Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 21, 1913, Page 15, Image 15

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Apart luuui
J1CM1XG il'AlUalliXla.
Furnished anil unfurnished apartments
from 2 to & rooms, rum ylG to j:.i.r0 per
month. If you want one, telephone
Main 2015. Sundays or A -015
Kvenings call Mr. Ualden,
Marsliull J9U.
Our automobile will call at any address
Uh, our ugrul, who will be glaa to show
theta apartment. Ketui-euces required.
We own or control the following:
c-elia. uud ana uli.-Hti sis.
L'lHypool. Jlth and Clay sld.
l-'oruham. .1 To Ford si.
Hanlhoru, u.M 1-th si., near Main.
Hanover, llio King si.. near Washington.
Knickerbocker, 4 1 i Harrison, near 11th.
OiderleiKh. f-li Grand ave.
St. frols, lilt c'lair St., near Wash.
St. Francis. 21M and Hoyl sis.
M'ellington, l&Ui and Kveretl eta.
i.fiS-. .'-' Ablngton Bldg.
J-d and Li'isun Sts,
Walking UUiance.
Y-ry ex-'lusivp, eleaantly furnished. 4
reoni uparLnients; all large, bright outside
rooms. '
References Required.
Marshall 3i2.
Jefferson and loth sts.
4 and 5-room unfurnished apartments;
exceptionally well arranged; walking dis
tance. Kates Reasonable.
Corner Tenth and Salmon streets.
Walking Distance.
Furnished i-oini,let;, 'J, 0 and 4-room
apartments; buihling new and strictly
modern; service lirst class.
House of Tone. Largest and finest apart
menlB en the Pacific Coast. In heart of
apartment-house illblrhrt. New and mod
ern in every particular. Apartments fur
nished and uniurnlKhed; exclusive bachelor
quarters with clubrooms In south wing;
sleeping-porches in every apartment; high
class service, refined clientele; no disap
pearing furniture; terms reasonable; in
spection invited; references required.
Phone Marshall 1101.
THE B.U1KRR, .or. 21st and Irving sts.
This new four-story brick now open: fur
nished and unfurnished in -'. 3 and 4-room
suites; reception hall; electric automatic
elevator. Holmes disappearing beds, buill
in buffet and writing desk, tas range, ice
box. plenty of closet rooms; both phones,
vacuum cleaner free to patrons. if you
want something nice, comu to the Barker.
Phone A 174t, Marshall lifil.
Cor. St. Clair and Washington.
T-argost und most beautifully lurnished
hiKh-class apartments; sleeping-porches
and root garden; ideal location for Sum
mer: high-class service: reasonable rates;
references required. Marshall SUOI).
3'Jth and Taylor.
Most modern apartments on the
racific t'oajt. Furnished complete.
Roof garden In connection.
Walking Distance. References.
Ksat lMlj and R-lmont, '4 block ot Mor
rison; hlggesi and best on Kast Side; 4
siory, modern. KioxluO; furnished and nil.
furnished; walking distance.
CU M BE RLAKD. AV Park and Columbia
sts.; two very choice unfurnished apts..
one 3-room and orrti -room, northeast cor
ner, beautiful location overlooking the
parks where we have baud concerts week
ly, all modern conveniences, close In, only
6. minutes' walk from business center: ref
erences. I-UCISHTi A. COURT,
I.tH-retia St.. near Washington and 23d.
Most modern unfurnished apartment
house in the city; a to 5-room apartments.
Investigate before deciding elsewhere.
References. Mamister, Marshall 1013: jan
itor. Marshal! lrtmi.
Fifth and Columbia.
- and 3-room apartments, furnished;
siri.-lly modern and new; references; close
walking distance; Eervice first class.
THE L'PKT'R, Cth and l'pshur sts. Fui
nished 2-1 oom apts., SIO. $18 up; steam
heal, hot and cold water in every apart
ment; public bath, electric lights, gas
ranges, laundry room, all free. Take "S,"
or 'W" cars north. Main h50.
L) ijSI K A B !.H 4-room apartment, furnished
or unfurnished; arranged for -J bedrooms,
best in city, considering rent, location,
serMre. ete.; outside rooms, private bath
hre.-t plione. SHEKFIf:LD APAKTMENTH
THE .iVAI.ON The nearest to Union Oepot
of ail Kast Side apartments, a blocks ot
Kroadwav; beautiful furnished :; and 4
room apts.: all linen, silverware, private
rHmne. bath and sleeping-porcnes; Bum-me,-
rates. Phone :,.st lliny. 25 Ross.
Sll 11th 81.. at Market.
, f t . Vvo .""U ,""eo-room apartments,
eoinpletoly fumis.ied; walking distance; reasonable, phone Mam 17.19
URA.NDKsrA. l.ost stark and Ciand ave.
New building; nicely lurnished 3-room
apartments; private bath and private
Phone; j-j.t to SJ7.5C; v,al!.inB distance
Phone Kast L'OK. . .mi.c.
..r u Hall Cozy i-rooin furnished
apts.; binldins new and strictly modern;
all outside rooms; S minutes to p o
rates very reasonable. Marshall 4r,.;7.
North nth and Northrup Sis
Homelike furnished a and 4-room' apart
ments: oulside rooms; hsleony to every
... .... ........inFum.a; rol tJnone M. 17S,
cr.MUEKLAND. West Park and Columbia
iLiir.-cM ","r"om completely furnlsiied
apts. . all modern conveniences; choice lo
iv.i'.S ra'-"; parks; only 5 minutes
ivsik from business center; references.
THE: TO WIT1 IT- nni-
? iPB,lS a-.Pa 1ylor' 3 blocks from
Postoff ice. , 3 and 4-room apartments,
Turntshed complete; modern, first-fxass
THE LET A. beautiful 6-room apartment, all
large outside rooms, nothing like this in
the city like a private horn steam heat
L balcony. Phone Marshall aJSr. 0B
. lit! CK-HARTFORD. '
snT. nl . Hlers, modern 2. 3 4-room
SfllS . Tl rMfll.brI a .1 ..... . 1
ing dlBtaiu-e. v car. Phone Mgr. A 7441
Jsnitor, A SSb.-j. Main S7s2.
unfurnished apartment w,"' bathand all
rnodern conveniences. teiepho,,?. 8team
heat gas. electric light, etc. Take W ci"
A Us" ",d Kt'rthruf rimnes Main 3U.
NOKOMii. 17tii and Marshall, walking dl
tslice; new, clean. Ungainly furnishea
well ventiluted outside rooms; disappea?:
ing beds, prlvato photie, bath ana dresi-
ing-room: Sinnmer raieg. Marshall 4(H7.
Everett2. a and 4 rooms, unfurnished;
private baths; f2i and up; completely ren
ovated: under new management; walking
.v. , ocay service.
HA Kill MAN APTtS. (Annex), 7r. Irving it
One J-hiom apt., furnished with two real
bedrooms and two disappearing beds
phone, etc. References. Main a56 or Mar
sIihI! ;ikii.
:'. or 4 rooms, large sunny, splendid
eornrr. .$1.". or S20: also ! urnishud. pays
1,1 tee (hotn. Phone R 2G12. yu E. loth
corner Washington.
l'iist-c:sK 3-rooni apartments, unfur
nished, private vestibules, bathrooms and
pl'on-s; references required.
OR DE ft r.KT7iirS2 aTaml" Avouus.. 3-room
apai nnrnis, completely furnished, private
balhH; new jnsnugement; modern and con
venient: waikmc distance; best of servlce
' ates jf Li to $30.
Lincoln" a"pts.. ith and Lincoln.
All oulsiiia 2-i-oom furnished apts.. low
incluti free light. heat, private
n ione; a..,,ivp!ete home, "'lean snd quiet.
Main i:i, Fei'1, near Wsshlngton St.
Illsh-i-lS-'s RpRrtments; one unftir
msned of a rooms, with private bal-
cony: re:isomihle rent.
ihitd and Mnuigomery; new. molern. out-
irte furnished 2-rooni Mpariments; eleva
tor: rlo in; sj,, , ;;::, M,n ,M6fi
THE CHETOPA. 1ih onil Flanders sis 2 3
and 4-room modern a pa rt men is. furnished
or unfuinlsh-d. Both phones.
jroa rest.
2. ;i, 4-room furnished and unfurnished
apartments. 1L' to $M, corner Williams
and Emerson sts., East uide; J car lines.
Phone Woodlawn 653 or 0173
MEREDITH Modern, newly renovated S
room apartments. $20 and up; good janl
V?T. ??.rv',c.e walking distance; references.
71 Z Av ashington, opp. 2Jd. Main 7134.
SIX. large rooms, hardwood floors, water,
heat, private phones, large sleeping porch,
front veranda, new and every convenience.
-..n.g niittumems, il Northrup.
li' "VOL. look for apartment, better see
t heltenbam. I'Jth and Northrup; healthy
place, all outside rooms, finest furniture.
fireproof bldg.
S-ROOM mooern furnished apartment; heat,
light, phoneti water furnished, for f23.50.
J.iu E. st.. 1 block uorth Hawthorne
avo. Eaet IUiS.
PORTNO.MAH APTS. 3 rooms unfurnished,
sleeping porch, vestibule, bath, phone, 2
closets, hardwood floors, heat, walking dis
tanc. East lath and Taylor; $l'.- a month.
3-ltOOM unfuinished apartment-in beautl
ful Bast Side home; heat, water, telephone
service furnished; rent i2t per month.
East L-fiMti. ,
Union ave. and Couch, modern, new,
'"'oohei1 "roorn aPta- walking distance.
715 Wayne St. Main 62S0.
lodern furnished or unfurnished apart
ments, three to six rooms.
cor. 11th and Taylor,
l'nfurnished J and 3-room apartments
Ptrlully modern.
1. ; and 3 rooms, modern, furnished and
unfurnished apts; Sli to :5 per month.
Main S1S3.
Park St.. at Madison.
Modern 3 and 4-rooni furnished apart
menta by the week or month.
THE ORMONDB;, 4 and 5-room apartments,
modern, furnished or unfurnished Sum
mer rates. tJSU Flanders. Nob Hill. Main
840 Van Ness Ave.
First-class modern 2, 3-room, furnished;
linen, silver.
3-room nicely furnished apartment: all
large, cool, outside rooms; 12.50; bath,
phone and on car.ine. U 3041. Tabor 22tJ.
East 7th and Morrison sts. Very central;
2 and 3-room apartments, furnished com.
pletely; private baths; from $20 to- $21.50.
Exceptionally large living-room f 16x20);
every convenience. 12th arid Harrison sts.
MnilKPV .'l.Vrtrtm ...i.l. ..1- 1 1
$ItO per month; also single rooms, reason
able. Laudoj-e Apts., loth and Jefferson.
florenceTTss 11TH "
3 and 4 rooms, completely furnished; up
lootttc, x ooi gmoeii, i rom 2I.OU Up.
T HE HOl'SMAN APTS., 730 Hoyt St.; move
in on Summer prices to extend through
the Winter.
WILL rent my five-room modern apartment,
nicely furnished, reasonable. 20f 12th St.,
l-ROOM apts, furnished, modern: refer-
-....vo. .mm.cit wmic, ;.J V.OlUmOia.
'I'll E LEONARD, 3-rooni apartment; mcd
ern. piio East Main. Phone East 1449.
For rent the finest 3-room flat In Irv
lngton, 403 E. lttth st. N., on block from
Irvington on Broadway cara; hardwood
fioois, tile batn, tirepiace, large room,
screened sleeping porch, private front
porch, mahogany entrance, gas range,
linoleum ou kitchen floors. F. E. Bow
man & Co.. office 22d and Brazee. E. U3o;
C-2S22; residence, c-Ki:i4; C-l;t3.
1HV1.NQTON SNAP Clean, desirable 4-roora
lower flat, largo private front and rear
porches, basemout, range, heater, linoleum,
etc. 373 East lflth. between Broadway
and Schuyler. Owner's phone, B 2704.
Rent Look this up. lrvlngton or
Broadway cars.
TWO desirable 3-room flats; rent $1?; ad-
Joiiiin Paje apartments. East Hurnside
and Sis sts.; walking distancs. Keys at
Woodards. 104 l!d st.
o-ROOM flat. 7so Ctlissn St.. near 23d st.
c-Hi-r new, modern, convenient; hardwood
floors. tire;ilace and furnace, select neigh
borhood. Morgan. Fli-dner & Loyce, 5D3
Ablngton b!dg.
ls MODERN 5-ioom, nice r.:side:ica lo
cation. West Side; front and back vard
and porches, gas und electricity, gas range
and water heater and linoleum- Phone
Marshall 31U7.
VERY desirable modern flat, oO'.l East Mor
rison, gas. range, water healer, linoleum,
large veranda, furnace, fireplace. Phone
Kadi llil'J.
HOI.LADAY ADD., modem 5 and tt-room
Lata, furnace, gas range, heater, linolc
,,valkin distance, near steel bridge.
- p . p..., voiner .-.luimotnan.
NEW 5-room lower flat strictly up-to-date,
all the latest conveniences; best part of
lrvlngton; on Halsey st. near lutti. phone
East 332.
MODERN 4-room fiat $1S; porches, base
ment, yard, linoleum, range, gas plale;
adults. 7u WMiilarns ave. Woodlawn 426.
5-KOOM modern Hat; lirepiace. fruit, roses;
J-mlriute walk from 1'osLoflice. 543 Fifth
"..v.. I coo. -V
0-ROOM flat, close In, West Side. 15th
and Davis, 2 blocks to Washington.
Phone East 375G.
ti-room rnodern fiat, choicest location. West
Side. Inquire 175 lii'-h. corner YamhiU.
FOU KENT li-room modern
and t-lurnside.
MODERN 5 or ll-roiiin flat, clean, ilic's
neighborTiood. 5'MJ E. Everett st.
SEVEN'-room flat; five minutes' waljc from
busliiess district. Call Main 839.
MODERN 4-room flat with-bath, furnace.
Phone East fi. B 1404.
FLAT of 0 rooms and bath, 7:il lloyt
lnTiire l::p i;ih yt. )'hone Main 027S.
MODERN 7-iooiu flut cheap. 12th and Mm
"i-y y -t.iu anil st. Alain 4oi:l.
ti-HOOM modcra tint, 760 Va Irving at. Key
a i uvocery store.
FCiR RENT Modern 5-room double flats,
new. "I.. Commercial St. Woodlawn t;:i2
on. . i . . - ..... n r-
wi..-l.v i -lou. waiKiiig d.siuiice p.-
carllne. tl-Wasco. Kast Mij.
4-KOOM flat. bath, siationarv tubs.
hoist. t aikinK distance.
G-RLiOM flat. 13th
Sit-arns bids".
t.. $":.;.o. Cogswell, hi
1 urmsiied 1'lutH.
VERY desirable three-room furnished flat,
fireplace, private bath, all outside rooms,
larse grounds, reasonable to right party.
U71 Reimont.
2-UOOM furnished flat wlltli sleeping porch,
private bath, large front balcony, walking
dislance. OOU'.t- Helm out.
4-KOOM furnlshecL. flat, complete, S21. Phone
East 3 230.
FOR RENT Newly furnished 4-room flat
wl1th piano; very reasonable. 21 Russell.
MODERN 4voom, furnished orunfurnished.
tla3 Ross St., 2 blocks Broadway bridge.
MODERN -room furnished flat. 8 East 12th
N. Marshall 7f7. A 7133.
NICELY furnished, tt-room flat ;&rrent for
il months. 7ol i Hoyt si.
House Wren ing Rooms.
THE BEAVER. J 2th and Marshall sts.
Furnished for housekeeping; gas range,
electric lights, hot water, bath, laundry
free; S12 per month up; a clean place; best
in the city for the money; short distance
from Union Depot. Take a or loth-st.
cars north, get off at Marshall. No dogs.
$1.50 TO $2.75 week; clean, furnished-house-keeping
rooms, suitable for 2 or 4; free
heat, laundry, bath, yard, gas. Phone E.
rKI.". Take S," 23d or -W" car north.
G-ENEVIEVE, 41-5 Columbia a!., nicely fur
nished housekeeping rooms; sleeping
rooms. Main 7410.
THE UPSHUR, 418ii 2tilh sT furnished 2
room epts.. steam heat, light; 117 up. Main
sr.. Take S." 2cd or "W" cur north.
'A OR 3 desirable linf urnished housekeeping
rooms; walking distance. 3!2Vi lith.
Furnished h. k. rooms, cheap. Cambridge
bldg.. 3d, cor. Morrison. Phone Main S4S.
THE GILMAN, lsttTrTXl4eiFurniUed
housekeeping rooms. $1.50 week up.
'.V. furnished housekeeping rooms; heal",
light, baths. $15. lloaifr Union.
TWO furnished housekeeping rooms, reason
ab.e. il Kearney. Marshall 4337.
til EAST Morrison, corner East 6th; nicely
furnished housekeeping suites, reasonable.
NEATLY furnished h. k. rooms, close in,
reasonable. 52U Salmon st.
Housekeeping Koom a private Family.
Ml E clean houseaeeping rooms; bath, elee
Iric llKhts. phone, with use of laundry.
4i-'t Main St., bet. 13th and J4ih.
i4ii YAMHILL 2 or mora newly furnished
rooms, every convenience; light, airy.
NICELY furnished rooms for J'J weekly
walking distance. 655 Washington.
VERY neat, lewer, 2-room sut': phone and
I.Hih, reasonable. up; i i ion ave. N.
3-ROOM suite, very ressonahle. light and
clean; vvalklny distance. :,4 Morrison s t.
SIN13I.E housekeeping rooms, very cheap "
liln.-ks City Hall. ::on flay. "'
INGLE housekeeping rooms, phone. llht
nnd bah. 2L"1 iltli.
TWO nicely furnished f rtmt housekeeping
rooms, all conveniences, $1H. r.7n 12th st.
H-QUsekee ping Kim u. sIuI'r I V a t e i a rally.
SINGLE housekeeping rooms $10 per mouth
up, newly furnishea, modern dwelling, best
West Slue apartment district, clean, light
rooms, everything Included, walking uis
tance; price reasonable, tioa Flanders, near
URST-CLASS single, also two rooms, splen
did location, large lawn, porches, w car
or Washlngton-si. cars from all depots;
walking distance to city, $2.5 to $5 week;
mcp o y IIH.1UH. iii-i coucn, corner lain.
TWO furnished housekeeping rooms with
j.u.i.i, kji.o.itr, iitni, water, v c,
y amiiill. Tator 21ita.
DESIRABLE suite rooms, large end pleas
ant; well furnished, good location.. o34
$14.00 FOUR furnished 11. K. rooms, gas
plate, range. 14 7th. Main 452D.
TWO nicely furnished housekeeping rooms.
lose hi. row .Will.
FOUR furnished rooms, private bath. Phone
j Mar. 1043. 414 Mill.
ONE or two furnished housekeeping rooms.
450 Hall st. Main 6755.
TWO nicely furnished housekeeping-rooms.
21 o loth, corner Salmon.
LARGE, light rooms, housekeeping or single.
Your own juice. 92 North 14lh.
$2.50 Nice clean corner roo'.Ti
and gas range, bath, phone.
. kitchenette
3KS 5tu st.
WELL furnished H. K. rooms, modern con
veniences. 475 East Burnsiae, corner Dth.
12-ROOM residence. grounds lCKlxlaH, on
West Side, for private residence only.
7-room modern house, 4 large bed
rooms. East Side, walking distance.
Main 302. A 23H2. 22S Stark St.
MODERN 7-room house. West Side. 7S1
York St., near 24th St. North; furnace,
fireplace, reception hall. electr"c lights,
etc.; rent to responsible teuaut. $22. 5u;
long lease if desired. Also have house
at (85 York St. on bame terms. Phone
Main 41 2S or A 5128, or call 730 Cham
ber of Commerce.
FOR RENT A cosy country home, 7 rooms,
thoroughly modern, bath, electric lights,
own wuter supply, acre of ground, good
shade, some fruit, good auio road, on
electric line but few minutes out and only
$35. Call Ashley & Rumelln, bankers, 241
stark st.
Foil RENT Hous-s. rials aud apartments,
furnished and unfurnished ; a large list to
Select from.
2S0 Oak St.
parts cilty.
houses end flats to rent, all
Main 5129.
7-ROOM house in splendid condition, fullly
modern except furnace. No. DIM H. lth
st. N. Key next door north. Rent 1S
a month. Main 3712.
300 Spalding bldg.
Main 75P2.
FOR RENT 6-room bouse on Beacon St.,
near Brooklyn School; price $18; near 2
carlines. Apply to E. Willis, 0U3 East 0th
st. Phone Sel'.wood 87S
7-ROOM modern house, sleeping porch, fur
nace, etc., nice lawn, garden two lots,
corner E. Sth st. and Wygant; cheap rent
good tenant. 513 Cham. Com. M. llloo.
MY NEW 5-room cottage, full attic and ce
ment basement, near carline. lbtj Failing
st. Phone Woodlawn 23SL
$25 14 COLUMBIA; 7 rooms, newly pa
pered; move in, save carfare. Owner,
2U0 14th St.
$15 5-ROOM cottage, 4 blocks from Broad
way bridge. 43 Ross St. Inquire 301)
Stark. Main 514.
0-ROOM house, good condition, $17. 5-room
cottase, good condition, $15. Inquire l25
B. Stark St.
FOR RENT A 7-room house nice vard.
Apply at 737 H. Madison st. or phone East
130. r
SIX rooms, modern, on corner, 775 E. Davis,
fine lawn and flowers, paved streets.
Phono E. 3538. Ankeny car.
FOR RENT - 0-room house, in good con
dition. . 206 V'hltaker st. Key at 21
Front St.
15 5-room cottage, close in, bath, gas
for euokinw, electric lights. Apply 019
Rodney ave.
IdODERN 7-room house. West Side; full
basement, furnace with water coil Phone
Main 4007. A 4SS0.
EAST SIDE Cottage, 7 rooms, bath, base
ment, walking distance, $20. Inquire room
SOI Dekum bldg.
FOR RENT Modern house, 12 rooms all
or part of furniture for sale. 313 Hih st
corner Clay.
.J22.50 o-room, modern house, Sunnyside
Phone Marshall 81S4.
FINE 6-room modern house. Holladay Park
one block from car. Call O 1308.
ONE or to rooms tor rent In beautiful
East Side heme; well located. East 2H,sii.
S-ROOM house, C'JU Flanders et. Main 0030
or East '3.
MODERN 7-room house, 5ns. East iiroau
vvay. near 10th. East 4S72.
MODERN s-room house. 6S1 Marshall near
lath. Phone .Main 77-1.
NEW modern 5-room bungalow, partly fur
nished. $20. 917 Albina ave. Miss. car.
5-ROOM cottage. 87 E. Sth st. North. Call
i r.. dim ii, i . c i ;9.
MODERN C-room house; cheap; 15 minutes
from Postotfice. fi55 Williams ave.
FOK RENT 7-room house. blocks to
'ir. SI V 1.".2. Orejroniaii.
HOl'SE of 5 rooms and bath. 03 E lath N
Inquire 130 Bth at. Main 82TS.
Kumlsuea nouses.
NICELY furnished 7-room house, modern
and desirable in every respect; large sleep
ing porch, fireplace, piano, fine lawn,
Irult and roses; will rent to responsible
parly for Summer, only. phone Wood
lawn HI4i. Call 205 Moi-ris.
LAI RELHl RST ADD. Strict! v modern fur
nished n-room house, vvil rent w hole house
or lower floor and lari;e front bedroom
for Summer, bcginnlnjr. July 1; price reas
onable. 1140 tlassalo si. Phone. Tabor
NEW ;:-rooiu moil.-rn buii-.::Cov. cuiom-ic, c
lurnh-hed; nice yard, rosr s, f 1 uit trees and
hc-. i l.iisnes. electric 'llsnls alio .villi 1
lurnished; 35. i'lion T;-.:..r ir.lo .r ft
iiOL-t or call at 252 E. 41th St.. one bloik
N. Hiuvlltorro ale.
.11ODI.RX S-room hO':se in Walnut Park:
will lease to a detii-uble tenant furnished
or unfurnished; owner leavinp eitv. For
''urt her particulars phone Woodlawn Mt.
MT. TABOR residence, furnished. 8 rooms
and sleeping porch, for rent July and
August: sightly location, lawn, roses, fruit.
Phone Tabor 3507.
FOR RENT July and Augusi. completely
furnished house, S Iivlnslon, $55,
rnone lorenoons. East 11041,
FOR RENT Furnished o-rooui house in
a Btcnia, jooui-ii conveniences:
rent $22. 5u. 3M4 j Hawthorne ave.
A CLEAN collage, close In, furnished or
partly furnished. ;4 K. Sth North, near
MuOliij N furnished 3-room cottage, gas and
electricity ; also 3-room apartment, private
hath. 514 E. 2Isl. W.-H. car.
MODERN U-room house in Waverly Heights,
piano, modern. 005- E. 28th. S.
E.. bell. 1II96.
A 1'O.M PLETELV furnlsiied S-room cottage,
gas, lawn. $25 per month. 1U24 Williams
ave. Key. Kiln Williams ave
CLEAN, well furnished U-room house, $22,
including phone ami wster. 781 Williams
ave. P'.-.ono Woodlawn 410
l'INELY furnished S-room Irvington home,
reasonable, sleeping porch, do-able garage,
091 Multnomah st. Phone East 1240
JLL. August, completely furnished mod
ern, gas, electricity, lawn, choice rosts,
piano; adults. Main 3672, os Tabor 3672.
3-ltoo.M furnished iiouse for Summer; would
like party to keep ono roomer. 016 North,
nip. A S738. References exchanged.
MODERN g-room bouse, piano and garage,
Willamette Heights. Main 4200. 1141 Ttiur.
MODERN H-room house, furnace, piano.
close in. 527 E. Burnside.
TO RENT Nicely furnished 0-ioom buiH
to.aiow . icaunii.i)c. e.,, VVUSCO St
FOR RENTSmall furnished cottage, fruit;
vjyjmc. .mi iima, i: Hl2.
JULY, August, completely furnished house;
Irvington : reasonable rent. K. 3529.
Sqru.-uff Resorts.
BA OCEAN t-room cottage, cempletely
furnished: large fireplace, electric lights,
bath. Will rent by month or for season
FOR RENT At Seaside, Mayo cottage on
board walk; 8 rooms furnished; modern
Phone F.ast P20.
for select class of boarders.
M. E. Webber.
is now- open
Address Mrs.
ft FINISHED cottage at Heasule, with boat
ror inn river. rnone I;. 3l5ii.
FOR RENT At Seavlex-. 7-ro"m furnished
House; nrepiace. .Mal'SliaM 4317. A fi:!10. us berore renting Summer cottages
Summer Besorls
1-room housekeeping.
2-room cottage.
4-room cottage.
5-room ridge cutittge.
H-room houses.
7-room houses.
For particulars address
R. McCabe. . Seavicw. Wash.'
2 comfortably furnished cottages at
Seaview. Wash., close to sea; five rooms
each; fireplace, water in kitchen. Tele
phone Main 8539.
than usual. SEASIDE. 4 rooms, electrle
ny, water. CLEAN. COMPLETE. 2 blocks
beach. July and August, $uo. Phone
Main 00 1 ;.
N'ECANICU.M INN'. Seasiue; first-class
home accommodation; aUo ocean front
cottage for rent; beautiful lawn and flow
ers, and 4-room apartment. Get ort Surf
station. Miss Emily Dumann. Prop.
FOR RENT, furnished, 7-rotim house, fire
plare, ocean front, Seavle.w; also email
co'tuge. desirable location. Walton, 51o
hamber of Commerce. Al 1 955.
SEASIDE Completely iTw nit7ieu collate :
desirable; osm. ejectr'.diy ; rvaay lor oc
cupancy. Main 2t97.
COMPLETELY furnished cottage, Svavie'w.
Wash., for rent July and Auaust. Phone
East 3210.
SEASIDE 5-room furnished cottage, on
board walk. Marshall 4761.
7 - ROOM fuinishod house; fireplace, lare
yard; Ocean Park. Wash. Marshall 4041.
WASH INGTON-ST. store. nar 19th, splen
didly iitttd for delicatessen, fane gro
ceries and liquors; surrounded by hotels
and apartments; very reusonablu rsnt;
SPACE in modern basement, ventilated
and well lighted. N. w. coiner 4th ana
Alder sts., suitable fol- cafeteria, printing
shop, etc. Morgan, Flledner Boyce, 5Uo
Ablngton bldg.
STORES for rent on West Side, choice lo
cations for cafeteria or grocerv business;
also w arehouse. East Side, on "river vall
Main 1721.
STORE and cottage; good locution, tics
First Et.; suituble for store or market: cold
stora'ge room and counter; rnl reaeona
ble. 324 Worcester bldg.
FOR RENT Stores, Nos. 24S and C5cT7iaw
thorne ave., east end of bridge. Apply
Hawthorne Dock Co. Phone East 2063.
NEW modern store, very reasonable rental.
No. 414 Washington st.
W. IL W E BO. 605 Yeon bldg. Main 4SH3.
GROCERY store for renL $35 "per month.
...i4mic oil rvmiwaj. r. X. UlOg.
SPACE for rent. 452 Washington.
CONNECTING offices, overlooking Morrison
Mr ran. in Hil. 1.1.1
. ' - ' 01U5., leaeonaDie
tei-ms; ask at elevator any hour. Phone
... . g..n o alio, o.
FOR RENT Two elegaiil business rooms
oo -o ioor in toe triooe nunoing, cor.
Washington and nth sta. Inquire elevator
mun in tt,. V111ilril.1v
MOST centrally located office: very reason-
u.v.. an-1,,,.1. ic.ALor service. OUJ Ovvei-
.m. mm, ,nn aim wasningion SIS.
ROLL-TOP desk, phones, "reception-room.
.-r,...-. B.v.., moiiin. ,j Cham
ber of Commerce bldg.
DESK room wiih phone, $8.30. 424 Haml.-
IOU DlUfc.
FINE location for light manufacturing, tail
or or offices. AS Oregonlan.
FITR.N'ISHED office space to rent, very de
sirable. 41U Lewis bldg.
DESK ROOM. 5: llsrht office. nlion .t..i
Concord bldg. 2d and Stark.
STORAGE room for rent cheap on S. P
Bt eiio. jr.. .viorrison. pnone 3 2748.
Will buy a splenuid cigar stand, enjoy
ing good patronage, very prominently lo
cated on one of the principal business
streets on the West Side; good rtxtures and
nice stock of cigars and lobaeco.
i.i,. rust nil eel.
WANT a partner in u hea.thful and plea,-
U rail I A ..Olll, l.i.elnac
t o --. una no on- some
experience with saddlo horses preferred
$oOOO cash required; only principals need
answer. This business will besr the clos
est investigation. Address r. O. Box 07 7.
rorilano, Or.
ONLY $275 secures small farm; terms will
r-.r ."'are in prorits: guarantee 7
per cent; ideal climate; good markets;
fine investment whether you ever mote on
land or not. Write quickly for views and
particulars. G. W. Deen. Box 472. Way-
l-l-OBS, GK
WE want an active or silent partner lu a
r-,T. snow oermite pros
pects, no nook accounts; 10.(IO0 neces
sary; part cash; balunce in srairiu.! ....'.
erences exchanged; investigate. For ap
pointment write Box 505. Hotel Congress.
PARTNER wanted for a reliable emnlov-
meiit orrtce, profits are very large; re
quires very small investment, as aieady
sober man Is wanted more than bis
"iT'i k'a" 33U 1'umber Exchange. 2d
5-CHA1R barber shop, good lease and lo
cation. f r. - . . . .
. iium oepoi. I Ills busi
ly'' m" "ll;"a 'oee inspection. p.eason
-pi selling, have 2 shopB. For full par
tleuliirs write A. Mcintosh, 33S Coruona
LiO YOU want it? It s really good, f onfec-
tinneri. an. I l..n ........ ....
... -j , cieaiii, wnuiesaie and re
tail business, in best town of 12,000 on
Columbia Hiver; good reasons for sell
ing. Don t miss it if you are interested;
price $.-,Q0. ,V 81. oi-ogonlan.
FOR SALE A aeiwnl .i.ij
hardware and dry aoods: will invoice
about 400(i; doing good business; no dead
stock; postoff he In conned ion. Address
Couiu'y. ""xnl- Midland. Or., Klamath
IF YOIT are looking for established restau
rant anil liin.n. ..o,...t.- i.... , .
I . r --, OVIIllt.I9H Ml tile
heart of the city, near Washington st.
Ask for owner. Main 857b. This place
will sell at a bargain; poor health reason
for selling. Seating capacity 51.
APA KT.YI E XT-HOI 'SE. 'rooms. East Murn-
..... .... ,,,K ..awrt, ,i.i p,.r month.
fAo'on'- Va,1""- '25 p.r month.
twuxlOO, near proposed luuulclpal dock
lith st.. .'orth Portland. 25,uoo.
uu r.i.i,, 4n Stearns Bldg.
MANAtiEI! wi-.te,i for a movlna i.n-ior.
show, good location, no opposition 1 have
another c.,.-e of busines;.; .lo noi 'call un
less you .an invent s.:.-..i Hr,i Wlll be sat-
!',"' 1. "eel.. See my afoul,
- ' - Luilwn.v icx.-nana hlilg.
WANTED ii. i - uth from f'oi. ,,. $ ,oo
"111 guaraalee good position good i-hT.- of
mleresl and a.iod security. .".ni- Nnrtliwest
Building colli..., SiMh and
' ' ' mm i- ... in. ror .vir. I.arv-
FOR SALE Confectionery pn-1 clear stoe'
only one in live Valley town of noo pop
ulation. For- particulars address K
Nometr, New Scott Hotel. Phono Ma'iii
rOR SALE Agency for State of Oregon for
a valuable household article that is a
mone.v-ivakcr; only small investment re
quired. 323 Lumber Exchange, 2d and
stark sts.
K'iiT,'.UKANT-.!?,' ir1 ot hired help,
wnnts a reliable parluci- to bo cashier
etc.; good pay and very little money in
required. which will bo secured. 3l"
"""""" i-una nuc, jd Bnn starK
PARTNER to lake a working interest in .
ll-pslaKliuhoH hiiBiiiA.u
' i-".i.i-c iiay: reier-
enees eitnbsiiged. .1113 Lumber Exchange
GREAT opportunity to take over general
. Pacific Coast agency on easy selling ar
ticle. Cull at 215 Gerllngc-r bldg.. 2d and
Alder Fls.
BARBER shop for sale. 2 chairs, in cuuntrv
town near Portland; must he. sold at once;
:V o- o , . '1 leasonauie o.Ter refuged.
WAN i ED Party 10 handle light mfg busi
ness; small amount cash or property will
guarantee, results. Hoiu.. utility Mfg Co
NOTICE Fourth of Julv at. Vale Or no
license to carnival and show compti-'ee
free to all. Write chairman of Fourth" of
July committee.
Y'ounir lady wishes nartner. or n-ni .ii
or tratle her equity; good location; rent
reasonable. Phone A 7942.
I HAVE a market 10 sell; good location
vour own urica at vonp m.-n , . I .
U Emit, "aas Alder. 1 ' J L r"og
GROCERY and confectionery store court
location, long lease, $1-0. AV 7U.- Ore
gonian. -
LONa-KtiTAWiaSHKDr confectionery ie
cream, cigar, fruit stand, long 'lease
cheap rent, money-maker. 203 First st
FOH Barber shop. 4 chairs, a hatha"
Addre."l box -'14, Hoqulam, Wash '
llnea wanted
tor rmr, i i
Wertern Oregon. AV $f, Oreijonian.
t'UOAMVU, v""sing einabtishmeiK, doni
good business; must sell Rt once. Kst w,;
BAI.OO.V, town w i th hi Kr-ii a To H . I j m i"t"TTl .
cenat peid for JSK;. V i)l, Oregon. an
TRiAK STORK at a bargain if takn tkia
week. JoMi T. TiioU. Ill (it b st.
GHOi'EHV and PoiifTt ionerv store IviTT
will invoif- 8Si Thnrman st '
FliA.'K?M ITH SHOP fr.r .Hle, doin aood
R K ST A CHANT for sale. a( 54. good " lo".
catitJiT. 3 varn' la. th Kt.
32-':. BLVs co. rinir resiauif.nt heaD
rent. &ln Belmont. I'hone Tabor 22.
IA K E Vi'S and candy maker business, ex
cr I lent location in Vancouver, H. C. bar
gain price (or speedy mile ; established
over 'Z years; fixtures, stock, equipment
and goodwill JfLVHi; fixtures und equipment
coat over $"J0o; rent 540 month : nie
atora and bakehouse ; large dry basement.
Hoy & Dinning, Assignees and Liquldat
ore. 744 Hastings st.. Vancouver, H.
NHWfcFAPER FOFl SAKR Central Oregon
ian. Metoliua, Or., division point two rail
roads; construction Aletolhis-PrineviUe
Klectric aboat to start; great future; pow
t picsaes, rsvf?o i, rutter, over 2U0
ior?ts ty;e, series; sHcrlnce; ?l:)i if taken
before July ir; third cHfir, paying, hut
tired of Kaimc: !itt 1 effort will double
business, hj.l. T. Vlpi?onT MetnUus. Or.
FOR SALE -FVanut and popcorn wagon,
juet the thlnt? for a a mull store or the
street. A very attractive outfit; Runs
with pasollne engine, something new in
i'ortlstnu uj.d a niuiii-y-mnkt.r; it cu hit. e
a plare to set tills you luid u-ttr
look this up. 1 Ki Reimont st. Take
unnyid.i car. 'lione Tabor 471.
FOR SAJLli Confectionery, ice cream, to
ll aco. yisars .i nd shelf gi-occr!es. ""'his is
on of t no be.-t corners .n t;n- Kasv r.1-.
See owner; will invoice or lump. Now tuis
is a new store and up-to-date with living
roims. 1 lol H.moiit. 'i auiiu vs.uc
tror phone Tabor -172!.
A L TOM OB ILK SCHOOL with liigh-grade
t-xpert teacher-. 1 o:i:p!c 10,j,-. njuip
inent to train for this coming vocation.
-Vot run to make money, but for the good
of m.n. See or wrire iupi. of the AM the
ear Kound Y. M. i A. Day end .Viyht
Si hools. coi ner Uth and Taylor sts.
WANTKD To helrTnandle Port land " rna n u
fartured goods; man of tnteRi ity, husmebs
itblllty to invest e.junl capital (SG'toOj)
witii mo; cash business; highly prontabU-;
nMVrencos; banks and business men of
Portiand. Appointment for interview by
letter only. AO 1HJ. Oresonian.
v a i' t I onTUi: tTrVA". ""
Before closing fieal for so-culled inter
ests in established real estate bup.nesd,
Kct advice o Portland Rpaity iioatd.
V. 1.- PI P.SK Sr.,TPI 1
SIS Chamber of piii iuei" e.
W ANTED New arrivals in Portland to in
vestigate a bona, fido oasn busiiuas if Iook
inq for something to make ou money. A
Portland mttuatry. Cun giv biink anu
business men as references. Box til
( onKreifS Hotel.
it you hitf fchoi l of money w hen bu ving a
business we will furnish It. u' you -must
sell your busings or lodins-houto we will
make you a each offer. 1:. V. ltyan Ac Co.,
4 1 Ablngton bldg. Marshall o.lJ.
1 H VK the ivst up to duie cigar and nov
elty store in Portland, rioln excellent
business, .cknfes cuus.o of selling. Inves
tigate this and pass up dead obe. Owner.
N l'6'2. Ore 011 tan.
ON account of sickness and trouble in lani
ily I want to sell my store, delict;tei;t.en
and restaurant, will invoice $ 1 (KMi, for
o0.J .Max Koouy. &4 Ktllingsworth ave
Take Hi Johns car, get off at carbarns.
bid to offer entire allotment of stocks
and bonds for corporations. J. N. Sech
TUFt i: Co.. Investment bankers. White
bldg., Buffalo.
A DANDY good office business that will
net you $:it a day without unv charge ;
$lo0 working capital required. 33 Hotel
FOR SAIjE Hotel, SO rooms, best-paying
proposition in city, owner in hospital and
must leave Oregon ; big sacrifice ior
prompt sale. 214 Chamber oT Commerce.
BAHBER SHOP, af or tradT;" good busT
neas lease, location a snap ; owner leav
ing for Billings. Montana, must sell. iee
Kd illnn ".To .uL-
NVILl you invent $X00 to $o00 in a hog
ranch proposition which win pay 25 ner
fn lit trt Rfi r 1
. wW vv v-i-ii. ; i.j.iy btcareo oy
bol-lD business, owner wants a reliable
- iiiu u'ulc, t-iicLK wouu, etc.;
energetic man cun clear 15J month. 31t
URui'KHY -Unusual opportunity, beat loca-
v.w.i. uiu ruittuusncu, 01 g ousmesa neat
Made, modern; hi thing: for good mer-
GROCERV. with 4 furnished living rooms,
rent $J7, strictly cash business. ;;uu
b n, " aiiiu lui niiuitf, east iy
i.x.u .jji. .mo j -Limner rxenange.
SMALL, lunch counter that will pay you i
j u . . cii-T-n . j uri i ue p 1 ace 1 or
man and wife; room dumber tx-
change. 'Jd and rUark sti?.
BOND iseuoR. $100,000 upwards uegotiated.
Railway, Oas. Timber. Water. Mining Mfg!
Corporations Organized. 3 N. Roaenbaum
& Co.. Haight bldg., Seattle.
WANTKD A ood. live . man or woman,
with a tittle money, to help finance two
patents, fall room IMa, Cdwurd Hotel.
Kast rSide.
M I LKIN'EHY business, established four
years, will sacrifice to sell at once.
Owner, A P l."ii, Oregon ian.
MUST Bii SOLD at once, confectionery and
tobacco and clear store, cuenn fur
eanoii, U4i v imams ae.
R I-'r-'TA LIRA NT. con fee t lonery, groceries,
1. etc. uniy one in place. Oood
location. -:0.
i-. i.roHS, Hot Jnsr. 4r.
SALOON, . doing good business. for sale
cto.-ap if taken at onnc; good lease and
god location. Phone a Oiin,
BUS1NK SS man of experience, able to ITT-
uiiii ianc )oiijuii in an Uregon
industry. Particulars ir-ss Stark st.
LADY piano player to invest in paying pic
ture theater; must leae city. AV 1G1
FI HST-'jLAriS deli'-ates.sen limrhrnnm anH
baltery. pood lease, fine location; unable
i "ttimia u niicii. none Murstiatl -ilo.
Bl'Tc'HlR looking for locat Ion, all "caFh
trade, no delivery, cheap rent, can find
same b.y i-n Ming 1 Ilu O ra n U ave.
To SKlI or exebang-, i-Iean, well-located
grocerv stock; no agents, M. J. Peters, t
D L; N T I6T Reyistered i;i Cregoii ; good ce 1-
AV t0, OregontH .
UBRE you are: Si art bun:ne4 for vom
sel with capital: buy paying lunch
r'innir. 1 1 ura no ave.
N H ' little .ick aud fixtures for sale hc
amu i'l lieailh. Only loo for tiup k
- U;i!k St.
L'"tf: fcAI.r, A 40-barr-t flour and feed mi:l.
For particulars snd teniiH, aduresa owner,
AV 74. oreKonian.
BARBKf! shin, poolroom, cifiar store, half
t-Hsh. si l Clinton.
IF jui;r iMifsiness is 0:1 of tnMtt but in
n'i "r a-:iFtanee on Sril of your pro
duction or in-i -'ltn nuir". 1 ui ready to
h-lp y.Hi. Write full dftaih: in ennfidence ii P'tiul intt-r irw, A. D. Maun, K. O.
boX Mj
V AS'TKU Imi r t i 1 c i n it n y Kind w h 1 h
ki 11 t; in ! i k n i if in irm.i jk.Mio t,, 1 o.o.'o,
I iio not a brok-r. 1:0 kiv "full pnrticulnrs
first If 1 t-r or n iit 1 n 1 1011 p;. id. A U 1 :."..
WA NTKD Tailoring rleuninir and press ins:
rhop nr w ith men's f u rn ilt i n ir in rom.
In or out of rity up lo -'ooo. Addrekc,
' i;lt Oregonlan.
WILL Hell my ---room apartment-house
with H t wo-room and one 4 -room apart
ments, nicely furnished and close in, tor a
small pa ment do n and balance to suit
buyer; tbiia pl.-ice is not in rfhi or moit
gastl. and will bear Investigation. iSia
I .'.im her i-Jchuii(.'(.
liOTr-Ij for bale or trtide fur farm land; tills
Im one of the bfst railroad center towns, i
means good bi!Jine-s for hotels; ulegant 4ft;
rooms, ",arj dining-room, lobby; 5 years' !
lase; paiT'iorW trouble; ilt Ivo bargain
if you mean business. Address AV 71,'
It' VOl' are looking for n ;itihU looinfiig
h'tiiKe clo not lHk any f urf h r befot-t- xee
inr? my u-i'iom himnw, dandy lotrttion, fur
nit ure nearly new, rooms all outide and
most alwiiys f ull ; deal with owner. -ol!
Munipon st., between 1st und 2d.
11 ROOMS, fine location, furnished complete
hnneek eeplng. e i y roi.m ren t'd. dandy
home; special prire tod:iy; cbian bill sale
I 7. Phone, owner. A 7r04.
31 ROOMS, elfijantly f urnlhd, clears $1 00
per month besides our own auartmeuts;
ell cheap, cash, terms or trade tor farm ;
pay d iff erence. 615 Flanders.
LEASi: and funilture of first-class apL
liouse for sale, wiihln 3 blocks of p. Q. :
house his best reputation, prices and
lorm.-s. I'hone Kant 4;'.o6. R 2.V-'.
EHJHT rooms, n iedy furnished for house
keeping.; rent $r; all rented, JTZiO. 12bV
i;;th st.
WANTKD Man and w ife to buy boarding
and roomMig-housp. 'urnidhed arid running
at Asloi-ia. A L LVT. Oregonian.
A BAHRAIN M ust be sold, going a w av ;
0-room bouMe. nlccb furnished ; very
Cheap. Puone Mnin 1547.
J) ROoi 8, tine locat ion, beat in the city ;
reasonable rent. 77 Oilman st.
Fl'RN ITl'RK of M rofi,is for sale cheap 301
Yemhlll. Phone Marahail 454:.
F CRM T U R K of 50 room, long: lease, con
sider trade, fine condition. 2 N. 3d st.
Proposals Invited.
nu'str s off ire. inR North Point et ., San
Fi n nrisco. h !.. June 7. IP I :i. Scaled Pro.
posalf. in tripllcMta, will be received hre
until lo o'clock A. M., Juno -i:t. j;i:t for
furnishing J00,0ri0 pahs russet shoes at
either the Boston. New York, ph llnd lph ia
'hicago. fi. Louis or San Francisco Depots
of the Quartermaster Corps. Information
on application. J NO- T. lvNIUHT, Depot
Jtrttpoals So riled.
XX t hm Diatriut Court of ths United Ststes !
for the District of Oregon in the matter
of ' 'u-opcrativi? Supply House, luc, bank
rupt, request for bids:
1. as trustee in bankruptcy, will receive
sealed bias for the following stock and
llxiures situated in the buiiutng lormeriy '
occupied by the Co-opvrative Kuppiy
House, inc., corner East First and Jtiast
wladlson streets. Portia nd, Oregon :
1. Merchandise consisting of Kroceries.
i?!assware, qutensware. building' material,
hardware, etc., gents furnishings, etc.,
clot h ing. shoes, cry goods, notions, etc.,
of the inventoried value of $i ;:,0tH.
'J. Machinery, implements, Ltc, of the
inventoried value of
o. Fixtures ot the inventoried valu of
4. Mailing list of the inventoried value
of fJoy. Total, f.'i.'Js.oJ.
Bids will b received upon said prop
erly up to and until Tuesday, June 24.
liJlo. at 12 o'clock noon, at my oifice. the
Sdine to be received upon parcels as above
ret f ji th, numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4, and
tor tUa property as a whole.
.Should the total of the bishest bids for
each of the parcels us above set form
be greater than the highest bid for the
whoie. the said bids Viil be accepted sub
ject to the approval ot the court for
parcels; but should the highest bid tor
the whole be greater than the total of the
highest bids for each ot the parcels, the
suid highest b!d for the whole wiil b at
cpteu tuoiccL to the approval of the
Ai: bids must be accompanied y ccr
1 ilica cht-ck for ten per cen klV'c) of
amount offered.
An vt.itory ,f the above stock and fix
tures may L s.en at my onion a:id the
property intpveted upon appomtmtnt.
R. L. sA BIN. Trustee.
T First st., Pjrt'.and, OrvKun.
Dated nt Portland, or.. .Iun 10. iyi.i.
fciKALKD proposals will be received "at the
offlr-e pf ttie underMsned, 4oJ Tllford
building, until 12:00 M.. Wednesday, -fuiy
lVlo, for tho painting of the Kenton
School. plans and specifications may be
ebtained at the office of K. A. Naramore,
supt. of properti'-s. 40 Til ford building.
A deposit 01 is required for plans and
specMications. t:ertli'led check for 10 per
cent of the amount ot' the proposal, pay
able 10 R. H. Thomas. School t?lerk. must
accompany each piosopal. Hoard of Di
rest ors reserves th right to reject any
and ail proposals.
R. H. THOMAS, School Clerk.
Dated .lune IS. 113.
termaster's Office, 10SU North Point st.,
tsan Kranciaco, Cai.. June 17. JulU. it-eled
proposals, in triplicate, will be received
here until 10 o'clock A. M., Jvily T, UH3.
for furnsbbing at either the Boston, New
York, Philuaelphta, ChiCiiKO. 1st. Louis,
or San Francisco depots of the Quur ter
ms bier's Corps, col iars, ridtny gloves,
woolen gloves, service hats, buttons, bronze
and slit; under shirts and wool stockings.
Information on application. V. H. Hart,
Acting Depot Quartermaster.
Dl-" POT yl'ARTEKMA tiT ii K" S OFPU'E. 10S6
North Point et.. ban Francisco, Cal., June
18. ly;j. Sealed proposals. In triplicate,
will be received here until 10:00 o'clock
A. M.. July e iyl;i, for furnishing at this
depot, beddheets, bedsteads, corn brooms,
scrubbing brushes, casters, barrack chairs,
stovepipe elbows, mattresses. mosquito
bars, naptnaiine. plliows, pillow cates,
tont pins, tent poles, shovels, music stands,
and bugles. Information on application. W.
H. Hart, Acting Depot Quartermaster..
M Iseet laueou.
TO whom it may concern: On and this
date, June IS, 11J, 1 will not be respon
sible for any bills contracted by anybody
but myself or on my written order.
J. N. iL'TTON.
00 X. WD is vae;t:ed. Vour luraiture is held
for back r r.i. Milkman.
lost and rorxn.
THE following is a list of articles found on
the cars of the Portland Railway, Ll??ht
z Power Company and turned in at the
different division points. Owners may se
cure same by applying at barns as indi
cated :
Piedmont barn Phone A til 31 2 suit
boxes, telescopa grips, 1 suitcase, 1 bird
cage, 2 umbrellas. i misc. pkf.
Ankeny barn A 1 pocket knife. 2
umbrella. 1 raincoat, 1 key. 1 machinist
case, 1 saw blade, 1 book.
Savit r-street Citrliom-e Phone A 6131 1
pair a loves. 1 suitcase, 1 pU. mdac, 1
eilwood barn Phone A I31 '2 lunch
boxes. 1 umbrella. 3 sack of electric liht
globes. 1 sack of nails, 1 packuge of cloiii,
1 pair of shoes.
LOST pair eye glioses ; finder be rew ard
ed. leae at Clifford Hotel, E. 6th and
M orrlson.
LOeiT In Women of Woodirat't hall a val
uable pavM Return to 107 W 4th St., re
ceive re wh rd .
LOST Purse containing $10 currency, some
gold and silver; finder return to Ore
jjonian office. Reward.
LOST Loofcbaf memo. Kinder please re
turn H . dauber t, care Murgcttroyds, Spo:
fvH.11', - asn.
LOST iilak puckft Icdt-er; reward for vv
lu rn to Ull d. amber 'nmmerce hid a.
FOUND Hracelet. Main Btjr
WK will furnish the money at a low rate of
interest and save you more than the brok
erage of "J per cent if we do the planning
and building for you. It will puy you to
se us. 1. B. HaiUy Co., Inc., JiU Abmy
Western Bond & M 01 tgae Co..
-tlti Conmierrial Club Hldg.
(-'too OH less to loan at 7 per cent ou close
in farm und -ity property; gie, full par
ticulars. V I'll. Oregonian.
t I RST and second mortgagee and building
contracts bought. K. D. Miller. 4lu .vb
ington bl 0 g.
MORT:aU-: LOANS, notes, contracts, mort
guges and d. euuitlts purchased.
F. H. Lew is & 'o., Lew is bldg.
MUN IC V 10 101m it 11 fi! nil iind cl 1 y propt-riy,
no ;!:'. Nolwou Uro., 804 Lwij bid,.
Money to Loan Real Estate.
"or; loans on yofr rkal kstatk
AT 0 TO 8 PKlt I'KNT.
fPtrtii TO JlPO.OnO TO LOAN.
Porthind t'itv and Farm Froperty.
C'i'rent K'it.
VAI.J. V VlN HOIi.ST R t,,
l"t Second m . , itar Ft a rk.
$3i.t or I- sj at li per cent on improved
OS'.' A R '. F.R VA V,
r.oK-t 1. hstnber of rommemf.
LOANS from I to ?lU,i0O on good Tort-
land Pfmrllv.
uti spaldiPir Bid,?.
Mam 7?tJ.
ON imprt ed city property or fnr building
purpoj-es, :t to 8 years time; liberal pay
ment privileges: money ad v need as
building proiifcisti. Tbo Equi table Hav
ings & Loan Association., J4 Stark st,
TO TO A N $tii00 at 7 pr ren"J to 5
years, ou 'trt -class real propen . im -proved
preferred. I nu u ire at room iZ l
Labbn Mdir tld ml AN'ashliiKton.
HAVii ?P"in 10 loan at once on good Pott
Innd real (jtatf1 nt H pr lent fir ;t vkhtb.
A. n. Pousfii. 71l I'liamhor of Commerce.
Marshall -J75::.
WK have money to loan on your real
-t'it: ffrsr Tiiort gaf,
i i a : 1 ju x d m o 1 i t t : a ; : : m m r a n y
4'2'i c it am be r of 'ummerce.
1 SKK I S TOf'AY for loans oa improved city
I property. to H per ennt. 'JOO and up
I t -. i -LA RS - ML'KTOX CO.. S'jr, .-on !'!uK.
i MOHTGAGB LOANS on i-ity prMerty; iow-cst
rates. A. if. mrren vo., -Uy McKay bldg..
Third ami Stark Ms.
L0AN8 m imprvvt'il and unimproved -ir
nd suburb tn ra I -sta te. m or t gages
bought. W. M. Num., 44S Sli-rlock blcig.
$ni).0oi TO loan in sums to suit; building
loans; lowest rates. W. u. Beck, li-olO
Failing b;di?.
FKI VATFs money to mortgage city prop
erty: easy terms. United Reulty,
Oerlinger bldg.
MONIiY to lo.tii on Improved city property
at current rates. Lawyer's Abstract
Trust Co., room 1;. Hoard of Trade bids.
$3r.:0 TO' loan at 7 per cent on improved
city property. Call ;ilg Board of Trade
bldg. Main 7 4 "2, A 4101,
Money loaned, real estate contracts & mvs
bought. H. M lley. 04 tierMnger bldg.
MvN EY to loan. Inqii 1'h r0y -McKay TuTTuS
ing r phono Main RJtlO.
A. TT. HArtrlNf;, ;A Ch. of CQn,
bTATtfi FUN DP. t. per cent. W. Thomas'
a?4nt M nit norriali County, 40 Ch. of Com
MOUT'iAOK LOANS st current rates. 1, w
MAXWELU 3ld Chamber of po ,Ti m Vci'
MuriTUAGK LOANS, any amount, no deiaT
Henry C. Prurthnnim1. SOU ":b-ox bldg.
LOANi n real eataK. diamonds and Jw-el-y.
TVm. H"IL room tl, w'binei..n bldg.
M N ICY, any amount, G to per c mt v7"
H. Sel'Ji Cf.. :;ty Spalding Mdg.
Jlooo TO to loan on rsgj estats.
Fhon toda . Tabor 771.
Mooey to io Iteul Estate.
The Fquitable liie Assurance oc!ery
will makw loans on approved home prop
erty to be rcpaiu by fixed monthly In
stallments oer a period of 10 jtars, with
th additional provision that I.i even; of
death of borrower, loan ca nee; led by
a policy ot life insurance Issued the:e
wlth. Interest ti per cent. These loans urs
maae only in the better residence a.s
tncts and only ou improved homes.
Others need not apply. Home Purcnaso
Dpt.. Fonitable Luc. Mnl oregonian b.dc
yiO bl'ALbl.NU UtbLi.
H A F. lo.otju to loan al 7 pi
divide to suit ; want g-od
property for curllv. Writ,
t ion of prop, rt y, lav AN 1 .".
r . ent or w
ci;y or
invito 'oca
, Orc.oiiu.
Money to Loan rtiattcts rds Salaries.
N E E D M O X K Y ?
A e can procuie mom-y for you cn short
nonce ,t!id at reasonable rates 011 your
furniture, piano, auto, storage tecUuli
or your plain note.
Maeicay bldg.
4th and Mash, uptn i A. M. to 6 P. M.
Saturday t.venmpB until n.
HOURS .s A. ii. To u P ii.
SA'ii'RDAY i'O It P M.
S T A T s i-XTKl T V C O.,
A private place to obtain money on
uaicbes. diametidh. jeweh v, kodaks p;aaoL
w a:elious rtceiiis. etc.
, -i-JO l.un-.tjer Kx. Bldg.
. vt i-w,VN'1.11 PLAN'S AND MOXEV
M ENTS, Lit'. T.VVI.nlt LfCIl.DLN'O Co..
M KA V HLDtL. :;p A N D r T A K K S V S.
money for salaried ijeople
and ouiers, upon the;r own names cheap
tuu-s; easy payments; conf idt'.j Ua 1 D H.
lolman. room :;i7 Kvchiume
A DESIHAELE place lor ladies and jetil'.a
rae.i to horr.n mom-y 0:1 atuiuomis and
Jew elry al Eastern rates. Diamond Pai
ace. a.'M Washington, typ. Owl Drugstore
WE LOAN n.utiey on diamonds and Jewelry
at half the rates euarged oy broke;,
Marx IMoch. 74 d t.
EiALA,,Kli::i-'1 pu-'l,i,t wihii;g credit art- coi -b?Jlg
' luviud ly see r- rake. Henry
MON E Y Iuaued vti diamonds and jvir.
strictly 1 t l ;;d. near Alder.
MONEY fold on insulin. fins; cont .deiuia ;
.salaried people, f. A. Newum, jjenry blu;.
I.iaiis V untetl. '
V e can furnish you -w ith absolutely
safe first mortgages on Improved 1-rms
in the best districts of Oregon and Wasu
ItiStOU. All titles guaranteed bv us and Inter
est collected without charge to you.
Bank and Individual rclcrcnces fur
nlsiied upon rtiiuuM.
IU07 t-pulduig bluji., lortiaud. urcgoa.
Have you money to loan? Do you want
imuystloned security 111 i;,e form uf c.iy
bonds T htse bonds bear o per cent inter
est. jiavaiMv L have tit't.o
of these and will so 'I H(l or part in uc
nomiiuitions of s.,oti. j t you buy iht-se trom
lour banker you hnv- t j UUv a n. 1-
ium. I will swi at tai valu. Ali K-U.
fot-u. arat inorittiyw ,1 year, .s per cent ou
two H'ou bu.iMliig Jots. VJIU-- IHUt. '.'!!
for 84UII, Klro .;;(U; inst mortgage on U
acres ut E&tucaua lor AF Jb" Oie-
goniun. '
WANTED lU.imo for j or 0 veats at
per cent or. brick building close in. on
East Hide. Call ills Hoard of Trade bldg.
Main 1 4;1', A 44oi.
1 WAN! 5..U0, 7 p-M- cent. U jears; will uive
moiLgage on new home, firM -class ee
eurity; prlvat purttes preferred. M.iiu
J- Guthrie, .".Of. Spalding IMk
V A N 1 EJJ i-vouo loan, short ttnu. ut lu per
cent; real estate security. AS iiitj Ore
ponian. J.Vto one jfar, 10 per ceiu. first ntortgaga.
c:ty security; com mission AJ lol. oie-
WANTED yiuO for years at 7 per cent.
on nice West Siue house call ."Is Board
of Trade bldg. Main 74:.-'. A 44'jl.
WANTED SI ;.! loan on L'MMJ wor( ii of
unimproved farm property. 30 miles iroru
Portianu. AO Ui. Otegonian
WANTED $ Rem at s per ceiu on conace
and lot tioxlmi ou East Main st Call 1 .
Hoaj-d of Trade bldg. Main 7 44m
$J10o second inoi-igage. payable J..o monthlv,
H per cent; $ly.o takes it. AK io'.i, Orego
nian. WANTED ,ud, ' c.irs at 7 p. , cent; se
curity 7-ro.ou houso with lot. Mr. O.. 4lt
S.-.oO WANTED for otin year. S per rent
in teresi, o per cent cm m inion ; gilt-edge
ecurl 1 ie. J'luinc East o'-'i'-'.
H AIR-1 1 A I R-li AIR-HAIR.
$1 :tl-inch Hehcs
o ?tl-iuch switches
Face massage
Manicui'.-. r.c. 0 f.r i,vl
JU b.-Hi.i tieatmeius t!t0
Stipei 1 iiioui- hu it rcmo i-ti by eiectno
nccolc; cuat; iniml not to return.
t'ti'. hsiv in any tiade; hh itvhcs any
lng;ii. I il.-es hall. Sanitary I'rlors. I'ju
4 I lfku:n bldg.. i!iid W;istnngiou
sCI EN I'lFIC eit-4-tnc spon-lj lo treatm.-n.s
for ail nervous :n:d curoinc diseases. Pa
1 aly sis, lung, sr "i-.iacn, h" els. kid -! .
bla'J ilff. p. r j-:. hea it trim '!, ft e. I iig ,'t
blond pieftUt'.- fe.iiicw!. At.o KOiire. warts
molt s, heir iemo eti. 00 i; Huchauaii Oia "
".sti ahm:ion sr.
Lrmir rx!-erbio- h-st rffer-iices. ttrat
men 1 s fur 1 hen ni .t t lam ami lunua, ere
nij,:-.! ami baDi. j-j.i 1 .;r ii .t.,
M;in: ?:ui L'tilillou. M.-!5Ua!i K''i. Open
.siin.lny !.
- v ED '.- i i 1 ii A iNr.ii M KI2 -Helsin-cfoia
g.-ai :ki t-', i'ur Liniii 1 1 -ni. nt t ous and s" Oii--rh
ailm-nta uinicr physt-lcna drer-ll-jtis;
I'titliH, iu;sagf. No. 7 Eet lith Et.
f'',d door south 1. 111 Eat AnKcuy car
line, phone East "no. P. 1 x.y
lal in g w and tiu pe-make 1-3 ; finest
stock of human hair gu.ics; fwitches trom
POo tip: hairdrcssing. mani.;uriiis-, face aud
scalp treatments; combings made up t
order. 1 !7 7tl, near Morrison. Main 54h.
E U! 1 1 T i cars ol' unsurpasn-d success In
treating nicH men and women of Portland.
1 una radium, light, hoat, every known
elect rica I treat men t, bathn, massa
ntanlpulatfoiiN and adjustments. Dt W "F
Mat levy. uaairofatli, .". I:' Koi iiehild bid -i'.
MISS 1'ERRV. Eamcin graduate masseuse.
New York .School of u. aiul D., trL
rheumaiifcrn ani iterxcug caa.-g. :90 LUh
at. 18th or .leffersun cars. Phone Mam 7..L
D H E.-; S i; l TS fur 1 en t K.-p our clothes
fi'-'Ai'"-. pres-pd, biit'ot's .sowed on, i-iys
r-juireii, ;.r,i, utouiit. j.roinpt calis ami
dJ U "tl-A. Uldfju T.iilrii.i; Co.. r:n S'arK
l.UKlA V. N . -rve Th i-Vt-H r-'finrc lot t n Mty
r ; "-N, ; b.x -Jil. IV.. Stipe-Taylor
U'.'ME EOU .NV. LIDS, n.-i vrtiis nr.d a- t
beopic, i:nt, .mm t ton ; bnu; . f m I via a. Misi
Tower. Mt. Taijor. '("; bur -1 !.:.
S-"0 ?1 dou'n. a. ueok. Froe advlt-e.
W-ot. (:. C)iuis:..;r of I'ommeie.
tii'llUTT'At, aid mental s. ii nttst. of fi.'a
daily, rjuestton mcoting 'c0rif:day s P
M. AUbky bidj., Pliu 1 1 e M in tiS"J U
Rev. Mrs. 'oon. spiritual tachor and healer
circles Tuesday. Friday en lr. in; w'
Park, bet. Wa.-h. and Stark. Mnrshall
HOSToN graduate nuw, sanitarium treat
ments, picciicai gymnastics. i'anihlll
st up on; f Ugh 1. room 7.
. 4 1 1 Koi'LACT ti u c;iiin.'i!is and steam
bains for rheumatism, lumbaso, etc. 41.1
Northwest bl.lg. (ijifii Sundays. Main S7II-.I.
Sl'lUlll'AL medium. Rev. .'.ray Price. ;1 n -ings,
heaii:its tlai.y. circles Tues. Wed
iiiot Suti, "."i Monirom.!r. Main 71" 7
M A DK OF Vt .1 1 Ti Cii'.IMIvfiw
Svvuchep. 'Joe; rr.ris nn.j .-ifs. r,"'- Kan-'
Itary Hentity I'ncJivji, 4O0 Dkum blr'g
MUS. S. C. MORRISON Mcam bstna and
mssge for rlioum.tttsm. lumb.go eic
;tHJ MaduTnii. A 4 !70. MarPliail .i.MiS.
MANP.'l'UlN'J, ra-o and fccvlp I, eataienu
41L NorthA-est t.dg. .Main J7!y. Open un
daya. EASTERN trail--'! opera tor gi cd ma77aJ.
1 IT tli h st., rom
M'.iLr.s, up- rfl c.imi hi. I r rntt ed. M s M
D. Hilt, 4-'' F!;riner bldg. M..111 'Mill. ' '
MR. DR. WKENN. smiR'Tni a-IvV -
t nc 'In il v. 1 '' '. M .1 r. (tr'.-i. a '".
BALM Or Fl'iS. Com ,,o, ,,1 rM; Tn.c
J " ' ' - 1 . , r Mam V2
I-.A D' rs be i-ui-sii1
1 at f.ili and Van.
b Ii I ., t ac" 111 ti n y
L. MorKrty. t-uti t'M'u-c epiinmii -ii -1" i -1
Tendings daily. 3t N. 1 ii ii jit. Mar. V