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    IV, IV 14.
Company Reserves Right to
New York Attorney-General
Pass on Men for Electric
or Steam Service.
Declares in Opinion That
Assembly Has Right.
Compromise Is Reached on One of
Principal Demands Involving
N Seniority In Interchange,' With
, Fitness Real Qualification.
cial.) The Southern Pacific Company
tonight reached an agreement uu mo
Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen and
he Order of Railroad Conductors,
thus preventing the threatened strike
i,a Stithffrn Pacific lines.
The right of unlimited interchange
between steam and electric service, at
the option cf the men. is not granted,
the company reserving the right to
declare the fitness of the men who en
ter the service.
Tender certain conditions a limited
Interchange between steam and elec
trie service is allowed, providing the
candidate can satisfy the railroad com
pany as to his fitness and experience.
Conditions Set Forth.
Interchange is allowed under condl
, tions fully set forth in the following,
, whioh was signed by both trainmen's
representatives and the railroad offi
cials: First. The company concedes to the
organizations the right to negotiate,
: maintain and protect, under protective
: laws of their organizations, without
segregation of committees, schedules
covering rates of pay, rules to seniori
ty and working conditions governing
enginemen. trainmen and yardmen in
both steam and electric service.
Second. Portions of the Pacific Sys
tern in Alameda County and in Ore
gon that have been electrified, and
any portion of the Pacific System that
may hereafter be electrified and any
new lines constructed for operation in
connection therewith will not be seg
regated in so far as it affects the
rights of enginemen, trainmen and
yardmen in either steam or electric
service, or of the system general; com
mittees to legislate for and represent
such employes and the rates of pay
and working conditions provided for
in steam service shall apply, subject to
agreement provisions. None of the
above to apply to street car service.
The question of what constitutes street
car service to be determined as here
inafter orovided.
Third. Before an employe in the
exercise of his seniority rights is as
signed to runs in the electric service
from the steam service, or vice versa,
the company shall have the right to
establish and require such tests and
standard of efficiency as it may deem
necessary to satisfy itself of the com
petency of the employe for the posi
tion desired in order fully to provide
for the safety of operation of its train
It Is agreed that an engineer who has
had experience in freight service only
going into rlectric service and remain
ing therein a number of years, desiring
to exercise his seniority In fast steam
passenger service, may be required to
qualify by first going into steam freight
or local passenger service or both on
the same district for a reasonable
Modifications Are Made.
Fourth. The above is to be modified
only as hereinafter specified, to-wit:
On the Alameda County electric lines
(tabulated in trainmen's agreement).
(a In future, in making promotion
"to the position of conductor, article 25,
trainmens agreement will be aanerea
to and promotion of passenger brake
man in suburban service to position of
conductor will be discontinued.
(b) The rights of main line conduc
tors, both freight and passenger, will
be-extended to cover suburban service,
dating their seniority in suburban serv
ice behind the youngest suburban con
(c) The seniority of the trainmen
now In the suburban electric service in
Alameda County will be confined to
that service.
Fifth. The determination of what
constitutes street-car service as dis
tinguished from suburban electric serv
Ice to be arrived at by a board of
three, constituted as follows
One member to be named by that
company, one member by the organiza
tions, the -third to be selected by the
two thus named within two days from
date, falling in which the third shall be
named by the assistant Commissioner
of Mediation and . Conciliation. Said
board to convene promptly and arrive
at a determination of the question
- 11 ' " 1 Tv
(fft jz&k.. n&-w?
',? V? 4
w 2rt I
.ft WSfir f
I v . 'f ' -ri-i
i'pVv J VMS J-
Officials Plan to Extradite
Fugitive for Conspiracy.
Tliaw Joyously Exhibits Note
From Son Telling of Intent to
Meet Her at Country Home.
State's Case Technical. 1
(Continued From First Fare.)
issue within 30 days after date of selec
tion of third member of said board.
Paid determination to be binding on
both the company and the organiza
tions involved. The company and the
organizations will each bear the ex
penses of the member named by It. and
will bear in equal parts the compen
sation and expenses of the third mem
ber of the board.
All Matters Included.
The above five articles constitute an
agreement on all matters submitted for
mediation at this time and is effective
at once.
Immediately after the conclusion of
negotiations. E. K. Calvin, vice-president
of the Southern Pacific Company
in charge of operation and construction,
"The essentials of this agreement are
that the company Is endeavoring to pro
tect Itself against men going from
steam to electric service or from elec
tric to steam service upon their senior
ity rights without a period of probation
to fit themselves for the changed con
ditions in the service that they have
been away from. The men had asked
to be allowed to change from one to
the other at their option. This element
of danger, namely that of lack of ex
perience, was recognized by the medi
ator and Is now recognized by the men
in entering into this agreement. The
peaceful settlement of this controversy
is acknowledged by both parties as a
distinct step in the settlement of Indus
trial disputes. This agreement Is the
first one to be brought to a conclusion
under the new Newlands act."
Machinery on Launch Goes Wrong
When Craft Is Out at Sea.
LONG BEACH. Cal.. Aug. 18. After
drifting all night on the ocean be
tween tne main land and Catallna Is
land, the launch Panama, with 70 per
sons aboarU. was towed into Long
Beach harbor today. i
The little vessel left AvaJon, on Cat
allna Island, late yesterday for this
port. About five miles out the ma
chinery broke and the craft became
helpless. The passengers built a fire
on the upper deck, but no vessel went
to their assistance until early this
morning, when the signal was seen by
the crew of the steamer Hermosa.
which, towed the Panama.
that the New York authorities caused
the warrant to be sworn out at Pough
keepsie. Conspiracy, according to the
District Attorney of Duchess County,
constitutes an extraditable offense.
Close associates to the family indicated
tonight that the groundwork of a legal
fight in Pennsylvania had already been
laid. Dr. Brltton D. Evans, the alienist
who testified in Thaw's behalf at the
murder trial, held a telephone confer'
ence with Mrs. Thaw this afternoon and
it was said he would accompany her to
Pennsylvania tomorrow. Jhere are to
be conferences with counsel and mean
time, it is understood. Thaw Is to re
main In hiding.
Figuratively as well as literally,
Thaw left behind him only a cloud of
Duchess County dust. Rumors of his
passage, descriptions of black automo
biles, tales of yacht boardings in Long
Island Sound, speckled the day's news.
The yacht Endymlon, of George Lauder,
Jr.. a distance relative of the Thaws by
marriage, found mention in the crop of
rumors. After having left Vineyard
Haven, Mass., the craft was reported
as cruising somewhere in the sound,
possibly not far from South Norwalk,
Conn.,, repeatedly mentioned as an ob
jective point for Thaw had he cared to
take to sea.
Yacht Is Slow Boat.
Inquiry at the New Tork Yacht Club
disclosed that the Endymlon was a alow
boat and attaches there scouted the
Idea that Thaw would have gone
While there was nothing to support
the theory that Thaw had taken to the
seas, this seemed to those who have
followed the case to be the most likely
course. Leaving Matteawan, only two
routes which did not double back Into
New York state lay open to him. One
lay north by land to Canada, thence
southwest along the border of the
Great Lakes and across Lake Erie to a
north Jutting nubbin of Pennsylvania
The other Is the water route. Aboard
ship in the South Thaw could bide his
time in comparative safety and make
his way to Philadelphia via Delaware
Bar and the Delaware River.
In view of the fact that entrance
might mean a ciash with the immigra
tion authorities there the theory was
advanced that Thaw's advisers would
not have him take any such risk.
Search for Arcoaipllrea Keem.
Second only to the search for Thaw
Is that for Richard J. Butler, Roger
Thompson. Michael O Keefe, Eugene
Duffy and Thomas Flood, the quintet
whose muscle, nerve and skill with au
tomobiles did the stop-watch work out
side the asylum walls.
These five did the "rough work
Who was the brains of the plot
whether Thaw himself or some astute
lawyer will have to be developed
The description of Butler tallies
closely with that of an ex-Assemblyman
of the same name from New York
City. William Gordon, proprietor of
the little hotel at Fishknl landing
where the five made their headquarters
for two days prior to Thaw's escape.
Identified tonight a photograph of the
ex-Assemblyman as one of his late
guests. The clerk of the hotel bore
him out.
In New York trace was found of a
Butler of the same initials, familiarly
known as "Hooks," said of late to
have operated taxicahs and formerly to
have been a longshoreman. Ex-Assemblyman
Butler is said to have been
identified with the longshoremen's
union. Mrs.' Butler said tonight that
her husband was absent from home
from Friday afternoon until Sunday
night last. She did not know where he
bad gone.
Thaw to Be Arrested, if Caught, on
Warrant Said to Bo Extraditable
POCGHKEEPSIE, N. Y., Aug. 18. If
Harry K. Thaw has not left the coun
try he will be arrested on a warrant
charging him with conspiracy and re
turned to the Matteawan State Hospl
tal for the Criminal Insane. Action
with this end in view was taken in
special term of the Supreme Court
here this afternoon when Justice Jo
seph Morschauser issued a writ for the
arrest of Thaw, charging him with con
spiracy with Keeper Howard Barnum
and five other men in making b,s es
cape from Matteawi.n.
Similar warrants were issued for
Richard J. Butler, Roger Thompson.
Michael O'Keefe, Eugene Duffy and
Thomas Flood, Thaw's alleged accom
pllces. Keeper Barnum. the guard who
opened the hospital gate when Thaw
escaped, has been held without ball
for examination Thursday.
Justice Morschauser issued the war
rants" for Thaw and his five alleged
accomplices arter taking the evidence
or several witnesses this afternoon.
District Attorney Conger says conspir
acy la an extraditable charge and that
Thaw can be brought back to Dutchess
County, no matter to what state he
Armed with the warrants. Sheriff
Fred Hornbeck and his deputies left
here tonight for the eastern part of
tne county. The party departed hur
riedly and the Sheriff made it known
that he had received an important clew
which he expected to lead to the arrest
of the five accomplices Butler. Thomp
son, Uiveeie. Dutry and Hood.
The authorities have but meager de
scriptions ot the five men, but are tak
ing with them a man who believes he
can loentiry them. From witnesses to
day the Sheriff learned that all of the
men wore dark suits and four of them
were "clean-looking New Yorkers."
Butler la described as being lust un
der six feet In height and "ugly look
ing. -
Sulzer and Glynn Agree on Thorough
Inquiry Into'Thaw's Escape.
ALBANY. N. Y., Aug.. 18. Harrv K.
Thaw's escape from the Matteawan
State Hospital, will be the subject of a
tnorougn .investigation by the state.
Upon this the rival claimants for th.
Governorship are agreed. Acting-Governor
Glynn announced today thathe
had taken steps that would insure the
most rigid inquiry.
Governor Sulzer advised John n
Riley, superintendent of state prisons,
at a conference today, that the In
vestigation must be thorough. Mr. Riley
Issued a statement later declaring his
belief that the Identity of those who
aided Thaw to flee will be established
and that they will be prosecuted.
Contention That Impeachment Is
Invalid Because Instituted at Ex
traordinary Session Is Said
to Be Vnfounded.
ALBANY, N. Y., Aug. 1$. Lieuten-ant-Governdr
Martin H. Glynn is the
lawful chief executive of New York
State, pending the outcome of Ini
peachment proceedings against Gov
ernor Sulzer. according to an official
opinion rendered today by Attorney
General Thomas Carmody to Secretary
of State 'Mitchell May. Mr. Carmody
holds that the Assembly was within its
rights in Instituting impeachment pro
ceedings at an extraordinary session.
"When the Governor is impeached by
the Assembly," says the opinion, "ail
of his powers are automatically sus
pended until he baa been acquitted or
the Impeachment proceedings dismissed
by the Court of Impeachment. In the
meantime the Lieutenant-Governor acta
as Governor. This is the plant Intent
of the Constitution. Any other con
struction would nullify its express pro
vision.". ' Lea-lalatmre la Upheld.
With reference to the authority of
the Assembly to Initiate impeachment
proceedings, tne Attorney-General said:
"It is my opinion that if the As
sembly was not assembled, either In
extraordinary or regular session, it
might assemble itself and proceed to
the discharge of its power In this re
gard. Otherwise the Governor of the
state could prevent the impeachment
of himself and his friends in office,
for crimes, however great, after the
adjournment of the regular session of
the Legislature, by the simple process
of omitting to call the Legislature In
The activities of the rival Guberna
torial camps during the day centered
largely on the escape of Harry K. Thaw
from Matteawan and the meeting of the
Public Building Board to open bids for
reconstruction work in the capitol.
Solser Maiatalna Secrecy.
The policy adopted by Mr. Sulzer of
screening his official acts from the
public was rigidly adhered to today.
Attorney-General Carmody'a opinion
with reference to the status of the Gov
ernorship and the authority of the Leg.
islature lays down these principles:
"After the impeachment of the Gov
ernor by the Assembly the powers and
duties of the office devolve upon the
Lieutenant-Governor until liability
shall cease.
'The term 'impeachment' is used in
this connection In its ordinary sense
and means the presentation of charges.
'The Assembly is not precluded from
the exercise of its constitutional pow
ers by the fact that at the time the
Legislature of which It forms a part is
convened in extraordinary session for
other purposes."
The Attorney-General finds that the
claim that the Assembly was without
outhority to institute Impeachment
proceedings at an extraordinary session
"is clearly based upon & misapprehen
sion of the nature of the functions of
the Assembly when adopting and pre'
senting tne articles." He adds:
This is in no sense a legislative
function; It is Judicial."
A Remarkable Sale of
You Ought Not to Miss
Every Garment New and Dainty.
on Tuesday
Prices About a Third
This is one of those rare occasions in which a store de
lights. It is a sale made possible only through extraordi
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merchandise at but a fraction of the regular cost. ' This
sale ranks foremost in its immense economies.
Exquisite lingerie gowns, corset covers, drawers com
binations and skirts, are priced at astonishing figures.
The articles on sale are beautifully modeled, in an im
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In order to insure an equal distribution, this sale will not begin until
Manufacturers' showroom
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Regular $2 JO, $3.00 to $4.00
corset covers,
Rivalry for Favors of Black Girl He
suits in Murder at Union
Social CInb.
Oregon Fugitive Placed Under Ar
rest at Vancouver.
VANCOUVER. Wash., Aug. II.
(Special.) Ernest L. Beverldge, who
escaped from the Oregon State Peni
tentiary two days ago, was arrested
here last night as he was about to
board a train to take him to Vancou
ver, B. C, the home of his mother. He
was taken by the Vancouver police
and on notification being given the
Oregon authorities Parole Officer
Snodgrass of the penitentiary came to
take him back to the penitentiary.
Beverldge was arrested eight
months ago by Detectives Price and
Koyle after ne passed two bad checks.
one on Buffum & Pendleton and one
on Meier A Frank. The Buffum
Pendleton check was for $90. He es
caped from the brick quarry at the
penitentiary at S o'clock Saturday aft
ernoon and cams to- Portland, and
later ferried to Vancouver.
Beverldge was a chauffeur to sev
eral men prominent In the railway
world. He was arrested within a
month after he had been released from
custody on another charge of forgery
in Washington State.
Millionaire's Widow Xot Accused.
DULUTII. Aug. 18. The Coroner's
Jury inquiring into the cause of the
death of John, McAlptne. millionaire
lumberman, who was found in the base
ment of his home Friday, today re
turned a verdict finding that McAlptne
was "murdered by persons unknown."
Neither 2irs. McAJplne nor her son.
Walking unceremoniously into & room
n the rear of the Union Social Club, at
SI North Park street. Mack Potter, a
negro bootblack, ahot and killed Allen
Clarke, another negro. Potter fired
several shots from a revolver of small
caliber. Placing the weapon against
the abdomen of J. E. Patton, the man
charge of the buffet in the club,
Potter pulled the trigger several times
when the bartender tried to block his
exit, and holding off Pattpn. made his
escape. Early this morning he had not
been caught.
When Police Captain Keller and Pa
trolman Morelock reached the scene of
the murder rhere was no one In the
club, but a crowd of' 40 negroes were
standing in the street. Drawing hi
revolver, Keller ordered them all to
stand fast, threatening to shoot any
one who tried to run. Out of the 40
blacks the Captain found six who saw
the shooting. One man broke away
and ran. and Keller fired In the air.
The shot only gave added speed to the
fleeing black.
The shooting took place at about 1
o'clock. It was the result of an old
rivalry between Potter and Clarke for
the favors of Lena Smith, a negresa.
who lives at 109 Park street. North
A month ago Clarke shot and seriously
wounded Potter, who had attacked him
with a knife. Clarke was arrested, but
Potter did not appear to prosecute.
Clarke was freed on the grounds of
self-defense. The Smith woman was
arrested in a round-up of the negro
quarter in which J. H. Reed, owner of
the club, assisted tne police. She will
be held as a witness.
Continued From Flnt Pis.)
was confined largely to official circles
tonight and the morning newspapers.
none of which published extra editions
tonight. There is doubt that the news
will be printed locally tomorrow morn
ing. In Huerta's official family there
are those who. realizing the serious
ness of the affair, are endeavoring to
place It in a more favorable light Mr.
Llnd and the American Embassy offi
cials expressed surprise that any gov
ernment official had talked of the mat
ter and were InclineoVto discredit Senor
Urrutia's statement regarding the time
limit given the United States to recog
nise Mexico.
Late tonight Foreign Minister Gam
boa said concerning the situation:
"Minister of the Interior Urrutia de
nies he Issued the statement attributed
to him. The Minister of Foreign Af
fairs Is the only person responsible for
any statement nn business concerning
his department."
Senor Gamboa's statement was made
after, a call on him by Mr. O'Shaugh-
sessy. Senor Urrutia a statement was
No Liquors
No Grocery
No Restaurant
Si 15
Merchandise of J Merit On!
No Liquors
No Grocery
No Restaurant
made to a group of newspapermen, in
eluding several Mexicans.
Bryan Puzzled on Receipt of Xevrs
of Huerta's Ultimatum.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 18. Administra
tion officials were puzzled late tonight
when they received the announcement
through press dispatches that Provi
sional President Huerta had delivered
an ultimatum demanding recognition of
his government in Mexico by
L'nlteri States.
Secretarv Tumulty, at the- White
House, road the Associated Press dis
patch from Mexico City, received
shortly before midnight, stating the In
tention of the Jtuerca government ana
immediately communicated It to Secre
tarv Brvan President Wilson had re
tired earlv and waa not awakened.
Secretary Bryan said he had received
mriv rablesrrams announcing the re
jection by the Huerta government of
the American suggestions for a peace
ful settlement.
In the absence of omclal connrma-
tln Secretary Bryan said no announce
ment would be made by this Govern
The Huerta government s rejection or
the suggestions' made by the united
States for a peaceful solution of tne
Mexican revolution reached Washington
late today.
President Wilson. Secretary Bryan
and Counsellor John Bassett Moore, of
the State Department, discussed for
nearly two hours the dispatches of John
Llnd, personal representative of Presi
dent Wilson in Mexico, describing the
attitude of the Huerta officials.
The President and his advisers were
plainly disappointed at the turn of
events but announced that the Ameri
can Government would have nothing to
sar tonight. Instead the American
communication appealing for a suspen
sion of hostilities and a constitutional
election, together with the emphatic
statement that under no circumstances
could the United States recognize the
Huerta regime because it was set up
by irregular force Instead of consti
tutional order will be made public to
In view 'of the rejection of the sug
gestions contained in the communica
tion presented by Mr. Llnd, its publica
tion tomorrow will constitute a reitera
tion before the world of President Wil
son's ideas as to Constitutional gov
ernment in Latin America.
In all likelihood today s events mean
the end of any dealings with theHuerta
officials. Though there waa much talk
in official circles of lifting the embargo
on arms and permitting the Constitu
tionalists to get the munitions of war
with which they declare they can soon
overthrow the Huerta administration, it
Is likely that such a policy will be care
fully considered in the Senate before
any. action Is taken.
The position taken Dy Administra
tion officials tonight was that, the
United States had done all that a
friendly neighbor could do without
actually using force.
No sentiment exists In tnis country
to Justify Intervention or a war. they
said, and no foreign government could
nsist on the sacrifice by the Lnlted
States of thousands of lives and gi
gantic financial burdens merely to ad
The only interest, it was pointed out,
that the United States can have in
Mexico Is the protection of lives and
property. Financial losses can be met
by indemnities, it is believed here, and
lives can best be protected by the
withdrawal of Americana from the
danger zone. To this end, officials are
considering the removal of Americans
and the payment of transportation tor
the destitute.
I.lnd and Huerta Confer.
MEXICO CITY,1 Aug. 19. Provisional
President Huerta and John Lind. the
personal representative of President
Wilson, were in conference at a late
hour during the night following the
report that President Huerta would
give the United States until midnight
to recognize his administration under
threat to sever all relations. The na
ture of the conference waa unrevealed,
but It was characterized as cordial.
Rhode Island Beach Resort Scene of
Daring 910,000 Robbery.
NEWPORT, R. I, Augr. IS. Burglars
who entered the Herman jewelry store
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here some time after the place waa
closed Saturday night, obtained jeweis
and silverware valued at about $10.
000. but were frightened away whon
additional booty worth 8100,000 was
theirs for the taking. The burglars
picked the lock on the front door and
forced the locks on four showcases,
which were arranged in the form of a
horseshoe. The robbery was discov
ered when the store was opened to
day. An inventory showed that the miss
ing pieces included 12 dozen stickpins.'
two diamond brooches and a number
of small pieces.
In front of a safe, which stands at
the back of the store, were found three
large Jimmies, a woolen quilt, which
might be used to deaden the sound of
an explosion, and two suitcases. The
police think that the burglars had
only begun- operations when they were
alarmed and hastily withdrew.
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nriiccltt. AWArwhAVA -All y TTf n st
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Just an internal dispute In which the x- price oy ti. v . xvose aieaiciue -o.
United States is not directly a party i " ",uu "
and over which it can have no Juris
diction without Infringing . on the
sovereignty of another republic which
It is by treaty obliged to maintain.
Sold and guaranteed In Portland by
Woodard. Clarke & Co., Alder and West
Park sts., and Skid more Drug Co., 151
Third street.
Would not give Lydia ELPInk
ham's Vegetable Compound
for AH Rest of Medicine
in the World.
Utica, Ohio. "I suffered everything
from a female weakness after baby
came. 1 bad noma
spells and was dizzy,
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fore my eyes, my
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Ohio. ,.
Another Case.
Kebo, HI. "I was bothered for ten
years with female troubles and the doc
tors did not help me. I was so weak and
nervous that I could not do my work
and every month I had to spend a few
days in bed. I read so many letters about
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound curing female troubles that I got
a bottle of it It did me more good than
anything else I ever took and now it has
cured me. I fee) better than I have
for years and tell everybody what the
Compound has done for me. I believe I
would not be living to-day but for
Kebo, Illinois.
I !