Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 02, 1913, Page 13, Image 13

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Z&C Green Trading Stamps Will Be Given on All Charge Accounts Providing They Are Paid in Full on or Before the 10th No Stamps Given on Amounts Carried Forward
5000 Yards of National Bunting, Fast Colors, at 5c Per Yard Decorate Now Emergency Hospital, Rest Rooms, Retiring Rooms, Public Telephones, Etc, on Second Floor
Special 25c Lunch served daily in
the Basement. Soda Fountain and
Ice Cream Parlors in the Basement. s
Have your friends meet you here.
All Oregon Electric ears from the
Willamette Valley stop at our ; doors.:
All city cars transfer to this store.
Parcels checked here free of eharge. .
Sole Portland agents for Standard
"Central Needle" Sewing -Machines.
Sold on the $1.00 a week easy . pay-.ment-
club plan. ." Lifetime guarantee.
Wednesday Hourly Sales
In the Basement Store
Reliable . Merchandise Reliable Methods
The best ventilated toy-in the West!
Complete change of . water-washed, ;
water-cooled air throughout ; the entire",
store 1 building every twenty .minutes.
All items listed below will be on sale during the hour specified only. None
snown bet ore or alter time as stated. .Double btamps with cash purchases.
Store Hour 8:30 to 5:30 Daily, Except Saturday.
Saturday Hours 9:30 A. M. to i30 P. M.
From 9 to lO A. M.
Any Trimmed Hat for $1.98
Values Up to $10
A Sensational Millinery Offering for
Wednesday That Will Attract Hun
dreds of Thrifty Women Be
One to Get First Choice
Basement A thousand beautiful trimmed Hats in this re
markable offering for today our entire stock of this
season 's smartest styles in small, medium and large shapes,
with trimmings of flowers, ribbons, silks, etc., in all the
newest colorings. Hemps, Milans and fancy straws of
excellent qualities. Hats in this immense lot worth up to
$10 and a great many of them are $6.50 and $7 values.
Take ;.your choice today only at this CP t QC
price. None on approval. None exchanged P O
ft1 ,,v !'' 17' J
2-for-l Stamps With All Cash Purchases of 10c or OverGroceries Excepted
If you are In earnest in your desireto reduce' the high: cost of living, visit, our Busy Basement .today and profit by the hundreds of splendid bargains offered
in the various departments. In addition' to the extreme loy prices we. will give, Double ."S. & H." Green Trading Stamps with all cash purchases amounting to
10c or more groceries alone excepted.' Thousands of bfeautiful and useful premiums given away absolutely free. .See them in the Premium Parlors, Fourth Floor.
omens TaUor'd Suits
: Worth From
$15 to $25
On Sale for
One Day at
Fancy Mixtures, Novelty Worsteds, Diagonals, Colored and
Cream Serges' and Many Other Novelty Weaves. Odd
Suits From This Season's Best-Selling Lines, Mostly
Plain Tailored Styles, ; Serviceable for All Year
Round Wear. Good Assortment of Sizes
for Women and Misses.
There are exactlylOO suits in this special lot and they are sure to be closed out
quickly, so; it is advisable that you, come in the morning. Many of these splendid
suits are worth fronv $15 to $25, so you can judge for yourself what a remark
able bargain they are. Every garment is first class in every respect, with the best
of tailoring and -materials and the styles are thoroughly up to date. Women
who now desire a- tailored . suit to" pieoe out the Summer season or for early Fall '
wear will take quick advantage of this extraordinary sale. The ZJO
assortment contains nearly all sizes for women and misses. Choice pOi0
BasementAnother great all-day sale of
those famous $2 Corsets. Hundreds of
women buy these at the regular price ;
and consider them bargains. Five dif
ferent , models to select, from. Extra
good grade coutil with non-rusting steel
bonings, 6 hose supporters attached, and
finished with fine laces and embroid
eries, with draw string. . ' Sizes from 19
to 30. . Regular $2 Cor- fljl OQ
sets ' 'on ' sale today at "'.,
$1 Corsets at 63c
Basement A splendid light weight mod
el for Summer wear. Style suitable for .
the average figure, with hose supporters
attached. Splendid $1 Corsets. Sizes
range from 19 to 30. On 8alo?Q
Wednesday at " low price, each "-
$5.00 Hat Shapes at 50c
Basement Small, medium and large sizes in
Hemps, Milans and Novelty straws. Good
seasonable styles and colors. Regular EZ(f
values up to $5.00 on sale today at
Millinery Flowers at lOc
Basement 2000 bunches of beautiful Millinery
Trimming : Flowers of . every conceivable kind
and color. Large or small. Flowers ;W fg
worth up to $1 now on sale at, bunch ""
Boys' $5 and $6 Staffs, Special, at $3,85
Sizes for Boys 6 to 17 Years of Age
In the Basement Store We took all the manufacturer had of these splendid suits,.for we saw at a glance they were most
unusual values and you'll say so, too, when you see them. Ordinarily such suits would sell at $5 and $6, but for one day
we place them on sale in the Basement Store at $3.85. Made from excellent wear-tested materials, fabrics that are sure
to give the boy most satisfactory service. They are well tailored, with hand-padded shoulders and cut in standard sizes.
Attractive new patterns in tan, browns, grays, etc, in medium or dark colorings. Many of them have two pairs of
pants. Just such suits as mothers will want tor their boys vacation' or school wear. '. Come in all ages tor boys irom
6 to 17 years of age. Deuble S. & H. Green Trading Stamps with cash purchases in the Basement fifij
today. Boys' regular $5.00 and $6.00 Suits on; sale, today in the Basement at very low price of jJ0J
30 Dozen Boys' $l.O0 Knicfcciocicr Panis at 79c
Full Line of Sizes From 5 to 16 Years
In the Basement An all-daysale of Boys' Knickerbocker Pants that. will attract many parents to this store to
day. For vacation and . outing wear they are just what is needed. Materials include fine corduroys' and smart
tweed effects in browns and grays. Extraordinarily. well made pants, peg top; cut extra full. Double S. & 7Q
H. Trading stamps with all cash purchases in the Basement today, groceries excepted. Boys' $1 Pants at
Men's 25c Ties 1 2V2C
Basement 125, dozen Men's ; Washable Summer
Ties at-half-price -today;. Scores "of attract
ive patterns in neat stripes, dots and Jacquard
effects in all the wanted colorings. "Medium
width, reversible styles. Many men will improve
this opportunity and buy them by the doz;en.
Standard 25c values, on sale to- "t OI,
day. at half price. Reg. 25c Ties JLaW. Zt
Men's Bankok Straw Hats Vz Off
Great One-Day Special Main Floor
See Morrison-Street Window In the Men's Store on the Main Floor
today -we offer Men's Bankok Straw Hats at just half price. (' Light
in weight and very serviceable one of this season's most popular straws.
The assortment embraces all the latest .blocks for both men and young
men. Here, men, is an opportunity that you cannot well afford fa
to miss. Choice of a great many styles. All are now reduced
Popular LastsAll Widths, Sizes
In the Basement. The busiest shoe, department in the city proof that the
values we off er are not to be "had elsewhere. 1500 pairs women's and misses'
high-grade 6hoes on sale today at $1.98 a pair.. Patents;. Suedes, Gunmetal,
Vici Kid, tans, velvets, etc. good dependable leathers and f "t QQ
popular lasts. All sizes. All widths. Values to. $5.00 now at P --
Men's $3.50 and $4 Shoes $2.48
In the. Basement Men who pay $3.50 and $4.00 for their shoes should take
a few-moments.' time and visit pur Basement today. ' We buy shoes for less
than any store in -town and sell, them at a like reduction. 1800 pairs men's
high-grade Shoes in Patent,; Gunmetal and Vici Kid. . Button or lace styles,
with Goodyear welt soles. All sizes. ; Regular $3.50 and $4.00 ; ZJO fj Q
grades. - On 6ale for today in - the . Basement Store,' the pair PW0
2 O Free Stamps
Clip out this coupon, and present It, accom
' panled by a cash galescheck amounting to 60c
or more, at stamp booth and receive
In addition to the resrular stamps which are
given with-i. purchase. Void after Ausrust 1.
Gevuirtz Stock-of Kitchen Furnishings
On Sale at About Half Regular Prices -
Cooking Utensils, Cutlery, Lamps, Hardware, Fancy China, Silverware, Cut Glass, Dlnnerware, Nickel Tea and Coffee Pots,
and hundreds of other articles, comprising the entire Gevurtz stock of housefurnishings, on sale in the Basement at about
half regular selling prices. Here's a . sale that should be of interest to every .woman in Portland. Owing to lack of space
we cannot display this entire stock at one time, but as fast as lines are closed oat new ones take their place. Basement.
Stamp Booth is on the Main Floor
Regular $7.00 Dinner Sets (six decorations), now at S3.50
Gevurts entire stock of Statuary at ONE -HALF PRICE
Gevurtz stock of Electric Portable Lamps, HALF PRICE
Gevurts' stock of Oil Lamps, many styles, HALF PRICE
Gevnrta stock of Jardinieres, special at HALF PRICE
Semi-Porcelain Dinner Sets, on sale at, special, HALF PRICE
Great bargains in Decorated China Plates, Sugars and Cream
ers, Salad Bowls, Cake Plates, Berry Sets, etc, etc. Come!
Bargains in ' Kitchen Furnishings, Carving Sets, Silverware
14-inch Bail-Bearing Lawn Mowers, special at only $4.50
50-foot Garden Hose, complete with nozzle, special, 4.50
Screen Doors, siae 2.6x6.6, special Wednesday at 51.13
Screen Doors, size 2.8x6.8, special for Wednesday at $1.22
Fancy Screen Doors, sizes 2J.0x6.10, specially priced, $2.03
Fancy Screen Doors, size 3x7, specially priced at $2.16
Wednesday Sale of Notions and Small Wares
Bargain Circle, Main Floor, Between ihe Elevators
100-yJ. Spool Cotton, all colors. 4d
100-yd. Spool Cotton, a dozen 454
Spool Silk. l&rsrA snools. onlv
Vi 6c Spool Cotton, 200 yds., only 44
Largre-slze Curling; Irons only , 8c
25c Sewing Machine Oil now at X5i
fgf Cube Pins, all colors, special at 4
nairpins. six in a pacRage, snell
or amber, special now at only 10S
Hairpins, three on a card, now xO
Hairpins, six on a card, now at 5
25o Roll-up Tape Measures at 154
Barrettes. In all styles, for only 104
Sillc Hair Nets, special five for 104
10c Pearl Buttons, all sizes, at 64
25c Skirt Markers, special only S4
Wire Coat Hangers, special for 34
10c Safety Pins, special at, ea. Ttf
6c Mildred Hair Nets, special at 34
10c Bias Folds, all sizes, white 54
Sanitary Aprons and Belt for 504
Child's JOc Hose Supporters at 124
Needles, regular 5c kind, pkg:. SW4
15c Silk Seam Binding-, 9 yards 84
10c Wire Hairpins, special only 54
Be Collar Supports, odd, ends. 2)64
"White Cotton Tape, 4-yd. pieces 2
White Linen Tape, assort'd pes. 3
Collapsible Trouser Hangers at 104
25o Wash Trimmings, six-yard 184
Dress Fasteners, white, black, 2 Vi 4
Snap Fasteners, white, black, 54
Sonomore Fasteners, dosen at 44
Demonstration and Sale KteinertDress Shields
Notion Department on
Main Floor, near
Tenth - St. Entrance.
22c Kleinert Juno Shields, No. 3, at 15.
25c Kleinert 's Juno Shields, No. 4, at 17
30c Kleinert 's Juno Shields, No. 5, at 20
50c Kleinert 's Eton Shields, all sizes, 35J
25c No. 2 Double Gem, 3 pr. 50c; pair 18
27c No. 3 Double Gem, 3 pr. 60c; pair 22
30c No. 4 Double Gem, 3 pr. 65o; pair 23
Attend demonstration at Notion Counter
House Dresses
Center Circle, Main Floor
Special one-day sale of the famous "2-in-1"
House Dresses. Very practical, can be
worn as house dress or kimono and are ad
justable to any size waist measure. Made
from best quality ginghams, chambrays and
nurse's stripes. A variety of attractive
patterns, also in plain colors. Neatly
trimmed, high or low neck, 3J 1 "1 O
long or short sleeves. Choice P X J. 27
Middy Blouses 55c For one hour,
rrom a to 10 A. M., misses' Middy
Blouses of good heavy ma-C?fif
teriala. Sizes 18 to 20, at
S5c Corset Covers 19c For one hour,
irom V to XO A. M. dainty Corset
Covers, trimmed with laces, "f
etc. All sizes, bpecial each
Boys - Shirts 19c For one hour,
from 9 to 10 A. M., Boys Shirts of
good grade materials, tan f
only. All sixes. Special at f
Huck Towels 95c Doz. 17x34 inches,
heavy cotton huek towels, with col
ored borders. Very absorb- Q C
ent. Special the dozen at''
Window Shades 33c For one hour,
from 9 to 10 A. M., sale of 300 Win
dow Shades. Standard sizes. O 0
Green only. Each at special 00C.
Women's Juliets 98c For one hour,
from 9 to 10 A. M., comfortable and
very durable. Rubber heels. Q IS
Fine soft kid. Special, pairOl
From 10 to 11 A. M.
Wash Suits $1.00 From 10 to 11 A.
M., Women's Wash Suits in white
and colors. Odd lines. J?"J Cf
Some a little soiled PJLmJl7
Child's Dresses 48c For one hour,
from 10 to 11 A. M., Children's new
style Wash Dresses of fine Jj Qg
materials. Ages 2 to 6, at O
Wool Serge 39c For one hour, from
10 to 11 A. M., 35-in. Cream Wool
Serge in splendid weight OQa
and quality, 60c-yd. grade
Feather Pillows S9c For one hour,
from 10 to 11 A. M., Good size feath
er pillows, covered with OQ
fancy ticking. Special at-'
Bed Spreads 89c For one hour,
from 10 to 11 A. M., f ull double-bed
size white Bed Spreads. Q Of
Marseilles patterns, each-'''
Trimmed Hats 8c For one hour,
from 10 to 11 A. just 100 Hats
in this line. Newest shapes. O
Handsomelv trim'd. $5 valsVOC
From 11 to 12 M.
Torchon Laces Sc For one hour,
from 11 to 125000 yards fine Tor
chon Laces, narrow or wide. Of
Regular 5o and 10c grades, at-"'
White Waists 39s For one hour,
from 11 to 12, line sheer white
lawn Waists, trimmed with OQ
laces and tucks. All sizes -f
Boys' Sweaters 29e For one hour,
from 11 to 12. Boys' and youths'
wool sweaters, $1 val., good O Ckr
heavy grade, 34 to 40. at
29c Pants at 19c For ona hour,
from 11 to 12. Women's fine knit
pants. Loose or tight-fit-
ting knee. Swiss ribbed JC
50c Jewelry at 15c For one hour,
from 11 to 12. Monster sale of fancy
Jewelry. Hundreds or nov- T CZf
elties. Values to 50c, at-.Ot
Cotton Ch allies, 19c For one hour,
from 11 to 12. 36-inch Ch allies in
rich Oriental colorings. Will 1Q
wash well. Special, yard at1'
From 12 to 1 P.M.
60cf Flouncings l&c For one hour,
from 12 to 1. 27-inoh Fine Swiss
Embroidery Flouncings in "J Qs
neat designs. 35c to 60o val. w
Curtain Materials 8c For one hour,
from 12 to 1 Mill Ends of Curtain
goods in lengths np to 12 yds.
15c values, on sale at the yard-'1'
Linen Coats $1.59 For one hour,
from 12 to 1. Heavy linen crash trav
eling coats, full length sZg TQ
plain styles. 100 in lot pS..7
Lisle Gloves 85c For one hour,
from 12 to lw Colors black, white,
tan, gray, biscuit, 16-but- 05T
ton length, 2-clasp style, pr. OfcJl
Boys' Overalls 29c For one hour,
from 12 to 1. Extra good grade blue
denim, trimmed with redOQp
or blue. Sizes 3 to 10 yrs.'2''
Pongee Silks 44c For one hour,
from 12 to 1. 36-inch Pongee Silks.
Best American make. Rich J kg
finish. Special, the yard '
From 1 to 2 P. M.
$1.50 House Dresses, 95c For one
hour from 1 to 2 Women's House
Dresses in light and dark Q
colors. Regular $1.50, onlyf--5c,
10c Laces at lc yard For one
hour from 1 to 2 -Val., Torchon and
Novelty Lace Insertions. ' At- "1
tractive patterns. A yard at--
$1.00 Fancy Silks, 47c For one
hour from 1 to 2 1800 rich fancy
silks Foulards, Checks, k7g.
Stripes, etc. Vals. to $1.00"
Wash Goods, 9c a yard For one
hour from 1 to 2 Sale of 2000 yds.
dainty Wash Fabrics, newestirf
shades. Special price, the yard' "
$1.00 Corsets at 58c For one hoar
from 1 to 2 Four splendid new
models for the average fig-fij Qf
ure. Sizes 18 to 30, Reg. $l-OC-$1.50
Parasols, 95c For one hour
from 1 to 2. Women's fancy Para
sols in plain or novelty pat- Q CT
terns. Regular $1.50 vals.f
From 2 to 3 P. M.
Suits and Dresses, $4.95 For 1 hour
from 2 to 3 Just 100 in this lot,
good materials, good G?2 OCT
styles; $10 to $20 at fv
Boys' Pants, 25c Pair For one hour
from 2 to 3 Sale of Boys Cotton
Worsted Pants, bloome r 9?-
style, neat patterns, at only-
Children's Hose, 9e For one hour
from 2 to 3 Fine ribbed Cotton
Hose with double heel and tot.Q
Black, tan, 15o grade, a pair'
Embroideries, 9c a yard For one
hour from 2 to 3 Beautiful deep
embroidery flouncings. ManyQ
designs. Special the yard, at''
60c Dress Goods, 25c For one hour
from 2 to 3 Double width Dress
Goods in neat mixed tweed OCJ
effects. Values to 50c, at-'
Infants' Sleepers, 29c For one hour
from 2 to 3 Baby Bunting Sleeping
Garments. Medium weight. OQ,
Extra grade. 75o quality" 2M-
From 3 to 4-P. M.
5c Toilet Soap, 2c For one hour
from 3 to 4 1000 cakes Oatmeal
Toilet Soap, 2-oz. size. On saleO
today, special at, a cake"''
Cotton Blankets, 78c For one hour
from - 3 to 4. Gray and tan color
blankets-with fancy border. rO
Size 53x72 inches, at only
Leather Belts, 25c For one hour
from 3 to 4 Men's fine Leather
Belts in black, tan and gray. O CSf.
Regular 50c values, at only-"
Bed Sheets at S8o For one hour
from 3 to 4 Full bed size, of heavy
grade bleached cotton. A OO,
great bargain. Each, onlyOC
Gingham Petticoats, 39c For one
hour from 3 to 4 Women's Ging
ham Petticoats, neat stripe OQn
patterns; deep flounces, atOJ'O
lZVfcc Cotton Vests, 7V2c For one
hour from 3 to 4 Women's low
neck, Bleeveless vests inJ7JU
neat styles. 12Vc grade ZC
From 4 to 5 P. M.
85c Silks, 29c a yard For one hour
from 4 to 5 Plain Taffeta, Silk
Poplins and Surah Silks in O Q
great variety. 85c Silks at'''
$1.25 Neckwear, 48c For one hour
from 4 to 5 Ratine and Venise Lace
Collars in a great many Oz
styles. $1.00 and $1.25 vals.O
15c Crepe Voiles, 10c For one hour
from 4 to 5 Beautiful, soft, crepy
Voiles in check or stripe "jf g
patterns. Special at, a yard "
Children's Dresses, 19c For one
hour from 4 to 5 Stylish little
Dresses for play wear; neat f Gg
patterns, sizes 1 to 4 years
75c Union Snits, 45c For one hour
from 4 to 5 Men's fine Balbriggan
Union Suits. All sizes. Reg-5
ular 75c grade, on sale atC
35c Union Suits, 23c For one hour
from 4 to 5 Women's fine cotton
Union Suits in low neck, O Q
sleeveless style. At price of OC
Agreement Signed With O.-VV. Ii. &
N. Relative to Rlgrht-of-War.
: The last Impediment to the con
struction of Multnomah County's . end
of the Tortland-Hood River road has
been swept away with the' County
Commissioners' signature to an agree
ment with the O.-W. R. & N. relative
to right-of-way. This agreement was
submitted to District Attorney Evans
and was accepted as satisfactory af
ter some changes he suggested as
necessary to protect absolutely the
county's Interests were acquiesced In
by the railway officials.
Camps, some of which will be manned
by convicts, are to be established at
once, it was announced at the County
Commissioners' office,, and construction
work rushed. It is probable a special
road engineer will be employed to
guide the project. Commissioner Hol
man has stated that he has . such a
man in mind, although refusing to
uivulge the name.
Indications are strong that H. ' B.
Chapman, general supervisor of coun
ty road construction. Is to be super
seded soon, and It is likely If a. change
Is made that the man selected to take
charge of the Hood River road will be
his successor. Samuel Lancaster,
strongly indorsed by Samuel Hill as a
scientific road builder, may get the job.
An effort was made to have the Coun
ty Commissioners employ Lancaster
last Summer but it was unsuccessful.
Thirteen states have boiler Inspection laws.
Home Product for Federal Building
to Be Topio at -Mass Meeting."
"Oregon stone for the. new Federal
building" will .be advocated tonight at
a mass meeting of,'. labor and
manufacturing interests in the hall at
205 First street, between Taylor and
Salmon streets.
The advantages of having stone for
the new building quarried in Oregon
and cut by Portland atoneoutters al
ready have been pointed out to the
Government officials. The Oregon dele
gation in Congress is assisting the
stonemen in their efforts to have Ore
gon products used.
The meeting tonight will be called to
order by Andrew Wilson, president of
the Stonecutters' Union. Addresses will
be delivered by L. J. Blron, secretary
Stonecutters' Union; E. Hofer, editor
of The Manufacturer: H. N. Lawrle,
Bureau of Mines and Geology: T. S.
Mann, president of the Manufacturers'
Association, representing the Chamber
of Commerce: H. S. Parsons, Clgarmak
ers Union, and Henry M. Parks, direc
tor of the Bureau of Mines, Corvallla.
DON'T use a cough medicine that
contains opium or morphine. It may
stifle the cough, but It will constipate
the bowels, keep the poison In the sys
tem, and NOT cure the cold. Take
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. It
contains no opiates, is.Boothing and
healing, mildly laxative. It is a safe
and reliable curative medicine. For
sale by Huntley Bros., Fourth and
"Washington streets.
Adults and Children of Irvington
Will Be Kntertalned.
The Irvington Club will celebrate the
National holiday .on Its elub grounds
Friday with a series of events. Pro
gramma: 2 P. M., kindergarten exer
cises; 2:4S, children's races, games,
prizes will be awarded; 8. folk dances
by the children; 8, dancing on the con
crete tennis court. In case of rain
the clubhouse will be used.
A programme of patriotic selections
will be sung by a chorus led by some
of the best-known vocalists.
An Invitation is extended on behalf of
the Irvington Club to all residents of
Irvington to participate In this celebra.
. Children are invited and there will
be plenty of amusement for them all,
as well as plenty of refreshments.
H. p. Palmer, Is chairman; G. P. Els
man, secretary, and the following are
on the committee: J. p. Menefee, C. F.
Fisher, W. M. Kaput, George W. Cald
well, C Lewis Mead, R. D. Carpenter,
J. W. Creath, E. Z. Ferguson and W. J.
Big Grange Plcnlo Planned.
ALBANY, Or- July 1. (Special.)
One of the biggest Grange picnics ever
held in the state will take place in Al
bany's Chautauqua Park on July 4.
Hundreds of members ef the Grange
from all parts of Linn County will at
tend, but the event is not limited to
members of the Grange, for the com
mittee having the celebration In charge
has extended a general Invitation to
everyone to attend. As Albany will
hold no general celebration of the
Fourth this year it is expected that a
large crowd will attend the big picnic.
Musical programmes, speeches and ath
letic events will form the day's attrac
tlona with a big basket dinner at noon.
Take your family on the Fourth to
Lake View Park, the new picnic
grounds on Oswego Lake. Special train
leaves Jeff erson-et. S. P. depot Julv
th at 9:45 A. returning at 1:64
4:56 and 7:10 P. M. Buy tickets to
Bryant Station, fare 30 cents round trip
Boating, bathing. fishing. swings
tables. For boat reservation or further
information call Marshall 2379