Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 07, 1913, Page 16, Image 16

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l or Sale Acreage.
In front of our office and the
work of completion Is being pushed;
no longer any room for doubt; elec
tric cars will soon be running on this
line, A small amount of money in
vested now in one of our suburban
acreage tracts. 30 minutes from
Portland on the West Side, will
make you a handsome profit in ad
dition to providing you with an Ideal
location for a. suburban home. Our
terms are so easy and the pay
ments so small anybody can meet
102 Fourth St.
Main 33, A 3C.0.
HAVE a few good homesteads In Western
Oregon; must act quick. 420 Lumber Ex
change. 2d and Stark.
FREE Canadian Homesteads, Alberta. Can
ada. We locate you. 43 X. eth at.
For Sale Farm.
This is our choice of any email
farm home near the city why?
Because it embodies all the features
that go to make an ideal country
hme. There are acres, all the
best of soil, llvinc trout stream, nice,
woods, lot of large firs, choicest or
chard, macadam road, right on car,
large S-room plastered house, one
R-room cottage, electric lights; east
of the ritv in splendid community:
price 570UO. good terms; you are
bound to fall in love with this
place when you see it.
Located S miles from Lexington,
OreKon. In Morrow County: 20
acres 275 in cultivation; best of sol),
sure crops, fair buildings, good
water; price $4000 worth twice
that much; winding up an estate.
Get busy.
Do von want a farm on the beau
tiful Willamette? Here is one of
the best; there are 100 acres, 6
acres in cultivation. balance nr
and hardwood; all best of soil; fine
S-room plastered house, large, line
barn and lots of outbuildings; 7o
rods of river frontage; boat landing
on the place: K mile from Rood
town, 1 miles from Orejron Llec
trlc 20 miles from Portland; price
$15,000, $50uQ cash, balance 6 per
This 7-acre tract la all in a high
state of cultivation, lies perfectly, no
rock; located 4 miles from the city
limits on good auto road, right at
m tares and school and church :
price $21ti0, $tkK cash and balance
A per cent.
This is a perfect-lying 10-acre
tract, all cleared, best of soil, no
rock; all fenced with woven-wlre;
new 4-room plastered bungalow, new
barn, new outbuildings; located just
fi miles from city limits and priced
at only $3SOO, good terms.
70 ACRES FOR $6300.
Located southeast of Oregon City
and is a good buy; 70 acres. H 1"
cultivation, best of soil : 9-room
house, two large barns; good bear
ing orchard and 4 acres of prunes.
Price $00 per acre, $40uO cash.
N. th
near Gilsan.
Main 4381,
A 7250.
$ 5 00
80 acres under cultivation; all
fine tillable land; rich, deep mel
low soil; will raise 40 bushels of
wheat to the acre; fair 5-roora
house; place well fenced; on main
county road; this is your opportu
nity to get a good farm
Price $2500, $50t cash, balance 10
years at G per cent. Come in today,
as this will sell Quick.
2d Floor Chamber of Commerce.
NESS. Ten acres, near Cornelius; partially
cleared, some fine timber; living stream;
bearing orchard and lots of berries; smau
i harn nnii r h Icken-houses ;
implements included in price of $1SOO;
steam and electric roads one mile; erm8
Kiven. Address owner.
C ornelius. Oregon
40 ACRES good farming land, about four
miles from nainier, ur., near ruuu, o - -irftrf.
j acres in fruit, living house and
barn . Address P. O. Box 677, Portland.
RANCH 60 acres, with buildings; IS miles
from Portland, near electric line; bargain
for all cash. By owner. 1S2 Morrison st.
SACRIFU E sale. 160-acre dairy farm, bot
tom land, includes crops, stock, machinery,
etc. C. R- Bostwick, Blodgett. Oregon.
WILL lease for 5 or T years, my farm. 160
acres, close to Portland; nearly all in
. cultivation; running water, good house
and barns; cash rent- A 264, Oregonian.
WANTED Small dairy or chicken ranch.
Must be near Portland and close to car
line. Address J. W. K., 335 K. 6th Bt. S.
J. M CRACKEN. 304 McKay Bldg.
Ideal location for tie mill; stream run
ning to railroad spur. No. S3 5th.
WILL trade good Portland property for tim
ber. Call 203 Empress Theater bldg.
I DON'T want an ornament, just a plain.
w.n.Hiim hnm with the value there;
larce living rooms downstairs and large
bedrooms upstairs; about b rooms; mod
ern, not over $5500; Irvington preferred.
Owners only. O CrtO. Qregorjanj
WANTED To buy improved ranch of about
COO acres with modern buildings; must be
within 30 miles of Portland and first
class; give full particulars when answer
ing in first letter; must be priced right;
no agents need reply. S 2 43, Oi egonian.
WANT 5-room bungalow, have acre 4
blocks from car and 37 acres in Clack
amas County; will take an equity. Call
' and see owner at 105 8d st.. room 11.
WANTED To buy home. East Side; no
pavment dwn; state price and location.
N 2H3, Orettonlatv
"WANT 4 or 3-room tungaiow, modern,
about $1000; $3u down, $15 month. C
1241. Smith. W7 E. IVth N.
RESIDENCE, 5 acres. Lewlston, Idaho. Ad
dress K 26. Oregonian.
MODERN" house and lot. 6 or S rooms, free
from Incumbrance. AG 2Mi. Oregonian.
LOTS or acreage
sale or trade..
Stark st-
at Manhattan Beach for
See F. J. Gattrell, 22s
PATENT sleeping or shelter tent; will sell
patent or trade for real estate. Apply to
urvai tiraay, lacoit, v
WILL take small car as first payment on
6-room cottage; $2S0O; no Junk. AM 263,
feA W MILL, capacity 25 thousand per day,
vlil trade for auto or diamonds; mill
worth g200P. P 2j1, Oregonian.
6-ROOM cottage, lot 50x12,".,
will trade equity, closa in.
2-2 or East li13.
for sale
Phone East
FOR TRADE Improved ,"4 acres. United
Railvav for city lot; value $1SU0; mort
gage 1700. Owner. AB 2t. Oregonian.
GROCERY, will invoice $2500. $600 cash,
balance in trade, ha.s a good business. 303
Lumber Exchange.
NEW, modern 5-room cottage. Wood mere,
for good first mortgage. 5417 69 ih st.
S.'U' heast.
COTTAGE, new. modern, value $2io, free
of incumbrance; exchange for acreage or
improved farm. Owner, P. O. box 2064.
KX H VNGE new buggy for wood or cow,
something T can use. P. O. box 2064.
6-R')OM house for close-in acreage,
sen. Main RR24. 25s 14th.
LOT on ft4th st. to exchange for rooming
houe or other business. Marshall 6032,
$1500 Six lots, 4 at Ocean Side Lake, Lin
coln Co., and 2 in Ingleview, free and
clear, to trade for an automobile or
equity in house.
$S000 Two houses and 3 lots to trade
for small ranch to $UGuo.
$11.000 Mfg. site in North End with
trackage to trade for clear ranch to $75u0.
S1S.0OO worth Al city property to trade
for a first-class ranch uo to $15,OuO.
Might put in other property for highly
improved ranch to $25,0t'0.
J22.0O0 One of the prize ranches of
Hood River, strictly commercial, IS acres
7-year-old and 4 acres 4-year-old. will
trade for city property. Have about $3000
$30,Ofro 100 acres close to Clackamas In
high state of cultivation. Imp. and stock
over $5000. Will take V2 in Central Ore
gon or 10 to 20-acre tract close to Port
land, j
710-719 Lewis Building,
4Ui anu uan.
Marshall 420U A 7138
$43,1HMJ Clear and Improved city property.
income SoW per montn, tor nrst
class apartment. Will assume.
$ 1,500 Lot, Mt. Tabor section, unincum
bered, for good 5-room bungalow
not over s.n.5oo.
$ 3,000 Six full lots and good 6-room
house. Oregon City. Want acre
age near Portland.
$ 3.500 Rose City Park, 5-rornn bunga
low, mortgaged for $1750. Want
clear lots.
$ 2,600 5-room bungalow, lot 90x100. H
block from W. W. car. Want house
in Rose City Park or Koi-smere.
Will assume.
We have many good properties for
trade on cash bas s. See us before trading.
Main um.. 209 Wash. st. A G2-17.
A BEAUTIFUL 20-acre tract 1 mile from
Hlllsboro. lies level, fronting on main
road, timber on It will bring $1000 on the
stump, no finer soil anywhere, would
make a fine Summer home or a profitable
truck, patch or berry farm when devel
oped, with same goes a 6-room house in
Hlllsboro on double lot, total price for
both $,V00. Will take $2H0 to $3000 Port
land property, balance time. A. E. Poul-
sen, 719 Chamber of Commerce.
50x100 lot with two 7 -room houses rent
ed for $50: located on 5 th street, near
College, price $12,000. to exchange for
West Side vacant ; close-in East Side
apartment site or income property up to
$10,000; must be free of incumbrance.
318 Board of Trade Bldg.. 4th and Oak.
A 10-ACRE, 6-year-old bearing apple orch
ard, with peach fillers, within 20 minutes'
walk of business center of North Yakima;
popuation 1S.0U0; has houee, stable and
ell y wr.ter ; will seil at a bargain or ex
change for 6 or 7-room modern home in
city ; must be good location; am a pro
fessional man from the East; here to lo
cate. James Ledwich. 5u7 Lewis bldg.
100 ft. frontage, business property, im
proved. Income S2SO month; can be in
creased to $340 monthly; furnished apart
ments above, value $20,000; would con
sider good, clear vacant lots or improved
up to $10,000, balance 7 per cent. Owner.
Room 301, Gerlinger bldg.
14 ACRES of the finest commercial or
chard, beautiful country home site. 1
miles from town; price $0000; ctear of
debt : exchange for Portland property.
4th and Pine sts.
120 ACRES of good irrigated land 14 miles
from Redmond and R. R. ; there are two
main Government ditches on this land,
with -water in and ready; I hold this land
at $0000 and will trade for some income
property in Portland. N 241, Oregonian.
BROADWAY drive, West Side, close In, 85
f ooc frontage, 3 6-room cottages, been
renting for $38 month; rented; good con
dition ; will exchange for close-in acre
age. Inquire 428 Washington.
FOR EXCHANGE Motorboat, 34 ft., glass
cabin. 12 H. P., fully equipped, to trade
for foredoor auto, vacant lot, player piano
or good equity. Address AG 262, Ore
gonian. TO EXCHANGE 3 lots at Sea View, Or.,
for good horse and buggy; horse must be
sound and weigh 1200 pounds or over.
See owner, L. C. Weir. Milwaukie, Or.
bo ACRES, necessary buildings, $0O0; an
other 80, with substantial improvements
5 1 5O0; want residence immediately. Own
er, 3 0:uj Grand ave. North.
FOR EXCHANGE Two mortgages, $423
each, 3 years, 7 per cent, good suburban
property. Consider any proposition of
same value. Address M 26S, Oregonian.
WILL trade eood lots on Coos Bay for din
in if -room set. bedroom suit, fumed oak,
wax finish; also for range, rugs, kitchen
cabinet. D 363, Oregonian.
House, No. 86 Halsey St., between
Broadway-Steel bridge ; will exchange for
cheap lots. Northeast Side.
275 Pine St. Main 1721.
FOR EXCHANGE Coos Bay lots, close to
Maruhneld, overlooking bay, for standard
make automobile, runabout preferred ;
might pav some cash. D 264. Oregonian.
WANTED New modern bungalow in ex
change for one or two good building lots;
will assume mortgage ; state telephone
number. N 23S. Oregonian
13 ACHES in Forest Grove, all in meadow.
equity sl.tCO ; $iuut mortgage; trade to;
city property- O. C. R. Ellis & Co.,
Board of Trade.
FOR EXCHANGE Cooa Bay lots, close to
Marshfield, overiooKlng bay, lor standard
make automoDiie. runaoout preierreu .
might pay some cash. D 264, Oregonian.
WHAT have you to exchange for $625 equity
in $Luo modern Dungaiow : rnone own
er. Tabor
WANTED To trade for standard make vis
ible typewriter; will give deed to good
lot. H 2oi. Oregonian.
TO EXCHANGE Good lot for quarter-
sawed wax imisn roll top desk, b zoj
SAN FRANCISCO, 6-room modern bunga
low for Portland property or rooming
house. 51ar. 4U93.
WILL trade good clear lots with streets
graaed and water tor equity in nouse.
Main 493.
WILL exchange lot or lots on Coos Bay,
beautiful view.
for Portland property.
What have youl
D 2j, Oregonian.
WILL trade Astoria lot for automobile. AE
Son. Oregonian.
HAVE city lots and acreage for small room
ing house. K -:t3, uregonian.
$2500 STOCK1 in local corporation for house
or lots in city, u :i3. uregonian.
Main 1323.
for houseboat. Phone
Horses, Vehicles. Etc.
Second-hand vehicles bought and sold
new wagon and auto beds made to order;
livery furnished to business parties at
special rates.
420 Hawthorne Ave.
Phone East 7L B 13H9,
FOR SALE 1 Studebaker wagon, new: 1
team horses, 8 and 9 years old, 2300 lbs.;
1 tent 14x1$ with 5 ft. wall and camping
outfit, can be seen at U. S. Sale and Feed
Barn. 24$ Front st.
GOOD team mares, weight 2100, harness
and farm wagon, suitable for ranch, JlSO.
4104 79th st. S. E. Mt Scott car to Fir
land Station.
ONE team of well-matched mares, weighing
2700 pounds. One 5-year-old driving mare
weighing llOO pounds. Buggy and harness.
226 Russell.
FOR SALE One team of first-class horses,
6 and 7 years old, weighing 2900 pounds.
One team young mares weighing 2500
pounds. 226 Russell st -
$135 TAKES team of ranch mares with
double harness: 1 nearly new top steel
tired buggy with pole and brake, $65.
1967 East Stark st. Trial allowed.
GRAY driving team, harness and buggy at
sicritlce ; also black 3-year-old, by Lord
Wilcox bldg.
SOKKKL mare, a good driver, cheap. Call
at Star Sand Company, Barn No. S, East
9th and East Flanders.
6-YE AD-OLD black mare, city broke, har
ness and rubber-tired buggy; will sell all
or separately. Sellwood 1544.
PASTURE for stock, close to Portland.
L. S. ( o. Phone Main 14lO.
FOR SALE cheap, one bay mare. 1150 to
1200 pounds. S years old, sound. Main 4A83.
$450 BUYS team of mares weighing
pounds. 512 Gantenbein ave.
HORSE for sale. $43.
Phone East 530S.
HoB-SES for sale at SS East 7th at. North.
roffs. Birds, Pet Stock.
THOROUGHBRED Scotch collie pup.
male. 2 months old, gS.ftO. East 5605.
BOYD'S Bird Store. 229 Alder at. ;
doss, cages, seeds and supplies.
Piano, Organs and Musical Instrument.
$75 NEW drophead Singer to trade for
phonograph; must be first-class, with rec
ords. Phone Wocdiawn :302.
FIANO Elegant mahogany upright piano,
almost nw; must sell immediately; great
est bargain in city. 826 Northrup, apt. D.
One 125 -volt direct current generator,
complete with field rheostat, ammeter and
circuit breakers. This machine is in good
repair, aaareu room zito, oregonian bids.
A 45-h p.. 550-volt Crocker-Wheeler mo
tor, complete, with standard blade starter,
no voltage release and 75-ampere over
load. I. T. E. circuit breaker, in A-l "con
dition. Address room 20.1, Oregonian bids.
A 40-K. W-. 50-volt Crocker-Wheeler
generator, complete, with field rheostat
and circuit breaker, in good condition.
Address room 2:, Onconian bid:-.
WE have several cars that have never been
used, but on which a year's depreciation
in price has been deducted; up to date in
every particular; foredoors. electric lights,
with generator, demountable rims, etc.;
you get the first year at second-hand
prioe. In used cars we have very attract
ive offers in
I 19 3 R. C. H. touring car.
1 5-psssenger Chalmers.
1 Maxwell with delivery body.
1 Peerless with delivery body.
1 33-h. p. Michigan roadster,
3 40-h. p. Michigan roadster.
1 40-h. p. Michigan touring c.r.
Investigate they're bargains.
MAIN 3061. A 52B.
nickel-plate, varnish, refinish. top your
auto; take apart and put together in three
aaya. f ortiana fiating & JUig. i o., zu
and Thurman sts. Main i)4o, A 5182.
WILL take a good auto as first payment
on my new, modem 6-room house, itara
wood floors, fixtures, shades and all mod
ern conveniences. Paved street, east
front, nice lawn. Phone owner, Tabor tl.
1911 Maxwell, .".--passenger, 30-h. p.
fully equipped; sacrince for quick sal1.
2d and Ankeny.
WANTED Seven-passenger 1913 can; must
be in eood condition, for stock solid gold
high-grade jewelry, value $1 5u0. Address
C 25i. Oregonian.
FOlt SALE 1013 5-passeneer "Overland
:(; run less than 300 miles; am leaving
town and must sell. Price $0ix. N -6
POPK-JIARTFORD, good condition; would
make over Into a rine truck or delivery
wagon A bargain. Phone Main Uu --'.
FOR SALE 1D13 Studebaker "25," run only
1200 miles, cash, terms or trade. Phone
Marshall 300.
$3 PER MONTH for storage on drained
automoDiies in oeai i ire -resisting ouuainK.
E. P- Jamison & Co., 17th and Thurman.
FOR SALE 7 h. p. 1913 motorcycle. Prest-
oLite, search light and exhaust horn,
t'Zlo cash. Apply to 247 Ash st.
CADILLAC 4-pussenger, newly painted.
nicHeled, electric lights, good condition;
$5tH. Call Tabor 444.
5-PASS. auto, good running condition; trade
for lot or mortgage; value $uou. can ut
McKay bldg.
$225 TAKES Buick "model 10 equipped;
new ii res; goo a running uraer. Aior
rison st.
1U13 POL E, big 4. fully equipped, $100 cash.
Phone East Su.
G-PASS. Reo, 1910 model; run very
price 5oU. uan -auo Mcitay mag.
7 H. P.. $350 motorcycle for sale, $150 If
taken this week. 24'J 5th.
SALESMAN wants to meet party with auto.
uud uregonian uiug.
BARGAINS in new and used motorcycles.
ret-r Tool & Kupply Co., 311 Oak st.
Auto Tires and Accessories.
DANDY 1912 Merkel single motorcycle.
S72.50, $35 down, $10 monthly. 850 Ai
der st.
SPLENDID Indian single motorcycle, guar
anteed rirst-ciass. .trice $a.ou, $53 aown,
$R monthly. 350 Alder st.
INDIAN motorcycle for sale cheap. Inquire
.Powell Garage, n;. dith ana Hawttiorne.
Furniture for Sale.
FURNITURE Before buying second-hand
goods come ana see wnat you can do
here for cash; get posted. William Uads
by. 1st and Wash.
FURNITURE taken by us In exchange for
new can be oougnt or us ror wnat we
allowed. Exchange Dept., Wm. Gadsby,
1st and Wash.
FURNITURE of 11-room rooming-house.
very reasonable, or will consiaer good
trade. 435 E- Ankeny. East 4535.
LARGE, 2-oven range for hotel or logging
camp, good order, $40. W. Gadsby & Sons,
1st and Wash.
FOR SALE Newly furnished flat. 6 rooms:
very easy terms. 427 6th st.
All roll-top decks at one-third
Gadsby, 1st and Wash.
FOR SALE Furniture for 5 rooms.
Cleveland ave,
FOR SALE: Furniture of beautiful 5-room
flat, modern; close in. Phone East 5438.
HOUSEHOLD furniture of 5-room cottage.
sell or trade. 5bd Overton st.
SECOND-HAND brick, office fixtures, win
dows, Iron vault, lumber, cheap. Standard
Oil bldg.. East' Water and Main ats. Phone
East 4622.
SAFES Mosler Safe Co., manufacturers;
low prices, easy terms; safes opened and
repaired; bargains in second-hand safes.
108 2d st. Phone Main V07G.
SAFES, new and second-hand; low prices,
easy terms; eafes opened, repaired and
painted. PI KLELL SAFE CO.. and PUKT
LAND SAFE CO., S5 5th St. Main C309.
SPECIAL sale on desks, tables, chairs and
fil in it cabinets. oak and mahoeany
Haley Desk Co., 208-210 Eroaaway, be
tween Taylor and Salmon.
KENYON takedown house for sale cheap,
size 18x30, 5 rooms; ideal for Summer use
anywhere. F. J. Patterson. 94 Union ave.
TINTING $2.50 up; papering and painting
reasonable, joe Marshall. Phone Marshall
FOR SALE Two beautiful fur rugs,
cougar measures 8 ft. 9 in. length ;
black bear. Call B 2559.
St.OOND-H AND roll-top desk, two flat-top
desks and Z chairs. Bushong & Co., 91
Harc st. i
TYPEWRITERS, all makes. $10 to $tJ5.
232 Stark st.
BLICKEN'SDERFER Typewriter No. 5 for
sale cheap. Apply City Loan Office, SO
3d st-
THREE pool tables, good condition, cheap,
wan woocuawn tsw. c o, oregonian.
FOR SALE Very reasonable, one office
safe. 42x24 inches. AR 259. Oregonian.
NEW $1.
0 Grafonola; $75. AE 254, Orego
AIREDALE terriers to protect your home
and family. Laddtx Kennels. Estacada, Or.
LARGE roll desk. ?24.50; chairs; size 40
Summer suit, $5. 408 Henry.
NATIONAL cash registers: Get my prices.
Povey, 351 Va Wasu., basement. Main 6'6.
16-FT. launch for sale.
Inquire of H. C.
Hinkley, houseboat ft.
.Hamilton ave.
LEVIN Hardware & Furniture Co., 221 Front
st., buys second-hand furniture, carpets,
stoves, ranges, hardware or tools of any
Kina. 11 you nave anytmng in inis nuc,
call Main 9072.
Our buyer calls promptly.
Highest prices paid for ladies and men's
cast-oil clothing and shoes. Call Main
20 SO. 234 First, The Globe.
WE buy for cash second-hand National cash
registers and sell them on easy terms. W.
J. Macaulv, 354 Burnside st. Phone Main
1816, A 1816.
FAIR DEAL We pay best prices for second
hand clothing and furniture. Call Main
9272. 60 H N. 3d. M. Gllckman, prop.
WANT to buy dry Oregon or Washington
maple, ash and alder timber. Alcar Desk
Mfg. Co.. 64 1 M acacam road. Portland.
KALSOMINIXG, $2.50 room
and painting reasonable.
5i:99, A 257S.
up : papering
Finlay, Main
WANTED A one-horse-power electric mo
tor and one -small woodturning lathe. Ad
dress 2S9 East Morrison.
Buyer calls promptly; estimates given.
184 1st. near Yamhill. Main 4773,
HiGEST prices paid for cast-off clothing
and shoes. Marshall 2354.
1 80-ln. by 7 to 10 ft. upright boiler,
n a rd. Main 663.
NATIONAL cash register, price must be rea
sonable. Main 6u6, A 3606.
WE want $10,000 worth of second-hand fur
niture; highest prices paid, seiiwooa
CASH paid for hair combings. Sanitary
Beauty Parlors, 4u ueKum blag.
WANTED Indestructible wardrobe trunk
for cash and watch. A 2t!. Oregonian.
WE pav highest prices for second-hand
clothing. 2i'4 8d st. Phone Main 9263.
FORD Auction Co. pays most cash for any
kind of furniture. Main 951.
. writer desks.
a :
two second-hand type
70, Oregonian.
WE want to buy $1000 worth of second
hand furniture In the next 30 days and
pay all the cash it is worth. Williams
Ave. Furniture Exchange. East 636.
(One of Many)
Office Secretary Employment Department,
Y. M. C. A.
Tounfr man, stranger, seeking employ
ment $2ti his total cash asset) If I pay
you $5 for employment membership, I will
have only $13 between me and starvation.
Secretary If you pay $o for employ
ment membership you will have the T.
M. c. A. with all its resources between
you and starvation.
Result Young man Joined association.
In less than a week he had satisfactory
Record for 6 mo. ending June 30:
Calls for men from employers 1174
Positions filled I37
Our special employment membership
gusft-antees members will secure employ
ment or refund of membership fee; gives
two months' full and lo months' social
Constant demand for CLERICAL,
All young men seeking employment,
especially strangers, are cordially invited
to consult with the Secretary of the Em
ployment Department.
CiOOD PAY while learning trades In United
States Navy. Many different Jobs open
to men over 17 who show ability. Enter
now for big foreign cruise, Panama Cele
bration, San Francisco Exposition. Get in
formation and be examined at Navy Re
cruiting Station, Railway Exchange bldg.,
Portland, Or., or write for free booklet.
"Making of & Man-O -Warsman." Bureau
of Navigation, box 3-6, Navy Department,
Washington, D. C
YOl'NG MAN to handle detail work of of
fice. Must have some knowledge of short
hand and typewriting, and be able to keep
a simple set of books. Fair salary to
start. Good opportunity to right party.
Address, giving phone number. C 255, Ore
gonian. MEN WANTED
to wcrk at steady work in small town,
00 miles from Portland ; $2. '25 per day ;
plant has been running for several yern-s
and wants more men who will make
themselves permanent citizens. See Mr.
Damon, with the Chapiu-HerloW Mtg. &
Trust Co., 332 'Chamber of Commerce
WANTED FOR .17. S. ARMY, able-bodied
unmarried men between ages of 18 and 36:
citizens of United States, of good char
acter and temperate habits. who can
speak, read and write the English lan
guage. For information apply to Recruit
ing Officer, Worcester building, 3d and
Oak sts., Portland, Or,
WANTED Competent, liv man of good
naoits, experienced in general merchan
dising, as floor walker in lare out-of-
town department store; answers to l
ceive attention must state age expe
rience, reference and phona number. J 207,
WANTED A reliable representative for
crook County, fc-aetern Oregon : splenaia
field for sale of our goods; liberal prop
osition; willingness to work more essen
tlal than experience. Address Oregon
rvursery Company, Orenco, Oregon.
MEN WANTED To sell trees and shrub
bery. Free outfit. Experience not nec
essary, steady work. Commission paid
weeKiy. wo investment, deliveries or col
lections to make. Write for terms. Idaho
Nursery Co., W eiser, Idaho.
WANTED Two stock salesmen to sell stock
in hiKh-crade trust comoanv in Montana.
none other than experienced men need ap.
p:y. witn rcrorences. write sideootham
Wilmot. Fiscal Agents, Tod bldg.. Great
tails, Montana
wan lbD a. good appearing yount man
who can talk Swedish to take orders for
gentlemen's garments for an old estab
lished tailoring firm in Washington; good
wages to the right party. Apply to AV
zui, uregonian.
WANTED by an old-established fraternal
order, a man who is competent to organ
ize new lodges. The right man can se
cure a good contract; state experience in
nrst letter, a a ares a A(j L'(5. oregonian.
WANTED By a wholesale concern, an of
rice ooy. not less than 10 years of age,
Reply in own handwriting, stating ex
perience, education ana salary expected.
cox J L'tii. oregonian.
WANTED At once, bank bookkeeper with
tnorougn experience on boston Ledger
must be accurate and ouick. Under 35
give experience and references. O 20S,
AGENTS and salesmen wanted to handle
line of goods -where every demonstration
means a sale and a good commission. 5b7
vv asn. st.
WANTED By a wholesale and retail house, a
collector Alth an automobile; position will
require alT of your time; references and
Dona required. . i '2Go, Oregonian.
PARTNER -wanted, cloth hat and cap man
ufacturing business; must be good outside
man and have little capital. Chicago
(Jap Co., B5 ad st.. room 6.
WANTED Live, up-to-date man to sell
hleh-Krade line of lewelrv on install
ments; big money for the right man. Call
aiter 4 P. M., at eornett Didg.
WANTED Several high-class salesmen for
exceptionally eood proposition; not insur
ance, stock, real estate or merchandise.
See Mr. Colter, 514 Spalding bldg.
25 MORE experienced shoe salesmen wanted
at the great shoe sale opening today at
Wright's Shoe Shop. 244 Wash. Apply
toetore w A. M.
WANTED Toune man to work in factory
must be willing worker and have good
reierences. Appiy o urana ave., o a. ai,
EXPERIENCED checker for Portland Ho
tel ; best references required. See stew
ard. D 270, Oregonian.
WANETD Young man stenographer, one
with lumber experience. Address AD 2t2,
SALESMEN wanted for health and acciden
Insurance. Oregon Surety St Casualty Co.,
A 22 iioard or lraae.
A FIP.ST-CLASS salesman wanted for city
and country work, good proposition for
rijrht party. tau fea1, 3d st., room u.
ADVERTISING solicitors, commission, week
ly papers; contracts cashed. Clyde's
Agency. Stockixcnange bidg.
GARDENER wanted ; married men only
need apply. Kose oity uemetery, ri. b t tn.
WANTED Boy with bicycle or motorcycle,
K. S. Ervin & tjo.. seinng oiag.
SALESMEN- and dist. mgrs. for Oregon.
Nat. casualty co., sui Railway i-xen. Didg,
photo COUPON agents, new winning con
test offer. Sarony Studio, 346 Morrison,
EXPERIENCED salesmen to sell high-grade
coai. Edietfien ruei t o., L'ttz &taric st.
FOUR men to split 4-foot cordwood.
furnished. 313 Water at.
YOUNG MAN with experience to work in
drugstore. B 245, Oregonian.
WANTED Barber, Al, $16 guarantee,
steady. E. L. Townsend, Independence, Or.
BIG pav for 2 boys over 16 with bicycle.
441 Stark st.
MAN wanted for porter work and general
roustabout. Medford Hotel.
WANTED A good, strong boy. Apply Log
Cabin Bakery ;
PHOTO coupon, best offered, beauty contest
started. Cutberth Studio. Dekum bldg.
Al SOLICITOR for grocery store; good dis
trict. Call 910 E. Glisan.
COMPETENT woman for general housework.
plain cooking, no children, references, iaac
1"57. .
WANTED Girl for general housework, fam
ily of 2. Call 412 S2d st., cor. Vaughn.,
Willamette Heights.
WANTED By advertising concern, 2 live
young men not over 21 years of age, $1S.
Call bet. 4 and 7, Lincoln Apts.. No. 24.
MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN for conf 3ctionery,
ice cream und lunch room. See Penning
ton & Co., 103 N. Jersey st., St. Johns.
Washington bldg., 2704 Wash., room 35,
near 4th. Phone Main 6836 or A 3266.
WANTED Refined, capable woman for re
sponsible position. Viavi Co., 609 Roth-
chi'.d bldg., 4th and Washington.
GIRL wanted to do general housework; $15.
Call afternoons. Apt. 42, Fordham, 170
ForJ st.
WANTED Young woman for filing clerk
and to assist In stenographic work, L
261. Oregonian.
GIRL to do general housework. 32S N.
street. "
WANTED Girl for general housework, 3 ir.
family. phone E. 1322, mornings.
WANTED Experienced dining-room girl In
hotel. 23d and Hoyt.
HELPERS and apprentices for dressmaking
and ladies' tailoring. 280 Park st.
FRACTICAL nurse to take care of Infant.
22S N. 20th st.
WANTED Girl for general housework.
phone Marshall 1676 or A 1676.
GIRL for light housework, good home, wages
$15. Phone SellwooAj:5.
WANTED Waist and skirt help. 14S lSUi
WANTED1 Competent girl to do general
housework, 520 Halsey st., cor East lltb.
PLASTERER to figure on work of 7-room
house. Marshall 5209.
WANTED Woman to work for husband'!
room and board. 7 Russell st.
W A N T ED Lady
for delicatessen. 112 N.
EXPERIENCED girl for cooking and gen
eral housework ; good wages. 133 22 d N.
ONE first-class dressmaker to take charge
J. K. Shop. 423 Washington.
HOTEL cook. $40; chambermaid. wk. ;
waitress, country and beach, $35; family
cook. $45; second girl, $J0; Italian, French
or colored lady. 2 in family, Sumpter,
Or.. $30, fare paid ; cafeteria waitress, $S
week; 2 waitresses, railroad eating house,
$30. Hansen's Employment Office, 34
Washington st.
Apply at desk, 7th floor restaurant, be
tween 8:30 and :SO A. M.
WANTED High-class lady worker in dress
making shop at once; must be capable of
taking charge of workroom: good wages
to right parties. Address The Hob Nob,
213 Hubbard bldg., or phone Main SSI,
Salem. Oregon.
WOMAN for stenograpner, bookkeeper and
general office work In association. Board,
room and $40 per month- K. 2t. ore
gonian. LADY musicians for band. Must be experi
enced players. Trip of 20 engagements at
once with good pay. See W, A- McDou
gali, at Graves Music Co.
5 girls to learn beauty culture. Pay
while learning; position guaranteed. 4uu
414 Dekum bldg. Sanitary parlors.
WANTED Girl for general housework and
cooking at the beacn. win return io
Portland in September. Address box 23,
Gearhart. Or
WANTED Competent girl for general
housework, must be good cook; to go to
Carlton, Or.; wages $;;0 to $o5. Call 1495
Hawthorne ave. Tat or 175t.
MaNV of the best families of the city are
registered with the Domestic .service bu
reau for cooks, general housework and
second girls. ao6 Central bldg M. 7667.
EXPERIENCED hotel and counter wait
resses, $o0. ?40; cooks, nouseKeeper,
helper, chambermaid. Howe's Agency, o5
270 Vi Washington.
WKLL-EDl'CATED girl about 18 years of
age wanted ror oince worn; no expedi
ence required ; small salary; permanent
position. AG 257. Oregonian.
WANTED An undergraduate nurse fur gen.
era i i n t v one, with HoHDUai exuerieiico
referred. Aonly Nisbeth Sanitarium, B16
Lovejoy st.
WANTED Competent
of 4
for general
adults. 7i9
housework; family
WANTED A woman to work for husband s
room and board; small boarcung-noube.
WANTED Girl to do general housework In
email family; must be experiences. Appiy
614 Hawthorne ave. EastJi.
STRVfir.R a PTTER wanted for relief work
AddIv in own handwriting. if to, ore
want Eli Girl for general housework
good wages to the rignt partj. o
Northrup st., cor. 26th st.
WANTED Young girl to assist with gen
eral housework. Apply oi . -it i
Phone East C06.
waitresses, chambermaids, . housekeepers,
nurses. 288 Main st. Main 21)3!.
WANTED Colored maid to look after rest
room. Bradshaw Bros., 301 Koyai oiag.,
Morrison and Broadway.
EXPERIENCED infant's nurse. Phone or
call Lieut. W. R. Scott, Vancouver car
rackp. LADY to work concession at picnic Sunday.
Experience not necessary. uarvin,
4th st.
WILL give woman home and small wages
for care of child. Call afternoon.
Minnesota ave.
EXPERIENCED girl for general house
work ; German or Swedish preferred. 51
Trinity place.
WOM.vN for short order work in small home
restaurant. Pennington & Co., 103 North
Jersey st., St. Johns.
GIRL to assist -with general housework;
children. 6S6 Lovejoy.
WANTED An experienced waitress. Miller's
Kosher Restaurant, bo oth st.
LADY for
cashier. Cabaret Grille, 23 N.
2d st.
EXPERIENCED waitress. Union Depot dining-room.
Apply at once.
EXPERIENCED girl or woman to take care
of baby from 1 to 6 P. M. 7 SO Kearney.
EXPERIENCED woman to care for home;
adults employed daytime. Main 1 Za (.
WANTED 1200 hopplckers for well-known
hopvards of T. A. l-ivesiey & uo., locaiea
as follows: Lake Brook farm, consisting
of 1 60 acres in hops ; also Holmes yard,
consisting of 200 acres, both near Salem;
Independence yard, 50 acres, all located
on the Oregon Electric Railway; will
have special train for each yard, leaving
Portland on or about September 1. with
special reduced rates; will furnish free
wood, tents, chairs, tables, straw, best
spring water, on all ground and a beau
tiful camping ground, with all conven
iences, such as stores, butcher shop and
bakery; will pay 50c per box; yards In
excellent condition ; do not wait, as hop
nirkra will bf oientiful this year: come
early and ma:e arrangements for tickets
ana tents, wmcn wiu ue on on
after Monday. August 11, at Dorcas Bros.'
office, 602 Worcester bldg, 3d and Oak
Ktfl Portland. Phone Marshall 3216. A
1717: office will be open H:30 A, M. until
6:30 P. M.
WANTED 600 Hopplckers to register for
picking 350 acres hops at Wigrich
' Ranch. Independence, Oregon. About 3
weeks' nicking. All conveniences on camp
ground. - Bakery, meat market, grocery
store, restaurant, large amusement hall,
eood water and wood. Soecial train to
and from the ranch direct. For further
information aonlv at our Portland office,
room 411 Lumber Exchange bldg., 2d and
Stark sts. phone Main- 3uu, M. A. McCor
kle, City Agent.
HOPPICKERS wanted for 160 acres of hops,
very fine, clean yard, all accommodations.
Grocery and meat market, new camp
house and tents; cool spring water piped
all through shady grounds ; fare, round
trip, 70 cents. Inquire 110 Sherlock bldg..
lia ana oak sts. ir-none yi zjam, a o-uj.
HOPPICKERS wanted for the well-known
BAGLEY HOP YARD, near Hillsboro; 130
acres hops; fine accommodations and loca
tion. For particulars call at 612 Worcester
bldg.. 3d and uaK sts., or teiepnone Aiain
2963 or A 4913.
WANTED Girls between IS and 25 years
old to learn comptometer adding machine;
good positions provided when course com
pleted, call boi spaiaing.
WONDER CLOTH for polishing metals;
narentt wanted, r.ltv and country. ChristV.
factory representative. 332 Lumber Ex
change bldg., Portland, Or.
Yard at Mission Bottom. Call office at
233 2d st.
FISK Teachers Agency secures positions for
teacners. ato Journal oiag. .wain two.
THE Moler Barber College will teach you
the trade Jn 8 weeks; tools free; send for
catalogue; 20 years in the business; 37
schooU, a. lifetime scholarship given to
each student: special inducements given
to ladies. 48 N. 2d St.
mand. This coming vocation taught at
Y. M. C. A. All the Year Round Day and
Night Schools; complete equipment; best
.on coast.
EMPLOYED Christian man. 25 to 35, to
Join me in starting profitable business
spare time evenings; splendid opportunity.
C 267, Oregonian.
ination Nov. L Parcel post requires clerks,
salary $800 to $1200. Free book. Pacific
States School. McKay bldg.. Portland. Or.
GOVERNMENT jobs open to men, women;
$65 to $150 month; list positions free.
Franklin Institute, Dept. 327 F. Roches
ter, N. Y.
SCHOOLS, 505 McKay bldg.. cor. 3d and
Stark sta Phones: Main 1026, A 412L
Also headquarters I. C. S. Fraternity.
WANTED Someone to take charge of an
apartment-house for rent of own apart
ment; references required. Main 4175.
Instruction. GREGG SHORTHAND, book
keeping. 404 Commonwealth bid. Mar. 4258
WANTED--Men, IS to 45, to become Port
land mail carriers. $65 to $100 month; va
cations. AV 217. Oregonian,
STENOGRAPHERS to take our rapid drills,
any system, for positions; day and even
ing classes. 629 Worcester blk.
GIRLS Learn beauty parlor work. Earn
m oney while learning. 613 Rothch ild bldg.
KEISTER'S Ladies" Tailoring CoKege and
School of Dressmaking, 143 11th st.
Bookkeepers and Clerks.
WANTED 100 men and women to learn
barber trade m a weeRs; position guaran
anteed; modern college; tools free; a trade
that you can get in business ror yourseix.
Oregon Barber College. 233 Madison st.
up books, prepare balance and statements,
install py stems. Gillingham, auditor. 414
Lewis bidg. Marshall 717.
WANTED Position as pay roll clerk
timeaeeper, young man 30; 4 years' expe
rience. Art -w'f oregonian.
WA NTED Permanent position, age SO; 10
vears business experience; can keep books.
C E C, 621 E. 24th sU South.
Bookkeepers and Clerks.
WANTED -r- Permanent position by young
married man with implement or lumber
firm; experienced bookkeeper; wouid ac
cept moderate salary; best of references.
R. E. Walker, Soa Montgomery su Phone
Main 77t5.
SITUATION wanted by advertiser. Thor
oughly practical and competent book
keeper and office man, in or out of town
or abroad. Speaks German and French,
AI references. Apply O 253. Oregonian.
EXPERIENCED snorting goods salesman
wants position. J 26. Oregonian.
M Wei laneotu.
WANTED Position as manager of fur,
wool, hide and junk business. Will open
a paying business for party wishing to
back me T will make eood or no pay at
all. Address Royal Hotel, E. Morrison.
C. C. Howe.
TWO honest, middle-aged German farm
hands would like to get work on a farm
not far from the city ; job must be
steady. Apply at Trauimann Hotel, 2U4
Madison st.
WAXTlD Cook house by contract at log
ging camp or sawmill by man r.nd wife,
aged 3y years; experienced. AE 254. Ore
gonian. WANTED Work on ranch by married man
aged. 30. thoroughly experienced either
with grain, stock or fruit. AE 253. Ore
gonian. COMPETENT, experienced circular sawmill
man, soDer ana rename, wants position h.s
mill foreman or mill, yard and shipping.
J 270, Oregonian.
ACCOUNTANT (certified , wide "experience,
is open to engagement with corporation or
firm requiring the services of a capable
man. AN 257, Oregonian.
JANITOR and wife wants position, janitor.
First-class apartment experience, engines,
pumps and steam heat, etc. B 248, Ore
YOUNG man desires position driving auto
mobile for business firm or private party;
has had experience. B 246. Oregonian.
WANTED Steady Inside job; iar $75;
best references. What have you? Q 54,
FIRST-CLASS waiters furnished. Marshall
791, A 4910. Portland Waiters' Club. 148
5th, Portland, Or. G. C. Gerald, manager.
RELIABLE, experienced bartender wishes
position; no objection to country. D 267,
FIRST-CLASS Japanese cook wants position,
private family ; good reference. Main
YOUSG man w ants position with reliable
firm; four years' experience general office
work; references. Box 154, Linnton, Or.
YOUNG man, experienced farmer and
dairy man, wants position. John West,
R 24. U. S. Hotel, Front and Salmon.
LIGHT work of any kind by German; good
nurse, cook, baker; consider good home,
Bmall pay. L. R., 234 Madison St.
A YOUNG Japanese wants a position as
waiter or bus boy. from 5:30 afternoon. N
242, Oregonian.
WANTED Work by first-class carpenter:
also cement work. Phone Tabor 22tf7 or
write AG 254, Oregonian.
WANTED Carpenter work in the country,
by day or contract, by 2 up-to-date car
penters wishing country work. K 2tiS,
GOOD all-around baker wants steady situa
tion ; country preferred. AB 24y, Orego
nian. YOUNG man, German, experienced gar
dener; also a good auto driver; can give
references. L 256. Oregonian.
i'OUNG man, reliable chauffeur, wants
steaay position In private family. J 259,
YOL'NG German, man and wife, wants work
on dairy ranch. M 2il, Oregonian.
CARPENTER and builder wants work, day
or contract. Aaare box bi, woodstocK.
POSITION by graduate 1913 law class. Uni
versity or Oregon. o iu, oregonian.
Bookkeepers and Stenographer.
STENOGRAPHER, 10 years' experience, will
consider position with reliable firm ; best
of city references. Phone East 3S84.
WANTED First-class young lady stenogra
pner ana DOOKKeeper aesires position, au
dress Rena Booher, Albany, Or.
SITUATION wanted as bookkeeper and
stenographer; have had considerable ex
perience in Insurance. C 256, Oregonian.
Frefiff m a faera.
NEABEACK & SCHAARAR, dressmaking,
home or, day. 3G7 10th st. Main 39oS.
COMPETENT dressmaker wants sewing at
"uiiic -Ai-ain bow. l Jiay.
FIRST-CLASS dressmaker by day;
on gowns, $:50. Marshall 1029.
GOOD practical nurse; .doctors' references;
moderate cnarges. Alain tsyaT.
PRACTICAL and maternity nurse wishes
more cases, rnone xaoor 13.
. VERY refined young lady would like a
position as housekeeper or companion in
or out of city. AD 263, Oregonian.
COMPETENT woman wants position as
housekeeper in hotel; no triflers. O 264,
day work.
Main 239.
lng, ironing, cleaning.
RESPECTABLE elderly woman wants to
keep house for widower. C 253, Oregonian.
POSITION as second maid, private family,
with good city reference. Phone Mar
shall 3561.
MARRIED lady wishes chamberwork In
small hotel. F 26b, Oregonian.
TRAINED nurse wishes more engagements;
terms reasonable; some housework. Main
EXPERIENCED nurse wishes good situa
tion. East 4S50.
MATERNITY nurse wants case;
light housework. Main 147.
PRACTICAL nurse wishes to take care of
lady or child. Main 1912.
M i&ce llaneous.
BOARD and room wanted by refined young
lady in exchange tor light housework ad
companionship. Phone Main 6119. Room
No. 4.
A THOROUGHLY competent lady pianist
desires position; experienced in orchestra.
vaudeville ana soio worK. AV 20, orego
MOTHER and daughter take charge of
apartment-house. Address 6916 42d ave.
S. E- Phone Tabor 2348.
VERY capable woman wishes day work
fine laundress or substitute cook. Room
IO, Marshall 4648.
PIANIST Experienced, playing pictures and
vaudeville, restaurant or care. it Zos,
MIDDLE-AGED lady wants housework by
the day. K.. sabo, yo Kusseii st.
WOMAN wants work, any kind, by day or
nour. Phone t:ast 4Di4.
. ANTED Position as chambermaid 01
camp waitress. Inquire A 268. Oregonian,
YOUNG girl desires to assist light house
work. Phone Woodlawn 943.
LADY wants laundry and housework by the
day. Main ;2ol, A oiJ.j.
LADY caterer will do all kinds
work. Phone Marshall 2504.
of party
a competent girl. Mar
shall 242.
WOMAN., wants day work. Call Wood-
lawn 623.
WOMAN wants work Thursday and Friday
references. Woodlawn 1611.
NEAT girl works by the hour,
ney, E. 123.
Mies Keu
WHY don't you seU the Bethlehem 6-point
spark plug? Deal; directly with factory
agent and start a nice business of ycur
own. Write or call 609 Washington st.
WANTED To rent by youn counle. with
out children, 4 or 5-roora bungalow with
sleeping porch; must be modern; state lo
cation ana rent, in urei letter. w xia.
WANTED To rent about Sept. 1, 5 or 6
room furnished or unfurnished modern
cottage; will lease for year or more; with
garage preferred. East 3 341.
FOR or flve-room cottage, strictly modern,
lurnished or unfurnished; give location,
rental and phone number. H 207, Oie
gonian. '
WANTED Good ihouses to rent.
306 Spalding Bldg M. 7592.
WE can rent your house for you.
306 S p aiding Bldg. M. 759 2 .
LIST rour house with
306 Spalding Bldg. M.
WANTED 6 or 7-room modern house or
bungalow; select district. Main 2296.
A pa rtmtnl s.
WANTED Small furnished flat with sleep
ins porch on East or North East Side.
605 1 E. Morrison. .
WANTED By elederly man. comfortable
room, a basement room, pay $1.50 week.
AC 255, Oregonian,
Rooms With Board.
WANTED In South Portland, room w ith
board, ise of piano and all home com
forts: no other boarders; full particulars.
V 257. Orcsonlan.
YOUNG couple want good homelike place to
board and room, north or east sleeping
porch. East Side- State terms. . 665 E.
BOaRD and room wanted by refined young
lady in exchange for light housework and
companionship. Phone Main 6119. Room
No. 4.
RuMnes Places.
FURNISHED rooming house. Must be clean,
and will be kept clean. F 264. Oregonian.
1-urnlHbed Koonik.
Nicely furnished rooms, homelike, re
spectable, clean and modern; hot and cold
water, private baths: Summer rates. :t
per week and up; special attention given
to tourists; give us a call; you will like
it. tor you Kt your money's wortu and
then some.
FOR Y. M. C. A. MEMBERS Furnished
rooms, reasonable in price; fireproof build
ing, vacuum (.-leaned, shower baths. wim
ming pool, club facilities: special rates at
cafeteria and 10o other features. Full par
ticulars at business office, cor. 6th and
Taylor sts.
11th. between Morrison and Yamhill Re
cently opened; every modern convenience;
ptejity of hot water and heat : beautiful
lobby; rates $4 week and up; with private
bath, J5.5 week and up; transient rates,
75c and up. Free phone. Main 426.
HOTEL RENWICK Meal nome for busi
nesj people: centrally located; elegant
rooms; modern conveniences. Broadway
and Taylor, block from Portland Hotel,
opposite Orpheum Theater. Ma in 91 6.
BUCKINGHAM HOTEL, 601' Wash., ele
gantly located, fireproof, modern. $10
month up. with bath privileges; S.'O
month, private bath; dully, weekly rat.-a.
iiuTl'L S WON, 151 Eleventh street New.
modem brick buiUJing, steam-heated, pri
vate baths, hot and cold water; comforta.
bly furnished; transients sol icited.
HOTEL CONGRESS Beautifully furnished
rooms, with all modern conveniences. Gin
and Main.
THIS LARRABEE, 227 ,i Larrabee Boom?,
$2 week up; brick building, steam heat.
hot, cold water, bath, phone, electricity.
HOTEL EDWARDS. Grand ave,. E. Belmonv;
rooms $12 mo. and up: $ii2.50 and up with
bath; absolutely respectable. East .'123.
MADRAS HOTEL. 12th and Washington
Rooms, week ; private bath, $5 week;
corner front suite. S5 week.
207 H 4Th.
213Va 4th.
furnished Koomg In private Family.
IN University Park, a clean, cosy, com
fortable room, nicely furnished, all con
veniences, 2vO feet from car; price $7.00
month. Phona Columbia doo
YOUNG man, rooming Y. M. C. A., wants
roommate to reduce rooming expenses ;
reasonable cost; fireproof building, shower
baihs, vacuum cleaned, many club ad
vantages; In $500, 0X buiiding. Inquire
business office Y. M. C. A., cor. CLh and
Taylor sts.
FINE room for one or two gentlemen; very
desirable ; private family. 171 16t'i su,
bet. Yamhill and Morrison.
LARGE connecting rooms, well furnished,
running water; very close in ; reasonable.
211 12th st.
ONE large room, two closets and sleeping
porch, also front room. Marshall -i 5 J.
745 Hoyt St.
NICELY furnished front room for rent very
reasonable. 330 San Rafael St., between
PIEDMONT room wltn sleeping porch, suit
able for two; also single room; references
required. Wood lawn 884.
$6 A MONTH on the Mt. Scott line.
Tabor 9.
NEWLY-PAPERED, large front room, $J.50
per week. 4ua Jefferson. Call evenings.
NICE, large room for one or two, $12 per
month. 715 Hoyt.
FURNISHED rooms, East Side. $6 month;
light and bath. 269 Fargo st. U car.
FURNISHED room, all modern conveniences.
344 16th st. N., near Washington.
530 DAVIS, dandy room, two men employed,
$6.50 month each. Free phone.
Si.N GLE front room, 2 week ; bath, phone ;
walking distance. 325 12th st.
LARGE, pleasant front room, good neigh
borhood, waiting distance, t ianaer at.
FRONT room, very pleasant sleeping room;
moderate. 2U3 ltn St.
Unfurnished Rooms.
TWO unfurnished rooms.
gas, bath, pantry.
520 Market.
private entrance; $iu.
UN FURNISHED room for rent, 11th and
Columbia, .fhone Marsnan Jooi.
Rooms and ooard.
American and European plan; near City
Park; convenient to carline,
Washington,- at 23d st.
Residential and Tourists' HoteL
Attractive rates to permanent and
tran&ienis. Main 7554.
14th and Jetferson sts.
An exclusive residential hotel; attractive
rates to transients or permanent guests.
Main 92S3, A 662S.
KOOMS and board at the Calumet for $37.50
per montn; aoume. wiiu private diu,
per month; rooms, European, $15 and up;
rates by the day and week. 150 Park aU
Main 7300.
Select Family Hotel.
Modern rooms. with excellent table
board : very reasonable rates. lltn and
Yamhill sts.
8S6 Montgomery st., at West Park Mod
ern conveniences; rooms with or without
bath; excellent table service; reasonable
rates for regular and transient guests.
A residential hotel; large sun porch ;
rooms with or without baths; home cook
ing; table board a specialty.
THE MANITOU, 261 13th st.
Excellent table; large, airy rooms; Sum
mer rates. J' car at Depot! ,
rooms with board, use of sewing-room. U
brary. 510 Flanders. Mrs. E. N. Wilson, sup.
THE HAZEL Now changed to family hotel.
Special Summer rates; strictly home cook
ing. 385 3d st. Phone Main 7084-
LARGE, newly furnished room with board,
suitable for 2 or more; separate beds;
piano, home comforts. 191 11th. Main 6381.
ROOM with board for young women, sew
ing, laundry and library privileges; $3 per
week. Phone E. 4732.
CASA ROSA, 300 Jefferson st. Large, airy,
furnished rooms, with eoard.
YOUNG men will find good rooms and hom
cooking at 554 Couch st. Summer rates.
board optional
-Rooms en suite or single;
; Summer rates.
Rooms Witb Beard in Private Family.
VERY desirable room, beautifully furnished,
suitable for two or more; separate beds,
use of piano and home comforts; good
boa-d; $2.50 up. Main 63S1. 191 Bt-
Nice room and board for 2 men, or
man and wife; good home cooking. En
quire at 619 E. &th st. South.
TWO young ladies to room and board, home
privileges. Call at S5 N. 17th St., near
WALNUT PARK Modern home. nice
rooms, good table, piano. Call Woodlawn
2025. .
TWO elegantly furnished rooms in modern
home; nice lawn, porches, on carline, rea
sonable. C 2906. .
WILLAMETTE HEIGHTS residence offers
room and board to people desirous 01
exclusive surroundings. Main 5034.
PLEASANT single room with board, best of
home cooking, home privileges, walking
distance, nice neighborhood. Main q-bv.
ROOMS for 2 young men. thoroughly mod
ern home, all home conveniences., best of
cooking. East 4616. .
ROOM and board in Southern iamu. nice
light rooms, use of piano ; easy walking
riiBtJinrf. Phone Marshall o724.
ilOAhu and room in a private modern home,
rates for two in room. C05 Davis, near 21st,
Marshall 3S47
DANDY room and board; everything rood
em; only young people In family. Eaat
- 6023.
COUPLE with own home will give room and
board to one or two children, age A to
Tel? partlgglar call mornings. C 2994.
-ii 2r c-r v Two well furnished, con-
ne ctmg roonis; excellent board. M. 2071.
TTTTgHT room, porch, near 21st and Wash.;
family of two. Marshall o5,H.
in uTH Room and board, 3 meals; walk-
OOl il " rtr.tVi -Wain CtlflC
ing dis'ano: ,,,
PI h ASA.NT frnt room, reasonable.
Piano. Main 3S12. '! lth st.
use of
FIRST-CLASS table board, home cooking.
walking distance 4SJ0 Taylor.
WOMAN with good home wants child to
board. O 256, Oregonian.
ROOM and board, modern, walking distance.
332 10th. Main 6670. A 2S65.