Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 28, 1913, Page 14, Image 14

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Dogs, Biro, fet Stock.
100 golden and orange canaries, finches,
love birds, parrots, seed, cages, supplies.
ONLY 33, thoroughbred Pomeranian male
spits puppies. 4307 7 Otto. st. ML Scott
caxiine. .
THREE pedigreed English setter puppies.
5 months old, tor sale, rnone -nam iut
4 THOROUGHBRED blue greyhounds. CaJ
FOXHOUND pup wanted. 6223 East 70th, st.
Ed BrunxelL
WE have 20 head fresh milch cows, some
fat stock, and 4 head o good Holsteln
Springers to freshen last of Sept. Call
Farmers' Fwd Yard. Phone 270. or Hid
den Bros.' ranch, 2 miles east 4th Plain
' road. Vsncouver. Wash. C. W. Hyde,
3 FRESH cows, $3 and up; Government In
spec ted. pltf East John st., St. Johns.
MILK cows for sale,
tin. Or.
Weith Bros., Tuala-
RHODE ISLAND RED chickens for sale.
Phone Woodlawn 715. 14U3 Fern.
Furniture for Sale.
FOR SALE Library or director's plate-glass
top table, fumed oak. four drawers: price
923. cost $75; nearly new. Apply 42 J
Chamber of Commerce.
f'.2A HOUSE for rent, furniture tor saie;
eight rooms; near hospitals; good loca
tlun for roomers. Main 4204.
FURNITURE, separate pieces, beds, ward
robes, dressers, kitchen ware, crockery.
range, ruga ovi jsaraei.
NICE furniture of 6-room modern house, for
$250; 2 rooms rented for $20. 30 K. 11th
NEW furniture 4 or 5 rooms; a real bar
gain. 40o Halt
A 45-h. p., 530-voit Crocker-Wheeler mo
tor, complete, with standard biade starter,
no voltage release and 75 -ampere over
load, L T. E. circuit breaker, la A-l con
dition. Address room 203. Oregonlan bldg
FOR IMMEDIATE delivery, any part, 15H
tons choice 33-pound relaying steel. Tee
rail with angle bars; delivery at any Pa
cific terminal or Coast port at very low
price. Jardine Machinery Co., 444 Market
at., San Francisco.
One 1 25-voIt d Irect current generator,
complete with field rheostat, ammeter and
circuit breakers. This machine is In good
repair. Address room 2txi, Oreronlan bidg.
FOR SALE: 225-horsepower Atlas tandem
compound steam engine; also GO H. P.
return tubular boiler. Apply chief en
gineer Portland Woolen Mills, St. Johns.
Phone Columbia Id.
A 40-K. W., 300-volt Crocker-Wheeler
generator, complete, with field rheostat
and circuit breaker. In good condition.
Address room 2V3. Oregonlan bldg.
CORLISS engine. All is, 22x48 ; steam shovel,
Marlon, l-yard; bargains If you can use.
AO 317, Oregonlan.
WE HAVE 24 automobiles to exchange for
good real estate; also some of the best
real estate in Portland to exchange for
autos. Call and see the Live Wire auto.
Exchange, 3"1 Henry bldg. Mearow &
Rayl. Main 4u6T.
nickel-plate, varnish, refinlsh, top your
auto; take apart and put together In three
days. Portland Plating ft Mfg. Co.. 22d
and Thurman els. Main 943, A 5282.
TO settle business matters will sell today,
at SO0 off regular price, new 11J Ma
rion roadster or 5-passenger car; reason
able terms. Call 41 Corbett bldg. be
twfn 1 and 4. Phone Main 4067.
1U10 WHITE gas car, detachable body, 30
horse power, price 3400; must leave town.
Write J. E- 6 tine, 711 West Johns sL, St.
Johns. Or.
EQUITY of $273 In lot 73x100 to trade for
motorcycle or runabout: 925 to assume;
In Lenta. Apply Larsen, 311 Stark U
FOR SALE CHEAP for cash One 1911
Jackson, one 1012 National roadster, one
1012 Havers Six roadster, phone Mar. 5S3L
IF you want good Ford runabout, call M9
Williams ave. I need the cash. East
GAKFOKD 40, excellent condition, for sale
or trade unincumbered lot. Tabor 773
or Tabor 4o$5 between 2 and 4.
$3 PEH MONTH for storage oo drained
automobiles In best fire-resisting building.
E. P. Jamison ft Co.. 17th and Thurman
IF YOU want automobile fire Insurance at
one-half the old-line rate, telephone Main
PANELED auto delivery top at a bargain.
Call Main 241. 129 N. 11th st.
FOR SALE or trade, a 3-ton truck kissel
cur. In flrst-class condition. Tsbor 4::43.
1000 I -Pass. Cadillac, nickeled, painted,
electric lighted, good condition. Tabor 444.
5-PASSENGER auto for rent, 9L30 an hour,
with driver. Main 2725.
Automobiles Wanted.
2-C YLINDER auto engine, 16-h.p., wanted,
or old auto would do; must be reason
able. AR 819. Oregonlan.
"WANTED A second-hand Ford automo
bile. 314 E. Wash. st. East 3TW, B 2,'HH.
. BARGAINS in new and used motorcyc.ea
Preer Tool ft 3 up pry Co., 311 Oak 1.
2000 FEET S. IS. -inch Roehilrg p;Qw
steel wire rope nearly new, anvtl, portable
forge, chocker nooks and sockets swamp
hooka, etc. Phone B 3060.
feA l-'ES, new and second-hsnd ; low prlcea
easy terms: safes opened, repaired and
painted. PURCELL SAFE CO., and PORT
LAND SAKE CO.. 83 Oth tt. Main C3U9.
MINERAL collection, consisting of over 3000
specimens. Including ores, gems, petrifac
tions and fossils fro mall parts of the
globe. Address AP 319, Oregonlan.
FOR SALE or trade, 23-foot, speedy launch,
10 passengers, 18 H. P.; a beauty; fully
equipped, in perfect condition, W. 1L
'riteser. Willamette, Or.
CAFES M osier Safe Co.. manufacturers;
low prices, easy terms; safes opened and
repaired; bargains In second-hand safes
10S 2d st. Phone Main 7676.
A new discovery; guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or no charge. Phone
Marshall 3h?$ or call 2S9 Broadway.
bPECIAL sale on filing cabinets, oak and
mahogany: 40 per cent off. Haley Desk
Co.. 2lw Broadway, between Taylor and
Salmon. Main 5S7.
MUST sell 24-foot launch, top, reliable en
gine, electric lights, carpets, chairs; Ideal
pleasure boat; fine condition, Marshall 277,
Main 3319.
BAKER'S outfit for sale, with counter and
cash register; will sell cheap. Phono Tabor
TYPEWRITERS, all makes, Jlv to 165.
262 Stark st.
LARGE Ice box for restaurant, gas range,
8 showcases, lot household goods. Ill
Union ave.
FOR SALE Silk quilt, profusely worked
wifii floss and lined with tafteta. Mrs.
N. J. Simerson, 1433 E. Everett.
6tv''M)-HA.N'D roll-top desk, two flat-to
desks and 3 chairs. Bushong ft Co V
Park L
NATIONAL cash registers. Get my prices,
Povey. asm Wash., basement Mala Od.
NO. 2 revolution china kiln for sale cheap.
Phone ' East 33 lO.
FOR SALE 130.000 vitrified paving bricks:
prompt delivery. AP 8u3. Oregonlan.
FOR SALE Motorboat. first-class condi
tion, only $3. Phone Sell wood 1622.
SHOWCASES, sea lea etc.. or will exchange
for strong bugy. Woodlawn 1642.
DIAMOND cluster ring for sale ax big
rlfice. AN 319, Oregonlan.
COMPLETE office outfit cheap, on time,
typewriter desk, $10. 319 Beck bldg.
SPLENDID new safe for sale cheap. Sift
Chamber of Commerce.
ONE set of university law books for sals
cheap. Call Marshall 31US.
W K buy for cash second-band National Cash
registers and sell them on easy terms. W.
J. Macauley, 34 BurnslUe st, phone Main
1S16, A 1M6.
Buyer calls promptly; estimates given,
is 1st. near Yamhill. Main 4773.
HIGHEST prices paid for cast-off clothing
and shoes. Marshall 2354.
NATIONAL cash register, price must be rea
sonable. Main 606. A '8906.
W E want 110.000 worth of second-hand fur
niture: highest prices paid. Sell wood lesa
FOUD AUCTION CO. pays most cash for
any kind of furniture. Main 8f3L
CASH paid for hair comb in ga Sanitary
B eauty parlors. 4'H) Dekum bldg.
WANTED Baby buggy. In good condition;
state price. P Swii. Oreg-dnlan.
WE ray highest prices tor second-hand
clothing. 2y4 3d au phone Mala 9264.
LEVIN Hardware ft Furniture Co., 221
Front st.. buys second-hand furnltflr. car
pets, stoves, ranges, hardware or tools of
any k t n d. If you have anything; in this
line, call Main 1W72.
Our buyer calls promptly.
FEATHER BEDS wanted to make Into
feather mattresses; pay cash; feather teds
and pillows renovated. Phone Tabor 1433.
Folding Mattre.s Co.. 11Q4 Hawthorne.
WE want to buy worth of econd-
hand furniture In the next 30 days and
pay all the cash tt Is worth. Wllliams
Ave. Furniture Exchange. East e36.
Highest prices paid lor ladles' and men's
cast-off clothing and shoes. Call Main
2W. 234 1st st. The Globe.
FAIR DEAL We pay best prices for second
hand clothing and furniture. Cell Mala
8272. Gufe 3d. N. M. GUckmaa. prop.
(One of Many.)
Office Secretary Employment Department,
Y. M. C. A.
Young man, stranger, seeking employ
ment (20 his total cash asset) If 1 pay
you $5 for employment membership. I will
have only 313 between me and starvation.
Secretary If you pay 3 tor employ
ment membership you will have the Y. C
C. A., with all iu resources between you
and starvation.
Result Young man Joined association.
In less than a weak he had satisfactory
Record-for six months ending June 30:
Calls for men from employers... 1174
Positions filled ... i 1037
Our special employment membership
guarantees members will secure employ
ment or refund membership fee; gives two
months full and lu months social privi
All young men seeking employment,
especially strangers, are cordially Invited
to consult with the Secretary cf the Em
ployment Department.
Four rough carpenters, $3 and 33.50.
Two car-loading tallymen, $2.73 and S3.
Mill hands, yardmen, carpenters, tally
men, etc., etc., for large mill Just starting.
Night watchman (mill), J 63.
Man and wife on farm. So0.
Teams to haul wood (city), ts day.
Waiter, small restaurant, 3 12 up.
Large list of other Jobs too numerous
to mention here.
22 and 224 Couch St., bet. 1st and 2d.
trade. Join U. S. Navy If over 17. Steady
promotion possible up to over 390 per
month clear of living expenses. Excellent
chance now for Interesting cruises. Must
be an American citizen. Complete Infor
mation, Navy Recruiting Station, Rallwa)
Exchange bid?.. Portland, Or. Get booa
let. "The Making of a M an -o'-Wars man."
Address Bureau of Navigation, box 327,
Navy Department. Washington. D. C.
WANTED FOR U. S. ARMY, able-bodied
ul married men between ages of 18 and 86;
cltiseus of United States, of good char
acter and temperate habits, who can
speak, read and write the English lan
guage. For information apply to Recruit
ing Officer. Worcester building, 3d and
Oak sts.. Portland, Or.
who are looking for steady work where
they can make a home. Plant In small
town t miles from Portland wants sev
eral men of this class. Wages 32.23 to $4.
Pay 82.20 to start. See Damon.
332 Chamber of Commerce.
WANTED For a marble plant at Vancou
ver. B. C.. experienced foreman and
draughtsman: steady position, with good
prospects: only competent men need ap
ply by letter to F. Botefubr ft Co., 3d
and Ash sts., Portland, Or.
YOUNG man. with reference to solicit. Ex
perienced man will go with you and teach
you the business and assist In closing
ale. Big money In it and a permanent
position. Call evenings, 929 Chamber of
commerce Duiiamg.
WANTED Salesman who does not know
wnat timid i; to present a proposition
which any intelligent man will thank him
for; unless you are In ths $o0wO-a-year
class, or better, don't answer. Address
AS- 204, Oregonlan.
WANTED A young man with som expe
rience in mechanical drafting. Apply in
person or write to Jamea Duvall, care
Crown Columbia Paper Co., Camas,
W ANTED Waihman, first-class, all-round
washer, capable of turning out high-grade
collar and shirt work; good salary to
lirst-clasti man. -Elite Laundry Co., Van
couver. Wash.
WANTED Your.g man for clerk In lumber
company's commissary store In the coun
try; give phone number and city refer
ences; iv aces $Z0 per month and room
and board. Address AP 317, Oregonlan.
WANTED Several young men of neat ap
pearance, between the ages of 18 and 24
years; good pay assured. Apply, B:60
until 2 P. M.. Room 20 C. Fleidner bldg.,
10th and Washington.
WANTED Honest, industrious man or boy
to work about garden and house and
drive car; good home and fair wages t
rig ht p a rt y . A H 3 2 1 ,0 re g o xuea.
WANTED Young man to leave town at
once; must be over 21, single, fair educa
tion and willing to work. Call 9 to 11,
Mr. Gilham. Carlton Hotel.
WANTED Reliable man to take charge
of young orchard for term of years; guar
anteed salary; cosh bond required. Phone
Marshall CM
WANTED Man to sell a high grade office
specialty; must have a good appearance;
good salary; state experience. . L 31 U,
LADIES tailors, highest wages and steady
work, for first-c'ass competent hands; no
others need apply. Tom Gallagher, 382
Washington st.
WANTED Man to solicit rural routes for
country daily; apply by letter, giving
experience and salary wanted. AV 347,
WANTED Bright, ambitious young man
for installment salesman and collector,
stdtt Htft, experience and salary wanted.
At' 311. Ort-goulan.
Tight barrel coopers wanted. Address
Oregon Cooperage Co., box 158 or phone
A 1265.
' First-class realty salesman to handle
Industrial townsite property. Call at 021
Yeon bldg., between 1Q-12 A. M. today.
WANTED Boy for grocery store, between
13 or 13 years old. Apply cor, 17th nd
Market, West Side.
MAN wanted for pressing soap, also boys
ovrp as of 16 for wrapping. Apply in
wrson; .'o not phone., Mt. Hood Soap Co.
IF G. E. Pettlt will communicate with C. E.
Smith. 930 West Jefferson st., Los Angeles,
he will learn something to his advantage.
WANTED Good live men to sell diamonds,
watches and Jewelry on the Installment
plan. Apply 207 Corbett bldg.
TAILORS wanted to work on ladles' Jackets;
only first-class need apply. 8. Weiss, 147
loth st.
ADVERTISING solicitors, cash commission.
Clyde agency. Stock Exchange bldg., 3d
and Yamhill.
F1P.ST-CLASS stlckerman wanted. Apply
Enterprise Planing Mill, E, Water and
AN Al Janitor, with wife, for apartment
building; references required. 4i Henry
WINDOW-CLEANERS wanted. Experi
enced men only. Apply basement. Board
of Trade bldg.
CHANCE to learn to operate moving-picture
machine; w can place three more men
lu theater. 417 Rothchild bldg.
BOY to run errands and work In store;
one with wheel preferred. Apply Archer
ft Schanz Co., 5th and Oak sts.
F1KST-CLASS sklrtmaker wanted. C.
Gaw-er Co., Ladles' Tailor, 307-8 Globe
SALESMEN and dlst. mgrs. for Oregon.
Nat. Casualty Co.. 501 Railway Ex. bldg.
PHOTO coupon, best offered, beauty contest
started. Cut berth Studio. Dekum bldg.
PHOTO COUPON agents, new winning con
test offer. Sarony Studio. 846 Morrison.
WANTED Bell boy for residential hotel.
Call at the Campbell, 23d and Hoyt sts.
WANTED One second cook. Apply SO N
Cth ml.
WANTED Experienced performers for
vaudeville act. Main 825L
MA N U FACTU R I NO Jeweler wanted at
once. Call M. S. Myers, cor. 3Sj Wash.
WANTED Man or boy to learn auto repair
ing. T01 Hawthorne ave.
DENTAL work In exchange for carpentering.
AL 313, Oregon ia n.
WANTED First-clase coat maker. A, Lip
man. 311 Selling bldg.
BOY wanted, 1ft years of age. Apply shlp
plng clerk. 85 Front st-
WANTED Experienced young man for del
icatessen. 694 E. Broadway. Mr. Love.
RELIABLE man wants position as watch
man. Forester. Main 717. A 1517.
MAN and wife on ranch. Call today, 12
to 1. Oregonlan. p 821, Oregonlan.
WANTED A competent ladles' tailor.
Jefferson st.
BARBER wanted, good man, steady Job.
N. 6th st.
WANTED Pianist, male, road show, join
at once, V 312, Oregonlan,
WE have .calls for the following men:
Free to members Y. M. C. A.
Asst. credit man. local experience.
Al collector, local experence.
chipping clerk, experienced In whole
sale hou&e.
Three chauffeurs, capable developing
Into salesmen.
A I specialty salesman. S150 and ex
penses. '
o stenographers, 100 to $.
Salesman, silk and dress good a
Auto driver to deliver and take orders.
Janitor, married, aoartment-house.
Bookkeeper and . stenographer, college
graduate. Christian, glOvO.
R. R. rate reviser.
Experienced fre.ght claim dept. man.
See Secretary Employment Dept. Y. M.
C. A.
Apply at SupL's office, 6th floor, be
tween 8:30 and 9:30 A. M.
Apply at Supt.'s office, fcth floor, be
tween 9:30 and :30 A. M.
WANTED Salesman for country work la
3. Oregon and N. California: lloeral com
missions; ext-erlence not essential. If yon
want something permanent nnd good ad
dres Oregon Nursery Co.. Qrenco. Oregon
ONE high-class specialty salesman, Wash
ington, Oregon and Idaho territory; good
salary to right man. Address, stating past
experience and phone number, AP 314,
YOUNG MAN for clerk In office, wholesale
house; advance to assistant boo keeper;
prefer one living at home; give age, ex
perience, salary expected, references, ad
dress and phone, AN 323, Oregonlan.
REQUIRED immediately by dressmaker,
competent help for bodice work; good sal.
ary to experienced worker; no others need
apply ; also an apprentice. Apt. &, 714
Glisan st.
WOMAN, neat appearance, with experience
in confectionery ana cigar ptore no
lunchroom. Address Pennington ft Co., St.
Johns, Or.
GIRL for general housework in family of 3;
references required. Call 730 Halsey st.,
near 22d st., Broadway car. Tbone East
WANTED Experienced skirt and waist
help, also bright errand girl, one experi
enced in shopping, call from 9 to 11.
Tracy ft Copeland, 2ihj Columbia bldg.
MANY of the best families of the city are
registered with the Domestic Service Bu
reau for cooks, general housework and
second girls. 0Qo Central bidg. M. 7t)67.
Five girls to Isarn beauty culture; pay
while learning; position guaranteed, 400
414 Dekum bMg. Sanitary parlora
WANTED A first-class lady spotter and
presser to go to Centralia to work on
ladies' garments. Call office of Van Gor
der Hotel, 105 12th St., Friday evening.
WANTED Two girls between the ages of
17 and 2V years; pleasant and protttable
work. Apply 20J Fleidner blag., 10th
and Washington. 2 until 6 P. M.
GIRLS for addressing; must be good writers.
Answer in own handwriting; state ag
and experience; salary 1.23 per day. Add.
AT 321, Oregonlan.
WANTED Girl, must be experienced paper
box maker, or staying machine hand; good
wages. Apply American Chicle Co., be
tween 8 and 12. corner 14th and Jonnson.
iV A NTEDt-A lady to work in boarding-house
for her and husband's room and board.
121H Russell. Phone East 4766.
ft c LIABLE young woman to accompany
mother and children hopplcklng; expenses
and some wage. Call Sellwood 814.
waitresses, chambermaids, housekeepers,
nurses, housemaids. 2!S Main st. Main 2039.
COOK, one meal, $30; hotel cook, $40; wait
resses, 333: second girl, 330; pantry wo
man, 13u. 345 H Wssh. St.. room 7.
WANTED Trimmers, milliners and appren
tices. A pprent ices paid w hlls learning.
A p ply Lo wen gait ft Co.
GIRL to work 3 hours at noon and 8 hours
In evening; must live near 22d and Ever
ett ; easy work, $4 per week. Main 034&.
ITALIAN lady wanted. If married have Job
for buaband; good proposition. Call 227
Hall St., g:3Q P. M.
WANTED Lady to work In delicatessen
store; must be experienced, Puritan Deli
catessen. 291 10th st.
WANTED Exchange operator from 4 to 9
P. M. at 741 Washington st. Wages $15
per month.
WANTED Refined, capable woman for re
sponsible position. Viavl Co.. ttO Ko ta
enia bias., -tin ana vtmsmngion.
EXPERIENCED girl, cooking and general
housework, family of 2. Telephone Sell
wood 1320.
WANTED Experienced chocolate dippers.
Apply Mcdexn Confectionery Co., 18th and
2 WAITRESSES, $20. country; cook, $40;
other. Howe's Agency, 33, 270ft Wash
ington. WANTED Experienced girl for second
work, private family; references. Apply
405 Clay st., cor. 10th.
WANTED Stenographer, one who under
stands bookkeeping. Apply 207 Corbett
WANTED Girl for general housework and
assist with baby; two in family. 773 Mar
shall su
jvi na. huvvas iAiica Aor-.v. 1 .
Washington bldg.. 270 Wssh., room 83
near 4th. Phcne Main Sb3q or A S2MO.
WANTED Thoroughly experienced and
competent stenographer; salary $13 per
wek. Address AG 294. Oregonlan.
GIRL for general housework, good home and
good wages. 415 E. 11th au North. Broad.
way car.
TWO women to cook for crew of men or
housekeeper and cook for several men on
country ranch. AN 318. Oregonlan.
A ANTED Experienced girl for cooking and
downstairs work, Marshall 32. 052 Clif
ton st.
GOOD girl wanted for housework; good
wages to right party. Mar. 143L 409 7th
GIRL for housework, good home, good
wages, small family, no laundry. 685 Mar
shall st.. near 19th.
EXPERIENCED girl wanted as marker and
sorter. Steady work. Main Hand Laundry,
067 Washington.
WANTED Lady cook In delicatessen store.
112 North 21st, near Glisan.
WANTED- Girl for dining-room work.
Campbell Hotel, 23d and Hoyt.
GIRL wanted to assist In general house
work. Call In the morning. 354 10th.
WANTED Good cook. 3 adults In family.
Miss Page, Vancouver Barracks.
COMPETENT girl for general housework;
small family. 6Se Tillamook st.
APPRENTICE glrla wanted to learn milli
nery. 403 Morrison st.
APPRENTICE for beauty shop, position as
sured. Velvetlna fchop. 616 S wet land bldg.
t ANTED Competent girl to do 'general
housework. Apply 320 Halsey, cor. E. 11th.
WANTED Competent colored second maid.
Call mornings. Main 2453.
WANTED Experienced woman to do cham
ber work. 548 Hi Washington.
WANTED Girl for general housework. Call
741 Wasco St.
GIRL wanted for general housework. Call
at 294 waamngton. Main e-'T.
GIRL for general housework. Telephone
NURSE, competent, who undertands giving
maamamm lllmn(l 1 Ol 1 Prtrhalf KM it
NEAT girW general housework and cooking;
aauiis. V jaax oin .-sorm, near Honaaty,
WANTED A capable girl for second wor
Apply at 721 Johnson su
GIRU 16 to 20, to help with housework and
baby. Mar. 3'.'92.
WANTED First-class sklrtmaker. A. Lip
man, .'ill Selling bldg.
WANTED An experienced girl for general
housework. Call 2S7 N. 24th st.
WANT CDA competent maid for general
housework. 6U Kearney.
EXPERIENCED girl for general housework,
2 In family. 119 East 3Jd, corner Alder.
WOMAN for cooking and general housework.
704 North rup St.
GIRL for general housework,
nhail ItlTO or A 1076.
Call Mar-
EX PERIENCED waitress wanted. Palace
Cafe, 434 Washington st.
GIRL for general housework In small family,
good wages. Call fo4 Hoyt at.
EXPERIENCED and helpers for dressmak
ing. 280 Park ac
WANTED Girl to help in small family,
Scaii'lmitvian preferred. 415 Halsey st
BINDER girl for all-around work. Call
Thursday, Oregon City Enterprise.
COMPETENT girl for general housework.
LADY barber wanted at 2954 Burnslde st.
WANTED 2 lady bar bar a 149 24 sL
Experienced In selling Women's Cloaks
-and Suits. Apply superintendent's office,
6th floor, between s:3U and 0:30 A, M.
Apply at SupL's office. th floor, be
tweta 3:30 and 0:30 A. M.
WANTED Largest farm paper on Pacific
Coast desires lady representative to secure
subscriptions at county fairs and farmers
meetings during Foil and Winter; expenses
will no: be advanced, but competent party
can make over $100 per month clear; give
street and telephone addresses. Farm
Paper, box AK 310, Oregonlan.
WANTED Three young ladies of good ap
pearance and must nave good voice, to
sing In grill; cabaret ork Is very popu
lar and salary from $Z to 330 per week:
experience unnecessary. Call at Cabaret
Grill at 2 P. M. ValterOweaa. stage di
rector. 23 .X. Id st.
WANTED Bright, well-educated lady of
mature age. who is accustomed to the
society of cultured people and Is In po
sition to leave city when required; salary
313 weekly, with advance as merited; ref
erences expected. AL 313. Oregonlan. ,
BY SEPT. 10 Two girls to do marking and
assortlnr and polishing and starching;
good wages if you know the business: If
not don't answer. Address A. P. Der
lnger, Bandon Steam Laundry, Bandon,
EXPERIENCED woman for family second
cook where cook Is kept; no washing! $30;
references. Mrs. Clark W. Thompson, Caa
cade Locks, Or. -
WANTED Experienced cook; must have
city references; good wages. Phone Main
5274. Call up between 0:30 and 1
230 HOP1UCKERS wanted, near Brooks, Or.
8 miles nor'.h of Salem, on electric Una
Call sr. Charles Hotel on the 27th, 23th
or 29th. W. P. Maasey.
130 HOPPICKERS, Cbemeketa, big dance
hall, loox&o, good music. See Li. F. La
Fontaine, grower, St. Charlea HctsL Aug.
25. 2. 27.
MAKE money writing short stories; big
pay. Send for free booklet, tells how.
United Press Syndicate, San Francisco.
MAKE money writing short stories; big
pay; send for free booklet: tells how.
Lnlted Press Syndicate, SanJFran Cisco.
HOPPJCKERS wanted; good yard, water,
wood, fruit, potatoes free. E- W. Abra
ham, St. Charles Hotel, 2oth and ' 9th,
WON DE I lC LOTH metal polisher; agents
wanted everywhere. Christy. 332 Lum
ber Exchange bldg.
Yard at Mission Bottom. Call office at
233 2d sc.
WANTED 50 hopplc.ers, near Brooks. Call
St. Charles Hotel, 27th and 23th, Bruce
FlSK. Tachers Agency secures positions for
teachers. 316 Journal hidg. Main 4&33.
THE Mohler Barber College will teach you
the trade In 8 weeks; tools free; send for
catalogue; 20 years In the business; 37
schools, a lifetime scholarship given to
each student; special Inducements given
to ladles. 48 N. 2d st.
mand. Thla coming vocation taught at
Y. M. C. A. All the Year Round Day and
Night Schools; complete equipment; best
on Coast.
WANTED 100 men and women to learn
barber trade In 8 weeks; position guaran
teed; modern college; tools free; a trade
that you can get In business for yourself.
Oregon Barber College. 233 Madison st,
lnatlon Nov. 1. Parcel post requires clerks:
salary S00 to $1200. Free book. Pacific
States School. McKay bldg., Portland, Or.
SCHOOLS, 605 McKay bldg., cor. 3d and
Stark sis. Phones: Main 1026. A 412L
Also headquarters I. C. S. Fraternity.
WANTED Experienced man and wife to
work on Eastern Washington wheat ranch.
Inquire 2o 12th st. North Thursday be
tween 10 and 12 A. M.
GOVERNMENT Jobs open to men, women;
303 to 3130 month; list - positions free.
Franklin Institute, Dept. G27 F. Roches
ter, N. Y.
instruction. GREGG SHORTHAND, book
keeping. 404 Commonwealth bid. Mar. 4258.
COOK for home restaurant, prefer on a who
will take small Intereat In it. 2bih and
Sandy road.
WANTED Men. IS ta 5. to become Port
land mall carriers, 163 lo $100 month; va
catlons. AV 217. Oregonlan.
LEARN to operate moving-picture machine;
good pay, easy hours. Secure positions.
417 Rothchild bldg.
20 14TH ST. MN 3t3. EXP. INSTRUC'N
GIRLS Learn beauty parlor work. Earn
money whUe learning. ol3 Rothchild bldg.
KKISTER'S Ladles' Tailoring College and
School of Dressmaking. 143fc 11th su
SHORTHAND, typewriting, 3-month course,
$- per month. 303 11th st.
SHORTHAND speed drills, any system, day
and night. 6l' Worcester blk.
PHONE for the furniture buyer when you
want to sell. Main 945.
Bookkeepers and Clerks.
OFFICE man married, 38 years old. six
years In railroad division superintendent'!
office, one year In railroad auditor dis
bursements office, five years on Panama
Canal on accounting and report work,
wants permanent work. AH 319, Ore
gonlan. CASHIER, bookkeeper or creditman, with
over 8 years' experience In Portland, now
employed but desirous of change, would
like position In near future; middle-aged
and married, hardworking, capable and
honest; best references. AN 320, Ore
gonlan. YOUNG married man with six years' expe
rience In clothing, furnishings, hate and
shoes, sign writer and window trimmer,
wishes position, city or country; best of
references. AL 311. Oregonlan.
YOUNG man with several years experience
in' general merchandise and mail order
house and best of references wants posl
tion as clerk. R 321. Oregonlan.
SHOE salesman, four years' experience In
first-class stores, wishes position, window
trimmer and sign writer; references; city
or country. AK 818. Oregonlan.
up books, prepare balance and statements.
Install systems. Gilllngham, auditor, 414
Lewis bldg. Marshall 717.
GENTLEMAN with several years experience
as bookkeeper desires position; am good
typewriter operator, p 326, Oregonlan.
BAKERS' helper, experienced, wants steady
position. C 330, Oregonlan.
M iscelianeous.
WANTED To deliver goods with my new
auto delivery for some responsible firm,
by the day or week. Address J. Schoger,
pDflt5ff!ce box 810, citv.
MIDDLE-AGED man, business experience
with fine, large horse, wishes position as
collector or any good job. Woodlawn
2:;C5. ,
SOBER married man wants steady work;
Janitor in office building preferred, AS
2:. Oregonlan.
BARTiCNDER, young man, age 20, wants
position; married; stranger In city; beat
of reference. 432 East Jf7th St.
JAPANESE boy, cook or waiter, has expe
rience, wishes position In private family.
Address George Tana, 644 Washington St.
FIRST-CLASS waiters furnished. Marshall
710, A 4010, Portland Waiters Club, 14b S
5th, Portland, Or. G. C Oerald, manager.
SITUATION wanted by salesman capable
of handling large proposition. H 31U,
EXPERIENCED N. Y. traveling salesman
w lsies position with reliable house. P
Si'tf. Oregonlan.
EXPERIENCED auto driver wants position
on any car, private or delivery. N 287,
GRADING yards and lawn work and cement
work, all first-class work done. George
Hartford, East 30S.
MIDDLE-AGED German, experienced fire
man and Janitor, wants work, AR 517,
CHAUFFEUR wants position, 6 years' ex
perience and acquainted with the city; do
own repairing. B 2351.
SOBER, reliable young married man wants
steady work. Phone Main 1820.
CHAUFFEUR wants position, private, com
mercial or shop. AO 315, Oregonlan.-
W ANTED Good Job on farm, man and wife,
experienced. AT 320. Qregonian.
EXPERIENCED chauffeur wants position
st once. AN $17, Ortgonlan.
JAPANESE wants contract to pick prunea.
Main r21. 291 Burnslde.
COMPETENT gardener wants work. - AJS
317. Oregonlan.
EXPERIENCED hardware man wants posi
tion. Phone Woodlawn Mj,
EXPERIENCED retail salesman lu dry
goods, clothing1, men's shoes and furnish
ings desires a position as floor walker or
bead salesman; capable of doing toe man
as in g and buying or taking exclusive
charge If necessary; is 33 years old and
does not use liquor or tobacco in any
form. Addreys AM 31. Oregonlsn.
TRAVELING salesman with eight years'
success, full road experience, desires po
sition with a reliable firm, either salaried
position or expense account and commis
sion considered; prefer Washington. Ore
gon or California territory. AM 311, Ore
goniaa. ABLE-BODIED, neat-appearinc young mar
ried man would like steady work, good
mechanical ability, quick and accurate
with figures, have store and stockroom
experience and can handle horses; will
accept any reasonable ofter. J 337, Ors
gonlan. COLLECTOR, salesman. Christian, and em
ployed, but muft make Immediate change
to outside work; married; property; law
knowledge; references; reasons not ordi
nary. AH 317. Oregonlan. .
CHAUFFEUR Japanese, desires position,
private car, two years experience, pre
ferred good repair man. w tiling to do
family work besides; references. K 32J.
POSITION wanted by expert furniture man,
middle-aged; has a lifetime experience In
carpet and linoleum work; best of ref
erence. AK 324. Oregonlan.
POSITION by experienced clerk In grocery
or general merchandise store; will accept
permanent position on moderate wages.
AV $63. Oregonlan.
Bookkeepers and Stenographers'.
WANTED Office position by competent
bookkeeper. Understands lumber and mer
chandise business thoroughly. AR 315,
experience, desires position; best of refer
ences. Marshall 2751.
JT E N OG R A PH E R, f ou r years experlen na.
di-sires temporary position, phone A 063L
room 811.
EXPERIENCED stenographer wishes per
manent position; no commercial work.
Main 2451. .
STENOGRAPHER, three years experience,
wants position with doctor or lawyer.
Main 2431.
STENOGRAPHIC position by young lady
with experience. Phone Tabor 337.
STENOGRAPHER desires position,
experience. AK 317, Qregonian.
Dreee makers.
DRESSMAKING by reliable,
dressmaker. Tabor 5S7.
CAPABLE. experienced graduate nurse
wants position with wholesale drug firm,
representative or manager; less than $73
not acceptable; references. AK 310, Ore
gonlan. RELIABLE woman, trustworthy, refer
ences, desires care Invalid, adult or child.
AE 320. Oregonlan.
UNDERGRADUATE: nurse. 2 years houl.
tal training, wanta a case. Phone East
GOOD practical nurse; doctors' references;
moderate charges. Main 6f37.
HOUSEKEEPER, good cook, wants position
in small family without children or for
widower; best references. 25 Benton at-.
Apartment C.
WANTED Management of an aoartment-
house by woman of experience. P. O. Box
omo, city.
LADY with little girl wishes position as
housekeeper. M., 103 East 74th st. North.
HIGH SCHOOL girl wishes position with
small family, assist with housework for
room, board and some wages. Address AJ
317, Oregonlan.
LADY, good cook, wishes position house
work; no washing; has quiet baby. AR
SWEDISH young lady who has bad expert-
care of Invalid, or children, or assistant
16th st. phone Marshall 5350.
YOUNG Japanese woman wants position as
general housework In smalt family where
sne coujo. learn to speaic tngusn; no ob
jection to wages. AL 316. Oregonlan.
YOUNG lady wants position seamstress and
chamber work in private family with even
ings off; references given. F 322, Orego
DINNERS cooked or day work done, or
cooking by the day; experienced woman.
Marshall 6974.
RELIABLE young woman wishes position
in bakery or as cashier; strictly compe
tent. M 850, Oregonian.
EXPERIENCED Swedish girl wants ceneral
housework and cooking In family of
aauirs. rnon t-at sis.
SWEDISH girl wants work In small family;
?laln cooking; willing worker; $23 month
04 2d sL North.
WANTED A child under t years to care
lor; expenencea; aid. can xaoor &ol
between 12 and 1.
EXPERIENCED laundress wants day work.
v oouiawn i,v. jirs. is e if on.
YOUNG lady would like place in country
with amail family. K 307, Oregonlan.
L.PEH1ENCED lady wanta any kind of
dsy work. Call Mrs. Stoddard, A 7479.
MARRIED lady would like management of
apartments for rent. s 2o. Oregonian.
LACE curtains, draperies, linens laundrled
oy expert. Laiifuior. laoor
EXPERIENCED laundress wanta washing to
taKe nome. rnone tast rtM.
STRONG young girl wants position for
housework. Call Tabor 27L
LADY wants laundry and housework by the
aay. nam, a oia.
GIRL wants general housework. Call at
773 4 Wilson st.
DAY work. Tuea Wed, and Friday. Phone
Alain 4J-i.
COMPETENT woman wants day work. Mrs.
Moore. Marshall 3499.
DAY work by a competent woman. Mar
shall 242.
THI RTY aalesDeoDle. house to house can
vasslnr. In s n d out of Baker, Or., Call
for J. B. Griswold, 22 N. Burnslde at, to-
oay, 4 to o p. u.
WANTED To lease for yea, 5 or 6-room
bungalow, wUh garage or one close by;
about 330 per month; will pay 3 months
lu advance. Address &0 Villa SU Clare
Apartments. Phone Main i543.
5 OR 6-room house; must be modern; per
manent; adults; would prefer Hawthorne,
s. s." or "W. . ' canines, aj bu, ore
WANTED Sept. 10, modern six or seven
room furnished house, Irvington preferred.
Phone E. 8536.
WANTED Modern unfurnished 6 or 7 -room
house; must be close in. Phone MarahaU
WANTED To rent neatly furnished 4
6-rocm bungalow, by family of two. AL
S14, Oregonlan.
WANTED To rent tf or 7 -room furnished
flat or cottage on South Side, within
walking distance. AM 3irf, oregonian.
Rooms With Boaro. "
YOUNG man desires room with breakfast
and dinner with private Catholic family;
French preferred. AN 324, Oregonlan.
LADY, employed, desires board and room
In private home or boarding-house. C 833
WANTED Nice place for baby
board. Phone Vancouver, 924 R.
girl to
a'BU'BUsiied j&oea
11th, between Morrison and Yamhill Re
cently opened; every modem convenience:
plenty of hot water and heat; beautiful
lobby; rates $4 week and up; with private
bath, $3.50 week and up; transient rates,
$Zic and up. Free phone. Main 4226.
HOTEL REN WICK Ideal home for busi
ness people ; centrally located ; elegant
rooms: modern convenience. Broadway
and Taylor, block from Portland Hotel,
opposite Orpheum Theater. Main 916.
HOTEL BUCKINGHAM. 632 H Washington
St., cor. Ella; elegantly located, new and
modern, all outside rooms; $2.30 week up;
with private oath 33 week up; transient
rats a
MADRAS HOTEL, 12th and Washington
Rooms. S3 week; private bath, 13 week;
corner front suite. $5 week.
THE LARRABEE, 227 H Larrabee Room.
S2 week up; brick building, steam heat,
hot. cold water, bath, phone, electricity.
CENTRAL HOTEL, opposite Pantages; mod
ern outside rooms, S2.30 up, with bath
33 and up. Cheapest in ths city!
HOTEL EDWARD?, Grand ave.. E. Belmont;
rooms $12 mo. up; $22.30 and up with
bath; absolutely respectable. East 823.
HOTEL CONGRESS Beautifully furnished
rooms, with all modern conveniences. 6th
and Main.
IHREB nicely furnished rooms on second
llvor. 6bl Hoyt su Main 3787.
Vnfurwihed Room.
2oTSs 4th. 21 4th,
Nicely furnished rooms, faomaiike. re
spec Labia, clean and modern; hot and eoid
water, private baths; bummer rates, (1
per week acd up; special attention given
to tourists; give ns a call; you will it
It for you get your money's worth and
then some.
YOUNG man, rooming Y. M. C. A-. wants
roommate to reduce rooming expenses;
reasonable cost; fireproof building, showei
baths, vacuum cleaned, many dab ad
vantages; in 33aH.iao building, inquire
buainuas office Y. M. C, A cor. 6th and
Taylor sta.
FOR Y. M. C A. MEMBERS I urnlahed
rooms, reasonable in price; fireproof build
Ing. vacuum cleaned, sbower baths, swim
ming pool, club facilities; special rates at
cafeteria and 10 other teat urea. Full par
ticulars at business office, cor. 6th and
Taylor sta
HOTEL SAVON, 131 Eleventh street New
modern brick building, steam-heated, pri
vate baths, hot and cold water, comfort
ably furnished : transients solicited.
Furnished Roeme In Private Family.
EEAUT1KULLY furnished room, one block
from Orpheum: hot and cold water, elec
tric llfciits. open fireplace, etc.; the heigr.t
of elegance and refinement; $3-30 per week
and up; everything new. 227 Broadway.
rnona Main cr.
LARGE, well ventilated, nicely furnished j
rooms; also light houseaeeping tune: u
of piano; close In. good locality; large
lawn and porch. 3S5 lllh SL Main 7S73.
LOVELY front room, porch, closet and fire
place, new. modern, clean and pleasant
home; board If desired. 2 hk Everett,
near list.
912 MONTH, nicely furnished front room,
fine nelghbrnood; all modern conveni
ences; close in. ISO N. lbth. Marshall
FURNISHED room In private home- no
ether roomers; 2 blocks from Broadway
bridge: lady preferred. Phone East 2U3M.
LARGE, well furnished rooms, home priv
ileges and comforts, board If desired. 12
minutes postoffice. East 23
NICELY furnished rooms, from 2 weekly;
easy walking distance. Phone t33 Wash
ington. 3 LARGE, light rooms suitable for 2; rea
sonable; home privileges; meals close at
private home. Phone East 18. .
PLEASANT sleeping room, privilege of siting-room;
rent 310 month; In a modern
fiat. 24 14th at. Main 602.
LARGE front room for 2 gentlemen, sepa
rate beds, walking distance. 406 Clay st.
Marshall 2S36.
UESlMABLE, well furnished room, steam
heated, modern apartment. Nob Bill. Afii
2il, Ortgonlaru
FRONT room, alcove, furnished for bouse
keeplng, gas range, furnace heat, porch.
475 Clav.
$10 FURNISHED room In modem steam
heated apartment, private family. Main
BEAUTIFULLY furnished room In good
home; references; Nob Hill. 73S Johnson
DESIRABLE rooms, light and airy, porches,
lawn, bath, phone; $2 week. 3oU Madison.
530 DAVIS Nice furnished basement room,
respectable workingman. 11.30 week.
649 YAMHILL, large front room, 912, small
room $7; new, clean, convenient.
1 ROOM 91.30 a week; 1 room 92 a week,
2t;i 12th.
Booms With Board.
American and European plan; near City
Park; convenient to car line.
- Washington at 23d at.
Residential and Tourist Hotel.
Attractive rates to permanent and tran
sient. Main 73S4.
14th and Jefferson Sts.
An exclusive residential hotel; attractive
rates to translen ts or permanent guests
Main B283. A 662S.
Select Family Hotel.
Modern rooms, with excellent table
board; very reasonable rates. 11th and
Ysmhtll sts.
8M Montgomery St., at West Park Mod
ern conveniences; rooms with or without
bath; excellent table service; reasonable
rates for regular and transient guests.
ROOMS and board at the Calumet for 937.50
per month; doubls with private bath. 973
per month; rooms, European. 913 and up;
rates by the day and week. 150 Park ac
Main 7300.
A residential hotel; larga sun porch:
rooms with or without baths; home cook
ing: tsble board a specialty.
THE MANITOU, 201 13th st.
Excellent tabie, large, airy rooms; Sum
mer ratea "J car at Depot.
LARGE, newly furnished room, with board,
suitable for 2 or more; separate beds;
ptano, home comforts. 19J 11th. Main C381.
rooms with board, use of sewing-room, 11
brary. 310 Flanders. Mrs. E. N. Wilson, sup.
THE CALVARD, 432 Morrison, cor. 13th.
Well f u rn is hed rooms and board. Mod
ern conveniences.
THE HAZEL Now changed to family hotel.
Special Summer rates; strictly home cook
ing. 385 Sd st. Phone Main 70W4. ,
Coxy rooms, with bath ; board tf de-i
sired; attractive rates. 710 Wash. M. 865L
KING Davis apt. 33; furniture of 8-room
apt, for sale.
CHOICE rooms, single or en suite; first-class
table. 23 N. 17th,
CASA K03A, 300 Jefferson L Larga airy
furnished rooms with board.
Booms With Board in Private Family...
ROOM with board, suitable for one or two;
walking distance; reasonable Call 433
Hall st. phone Marshall b'.uiO,
WOULD like to giva room and board to 1
or 2 children, near school. Call forenoon,
C 2il4.
ROOM and board In Southern family; home
cooking, walkir.c distance. West Side.
Phone Marshall 3724.
241 22D ST. NORTH 2 connecting rooms
excellent board; men preferred. Main 2071.
NICELY furnished room, board, 162 N.
2Xd. rnone a otw.
FRONT room with board, for gentleman;
piano. Main S312 G01 10th.
NICE rooms, with board, 33; walking dis
tance. 0-0 flBwmorna inu ioia.
FURNISHED rooms, with or without board.
iQA Tavlnr.
NICE furnished front room with board, 534
Ladd ave. East 4492.
COSY front room, with board, suitable
two; modern, homelike. Main 6485.
NEATLY furnished room, with board, 921,
without. 96 per month. 366 12th st.
920 FRONT parlor, for 2, $40; modern con
venlences. b8 17th, near Everett.
ROOM with board. 404 Madison at., cor. 10th.
Phone Main 2006, Miss 1 as see.
ROOM and board for 3 or 3, 94.30 a week;
cIosj In. C07 Clay st-
DESIRABLE, well furnished six-room, light
apartment; two sleeping-porches; Nob
HUM one year; references. AS 22, Ore
39 Trinity place, 2, 3 and 4-room fur
nished apartments; private bath and tele
phone; modern.
HAMMERSLEY COURT, 250 12th, beL Main
and Madison. Private baths, modern; close
to P. O. Bachelors' apts. cared for, low
prices; Illwtjr i ui iuuru. j--n. -.v-i-..
OLIVE APTS Neat and modern 2 -room
apartments, homelike, Jt.ast avta ana .Bel
mont sts., 913 and up; one 3-room apart
ment, unrurmsnea. i apor 2 . jj.
GARDNER, corner 13th and East Ash, 5
large rooms, all outside, hot water heat,
fireplace, hardwood floors, very desirable;
reference. Phone East 8370.
STUDENTS, Attention; completely fur
nished, homelike apt., centrally located;
references; reservations by mail. 270 Lin
coln. GARDNER, cor. 13th and E. Ash. 5 large
rooms, all outside, hot water heat, fire
place, hardwood floors, very desirable;
reference. Phone East 3370.
HISLOP HALL Hawthorne and E. 6th st-,
1. 2 and 3-room furnished, modern apart
ments; service first-class, unexcelled car
service, or walking distance.
East 7th and Morrison sts. Very central
2 and 3-room apartments, furnished com
pletely; private baths; from 920 to $21.50.
ROOSEVELT 5 rooms, newly renovated,
north porches; 6J Kearney it; 930 and
:12 50. Portland Trust Co. or Janitor.
New 2-room apts., light and gaa In
cluded; 115 up. 2C4 Porter it Main 7212.
ON Portland Heights carllne. exclusive, new
unfurnished apt., matchless view. Mil 13
THE OR M AN DIE Nice 5 -room apartment.
r.8 Flanders. Nob HIU. Main L251.
3-ROOM unfurnished apartment. 30 Trinity
4 AND 5 rooms, light and airy. 920- and 930.
Kearney Apts. Phone Marshall 487.
THE LEONARD; 3-room apartments, mod
ern, new. 665 East Main.
THE HYLAND. 490 Morrison; 2-roora apart
ments, everything included. 918 to 925.
THE CA MAR. T04 Lovejoy. S-room fur
nished epta $2o and 932.30. Mar. 2913.
FMrnlshed and unfurnished apartment
from to 3 rooms, from SIS to $57.
per month. If you want one, telepho:
Main 2U13 - Sundays, or A 20 i
Evenings rail Mr. Balden.
Marshall 22W0.
Oar automobiles will call at any addrei
wun our agent, wno win be g:ad to sno
these apartments. Reference. required.
We own or control tiie following;
Cecilia. 22d and Gliaan sta.
C la pool. 11th and Clay a I.
Columbia, 11th and Columbia.
Fordham. 170 Ford.
Hanthcrn. "13 12th St.. near Vain.
Hanover. 1G3 King st.. near WsshlngtoH
A.nicteroocer. iu garrison, near lit
Onierleigh, 2 Grand ave.
St. Claire, 170 St. Cialrs st.. near Was
St. Francis. 21st aid Hoyi sta
Wellington. 16th and Everett sta
6o3-&6 Abtngton bldg.
Owner will sacrifice 50 per cent of va:
TO GET CASH, for beautiful lot In Ml"
KATUEADE. Exclusive residence distric
High building restrictions.
712 Lewis bldg.,
4th b Oak sl.
22d and Glisan Streets.
Walking Distance.
Very exclusive, elegantly furnished,
and 5 -room apartments; all light, brig!
outside rooms.
References Required,
Marshall 3162.
On Davis Bt- at Head of King St.
7-story, reinforced concrete, absolute
fireproof building.
4 to 9-room unfurnished apartment.
AH modern conveniences. Including fir
places, maids' rooms with hath tnd hat-
rooms, elevator service day and night, et
mvutsm a. jiarsnau sa4.
Jefferson and 13th its.
4 and 5 -room unfurnished apartment
exceptionally well arranged; walking d
tance. Ratea Reasonable,
Corner Tenth and Salmon Streets,
Walking Distance.
Furnished complete, 2, 3 nnd 4-roc
apartments; building new and strict
modem; service first-class.
THE BARKER, cor. 21st and Irving sta
Thls new four-story brick now open; fu
nlshed and unfurnished in 2. S and
room suites: reception hall: electric aut
ma tic elevator. Holmes disaDDearine bee
built-in buffet and writing desk. gJ
range, ice dox, plenty 01 cioset rooms; do.
? hones, vacuum cleaner -ree to patron
f you want something nice, come 1
the Barker. Phone A 1744. Marshal) 206
12th and Taylor.
Most modern apartments on the Pacif
woasu r urmsnea compi
Roof rarden In connection.
Walking distance. Reference
Fifth and Columbia,
2 and S-room apartments furnish e
strictly modern and new; references; civ.
walking distance; service first-class.
THE UPSHUR, 26th and Upshur sts Fu
nished 2 -room aDts.. 316. 31a ud: stea
beat, hot and cold water In every apar
mem; puoiic natn, electric ugnts, g
ranges, laundry-room, all free. Take "2r
23d or "W" cars north. Phone Main S.
THE WASHINGTON. fi.Mi Northrun 5-roo
unfurnished apartment, with bath and a
muuein conveniences, leiepnone, stea
heat. gas. electric light, etc Take W c
to lst and Norxnrui. phones Main 431
DESIRABLE 3-room apartment or 4 roor'
rnmisnea or unfurnished, arranged for
bedrooms: Verv reasonable rent: desirat
location, good service, outside roms, pr
vaie Dam, cirect pnone. blSr r ie.L
jza n 1 jic. 1 s. -ztz isroaa way. cor. J en
North 20th and Northrun
ments; outside rooms; balcony to eve a
Cor. 8d and Hall Cost 2 -room furnish
apts., building new and strictly moder
all outside rooms; S minutes to P. C
rates very reasonable. Marshall 4637.
GRANDESTA Cast Stark and Grand ave
new building, nicely furnished; priva
phones and hatha, automatic elevate
moderate prices; walking distance, Fho:
East 208.
KXELER APTS.. 14th and Clav: beautlf
3 and 4-room unfurnished apartments, ne
brick bldg.; electric elevators; reference
NEW TORE! APTS.. nicely furnished, v
central. It and 3 rooms, large kltcher
baths, heat, light and both Phones: S
to 923 per month ; also sleeping room
.ast itn and Belmont,
841 14th st. at Market.
New two and three-room apartment
completely lurnisneo ; warning distanc
prices reasonable. Phone Main 1739.
20S 13th, near Taylor. Main 4705.
One elegantly furnished 3-room apt.
One 3-room unfurnished apt.
Nicely fur. and nnfur. 3-room mo-j
apts.; private bath and phones; walking
distance, 91s up. rnone East zidv.
LEEDS APTS. 2, 3 and 4-room furnish
apartments, modern and all convenience
absolutely fireproof; 913 to 930; also aid
gie rooms, xiu aiarKet st.
SEE the Overton Apartments furnished anl
unrurmsnea. cneapest and best in tne cit.
private phone, tath and electric elevate-
no inaiae rooms; new manager. xa.
W" car. 274 21st and Overton.
Ail outside 2 -room fur. aDts.: low rat
Include free light, heat, private rhon
"b or iotn-st. car soutn. Mam isit.
Park st.. at Madison.
Modern 3 and 4-room furnished aparl
ments by the week or month.
300 Williams ave.. nicely furnished
and 3-room apts. Private bath and phon
up; waiKing distance, oj.
MEREDITH Modern, newly renovated
room apartments, 920 and up; good Jan
tor service; walking distance; reference
712 Washington, opp. -a. Main 7134.
Third and Montgomery; new, mode
outside, furnished 2-room apartments, el
vaior; close In; $2 to 930. Main 9466.
GRACE APTS., 24th and North rup, 3 lar;
rooms, hardwood floors, phone, hot wat
beat, veranda and sleeping porch, vacuu
cleaner: new and strictly modern.
thr BEVERLY. Park-Yamhill, furnish
rooms, 92 to 33 week; transient 50c axJ
l per pay; nice ano quiet piace.
12th and Harrison 2 and 3-room apar
ments; beat service. Apply on premises.
BANNER Apartn.ents. 483 Clay st. Mode:
2 rooms, completely furnished, 910, 9
and $20. Marshall 2074.
NEWLY furnished apt., very reasonab;
janitor service. The Jacaaon' iiungalo
434 11th St.
BRUCE APTS.. 2."th and North rup; 6-roc
apartment; large, light rooms; excelle
location. Phone Marahalr 1428, A 3179.
THE BJLLLAXD. Itfth and Lovejoy 3 a
4 rooms, unfurnished: low rates. Owne
A lstii. Main .IM.JHWI, a
JULIAETTE. 2d and Montgomery; Iris, ;
an d Mill 2, a " wm , p r 1 va
phones: 2 rooms, furnished or unfurnishe
THE xrit:kston. 44S lUh Nicely furnish el
2 and 3-room u uulsiuc apis., ne:
ri-Mshts. Mrs. F- W. McCune, Marshal 5
APARTMENTS, or 4 rooms, furnished -unfurnished,
rent reasonable. fciia MJ.
KINGSBURY, Ford, near Washington a:
High-class. unfurnished apartmeftta
rooms with private balcony, reasonable re
pcrnfshed and unfurnished apartment
414 lltn si- atarsnau 11 ii.
THE MARLBOROUGH, Jft-b Hill diatrict-aix-roora
apartment; every convenient
Phone Main 7310.