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when there was available a wide chan
nel ahowing deep and regular sound
The charges against Lieutenant
Smythe Involve the question whether
he failed In his duty as acting navl
gator in that he did not fix the position
of the ship by exact methods and
whether he failed to inform the captain
of the distance at which the ship would
pass the charted position of the shoal.
The damage to the Arkansas resulting
from the accident cost the Government
Dramatic Version of "Oliver
Twist" Gives Big Opportu
nity to Comedian.
Highwayman Who Gets $1500
Returns Fire and Fatally
Wounds Millionaire. '
Chicago Packer Says Profits tees
I r fMME& n 1 it rat 1 R"" H B
Popular Actor Shades Role With
. Every Trick or Finished Art nl
Make-Up Miss Moreland Also
Gives Keen Interpretation.
Mr. Brownlow. .....Herbert Btsndlns
Hn. Godwin Louise Fanning
Hufy M.ylle GeorKe Band
Oilier Twist Norm Mitchell
Eervsnt t BrownloWe. .Karl Marks
JJr. Grlrowlc William Chapman
'Mr. Bumble William Wolbert
Mrs. Bumble Emma C. Cans
Tom Chltlln- John Fran
The Artful rxxlger Louis Eirard
rrharlle Bate ......Richard Barbee
Betsy . Virginia Rom
jpln Nat C Goodwin
Barney . . . . Otto Williams
Bill Stkes Percy Standing
Nancy Slkes Marjorle Moreland
Monks Leonard D. HolllstM"
Mrs. Maylle Caroline F. Cooke
Giles J Belsrsve
Brittle Frank Gray
Rom Maylle Enid Marker
Warder Lew Haynes
All of the tragedy, all the unutterable
woe and pathos Charls Dickens wrote
so skillfully Into the story of poor Uttle
Oliver Twist Is made to pulsate and
drive home short, brutal shafts In the
acting; version Nat C. Goodwin and his
company of able players pave at the
' Hellls; last nltrht.
Every sordid detail that Dickens
loved to portray, because he could
write of Jt as he knew It. is there in
, the stare story.
Nothing Is eliminated of the mam re
cital, and Mr. Goodwin does not ex
ploit Nat Goodwin at the expense of
. the play. For the entire first scene he
does not appear, and In two others is
not on the stasre. And there are a
sroodly lot of those scenes. They aver
age two for each ct. and there are
five acts.
Comyn Carr made the dramatisation
and Mr. Goodwin is presenting It under
the direction of Oliver Morosco. the Los
Angeles producer, who got permission
. from Kir Herbert Beerbohm Tree for
the American presentation.
Chararterlaatloa Is Gem.
To those of us who have pictured
Mr. Goodwin only In dress-suit roles,
the character study he presents of
Fagin the Fence is an exquisite gem
of acting. If an exquisite thing can at
, . once be perfectly beautiful and so
' filthy and repulsive that it almost
hurts 'one's sensitiveness,
Mr. Goodwin's Fagin is a great role
a marvelous piece of acting. Delicate
bits of trickery, fine shading of words,
a running together or holding apart
of syllables, a rich, unctuous under
standing of the sometime humor of his
linen and an appreciation of their
satire, all cry his mastery. His make
- np alcne Is proof of the perfection of
his knowledge of the type. Dirty, un
kempt garments fall slack from his
slow-moving old body. His face Is a
network of fine little lines; the knotted
muscles of his hands give the appear
ance of old agt; his feet drag slowly,
in shuffling uncertainty, as he walks,
painfully resting on his cane. When
lie sits he whrexes and coughs in ap
1 "parent shortness of breath; he coughs
as one very aged or ill. and. para
doxical as it may seem. Induces a sort
of gentle sympathy for the role.
Only at times, however, when the old
body droops, or his head shakes In the
outward semblance of decrepitude, does
the sympathy master the situation.
Ceoiwla Domlaate Play.
Just as Fagln's terrible personality
dominates the story, so does the Good
win Individuality and acting power
dominate the play. And remarkable as
It seems. Mr. Goodwin has never shown
himself to be a better comedian than
In his present role. He relieves much
of the sordid grewsomeness of the
story merely by a nimble reading of a
Una a new interpretation of a bit of
thieves" jargen. or some expressive
play of his rapidly moving hands.
The spots of comedy are infrequent
enough In the original but Mr. Good
win has seen to it that a plenty
abounds In the play. The grimness of
the humor Is positively devilish at
times and so human, in splta of its
brutality and low origin that It grips.
The first act haa two scenes. One
Is of Old BrownloWs house, and the
other Is Fagln's den. .Here the thieves,
with the Artful Dodger at the head
of the ring, disport themselves, and
make flashes, of actual merriment in the
, sordid scene.
f Mlaa Morelaad Fialshed.
Here Nancy Slkes is introduced, and
she is the loveliest of Nancys. Marjorle
Moreland is her name. Beauty, how
ever, is not her only claim to distinc
tion. She gives a splendid study of
poor. Ul-uBed and ill-fated Nancy. Her
scenes with Bill Slkes are dramatic in
their intensity.
Percy Standing, a giant in physique,
is magnificent in the role of Slkes,
playing with terrible force.
Norma Mitchell, petite and sorrow
ful of visages with a wonderful voice,
plays Oliver with a world of pathoa
Louis Kgard as' the Artful Dodger was
an animated cartoon of comedy.
A former Baker player. William Wol
bert. in the role of Mr. Bumble, and
later as Barney, gave a splendid ac
counting of himself.
The cast is lengthy and of uniform
excellency. "Oliver Twist" will be re
peated tonight, tomorrow night and at
a matinee tomorrow afternoon.
Xaval Officer to Be Tried for In
jury to Battleship Arkansas.
WASHINGTON. May 1. The Navy
Department today ordered the trial by
general court-martial of Captain Roy
Smith, commander of the battleship Ar
kansas, and Lieutenant W. W. Smyths,
who was acting navigator of that ves
sel when she was damaged last Febru
ary by running on a shoal In the vi
cinity of Celba Bank, oft the southern
coast of Cuba. The case will be heard
at the New Tork Navy-yard May 13.
Captain Smith will be tried on the
charge of having improperly hazarded
the vessel by taking her over a course
which lax dangerously doss to a shoal
W hen Prices Are High.
"I have an optimistic view of the
business and industrial prospects," said
Harold H. Swift, of Swift A Co.. the big
Chicago meat-packers, at the Portland
Hotel last night. "I certainly see no
cause for alarm and feel confident that
prosperity will continue. Of course,
prices are high and there is no pros
pect they will fall soon. The prices
of the products of our company, of
course, are fixed largely by supply and
demand. Our prices are fixed on what
we have to pay for the animals on the
hoof. In fact, when we have to pay
as we do now our profits cannot be as
large as when the producer receives
less and we sell for less."
Mr. Swift said his visit to this city
had no business significance. He has
been passing bis vacation at Pa.-adena
and decided to visit Portland on his
return to Chicago. He spoke glowingly
of the prospects of the city, and said
he was confident It had a splendid future.
Unmasked Man Meets Resistance
After Wealthy Missonrian Hands
Him $1000 and Gems; Train
men Think Robber Dead.
Congressional Committee Not Agreed
as to Reorganization.
WASHINGTON, May 1. Republicans
in the House are divided on the ques
tion when the Republican Congres
sional campaign committe shall reor
ganize. Some of the party leaders
think the committee ought to get to
gether for organisation and work Im
mediately, while others insist on wait
ing to have co-ordination Instead of
duplication of efforts.
Representative Gardner, of Massa
chusetts, issued a statement today an
nouncing himself a candidate for chair
man of the committee and urging im
mediate reorganization. Representative
Moore, of Pennsylvania, now secre
tary, and Representative Browning, of
New Jersey, auditor, have been sug
gested as possibilities for the chair
manship. It is understood that the
present chairman. Representative
Burke, of Pennsylvania, will not offer
himself for re-election.
Gamblers Pin "Black Hand" Letter
lo Executive's Door.
NEWPORT. Or- May 1. (Special.)
Mayor Wilcox this morning found a
Black Hand letter pinned to the door
of his general merchandise store. The
letter was printed to imitate a child's
writing and was as follows:
"Mayor Wilcox We gemblers of
Newport defy you. Cut it out.
"RED X."
Several gambling episodes have oc
curred here recently, and Mayor Wil
cox has been using strenuous measures
to put a stop to it. This, no doubt,
was the cause of the letter-writing.
Mr. Wilcox, however, will continue to
work for the suppression of this evil,
despite the warning to the contrary.
Hood River Apple-Growers Asked
Xot to Spray Trees in Blossom.
HOOD RIVER, Or.. May 1. (Special.)
Beeowners of the county have asked
orchardists not to spray their trees
while the blossoms are fully open, so
as to prevent killing vast numbers of
honey bees that now swarm in ine
fruit district. A bulletin also has been
Issued by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture advising the
growers to use due care in spraying
while the bees are working.
Hives of bees dot many orchards
now, for ranchers realise the benefit
derived by having the honey gatherers
scatter the pollen from tree to tree.
Professor Lawrence, Hood River
County's plant pathologist, last year
advised having a hive of bees for
every few acres of orchard in the com
munity. Wall-Street Refrom Bill Passed.
ALBANY. X. Y, May 1. Wth Its
passage in the Senate tonight by a
vote of 29 to 13 the Lev- bill, designed
to prevent the New York Stock Ex
change from discriminating against
members of the Consolidated Exchange,
now goes to Governor Sulzer for ap
proval. This was one of Governor
Sulzer's Wall-street reform measures.
Fresh farmers' esse" at 20 cents a dozen
were advertued recently In Gloucester
County. Pennsylvania,
KANSAS CITY, May i. (Friday.)
One robber, who boarded Kansas City
Southern passenger train No. E at the
depot here, lined up and robbed the
passengers soon after the train left
here this morning, securing about $1500
In money and Jewelry.
Jesse B. Short, of Joplln, Mo., one of
the passengers, and the robber en
gaged In a. pistol battle. In which
both were shot. Short dangerously.
Short was ordered to throw up his
hands, but he drew a pistol and began
firing. The man returned the fire and
Short fell, badly wounded. The robber
also was hit by a bullet, and he, fearing
the resistance by the passengers was to
become general, Jumped from the train
and ran. The wounded robber left a
trail of blood, which it Is expected will
lead to his capture.
Conmud Startles Passengers.
The train left here at midnight for
Joplln and the South. The man attracted
no special attention as he took a seat
In the chair car. After the train had
proceeded about three miles through
the East Bottoms district of this city
the passengers in the chair car were
startled by a sharp command to "throw
up your hands."
All obeyed at once and at the com
mand of the robber, they lined up in
the aisle. While he kept them covered
with a big pistol, he collected their
money and valuables.
After robbing the passengers in tbe
chair car the robber ordered the .train
porter to lead him through the train.
He then robbed several persons in the
observation car and forced several pas
sengers to leave tbelr berths in the
Pullman and to give up their valuables.
Millionaire Gives Up SIOOO.
Coming to the berth occupied by
Short, the robber awakened him by a
rough command to "give me your
money end jewelry. Short, who Is a
millionaire mineowner of Jasper
County, gave up a thousand dollars in
money, a gold watch and two diamonds.
As the robber was passing on to the
next berth Short pulled his automatic
pistol from under his pillow and fired
at the robber through the curtains.
The robber turned and emptied his
pistol, also shooting through the cur'
tains of the berth. One bullet pene
trated Short's head, another hit him
in the shoulder and a third lodged in
his knee.
At least two of the shots fired by
Short took effect in the robber's body,
and realizing that he was badly hurt,
he ran to the vestibule, hoping to es
cape by Jumping from the train which
had Just been brought to a stop. He
left a pool of blood on the car plat
form and officers and trainmen be
lleve his dead body will be found in
the railroad yards near the scene of the
Short Fatally Wounded.
Short was rushed to a hospital,
where physicians said he was wounded
fatally. r
Passengers who were robbed said the
robber did not wear a mask.
After being detained for more than
an hour the train proceeded on its
Three of the trainmen, T. W. Ball,
brakeman; O. W. Gibson, conductor, and
R. B. Sales, porter, armed themselves
with guns, but were unable to use,
them lest they injure some of the pas
sengers. They had Just planned to
make an organized attack on the rob
ber when he escaped.
Engineer Charles Haag and Fireman
Peter Simmlan knew nothing of the
robbery until it was all over. The po
lice here were notified by a passenger
who, dressed only In his night clothes,
ran to a saloon a quarter of a mile
away and telephoned the report.
Ball Moose Paper to Appear.
VANCOUVER. Wash., May 1. (Spe
cial.) Thomas Harlan, veteran news
paperman, on May 10, will launch here
the official state Bull Moose paper, to
be edited by him. His son, Newell
Harlan, will assist. It is said that the
subscription list is already nearly 2500
and the state has not been thoroughly
Wash your clothes with
f. i iiMSMiaBEBsjasaBBBflBsMeTs
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rubbing. Gold Dust saves half your time, and
spares your poor back.
Another great advantage of Gold Dust use any
kind of water you like. Gold Dust softens the
hardest water and . M
makes it soft as rain This Line IS hUSV
j. ki
Gold Dust is just a vegetable-oil
soap in pow
dered form, with other
cleansing ingredients
added to make it work
more thoroughly and
quickly than soap ever
Jo yoar work"
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