug. 2. Lead, 461 la Lon
don, 120 as.
Spelter quiet, S.83 9$.$5; la London, 21
Jt fid.
Cupper quiet: standard spat, nominal;
Eeptember. 15 10 bid: electrolytic, 14.0JJ
1612: lake, 16-250 1680; castings, 15.Ti
14 87.
Tin weak; spot 43.60(42 SO: Octabsr.
42.60 S42.e0; November. 42.40342 80.
Antimony dull; Cooksan a. 8.40s 8.80.
Iron steady and unehanged.
London marketa ciosed as folows:
Copper quiet; spot. f?l 2s 6d; futures, 71;
tin weak, spot tlnl; futures, 1193 )0s.
Iron, Cleveland warrants, 60S.
Commercial Operations in East
on Larger Scale.
Expansion of Business Helped b)
Improved Monetary " Situation.
Iron and Steel Conditions
Better Than Expected. .
KEW YORK, Auc. 20. Dua'i Bavltv will
say tomorrow:
Evidences of reviving commercial and In
dustrial activity atMdily multiply and bust
ness optimism is becoming widespread.
The restrictive Influence ot tariff revision
Is somewhat less manifest, and the expan
sion in trade Is facilitated by the improved
monetary situation. Increasing preparations
for remote needa being stimulated by the
broader absorption of commercial paper at
lower rates.
Conditions In the Iron and steel trades
have been rather better than expected this
month. Reports from the dry goods mar
kets continued gratifying.
A generally improved comparison with the
two preceding years is shown In bank
clearings thla week, the total at all leading
cities amounting to fi.4uO.2Se.805. an In
crease of .4 per oent over last year.
Failures this week numbered against
trl last year, and 8 In Canada, compared
with 27 a year ago.
Mills, Instead of Malting- Ceaceeeiaau, Ask
Higher Price.
NEW YORK, Aug. 29. Bradst reefs to
morrow will say:
I n some respects trade reports suggest
somewhat more irregularity. Western ad
vices Indicate conservative buy ins, pre
sumably a reflex of repents of reduced crop
yields, but at the same time they proclaim
that the trade Is equal to or in excess of
that done at this time last year, when op
erations certainly were growing. Oa the
other hand, the more important Eastern
markets, particularly those having to do
with textiles, display more vim, house trade
has enlarged, and mills. Instead of making
concessions, are insisting upon higher
Failures for the week were 2U9. which
compares with 28 In liU2.
Wheat, Including flour, exports from the
United States and Canada, for the week
eggregate 7.042.1b4 bushels, against 3,45,
134 last year.
Bank Clearings.
NEW YORK. Aug. 2fl. Bradstreet's bank
clearings report for the week ending Au
gust 2o shows an aggregate of $2,7a.U09,OiH
as against 2,814,730,uuo last week and S2.
tJ41.tfltt.uou in the corresponding week last
Prct Pr ct
Inc. eOec.
w York 1.B29.T03,000 .... l.S
Chlcsgo 2?3,(r44.0uO 7-4 ....
Boston 117.46f.OOU .... 6.7
Philadelphia 13H.lJH.uO0 12.2 ....
St. Louis ......... tt.",5H4.000 .... 8.6
Pittsburg ......... 52.1tV,00 5.6 ....
Kansas City M.ouS.OOO 11.2
an Francisco ... -44.167,000 .... 1.1
Baltimore 1!0. 600.000 .... 5.6
Cincinnati 1.4. "Jtf.OOO 14.0 .... ,
Minneapolis L'U.lOO.ouo 17. S . .. .
Los Anaeles 14.4
Cleveland 28.044.000 ltt.l ....
Detroit 7P7HU,000 .8.1 ....
New Orleans l7.u' fi t
Omaha 15,:K!.00 8.1 ....
Louisville 11.7iH.omo s.l ....
Milwaukee 9.6 ....
fort laud. Or. ... lt).48.oJO lea
Seattle 12.1!50.ut0 11.8 ....
St. Paul 8.072.000 1
Uenver T.74U.0O0 31. 9
IndlanaDolia 94mu i.oo. til s
Stockton 7tJU,0o .04 ....
Salt Lake City..,. B,113,OUO ....
Columbus &.7.i.utH a. 1 ...
Toledo 4.Uito.0O0 .... 1.6
Uuluth ai.6iil.0uo 22.4 ....
Df?s Moines 4.U00.0O0 21.1 .
Spokane tf.aiu.ouu ....
Tacoma n.rtn.Vnoft in 1 .
Oakland a.osu immi o a
San Diego l,m4.Ht0 .... 3.1
sacramento 1.97a, oiH) 39.8 ....
Bloomlngton. II!.. 650,fHX .... .
Sentiment In Wall Street Remains
Hopeful, Altliong-h Advance in
Prices Is Checked,
NEW YORK, Aug. S9. Speculation failed
to maintain today the brisk nu. .i vMt.r.
day. althoush the recent gatna were well
ueia. in tne aDsence or definite news from
Mexico, and with ae striking developments
In any other quarter. Incentive (or active
trading was lacking.
Beara attempted to depreea the list at the
opening, but the market was too strong tor
them, with Smelting, Steel and the coalera
in the lead, highest prices of the present
movement were reached. Later In the day,
owing to realizing and the weakness of a
few storks, the list moved slowly downward
with Increased heaviness toward the cloat
which, in many cases, eliminated the earlier
Sentiment remained hopeful, despite the
failure of the market to continue on Its
upward course and bulllshly Inclined trad
ers maintained them. The market was In
a better position than It had been for some
lime. Improvement of the Investment
market la Indicated not only by the broader
demand for standard dividend-paying shares,
but In the ready absorption of recent bond
and note offerings. Although no figures re
garding subscriptions to Union Pacific's
holdings of Southern Pacific will be avail
able until next week, the auccesa of the
offering was said .to ba assured.
The bond market was Irregular. Toledo
St. Louis as Western rose i points and
later lost the advance. Total sales, par value
SI. .17.000. United States bonds were un
changed on call,
Reported by J. C. Wilaon Co. Lewis
building. Portland. "
, Closing
, se- High. Low. isid
Ama! Copper .. :i.lw '6 7f 79
Am Beet til gar. Hx 2.-, 2ui
Ajs Can Co ... 1,700 Si gg
do preferred.. luO Mb btfs IHi -V
Aiu Car Fdy. 400 4a .iji, ia3
Am Cotton Oil.. SOO 41 41 44 3
Am Smcl at Ret T.Ouo Gtti. o71 s
do preferred lol
Am Sugar I0d JU 110k nou
do preferred 11 j
Am Tel 4k Tel.. HO 1S1 180 13.114
Anaconda ..... l.0 J .J 7J
All Coast Line 1"1 I
A T at Santa Fa 3.060 & Dai,
do preferred.. ftti-
Ba'.t i Ohio ... 40O 07 8S1 giz
Brook R Tran.. 1.004 PBV fcuC iii!
Canadian Pao .. l.Dou 219 Hi'. 21.4.
C A O 1.2lO 60 5, 0B
C O W 200 Hi, 14 J.J
C eV H W lu 130 5. 130 13.1
C. M at St PauL 2.100 lu7u IiimtI i,.t
Central ljsa'ljer , a
Central oX ii J ,.2iS "
Chlno 400 414, 41ii 41H
Col Fuel A Iran l.Cwi) 5 82 u $u
Col Southern 3 2
Lonsol Gas .... 00 1334 182 133
D L W 400
Dt Ba 10 IS 18 18
Distilling fi.cur SCO 14 13 11
Erie 1.400 "4U
General Electrla ion 14 143 143
Ot North Ore .. 7 .S5S, ii 34
Gt Xertli pf ... 00 MTV 1:17 11 H7 $
Illinois Central. 200 liS', IMS', lc8
Interboro Met rf 2.4hi lti iqi.
do preferred.. 6,700 64 03 u 63 W
K C Southern .. 2'JO 24 2m 5
Lehigh Valley 3.900 .-,
Louis 4b Nash.. 2) 135 13Z
Mexican Cent.. 7"S IKS is 15".
11. b P S 8 M 10O 134 134 H iU
Mo. Kan 4k Tex 221
Mo Pacific 7.00d 31 193, 80
National Biscuit 80O 1M 12$ 12t
do preferred.. lla
Y Central .... 1.50 97', ! 7 '
N T, Ont 4k Wes 2v0 , 29 2 29
Norfolk A West 1.04 4,
North America 1i
Northern Pac. 800 11SH 112(4
Paclfle Mall .... TuU 21 .21 2
Pacine TAT 27
do preferred.. W)
Pennsylvania ... 2.000 1131. 113 1134,
People's Ca ... 4)'0 11S 117 117
Reading , AI.OCO 13 li 1S2
Republic B A I 24 2i
Rock Island Co ! 4iO 1S4 17 17.
Southern Pae. . 33.30O SO tV SO
Southern By ... 100 24V. 24 24 i
Texas Oil 800 i; 124 H 13SU
Lnion Pacific .. IT.o 1M4 14 lA4ti
do preferred.. zno 3 f-3 Ma
0 8 Steel Cor .20 68 ' 6.vJ
do preferred.. 50 J '-" 10K 1S
t-tah Copper .. 4.u0 63 12 H Mi
Western Union ..... 67 Vs
Westing Elec ... 1.S00 7 73 73
Wisconsin Cent. 44)
Total Sales lor tha day. 2S,400 sharsa.
Reported fay Overbeck ft Cooke Co., Board
of Trade building, Portland.
Bid. Asked.
Atchison general 4a H ti
Atlantlo Coast Line Is 4s BOli sua,
B ft O gold ea 2 S3
B R T 4s - 8Ti
Chesapeake ft Ohio 4 Vis 100 V, lol
C R I col 4s r7 ....
Cal Gas s t24 S
C B Q joint 4a 84 S WS
Erie gen 4s . 76 76
Int Met 4s 70V 70
Louisville ft Nsshvllle unl 4s... 1
Missouri Pacific 4a 63 6S
N T C gen 3V,a S4 S5
N ft W 1st con 4s t3 4
Northern Paclfle a 4 ti
Oregon Short Una ref 4s
Pacific Tel Ss T 7
Penna eon 4a 9 100
Reading gen 4e i 041,
St L ft 8 F ref 4s 70 71
Southern Pacific ref 4s 0 01
Southern Pacific col 4s , 68 00
Southern Railway s 13 104
Southern Railway 4s T5V. 76
I'nlted Railway lnv 4s ....
Union Pacific 1st and ret 4s... BS 93
United States Steel Ss lulti 101
West Shore 4s 0.1 ....
Wabash 4s Z3 S4
Westir.ghouse Elee conv 5s 90
Wisconsin Central 4s slV, ....
Stocks at Boston.
BOSTON, Aug. 29. Closing quotations:
Alloueg .IB ji Mohawk 4:Vi
Amalg Copper., 79 Nevada Con 14
A Z L ft Em... 20 Nlplssing Mines. S
Arizona Com .. 2V.S"orth Butte 28H
Bi C Ci 8 H, 1 ..North Lake 1
Cal ft Arizona.. 65 Old Dominion... ROvi
Cal ft M ex-dlv.410 Osceola SO
Centennial 13 V, Qulncy SO
Cod Ran Con Co 40 .Shannon . ... 6fi
E Butte Cop M. 12 'Superior 2
Franklin 4V Sup ft Bos Mln.. XV,
Oranby Con ... 7 V, Tamarack 28 W
Oieene Cananea. 35Vi;u S S R ft M... BOV,
1 Boyalle (Cop) 1 do preferred... 47V,
K Lake ex-dlv. 8" Ulait Con 6
Lake Copper TV4:l'eh Copper Co. 62
La Salle Copper S r. Winona 1 ,
Miami Copper... 92 WelverlHa 44V4
Money, Eicbange, Etc.
NEW TORK, Aug. 2. Money on call,
ateady. 2V402L, p.r cent; ruling rate, 2
per cent; closing. 2V4 0 2S per cents
Time loans, easy; So days. 3 per cent;
90 days. 4V4j4Vi par cent; t months, 5
per .cent, ,
Prime mercantile paper. 5SH percent
Sterling exchange, weak. $ 4.5 for present
day bills and $4.a6Bo fur demand.
Commercial bills, 34.62V,.
Bar silver. 6tHc.
Mealcan dollars. 46c
Government bonds, steady; railroad bonds.
LONDON. Aug. 28. Bar silver, quiet,
2?Vd per ounce; money, SHfizV, per cent;
rata of discount In open market for short
bills. 8UCi39-ltS per cent: do, threa months'
bills. 1 1-Ise3 per cent.
SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 3S.rSilver bars.
Mexican dollars. aomlnuL
Drafts Sight, 2Vc: do. telegraph. Be.
Sterling on London, 60 days, S4.&3; do
sight. 14.8614.
Coffee aad Basar.
NEW TORK, Aug. 9. Tha appearance
of warmer weather In Braxtl, absence- of
definite reports of damage from recent low
temperatures and easier European markets
were reflected by a dcllne In coffee futures
today. The olose was steady at a net loss
of IS to IS points. September, 8.70c; Octo
ber, 0.79c; December, S.ttvo: January, 0.08c;
March, 9.27c; May. a.39c; July. 9.48c.
Spot unsettled. Rio, No. 7, 9 Vic; Santos,
No. 4. 12ei2Vtc. Mild, dull. Cordova, 13
ISc. nominal.
Raw sugar firm, nfuacovado. 8.26c: cen
trifugal, 3.7ttc; molasses, 8.01c Refined,
Cottoq 3lurkrt,
NEW YORK, Aug. 29. Cotton Spot
quiet; middling uplands, 1X50; Gulf, 12.75;
sales. 26uu bales. Kuturea closed
steady. 11 to 13 points lower. Sep
tember 12.17. October 12.27, November 12.18,
December 12.20. January 12.09, February
jx.ju, atarcn ij-ia. April u.aa, aiy x.a.
Dulnth Unseed Market.
DULUTH, Minn., Aug. 29. Close: Linseed,
11.45V,; September. 31.44 V, bid; October,
5145 V,.
Dried Pro! t at Mew York.
NEW YORK. Aug. 29. Evaporated ap
ples quiet and steady. Prunes steady.
Peaches quiet.
Cfcleaa-a Dairy Produce.
CHICAGO. Ang. 29. Butter, eggs and
cheese, unchanged . Eggs Receipts, 5155
Hope at "ew Yark.
- NEW TORK. "Aut. in. Hops steady.
Armstrong Indictment Prompts Com
mission to Investigate.
.To ascertain th facts regarding tha
examinations and apolntments of po
lice captains and other city employes
during the regime of the last city ad
ministration and the former Municipal
Civil Service Commission, members of
the present civil service bureau have
started an investigation which may
result in some interesting disclosures.
Commissioner Caldwell said yester
day that the Commission proposes to
aro to the bottom of the civil service
transactions during; the period ex
Commissioner Armstrong:, now under
indictment by the state, was In con
trol. ' It has been reported that aspir
ants for positions were shown exam
ination papers and that unfairness was
shown in the marking of examination
papers. The civil service bureau mem
bers will be assisted in their work by
Mayor Albee and ethers.
Extensive Engineering Work Mai
Have to Be Done Again.
Because some petty thief needed a
coat, engineering; work costing hun
dreds of dollars may have to be done
all over by the Oregon Electric Com
pany. Three men searched the grass
along ths river front all yesterday in
an effort to avoid this necessity, but
to no avail. Police detectives have
been appealed to but have not made
any progress as yet.
While working on the new right
of way south of Jefferson street,
George E. Thompson, an engineer, re
moved his coat and laid it by the way
side. In the pockets were all the field
notes of an extensive piece of sur
veying just ' completed. When Jdr.
Thompson returned the coat and the
notes were gone. Unless the notebook
Is found the entire survey must 'be re
peated. .
Salaries of City Employes Pepends
on Join$ Meeting.
Upon the outcome of a meeting to
day of the City Commission with mem
bers of the Municipal Civil Service
Bureau depends the salaries of city em
ployes under the new merit system in
augurated by officials of the fiew
York Bureau ef Municipal Research.
The meeting has beep dubbed by city
employes as the "big shaksup session."
Each day during the last week the
Commlsisoners have been working out
the merit system and have been class
ifying employes en a basis which will
make an equality in wages for persons
performing similar work. With the
preliminary work all complete the
Commissioners will meet today and
finally fix up the whole problem of
salaries and titles. Uneasiness prsdeniT
Inates at the City Hall in consequence.
Grain Sold at Dayton.
DAYTON, Wash., Aug. 2. (Special.)
In the grain flurry which weht all
through Columbia County this week,
135.009 sacks of barley were sold at
I1.J5. The largest lots of grain were
bought by Harry Beckett, for Kerr-Gif-ford,
and Will HcMerris, for Balfour
Chief Bear Factor in Chicago
Wheat Market.
September Only Firm Month, Dme
to Large Baying by Pit Traders
and Commission House.
Corn Is Irregular.
CHICAGO. Aug. M.-CH, aleeed today at
a rair advance ror th. deferred options,
but at a pet loss ot e tor Beptember.
Wheat closed a shade to e net lower; oats
c to e He up and provisiosn 2Htf5c to
2a. higher.
Lower cables started com on tha dawn
grade. September being particularly weak
at a decline of St to Sc. Shorts, how
ever, began to cover early and tha whole
list rallied after a little further dip In
8eptembr. Estimates from Kansas brought
an upward trend that lasted through the
sessien with only minor setbacks. Bullish
sentiment waa aided by an expert estimate
that the lowest forecasts ot tha crop In the
entire inited Estates nitnert. made were
substantially correct. It waa aleo pointed
out that no Improvement' In weather could
now hel matters any.
September wheat lad the other months,
suffering only 1-lttc net less on tha daVe
operations, against a loss of SBlio for
December and We (or May, Strength waa
given ins near month by purchases of 1.
ooa.000 bushels by a smail group of pit lead
era snd commission-houses. Tha lowest
prices for wheat reaehed thla year were re
corded today, easy cables being the chief
bear factor and this made buying attractive.
Elevator buying of oats lifted prlceaa after
an irregular opening.
Buying of lard, attributed to leading
pacaers, nsipea tne tana or provisions. Sep.
tember pork led tha advance with an ln
crease of 25 centa.
Leading futures ranged as follows:
Open. High. Lew. Close.
sept. f .Sj S .e .85 H S .86
Sept. 5 . .85 H
Dec h'j .8i .e .B9
May .112 .94 .63 .93
Sept. , TS
Dee SS
May 3ii
.71 H .TJtt
.est, .tt
. ..
.Xfl .41)
.43 .43
.46 .4i
.TO &
Sept. 40 .41
Deo 43 .43
May 49 .40
Sept. II. (M 21. "J 1.0O 21.18
Jan 10.65 18.60 Js.OS ).o
Sept. 11.2S 11M4 11S5
Jo 10.80 10.BS 10.80 10.82 H
Sept. 11. SS 11.421. ll.SS 11421.
Jn 10.32 H 10.97V, 10.32 4 10.S
Cash prices were:
Corn. No. 2, TettSTSc; No. J white,
T575ie: Ko. 2 yellow, T4tt9 73Uc: Jo.
. 74!4e75c: No. S white. 74 c, No.
yellow, 74V4 0 75C.
Rye. at. 2, S8e8c
Barley, SO'se-
Tlraothy, S4.6065.SS.
Clover, llOell.
Minneapolis Cmln Market.
MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 29. Close: Wheat.
No. 1 hard, 8Sc; No. 1 Northern, 6.W &
8614o: No, 2 Northern. 83t4S4Htc; No. 2
hard Montana. b5c; No. S wheat, 80 3 82c;
September. UUSli December, 47tt
67c; May, D2c
Flax-4 1.43 1.46.
Barley i4QWc
Kuroprsn Grain Marketa.
tiivnnv Attm 90 r-. .
Q v. : t , more pressure to sell.
Enzllsh country markers nti!t. Tp,n,li
country markets, ejnlet.
LIVERPOOL, Aug. 2U. Wheat Spot
assy: futures, easy. October. 7a &; De
cember, Ts March, Ts Id.
Weather fine.
fi rains la Sam rraacise.
8AN FRANCISCO, Aug. 28. Spot quota
tions: Walla Walla, $1.-17 H l.K1: red Rus
sian, 11.47, fil JO; Turkey red. gl.SS 01.00;
bluestem, tl.SSfal.6O: feed barley, 1..".5
l.S74: brewing barley, nominal; white oata,
Sl.S0ril.S3Vk; bran. $24.50024; middlings.
13132: shorts. $'.'52.'..50.
Call board: Barley arm; December, $1.41
bid, 1.4a asked: September. tLSSU
Puget Sound Wheat Markets.
SEATTLE, Wash., Aug. 29. Wheat glua
stem, 85c: fortyfold. SOc; elub, goe; $.fe.
70c; red Russian. 78c
Yesterday's car receipta Wheat. IS; hay.
t; flour, 3; oata, 1: corn. 1; barley, 1.
TACOMA. Wash., Aug. 2. Yesterday's
ear receipt Wheat, 10; oats, 1; corn. 1;
hay, S. No change In prlcea.
PORTLAND. Aug. 23. Maximum temper
ature, 80 degreea; minimum, 05 degrees,
hiver reading, 8 A. M , 6.1 feet; change in
last 24 hours, .2 foot rise. Total raipfall (3
P. M. to S P. .), .00 Inch; total rainfall
since September 1, 1012. :I9.5S Inches; nor
mal rainfall since September 1, 4 .",.07 tnchea;
deficiency of rainfall since September 1,
181?. .4 tnchea Total sunshine, T hours
&S minutes; possible sunshine. 13 hours 30
minutes. Barometer (reduced to sea level)
at i P. 31., .0.04 Inches.
2 0
8S 0
Bos ten
Calgary .......
Chicago .a...
Dec Molltea
Eureka ........
Galveston .....
Jacksonville . . .
Kausa City . . .
Klamath FaJU
Los Ancelea ,.
Karchfteld ....
New Orleans , .
New York
North Head ...
North Yakima .
Sacramento ....
fian Fraaaisc
Spokane .......
Tatoh Island
Walla Walla
Weaatchee ....
ooio-w I Pt. cloudy
62. SSE k-londv
It V
90 0
SS 0
S4 0
2 0.
90 0.
i2 0
93 0.
84 0.
80 O.
94 0.
.00 .E in. cloudy
U0.. . . . . Cloudy
8 NE iClear
4 NWiCiear
OO) NW;Clear
10 s
,00 J2 W
fMV' A ft
Pt. cloudy
00,10 N
.Owi 4 NWiPt. cloudy
0', s SW Cloudy
o 4 N Pt. cloudy
0v B N w, cioudy
OOj S N jciear
00 la W Clotiriv
78 0
: 0
.00'SS S 'Cloudy
.0i i KWUTlear
.00;. .;. . . Pt. clondy
.011 4 W Pt. cloudy
&2 0
97 0
102 0
. inr e .- v t.iear
0-H2 SW Pt. cloudy
00, S S !Pt. cloudy
104 O
.00 S N'W.Pt. cloudy
t)0 4 NW.Clear
60 22 W Clear
74 tl
to 0
ft ft
ce 8 fiW
.00- 8 PW
Oi l 14 S
l0i 4.SW
Pt. cloudy
Pt- eloiiay
Pt. cloudy
94 A
9S 0
.OO 4 8
lui ,v
Unsettled atmoevherte conditions obtsla
In nearly all sections af the eountry and
except In interior California, Nevada. Eaet.
era Oregon and portlona of the plateau,
eentral plains states. Mississippi and Ohle
Valleys, there Is considerable cloudiness.
Local showers have occurred an tha Pacific
Slope, in New Mexico. Texaa, the Atlantic
slates. Qhfe Valley and Lakes region. Tha
rainfall waa heavy in Pittsburg and thun
derstorms were reported from Modena,
Sheridaa and Abilene. Tha weather la
warmer In Interior portions of Oregon,
Washington snd California. In Northern
Colorado. South Dakota, Eastern Mew York
and the St. Lawrence alley. In general It
Is cooler In other sections, especially on the
north California coast, near Los Angeles,
In Northeastern Oregon, Southwestern Ida
ho, Western Montana. Southwestern Ctah,
Northern Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina
and Ohio. In most of tha states west of
the Mississippi River temperature, continue
above normal.
Tha eondttlons ara favorable far generally
fair weather In this district Saturday, with
slight temperature 'changes aad, a-eaerall
westerly winds.
Portland and vicinity Fair; northwesterly
Oregon Generally (air; northwester!
Washington Generally fall-; wssterly
Idaho Generally fair.
STATIONS. 3 S r WeAtfcar.
5" 5 ? ?
9 a : :
y -
EstsblUied 1S59.
CpiUl $ 1,000,000.00
Surplus . 1,000.000.00
Deposits 14,000,000.00
Commercial and 5avings Accounts
W. If. Ladd. President.
Edward Cooklnaham. Vlce-Prea.
w. H. Anocklay, Cashier.
Corner Washington,
First National Bank
Capital $1,500,000
Surplus $1,000,000
Oldest National Bank West of the Rocky
ta ti 1 1 M i s 1 1 n SSSnw
nii 11 I I mH i I ire I hL-fpw-
ri 1 s at a
l. a mrniK .mt
er a vanvKSTX 4md4.
sj rs s t 1 asi
El III 11
ti'KA&CE (new! Oct. 1 LA PBOVKXCE Oct. 2
Twin-screw steamer. r4uu-upie-screw ateatner.
ONE CLAaH CABIN 411) and THIRlJ -OL Ar-S Passengers Only.
Tjt TO I RAIN E Sept. S NIAGRA .....Sept. II
tf. VT. Stinger, M (th St.; A. D. Charlton, Kii Morrison St.; E. St. Taylor, C.
y. a St. P. Ky.; Dorsey B. Hralth. SS 6th st- A- C. hbeldon. too 3d St.: H.
Dlckaan. Its 3d at.: North Baak Road. 4th aad Mark at., asents. Portland.
Offerings Are Largely of Medium
Quality Best Steers on Bale
Brine $7.40.
There was another light day ef trading
at tha stockyards yesterday with a limited
run. Quality did not cut much figure in
tha offerings. The general market was
A few leads of steers were sold, tha best
bringing S7.40 and the others $0.75. Cows
ranged in price from SS lo fg.SO and bulls
sold at $i.2i.
There waa a fair showing of lambs, but
they were light and sold low at S3 ta 4.
No sales of hogs were reported.
Receipta were 33 cattle, TS hogs and 481
Shippers war. 8. T. B.nnatt. Fargber. 1
ear of cattle; Will Block, Independence, 1
ear of hogs, and J. Prahl, Ljle, X cars of
The days sales were as follows:
Welrht. Price.
43 steers , los 17.40
2 bulls 14-o
2 cows lo0
cows lol
1 COW ., lWO
2 cows lo
1 cow "
1 eew - 102O
1 cow M
7 cows -!
6. 50
4 !
6. 50
1 eow low
27S lambs ..
45 lambs ..
71 wethers
2 lambs ..
IS steers ..
2 steers ..
1 steer ..,
1 stag
8 ows ...
1(1 40
3 cows
The ranae of orlces at tha yards waa aa
Prima steers !!'
Choice steers .
Medium steers
prime cows ...
Choice eows ...
Medium eows
Light calves
Heavy calves ,
Stags .........
Heavy ........
Ewes .........
T.0t 7.13
7.15 T.0
C.SOty (.74
S.liV 60
6.25'S 7.75
t.OOU t.00
4.7iJ 7.75
4.00 4 S.iO
I.Tid 4.11
7.5uw 8.50
1116 4.Z5
3.50 0 4.00
4.UOQ) 5.2o
Omaha Livestock Market.
SOUTH OMAHA, Aug. 29 CatUe Re
ceipts. S0O: market, steady. Native steers,
$7 4j0; nstlve eows and heifers, S5.75w?.5C;
Western steers, gb4r7; Teaaa steers. $5.75 v
7.ot: range cowe and heifers,- $5 o 7; calves.
O.50..'.0. . t
Hogs Receipts. S100: market. lOo hlrher.
Heavy. 3;.65.50: light. 480S.5O. pigs, $7
tS: bulk of sales. T....6 8.
iheep Receipts. 12.2O0: market, lower.
Yearllnrs, $7.4008; wethera, J4.SOS4.SO;
lambs, $7.4068.
rhleaaw lircataek Market,
CHICAGO. Aug. 2. Cattle Receipts,
15(?0: market, strong to shade up. Beevea
$S90e.2S; Texas steers. $4.7Jt7.70; Weat
ern steers. $0.104iS; stockers and feeders.
$5 507.90; cows and heifers, $3.65 3 8.50,
calves, $12.2ft.
Hogs Receipts, lS.OOO: market, steady to
8c lower. Ught, S8.35SS.10: mixed. T.eo
S.OS; heavy. I7.48tj8.80; rough. $7.4367.75;
Pigs. $4 6878; bulk of sales, 87.9B&8.SO.
She-p Receipts. 10.000; market, steady.
Native. $3.U0i8 3: Western. $4.19 94.90; year
llnss. $5.406.13: lambs, native, $3,836
8 IP- VMUrn, $t.Qft615-
Many of
Youn for eervict) and
lony wear.
HtW YOBIs. n lot. la CXCHAXUK.
LwU Building, 269 Oak Street
Phones Marshall 4120. A 4187.
Robert S. Howard, Asst. Cashlett
J. W Ladd. Asst. Cashier.
Walter M. Cook. Asst. Cashier.
and Third Street.
enerale Transatlantique
TUrmrt LJn. ta Havra-Parls (France!
from New York every Wednesday, 10 A. M. I
FRANCE New Wed. Sept. 10
a "L A feAYOlE Oct. IS
Plymouth Cherbourg Southampton
:. 13
Oct. 4
Oct 25
Nov. 19
Other Fallings
Maimtle, Ang. 30, Ix-pt. !0. Oct. 1L
Orrmalc, Sept- S, BepU 27, Oct. IS.
New Tork QueemetawB I4verwuOl
Tedrie Aug 18 Adriatic Sea. 11
Baltic Beat. 4 Celtic BepU 1
Also Regular Sailings Between
BOSTON MediterraneanItaly
Boston- QoecaitoirB Liverpool
Plymouth) ( hernourg Phu t hampt on.
York. Loadoa Ulrect.
New Vara Bover Antwerp.
White Star Dominion
Sailings Every aatnrday from Maatreal
and Quebec.
;Ra lnclndlng' the
Laurentie. . Aug. 0 Merganic. . .Sept. It
Canada. ...Sept. ,Ieutonio...Scpt. t
Send for folders o the Short Land
Locked bt. Lawrence Ksate to Europe,
A. E. DISNEY, Passenger Agent.
Bailer Bide., SIS Second Ate-, Seattle.
Telephone -Main lis or Leeal Hallway
and Steamship Asents.
Sails direct for San Francisco, Los
Angeles and San Diego Saturday at
7 P. M.
(With Denver & Rio Grand Railroad)
121 Third Street. A 4596, Main 26
Roond Trip Rates I 1st class ta Tahiti f 13X
to Wellington SbJ-SO. to bydney HOO.
special Facille Ocean l.ur unclndlns
South bea Jsles) to bydney via Tahiti. Raro
tonga and New Zealand and returning ta
San Francisco lor Vancouver) via Auckland.
Fill or Samoa and Honolulu. i32a. 1st case.
Stop-overs any point, good one year, ball
ings from pas Francisco August 30, Sept. 17,
Oct. 1$, etc
Cnioa Steamship Ca. of New Zealand. Ltd.
Office: STS Market Street. San Francisco.
Largs. !w and rt rasetrer Stee-ners frees
w York every alternate aetursay. f
Tar raiea. ete sivly local heart Agents, or,
UrgK A HAMKLS. General A cents,
01 PrMnne EThwe. New Twt.
S. . BEAVER FUa I A. M. Aug; SO.
b BEAR, Sails S A. M. Sept. 4.
CO. Ticket OfHre. 8d and U afchlng
ton. with O.-W. K. N. Ca.
Phone HarskaU 4500. A. S1Z1
San Francisco, Los Angeles
and San Diego Direct
S. S. Roanoke and S. S. Yncataa,
SaU Every Wedaeaday Alteraataly as
north pacitic s. s. ca
IKA Third 84. Phawea Main 1114. A IS14,
satis from Amsworth Dock. Portland. A.
M . August S. IS. 18. U, 2. Sept. 2. T. 1
IT, 22. Xk. Freight received until S P. M.
except day jrvious to saiueg; previous day
S p M. Passenger far.: First-claaa. 81:
saeond-claaa, IT. Including berth and msaia
Ticket office Lower Alnsworth Poca.
U. K.EAZ1NO, Attest, faaae Mala SSfae.
A tsai.
Drain-Coos Bay Auto Line
Now Dally to llarshfleld.
Wire reservatloDS to O. Mattoon,
Drain, Ores on.