Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 21, 1913, Page 16, Image 16

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C. A. Stuewe Confesses For
gery and Is Held for Simi
lar Deal at St. Louis.
Groundwork for Attempt to Extract
SI 50 From First National Bank
Laid in Trip From Chicago
With G. A. Hertsche.
Check No. 13. dated August 13. 1913.
wan the downfall of C. A. Stuewe. a
young married man. who was arrested
bv Detectives Smith and Hill Tuesday
night for offering it at the First Na
tional Bank. He has admitted the for
gery and will be held upon information
that be is wanted for a similar offense
in St. Louis.
Groundwork for the attempt to ex
tract 1150 from the Klrst National Bank
was laid several weeks ago. when
Stuewe. accompanied by his wife and
child, rode from Chicago to Butte in the
name car with E. A. Hertsche, a. Port
land leather dealer. The two struck up
an acquaintance, which allowed Stuewe
to ask the name of his traveling com
panion, and Mr. Hertsche obligingly
wrote his name and address on the stub
of a bank book, tendered by Stuewe.
At Butte the new acquaintances part
ed and Mr. Hertsche. a few days later,
received a cordial little message from
Etuewe. on a post card.
Flint National Next om 1,1st.
Last Tuesday a young man appeared
In the line at the paying teller's window
at the First National Bank, and asked
if Mr. Hertsche had been there. The
teller replied that he had not.
"Too bad." remarked the stranger.
"He was to have been here at 2 o'clock
to indorse a check for me. Guess I
shall have to go out and look him up."
Soon afterward he was back at the
window, with the remark: "I got him,
you see."
He presented a check for $150. bear
ing on the reverse side below his own
name, an-apparently good signature of
E. A. Hertsche. Something about the
transaction made the teller wary, and
lie detained Stuewe while he telephoned
to Mr. Hertsche. Stuewe was asked to
wait, but when Hertsche arrived and
the teller, looked around for hiin, he
was gone
Defectives Take Trail.
The Pinkerton agency and the city de
tectives were notified, and Detectives
Smith and Hill and Superintendent
Holmes took the trail. They found
Stuewe registered at the Seward Hotel
and he was taken into custody on a
vagrancy charge.
In the prisoner's possession was found
the stub written by Mr. Hertsche, with
plain evidence that a tracing had been
made from it. The stub also corres
ponded with the check presented at the
bank, being of the stationery of the
Commonwealth Bank of St Louis. An
other check for $150 was found in
Stuewe's possession.
The prisoner was taken before the
grand jury by Deputy District Attorney
Collier, and made a full admission of
his attempt. The vagrancy charge went
over till August 22.
Northern Pacific Men to Pass
Through Portland Today.
Arrangements for the entertainment
of the party of Northern Pacific travel
ing Immigration agents who will be in
Portland Saturday, following trips
through the Willamette Valley and Cen
tral Oregon, have been made by the
Portland Commercial Club.
The party, which, numbers about 2S,
will pass through Portland today en
route to Eugene, and will go to Bend
tonight, accompanied by Paul E.
Schwabe, representing the State Immi
gration Commission. They will return
to Portland by way of Vancouver,
On Saturday the party will take lunch
at the Commercial Club. Edgar B.
Piper, president of the club, probably
will preside. Railroad officials. Com
mercial Club members and others will
Fred Hanssen Will Come to Local
Offices of Southern Pacific.
The appointment of Fred Hanssen as
assistant superintendent of the Port
laud division of the Southern Pacific,
it was announced yesterday, is to be
come effective at once. Hanssen has
been Inspector of train service In the
.office of V. R. Scott, general manager,
at San Francisco.
Ten years ago Hanssen was an office
boy for Julius Kruttschnitt. director
of maintenance and operation of the
Harriman lines, in Chicago. His rise
under Mr. Kruttschnitt. however, was
rapid. In 1910 he entered In the stu
dent school of the Harriman lines and
quickly became assistant trainmaster
at Los Angeles, then at Oakland pier.
His next rise was to the Inspectorship.
Time in Which Government Might
File Suit Has Xovr Expired.
Thousands of settlers and land
owners in the Willamette Valley are
relieved that the year during which
suits might be filed by the United
States Government against their land
holdings under "the Innocent pur
chaser" act expired yesterday. Tester
day the title to their land became In
disputable. The original right to ownership by
the railroad has been involved. Vast
tracts have been declared forfeited
during the year ending yesterday.
Forty of these cases have been decided
against the holders of the land, some
of the purchasers who had acquired
1000 or more acres of the grant lands
from the Cregon & California Railroad
"Independents" ot Composed of
Members of Other Unions.
PORTLAND. Or.. Aug. 20. (To the
F-ditor.) Considerable publicity has
been given to the longshoremen's
trouble with an "Independent organisa
tion." and come of the statements in
recent issues of the press ot Portland
are calculated to mislead, anyone not
familiar with the form of organisation
of the American Federation of Labor,
ot which Longeshoremen's Union 38-6
is a unit.
The A. F. of L. has been given by the
unions which compose It power to regu
late and adjust jurisdictional disputes.
One of the cardinal principles la that
no union or any member thereof shall
affiliate with a dual organization. This
being true, the statement that the In
dependents are composed of members
of other unions of the A. F. of L. Is of
little weight.
The object of the American Federa
tion Is to organize all workers. There
fore, it must necessarily be democratic
in form, else It could not survive. It is
a movement In which force and vio
lence has no part, and alleged rioting
should be deprecated, and no doubt will
be, by Longshoremen's No. 6. The
solidarity of the labor movement, how"
ever, depends upon the character of
the workers. Competency and temper
ance is the demand of the times, so the
union should have some say in the
selection of its members.
When, as a result of false statements
made In advertising for men some time
ago, the city was flooded with idle men
and the municipal government was
compelled to provide work, it gave
preference to citizens and men of fam
ily. Shafl Longshoremen's. No. 38-6,
be criticised for doing likewise?
Secretary Oregon State Federation of
Alleged Parasite Convicted on Va
grancy Charge 'Sentenced to 90
Days on Rockpilc and Fine,
That as many as 50 men were piloted
in. one day from the Acme Reception
saloon at Fourth and Davis s'treets, to
the Immoral resorts overhead, was an
admission alleged to have been made
by Charles Nadeau, the bartender, vho
was placed on trial before a Jury in
Municipal Court yesterday.
"Sure I do," said Nadeau, according
to Patrolmen Nlles and Hutchlngs.
"Guys come in here and ask, and my
Job depends on - it. If I don't do it
someone else will."
Nadeau. when on trial yesterday
made a partial admission of making
such a statement, but his defense rested
on the legal point that answering such
questions was not "soliciting" as
The Jury found Nadeau guilty, re
turning a sealed verdict at 7 o'clock
last night.
Stanley Ross, an alleged parasite of
Stella Morland, an inmate of the place,
was convicted by a Jury on a vagrancy
charge, immediately preceding Nadeau's
trial. The woman, with live others, had
been acquitted by a Jury the day before.
Ross was sentenced by Municipal
Judge Stevenson to serve 90 days on
the rockpile and fined 1100 In addition.
Harry Richardson, who was convicted
Tuesday on the same charge, was given
a sentence of 25 days on the rockpile.
The Acme Reception and Its con
necting rooms, have been, for many
years, one of the notorious spots of
the city. Abatement proceedings
against them have been withheld on
promise of the owners to take action.
The arrests on which these trials fol
low, were made prior to that arrange
ment. Another case is pending in which
the saloon management is charged with
violating the liquor ordinance by main,
talnlng the stairway by which Nadeau
Is alleged to have piloted his visitors.
Investigation of Front-Street Condi
tions Ordered AVilh View to Hav
ing Tracks Removed.
At yesterday morning's session of the
City Council the Mayor and Commis
sioners postponed action of Commis
sioner Daly's proposed ordinance to
force the Portland Railway. Light &
Power Company to sell six tickets for
25 cents. Mr. Daly himself recom
mended this action In view of the
statements of President Griffith of the
car company to the Commission Monday
and in view of the assertion of the offi
cials of the East Side Business Men's
Club that it has figures to present
against those of Mr. Griffith.
Mayor Albee's request that the grocery-saloon
license of S. Brunn, 233 H
Alder street, be revoked for violation,
was granted. The Council also voted
that no saloon license should be trans
ferred to. or granted for a liquor shop
in, the new building at Third and Alder
streets, being erected by the Rose City
Importing Company.
Commissioner Bigelow suggested that
the fee for transferring licenses be
raised from $10 to J300 and the sug
gestion will be considered at the
"kitchen cabinet" meeting tomorrow
morning at 10.
The Commission created the position
of storekeeper in the Purchasing Bu
reau, under Purchasing Agent Wood, at
a salary of $125 a month.
With the Intention ultimately of hav
ing all railroads remove their tracks on
North Front street from Broadway
bridge to Nicola! street. Commissioner
Daly had an ordinance passed to exam
ine into conditions on the street.
City Hall Questioners to Wait
Month for Replies
Commissioners Poscpoae Opealasr of
lafonnatloa Bureau. Vattl riasges
Are Completed la Municipal office.
THEY were all there, the ? ? ? T
But Miss Marcia Burton, appointed
by the City Commissioners to answer
them, didn't answer.
Miss Burton has been' designated by
the City Commissioners to answer
every little old question anyone at the
City Hall wants to ask her. The time
of opening the municipal bureau of in
formation was set for 10 o'clock yes
terday morning, but at exactly that
time the Commissioners postponed the
opening of the bureau one month ahead.
Consequently. Miss Burton will begin
telling you on September 20 whether
your hat is on straight and what to
do with your hair after it has been
washed and whether Portland is really
going to get that pennant, and what
Secretary Lane really thinks about
The changes being made in the City
Hall offices have necessitated the post
ponement of the opening of the munic
ipal bureau of information one month.
Vancouver to Have Sane Fourth.
VANCOUVER. Wash., Aug. SO. (Spe
cial.) No longer will the small boys
from Portland and other surrounding
cities come to Vancouver on July 4 to
celebrate the Nation's birthday by ex
ploding firecrackers. They may come
here to celebrate, but future celebra
tions will be "on the quiet." The City
Council last nlgbt passed an ordinance
prohibiting the use of firecrackers at
any time. '
Mariner Advises That Track
Be Kept on South Jetty.
With Sinking of Enrockment More
Material and Reconstruction of
Trestle AVill Bo Necessary,
Says Captain Nopandcr.
Seeking to postpone the removal of
the rails and ties from the south Jetty
at the mouth of the Columbia River,
which have been ordered taken up by
Major Mclndoe, Corps of Engineers,
IT. S. A.. Captain Nopander, of the
steamer Bear, said yesterday that he
had discussed a dangerous policy with
a member of the Port of Portland Com
mission. The equipment is to be taken
to Fort Canby for use on the nortn
Major Mclndoe is absent from the
city on his vacation, but he intends to
remove all material that can be made
useful on the north Jetty project, be
ing guided by the expense of removing
the material as compared with what
it would cost if purchased new.
Captain Nopander's argument Is that
when the enrockment of the Jetty sinks.
as it is expected to in a few years, it
might be found necessary to build It up
again, and us the piling will not be
preserved the construction of an entire,
new trestle would be necessary. He
points to conditions at Coos Bay and
Humboldt Bay as in line with what he
thinks may be experienced at the
mouth of the river, saying that Jetties
there virtually have to be reconstructed,
and that the fact the enrockment sank
caused those entrances to shoal.
That the Port of Portland Commis
sion will not agitate the matter is re
garded certain, and as Astoria interests
endeavored to have more rock dumped
there and took it up with Secretary of
War Garrison on the occasion of his
recent visit. It Is vtewed here largely
In the nature of a closed subject. Cap
tain Nopander suggests that letters be
written by a commercial or municipal
body to shipmasters plying regularly
out of the Columbia and solicit their
opinions as to the ultimate effect when
the Jetty sinks.
Big Trees Selected to Provide Gov
ernment Dredging Gear.
Aboard the Norwegian steamer Thode
Fagelund. which finishes at the North
Pacific mill today, are six "spuds" to
be Installed on Government dredges at
work on the Panama Canal that are
such fine specimens they have been
photographed and each step of their
manufacture shown from the time the
trees were felled. They were sawed
by the Portland Lumber Company and
two of them are 30 Inches In diameter
and 66 feet long, while the four others
are 24 Inches in diameter and TO feet
The Thode Fagelund has 3.130.000
feet of lumber and 450 piles and will
proceed to Stella to take on more pil
ing. The British steamer Colusa,
operated by W. R. Grace & Co., which
has the Fagelund under charter, is due
the first week in September. She took
on her first lumber cargo her a few
weeks ago. She -will work piling and
lumber for Panama. George Eggers,
representing the Grace interests here
and on Grays Harbor, Is arranging for
her cargo as well as looking after the
dispatch of the Fagelund.
Reed College Lectures to Include
Life on Waterfront.
To Illustrate how Portland's Harbor
Patrol service Is equipped and portray
some of the duties executed, members
of the force under Harbormaster Speier
posed at the foot of Oak street yester
day to be photographed so that slides
can be made for Reed College, where
stereopticon lectures will be given dur-
ng the Fall that are to include water
front topics.
The patrolmen were shown In a group,
also on the speedy harbor launch, then
Hugh Brady, municipal grappler. was
caught at work, and lastly Harry Jaeck
el. one of the engineers, was hauled
from the river by Patrolmen Brothers
and Grislm with the aid of a ring buoy,
so an idea might be given of how res
cues are performed. Views of the fire
boat David Campbell at work, sites for
municipal docks, loading vessels and
numerous other features are to be In
cluded In the slides. The preliminaries
are being arranged under the direction
of W. F. Ogburn. professor of econom
ics at Reed College. .
Mill Company Provides Drinking
Fountain for Employes.
Men employed by the North Pacific
Lumber Company finished laying 1700
feet of pipe on the property of that
corporation yesterday so Bull Run
water for supplying ships and drtnk
inir purposes has been carried to the
outer end of the dock. For a portion of
the distance a three-Inch pipe was laid,
connecting with a two-inch main and
finally reduced to one inch and a half.
Where the pipe ends a sanitary drink
ing fountain has been installed for the
benefit of those working on the dock.
Harbormaster Speier has received as
surances that the Portland Lumber
Company will start at once laying a
pipe to Its dock, also at Inman-Poul-sen's
will the same steps be taken, and
as the first ship lying at the Eastern
& Western arranged for water yester
day that firm Is planning an extension,
the master of the schooner William
Nottingham having applied to fill the
tanks. Many requests are being re
ceived for copies of the water tariff to
be forwarded to vessel owners abroad.
Jean Comes From Buenos Ayres
After Run of 78 Days.
Terminating a voyage of 78 days from
Buenos Ayres, the French bark Jean
crossed in yesterday in tow of a bar
tug to Join the 1913-14 wheat fleet. The
vessel is under charter to M. H. Houser.
The same course was covered last sea
son by the British ship Colony In 75
days. The Jean Is an old trader here.
The British ship Milverton moved up
from Llnnton to Irving dock yesterday
afternoon and will start new-crop
wheat when her cargo Is ready. The
German bark Wandsbek. . from Santa
Rosalia, arrived yesterday afternoon at
Llnnton in tow of the tug Wallula and
will occupy tho berth occupied by the
Milverton to discharge ballast.
Another offshore carrier to report
yesterday was the big British steamer
Algoa, which comes with a part cargo
of redwood taKen on at Eureka to fin
ish with fir for Australia She went
to Llnnton to start. The British
steamer Baron i.apier began discharg
ing oak from Otaru at Banfleld's dock
yesterday, the cargo being consigned to
the Emerson Hardwood Company. The
vessel crossed into the river drawing
24.1 feet at about quarter tide and
Captain Gody feels that the bar chan
nel baa been greatly Improved.
Government to Re-establish Dobel
bower Light Next Month.
Henry L, Beck. Inspector of the Sev
enteenth Lighthouse District, was ad
vised by telegraph yesterday that Cap
tain Kettleson. of the steamer Ray
mond, reported the outer gas buoy at
Wlllapa Bay extinguished. A notice
concerning other aids .in the district
was Issued as follows: .
Columbia River Dobelbower light to b
re-established, about September 1. . 1913: a
fixed white llsht of about 45 candiepower.
bout IS feet above water, shown from an
arm ou a colphln In about 2 fathoms of
water. Illuminating apparatus is to be a
post lantern burning oil.
Umatilla Reel Lmalllla reef light vessel
No. 67 replaced by relief light vessel No. 'J.
The change is temporary. Relief light ves
sel No. M2 shows lights and sounds fog sig
nals having the same characteristics as
those ot light vessel No. ST.
Juan de Fuca Strait approach Swlftaure
bank light vessel No. fa returned to her
' Doe to Arrive.
Name. From. Date.
Rose City San Tedro. . . .In port
Preakwater. .. .Coos Bay. ... .Aut. -1
Sue H. Elmore. Tillamook. .. .Aug. 3
Roanoke. ..... .Ssn Diego. Auk. 24
Alliance Eureka -Aug. 24
Beaver... Los Angeles. . Aug.
Hear Los Angeles. . Aug. 20
Yucatan San Diego Aug. 31
To Depart.
Name. For. Date.
Merced. ..... .ls Angeles. . Aug. 2t
Harvard S. K. to I A.? Aug.
Multnomah . . . .bin Diego. ... Aug. -4
Breakwater. .. a.'oos Bay Aug. 23
Yale & F. to L. A.. Aug. 23
Rose City l.os Angeles. . Aug. 2a
Sue H. Elmore. Tillamook. .. .Aug. 26
Alliance Coos Bay Aug. 21
Roanoke -San Diego. Aug. 27
Beaver Los Angeles.'. Aug. - 80
Y'ucatan ..Ran FranrlscoSept. 3
Bear Los Angeles. . sept. 4
European and Oriental Service.
Name. From. Date.
Crnof Cstle. .. Antwerp In port
Vestalla Iondon fcept. S
Brisgavla Hamburg Sept. 13
Uckermark. Hamburg. ... Oct. 2
C. Ferd Laelss. Manila Nov. 4
Andalusia Hamburg.... Dec. 4
eithonia Hamburg. ... Dec. 31
Name. For. Date.
Brisgavla London Sept. IS
Cckermark. ... Hamburg. ... Oct. 8
Vestalla Hamburg. ... Oct. M
C. Ferd Laeiss. Manila Nov.
Andalusia Hamburg. ... Dec. 10
Sithonla Hamburg. ... Jan. 7
station arri relief llrht vessel No. 2. with
drawn. No change has been made In the
general appearance, or In the characteristics
of the lights or fog signals of light vessel
o. VJ.
Harrison Liner Xot to Make Manila
Voyage With Lumber.
On completing the discharge of her
r.uropean cargo in tjntisn iuiumuio. m
IT., t- r n f ' u . t 1 1 1. whlel
Is here unloading structural Iron, wil
1 J E,.,& L'..i.n nH a, Kan Pru n
Cisco from London and Liverpool, and
Is to sail during September. It was
generally assumed that she had no out
varii ensrairenient. inousrn it was re
rrtA ha wnnld Ink nn A full lumber
cargo for Manila, but it has been given
out cienniteiy at nan rrancisco mai em
win return in tae narnsun nn.
Tk. cm.l. .t.a mar f'mtt n n f riallHa
of the same service, has been taken for
nitrates irom oouui .America to me
itlundM PAABt ShA left the Const In
I . . I . V. I . . n-. V. fn illstrlla Th
liner Huntsman, of the Harrison flag.
is lOOKea tor at oan r raiicmtu uvm
almiit Rntinhnr X and Will
discharge at Northern ports as well.
HydrogTapliic Office Notes.
CaDtaln J. H. Trask, steamer So
noma, reports that August 3. in lati
tude 24 degrees zs minutes norm
longitude 152 degrees 68 minutes west,
passed a tree about 40 feet long, with
limbs standing 10 feet above water.
Appeared to have been in the water a
long time.
Radiogram from Captain Smith,
American steamship Chanslor. says
that August 15 passed a vertical float
ing pile aout 10 Inches in diameter and
about four feet above water, three
miles south. 4 degreees west true from
Umatilla lightship. Dangerous to pro
Captain C. J. Hunter, steamer City of
Pueblo, reports by radio that at 4:30
A. M.. August 14, latitude north 44 ee
grees 31 minutes, longitude 124 degrees
46 minutes west, passed a log 30 feet
Kong. 3 feet in diameter. At 5:20 A.
M, August 14, latitude North 44 de
grees 43 minutes, longitude west 124
degrees 47 minutes, passed a log 40
feet long and three feet In diameter.
Marine Notes.
Returns on cargo shipped aboard the
steamer Beaver last trip show that at
Irving dock 320 tons of wheat were
loaded In one hour and 40 minutes,
which is the fastest work accomplished
by any of the "Big Three" vessels here.
The Bear Balled yesterday with a full
cargo and capacity passenger list and
the Rose 'City arrived last evening with
a fair load and as many passengers as
could be accommodated.
To load 950,000 feet of lumber for
Los Angeles, the steamer Multnomah
proceeded from Portland to St. Helens
last evening. The steamer Tamalpals
sailed for the same port via San Fran
cisco with 570.000 feet.
Movements of Vessels.
PORTLAND. Aug. 20. German bark
Wandsbek, from tiitnta Kosalia; British
steamer Algoa, from Han Francisco, via
Eureka; steamer Hose City, from Los Ange
les and San Francisco; steamer Yellowstone,
from San Francisco. Sailed Steamer Tam
alpals. for Saa Francisco; steamer Bear,
for San Francisco and Los Angeles; steamer
Yucatan, for ban Diego ana way ports;
steamer Rocnelle, for baa Francisco.
Astoria. Aug. -0. balled at 2 A. M,
steamer Jim Butler, for Puget bound.
Sailed at 7:13 A. M., steamer bue H. El
more, for Tillamook. Arrived at 10 and left
up at 11:20 A. M , steamer Rose City, from
San Pedro and ban Francisco. Arrived at
noon and left up at 1 :30 P. M.. British
steamer Algoa, from Kureka. Arrived at
noon and left up at 1:50 P. M., steamer
Yellowstone, from ban Francisco. Arrived
at P. M.. French bark Jean, from
Buenos Ayres. Arrived down at 4 and
sailed at 6P. M.. steamer Bear, for ban
Francisco and San Pedro.
lxw Angeles. Cel., Aug. 20. Arrived
Beaver, from Portland; Klamath, from Co
lumbia River. bulled Speedwell, for Coos
Bay; Wasp, for Puget Sound; baa Gabriel,
for Umpqua River; Siskiyou, for Bailing
ham. San Francisco. Aur. 20. Arrived Steam
ers Qulnauit, from Wlllapa; J. B. Stetson,
from Gravs Harbor; Carlos, from Everett;
Atlas, from Vancouver. Sailed Steamers
Tahiti (British). Aymertc (British), for
Adelaide: Tosemlte, for Astoria
Raymond. Wash.. Aug. 'JO. (Special.!
Steamer Raymond arrived from San Fran
Cisco this morning.
Seattle. Wash.. Aug'. 20. Arrived
Steamer Prlnca Rupert (British), from
Prince Rupert. Sailed Steamers Umatilla,
for San Francisco: Cordovia. for South
western Alaska: Prince Rupert (British),
for Prince Rupert,
San Francisco. Aug. zo. sailed at mia
nlght. steamer Tosemlte. for Portland.
Eureka. Aug. 20. Arrived at 10 A- M,
steamer Alllaace. from Portland.
Point Lobos, Aug. 20. Passed at 6 A. M-.
steamer Geo. W. Fenwlck, from San Fran
cisco, for Columbia River.
Monterey, Aug. CO. Sailed last night.
Steamer W. F. Herrin. for Portland.
Astoria. Aug. 1. I -eft up at 5 P. If,
German bark Wandsbek.
Callao. Aug. 18. Arrived Schooner Bat
boa, from Colubbla River.
Colombia River Bar Report.
Condition at the mouth of the river al
5 P. M ., smooth; wind, northwest, 18 miles;
weather, clear.
Tides at Astoria Thursday.
High. Low.
8:08 A. M 7.0 feet 9:20 A, II 1.8 feet
i:2 P. U 8.1 feetl.10.08 F, M....L8 leet
East Burnside District Asso
ciation Takes Action.
Residence Property Owners Oppose
Increasing Width of Burnside
Street to 80 Feet, but Investi
gation Committee N'amcd.
In order to settle the aueation of the
widening of East Burnside street from
the bridge approach to East Thirtieth
street a resolution favoring the widen
ing of the street to 80 feet by taking
ten feet from each side, and authoriz
ing the appointment of a committee to
assembly data as to cost and procedure,
was adopted at the meeting of the
East Burnside District Association yes
terday held at 385 East Burnside
street. The resolution was tentative in
Its efTect and simply a method of
starting proceedings for investigating
the feasibility of the project.
Chairman O. E. Helntz appointed the
following committee: J. B. Harring
ton, Daniel Kern. F. A- Dunham. Q. E.
Welter and J. H. Page. All are property
owners except Mr. Welter who repre
sents property Interests. This com.
mlttee was instructed to confer with
the City Commissioners and to investi
gate the cost and submit a detailed re
port at a future meeting. The com
mittee may recommend that a meeting
of property owners be called to con
sider the plan.
Several Advocate Improvement.
O. E. Helntz made a strong plea In
favor of the improvement and pointed
out what he considered its advantages.
He declared that to mako a wide street
would add double to the value of the
property. East Burnside street, he
said, will always be a great central
street and that a new and modern
bridge will be built in the course of a
few years.
Daniel Kern said he favored widening
the street and was willing to pay the
cost. George Flora voiced the same
sentiments and J. H. Page said he
favored the widening, although he
represented 200 feet of frontage.
F. A, Dunham said he favored ad
herence to the Bennett plans, which
were adopted by the votes of the peo
ple at the last election.
"Those plans call for 130 feet" said
Mr. Dunham, "and I am In favor of that
width. To make the street 80 feet
wide would do little good. The peo
pie voted in favor of making the Ben
nett plans a future guide in the growth
of the city, and 1 favor sticking by
Op-posltlou Is Voiced.
John F. Cordray, representing the
residence district on East Burnside
street, said he could not see how the
residents would benefit. Albert Klein.
property owner, spoke against the
widening and said that the great ma
Jority of the property owners are op
posed. Several of the property owners
said that they are willing to have the
matter investigated and asked if a dis
trict assessment could not be formed
to pay for the property appropriated.
The resolution favoring the widening
was adopted by a vote of 11 to 9. Mr.
Dunham protested against it being an
nounced that the club favored the
widening to 80 feet: however. Chair
man Heints declared the resolution
adopted as a starting point. Commis
sioner Blgelow was present and sug
gested that tire property owners take
the matter up and decide for them
selves, and this may be done.
Resolutions were adopted thanking
the County Commissioners and Super
intendent Murnane for the "prompt and
efficient" manner in which the repairs
to the Burnside bridge were carried
forward to completion and also in
dorslng Commissioner Daly's ordinance
providing for the sale of six streetcar
tickets tor 25 cents.
Property Owners Give Version of
Burnside Club Meeting.
PORTLAND. Or, Ausr. 20. (To the
Editor.) A meeting was held this aft
ernoon at 385 East Burnside street by
the East Burnside Street ImDrovement
Club, to which had been invited thotfe
who own property on that thorough
fare, to discuss the advisability of wid
ening the street to 80 feet. There were
present at the meeting 20 men. 13 of
whom are owners of property on the
street and seven who own no property
on the street, A resolution, which had
been prepared In advance, was offered.
which read In effect as follows.
Resolved. That the East Burnside
Improvement Club Is in favor of the
widening of East Burnside Btreet to
80 feet in width, and the appointment
of a committee to take up the matter
of starting proceedings for such widen
ing with the City Commissioners."
This resolution upon being put to a
vote was declared carried by a vote of
11 for to nine against. The question
then was asked how many of the prop
erty owners were In favor of It, and
upon a vote being taken it was found
that but four were In favor of the
widening to nine against it. One of
those voting in favor of it stated that
he was in favor of it only upon condi
tion that the city would pay the dam
age, an impossibility under the city
charter. Thus we see that there were
Santa Fe
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September 30. Good for return
until October 31, 1913.
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California, you avoid the
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o Grand Canyon, also you
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me arrange details of your
trip, and send you our picture folders.
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Glands and Veins Enlarge
From Poisoned Blood
Operation Fails To Gel Ai Source of Malady,
Hsra'8 the Remedy.
1 m?''' ' s I
Nothing But S. S. S. Can Overcome Such Afflictions as These.
An astonishing record of serious blood
poisoning is daily brought to our atten
tion. Enlarged lymphatic 'glands, swell
ings In the neck, on the arms and legs.
Varicose veins on the less, all of these
are the effect of some poisonous substance
collected in the glands or sluggishly held
in the veins to undermine the entire sys
tem or break out In chronic sores. And
most if not all of these startling calami
ties could be averted were the blood
primed, toned, and purified in advance by
that wonderful remedy known every
where as S. S. S.
The greatest peril Is the dally danger
from bruises, contusions, the scratch of
a rusty nail. Insect bites, poisoning by
the house fly that deposits the germs of
Typhoid Malaria, Diphtheria, and other
malignant diseases. And should harmful
germs infect a bruise or contusion, in
stead of collecting In the glands or form
ing an ugly sore or ulcer the activities of
the blood keep it in subjection and
quickly cause it to be eliminated.
S. S. S. is a wonderful antidote. It
contains one Ingredient, the active pur
pose of which is to stimulate the tis
sue cells to select their own nutrition
and thus replace with healthy Pabulum
but three property owners in favor of
the resolution against 10 who are op
posed to it.
A protest was made by the property
owners against publishing in the pub
lic press that the property owners are
In favor of widening the street, as it
was shown by the vote of the property
owners that there are over two to one
against It. It is probable that fully
nine-tenths of the property owners on
the street are against such widening.
The protest was of no avail, however,
and we shall probably see in The Ore
gonlan tomorrow morning an account
of the meeting, stating that the East
Burnside Improvement Club is in favu.
of widening the street, and the reader
will be led to suppose that the prop
erty owners also are in favor of the
widening, which is grossly misleading
to say the least, for they showed most
emphatically by their votes that they
were not in favor of it.
There is a committee, appointed by
the City Commissioners, u.ider whose
supervision the carrying out of
Bennett plans is contemplated. Th-3
widening of East Burnside street Is one
of the important parts of the Bennett
plan, and any movement for the wid
ening of that street should be taken
up officially with the committee. If it
shall be deemed for the benefit of the
whole city that East Burnside street,
or any other street, should be wid
ened, then a provision must be made to
amend the city charter so that a tix
may be levied on all property In the
city to pay the damage entaiied by
such widening.
The property owners are almcst
unanimously opposed to any widening
at their own expense, and do not de
sire to be placed In a wrong light by
the East Burnside Improvement Club,
or any other organization.
Jolly Tar Tars Pants, Then
Goes to Jail Without
Police Perform TallorUMe Surgery
AVben Fnll Carajo Mam Slta in Bar
rel of Gam to Take Snoosr.
K SCOTT, deckhand on the
steamer Tahoma. is a jolly tar.
He fell In a barrel of it.
"Life, oh, life on the ocean wave,"
sang the sailor, and then he fell asleep,
being wafted into the arms of Morpheus
by the god Bacchus.
Which means he had a heavy cargo
aboard and fell to snoozing.
He chose the top of the barrel and it
caved in. but the deckhand wotted not,
e'en though he wallowed deep in the
Patrolmen Ennls and Schuler hap
pened along at First and Burnside
about that time. They tried to remove
the seaman.
Try as they might the tar wouldn't
let go the man's trousers, so the offi
cers had to cut his clothes off.
They cut and cut until Scott practi
cally had nothing on. and then they
took him to headquarters, wnere tnis
morning he will tell Judge Stevenson
all about it.
Road Asks to Abolish Fences.
SALEr. Or.. Aug. 20. (Special.)
The Pacific Railway Navigation Com
panv has applied to the State Railway
Commission for permission to suspend
laws providing for fences on certain
the broken down cells that are the causa
of disease.
A Great Medicine.
The medicinal properties of S. S. S. are
relatively just as essential to well balanced
health as are the nutritive properties of
the meats, grains, fats and sugars of our
dally food. And if you will bear this fact
in mind, and get your blood under the
dominating influence of S. S. S. you will
not only drive out those impurities that
cause Rheumatism. Catarrh, Eczema.
Pimples, boils and thin, anemic blood, but
you will feel anew the thrill of health
that can come only from a purified blood
Get a bottle of S. S. S. today from your
nearest druggist, and then write to The
Swift Speciiic Co.. 207 Swift Bids.. At
lanta, Ga., If you need further advice.
Do not accept anything else In place of
S. S. S. Pay no attention to the "just as
good" claims of those who would sacri
fice your health to make an extra profit.
S. S. S. contains no minerals, no crude
drugs, nothing but the most beneficial
botanical materials. Eo be sure you get
8. S. S. and avoid disappointment. Get
a bottle today and write for free advice).
portions of the line. Under the laic
the commission may recommend where
fences are not necessary.
Severe Case of a Philadelphia
Woman Her Symptoms.
Philadelphia, Pa. "I had a severe
case of nervous prostration, with palpi
tation of the neart,
constipation, head
aches, dizziness,
noise in my ears,
timid, nervous, rest
less feelings and
" I read in the pa
per where a young
woman had been
cured of the same
troubles by taking
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound so I threw away
the medicines the doctor left me and be
gan taking the Compound. Before I
bad taken half a bottle I was able to sit
up and in a short time I was able to do
all my work. Your medicine has proved
itself able to do all you say it will and I
have recommended itin every household
I have visited." Mrs. Mary Johnston,
210 Siegel Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Another Bad Case.
Ephrata, Pa. "About a year ago 1
was down with nervous prostration. I
was pale and weak and would have hys
teric spells, sick headaches and a bad
pain under my shoulder-blade. I was
tinder the care of different doctors bul
did rfot improve. I was so weak I could
hardly stand long enough to do my dishes.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound has made me well and happy and
I have begun to gain in weight and my
face looks healthy now." Mrs. J. W.
Hornberger, R. No. 3, Ephrata, Pa.
If you want special adrice write to
Lydia E. Pinsham Medicine Co. (confi
dential) Lynn, Mass. Tour letter will
be opened, read and answered by a
woman and held in strict confidence.
Portland Citizen Gives His Reason for
Recommending Plant Juice, the
New Tonic.
The following- strong endorsement Is
from Mr. G. A. Bradtberg. a stationery
engineer living at the Phillips Hotel in
this city. He said:
"I have Buffered from catarrh nntll
my entire system seemed to be affected.
Had headaches and a disagreeable
roaring in my ears and this condition
became so bad that my hearing was af
fected. I was also in a rundown con
dition and suffered with nervous debil
ity. Had tried many things but the best
I ever received was temporary relief:
was pretty well discouraged when I
decided to try Plant Juice. Within the
first three or four days from the time
I started taking it I found a decided
change in my condition. 1 am feeling
better than I have felt for ages and am
beginning to feel that I could begin to
enjoy life again. You can say for me
that anyone suffering with these most
distressing ailments cannot go wrong
if they try Plant Juice
Catarrh is an Inflammation of the
mucous membrane which reaches from
the inside of the nostrils clear through
the whole alimentary tract and any
part of the surface can be affected by
catarrh. Plant Juice Is taken up by the
circulation and heals and soothes the
membranes, keeping them clean and
in a healthful condition. Plant Juice is
sold at the Owl Drug Company's store.
Shortest Ocean Passage to Europe
1M than tool da at mm two day cm the Bt. Law.
rrnc Biver. Canadian Pacific Atlantic Km-
Fircoscsi anil from Uuebc-oth-r xoeDent ataaisert
rom Montr I Ak atoot Mediterranean Mmc
Doaortrtira books and ail information iron
FKAK H, JOHSOi. lien oral A sent
Camer Third md Pine Sta., Portland, Oflt
Or Aait Aju Xlcket Aeot.