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Beavers Make 20 Hits and 14
Scores, While Tigers Err
- Eight Times.
Captain Bill Rodger. Stars at Bat
With S Hits in 5 Attempts.
Hlgginbotham Holds South
erners Safe All Through.
Parlflo CoMt Imim Standings.
w. r Pet. i w. u. pet
tjj Angeles IT 11 .607acramento 12 1 .
Oakland... 35 II .63 San Fran-. . 1 17 .43
Venice 1 It .41 Portland. .. 11 16 .4
Yesterday's Results,
At Portland Portland 14. Venice a.
At San Francxaco San Francisco It. Sac
ramento 1.
At Los Angeles Oakland a. Los Anseles L
It Is next in line for the Columbia
River to flour upstream.
The Portland Coast League club bit
in the pinches yesterday, and so hard
and often did the Beavers hit that
they massacred the Venice Tigers by
the overwhelming score of 14-3. driv
ing Southpaw Raleigh out of the box
in the second inning under an ava
lanche of seven runs.
Twenty safe slams, -all told, did the
flamboyant Beavers register. Captain
Rodgers starring with five hits in five
trips to the plate. Chadbourne and
Doane secured three hits apiece, and
Korea, Krueger and Derrick each a
couple. The Beavers seem to have
found their batting optics at last.
Higginbotham adorned the pitching
box for Portland. He twirled effective
ball until McCredle's men took their big
lead and then be eased up. As a result
Venice whacked out 12 smoking bot
safeties, which, added to the home 20,
made 32 hits for the afternoon. Patter
son starred at the bat for Venlca with
three hits.
Tigers Are Vnnerved.
The noise from the Incessant cannon
ading seemed to unnerve Hogan's
Tigers, for, while Portland was falling
upon Raleigh and Baum with all the
gentleness of a 10-ton safe dropping
on your toe. the Venetians were busy
booting the Sail all over the lot.
Venice's cracks in the gorgeous rec
reation were eight In number, whereas
the only Beaver error was made by
Kores, who overthrew third base on
Carlisle's three-bagger and allowed the
triple-play hero to score In the third
Games like that of yesterday occur
seldom and far between, but. Just as
long as the home team won the field
day doubtless was enjoyed Immensely
by the ladies' day crowd of 4000. Port
land lost to Sacramento 9-4 on ladles'
day last week.
Portland bunched four hits in the
first Inning off Raleigh. Rodgers driv
ing Chadbourne and Doane across by
the first of five bits. A wild pitch by
Raleigh contributed to the pyrotech
nics, scoring the third run.
Banna Is Poor Ressner.
After Portland had scored three more
in the second inning on Lltschi's error
and hits by Chadbourne, Doane, Kores
and Rodgers, Baum was hurried to the
mound, replacing Raleigh. Lindsay's
hit to right scored the fourth.
From that on the matinee was some
what farcical. Venice taking frequent
balloon ascensions. Hap's fighters' re
sembled Tigers yesterday about as
much as do Skinny Slatterys amateurs
ranging over Dugan's Dump.
Bill Rodgers' play, all through,
sparkled like the diamond tiara in
milady's auburn hair. Bill drove In
no less than five runs by timely hit
ting, and scored three others himself,
thus accounting for more than half of
the Portland total.
And a star one-handed catch by Hai
ti nan a case of grand larceny in which
Kores lost a hit and a swell throw to
aird base by Doane. which cut off
jfeloan In the prime of his promising
young life, must not be forgotten.
Fe-otball Methods Employed.
Venice had an opportunity to tally
a few more In the sixth inning, : when
a walk and hits by Patterson and Hosp
filled the bases. Lit sen I, however, was
railed out at third base by Umpire
Newhouse because Ferguson, a coacher,
tackled him as he rounded third and
forcibly shoved htm back on the bag.
Portland and Venice now stand even
on the series with two games won and
lost. Hagerznan will twirl for Portland
today, and one of the trio, Stewart;
Griffin and Edmondson. for Venice. The
Venice I Portlsnd
Carlisle.!. 6 3 S 0 1'CnadVneJ 5 3 0 0
2 OODoane.r. .. 5 3 4 10
0 0 0 Kores... .. B 2 1 11
5 : Kod;ers.2. 6 5 0 5 0
6 2 l Krueser.m 4 3 0 0 0
12 1 Mnday.3. 0 12 10
5 11 Derrick.l. 4 2 8 10
3 2 0-Berry.e. 5 2 7 0 0
Oil Hlsgl m.p. 4010
13 1.
0 0 0
o oo'
So .2 S3 lssl
H y !. r .
Fatter" n.1
Hwp.i. ..
Krleta.c. .
Raleigh. p.
Baum. p. .
i r -
a -I
J - jL
v. 'J, ...I
- ' IV; -
' ; -
Hynes Twirls 3-Hit Game and
Defeats Tacoma, 2 to 1,
fi Pitching Duel.
Je32v6.r . (AT).
Vean Gregg and Tom Seatoa. two ex-Beaver moundmen,- have started
the season In the majors like champions. Seaton. who Is with the Phila
delphia Nationals, has won four straight games, while Gregg has won four
and lost one. '
Seaton has pitched 34 Innings to date, N allowing only five runs. Ha
pitched 27 Innings with only two runs, but yesterday was relieved In the
seventh against New Tork by a pinch hitter. The score was 3-1 in favor
of the Giants when he left the mound, bat in the last of the seventh the
Phillies batted in three runs, giving them a lead; hence the credit of the
bout to the former Portland pitcher.
Another pitcher well known in Portland who has made good this season
Is Bill James, the Seattle giant of 1912. Bill won his two first games for
the Boston Rraves, making his debut into major league company In splendid
style. Peculiarly, four of his 1912 league-mates. Whaling. Gervais, Myers
and Mann, are on the same club.
1. All of the three Sacramento pitchers
that were used looked alike to the
Seals, whose batting was something to
wonder at. Every man on the Seals
got one or more hits, reaching a total
of 17, and every man of them, save one.
Zimmerman, circled the bases for runs.
fummmtiu. I Han Francisco
2 0
1 1
2 0
1 7
0 a
Snlnn.r... 8
stark. a.. 3 4
Tennant.1 4
OH'rke.i 3 0 2
Sn-ain.l... 3 11
U115S.C. 3 1
Stroud. p.. O
Munsell.p. 2
Drucke,p. 1
0 1
1 0 Horan.r. . .
S 0 WcArdle.2
0 0 Johnston. L
0 0 Howard,!..
4 2,Zimme'n,m
0 0 Wuffll.s...
0 l;Cartn-r't.8
3 O f-chmldt.o.
1 O.Baker.p...
1 0;
1 01
2 0 0 0-
1 8 30
2 0 00
10 2 0
Totals. 30 7 24 16 8; Totals. 8517 2718 0
Sacramento 1 000 0000 0 1
Hits 2 o 1 o 1 zoo j I
San Francisco 4 4 0 0 2 4 0 1 15
Kit, 4 8113212 IT
Runs Shlnn. Hofran 2. McArdle 2, John
ston 2. Howard 2, wuffll, CartwrlBht.
Schmidt 2. Baker 3. Stolen bases Tennant.
llosan. Schmidt. Four runs 6 hits off strouu.
taken out In second, 1 out and 2 on bases
charae defeat to Stroud; 6 runs 8 hits oft
Munsell In 3 2-3 lnnints. Home run How
ard, Two-base hit Shlnn. Wuffll. Sacri
fice, hits titara. McAroie. Bases on bans
Off Baker 2. off Munsell 3, off Druclca 8.
Struck: out By Stroud 1, by Baker T, by
Prucke 2. by Munsell 4. Hit by pltcner
Zimmerman, by Stroud: Zimmerman by
Munsell: Horan. by Munsell; Schmidt, b.
Drncktt. Double play Munsell to Ken
worthy. Wild pitches Munsell. Drucke.
Time 2:08. Umpires Phyla and Finney.
Angels Have Xo Chance Against
Christian and Lose, 5 to 1.
LOS ANGELES, May 2. Oakland went
back Into . second place today by de
featlng Los Angeles, 6 to 1. The Angela
never bad a obance against Christian,
who pitched well and had support, while
Ryan was hit freely by the visitors.
Leard and Gardiner batted out home
runs and Cook, who returned to bis
post at snort, got credit for tbree stolen
bases. The score:
Oakland I Los Anrele
A It OA tl
Becker.l. . 4 1 8 0 0iPaee.2
dclDhla. won. 4 to 8. Seaton and De
maree battled until the seventh inning
with one run against each. Then two
passed by Seaton and Merkle's single
filled the bases. McCormick, who
batted for Demaree, singled, scoring
two runners. Crandall went in to pitch
in the home team's half. With two put,
Philadelphia won the game on Kllll
gan's single, a pass to Cravath, who
batted for Seaton. Paskert's double and
Knabe. single. After Lobert received
a nass. Marauard took Crandall's place,
In the eighth inning Doolan disputed
a decision by Umpire Byron ana was
ordered off the field. Chalmer, who
took Beaton's place, ended the game by
fanning Burns with runners on third
and second, bcore:
R.H.E.I - R.H.E.
New Tork... 3 6 1 Philadelphia. . 4 9 i
Batteries Demaree. Crandall, Mar
quard and Meyers; Seaton, Chalmers
and Kllllfer.
8 O KUlal
0 0, .
0 O'Marrart.m
0 OiHoward.r. .
0 0 Mctiger.S.
1 0Jobnson,a.
2 OiRrooks.o. .
1 ORyan.p. . ..
Icrabbe.p. .
. Drlscoll.p.
Totals.. 33 9 27 7 0
l.eard.2... 5
Hetllna.8.. 4
Coy.r 8
Abbott,m. S
Cook.e... 4
Pearce,e.. 4
hrlatlan.p 4
4 0 14 0
4 O S
4 2 14
1 2
0 0
0 2
0 0
0 0
2 0
1 1
3 0
O 0
2 0
Totals... 30 4 2710 3
Patted for Crabb in the elrhth.
Oakland 1 110 110 0
Hits 1 I 1 OS 2 O O I 9
To Ana-eles 0 00 0001 0 0 1
HIta 1 1 O O O 0 2 O U 1
Runs Becker. Ieard. Gardner. Cook.
Christian. Moore. Stolen bass Leard, Cook
, floors, tlowara. beven nits ana a runs
ff Ryan, taken out In sixth after 1 run bad
scored with none out. One hit. no runs off
Crabbe In three Innlnss. Charre defeat to
an. Home runs Leard. Gardner. Three-
ase hit -Moore. Two-base bit Leard.
Sacrifice hits Abbott. Gardner. Sacrifice
fly Hetllnc. Rases on balls Off Ryan 2:
Crabbe 2. Christian L Struck out By
Ryan 2. by Crabbe 2. Christian 5. - Double
play Christian to Pearca to Gardner. Hit
by pitched ball Ryan. Time Two hours.
mplrea Bush and McCarthy.
Philadelphia 4, Xew York S.
PHILADELPHIA. May 2. The most
interesting feature in today's game be
tween Philadelphia and New York was
confined to the seventh Inning. Phlla-
Totalt So .2 23 13 SH Totals. 42 JO 28 12 1
Chadbo-urna out. hit by batted ball.
Lltschl out for interference. Batted for
hiiim In ninth. Ran for Brashear in
Venlca ,
Kits ..
Hits ..
o oioioo ro s
1 1 1 0 8 2 1 8 012
8 4 0 0 4 0 1 2 14
4 5 0 1 3 2 2 3 20
Runs Carlisle. Bayleaa. Fatrm. Chad
bourne. Dotn 2. Kores 2. Rodgers 8. Krue
er. rerrlck. Berry 2, Hlsstnbotham 2.
f truck out By Hlaclrbotham 7. by Baum 2.
Haaea on balls Off HlKftinbotham 8. Two
r.a hlts Doane 2. Berry. Baylets. Three
base hits Carlisle. Derrick. Double plays
Rodgers to Kores to Derrick. Sacrifice bit
Krueaer. stolen bases Doane, Korea,
. Rodrera, Carlisle. Hlp1nbolham 2. Chad
bourne. Kane. Hit by pitched ball Der
rick, passed ball nerry. Wild pitch Ral
lch. Innlnr. pitched By Raleigh 1 1-x
Base bits Off Raleigh 8, runs 6: charge
defeat to Ralelsh. Time of gam4 1:&3.
L mplrea Kewhouss and Held.
Notes of the, Game.
Brashear. injured Venice captain, batted
for Baum la the ninth Inning, demonstrating
that Hogan dlea came at least.
Waiter Doane waa oaught off second basa
attar bis two-bagger In the Tourth.
One of Doane a hits waa scratchy. He
drore an easy grounder second basewards.
tha ball blttlnc Chadbourne. who waa en
route front first to second. Chad was called
out and Doane bad to be credited with a
aafe hit.
Tba Reglna club of the Weetern Canada
Leagna sat In the grandstand and witnessed
the alucfest. Hulen'a men have been train
ing at Albany.
Hlrainbothara stole home In tha fifth
Inning on tha last leg of a double steal
with Chadbourne. Hosp's return throw to
tha nlata went wide.
All sorts of freaky plays featured tha
,plar. in tha seventh Berry lammed to left
field for two bases and Carlisle's throw in
went thronah tha entire Infield to tha
grandstand and Berry made third.
All Pitchers Look Alike and 1 7 Hits
Make 15 Rods.
cisco won from Sacramento today, IS to
Baseball Statistics
National League.
W. L. PC!
Chicago... 13 5.72'JSt. Louis...
Philadelphia 7 4 .:tt) Pittsburg. . .
New York.. 8 6. 671, Boston
Brooklyn... 8 7 .b&i;Cinclnnatl. .
American Leagne.
Philadelphia 11 8 .7WBoston ,
Cleveland.. 12 5 .706 St. Louie...
Washington. 9 4 .C2 Detroit
Chicago.... 12 8.000,.Vew York..
American Ascoeiation.
Kansas City 11 7 .OllToIumbus. .
W. L. PC.
9 8.320
9 a.s.'o
4 U .2ti
8 12.250
7 9.43?
8 11 .421
5 18 .278
2 IS .lo3
a s .son
Mllwaukla. 10 8 ,6."C Minneapolis. . 0 9
Louisville.. 11 .VrSt. Paul.... 711 37
Indianapolis 9 8 .Oil), Toledo 5 11 .313
neatern Trl-8tae.
walla walla 8 2 .soOIPendleton. .. 5 5 .S00
Boise '4 .00'La Grande.. 1 7 .300
N. Yakima.. 0 4 .toO.Baker 2 3 .10
Yesterday's Results.
American Association Minneapolis 12,
Columbus 6; Indianapolis I'. St. Paul 8;
Kansaa City 8, Toledo 6; Louisville 7. Mil
waukee 2.
Western League Topeka 6, Wichita 8;
Denver 6. Lincoln 4: Omana 11, St. jo.epn
2: Sioux Clty-Des Moines game postponed;
Southern League Atlanta 2. ' Birmingham
1: New Orleana 9, Memphis 1; Cnsttanooga
3, Nashville 2; Mobile . Montgomery 5.
Union Aasoclation Helena 16, Missoula
9: Butte li. ogden (12 Innings); urcat
Falle 6. Salt Lake 3.
Portland Batting Averages.
Padflo Coast Northwestern '
Ab H Av.
14 5 .8.17
0 2 .323
43 14 .310
30 It .3"0
0:1 17 .2i0
4n 12 .21
20 6 .2i9
8 2 .2.'.0
4ll 11 .2JU
P 13 .2ii
22 6.227
C 1 .1T
31 5.101
63 8. Id)
1 .OKI
2 .0i7
0 .001)
Ab H At.I
Lindsay... lot 87 .340 Callahan. .
Krause 21 7 .3:1:1 Msvs
Rodgers. .. Iu6 32 ,802luulgnl. ...
Kracp 10 8 .300 Murray. ..
Doane 4 19 .27 Mahoney . .
Krn 43 12 .27!) Speaa
Fisher 44 12 .273 Fries
Berry 43 12 .2ti; Hynes. . . .
Derrick 9d 2.1 .240'f;ancrott. .
Chadboura 113 2J .221 Monler. .. ,
M Cormlck. 38 12 .2,17 Bliss
lit) 17 .1SJ Ba.tley. ..
71 13 .1S roltrln. ...
14 2 .14-' Williams. .
Stanley. . ..
7 1 .142 Martlnonl
7 1 .142 Cunningham 11
1 2 .125,Fortlcr 23
18 2 .111 Agaew 4
1 0 .OOOiFitchner. ...
Boston 4, Brooklyn 1.
BROOKLYN. N. T.. May 2. Boston
evened up the series with Brooklyn to
day by hammering out a 4 to 1 victory
In the ninth inning. The score was tied
at the end of the eighth, after a fine
pitchers battle between Tyler and Al
len, with two on bases in tne ninin.
Mann smashed out a long llher to center
Just as the baserunners started a double
steal. Stengel was coming fast to DacK
up an expected throw to second and the
ball shot over his head for a cleanup
home run. An Infield hit, an error ana
Wheat's double in the fourth scored
Brooklyn's only run. Boston made its
other tally in the seventh on a single
and Sweeney's three-base hit. Tyler
pitched a splendid game. Score:
R.H.E.I . R.H.E.
Boston....... 4 6 HBrooklyn... 1 4
Batteries Tyler and Whaling; Allen
and Miller.
Chicago 4, Cincinnati 1.
CHICAGO, May 2 Smith's generosity
in giving passes, coupled with an eror
and' opportune hitting, gave Chicago a
4 to 1 victory over Cincinnati today.
The visitors' lone run resulted from
Bescher's triple and Evers" error wh-n
he threw into the stand in an attempt
to head off the runner at third. Smith
held the locals to four scattered hits,
but could not find the plate at criti
cal times.
Cheney was a little wild, but managed
to keep the visitors to half a dozen
well-scattered hits.
President Murphy, of the local Na
tionals, today announced the sale of
Outfielder Nicely and Infielder McDon
aid to the Birmingham, Ala., club of
the Southern League. These players
came to Chicago In the Tinker deal
K.H.E.I R.H.E.
Cincinnati.. 1 6 1 Chicago 4 4 3
Batteries Smith. Harter and Clarke;
Cheney and Archer.
Pittsburg 5, St. Louis 4.
PITTSBURG, May 2. After suffering
five straight defeats, Pittsburg nosed
out St. Loul8 this afternoon by getting
long hits off Griner at the right time.
Hendrlx was rather wild, but he kept
nine hits fairly well scattered and nine
St. Louis runners were left on bases.
Hard hitting by Miller won the game
for Pittsburg, his three-bagger and two
bagger figuring in the run .getting.
Two doubles, a triple and a single gave
Pittsburg three runs in the second in
ning. Hendrlx' wlldness had given St.
Louis a score in the first and a double
play by Butler and Miller saved him
from further danrage with the bases
full. With St. Louis runners on first
and third, and a run needed to tie with
two out in the ninth, Vlox made a fast
play on Mowrey's hard smash and re
tired the side. Score:
R.H.E.I . R.H.E.
St. Louis 4 9 lFlttsburg. . . 6 9 0
Batteries Griner and Wlngo; Hen
drlx and Kelley.
Ertgene . Men Play
Against O. A. C.
May 2. tSpecial.) Oregon Agricul
tural College won a loosely played
baseball game from Oregon here to
day. to 2. The Aggies cinched the
victory by bunching hits on Pitcher
Bigbee In the third and fourth innings,
after Oregon had scored twice in the
opening scene.
. The same teams will meet again to
morrow. Welch will be Oregon's
pitcher and McMillan will distribute
for O. A. C. The score:
O. A. C... 8 8 3 (Oregon.... 2 7 4
Batteries Culver and Weller, Bigbee
and Motschenbacher.
McMinnvllle College Loses.
M'MINNVILLE. Or.. May 2. (Spe
cial.) McMinnvllle Tigers won from
McMinnvllle College by a score of 15
to 5 in today's game, played on the
college grounds before a large crowd
of baseball fans. The Tigers will play
the Bradfords, of Portland, here Sun
day. The Bradfords defeated Wood
burn at that place last Sunday and a
fast game 1s expected here.- Batteries
In today's game were: College, Stewart
and Larsell; Tigers, Petersen, and
College Baseball.
Yale 4. University of Virginia 2V
University of Illinois 5, Northwest
ern S.
Purdue 5, Wisconsin 4.
Georgetown 10. Bucknell 5.
Portland Hurler, Already With Rec
ord of Xo-Run, Xo-Hlt Game,
Is Rated as One of Best In
Xorth western League. .
Northwestern League standings.
W. L. Pet. I W. L. Pet.
Vancouver.. 11 4 .735 Tacoma 10 .44
Seattle 11 7 .611'Portland. .. . 0 .400
Spokane.... 9 .500 (Victoria 4 12 .31
Yesterday's Beanlta.
At Tacoma Portland 2, Tacoma L
At Spokane Seattle 10, Spokane 6.
At Victoria Vancouver 12, Victoria E.
TACOMA, May 2. (Special.) Pitcher
Hynes. of the Portland Colts, pitched
a no-hit-no-run game against Van
couver last Saturday and today be held
the Tigers to three hits and won for
Portland by a score of 2 to L Kaufman
wbo opposed him, also worked in mas
terly style and it is the solemn belief
of the fans who saw the game that
had Grindell not dropped Neighbor's
perfect throw in the third inning tne
teams would be playing yet. Portland,
however, was entitled to win. although
It was & bitterly contested game from
start to finish. In spite of the cold
weather, both clubs played in mid-sea
son form and there Is no room for com-
Those fans who sat In the grandstand
and had an opportunity to study the
work of Hynes are not slow In saying
that Tacoma met one of the best
pitchers In the Northwestern League.
He has a world of speed, and his curve
ball has a sharp break, which is decided
to say the least. Kaufman, ' however,
waa also in his best form, and had the
break of luck, which Is to be found In
all games, come to him Instead of
Hynes, the result might have been dif
Blohler Hits la Winning Ron.
The Colts made both their runs in the
third inning. Guigni made his first tit
of the series, but was forced at second.
Hynes dropped a Texas leaguer over
Nordyke's dome and Bliss went to sec
ond. With the infield playing in, tin
croft hit a sharp rap to Nordyke. The
Tiger first baseman knocked the ball
down. Juggled it too long to' make a
play at the plate and then put out
Bancroft, but not before Bliss had
scored. Hynes scored from second when
Mohler singled to right field. Neign
bors recovered the ball and made a
Derfect throw to the plate, which
had Hynes blocked by ten-, feet, but
Grindell allowed the ball to get away
from him and the Portland pitcher
scored what proved the winning
In the sixth inning the Tigers got
their lono tally. Keller singled and
went to third on Neighbors single
Nordyke hit ' to Hynes, who allowed
Nela-hbors to eo to second while he
threw out the batsman. Kennedy's
long fly allowed Keller to score, but
Neighbors was marooned on the bags.
Hynefl Not to Be Denied.
The Tigers tried to play an encore to
their nlnth-innlnar batting rally of
Thursday, but Hynes would not be de
nied and ho mowed the locals down in
order in the final session. Riordan, the
catcher obtained from the Portland
Beavers, made his Northwestern League
debut this afternoon, when he was sent
in to bat for McMullin In the last half
of the ninth Inning. His errort was a
short fly to right field, which was cap
tured by Fries, bcore:
Pnrt'a.fl ' I Tacoma
4 10 1 l?tadllle,l.. 4 0 10 0
1 1 3 OKeller.2... 3 1 1 30
0 3 0 OIN'ghbors.r. 4 1 2 00
0 8 0 OIN'ordyke.l. 2 0 15 0 0
0 0 0 OiHarrts.m... 1 0 0 0 0
0 13 0 O'K'nedy.m-1 3 0 3 0 0
2 11 O'P.uell.s 3 0 110
0 4 0 O'McMulltn.3 3 0 0 SO
10 4 OjOrlndell.c. 3 0 4 2 1
(Kaufman, p 2 10 4 0
Klordan .. 1 0 0 0 0
Mohler.3.. 8
Frles.r 4
C'inch'm.l 4
M'honey.m 4
Williama.l 3
3uignl,3.. 3
Hliss.c 3
Haynes.p. 3
Total.. 31 6 27 11 1! Total... 30 3 27 17 1
Batted for McMullin In ninth.
Portland 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
Tacoma 0 0 0. 0 0 1 0 0 0 1
Runs Bliss. Hynes. Keller. Stolen base:
Bancroft. Mohler. Two-base hit Kennedy.
struck out Ht Hvnes 5. by Kaufman 4.
Bases on bails Off Hynes 3. off Kaufman L
Tlme 1:30. Umpire Toman.
Indians Pile Up S-Run Lead but
Lose, 10 to 5, to Seattle.
SPOKANE. May 2. Seattle played up
hill ball against the Indians today and
after overcoming a three-run lead went
ahead, winning by a score of 10 to 5.
Schneider started for Seattle, but was
aent to the bench in the first Inning.
Dell pitched fine ball and won his own
game by driving In five of the Seattle
runs and scoring one himself. Toner
and Bonner were both hit hard by the
Seattle players. Score:
Seattle bpokane
4 11 2 1!McCarll.. 4 111 0 0
I s o Million, m . 4
2 10Wagner.2..
8 1 0 Powell.l...
7 0 0 Altman.s..
3 0 0:Yohe.a. . ..
2 0 fvjohnson.r.
3 2 0 Auer.c. ...
0 0 0;Kraft.p.. .
1 o Toner. p.. .
! Morse'. ..
Shaw.3. . .
Mil. 2
Wilson. r..
Jackson, 1.
Sinilt.l. ..
3 0
0 4 4 1
3 2 0 3 0
13 0 0
1 2 0
10 10
O fl 1 n
0 0 01
0 0 n
O 00
O 0 0
0 00
n o
Totals. 33 13 27 10 1! Totals. 33 7 27 12 2
Hatted, for Toner in seventh. -
Batted for Bonner in ninth.
Seattle 1 1 0 0 0 1 4 2 1 10
Spokane 2 003UOOOO 3
Runs Shaw 2. Nil! 2. Wilson. Strait 2.
Killilay. Raymond. Dill. Million. Wagner.
Tohe. Aucr. Kraft. Two-bass lilts Dell.
Cadman, Kilt, Powell, McCarl. Thre-base
hits 'W Uion. Cadman. Wazner. Altman.
Sacrifice hits Nil!. Wilson. Sacrifice files
Wilson. Catlman 2. Hit by pitched ball
Powell, by Dell. Stolen base Shaw. Base?
on talls Off Schneider T. off Dell 4. off
Kraft 1. Struck out By Del! 2, by Kraft .
Hits Off Schneider 2 In 1-3 lnnlna. oil
Del) 6 In S 2-3 Innings, off Kraft 0 in 4 1-3
Innings, off Toner 2 In 2-3 Inning: off Bon
ner 3 in 2 innings. Left on bases Seattle 4,
Spokane C Credit victory to Del!, defeat
to Kraft. Tlmo 2:0X Umpire Eddinger.
Batting Rally Routs Bees and Spoils
Hard-Fonght Extra-Inning Game.
VICTORIA. B. C May 2. Vancouver
won a 10-lnnlng game rrom victoria
today, 12 to 6. - The Bees got an early
lead but Vancouver tied the score In
the ninth and a vbatting rally in the
10th gave the visitors seven runs. In
gersoll, who was sent In to pitch for
Vancouver after Brinker had batted for
Dawson In the 10th, held Victoria to
one hit In the last inning and the Bees
did not have a chance to recover, score
t'anrmivpr I Victoria
5 2 5 4 0-Felts.l 6 2 2 10
r. 1 n 0 Tiawlinira.a 3 2 4 4 0
5 4 0 1 0,Brook.l.. 4 110 10
6 10 OOMcek.c. ... 4
6 3 12 2 0 Melcholr.r. 4
5 12 O 0' Lynch. m.. 4
5 114 OiDelmas.2.. 4
3 4 1 liLamb.3. .. 4
0 0 4 OlSmith.p... 3
1 0 O0
0 0 O0I
Totals. 47 16 30.16 1! Totals. 35 10 30 15
Batted for Dawson in tenth.
Bennett, 2.
Hcister.l.. 5
Kippert.m 5
Frisk. r... 6
Walsh.l.. 6
McM'rdo,3 5
Scharn'r.s 5
Konnick.c 0
Dawson. p. 3
Brinker. 1
Ingera'll.p 0
8 10
1 00
4 00
2 3 2
3 1
1 40
......1 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 1 7 12
3 20000000 0 J
Runs Bennett 2. Helster, Kippert 8,
Frisk. Walsh 3. Konlck. Brinker, Felts 2,
Rawlinas. Brooks. Meek. Sacrifice hit
Schaj-nweber. Dawson. Brooks. Meek. Smith
Two-base hits Konnick, Kippert, P.awllngs.
Home run w algn. stolen oases is.ipperi.
Meek. Double nlavs Bennett to Walsh.
Pitchers' summary Dawson, 9 Innings, 1
runs, 9 bits; Ingersoll. 1 Inning, no runs, 1
hit. Struck out By Dawson 3. by Smith 3.
Bases on balls Off Dawson 2. off Smith, 3.
Credit victory to Dawson. Time 2:05.
Umpire Caaey.
Cleveland 9, St. Louis 2.
ST. LOUIS, May 2. Cleveland won
an easy game from St, Louis by the
score of 9 to 2. The visitors hit Stone
and Mitchell hard and ran the bases
wild. Blandlng pitched steadily
-hroughout the contest. Cleveland
scored two In the first after two were
out, on a base on balls, an infield hit
and Lajole's double. In the third Chap
man's safe bunt, a sacrifice hit and
Lannere's second hit scored . another
for Cleveland.
Cleveland scored four runs in the
fourth. Land and Blandlng singled.
Land stole third and scored when Wei
lace fumbled a grounder. Mitchell
relieved Stone and Chapman singled.
scoring Blandlng and Johnston, and
took second on the throw-in. Chap
man then stole third and home. After
two were out, a balk by Blandlng with
the bases full forced a runner over the
plate for St Louis in the fourth. Score
R. H. is. it. tu J
Cleveland ..9 11 l3t. Louis... 2 8 3
Batteries Blandlng and Land; Stone,
Mitchell and Agnew, McAllister.
Chicago 4, Detroit 1.
DETROIT, May 2. Easterly's long
double to center In the ninth after Bor
ton had beaten an infield tap by inches.
broke up a pitchers' battle today and
gave Chicago the game.
The Bcore was 4 to . 1, and it was
Detroit's eighth consecutive defeat-
In the eighth, with Crawford on third
and one out. Gainer fanned and Deal
filed to Mattick. In the ninth with
High, who batted for Stanage, also on
third waiting to score, Crawford popped
weakly to Weaver.
Until the ninth Wlllett outpitcnea
Scott, but Detroit failed to produce hits
with runners on the sacks. Eleven
Detroit men were left on bases. Both
teams scored in the fourth. Lord
tripled and Borton's single brought him
home. For Detroit Vltt and Deal shot
two triples to center. Two men were
out In the ninth before the visitors put
a man on first base. Score:
R. H- E. R. H. B.
hlcago ...2 8 0Detroit ..:..l 7 1
Batteries Scott and Easterly; Wll
lett and Stanage.
Philadelphia 6, Xew Tork S.
NEW YORK, May 2. The Athletics
won another Close game from the New
York Americans here today, the score
being 6 to 5. Manager Mack used four
pitchers to land the game. Houck, who
started, was wild, issuing six bases on
balls before he was taken out in the
fourth Inning-. Bender, who finished
tne game ior me Ainieiics, waa invin
cible until the ninth, when the New
Yorks scored their fifth run on a pass.
a sincle and a sacrifice fly. Ford start
ed for New York and was hit hard.
Fischer finished strong. Collins and
Baker were responsible for four of the
Philadelphia runs. A curious Incident
of the game was the Highlanders' Jog
around the bases in the fourth, when
they scored four runs on errors and
passes with the aid of only a scratch
infield hit. Score:
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Philadel ...6 8 8New York... 6 2 0
Batteries Houck, Bush, Penner, Ben
der and Thomas; Ford, Fisher and
Washington 5, Boston 4.
BOSTON. May 2. Washington, play
ing faultless ball in the field, bunched
hits in three innings today and won
from Boston 6 to 4. Groom allowed the
world's champions but one hit up to
the sixth inning. Then three singles
and two bases on ' balls gave Boston
three runs, tying the score. Washing
ton bunched hits again in the seventh
inning, netting two runs, and Boston
in the eighth tried to even up again,
but one run. made possible by Speak-
llidds uour &cclt
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9kW VerSrt--;5:.t:w!l r Ptislr. 1
Yeon Building Comer, 5th and Alder
er's triple, was the locals' best at
tempt. Score:
R. H. E. R. H. E.
Wash'ton ..6 9 0Boston 4 3 2
Batteries Groom and Henry; Leon
ard and Cady.
Kilbane Wolgast and Anderson Ex
pected Monday.
MEDFORD, Or., May 2. (Special.)
Medford will be a Mecca for fistio
artists next Monday, when Feather
weight Champion Kllbane, ex-Light
weight Champion Wolgast and Bud
Anderson, vanquisher" of Knockout
Brown and contender for the light
weight crown, will be here.
Kllbane is coming to look over the
a.Uey with an eye to securing a fruit
ranch; Wolgast Is expected to take
over a large cattle ranch he has an
option on, while Anderson is to Join
his manager, Dick ponald. While here
he will appear for two nights at tho
Star Theater with his brother In a
sparring exhibition. It Is probablo
that Anderson also will Invest in a
ranch here and later make this his
home, bringing his mother and father
from Vancouver. Wash.
Weather records of Panama for 23 years
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Portland Hotel.
Knit's Buffet.
Portland Ad. Club.
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Klka' Club.
Oregon Telephone Herald Co.
F. S. Doernbecher. Pres. Frederick A. Kribs. S. G. Reed,
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