Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 02, 1913, Page 8, Image 8

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Harkness Defeats Beavers and
Routs McCredie's Star in
5-to-3 Battle.
and Hogan's, Men Pat Over Two
Rons; Breaking Tie Derrick
Stars at Bat and Field.
Parlfloi Com Learn Staadlnca.
P. I Pel - VC. L Pe.
L Anteles. 17 10.(3?crimmto, 12 13.480
Venioa 11 14 .533Sn Kran... lJ17.4ii
Oakland.... 14 II .(1 Portland 10 15.400
a) Testerday Results.
At Portland Venice . Portland 3.
At Ban Francisco Sacramento 4. Can
At Los Ap4le Lo AdiIm 4. Oakland 1.
Ia another frigid but furious rn
couhter, Venice won over Portland yes
terday breaking a 3-3 tie by a nlnth
Vnnlng rally, and making the finals read
'a-J In favor of Harkness.
"reventre" thing's, and. In the words of
the office pest, "You've gottahandit. to
Speck." The ex-Portland fllnger se
cured ample revenue for his spurning
by McCredle. Although pitted against
the star. Southpaw Krause, he won his
game and that's more than his brother
in arms, Koestner. accomplished open
ing day.
The result gives Venice two frames
In three In the series, and shoves
Hogan's Tigers Into second place over
L'p to the ninth Inning the game
was a pitching duel with the honors
all in Kra use's favor. lie had allowed
only four hits and but for an error by
IJndsay on a hard chance In the fourth
inning Portland would have led 3-1.
But tn the ninth the visitors hopped
onto Krause with a will. Such calis
thenics! RodBTrra Heaitaney font I r-
LJtachl opened with- a clean drive to
left field. Patterson flew out. and then
Hosp drove a slow grounder toward
second base. Rodgers hesitated In his
throw to first. L.its-hi making second
safely and Hosp landing on first. Hal
llnan drove In the winning run by a
alngle to center, but. for good measure. I
Krietx sacrificed by a long fly to leftj
and Horn also tallied. 1
Harkness was bumped hard and often
for the first four Innings. After that he
steadied and twlrlcji effective ball and
that's why his year's record this morn
ing reads four victories .and one de
feat. It beglna'to look like a hectic
.anno Domini for llogan's high tenor, .
Portland startet off by securing a
"tworun lead In the first two Innings.
Trie speed ' marvel. Pitscerald, scored
all the way from first base In the
Initial frame on a two-bs?ger Into right
- by Kores. A double by Derrick and
Krause's single to right manufactured
the aecond run.
Venice Ttea "eere.
Venice tied this up In the fourth
on Lindsay's error, a walk to Patterson
and Hosp's double to right field which
Peered both men on the bases. Port
land jumped into the lead again the
last of the fourth on singles by Der
rick and Claude Berry, but the Tigers
clawed right back into the deadlock in
th sixth inning on Carlisle's two-bag-
- cer Into deep centerfleld and Bayless'
hit to right.
If you are curious to know why Port
land couion t muster anoiner run m
break the tie write a letter to Hark
ness and ask him about his luck in the
seventh Inning.
It was evident then that the "yen
hok" was not for him, for the Beavers
banged out two hits and received a
walk that frame, yet didn't tally. Chad,
bourne being cut oft at the plate on a
close decision.
Chad tried to score from second base
on Kores' infield hit. He was nipped
- oy incnea on a inc irum riuviovii.
Both teams played spectacular ball in
the field and it is a pity they couldn't
save it for one of the big Sunday
crowds instead of acting up for about
100 shivering forlorns. - Derrick.
Lindsay and Krause all sparkled for
McCredle, while Hallinan and Harkness
both fielded their positions brilliantly
for the visitors. The score:
"artlsle.l.. 4
aleloan.m. 3
Havle?s.r. 4
Lttsrhl.I. 4
Pat'son.l.. 3
Hosp.2 4
Mailman. a. 4
Kreita.c... 3
U'knMi rt 4
I Portland
1 4 O't-flb-rne.l..
4 1 2 0 (i
0 0 F"Rerald.r.
0 0 Knres.s. . . .
1 0 Ko!srs.:.
1 1
1 0
10 3 0 l.indsar.s..
3 3 3 0 Doane.m. .
1 1
0 OerrlcR.l. .
1 0' Perry. c. . .
1 0 Krauscp. .
1 1
Totals. 23 7 27 IS o; Totals.. 34 3:7 10 1
Ven Ice .
Hlta ..
2 0 1 O I 5
O 0 O 1 0 ; 1 0 X 7
1 1 0 1 0 0 0 3
12130021 0 9
Runs Carlisle. I.ltaehl. Bayless. Patter
son. Hosp. Fitzgerald. Derrick 2. Struck out
By Krause. 5. Bases on Balls Off Krause.
2: Harkness, 2. Two-base hits Kores. Der
rick. Hosp. Carlisle. Krelta. Sacrifice fly
Krelta. stolen bases Meloan. Derrick. Bay
less. Chadbourne. Time, 1:50. Umpires
' Held and Newhouse.
Xotcs of Ihe ;nme.
. On straight dope Krause outpointed
Harkness anl deserved to win. In fact, with
clean play Venice would have scored but
one run, whereas all three Portland runs
were earned. Lindsay's error cost two runs
In tha fourth and naa Rodgers fielded
sharply in the ninth he would have forced
l.itschl at second base on what was chalked
down as a hit for Hasp. Neither Halllnan's
single nor Krietx' sacrifice would then have
done any damage.
Twice, with men prancing on aecond base,
Krause fanned the third out.
Korea and Hosp and Derrick were the
hitting stars but each of the trio buna up
one rather scratchy innate.
Hogan was chased from the playing bench
In the first inning, riappy came .North any
one fanlform and appeared In citizen's clothes,
only uniforms are allowed In this league.
so "Connie Mack" liogan was hoisted over
the awning by his teammates, amidst
lauThter. and took mi place In a box.
Derrick threw Hosp out at third base
after his two-bagger to rlrht scoring Bay
less and Patterson in tha fourth inning. He
hal a much easier throw on fatterson
the plate, but apparently -did not hear
Rodgers aavire ana went wrong. The run.
too. comes under the donation heading.
Higglnbotham will twirl for Portland to
' day. oppoalng. perhapa. Raleigh, a south
paw, or Harry Stewart. Hogan had Stew.
art warming up yeaterday for relief work.
while Hagermao was on tha warming pan
for Portland.
" Henley Drives Ball Over Fence Wth
Three on Bar, but It Is Foal.
OAKLAND. CaU May 1. Sacramento
won from San Francisco here today
4 to 0. and the victory was largely due
to the pitching. of "Dusky illiaras
who has not lost a game this season.
He held the Seal" to three hits for
the first eight innings. The Wolves
won by bunching their hits.
The first ball to be knocked over
Oakland's right-field fence went over
in the third. Three men were on
bases when Henley, the Seals' twlrler,
did the trick, but It was a foul. Hen-
ley then struck out and the three
died. Score:
Sacramento San Francisco
Shinn.r. .. 110 OlHoaan.r. . . 1
Ptark.s... 3 10 3 1 NfArdlo.!. 4
I J 00
0 110
13 2 0
X 1 0
1 1
a i t
1 40
Moran.m. 41 00 lohnit n.l. 4
T.nnant.l 4 110 9 0 Howard. 1. 4
Kuiw'v,2. 3(11 1'man.c 4
O'Roark.3 4 11 4 O:Vnffll.s.. 4
Lewis.!... 3 3 3 OCart'Kht.3. 3
PIIU.C... 4 0 t 3 0;Sehmtdt.e. 1
Wilms.D. 3 1 OHanly.p... 3
Totals. 81 I 37 10 ?! Totals.. 11 3 17 13 0
Sarnmtntd R 0 a 3 0 1 14
Hits 1 1 0 3 0 3 2
San Francisco 0 0 0 0 0
Hits 1 1 0 1 0 I
Runs Tennant. Kenworthy. O'Rourke.
tvuilama. Stolen base Lels. Hogan.
Zimmerman. Sacrifice fir Lewis. Three-
hM. Hit, tjiu Two-base hits OlBourke.
Williams. Sacrifice hit Stark. Snlnn. Base
on balls Williams. 1: Henley, l. .-trues.
out Williams. 7: Henley. 1. Double plays
Henley to Schmidt to McArdla. Time, 1:40.
Umpires Finney and Pbyle.
Chech Is Wild but lie Is Strong In
Pinches and Wina Easily.
LOS ANGELES. May 1. The crippled
Oaks were easy for Los Angeles today
and the locals won. 4 tp 1. Chech was
wild, passing seven mtn, but was ef
fective in pinches, giving but one hit
in the first six Innings. A walk, an
error by Hetllng and three hits off
Gregory in the fourth gave the Angels
three runs and they were never headed.
Chech starred at bat. driving in three
of Los Angeles' four runs. Score:
Oakland Los Angeles
Beeker.l.. 2 0 S O 0 Paae.2. . . . 4 1 3 4 U
Tj-Aryl ? 4 11
3 u rJIUB.l. ...
1 1 00
1 13 00
Hetllng.3. 3 2 3 3 1 Moore.l... 4
Coy.r 4 12 1 OiMaggart.m 8
8 00
Gardner. 1 4 11 o uvnowara.r
3 0
2 0
8 0
Abbott. rd. 3 O O
0 0 Metzaer.3.
Quest. a. .. 3 10
0 0'.Ihnson.e.
0 0 Boles c. ..
Pearce.e. .305
Gregory.p. 2 O 1 Oichech.p
Ness.... l v v ui i
Chr'tlan.p 0 O 0 00:
Totals. ..S 18 24 S 7! Totals.. .31 8 27 18 3
Batted for Gregory In eighth.
Oakland 0 1 0 0 O O 1 O o 3
Hits o l o u v v x j. o
Los Anreles ;.....0 0 1 O o O o '
Hits o o 3 s J v i o
Runt "R-ckeV flardner. Macrart. John
son Boles. EtRht hits, four runs oft Greg
ory In seven Innings. Stolen bases Becker,
Gardner. Guest. Magrart, Johnson. Charge
defeat to Gregory. Throe-base hit -Moore.
Srv.-i-mte nils Hetllng. Abbott. Howard.
Rase on hulls off Greaory 'i. cnecn I.
Struck out Gregory .1, Christian 1. Hit by
riltcher Cor. Time 1:42. Umpires McCar
thy and ajusd.
Mitzc, Sorely Needing Players, Sus
pends Abies, Who Is Injured.
LOS ANGELES, May 1. Manager
Mitze. of the Oakland Coast League
team, reconsidered his previously an
nounced release of Outfielder O. C. Ab
bott and the latter played In today's
game. In order to get his team
within the playing limit, which became
effective today, Mitze placed Pitcher
Abies on the suspended list. Abies has
been out of the game for several weeks
with an Injured hand.
The Oaks are In a crippled condition
and. had Abbott been released, an emer
gency would have compelled Mitze to
use a pitcher In the outfield. Ness,
Cook, Schlrm. Mitze and Abies are on
the hospital list with injuries or ail
ments, although Ness was used today
as an emergency hitter, despite an in
jured foot.
Chicago 8, Detroit 5.
DETROIT. May ' 1. Harry Lord,
ably assisted by the other members of
the "heavy" end of Chicago's batting
order, knocked Mullln to all corners
of the lot today and the visitors de
feated Detroit, 8 to S. Jennings' men
bit Russell hard In the fifth and eighth
and the Chicago left-hander became
unsteady in the ninth, but sharp field
ing cut off each Detroit rally.
Chicago won the game in the sev
enth. Lord started the Inning with a
triple to right and four more bits,
coupled with two errors, brought five
runs across.
One of Cobb's two hits was an in
field tap on which an unsuccessful
attempt was made to retire a base run
ner at third. Score:
K.H. E-l R.ILE.
Chicago 8 II ljDetroIt 6 10 I
Batteries Russell and Schalk; Mul-
lin, Klawltter and Stanage.
Philadelphia 4k Xew York C.
NEW YORK, May 1. The New Tork
Americans were defeated again to
day, the Athletics winning the first
game of a four-game series, 4 to 2.
Keating, the only New York pitcher
who has won a game this season, went.
well for five Innings,, not a man reach
ing first base until . .Mclnnis singled
In that frame. In the sixth the Ath
letics won the game when they scored
three runs on singles by Brown, Old
ring and Collins, Oldring's steal and
three errors. Brown pitched well for
Philadelphia, the first of New York's
two runs being scored on errors by
Baker and Collins. He had to retire
from - the game in the sixth Inning,
when he Injured his pitching hand in
stopping a hard drive from Cree's bat.
R.H.E-1 R.H.H.
Philadelphia 4 5 2! New York,.. 2 8 1
Batteries Brown, Bender and Thom
as; Keating, Hon ana Sweeney.
Boston 8, Washington 2.
BOSTON, May 1. Boston easily de
feated Washington today, 8 to t.
O'Brien kept the - visitors' hits well
separated. Four pitchers were used
by Washington. Hughes lasting but
four Innings, during which time Bos
ton scored four runs. Engle cap
tured a liner from Alnsmith's bat in
the second inning and doubled up Mor
gan, who had reached first on a single.
Captain Wagner' injured one of his
hands In taking a throw at second ana
will be out of the game for several
days. Score:
R. II. E-l R, H. E.
Wash'gton 2 10 41 Boston 8 12 1
Batteries Hughes, Boehling, Engel.
Drohan and Alnsmith; O'Brien and
Cleveland 3, St. Louis I.
ST. LOUIS. May. 1. Wellman's wild
ness in the sixth Inning caused his
own downfall and Cleveland won the
second game of the series from St.
Louis, S to 1. here today. Falkenberg
was steady in the pinches, holding St.
Louis safe when runners were on
bases. In the sixth three Infield bits
filled the bases for Cleveland with
one out. Lajole hit to Austin, forcing
a runner at the plate. Wellman lost
control and walked Birmingham and
hit Graney, forcing two runs for Cleve
land. St. Louis scored their only run
on Stovall's single, a steal and Ag
new's hit. Cleveland tied the score
in the fourth inning on Olson's double
and Lnjole'3 single. Score:
Cleveland... 3 2 St. Louis.... 17 1
Batteries Falkenberg and Carlsch;
Wellman and Agnew.
Motorcycle Races Scheduled.
VANCOUVER, Wash, May 1. (Spe
cial.) Motorcycle races will be held
at the Clark County Fairgrounds Sat
urday and Sunday, May 8 and 4. Six
entries have already been made and
purges of 400 have been hung up, in
addition to numerous silver cups. It
Is expected that some of the speed
fiends, clad In steel headgear and as
bestos leggings, will clip off a mile
In less than (0 seconds. In addition to
the professional riders, several ama
teurs will try for records.
Eastley Is Hit Hard in Ninth
and Portland's One-Run
Lead Is Overcome.
Inflelder'a Clout lit Second Gives
Williams' Men "What Looks Like
Safe Lead Girot Is Pitted
Against Old Mate".
Northwest Leeurne Standings.
W. I Pel W. L- Pe.
-A A flllTaiw, S S .471
Vancouver. . -' -' ...... - - ..-I
5..,,i. io T .tit Portland .",
Spokane . JViutorle 6 11
Yesterday's Besulta.
At Tacotna Tacoma 4, Portland 8.
At Spokane Seattle 3, Spokane 0.
At Victoria Vancouver IS. Victoria .
TACOMA. May 1. (Special.) A bat
ting rally in the last balf of the ninth
Inning, with pinch hits of the first wa-t.i-
hv "Snort" Harris and "Butch" Bel-
ford, cost Nick Williams and his Colts
a game today, 4 to 3. '
It was one of those situations which
is always described in a meeting of
the stove league along in December,
hut which rarely occurs in real life.
The home contingent was one run to
the bad and Nick Williams was Just
ready to stow away the game, when
Eastley, who had suppiantea auanan.
weakened and things began to happen.
Ruell, the first man up, walked and
Harris, who was seat in to bat for Mc-
Mullin, singled to left. Grindell bunted,
Intending -to advance the runners, but
Eastley fumbled tne Dan ana an uauuo
were safe.
Belford's Hit Ends Game.
At this Juncture "Batch" Belford en
tered the scene and his pinch drive over
Mohler's head ended the session. The
Portland Colts had played a great game
throughout the eight Innings preced
ing, but the Tigers had fought back
scrappily and it was the break of luck
which spelled victory for Tacoma and
defeat for Portland.
The Colts got a run across tne piate
In the first inning, when Glrot started
to pitch against his former team-mates.
An error In the outfield by Neighbors
and .Grindell's passed ball furher com
plicated the situation. Two iron counts
wer annexed bv the visitors in the sec
ond After two were down. Bliss walked
and Callahan was safe when Girot failed
to cover first- the Portland pitcner Do
ing scored with a hit Bancroft's three
bagger cleared the sacks. This ended
the scoring for the visitors.
McClnnltr Enters tray.
In the Tla-ers' half of the inning, the
Rensrals drove two men across the plate.
After Nordyke had struck out. Kenne
dy's triple started things and Ruell fol
lowed him with a single, which per
mitted tha Tiger counterfeiter to score.
McMullln sacrificed and Grindell's single
scored Bell. McGlnnity went In to bat
for fiirot. but Grindell was out on an
attempted steal before his session at
bat ended.
Belford succeeded Glrot on the mount
and pitched airtight ball for the re
maining seven innings. Callahan showed
an inclination toward wlldness in the
pening moments of the seventh in
ning and was benched Dy wiuiams in
favor of Eastley. . The game was close
ly contested throughout and was ap
preciated by tne euu tans wno Diaveo
the chilly day. Score:
Portland 1 Tacomi
1 1 00
12 0 0
2 2 0 1
0 8 10
2 3 00
1 0 81
0 110
19 11
0 0 10
1 1 80
0 0 00
1 0 0 0
Bancroft, s 8
Muhler.2. 4
Fries, r... 4
2 0 Stadllle.l. 4
O0KelIer.2.. 4
0 t Neighbors 4
0 0 Nordyke, 1 4
0 0:Kennedy,m 4
0 0 Kuril.. .. 2
4 M'.Mullln,3 3
3 O tirindell.e. 2
40;Glrot,p... 0
0 1 Belford. p. 3
McGlnnity 0
Harrla".. 1
Cunnrm.l 4
Maho'v.m 4
Williama.l 4
Oulgnl.3.. 8
Bliss.c... S
Caliahan.p 8
baauey.p. A
Totals 33 7 24 8 II Totala. 30 10 27 10 3
No outa when winning run made.
Batted for Glrot In second.
Batted for McMullln in ninth.
Portland 1 - OO O 0 O O S
Tacoma 0 2 0 0 00 0 0 24
Runs Frlee. Bliss. Callahan, Kennedy,
Ruell 2, Harris. Double plays Mohlcr. un
assisted. Three-base hits Kennedy, Ban
croft. Sacrifice nits MCMUilin, urinaeiu
Three runs, four hits off Glrot in 2 in
nings: no runs, tnree nua on 3enora in i
Innings: two runs, seven hits off Calla
han In lnnlnga: two runs, three hits off
Eastley in 3 Innings, ureait loss to
iv credit vlrtorv to Belford. Struck out
Callahan 3, Glrot 1. Belford 7. Basra on balls
Laltanan 2, Kasuey t, uirwi i. x-tui!u vn
nrindeil. Wild pitch Callahan. Hit by
Ditcher Grindell. Time 1:5j. Umpire
Bees Make 15 Hits but Only 6 Runs,
While Brownies Score 15 Times.
VICTORIA. May 1. Vancouver and
Victoria engaged in a slugging match
today in which the visitors came on
the better, winning the game, 15 to S.
Vancouver batsmen got 25 safe- hits,
and most of them counted for runs.
while the locals, who hit safely 15
times, could not make their hits count.
Vancouver Victoria
Bennett.2 4 1 4 6 0 Felta.l 8 1 2 00
Helster.t. 6
Klppert.m 4
3 u uv Kawiicga.a s 2
4 1 0 U Brooka.l. . S 2
2 1 0 0 Weed, r... 5 1
4 8 lViL.ynch.m. t 2
2 2 3 0lDelmas.2. 6 2
3 3 2 0Lamb.3. .. 4 2
1 8 1 0Shea.c 5 2
0 0 1 0'Schula.p. . 0 0
Kantle'r.p 1 0
Steels. p.. 8 1
Meek -0 O
1 30
8 00
4 00
Frisk, r. .. 5
Walsn.l.. &
1 0
8 0
3 v
1 1
0 0
M'Murdo.S a
Scharrn'r.e S
Konnlcfc.o o
Pecon'a.p 3
Totals 43 20 27 12 0! Totals. 38 15 27 11 1
Batted for Steele in ninth.
Victoria . .
8 0 0 6 0 0 2 0
2 0201010
0 0 e
Hum Bennett 2. Helster 3. KInDert 2.
Frisk 2, Walsh 2, McMurdo 2. Scharnweber.
KonnlCK, rtawtingB, ttniuKi, neeu, iam o 4,
Shea. Two-bass hits alsh. Konnick,
Weed, steela. Anree-Daae nita K.ippert.
Home runs Scharnweber. McMurdo, Kawl
Ings, Lamb, Shea. Stolen bases Helster,
Scharnw.eber, Klppert. Double plays Lynch
to Brooka, Bennett to Scharnweber, Bennett
tn Walsh to Scharnweber. Pitchers summary
Schulta, innings 1-8, runs 6, hits 5; Kan-
tlehner. innlnga a, runs o. nits v; bloats.
Innings 5 2-3, runs 8, hlta 0. Struck out
Decouplers 9, Kantlehner 4, Steelea 8. Bases
on balla Deconnlera 8, Schuls 1. Kantlehner
1, Steela 2. passed ball Konnick. Charge
defeat to Schuls. Time 2:20. Umpire
McCarl's Error in Eighth Inning
Stajr8 Trouble and Soore Is 3 to 0.
.SPOKANE, May 1. McCarl's error
in the eighth Inning today started
trouble for Spokane that ended when
Fullerton poled a single to left, scor
ing Strait and Raymond with the win
ning runs of the game. The final score
was 3 to 0 in favor of Seattle.
Covaleskl pitched a good brand ot
ball, allowing but three hits, two of
which were infield chances. Fullerton
was effective throughout and bad
good support. Spokane's chance to win
came in the sixth with runners on
second and third and one down, but
the remain Ins: batters could not - get
the ball out of the infield. Score:
Seattle I Spokane
Stralt,l. .
8 0 11 0Million,m.
8 Z o 1
0 S 5 1 Airman. a.
1 1 nHowell,l..
O 4 0 0'McCarLl.
114 0 0Tohe.3...
O 2 O0 Wagner,2.
2 0 0! Johnson. r
O O 6 0 Auer.c.
o v 3 1
0 200
2 13 1 1
O 2 1 0
0 3 00
0 0 0 0
15 3 0
1 0 20
0 0 1 0
1 0 00
1 0 3 0 Covalee'e.p 2
Bonner, p. 0
Morse' ... 1
Totala 29 8 27 13 11 Totals. 32 5 27 113
Batted for Covaleskie In eighth.
Seattle 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 8
Spokane ' .....0 0 OO 0 OO O 0 o
Runs Strart, Raymond. Fullerton. Two
base hit Morse. Sacrifice hit Million.
Stolen bases Shaw, Wilson. Raymond. Tone.
Bases on balls Covaleskie 3. Struck out
Fullerton 4, . Covaleakle 5. Hits off Cova
leakle three In ela-ht lnnjnars: off Bonner
none in one inning. Left on bases Seattle"
2. Spokane 6. Credit victory to r'ulierton;
charge defeat to Covaleskie. Time 1:35.
Umpire Eddlnger.
Philadelphia 1, Xew York 0.
PHILADELPHIA, May !.- Alexander
shut out McGraw's team here this af
ternoon. 1 to 0. The visitors secured
six hits, three of which were made
by Shafer, and two by Bnodgrass. Only
one Nevw Tork runner reached tnira
base. KJlllfer threw two men out try
ing to steal second and broke up a
batting rally in the third inning by
catching Snod grass napping: off second
base. Four hits were made off Tes
reau In seven innings, he being tak
en out to permit McCormick to bat
for him. The only run of the game
wits scored in the sixth Inning on
Shafer's wild' throw on Alexander's
grounder and Knabe's two-bagger.
R. H. E. R. H E.
New Tork. 0 S l'Phlladelphla 14 2
Batteries Tesreau, Wlltse and Mey
ers; Alexander and Killlfer.
St. Louis 9, Pittsburg 7.
PITTSBURG. May 1. St. Louis won
a slugging match from Pittsburg- to
day, 9 to 7. This was the fifth straight
defeat for the local team. Bases on
balls by Camnitx and a three-bagger
by Oakes in the first inning gave St
Louis a four-run lead. They piled up
three more in the fifth and sixth and
added two in the ninth. Pittsburg
rallied in the last two innings, when
Perritt began to weaken. Sallee was
sent to his rescue in the ninth and
checked the rally. The batting of
Viox. who secured three singles and
a two-bagger' in four times at bat,'
was a feature. Score:
R. H. E R. H. E.
St Louis.. 9 10 HPittsburg... 7 13 3
Batteries Perritt Sallee and Wlngo;
Camnitx, Conselman, - Robinson and
Simon, Kelley.
Brooklyn 4, Boston 2.
BROOKLYN, May 1. Charley Sten
gel was the hero of Brooklyn's victory
over Boston today. The final score
was 4 to 2, and Stengel was responsi
ble for three of the four runs." On his
first time up he hit for a home run.
In the second inning he slammed out
another home run and brought in a
man on base, Hummel, who got three
hits, scored the fourth run on his
double and Wheat's single. Stack
pitched an erratic game, but was saved
several times by sensational fielding.
Gervais finished the pitching for
Boston and disposed of six batters that
faced him in the last two innings.
Benny Meyer was put off the Brook
lyn bench for talking too much. Score:
R.H.E.I R.H.B.
Boston 2 7 1 Brooklyn 4 8 0
Batteries Hess, Gervais and Whal
ing, Rariden: Stack and Miller.
Cincinnati 8, Chicago 4.
CHICAGO. May 1. George Johnson,
the big Indian twlrler of the Cincin
nati team, had everything his own
way today and Cincinnati defeated
Chicago, 8 to 4.
Today's victory is the third of the
season for Cincinnati and the honor of
winning fell to Johnson in all three.
Johnson had the locals baffled until
the ninth Inning. when he showed
signs of weakening and gave way to
Mordecai Brown, former pitcher of the
Chicago Nationals. Brown, with the
bases full and one out in this inning,
retired Chicago witllout further dam
age. Toney was injured and retired.
Score: . '-
R.H.E.1 R.H.E.
Chicago 4 6 SPncinnatl ..8 12 2
Batteries Smith. Toney, Liefield and
Archer; Johnson, Brown and Clarke.
McCarey Hears Xo Clamor for An
other Kilbane-Dundee Match. ,
LOS ANGELES. May 1. After "feel
ing the sporting pulse" of the city,
Promoter Tom McCarey decided today
that the public was not enthusiastic
over the prospect of a return Kllbane
Dundee battle, and immediately began
planning for a battle between the
featherweight champion and Eddie
Morgan, who is classed as the feather
weight champion of England.
After the battle Tuesday night there
were murmurs that the draw decision
was the result of a desire to ."ice"
Dundee for a return match. McCarey's
announcement of the' plans to bring
Morgan here was his reply to these
reports. He hopes to get Morgan and
Kllbane in the ring for 20 rounds about
the middle of July.
Baseball Statistics
National League.
W. L. PC.
8 6 .571
8 8 .600
Chicago 12 5 .1uBtsrooKiyn. ..
New York.. 8 6 .otrif tttsourg. . .
Philadelphia .60ti;cinctnnaU...
St. Louis.... 9 '7 .53Boaton.
American League.
Phlladelp'a 10 3 .T69!Boston.
Cleveland.. 11 5 .6SSSt. Louis....
Washington. 8 4 .6H7,Detroit. . . . ..
Chicago 11 8. 579 New York...
American Association.
Milwaukle. 10 7 .688IndlanapoIls.
Kansas City 10 7 .5-S, Minneapolis.
3 11 .214
3 11 .214
71 8 .467
8 10 .444
6 12 .-'M
3 13 .143
8 8 .500
8 9 .4Ti
7 10 .412
Columbus... S I .ooojdv. ram
Louisville. .
10 .6i:u,Toledo a it .aw
Western Trl-State.
Walla Walla 7 2 :778'.Pendleton. .
Boise 8 3 .667l.a Grande.
North Yak.. 6 8 .6B7Baker:
4 5.444
8 a .au&
1 o.ioo
Yesterday's Besults.
American Association Columbus 8, Mln
neaDOlls 6: Louisville 8, Milwaukee 1; 8t.
rvaui 14, Indianapolis 4; Kanaaa city a, To
ledo 3 ll inningsi. .
Western League St. Joseph 7, Omaha 6 1
Wichita 7, Topeka 4; Denver 6, Lincoln &:
Bloux City 6. Des Moines 2
Union Association Missoula B, Helena 2.
Other gamea postponed; rain or snow.
Portland Batting Averages.
Pacific Coas't I Northwestern
Ab H At. Ab H Av.
Lindsay. . - 104 38 .34(1 Callahan... 14 6.367
Krause 21 7 .3i4iMaya
KraptK 10 S.S00Fr!es
Fisher. 44 12 .S.Murray . . ,
Doane 6'J 16 .271 Mahoney .
Rodgers... 101 27 .265iGulgnl. . .
Korea 88 10 .2IBIl8s
Berrv..... 40 10 .2.V)Speas. . . .
Derrick 2 21 .22,Bancroft.
McCormick 68 12 .207 iMoliler. ..
Chadbou'o 108 22 .204 Hynes
Fltigerald. 71 13 .l:iEa:ley. .
vrneeer. . 86 15 .174 Williams.
8 2 .333
16 5.313
80 9 .800
59 17 .288
42 12 .270
19 5.283
46 12 .261
42 10 .z:ts
53 12 .226
6 1 .200
8 1.167
49 8 .163
Hlaalnbot'm 12 2 .167Coltrln 31 5.161
James 14 2 .142;Cunnlngham 7 1.142
Carson... . 7 1 .142 MarUnoni. . 9 1.111
Hagerman. T 1 .142!Fortler 23 2 .087
West 18 l.llljAgnew. 4 0.000
Stanley.... 1 0 .OOHiFitcliner. .. . 6 O.OuO
Heiunan... 6 0.0001
Detroit Player. Fined $50 and
Censured for Actions.
Xatlonal Commission, However,
Takes Xavin to Task for Former
. . Passive Policy ' Toward
Star Outfielder.
cwifArin UTav 1. Tt Cohb was for
mally and permanently reinstated In
nrcajitzerl haseball and fined $50 by the
National Commission here today. A de
cision by the Commission, given out
in answer tn tha Detroit star's appeal
for reinstatement virtually was a dec
laration of principles, for In it Cobb
was censured severely ror ms actions
during- the period he was holding out;
the Detroit club was commended for
its recent stand, and censuredv for Its
former passive policy regarding Aim.
and notice was servea on uiuet uuuo
that in case of their failure to disci
pline players whose action are "detri
mental to the game, tne toramiiiBiun
will act itself.
Cobb'a Conduct Censured.
The report of the Cobb case was as
-en ...... ...... 4-inVtY. wlin ivm tria.t
he was not aware that his status was
affected by his failure to report at me
start of its pennant race to the De-ti-Ait
aom nf which ha has been a
member for several seasons, on April
25 notiiied tne commission mat no uau
entered the service of that club, with
the request that he be declared to be
in good standing-. It appears that the
player's failure to report to the De
troit club was due to inability to agree
on forms with that club. Subsequent
to the beginning of the American
lAomia uainn however, after a brief
conference with the president of his
club, these differences were amicaoiy
adjusted. If the only question involved
was tne compensation oi m
the commission would have been in-
i ; Q t tn nana thm matter. The com
mission, however, cannot permit the
conduct oi tnis piayer in iue paai. lo
go unnoticed.
Merit of Player Becoarmiaed.
D.i.AimifMi an nne of the srreatest
players of the game, with a salary as
hirh p iiit In the profession, his' ac
tions on many occasions were such as
not only to break down tne rutes oi
discipline established by Tils club, but
harmful n thfl CnmA'R IntfirCStS. Ill
stead of negotiating with his club on a
business basis auring tne earjy oprins,
he issued ultimatums through the
press to arouse public sentiment in his
"Without going into details, the
Commission is informed that in the
. . 1, hna hn o-nlltv of fre-
J'ur L tut? . r. .
quent violations of essential regula
tions Of HIS C1UD. Alls puDiic cunuuui
In many instances is too well-known
a,rr.Tia nf thn CAlTlA tO TeOUire COm-
ment thereon by the Commission ex
cept to serve notice on mm ana an
other players that a repetition thereof
mill nnt h nnrmltted to aro unpunished
in tha future, for a realization of the
game's wejfare is of more Importance
than tne interests oi an imiuuuiu
player, however great his ability.
Club Commended for Stand.
'tv, riotroit club is to be commend
ed for its recent stand and censured
for its former passive policy in deal
ing with the player in matters of this
kind, and notice is served on all clubs
hot' in the. event of failure on their
part in the future properly to disci
pline the player wnose actions are
detrimental to the game, the Commis
sion will of its own initiative take
proper action. '
"The player's reinstatement will be
.ntiunoTit yinrlnc Brood behavior
on payment of a fine of $50 to the sec
..Atcrv nf tha. commlsalnn within three
days after the promulgation of the
Yelling of Fans Proves Undoing of
legators' Hurler, Who Tosses
Away Own Game.
Boise dropped the game to Pendle
ton, 5 to 4, yesterday and as a result
the Irrigators lost their grip on the
top rung of the ladder. Walla Walla
Is now in the clear. Walla Walla won
over La Grande, 6 to 2, and North Yak
ima beat Baker, 8 to 7.
North JYakima outhit and outplayed
Baker at North Yakima. Yakima hit
cut down
tire bills
84 Seventh St.
Portland, Oregon
A new madras for
Madras Collars
Van Zandt, Jac ss A Co.
Troy, . X.
a k
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Washington at
Peet so hard that Williams went In and
finished the contest, bcore:
R. H.E-1 At.i.i.
Yakima... 8 14 SjBaker 7 8 7
Rattt-ries Gordon and Stanley; Peet,
Williams and Harlow.
At Walla Walla the Bears won
tk..,,i. nnarniitv nf Pitcher Moeller,
of La Grande, who fanned 11, walked
nine and hit two. in tne sixtn juuouki
gave three bases on balls, hit one man,
made a wild pitch and allowed a double
and a single, scoring four, in tne
seventh Lundstrom hit a two-Dagger
and Moeller walked the next three.
forcing in Lundstrom. waua wau
got one earned run, that in the second.
La Grande made her scores in me
second and seventh. The score:
' R.H.E.I ai.xi.a.
Walla Walla 6 6 2La Grande... 2 8 1
Batteries Laird and Brown; Moel
ler and Peterson, King.
At Pendleton the fans won tne game
for Pendleton after Pendleton naa
lost It in tne rourtn. in mo iuuhu.
4 to 0. Wells blew up
and the score was tied by Boise. It
stayed tied -until the nintn. niunan,
for Boise, was pitching in good form.
Then he allowed a hit. The yelling
of the fans rattled him and he walked
three and contributed a balk. The
R.H.E.I . At.ri.iy.
Pendleton.. 5 10 31Boise 4 9 8
Retteries Wells. Osborne and Ha-
worth; Pittman and Gard.
Tinker Gives 3IcDonaId and Cash to
Boston for Catcher.
ntTTnlr.'rt Ifo tt 1 Tna TlnkAr of
LniAuu, . -T - w
the Cincinnati team today signed John
Kling. the catcher, who will report for
duty at Cincinnati next Sunday.
In exchange tor Aviing, Ainner eivoo
rtnvtnn MrDntiAld. an lnfielder. and a
cash consideration. The size of the
latter was not announced, nor was the
salary Kling is to receive made pub
lic ,
v v f TTV Vf n tfflv 1. John
IVAIWtI . . . , . j
Kilns was. at a local ball park "work-
t ,.4. Ttt kan thi A f tm fOTl
1115 VUI, W a a. a
that the matter of signing: up with
Cincinnati naa ucch tuuouiuuiaicu,
. ..1 anart frtf tha. Oh 1 rtV
Saturday and had no remarks to make
concerning: salary. t
Sprnters, Hurdlers and Jumpers to
Compete at Corvallis.
't, riAlllrtvoTa rf T Vi o
wUitltJU VAUiVl ."- va. w.w
University, has entered Goreczky, Lake,
Malarkey, JVirKiana, juasiersoa ana
muii urau a i mo
and field meet at Corvallis Saturday,
in which the Pacific University, Mult
nomah and Oregon Agricultural Col
lege athletes will vie. The team will
leave here saturoay witn tneir com-n
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Paris" and
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coUtAbs J I p
not be disappointed.
Corner Sixth.
confident of making a good showing
In this competition.
The following are the events each
athlete is entered in: Goreczky. 100 and
220-yard dashes. 220-yard low hurdles
and relay; Lake, 100 and 220-yard
dashes; relay; Malarkey, 100-yard dash,
440-yard run, broad jump, relay; Klrk-
IIIA.viip fanlv hlc-h hurdles. lOW
hurdles. 440-yard run, relay; Master-
son, 100 and zzo-yara aasnes, reiay;
Muirhead, high Jump, broad Jump, high
hurdles and low hurdles.
Vean Gregg's record at Cleveland la
now four wins and one defeat, Young
James, the Seattle "kid," has taken
both his games for the Boston Nationals
with Bert Whaling catching.
That Bis Salmon!
Right now is the time
to go after him. Fish
ing at the falls has been
good all week. And as
for tackle, we are head
quarters for the right
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