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Beavers Win Third in Row.
Official Score of 5 to 2
Is Questioned,
iAber Starts Two Batting Rallies
Wolves Make Two In Sixth, but
Umpire Rales That Runs Do
Xot Count In Box Score.
SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 28. (Spe
cial.) President Bun made the fol
lowing statement on the score of the
Portland game today:
"The acore revert, back to the
even number of Inning, and the of
ficial acore for the came, therefore,
would be 6 to 3. not 6 to 4. Neither
the run, made by Sacramento In lta
half of the stxth Inning, nor the hits
will count in the official score."
That la my opinion also, accord
ing to the rules.
Pacific Coast League Standing.
w I. PC! W I TC
Portland.. 77 59 .u6rt Los An.
70 74 .4S
Sacra nV to. 80 6S .Wj Pan Fran.. i i? -Ji"
Venice. . .
e Yesterday's Results.
' At Portland Portland 5. Sacramento 2 (5
'"xt'lan Francisco Ban Francisco B, Los
A It vendee Oakland 2, Venice 1.
' Rain or shine, there is no stopping
the Portland Bearers.
i They wallowed around In rain and
' slush for five and one-half innings yes-
terday, and then, out of mercy. Umpire
i Phyle called the contest amidst wild
protests from Manager Wolverton. of
S The score was either 6 to 4 or 5 to 2
1 in Portland's favor. Take your choice.
i The official scorer. Manager Wolver-
ton and at least one of the umpires
say 5 to 2. so that goes down as offl-
T ciaL The writer, however, is Inclined
J to the belief that the two runs Sacra-
l mento scored In the first half of the
- sixth should count, making the total 5
1 to 4, but that is Incidental.
Krapp Victor Over Stroud.
1 The main fact is that Portland won
1 lta third consecutive victory over Eac-J
. ... . . T - t.. I
ramenio ana mat uea, amyii " "
i. Ralph Stroud in a contest of wlldness,
though Hlgginbotham had to be sent
.- in to relieve him in the rainy sixth.
Elmer Lober and Fred Derrick snug-
gled into the hero picture yesterday
i Elmer secured three of Portland's six
X hits and scored two tallteB, but Derrick
was the real noise. Fred neatly In
serted a screaming two-bagger with
the bases full and his poke put Port'
j land In the lead. 4 to 2.
Sacramento had Krapp In trouble
many times after that, but never could
cross the dividing line to a tie score.
i The Solona secured two runs off
Krapp in the first stanza on an infield
j- hit, Rodgers' error and a single into
L' right by Shinn. The bombardment
started a drizzle and the shower bath
1 continued to the end. Umpire Phyle
gave Sacramento plenty of opportunity
4 to start something, but, though they
three times filled the bases with one
i or nobody out, the two in the sixth
J. proved the limit.
Portland scored four runs in the sec-
ond and one in the third.
Lober started the trouble both times.
tin the second he singled and then
. Stroud lost control and, after hitting
Tr ianer, wanted urapp ana unacDourne,
forcing in one run. Derrick's Sizzling
double into center field capped the clt
1 max, three runs clattering across the
plate and sending 3000 gloom-immersed
4 bugs into ecstacy.
The rain was bad for Krapp's tonsi
' litis and also for his spitball. More
than that, he couldn't grip the ball and
his control wobbled badiy.
His real anxiety commenced In the
third, when two walks and Moran's ln-
field hit filled the bases with one out.
i Gene brought down thundering ap-
"Clause by a wonderful exhibition of
nerve, Kehworthy and Tennant suc
"t cumbing to easy flies.
X Krapp Effective la Pinches.
Again in the fourth, with the Tain
increasing at every revolution of the
minute hand, the Senators filled the
bases with one out. Again Gene tlght
9 ened and, after fanning Lewis on a
; protested third strike, forced Moran to
i emit a puny grounder to Rodgers.
Hallinan's second hit and two walks
J in succession put Krapp so deeply in
f the mire in the sixth that McCredie
yanked him and sent Hlgginbotham
out as wrecking crew with the bases
" full and nobody out. Hig fanned Toung
. and Moran. but Lewis inserted a single
which scored two men. A wide throw
to first by McCormick a sain filled the
,- bases, but Kenworthy filed to center
i for the third out and Phyle called the
game. Score:
Sacramento I Portland
B H O A El
Toung.a. .
Lewis. 1. ..
Shlnn.r. ..
Bll.c. ..
Stroud. p..
111 1 B L BOTnam 31100
1 t t Derrick. 1 . 2 13 2 0
2 12 6 0 Rodgers.:. 2 0 2 1 1
3 16 OILIndaay.3. 2 0 1 00
3 0 2 OODoane.r... 3 0 0 0 0
3 0 1 0 0 l.ober.l. . . 3 3 100
3 1 2 0 0 Flsher.c. .. 114 10
117 3 'McC mrk.s 1 s l l o
1 0 0 0 0:Krapp.p.. 10 2 10
Total.. 13 5 15 4 0 Total.. IS t 15 61
Game called, account of rain. .
Sacramento 5 O 0 0 0 2
H'u 2 0 1 2 06
Portland 0 4 1 0 0 C
Hit 0 2 2 1 1
Runs Toung. Lewis. Chadbourne, Lober
2. Fisher. Krapp. Struck out Bv Stroud 4
by Krapp 4. Bases on ball, Off Stroud 4.
off Krapp 5. Two-base hits Derrick. Lo
ber. Sacrifice hits Moran, Stroud. Stolen
base Chadbourne. Hit by pitched balls
Rodger,. Fisher. Stroud. Passed ball Bliss
Time of game 1 hour 51 minutes. Um
pires Phyle and Finney.
Notes of the Game.
Leber secured three of the six Portland
bits. Elmer is driving new spikes every
day into the coffins of Pop Dillon and
Hen Berry.
Krapp geta credit for the game, which
' shoves him up among the first ranking
t wirier, of the league. The fans are with
the little apitballer to a man. tor he is the
personification of gameaess.
Lewis third strike In the fourth looked
low from the grandstand elevation.
The contractor who roofed the grandstand
had best steer clear of the park on rainy
days. Otherwise he exposes himself to
drowning. .The root leaked like a selve
during yesterday's rstn and several pieces
o millinery will go Into the discard.
If the official score goes through Presi
dent Baum aa 5-2, Mike McCormick should
worry. It will save him an eror, for hU
wild toss to first allowed the Senators to
' fill the bases a second time in the sixth.
Lober's double In the third sailed high
over Left Fielder Lewis' head. Lober hit,
to all actions of the outfield.
Arellanes or JJunsell will twirl today, op
posing James or Hagerman.
Tailenders Drub Venice by Remov
ing Abies In Time.
LOS ANGELES, Aug. 29. Manager
Mitze exercised good judgment in the
eighth Inning of todays erame by
benching Harry Abies when the Venice
sluggers began to find him. Malarkey,
who finished for Oakland, pitched a
good game.
After the first -inning Abies settled
down and did not allow the Gondoliers
a hit until the seventh. He then began
to wobble and Mitze took him out be
fore it was too late. Raleigh, who has
been an enigma to Oakland all -year,
was hit freely. Score: .
Oakland Venice
Leard.2.. 4 0 2 4 llCarllsle.L 3 O 2 OO
Schlrcn.1. 3 2 1 OCiKane.m... 4 0 4 00
Nes,l.... 4 1 11 O0Bayle,s.r. 4 2 1 0
Kaylor.r. S 1 1 0 0Bra,he'r.2 S 1 0 21
Zacher.m 4 12 0 l!(J'Rourke.s S 0 S 6 1
Hetllng.3 4 111 0iLitschl,3. 4 10 4 0
rook.,... 4 2 4 SOPattern.l 4 111 0 0
Mltze.c... 4 0 5 1 O'F.lllott.c.. S O 0 4V
IhlMB . ZOO. 0 Oi Rlirh.n 2 0 0 10
Malar j, p 1 0 0 0 OiM'Oon'ell 1 0 0 00
lirlffin.p. 0 O 0 0 0
iMeloan,r O 0 0 00
Totals 33 8--'7 9? Totals. SI 6 27 16 I
Batted tor Raleigh in seventh.
"Ran for Bay lea. In eighth.
Oakland 0 0O11000 0 2
anm 1 1 O I 2 Z a w v o
Venice 0 0 O 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
Hits 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 6
Runs Schlrm, Kaylor, Brashear. Eight
hit, and 2 runs off Raleigh In 7 Innings; 4
hit, and 1 run off Able, in 7 2-3 inning,:
credit victory to Able,, charge defeat to
Raleigh. Stolen baae, Patterson. Tnree
hae hit Ness. Two-base hit Hetling.
Flret on balls Able, S. Raleigh 4. Struck
out Able, 6. Raleigh 3. Griffin 1. Double
play, O'Rourke to Patterson. Wild pitch
Raleigh. Hit by pitcher tr Kourae. oy
Able,. Time 1:55. Umpires McCarthy
and Bush.
Perritt Batted Out of Box by Seals,
Who Win, 5 to 2.
OAKLAND. CaL. Aug. 28 Overall
pitched a steady game in wet weather
for San Francisco today and the Seals
won from Los Angeles. 6 to 2. Perritt
was in the box for the Southerners
when the game opened, but was taken
out In the third inning, when Slagel
took his place. The Seals batted out 11
bits, while Overall allowed only six.
Log Angeles ! San Francisco
Page.2.... 4 0 3 2 olMundorff.r 4 2 1 00
Wotell.r.. 4 10 OOjUcArdle.l 3 3 8 0 0
Moore. 1... 3 1 8 0 0;Tohn,ton.m 3 1 2 00
Mag-ert.m 114 OIHogan.I: .. 4 14 00
Howard. 3 4 1
z i Dawns... .. a
1 OiCorhan.s.. 4 2 0 00
Johnson.s 8 2 2
Ellis.! 2 0 8
Arbogaet.o 2 0 1
Perritt. D. 10 1
2 OCartwr'ht.3 a 1 o zo
chmldtc. 8 010 10
OveraU.p.. 3 0 18 0
Slagle.p... 3 0 0
Wilson-.. 1 u u
Byrnes.c. .000
Total,... 29 6 24 113
Total,... 81 11 27 8 0
'Batted for Arbogaet In eighth
Los Anreles 0 1010000 0 2
Hit, 0 2 0 1 1 0 1 0 1
San Francisco 0 1202000 5
Hlta O 2 2 1 2 1 1 2 11
Runs Wotell. Marrert. Mundorf 2. Mc
Ardle. Hoa-an. Overall. Three runa 4 hlta off
Perritt in 2 l- lnnlncs. Charge defeat to
Ferrltt. Three-base hlta Hogan. McAraie.
Two-base hlts Maggert. Downi. Sacrifice
hit, McArdle. Moore. Ellis. Stolen basei
Wnt.ll Unnra TIr.w.-H TVln. Rmrrifir
files Johnson. Maggert. First an balls
Off Perritt 1. Struck out By rerritt l. oy
overall 8. Double plays overall to benmtat.
Ellis to Page, single to Page to Moore. Left
on bases San Francisco S. Los Angeles 2.
Earned runa San Francisco 4. Los Angeles Z.
Time of game 1:40. Umpires Guthrie and
Telegraphic Sporting Briefs
EST POINT, X. T. It Is officially
announced by the Army Athletic
Council that there will be no Army-
Navy football game this year. The
Army will play the Carlisle Indian
School, instead of the Navy, at West
Point on November 29.
Los Angeles. An anti-boxing bill
now being drafted by a committee of
the Los Angeles Church Federation and
which will be presented to the voters
of the state as an initiative measure is
said to be the most drastic measure of
the kind ever proposed in California.
It would limit all contests to four
rounds, prohibit the charging of admit
tance fees for spectators and make
eight-ounce gloves the lightest that
Freddy Welsh's Famous Emblem of
Title Taken From Store Window.
SEATTLE, Wash., Aug. 28. (Spe
cial.) Freddie Welsh s famous Lord
Lounsdale belt, emblematic of the
world's championship, was stolen from
a store window In Vancouver, B C
yesterday afternoon. So far the police
have no clew to the mystery.
Welsh won the belt in a bout with
Hughie Meaghan at the National Sport
ing Club in England-
King Kelley to Be Umpire.
SEATTLE. Wash., Aug. 28. (Spe
cial.) King Kelley. formerly a North
western League ball player, signed to
day as an umpire in the Western Trl
State League.
Baseball Statistics
W. L. PC!
W. t,. PC.
52 64 .449
fO e .431
40 75 .31)3
New Tork. .S2 S7 .t Brooklyn.,
phlladelp'a 68 45 .'2;Bo,ton. . . .
Bo -04-", Cincinnati.
3 54 .53Sst. Louis..
American League.
81 30 .675!Boston
72 48 .SW Detroit
44 77 .364
59 50 .500
eveiana. .
52 71 .4-3
Washington 6752.563'St. Louis. . .48 78 .381
Chicago... 65 6 .524, New Tork. ..40 77 .842
Milwaukee. 78 54 .5l:St. Paul SO TO .4A2
Minneapolis 76 5, .Sil.Toledo 8 73 .443
Louisville.. 75 67 .DiKansas City 58 76.433
Columbus. . 74 ou .oo.,indlanapo:is 48bl.8i7
Western Tri-State.
Boise 25 20 .556 Walla Walla 23 22.511
North Tak. .'3 22 .511 Pendleton. . 12S.Z2
xceterday'a Besulta.
American Association St- Paul 8. Min
neapolis 4; Louisville 4. Columbus 8; In
dianapolis 12, Toledo 3; Milwaukee 8. Kan
sas City 3.
Western League Des Moines 18. Omaha
6: Sioux City 10, SU Joseph 5: Wichita 4-5,
Denver 6-2: Toueka 6-4, Lincoln 5-8 tfirst
game 12 Innings).
Games Scheduled Today.
Pacific Coast League Sacramento at
Portland. Los Angeles at Saa Francisco.
Oakland at Venice.
Northwestern League Portland at Van
couver. Spokane at Victoria, 6eattle at
How the Series Stand.
Pacific Coast League Portland 3 games,
Sacramento no game: San Francisco 2
games. Loa Ange:ee 1 game: Oakland 2
games, Venice 1 game.
Northwestern League Vancouver 3 gemea,
Portland 1 game; Seattle 2 games, Tacoma
2 games: Spokane 8 games, Victoria 1 game.
southern League cnattanooga, 1-1. Mont
gomery o-2: Atlanta 5. Memphia 4: Mobile 6.
Birmingham 1; w Orleans tl, NaabvUle 4.
Portland Batting Averages.
Pacific Coast 1 Northw
Ab. n. av.
Ah. H. Av.
68 24 .353
72 23 .32u
303 ui
866 lo2 .275
4o2 119 .275
453 121 .267
379 1-9.261
143 87 .239
411 104 .253
240 58 .24b
195 48.248
S74 72 .182
Lober. ..
346 113 .327 Mays. ...
2S7 82 .318 Eastley..
412 1'61 .31s.Hellma.nn
Higgln'm lv 33 .311 Maboney.
Lindsay. 864 112 .S'Jfc Mohler. ..
sz X4 ueichior.
2i3 69 .29iGulgnl...
543 156 .28i Callahan.
432 121 .290iFaneroft.
8ti5 100 .274 Williams.
t7 151 .28 Murray..
76 20.263tColtrln..
IttO 48.24.VHynee...
Spaas .
Korea . . .
James. . .
49 9 .13
M Ccrlck 228 48 .Zlu.Todd
a .174
0 .000
Krapp... 62 10 Martinonl
West. ...
in IV .ioj King. ...
45 4 .ooH.Carsoa...
1 0 .000
1 0 .JU0
Stanley. .
Colts Shut Out, 3 to 0,
Vancouver in Brilliant
Fielding Game.
Mohler, Scharnweber and Brinker
Contribute Wonderful Plays to
Snappy Contest Martinonl
Banged for Seven Swats.
Northwestern League Standings.
Vancouver 80 55 .BP.T Victoria. . . 4 73 .417
Portland.. 71 58 .5V0 Tacoma. . . 0 7 .45
Seattle... 73 64 .633,Spokane. . .. 67 77 .42a
Yesterday's Results.
At Vancouver Vancouver 3. Portland O.
At Tacomi Seattle 5. Tacoma 1.
At Victoria Spokane 8. Victoria 3.
VANCOUVER. Aug. 28. Hall pitched
wonderful ball today and shut out
Portland, while Vancouver made three
tallies. The local twirler allowed but
two hits, one clean, the other scratchy,
struck out 12 men, walked one and,
with brilliant support, allowed but two
men to reach second, where they
Two brilliant catches by Brinker,
one on his toes oft right field fence,
the other off his shoestrings, a great
stop of Helster'a- drive to right field
by Mohler and ticharnweber's fielding of
Melchior'a grounder, which bounded
but a foot to the left of second, made
an Interesting game. Score:
ancouver 1 Portland
Brlnker.l. 4 1 4 0 0 Bancrofts 4 0 5 20
Bennett.2: 3 O 3 0 0Mohler.2.. 4 0 2 8 1
Klppertm 2 11 0 O.Oulgnl.r.. . 4 0 8 OO
Walsb.l.. 3 1 6 0 0 Melchlor.m 2 0 2 01
Scharn'r.a 4 11 4 0 Hellm'na.1 S 1 T 0 0
Koonick.o 4 0 12 0 O.Mahoney.L 8 1100
Krlsk.r. .. 8 11 0 0 Coltrln.3.. 8 0 0 tO
Hetster.3. 4 1 O OOiKlna.c 3 O 4 20
Hall.p 8 1 O 2 O.M'run'nl.p 8 0 0 0 0
Totals. 30 T27 6 0 Totals. 29 2 24 9 2
Vancouver v.. ..0 000 1 200 8
Portland O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Runs Brinker, Klppert. Hall. Two-base
hit bcharnweber. Base on balls Off Hal
I. off Martinonl 2. Struck out By Hall 12,
by Martinonl 4. stolen bases Helster. Mel
chlor, Mahoney. Hit by pitcher Bennett.
Walsh and Frisk. - by Martinonl. Passed
ball King. Left on baaes Vancouver a,
Portland 1. Time 1:45. Umpire Casey.
McGlnnity Weakens and Seattle
Pounds Ont Victory
TACOMA, Aug. 28. Glpe pitched su
perior ball today and was entitled to
his S-to-1 victory over Che locals. Mc
Glnnity weakened in the seventh in
ning, Seattle making four runs. Jack
son's two-base hit, which cleared the
packed baaes in this inning, clinched
the victory for the visitors. Score:
Seattle I Tacoma
Jackson.1. 4 19 OOiMcMull'n.8 4 0- 1 0 0
Fullefn.r. 4 2 2 0 0,Mllllon,l. . 4 1 3 OO
James.3.. 4 0
StraJt.l... 2 1
Shaw.l... 1 0
Cad man. a. 8 0
1 o l.r rles.r. . . 4 2 O IIP
2 OO Lanham.l. 4 1 8 01
1 u-ONelghb s.r. 4
4 0 0 Heusllng.a. 4
1 8
0 4
0 1
1 7
0 0
0 O
N111.2 4 0 1 3 O Keller.S... 3
Klllllay.m 4 1 4 0 0 Harris. c... 2
K'ym'nd.s 4 2 3 6 O McOln'y.p. 3
uipe.p.... v u a u:uoiiora.p. u
JKurfuss.p. 0 0 0 00
Holder-an 1 0 0 0 0
Totala 33 7 27 9 1 Totals. 3a 6 27 8 2
Batted for Belford In eighth.
Seattle 0 0 0 0 0 1 4 O 05
Tacoma 0 0 O 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
Runs Cadman. Kill. KMlllay. Raymond 2.
Million. Stolen base Neighbors. Double
play Raymond to Jackson. Two-base hit
Glpe. Pitchers record Seven hits 6 runs
off McGlnnity In 7 Innings; no hits, no runs
off Belford In 1 Inning; no hits no runs off
Kurfuss In 1 Inning; charge defeat to McGln
nity. Struck out By Gipe 2. by McGlnnity
4, by Ford 2. by Kurfuss 2. Bases on balls
o:t Moirinnity z. lime i:zo. impiri
Bee Batsman Makes 28th 4-Ba-rger
but Indians Win, 6 to 3
VICTORIA, Aug. 28. Charlie Swain
broke the Northwestern League record
for home runs today, batting out his
twenty-eighth in the ninth inning. The
former record waa 27. made by . Bues,
of Seattle, two years agu. Tbe hit.
however, did Victoria little good, for
there was nobody on bases and Spo
kane led 8 to 3 at the time and won
the game S to 3. Douglas pitched
grand ball for Spokane after the third
inning and was given excellent sup
port. Score:
Victoria I Spokane
Brookam 8 10 0 l!Wuffll.2. . 5 0 110
Rawllngs.2 8 O 4 4 0McCarl.l
8 0 4 2 0
4 0 2 0 0
8 19 10
8 1 3 00
4 2 4 61
8 0 2 10
1 0 O 0 0
Swain, 1. . .
8 1 0 00
8 8 10 0
I.amb.3. .
4 1110
4 0 1 0 0
4 2 3 8 0
4 1 15 10
8 0 0 00
3 0 2 8 0Hannah,c.
Totals 80 T 27 15 2 Totals. S3 8 27 9 0
Victoria O 1 1 O 0 0O O 1 3
Spokane v 2 u s v o l o v a
Runs Brooks. Meek. Swain, Pappa,
Lynch 2. Tone 2. Fitzslmmona Sacrifice hits
McCarl, Rawllngs. Two-base hits Fits-
Simmons. Three-oase nit ateea. noma runs
Fitxsimmons. Swain. Double plays Hannah
to Wuffll to McCarl to Wuffli; Wagner to
Hannah; Wuffll to FItssimmons to McCarl;
l.amh to Rawllngs to Meek. Struck out
Fitzgerald 1. Dopglasa 12. Bases on ball.
Fltigerald 4. Douglass 3. raasea ban
Hannah. Wild pitch Fitzgerald. Hit by
pitcher Meek. Time 1:87. empire Toman.
Brooklyn 5, Boston 1.
BROOKLYN. Aug. 28. Brooklyn
averted a drop to a tie for fifth place
with Boston today by beating the
Braves the first game of their series.
to 1. Two passes, two errors, two
steals and two hits, the latter a homer
to deep left by J. Smith, gave Brook
lyn a four-run lead at, the start- Fisher
scored the fifth and last run In the
fourth on his triple and Miller's sin
gle. Score:
Boston ' 1 Brooklyn
Mara'lle.a 2 11 1 0 Moran. r. . a 0 1 0 0
Meyera.1. 4 O S 1 o Jutsha-w.z. S 1 7
Lord.r 3 o a o o Louins.m.
UcDon'd.S 4 3 0 1 2 Wheat. 1..
Mann.l... 4 11 OODauDert.l.
Zinn.c... 4 3 3 O 0 J. Smith. 3.
F.Smlth.2. 4 O 0 8 0 Flsher,a.
Whallnr.o 4 2 8 1 O.MIller.e. ..
Perdue. p. 8 12 2 O.Rucker.p..
3 0
8 0
4 2
4 2
4 1
3 3
3 0
Kanaen-. u v v o u
Griffith" 0 0 0 00
Totals. 82 9 24 9 2! Totals. 80 8 27 161
Batted for Perdue In ninth
Ran for Rarlden in ninth.
Boston 0 1 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 1
Brooklyn 4 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0
Runs Z!nn, Moran. Collins. Daubert. J.
Smith. Fisher. Three-base hits Cm, haw,
Fisher. Home run J. Smith. Sacrifice fly
Wheat. Stolen base, Maranvllle. Moran,
Daubert. Double plays Fisher to Cutahaw
to Daubert; Rucker to Cutahaw to Daubert:
Cutshaw to Daubert: Cutshaw to Fisher to
Daubert: J. Smith to Cutshaw to Daubert;
Maranvllle to Myers. First on balls Oft
Rucker 4. off Perdue z. struck out fiy
Rucker 4. by Perdue 2. Time 2:25. Um
pires O'Day and Emails.
Philadelphia. 7, New Tork a.
PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 28. Hard hit
ting on the part of Philadelphia won
the opening game of the final series
with New York; today. 7 to 2, Marauard
was driven out of the box in the fourth
inning. Score:
New Tork I Philadelphia
Bnrns,r... 4 13 OO'Byrne.8.. 8 1 2 10
Shsfer.3.. 4 13 1 0 Knabe.2. . 8 i 8 SO
Fletcher,, 4 12 1 0 Paskert,m 8 0 2 0 0
Doyle.2... 4 3 8 2 Qjaagee.l. .. 4 3 1 0 0
Merkle.l. 2 0 2 2 0 Craveth.r 2 0 1 0 0
Murray.!. 4 1 8 0 0'Luderua.l. 3 113 0 1 3 0 4 20Doolan.s.. 3 1 O 6 0
McLean.c 3 0 5 2 0 Kllllfer.e. "S 1 4 2 0
Marqu'd.p 2 0 0 0 0 Seatoiun. 3 0 12 0
p 1 0 0 1 01
31 624lToI
Totals 31 6 24 110 Totals. 27 9 27 161
New York 1 o o 1 O 0 0 O O 2
Philadelphia. 3 0 0 2 0 3 0 0 7
Runs Shafer, Merkle. Byrne. Knabe. Sfa
gee 3. Cravath. Luderua. Two-base hlta
Magee, Luderua, Klllifer, Shafer. home
run Magee. Sacrifice hit Paskert. Sacri
fice rue, Doolan, Klllifer. Stolen bases
Doyle, Merkle. Doublie play Doolan t
Knabe to Luderas. First on balls Off Sea-
ton 4. Marquard 3, Crandall 2. Struck out
oy featon 2, Marquard 2, Crandall 2. Time
loa empires i$rennan ana r.asoa.
Boston 1. Washington 0.
BOSTON, Aug. 28. Walter Johnson's
second atteempt of the present season
to set up a new pitcher's record for
G. B. Johnson. Admiral of the
Cathlnmet Sixth Annual ftearatta.
successive victories failed today when
Boston won an 11 Inning contest from
Washington 1 to 0.
Lp to today the league's leading
pitcher had 14 victories without a de
feat beginning on June 27. when
Washington shut out Philadelphia 2 to
0. This stands as the American
League record for this season, but is
two games short of the mark set last
season by Johnson and Wood, the lat
ter of Boston. Today's game was a re
markable exhibition of Johnson's
pitching skill. In the 11 innings only
25 men faced him and but four of these
reached a base. Score:
Waahinxton I Boston
Moeller.r. 5 1 0 0 0 Hooper.r. . 4 0 101
Foster.!.. S 1 4 1 0 Engle.l.... 4 0 11 0 0
Milan. m.. 4 11 0 lspeaker,m 4 0 2 00
Gandil.l.. 4 111 0 0 Lewis.l. . .. 4 0 8 0 0
Morgan, s. 4 6 10 O Gardner.l. 4 0 12 0
Shanks. 1. 4 0 2 0 0 1Terkes,2. . 4 2 2 4 0
Laporte.3. 3 0 0 4 0 Wagner.,. 4 0 2 7 0
McBrlde.s 10 0 1 0" arrlsan.o 4 1110
A'amlth.c 4 111 J OColllns.p... I 0 0 3 0
4 1 0 10
Totals It- 631 10 1
Total,. 15 3 It II 1
Engle out, hit by batted ball. Two out
wnen winning run scored.
Washington 0 004090000 0 ft
uoston 9 ooooooooo 1 1
Run Wagner. Two-baae hits Milan.
Geno.ll. Alnamith. Sacrifice hit Milan. First
on balls Collins L Struck out Johnson J.0,
Collins 1. Time 1:48. Umpires Connolly
and Jagan. .
Philadelphia 0, New Tork
NEW YORK. Aug. 28. The local
American Leaguers returned today
from a disastrous Western trip and
were badly beaten by the Athletics, 9
to I. Score:
New Tork
a i o A t.
E.Mur-y.r 5 0 3 OO Melael.S..
Oldrlng.l. S 1 1 0 0,Woltor,m.
Colllns.2. 3 11 2 0cree.l
Baker,3. .4121 l;Hartzell,3
Mclnnls.1 5 2 19 OO.Kulghul.
Walsh.m. 2 2 2 ll Cook,r...
Barry.a... 8 8 2 2 0Zelder,s. .
Schang.c. 5 8-6 2 OjSweeney.o
Bender.p. 4 1 0 4 0Schulx.p..
8 2 2 40
6 110 0
8 12 10
4 0 4 8 1
5 1 10 0 0
4 2 1 10
3 10 2 1
4 2 7 10
2 0 0 3 0
1 0 0 00
1 0 0 10
: -lw
86 14 27 12 2 1
Totals 86 14 27 12 21 Totals. 8510 27 16 2
Batted for Bchuls In seventh.
Philadelphia 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 2 4 9
New Tork 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 03
Rune Collins. Baker. Mclnnls 2. Walsh
2, Barry 2, Schang, Cree. Hartsell, Cook.
Two-base hits W olter. Schang. Bender.
Cook. Sacrifice hits Barry 2, Walsh, stolen
baaes Oldrlng 2. Schang. Collins. Cree,
Walsh, Baker, Mclnnls. Double play Ben
der to Mclnnis. First on balls Off
Schulz 4, Warhop 1. Bender 6. Struck out
By Schulz 6. Bender 5. Wild pitch Ben
der. Passed ball Sweeney. Time 2:12.
Umpires Evans sjid Ferguson.
Peruvian Accidentally Shoots Fellow-
Countrymar at Camp Ferry.
CAMP PERRY, O., Aug. 28. -(Special.)
Sharpshooters of the United States
Infantry retained their lead tonight in
the team match of the National Rifle
Association. Their score at the end of
the 1000-yard stage was 1684. The Ma
rine Corps is second with 1650; Cavalry
third with 1648; Wisconsin fourth with
1620; Iawo fifth with 1618; Washington
sixth with 1616. while Texas and the
Navy are tied for seventh with 1615.
The final stage will be shot Friday
morning with the skirmish run.
The fatal accident on the Ohio ranges
at Camp Perry occurred today, when
Francisco Zegarra Hallon, of the Peru
vian team, was killed by one of his
fellow countrymen, Juan Exogarra,
who accidentally pulled the trigger of
his rifle.
Ballon had gone to his tent to rest-
when Exogarra. who had Just returned
from the 600-yard range, knelt In the
street near his tent and took aim with
his rifle at the pole of Ballon's tent.
Just across the way. Believing his gun
unloaded, hj pulled the trigger. - The
resulting discharge aent-a bullet clear
through the tentpole and Ballon's left
side. Ballon succumbed immediately.
After the shooting of Ballon there
was no more work on the ranges by the
South American teams. The body was
removed to the undertaking rooms in
Port Clinton, O., and arrangements will
be made to send it to Peru. Dr. C. B.
Huick, Coroner of Ottawa County, was
called to the grounds and, after an in
quest, announced that the shooting
waa purely accidental. ' The entire
camp is in mourning and all flags at
At the conclusion of the 1000-yard
stage the Oregon rifle team ranks
flteenth In the field of 45. It has
scored 1462.
Best work for Oregon on the sur
prise fire targets was the 46 by Ser
geant J. H- Wolford. On the 600-yard
range Lieutenant O. A, Stevens, with
49, scored high and at 1000 yards Ser
geant Wolford s 48 led. The full score
Sunrise. SOO 1000
Serreant J. H. Wolford 46 48 48
Sergeant H. F. Fearsoa 41 47
Sergeant B. Mooney 42 46
Sergeant F. M. Mapes 37 47
Lieutenant O. A. Stevens 87 49
Sergeant C H. White 41 43
Sergeant H. T. Connor 44.' 43
Sergeant H. B. Connor .. 43 44
Sergeant J. W. Pearaon ....... 43 46
Seraeant J. W. Taylor .... 45 44
Seaman L. H. Spooner 43
...462 610
The average depth of the ocean bed Is
about 12.00O feet- as against the average
land height above sea level of 2300 Xe&t,
" i
J t , . - 'I
Rules Seem to Support Theory
That 5 to 4 Is Correct.
Two Bans Made In Sixth Inning by
Sacramento Counted by Some
but "ot by Others Wolver
ton Criticises Phyle.
While it doesn't make a great deal
of difference whether the score of
yesterday's Portland-Sacramento game
goes down as (-4 or 8-2. there is bound
to be a bushel of argument pro and
The rule covering the point would
seem to support the theory that the
5-4 count is correct, but Manager Wol
verton, of Sacramento, Umpire Finney
and a majority of the local sport
writer are inclined to the 5-2 belief.
Here is a copy of Rule 25, covering
the point:
"If the umpire calls a game in ac
cordance with Rule 22 (rain, fire,
panic, etc) at any time after five in
nings have been completed, the score
shall be that of tbe last equal in
nings played, except that if the side
second at bat shall have scored in
an unequal number of innings, or be
fore the completion of the unfinished
inning, at least one more run than the
side first at bat, the score of the game
shall be the total number of runs each
team has made."
Rule Seems to Favor 54.
Portland surely had one more run
than Sacramento in an unequal num
bor of Innings five and one-half
consequently it would seem that the
6-4 count should prtraH. ,
"I have never come in direct con
tact with that play before," said Man
ager Wolverton. of the Senators, last
night, "but it appeared to me after
the game that 6-2 was the score."
Umpire Finney did not have a rule
book at hand when consulted, but he
was of the opinion that tbe score
reverted to equal innings. Umpire Phyle
was head umpire yesterday, but he
could not be reached.
While Harry Wolverton Is not alto
gether sure of the score by which bis
Senators lost their third straight, he
Is decidedly emphatic in his stand that
Phyle had no right to call the game
in the sixth Inning.
. "It was raining harder in. the sec
ond, third and fourth than In the sixth,
when he terminated the battle," in
sisted the scrappy Sacramento boss
last night,
Wolverton Quotes Pnyle.
"The fans howled for a continuation
and the game should have gone on to
the finish. Phyle made the open state
ment at the plate before the four and
one-half legal game limit bad passed
that he would see that it went through
nine. frames.
"We were all wet, anyway, and a
half -hour more couldn't have soaked
us further."
Despite the loss of three straight
Wolverton has not lost hope.
"They have licked us three games,
but there are six more to come,"
mused the gray-haired veteran, omin
ously. "Watch us the rest of the
week. Perhaps the worm will turn."
Bout Staged for Roundup Root's
Manager Objects Because He
Did Not Get Chance.
A match that will decide tha heavy
weight championship of the North
west was arranged yesterday, when
"Biddy" Bishop, of Tacoma. acting as a
representative for the Pendleton Club,
obtained the signature of Edward
Hagen, of Seattle, the recognized
Northwest champion among the heavy
weight boxers, to a set of articles call
ing for a 20-round glove contest with
Larry Madden, of Portland, protege of
Jack King, father-in-law or Battling
The contest will take place at Pen
dleton, Or., during the Roundup, Sep
tember 13. Each contestant must post
2250 as a forfeit to guarantee appear
Madden weighs, in condition, 190
rounds, and stands six feet one inch.
He is 28 years old and has a 77-inch
reach. Hagen weighs 192, stands six,
feet and has a 75-inch reach. He is 27
years old. Madden is a police officer
at Portland, and Hagen a member of
the police department of Seattle. Both
are game, clever boxers.
Earlier in the week It was announced
that Root would be the opponent, and
it was all settled except the affixing
of names to the agrement by Jack
King, Madden's manager, and Tommy
Tracey. who is looking after toot-
However Root is reported as naving
hurt his hand. The prospect of a
match has not gone glimmering, for
Madden will seek a battle with him at
the Walla Walla Frontier Days the lat
ter part of September.
Tommy Tracey, Roots teacher, Is
still after Madden's scalp, and Is al
ready seeking a match with the Port
land policeman as soon after tne I'enaie-
ton meet as possible.
"I am getting to believe that Mad
den's backers are afraid of Root," said
Tracey. "When the subject of a match
waa first broached and. It became mani
fest that O'Donnell would not be able
to come north, Madden's men sought a
match with Root, and It was promised.
Even this week Root was told that he
was the one to be chosen.
However, I am not 'sore about it.
I do think that Root should have had
first crack at Madden. I hope Madden
gets the best of it, and Jack King
then sees fit to match Madden lor an
other date." ,
Four Portland Entries to Compete In
Shoot at Sacramento Fair.
Four representatives of the Portland
Gun Club will Journey to Sacramento to
participate in the interstate bluerock
shoot to be held In connection with the
California Stato Fair week of Septem
ber 14. F. M. Troeb, Sam Huntley,
E. B. Van Atta and R. P. Knight are
the local shooters who will in all prob
ability make the trip.
F. M. Troeh won the Pacific Coast
handicap last year, but with Huntley
averaging 97 per cent in his last three
shoots a close race is expected. Sep
tember 13 Is practice day. with the
three days following used for the shoot
proper. The shoot Is lor amateurs and
a method is used by which each entry
will not be out anything in regard to
These four entries will be out to the
regular Sunday shoot of the Portland
Gun Club at its Kenton traps, aa the
last shoot for tbe 6tevens gold medal
will be held then.
Colts Will Participate in Annnal
Feature at Tacoma.
The Portland "Colts" will participate
in the annual "Umpire Day" at Taco
ma next Sunday, when James J. Toman
will be tbe honored official. "Umpire
Day" was Inaugurated in Tacoma in
1911, when "Jakey" Baumgarten did
duty at the Vancouver-Tacoma series
and at the last meeting of the National
Association of Professional Baseball
Clubs "Umpire Day" was given its of
ficial Indorsement.
The idea of the day Is to put aside
all ill-feeling and prejudice toward
the arbiter. George W. "Biddy"
Bishop, the well-known sporting
writer of the Tacoma Dally News, is
the founder of the feature and it Is
through his efforts that a day Is set
aside each year.
Last year George E. Van Haltren
appeared in the honor role at Tacoma,
Bucks Win From Bears, to 3, but
Walla Walla Rallies In Ninth
and Scores Two Runs.
Two close, bard-fought games were
played In the Western Tri-State League
Thursday, North Yakima beating Boise,
2 to 2, and Pendleton defeating Walla
Walla, 4 to 3.
At Boise the Braves stopped a win
ning streak mainly because of wretched
fielding and poor base running by Jthe
Irlgators, though the Yakima batsmen
hit Melter hard. Gordon was in good
form and kept his hits well scattered,
but he mixed them dangerously with
four passes In two innings. Reams,
of Boise hit apparently the tying run
In the ninth. He smashed one to the
fence, after two were down, but the
ball beat him home by a few inches-
Two doubles in the second gave Yakima
one and a single and three errors gave
two in the sixth. An error, a pass,
a single and a fly gave Boise her two
in the sixth. The score:
R.H.E.I - R.H.E.
N. Yakima. 3, Boise 2 C 4
Batteries Gordon and Taylor; Mel
ter and Oard.
At Wal. a Walla, the Fenlleton-Walla
Walla contest was filled with gilt
edged ball, with both teams on their
toes from the start. The Bucks got
the edge on the Bears in the first in
ning with two runa. The Bears started
a ninth-inning rally and slipped over
two, when Peet extended himself and,
by hard work, stopped the Bruins, pre
venting a tie. Peet had plenty of
smoke, curves and control and kept
his hits widely scattered. The Bucks
landed on Daley in pinches and drove
in three runs with timely hits.' Um
pire Washburn was released today
after two games and Roy Beck worked,
giving satisfaction. The score:
R. H. E.I R.H.E.
Pendleton. 4 9 21W. Walla.. 3 S 1
Batteries Peet and Haworth; Daley
and Brown.
Great 6-5 Game Paralleled
by Contest in 1909
Many Fans Remember Ote Johnson's
Homer, Which Scored Four and
for Which He -Got axis.
T3R real thrills Wednesday's Port-
JV land-Sacramento Coast League game
has been surpassed only once locally
within the memory of W. T. Pangle,
manager of the Heillg Theater, one of
the staunchest baseball fans in the
"Portland's feat this week of piling
up six runs in tbe ninth and over
coming a 6-to-0 handicap was wonder
ful." declared Fan Pangle, yesterday,
his nerves still a-tingle.
"But, I think we had one game back
in 1909 that shaded it. Los Angeles had
us beaten 7 to 4 in the nintn. with
Elmer Koestner pitching for Qillon,
when Mac's bunch filled the bases. '
'Ote Johnson, who carried the
pseudonym, "Home Run Johnson"
pranced up to the plate, and amidst
scenes of almost inconceivable wlldness
plunked a home run drive over the
right field fence, scoring lour runs and
winning the game."
Mr. Pangle went through the almost
Insane crowd and collected 2136 and C.
E. Hickman, now of Spokane, collected
$87. This lump sum of 2213 was taken
into the Portland clubhouse and
dumped on the rubbing table before the
most astonished group of athletes in
the world.
Johnson afterwards went to the big
leagues, but was not quite strong
enough and New York sold him to an
international league club.
Report That Men Deliberately Erred
, Behind O'Brien Is Denied.
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 28. (Spe
cial.) A story published here by an
afternoon paper that Buck O'Brien, the
ex-Red Sox pitcher, was the victim
a players' conspiracy, and was given
the worst of it by Umpire Jack Mc
Carthy in making his debut in Los
Angeles on Wednesday, has aroused a
storm of Indlenntlon St Oakland base-
Bass are striking well in the
neighboring lakes and sloughs.
Some good strings were taken
at Oswego on our wooden min
nows. Salmon trout are coming
in better right along and jack
salmon are now being caught in
all the Coast streams. Fly fish
ing is excellent in the Clackamas
district and our special flies are
proving excellent lures.
We try to keep posted on all
the best fishing and want you
to consider our store headquar
ters for information and good
Backus &Worr is
sL23 Morriaoo Street. BolJtt & ind SrtS
The Best Merchants'
in the city
with the popular
During the Lunch Hour.
Miss Evelyn Gilbert
and the
American Beauty Revue
Entertainment During
Dinner and After the
The Cabaret Girls
"Augmented by
Signor Pietro Marino
and His Own '
Select Orchestra of In- .
strumental Soloists.
Hotel Oregon
HOTEL CO, Props.
Ckna. tVrlarat. Pres.
M. C. Dlrklnaon, Managing
ball headquarters. When President
Frank W. Leavltt read that the Oaks
deliberately threw down O'Brien in
order to discipline him. he called up
Secretary Cook in Los Angeles by long
Cook expressed great surprise and
assured Leavltt that there was nothing
whatever to warrant such a story. He
said that O'Brien committed a palpabla
balk, and that the costly errors of the
Oaks were on hard chances and were
not deliberate.
The throwing of a ball game simply
to discipline a pitcher is a pretty. seri
ous charge. On the face of it there
does not seem to be any clear reason
ing for any such action on the Oaks'
part. O'Brien has only been with the
team a few days, and he could hardly
have aroused the animosity of all the
Oaks In that short space of time.
A six-foot clock, which stands In an of
fice at Carlisle, Pa., has been operated by
electricity from the earth since 1S70. A
wire runs from the earth to a magnet - tn
the clock, and so constant has the supply
of electricity been that the clock has run
well-nigh continuously since It was Invented,
He was a hold man
that Jirst eat an oyster
He is a sensible man
who always wears a ,
Gordon-1 91 3 -
Hats S3
Talk Namier Nlnel,
Each cigar ,
hand worked
A machine made cigar
smokes like a pipe
because tha tobacco is
pressed Into shape. It
takes the best hand-workmanship
to properly blend
the tobacco leaves and produce-
a cigar as fragrant,
mellow and even -burning
at the mild General Arthur.
Irs to Smim X '"naTarreaere
Omm Trial. --?- 11 n
Plain. 25c - -&-xi-S-Fancy,
SSe. r -S?-S
, AYVAD MAN'PG CO, Hobokon, N. X
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