Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 05, 1913, Page 22, Image 22

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Admen Capture Mr. Albee as
He Enters Hotel Dining
Room for Luncheon.
Condition of I'isrlitin Force Ii fi
nished and Members Are "Urged to
loin and Support Army
Ieapwe of X'nlted State?.
-H. R. Albee, Mayor-?lcct, made his
first public speech Flnce his election at
the Ad Club luncheon in the Portland
Htel yesterday noon.
Mr. Albee attempted to enter the
dining-room unostentatiously, but just
fi lie crossed the thresh hold he was
"spotted' by several of the admen and
Instantly became the center of inter
rat. A committee, of admen surrounded
him marched him three times about
the room while the Ad Club quartet
snatched up the drums from the orches
tra box and organized an Impromptu
tife and drum corps, and the members
of the club rose to their feet and
cheered uproariously for the new
Mr. Albee's speech wan short.
'Whatever misht have been the
political differences between any of us
before the -election." he said, "that is
all over now and we are facing the
problems of organization under the new
.system ana we must all work together
if It is to be done successfully.
Co.Operatlon 1m V'rared.
"I want the admen to stand by me
and all of us to work with our sole
purpose the greatest good to the great
city which we are trying to serve."
The regular programme of the meet
ing was devoted to speeches on army
subjects, by Colonel G. S- Young and
Major S. E. Smiley, of the Twenty-first
J nf an try. stationed at Vancouver.
VTalter It, Evans was chairman of the
"Discounting from our military force
which we have on paper," said Major
Smiley, "the men who are stationed in
the islands and the non-competent men
in the organization, the United States
can place in the field today a mobile
army of only about 25,000 men."
Major Smiley declared, however, that
the military problem which confronts
the United States, is one of organiza
tion rather than of building up a mas
sive fighting machine such as the Eu
ropean powers have developed. He
suggested that the existing military
force can best be rendered effective by
' concentrating its units instead of keep
ing them scattered about among forts
and barracks which have long since be
come obsolete.
I liferent In Army Asked.
The National Guard was pointed out
as the principal effective source from
which the regular Army is to be aug
mented in time of war and urged that
the citizens of the United States should
take advantage -of opportunities of
fered for military training, or should
at least encourage those who are in
clined to take advantage of them.
Both Colonel Toung and Major Smiley
outlined the work which the Army
League of the United States aims to
do In arousing interest in the Army and
its efficiency, and an appeal was made
to the admen to become members of the
National League. Application blanks
and information "were distributed
among the members and at the coming
' meeting of the club the admen prob
ably will take definite steps toward
adding to the membership of the Army
Commencement Exercises Held at
Sellwood General Hospital.
The third annual commencement of
the Sellwood General Hospital Training
School for Nurses was held in St.
.John's Parish House on Monday. There
were 2o0 guests present and many more
were unable to gain admittance. The
building was handsomely decorated.
The invocation was said by the Rev.
Oswald AV. Taylor, late rector of St.
John's, and the address to the grad
uates was delivered by Dr. John. Sell
wood, president of the corporation. The
oath was administered by Miss Sharp,
superintendent of the hospital, who also
presented the diplomas, and Dr. John
Besson, with a few felicitous remarks,
presented tbe pins.
After the exercises the 14 nurses en
tertained their guests with the follow
ing programme:
Reading of class prophecy. Miss Rose
Smith: class song, the Nurses; violin
solo, T. Bacon; piano solo. Miss Faber;
recitation. Miss Voglin: trombone quar.
tel. Misses Grebe, Stryker, MaUette
and Stewart.
Of the five graduates the Misses
Grebe go to India as missionary nurses,
Miss Ina Ross will locate in Alameda,
Cal., while Miss Covell and Miss Peter
son will remain in Portland.
of the language. The pupils' accent and
ease in recitation were marked.
A clever and witty "sparring" of Ger
man proverbs between Miss E. Jones
and Miss C. Taylor elicited applause
and was followed 'by the well-known
scene from Schiller's "Maria Stuart,"
depicting Mary begging mercy at Eliza,
beth g hands. Miss H. .Knickerbocker
and Miss K. Hall personating -the two
Queens creditably.
An agreeable diversion was caused
the middle of the evening by two
violin solos given by Miss M. Morten
sen, a talented young musician, full of
promise, to judge from her playing of
Dvorak's "Humpresque."
Tuesday afternoon was given to the
studio tea and exhibition of the year's
art work at the Mall, while the rest ot
the week is mapped out for concerts
Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and
for an operetta Saturday at 10:30 A. M.
Co n n e 1 1 Com m i 1 1 ee T r a n s f e r s Pay
Problem to Commissioners.
Responsibility for salary increases to
city employes was transferred yester
day by the ways and means commit
tee of the City Council to the City Com
mission. At a meeting held at the City
Hall applications for five Increases
were considered. It was the unanimous
opinion of the members of the commit
tee that the new administration should
wrestle with the problem.
An appropriation of $200 was au
thorized bv the committee fonthA rr
on of a watering trough for horses on
Sandy boulevard. The site for the
trough is to be decided upon by the
Park Board. An appropriation of $50
for the cost of the annual reunion of
the Indian War veterans was author
ized from the Council's special fund.
Because of a surplus supply of
cruMhed rock at the Llnnton sub Jail,
arrangements were made for the sale
of about 5000 yards.
St. Melon's Hall Has Graduating Ex.
eroises All This Vek.
At St. Helen's Ha.ll commencement
week was beiriin Monday with French
a-nd German plays and songs (riven by
the pupils oi these departments.
The French play "La Sonnambule,"
by Henri Mlohaud. was well rendered
by the advanced pupils, who also sang:
with cnerg-y a lon French choral song.
The German play -pas Gespenst in
der Pension." a'-ted by the first-year
German class, was noticeable as being
the result of only nine months study
l I
A gars Leey Star In "The Test."
Agnes Lee, star of "The Test,"
at the Empress, is a grandniece
of General Robert E. Lee, and,
on her mother's side, she is re
lated to the famous Jeff Davis.
When in Tacoma last week Miss
Lee was selected by the city to
pay honor to the hero dead ty
casting a wreath on the waters.
"The Test," in which Miss Lee
takes the part of tho "angel
postmistress," was written by W.
K. Sailor, a newspaper man of St.
Paul, Minn. At the first produc
tion of the sketch in St. Paul
postal officials were censors, and
the little company was advised
to expunge certain lines which,
the censors judged, would not
have been uttered by a real post
al Inspector. The censors also
compelled Miss Jee and her play
ers to return two United States
mail sacks, which were in use as
stage properties. The sacks mere
ly were borrowed for the oce
slon from the St. Paul .postoffice.
Kurther use of official mail sacks
along the Empress circuit, was
prohibit ed, and now Miss Lee
makes make-believe Uncle Sam
mail pouches serve the purpose.
Enjoy a Cool, Delightful Noon Hour Our Special 50c Luncheon Is Unexcelled Orchestra Music
"NO USE TALKING" the working model of
the Panama Canal on our Fifth Floor is a marvel
of ingenuity. There's no charge for this exhibi
tion. Don't neglect to see it today! .
Store Opens Today at 8:30 A. M.
Store Closes Today at 5:30 P. M.
ANNOUNCEMENT Henry Lawrence Sonthwict.
president of Emerson College of Oratory. Boston, will
give an afternoon, of miscellaneous readings in our
seventh-floor Tea-room Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Recitals from Sheridan, Murray, Shelley, Lanier, Ed
wards and Dickens. Admission without charge.
nasi Silk Vests If si
$6 Grades
A Feature of "June White Bays" for Thursday
350 Messaline Petticoats, $1.85
Here's an opportunity for women to se
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saline Petticoats for only $1.85. And in
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Undervests are designed with elaborate hand-embroidered
yoke effects. . An important feature to be observed
m these garments is the reinforced under-ann shield,
Vests regularly $5 and $6, Thursday at $3.79.
White Rompers
$ 1 .00 Grades Only 73c
The most sensible Summer garment for the little
toddler, and wonderfully cool and comfortable for
Summer wear are these Children's White Rompers.
They're ideal for child wear at the beach. Made of
galatea, with square or Dutch neck, short sleeves and
fockets; neat embroidery trimming. "Regular 'TO
1 White Rompers, specially priced today at OC
Second Floor, New Building;. Mail Ordera Filled.
4 V
D.vtl for By Mayor and Commissioners on Main Floor.
VUllllg liUUUI
Votes lc each, proceeds to go to the Newsboys'
Home fund.
The final graduation of 15 pupils is
fixed for Monday at 8 P. M.
Silver Cap W ill Be Given for Win
ner and Parents of Two Best
Will Get Trip to Salem.
Between 300 and 400- babies will be
measured for the eugrenlc tests today
at the Multnomah Hotel under' the au
spices of the Xorth Portland Women's
Auxiliary. Dr. Mary V. Madigran Is
chairman of the committee having the
contest In hand, and will have charge
of the rrtedical staff. Or. Madigran re
ported yesterday that about 50 leading:
physicians of Portland will assist in
making the examinations.
At 8:16 A. M. Dr. K. A. J. Mackenzie
will make ft. brief address to the
mothers at the assembly-room of the
hotel. He will explain the object of
the eugenic examination, what it
means, of what it consists and what
the benefits will be to the child. At
9 A. M. the physicians will begin their
examinations. Dr. Madigan said that
it was expected to complete the ex
amination of seven babies every 10
Besides the physicians there will bo
about 20 trained nurses.
There was no expectation that more
than 100 babies would be registered
when the omen s Auxiliary took up
the eugenic contest, but the number
registered has been marked and
shows the growing interest in the
The score cards will carry 1000
points and will give a record of
each child s age. sex. weight at birth,
present weight, nationality, number of
times it is fed a day and type of food.
whether or not the eyes, ears, nose,
throat, teeth, neck, hair and scalp,
head, arms, hands, legs and feet are
normal; general condition of its bodv.
its nutrition, the posture and gait.
tne weight ana measurements and var
ious mental tests fit the age of the
Babies ranging from one to four
years have been entered. A silver
cup valued at $25 will be given to the
parents of the boy or girl baby who
makes the best showing. Round trips
to Salem will be furnished mothers
of the boy and girl who make the
best scores, so that they may be en
tered at the State Fair eugenic con
test this Fall.
A Sale of Comforters
Choose Now for the Beach
$1.35 Comforters full size, filled with
the best grade batting, covered with silk
oline in pleasing patterns, fC
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Wool-Filled Comforters at from $3.50
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Third Floor, Main Building.
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These specially priced Brassieres are made of
linen and French batiste. They are trimmed
with hand-embroidery and imitation real Irish
laces; edgings and embroidery. Choice of
either open front or back style. Regularly $1
to $1.50, at 69.
Coverall Aprons for 69c
The popular Coverall and fitted Princess
Aprons enjoy-an undisputed place among
housekeepers' needs. - Slipped over the crisp
house dress they preserve it spotless and fresh,
and at the same time are becoming to the
wearer. This special lot of Aprons are of ging
ham, in light blue, dark blue and pink checks,
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$ 1 .50 Shetland Drape Veils at 59c
Every woman needs one. of these Shetland Drape Veils, with
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65c Chiffon Veils 20 inches wide, with satin border, yd. 49?
One Hundred Thousand Dollar In
stallment Brings 88.70.
After three attempts to get what was
considered a reasonable bid for long
time 4 per cent water bonds, the ways
and means committee of the City Coun
cil yesterday gave up in despair and
sold $100,000 of the bonds at the lowest
price accepted for bonds in Portland in
many years. The issue went to Morris
Bros, for 88.79 cents on the iollar.
The sale was necessary on account of
the fact that the Water Department is
without sufficient operating funds to
carry on the work. A total of 1245.000
it is estimated, will be necessary to
carry the department through the Sum
mer. In addition to the $100,000 sold
the city purchased $143,000 of Xhe issue
from money in the city's general sink
ing fund. This part of the issue went
at S3. 78 per cent.
Bissells' Electric Sweep
er Demonstration a rev
elation to housewives. See
Sixth-street window!
. Bread - Baking Demon
stration on an Acorn
Gas Range. Light, whole
some bread, with exces
sive heat eliminated.
Universal Home Needs
Demonstration in the
Big Basement Store.
Utensils that minimize
labor in the kitchen.
50c Foulard Ties 25c
Men, There's Bright, Attractive Colors
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Every new shade and pattern is found in this pleas
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Women find these popular Doeskin and Chamoisette
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Hi -
i ii i m ii tell,)
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f If .If IIS ' rd
If r
mm mm
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The- Quality' Stor& of Portland
FifUv, Ixtlv'Morrtaorv Alder 3ta-
White Kid
Hand Bags
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