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Soda Fountain and Ice Cream Parlors in Basement Shoe Shining Parlors in Basement Furniture, Carpets, 3d Floor
Manicuring and Hair dressing Parlors, Second Floor Hammocks, Tents, Coif, Tennis and Sporting Goods, Fourth Floor
10c Toilet Paper 5c
Basement Another great Wednes
day sale of high-grade Toilet Paper
at just half regular price. Extra
fine quality and full 1000 sheets to
the roll. Not more than 20 rolls
sold to any one customer. For
one day only, price per roll-"
Olds, Wortman & King
" Reliable Merchandise Reliable Methods
Store Hours Si30 to 5:30 Dally, Except Saturday.
Saturday Boon 0:30 A. M. to Bi30 F. M.
25c Hat Pins at 3c
Basement Thousands of attractive
New Hat Pins in this sensational
offering. Wide range of styles in
plain or mounted, long or short,
black and novelty colorings. Hat
Pins -worth up to 25c. On
sale today only, your choice at--
Any Trimmed Hat at Only $1.98
Regular Values Up to $10.00
In the Basement Every Trimmed Hat in the Basement is included in this
sweeping clean-up. Hundreds of beautiful models hardly two alike in the
entire assortment. Hemps, milans and fancy straws in black and all the
desirable new shades. Richefet trimmings. Hats suitable for 2 t O Q
street or for dress wear. Values up to $10.00 , . Choices' -0
Green Trading Stamps
$5 Hat Shapes at 50c
Basement For today you may
take your pick of any untrimmed
Hat shape at 50c. Hemps, Milans
and Fancy Straws in black and
all colors. Small, medium and
large. Shapes worth up Elfn
to $5.00. Special for-'"'
In the Basement All Day Today
Long Lisle Gloves at 39c
Basement 100 Dozen Pairs Wom
en's Fine Lisle Gloves on sale to
day at 39c a pair, 2 -clasp style,
in full 16-button length. Colors,
black, white, tan and OQt
biscuit. Special at, a pair
Day hy day the Big Basement Store demonstrates in a most forceful way the wonderful opportunities that await shrewd buyers to economize on seasonable,
dependable merchandise at this store. Today's offerings should command the attention of every man and woman in Portland and be the means of crowding
this popular shopping place from morning till closing time, for rarely have we offered bargains more pronounced than these. - Plan to visit the Basement Store
today and share in hundreds of special bargains in all departmental ! Double S. & H. Green Trading Stamps with all cash purchases Groceries alone excepted.
Women's $25 Suits, Coats $8.98
$7. SO to $10 Long
Basement Women's Tailored Suits and
Coats odd lots from this season's best
6tyles. Serges, Diagonals, Worsteds and
Novelty Mixtures in good staple colors.
Well tailored and perfect fitting garments.
Nearly all sizes are in the lot. Q 52
"Values up to $25.00 priced at750it0
Linen Coats $4.98
Basement Special one-day sale of Wom
en's Long Linen Coats just the thing for
motoring or traveling wear. Only 75 coats
in the lot, so be prompt. Several styles.
Made from medium or heavy weight linen
crash. Full line of sizes. G?Z QQ
Standard $7.50 to $10 valuesP-0
SOOHandsomeSilk Waists $2. 48
. Misses' Middy Blouses Special at 59c
Basement The chance you have been
watching for! 30 Dozen Misses' Middy
Blouses, of good grade wash materials,
medium weight, with deep sailor collars
and trimmings of blue or red. Cut full
Basement A splendid Silk Waist Bargain
for Wednesday, 400 stylish new models in
plain tailored effects or more elaborately
trimmed styles. Plain and fancy silks in
black, white and favored shades. Extraor
dinary value. Good range JJO 5 O
of sizes. Priced special at
and long &nL very nicely made. ?Q
Ages 8 to 16 years. Today at-''"
Women's House Dresses at 98c
Women's $2.75 Wool Sweaters $1.98
Basement Special Wednesday sale of
Women's House Dresses. Neat, attractive
styles, well made and nicely trirnmpd.
Made from best quality wash materials'.
Ton pay $1-50 for this quality els--
where. Nearly all sizes. Today at a-'C'-'
Basement A timely sale of Women's Wool
Sweaters. Plain ribbed or fancy weaves.
Coat style with high neck, side pockets
and large pearl buttons. Full length.
Colors gray, white, cardinal; j? S QQ
all sizes. Reg. $2.75 sweaters P-.70
Women's Wash Dress Skirts 98c
Girls' $1, $1.25 Dresses Special 69c
I Women's 50c Union Suits at 35c
Two Styles and in all Sizes
In the Basement Special Wednesday sale of Women's Fine Lisle Finish
Union Suits. Two styles low neck and sleeveless, with tight-fitting or wide
lace trimmed knee. Nicely finished and perfect fitting garments in just
the proper weight for warm weather wear. Sold regularly at O EZ(
50 cents a garment. Complete line of sizes to select from. Today at--"'
Basement Women's Washable Dress
Skirts, very desirable for outing or house
wear. A few in this lot slightly soiled,
but otherwise perfect. Good, serviceable
wash materials in white and colors. Well
made and very neat fitting. Val- QO
ues up to $3.00, specially priced atfOv
Basement A wonderful sale of children's
pretty Wash Dresses Pleasing, attractive
styles and splendid quality washable mate
rials. Many dainty styles in this line to
choose from. Sizes 6 to 14 years. ZCir
Regular $1.00 and $1.25 values
Gowns and Combinations at 59c
Women's 29c Hose 21c
Basement Women's Silk Mercer
ized Hose in black, Vhite and tan.
Fine quality in Summer weight.
Double heel and toe and seamless
feet. Sizes 8y2 to 10,Ot
29c Hose, special, a pair "'
Child's ZUC HOSC
Basement Children's good, de
pendable school hose. IXI Tibbed
with seamless feet, double heel and
toe. These come in black only.
Warranted fast color. f Ol.p
Sizes 6-10. 20c Hose XaW
Women's $1.25 Crepe Gowns at 85c
Basement Special one-day sale of Wom
en's Muslin Gowns and Combinations.
Great many styles to select from. Fresh,
snowy white garments in good, full sizes
and trimmed with fine laces, em- ?Q.f
broideries, ribbon, etc. 85c values
Basement Women's dainty crepe gowns-
just 235 of them in this lot bought special
zor tne casement store. Styled with low
neck and elbow sleeves and beautifully
trimmed with laces, embroideries, O
etc. Full sizes. Reg. $1.25 values 0JC
Women's 85c Corsets Only 48c
Regular $1 Corsets Special 63c
Basement At this price we offer 4 splen
did new model corsets for the average fig
ure. Fine quality coutil, non-rusting steel
bomngs and 4 hose supporters attached
Stylish, perfect fitting corsets, in
sizes to 30. Reg. $1 values, special OOC
50c Embroidery Flouncings 19c
27 In, Wide Beautiful Patterns
In the Basement 10,000 Yards Beautiful Embroidery Flouncings in to
day's special sale at less than half price. Scores of exquisite patterns
in large or small. Come full 27 inches wide with deep, well-worked edges.
The most-important offering of the season don't miss it. Embroi- Qf
deries worth 50 cents a yard will be on sale today at, per yard,
KaKPTTtPnr. A o-s 1 n f ru Q v wa -m h n a nn
sale a splendid line of 85c Summer weight
corsets at above price. Best grade corset
with non-rusting steel bonings and 4 hose
supporters attached. Will give &JZQf
wear. Sizes 19 to 30. 85c corsets "OC
, v
' wa.
50c Fancy Kiooons vc
Basement Fancy ribbons of all
the most wanted kinds are to be
found here Dresdens, Roman
Stripes, Checks, Plaids and nov
elty combinations. All "1 Qf
silk, t to 6 in. wide. Yard
25c to 35c Laces at 5c
Basement Not in months have we
offered a better lace bargain.
Black or white edges and inser
tions in widths up to 3 inches.
Extra fine grades. 15c to
35c values. Special, a yard-''
Wash Goods and Domestics
Priced Specially Low
Basement Double S. & H. Green Trading Stamps will be given with all cash
purchases of 10c or more Groceries' excepted. Stamp Booth, Main Floor.
5000 Yards Dimities at 9c Yard
Colored Lawns on Sale at 4c
Fine sheer Dimities in handsome
new patterns. Light colorings.
Come full 30 inches wide. Q-
Special today at, the yard''
Dainty colored Lawns in fancy open
stripe effects. Make up very
nicely for Summer dresses. ig
Special sale today at, the yard-
32-In Seersucker Now at 11c Yd.
45x36-In. Pillow Cases at lOc
32-inch striped Seersucker in neat
patterns and good, fast colors. Very
desirable waist materials 1 "ff
'1 JL JL
Requires no ironing. Spec'
100 Dozen Bleached Pillow. Cases in
size 45x36 inches. Good heavy
quality; finished with a 3- t
inch hem. Special, each at "
8-4 Bleached Sheeting 21c Yard
Mill-Ends Drapery Goods 8c Yard
Special one-day sale of good quality
bleached sheeting. Splendid weight
for hotel use. 8-4 width. Q1
Special today at, the yard, - "
Mill Ends Drapery Goods in lengths
up to 10 yards. Scrims, Madras,
Swisses, etc. Regular 12c
and 15c values. Special, yard-
1000 Drapery Remnants l2 Price
Batiste Flouncings 19c Yard
Short lengths of drapery goods, suit
able for dozens of different purpos
es. All the wanted (fbff
kinds. On Sale today at vll
50-inch Embroidery Batiste Flounc
ings tan and black grounds em
broidered in contrasting t
colors. Special today at- 27"
Men's $1.00 Summer Union Suits 69c
Men's Balbriggan Union Suits 48c
Basement Another great one-day sale of
Men's Summer Union Suits. Fine grade cot
ton in white or ecru, long or short 6leeves
and ankle length with patent closed ZCkg
crotch. Sizes 34 to 46. Reg. $1 suit
Basement Men's Fine Ballbriggan Union
ouns iu ournmer weignt. .snort sleeves and
ankle length. "Very fine woven and nicely
finished garments. In ecru color i O-,
only. Sizes 36 to 44. 75c value.TfOC
Men's 50c Summer Underwear at 37V2C
Men's 50c Blue Chambray Shirts 39c
Basement Men's cool Summer Underwear
shirts and drawers in three styles in this
immense lot. White or ecru with short or
long sleeves and ankle length. 01
Shirts 34 to 46, drawers 30-44
Basement Standard grade Blue Chambray
Shirts for men the most popular of all
working .shirts. Cut in full sizes and extra
well made. Medium and dark QQn
blue. Sizes 142 to 17. 50c shirts J
Boys9 $1.00 Knickerbocker Pants 79c
Boys' Shirts, Values Up to $1, Now 39c
Basement Boys' shirts on sale Wednes-
Basement Special purchase and sale of 100
Dozen Boys' Knicker Pants. Corduroy and
smart mixtures in neat browns and grays.
Full peg top, with double taped
seams. Ages 5 to 16. $1 pants now
day at less- than half price. Many differ-,
ent styles with or without collars at
tached. Very best of materials; OA
well made. Sizes 12 to 14. $1 val. OJC
Women's "2-in-l" House Dresses $1.19
At the Main Floor Center Circle
In the Basement The ino6t "practical, most serviceable house dress on the market. Made
to be used as kimono or dress and are adjustable to any size waist measure. ' Women who
have once worn these will have no other kind. . Today we show this splendid line in
a wider range of materials, including ginghams, chambray and nurse stripes. Neatly
trimmed with pipings, bands, embroideries, etc. High or low neck, long' or - -
short sleeves and in a full line of all sizes for women and misses. Special P -a- JL jf
Extra Special Offering
2100 Yds. of High-Grade Silks
Standard $1 and $1.25 Values
2n rn 27 In. Wide at a Yard oJ
In the Basement Another one of our famous Silk Sales will take place in the Basement
today, at which time we offer 2100 yards of this season's most wanted fancy silks
at about half price. Very finest grade chiffon taffetas in fancy plaids, checks and nov
elty stripes in an endless assortment of colorings. Unquestionably the premier silk offer
ing of the present season and one which every woman in Portland should take advantage
of. Silks that are much in demand for dresses, waists, linings, petticoats QC
trimmings. Standard $1.00 and. $1.25 values. Your choice today at, the yard,-'-''
Up to $1 Fancy Silks 49c Yd.
75c and 85c Fancy Silks 39c Yd.
Basement In this lot we include several
lines that are somewhat broken as to colors,
but all are strictly high grade. 24-inch
Silk Poplins, 24-inch fancy Foulards, 30
inch striped Pongee, Bulgarian Sibf
Silks, plaids, etc. Vals. to $1.00
Ttunmf'nt Plain or fancv weaves in 24-
inch Plain Taffetas, 24-inch Silk Poplins,
pencil and hair-line stripes, fancy checked
Taffetas, etc. Silks for all purposes. The
regular 75c and 85c silks placed on ?Q
special sale for today at, the yard,-'-''
Bathing Suit Mohairs 39c Yard
Women's $5 Shoes $1.98
Basement Plain and fancy Mohairs for
bathing suits. Extra good quality, rich,
lustrous finish and fast dye. Navy, black,
cream and fancy plaids or checks. 36 inches
wide. Reg. 50c and 65e grade of- OQa
fered today at, the yard, only-'-'-'
Basement Women's and misses' high-grade
Footwear in all the fashionable new lasts
and leathers. Gunmetal, patent, vici kid,
velvet, suedes and tan ; button or lace styles
in all sizes and widths. Val- tg "f QO
ues to $5.00, for today only P-I-70
Gevurtz Stock Housefurnishings 2 Price
Cooking Utensils, Cut Glass, Silverware, Lamps, Cutlery, Etc.
In the Basement Store The Great Basement Sale of the Gevurtz stock of Kitchen Furnishings and Home Needs continues with hun
dreds of new bargains being added daily. Owing to our limited space we cannot display all of the stock at once, but as fast as pos
sible we are bringing the stock forward. Visit the Basement every day if you want the best bargains of the season. Double S. & H.
Green Trading Stamps given with all purchases of 10c or more. Note the following Half-Price Specials on sale in the Basement :
$2 Coal Oil Reading Lamps at $1.00
$7 Dinner Sets, Asst. Designs $3.50
Regular $ 4.50 Electric Portable Reading Lamps now only $2.25
Regular $16.00 Electric Portable Reading Lamps now only $8.00
Regular $22.00 Electric Portable Reading Lamps now only $11.00
$2 Cut Sunburst Water Sets $1.00
Set ' consists of one large Pitcher and six Tumblers to match.
90c Out Glass Pitchers, sunburst design, Vi-gallon, now at 45
80c Cut Glaso Pitchers, sunburst design, 3-pint, now at only 40
$1.20 Cut Glass Tumblers, sunburst design, now at the dozen 60
With decorated Klobe or shade
$2.25 Coal OU Lamps 81.13
$6.5.0 Coal Oil Lamps $3.25
Coal Oil Hanging Lamps Special
$ 7.00 Hanging Lamps S3.50
$11.50 Hanging Lamps $5.75
Special Bargains on 1-2 Price Tables
Plates, Meat Dishes, Vegetable Dishes, Sugars and Creamers, Sil
verware, Butcher Knives, Cake Plates, Salad Bowls, Table Lamps,
Nickel Goods in fact, everything yon need. SPECIAL PRICES
Demonstration and Sale of "Kleinert's" Dress Shields
We've a special demonstrator at our Dress Shields Counter who will take great pleasure in advising
ypu In regard to your Cress Shields. She is an expeit In her line and can tell you many Interesting
things, about these famous Shields. The following prices will be In force the remainder of the week:
22c Kleinert's Juno Shleld3. No. 3. special at 15
25c Kleinert's Juno Shields. No. 4. special at 17t
80c Kleinert's JunO Shields. No. E. special at 2Q
50c Kleinert's Eton Shields, all sizes, special,
25c No. 2 Double Gem. 3 pairs at 5Q: pair. 18
2"c No. 3 Double Gem. 3 pairs at 6Q; pair. 22c
30c No. 4 Double Gem. 3 pairs. 65; pair at 23
Attend the demonstration at the Notion Counter.
Wednesday Is "Notion Day" at the Bargain Circle
100-yard. Spool Cotton, all colors. 4
100-vard Soool Cnttnn. a iImad 44
fepool Silk, large spools, at only 19
5c Spool Cotton. 200 yards, only -ie
Large-size Curling Irons at only 8e
25c Sewing Machine Oil. now at 15t
Cube Pins, all colors, special, only 4c
.Hairpins, six In a package, shell
or amber, special now at only lOe
Hairpins, three on a card, now lO?
Hairpins, six on a card, now at 5c
25c Roll-up Tape Measures only 15c
Barrettes. in all styles, for only lOO
Silk Hair Nets, special, five for IOC
10c Pearl Buttons, all sizes, only 5
25c Skirt Markers, special at only Si
Wire Coat Hangers, special for :;
10c Safety Pins, special at.' each. 7c
5c Mildred Hair Nets, special at 3c
10c Bias Folds, all sizes, white, 5C
Sanitary Aprons and Belt at only SOf
Child's 20c Hose Supporters, only 12e
Needles.' regular 5c kind, pkg., 2M:C
15c Silk Seam Binding. 9 yards at Sc
10c wire Hairpins, special, only c
5c Collar Supports, odds, ends. 2,.4C
White Cotton Tape, 4-yard pieces, 2
White Linen Tape, assorted pieces. !lc
Collapsible Trouser Hangers, at IOC
25c Wash Trimmings, six yards, 18c
Dress Fasterners. white, black, S'.-iiC
Snap Fasteners, white and black, 5c
Sonomore Fasteners, dozen, only .!
Value of Transferable Grants Affect
ed Placed at $3O,00 Other
Applications Made.
Adoption by the Cit Commission of
an ordinance being prepared by
Mayor Albee prohibiting the transfer
by the city of saloon licenses, will
cause the Immediate revocation of
licenses valued at close to $30,000, ac
cording to a report prepared yester
day by the license department of the
City Auditor's office. It is reported
that there are 30 licenses now In the
hands of breweries and other saloon
interests, which will be killed auto
matically if the ordinance Is passed.
The measure as proposed provides
that when a saloon goes out of busi
ness the license reverts back to the
city. No license can be held for spec
ulative purposes and none can be held
unless the holder is actually engaged
in the saloon business.
Despite the decree of the Mayor to
the effect that no more transfers will
be granted there are eight applica
tions for transfers on Tile in the license
department at the City Hall. All have
been filed since the new administra
tion took charge of affairs. These ap
plications for transfers are: George M.
Crane, 148 Broadway, to C. D. Elder,
same address; H. Meister, 201 Jefferson
street, to Adolph Rieder, same address:
H. Meister, 274 Front street, to Naimon
Levinson, same address: H. Meister,
261 Second street, to John Walter and
William Bartels, same address; Fred
Brakenbush. 520 Savler street, to L. H.
Hamig. same address; Clayton Kalian,
365 Morrison street, to H. Jacobson.
same address; Roberts & Johnson, 115
North Sixth street, to Emil Johnson
and A. J. Erickson, same address; Her.
man Schroeder. 287 Russell street, to
Martin Schrants and T. Knox.
Mr. Meister, who has arranged to
sell some of the licenses held by him
self If the city will permit a trans
fer, also holds other licenses. Before
the present administration they were
held at a value of about $1000 each
Douglas Farmer Escapes Death.
ROSEBURG, Or, July 8. (Special.)
Otto Blakeley, ' a wealthy Douglas
County farmer, narrowly escaped death
In the Umpqua River yesterday, when
a team which he had driven Into the
stream to drink stumbled and fell head
foremost into the current. Both horses
were drowned. Mr. Blakeley, who was
thrown from the wagon seat as the
horses fell, only escaped after a des
perate battle with the waters of the
"Don't forget this! Insecticide kills
the bedbug. Main 292, at 260 Third.
Plummer Drug Co."
Edlefsen guarantees good fuel.
Reception, Dinner and Ball Feature
First Day of Oregon Convention,
' Which Continues Three Days.
Leaving Portland yesterday morning
at 8:45. more than 100 persons went
to Bayocean for the twenty-fourth an
nual convention of the Oregon State
Pharmaceutical Association, which will
be in session until Friday, June 11, in
clusive.. A reception, . dinner and ball
in honor of the delegates were the
features of the first day at Bayocean,
the actual business session being sched
uled to begin this morning.
While there will be business sessions
In the forenoons of each day, the mem
bers of the organization are not in
tending to let the business interfere
too much with their pleasure, so elab
orate entertainments, including sports
and amusements of all kinds, have been
provided for afternoons and evenings.
The committee of the day yesterday
was H. A. Martin and A. E. Crosby, of
The Dalles.
L. B. Ferguson. of Newberg, and
Mr. E. R. WiJliston. of Portland, are
on the committee for today, and Lewis
Johnson, of Silverton, and Mrs. A. W.
Allen, of Portlana, are on the Thurs
day committee, while the committee
for Friday, the closing day, is not
Those in the party which left yes
terday to attend the convention are:
Mr. and Mm. W. Hal McNilr, Aahland;
Miss Mary Williams, Ashland; Judge George
C-. Biakcly and wife. The Dalles: A. B.
Crosby and wile. The ralles; Louis John
son. Silverton: Mrs. A. E. Wrlghtman and
child. Silverton; I,lnn B. Tergusen and wife,
Newberpr: George A. Harding- and wife, ore
iron City; Clyde G. Huntley and wife. Ore
son City; Misa Louise Huntley, Ore
gon City; J. H. Marsh and wife,
Wasco: H. M. Horton and wife. Bums:
Miss L. Smith, Burns; N. B. Reed, Burns;
L. A. Jackson and wife, Cornelius; Charles
M. Clarke and wife, Hood River; Professor
C. M. McKelllps. Corvallis; W. J. Newman.
Milwaukee. Wis.; Frank F Ward, Salem;
Dan J. Fry. Salem; H. L, Moore and wife.
Woodburn; T. O. Wood worth, Albany; Joe
M. Rlcen, Frank C. Pozzl, wife and two
children: H. C. Hendersen. R. B. Nicols
and wife. W. A. Schmidt and wife, W. R.
Sawyer, J. H. Alexander. W. F. Richter, W.
H. Ziegler and wife, C. W. Tieldtng and
wife. Walter Gradon, Dr. O. P. S. Plummer.
Arthur Gelsler and wife, Ira Allen and wife,
W. A. Vlggers and wife, Fabian Byerly. C.
C. Duncan and wife, H. C. Marquart, Claud
C. Perry, Jack Gillespie. A. L. Matthiel and
wife, E. R. Wllllston, wife and - children,
A. H. Brown, Dr. W. I. Cottel. T. F. Baylisa
and wife, H. E. Couch and wife, H. W.
Hoiden and wife, J. D. Gulss and wife. F.
A. Watts and wife, W. C. Wltxell and wife,
M. A. Laue and wife. Frank C. Caldwell. A.
W. Allen and wife. O. L. Mienlnger, Henry
Frank. William S. Stock, Miss Francis Har
ris, . Miss Eff le Teichthesen, Mrs. Otto K.
Laue, Sam Heldford, F. C. Felter, Ben F.
Jones. Chester V. Jones, John T. Thomp
son, Miss Tressa Stewart, all of Portland.
Rotary Club, Sponsor forovel Idea,
Keeps Certificate Working and
Watches Business It Does.
Enclosed in a leather case, behind
transparent celluloid, so that it can be
readily recognized wherever it goes,
the "Rotary Club five dollar bill" was
turned loose in Portland last Wednes
day by W. L Whiting, and when the
first report was made at the Rotary
Club luncheon in the Commercial Club
yesterday, it had already paid upwards
of $100 worth of accounts and was still
at work. ,
The rule of the game is that the
man who receives the Rotary five doila"
bill must not keep it more than 24
hours, and must spend it with a fel
low member of the Rotary Club, so
that it will be possible for its progress
to be watched from week to week at
the meetings of the club.
The busy five dollar bill started out
by helping to square .an account with
a dentist. Then it paid tailors' bills,
telephone bills, bought phonograph rec
ords and flowers, and many other
things as it passed from hand to hand.
J. K. Gill & Company had the bill
when the report was made at the
meeting yesterday and were intending
to get rid of it the same faternoon.
J. C. Knglish, J. A. Currey, F. C.
Rlggs and D. L. Williams were elected
delegates to the National convention
in Buffalo, August 17-22. The presi
dent was instructed to appoint 10 mem
bers to represent the club in the ex
cursion to Bayocean Saturday and
Sunday by the Progressive Business
Men's Club.
Speakers yesterday were Dom J. Zan
and P'red Simonton.
Vale Banker's Son Weds.
VALE. Or., July 8. (Special.) Leslie
Hope, eldest son of President M. G.
Hope of the United States Bank of this
city, was married yesterday to Miss
Ruth Gaylord at Centralis. They will
make a wedding trip to Portland and
the Coast, returning to Vale in a month
or six weeks, where Mr. Hope has re--cently
built a beautiful new home for
his bride. The two young people met,
as students at the Pacific University.
Mr. Hope graduating with the class of
1911 and. Miss Gaylord with the class of ;
La Grande Chautauqna Pays.
LA GRANDE. Or.. July 3. (Special.) :
The fourth annual chautaqua of L:i
Grande, which has Just closed, it is be-'
lieved, netted enough money to clear
last year's deficiency of about $500.
The weather was threatening during
the assembly and held the receipts
down. The camping feature was a de- ,
cided success this year.
ard Fashions
Portland's Exclusive Corset Shop
351V2 Morrison St
The Designer will be given for 30c a year; regular price 75c.