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im-n-rrvri nurrnYTAV fTTTTT? STl A V- APTITTi 3. 1913.
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; t I
Skipper Anchors in Stream
When Signals for Opening
Pass Unheeded.
Sailor, Inusuallv Supcrt-titious
About Carrylns Clergymen, Reach
Pock Safety With Two List
ed on Northbound Trip.
There was a difference of opinion
hMTfn Captain Nopander. master of
the "BIr- Three" llnr Bear, and men
operating- the Broadway bridsre draw
vatertiay as to hovr much clearing the
Rulldog" of the fleet required, and
after soundina; three signals. Captain
Nopan.ier anchored hi" ship. Then the
draw was raised to null him and he
proceeded to Alnswortli dock, where
ahnut 330 passengers disembarked.
The east leaf of the draw in said by
te skipper to have been raised about
half way and the went leaf a quarter
of the maximum hi-lght. and while ad
mitting that the ship tnlsrht have passed
beneath without injury, he said he wis
not certain of the rl-arlnsr. so ordered
n anchor let ro until he was satisfied
be i ould proceed safely. As the draw
is not complete its present operation
Is not rcKunle.'. as rivinr the best re
sult and quickest response to signals
and while the presert strong current
is rtinninc masters of vessels desire (o
?e no time in getting through.
The Bear was tophravy with mari
ners this trip, for In addition to her
master she has aboard Cuptaln William
J. Tobev. formerly skipper of the clip
per ahlp Henry F. Hyde and others wlih
records for rattling passages, but for
; '. years he has been content to con
duct a hank in Maine. Another mariner
on board was Captain J. Slarkey. of De
troit, who holds forth on the freat
.akes. The fact that two clergvmcn
were on the steamer did not disconcert
the sailors, who sometimes think that
"sky pilots hrln,i wind had truth,
er. The clergyman were Rev. T. T.
Ove. of Los Aiiireles. who is bound for
Spokane, and Rev. T. J. Walter, of
San Francisco, who. a'-compantetl by
Mre. Walter. Is on pleasure bent. The
Bear hail loon tons of rgo and. while
she steamed into a northwester leaving
the -oolden (Jate. the voage north of
Cape Blanco was pleasant.
ISritlr-i Will lie flciiml When
Stream Subsides to Kxlrul.
Prlft has piled against the east half
of the Hawthorne-avenue bridge until
It extends fully 150 feet south of the
structure and being" held by a 1-k raft
that drifted against the piers Monday
morning, most of it rests on other drift
that has formed a solid wall from the
riverbed. Virtually no new Urlft
came down yesterday.
The Inman-Poulsen Lumber Com
pajiy. from the mill of which four rafts
broke away, is arranging to have all
steamers required at the scene of the
Jam aa soon as the current subsides
and dislodge the mass, at the same
time preventing it from being whirled
madly through the harbor. The mat
ter was taken up with the mill Inter
ests yesterday by Harbormaster Speicr.
The latter said it was Impracticable to
attempt to move the accumulation with
the strong current running, as most of
it would be carried downstream, to the
detriment of vessels. District Fore
caster Heals clings to his early predic
tion that the river will fall today and
drop more rapidly tomorrow and Sat
urday. The gauge showed it to be
I'.S feet at 8 o'clock yesterday morn
ing, a gain of 1.4 feet in ?l hours.
Harbormaster to K.tulli-h Rrllablc
Slutiotical Branch.
In line with a conference held vester
day between M. Talbot, general man
ager of the Tort of Portland, and Cap
tain Speicr. head of the harbor patrol,
a move will be made to have the port
regulations amended so masters of ves
sels arriving and departing from this
Ivort will file copies of their manifests
with the harbormaster.
The step was decided on because of
numerous inquiries received by every
municipal department having water
front responsibilities for information
on shipping conditions, exports, imports
and coastwise trade. At present It is
necessary for much time to be used
gathering statistics from the Custom
Mnue records. With copies of all man
ifestos on liattd. as is required at other
harbors, a dioilv. weekly and monthly
rceord ould be kept, and when the an
nual reports are compiled, copies Hill
b. ordered so requests for data can be
granted immediately.
t.corse W. Simons In Yards nnd
Ira Ida Follows Today.
When the steamer Georgia Burton Is
again afloat she will have been prac
tically rebuilt, as one of the moat ex-
' tensive Jobs undertaken on a river
steamer Is under way. A new boiler,
new hogchatns, parts of the hull re
planked, general work on deck and in
, the cabin and complete repainting are
tie principal features of her overhaul
ins The steamer rjeorge W. Simons has
been hauled out for minor work and
will be operated on the Portl.tnd-St.
Helens run to replace the steamer Iral
tla. which probably will be hauled out
' on the ways this afternoon. The latter
; will be off the run two or three weeks.
' and as It is planned to go over her thor
oughly, she will be In as good condition
as when launched. Work on the ves
sels is being prosecuted as Supples
Vortland-Dnllt Boats for Bear Lake,
in Idaho. Requested.
Facing an emergency In the way of
needing motive power for handling
tows on Bear Lake. Idaho, located
about 100 miles north of Salt Lake
City, the Phoenix Construction Company
telegraphed yesterday to Joseph Supple
to begin at once the building of a tug
40 feet long and with a beam of 10 feet,
lo be shipped to the lake. The vessel
will be equipped with a 50-horsepower
gasoline engine, and Is the first of four
to be turned out for that service. The
Phoenix interests are engaged in erect
ing a llrht and power-plant system and
bave considerable material to handle on
the lake.
Mr. Supple also started another ves
sel yesterday, a Il-foot launch, in which
will be Installed a heavy duty gasoline
engine being finished that Is exctcd
to revolutionize the gas-engine game,
Ms builders asserting that It will be
more economical, simple to handle and
that it will start, stop and reverse ea-i-
ier than any on the, market. A 5-foot
craft was thought too small and yester
day it was launched to make room for
the larger one.
Marine Notes.
Ii R. Budd, superintendent of water
lines for the O.-W. R. & N. has de
parted for Lewiston to arrange for the
steamer Spokane resuming service on
the Snake River to move wheat.
Hent-r Pape. master mechanic of the
San Francisco - Portland line, was a
passenger for San Francisco on the
steamer Kansas City yesterday, where
lie goes to Inspect the steamer Beaver,
which will re-enter the service next
Aboard the steamer Kansas City
when she sailed yesterday for Cali
fornia ports were 15 tons of pig iron
for San Francisco, which was loaded
in Europe on the British steamer Crown
of Seville, and though she discharged
some of her cargo within the Golden
Oale. the Iron was so loaded that it
.ould not be unloaded until she ar
rived here.
Arriving early yesterday from the
south, the steamer Fort Bragg has
cleared for San Francisco with eoo.noo
feet of lumber and will sail tomorrow.
She will also carry passengers. The
steamer Paralso will sail today from
Westport with passengers and a full
lumber cargo, and the steamer Camino
is to depart tomorrow with passengers
and general cargo for San Francisco.
Having flnishd loading coal for
Alaska canneries the ship Levi G.
Ti-t rr a en TrrocrT.G 4
' . '..,'. " " y " c "'i -' J
r-- -i i' fr 1 1 - ' ' - " ' 1
Before the steamer Kansas City got away yesterday mornW on the
first vovage under the Summer s-liedule to California ports. Captain
Mason and Purser Clark were "snapped" by an enthusiastic passenger
and as so manv of the same happy tribe lave photographed the skipper
and purser to preserve prints as mementos of their trip, the officers are
probably as numerously pictured as President Wilson.
Burgess Is to be shifted today from
the bunkers to the Clark & Wilson
mill. IO IHKe Oil J' i ' 1 ' "
It was planned to leave for sea today
... . . . i . : Ii. . 1. vhii h Is
Wixn ine u-irnenwow "''
. ' . . 11 fc.... M . nnu linn tlAl
Doumx ior ' hiisu. i "u 1
arisen as to whether she should load
aoomonai lumocr mai nmj
Only painters are wonting on u
new nreboat David Campbell and as a
new cylinder has to be cast to re
place one damaged, she may not be
retidy for service this month.
. . 11 1 . 1 . . V. .hi- ITpflV
In two weeas ine nn3n t
Castle Is expected to complete loading
. . . nf th Portland
lumocr HI La
To permit of her annual Inspection
being made tho steamer Lurllne, of
the Kamm fleet, was replaced on the
Portland-Astoria route yesterday by
the steamer Cndine. which will con
in ,..rtioTi until Sunday.
Cnptain Brtdgett. master of the oil
tanker Asuncion, wired the branch
hydrographlc office yesterday that he
hud sighted a mass of lumber seven
miles west and southwest of Cape
Movements of Vwsel.
PORTLAND, Or.. April 2 Arrive d
Steamer Bear, from Ix Angeles and fcan
Francisco; steamer Bee. from San Francis
co: .te.mer Fort BrsgB. from San Fran
cisco. Sailed steamer Kansas City, for ban
Francisco and Lo Angeles: steamer BreaK
water. for Coos Bay: steamer Roanoke, for
Pan Pleo and war port.: steamer Shasta
fr Los Anseles: steamer Nehalem. forbaa
Francisco; steamer Coaster, fur han iraa-
C'crla. April 2. Arrived down dtlrln
,he"m; a sailed at 0:20 A M - Brltljh
steamer Inveraiu tor 1'ort Pine. ArrlveU
t c and left up at 8 A. M- steamer Bear
rr. n.n I'edro and San Franciaco. Arrived
t 11 snd left up at s:.".o A. M. steamer
Bee. from San Kranclsco. sailed at A.
M British bark Crown of lndla. for Fal
mouth, tor orders. Sailed at :!. A. 11.
Japanese ateainer Koju Maru. for jw
eaitle. X. S. W. Sailed at l:SO P. M.
Steamer W. F. Herrln. for Monterey. Ar
rived down at 3 and sailed at 4:2 P. M.
Steamer Breakwater, for Coos Lay. Ar
rived down ai ::! snd salltd at .VoO P.
M. Steamer Kauaas City, for San Francisco
and San I'edro.
San Francisco. April ; Sailed St 10 A.
M. Schooner H. K. Hall, for Columbia
Klver. Arrived Steamer Portland, from
San Pedro. . ,
Kurek-i. April - Arrived Steamer Alli
ance, from Portland.
Tolnt l.obos. April 2 raised Steamer J.
A. I'hanslor. from Portland, for Oavlota.
Valparaiso. April 2. Sailed British
learner llarpaxua. for Portland.
Aberdeen. April 1. Arrived Steamers
Stanley Hollar and J. B. Stetson, from Port-
'"pitrlrh. March SI Arrived Brltiah bark
Altatr. from Portland.
San Pedro. April S. Arrived Steamer
Rose Cltv. from Portland. Arrived yester
ilav steamers Northland and Ceo. W. Fjlder.
from Portland. .
Astoria. April 1. Arrived at and left
up at P. M Steamer Fort Bragg, from
San Francisco.
Seattle. April 2. Arrived Steamers
Bui-kman. from pan Francisco: Meteor.
Haael Dollar i British). from Raymond:
Prince Rupert tBrttleh), from Prtnee Rupert:
Meteor, Santa Ana. from Southeastern
Alaska: bark Juteopolls (British), from
Honolulu. Sailed Steamers Shellkof.
Nvak. Latouche, for Southwestern Alaska;
Prince Rupert (British) for Prince Rupert.
Katie Harbor. Wash-. April 2 Sailed
Schooner Albert Meyer, for San Diego.
Coronet. Aprlt 2. Arrived previously
Centurion, from Tacoma.
Hamburg. April balled Rameaea, for
llonskong. April 1. Railed Empress of
Russia, for Vancouver.
San Francisco Arrived Steamer Francis
H Lecgett. from Tacoma; schooler A. M.
Baxter, from Ludlow. Sailed Steamers
Asuncion, for Port Angeles: Capt. A- F.
Lucas, for Seattle: a. hooners Salvstor. for
Nelson's Lagoon: H. K. Hall, for Astoria.
Ravmend. wash.. April 3. (Special.)
Steam schooners Aval on and Qulnauit ar
rived touay from San Francisco; now load
ing for Saa Francisco.
Columbia River Bar Report.
Condition at the mouth of the river at S
p. M.. smooth: wind south. 30 miles; weath
er cloudy.
Tides at Astoria Thursday.
High. Low.
11:M A. M 7 4 feefSiltt A. M 2.S feet
11:47 P. M 7.S feet 3 44 P. M 1.0 foot
Cottage Grove Grauge f reparlng- for
ran A-&an fi
COTTAGE GROVR. Or.. April 2.
(Special.) Preparations for the Grange
Fall fair have been advanced by the
selection of a board of managers, con
sisting of G. W. McFarland. presi
dent: T. vc. DeLong. secretary: M. M.
Wheeler. treasurer; Mrs. M. M. Wheeler
and Mr. Ishniael.
The fair will receive an appropria
tion of $210 or more from the county.
It Is expected that arrangement
will be made ror anotner exntbtt oy
the pupils of the schools of Cottage
Grove and vicinity as this feature at
tracted considerable attention last year.
Schooner John D. Spreckels
Cut as Knife Cuts Bread.
Tbopc Rescued Wlien Craft Is Cnt In
Twain on Deck at Time of Col
lision and Prepared for Trou
ble Statesman Saves.
VICTORIA. B. C April 2. Captain
Charles Prellberg and six other mem
bers of the crew of the codflshlng
l Inhn Tt Knreelrels. which was
cut almost in two by the Harrison line
freighter Statesman last saiuroay mui
in a fog off Point Reyes, CaU, arrived
here today on the Statesman.
Two members of the crew. Seamen
S. Olson and S. Peterson, were in their
bunks in the forecastle when the crush
came, and It is supposed they were in
stantly killed. It may be' that their
bodies will be found In the schooner's
hulk wnicn is oeing loweu. to
Captain Prellberg on his arrival here
was quite sure that his craft had gone
to the bottom as soon as the States
man pulled her nose out of the schooner.
The seven men who were saved were
on deck at the time of the collision
and were prepared for trouble. Cap
tain Prellberg- knew exactly where he
was. and that many ships were in the
neighborhood, hence he was keeping a
sharp lookout and had his men ready
to handle the ship quickly In case of
Prellberg- says the Statesman pene
trated the wooden schooner aa a knife
would cut bread. The seven men, who
.1 L mnln nn effort to Save
. . i .'it i- , . . . ..
any of their effects, but clambered at
once into the mizzenmasi riKgms u , n Inmn unon the States-
CI H 1 . v J ' " t ,
man's deck. The Statesman had been
moving; at reduced speed Because ot tuc
The freighter disentangled herself
and proceeded on her northward course.
The Spreckels- men speak highly of
the kindness shown them by the States
man'a officers.
Craft to Be Recoramissioned After
Idleness or Three Years,
on the heels of an enforced layup
. . i - vhuh followed a tire
aboard that razed her cabin, the little
steamer Butterfly has oeen soia oy
Anderson. Crowe Co. to the Albina
t....i and oho wlir be used in
towing on the river. A bill of sale
filed at the custom-tiouse sno mo
consideration to have been $1500. The
vessel is now on the ways at the plant
..- c i ..v. - Khlnhfilldtnir Comnanv
Ul me uv""" " -
for an overhauling and to have her
cabin rebuilt.
. . v. - 1 ...In ttarlclns the Vessel
wss launched In 1903. and when she
gave way to the present Jessie Harklns
...nihoajl hv llarrv Young.
named Butterfly and the present steam
equipment tnsiaiieo. cue
. i . v. An the Port land -Va n-
couver run previous to the tire. She
Is of 64 tons (tross and 65 tons net
register, has a length of "5 feet, beam
. r - ... n ...1 liinih of hold Of 4.2
PI 1 J- tl ici-v " " - -
feet. The Butterfly is rated one of
the fastest of her sixe and type in the
mosquito fleet.
California Second In Automobiles.
Bieoiupvm PL. Anril S Auto
mobiles relstered In California bave
.1 the 100.000 mark and this state
i. .oond to Mew Tork In the Na
tion in the number ot auiomooues 1 110.1.
v. v...-. eecrlstered. ACCOraina" to me
latest report there were reisisierea in
,ew Tork 111. 000 nitotuotiiies.
Phvslrlnns agree that 95 of all Ill
nesses ara possible only because of
accumulated waste In the Colon (Lower
In fact, the most eminent of the
World's Specialists claim that If the
Colon were always kept clean, the av
erage life of humanity wonld be
There Is now a new and simple
method of clearing the Colon of this
poisonous waste and keeping It clean,
pure and healthy. Of curing Constipa
tion and the depressing bilious at
tacks which make tis dull, blue and
Inert without any spirit or ambition.
That method of Internal Bathing
with Nature'! Cure 1 warm water, ad
ministered by the "J. B. U Cascade."
Over 100,000 people are now enthu
siastically using this modern warm
water cure, and rhysicians are pre
scribing It everywhere. It la making
sick folks well and well folka better,
stronger, more ambitious, energetic and
The "J. B. I Cascade" is now being
shown by Woodard. Clarke. & Co, Alder
street, at West Park, Portland, and we
will be glad to explain its action and
uses to you in detail.
Ask us for booklet "Why Man of To
day Is Only 5ci Efficient."
Cases Commenced Iast Y'ear Are
Pending Still and Early Settle
ment Is Not Anticipated.
For -the second time since the en
actment, in. the Summer of 1911, of the
ordinances, the City of Portland has
been forced to start court proceedings
to collect tho cross earnings tax of 3
per cent from the public service cor
porations of the city, rue new suns,
filed yesterday, cover the calendar year
IS J 2.
From the Portland Gas & Coke Com
pany. 34.,1C2.30. hcin 3 per cent of
$1,145,410.02. pross receipts from the
sale of stas for the year, is demanded;
from the Portland Railway, IJht &
Power Company. 56.r.4 8.32. or 3 per
cent of 1. 884.944.06. gross earnings for
1!J2 from the sale of electricity for
l'ghtirir. heatlrp.. power and other com
mercial purposes, and from the Mount
Hood Railway & Power Company
$251.22. Sales of power of the last
named company, now a subsidiary of
the Portland Railway, Mght & Power
Company, amounted to $8374.13 for
1912. The tax does not apply to trans
portation earnings.
About a year ago the City Attorney
si 1 1 ii.,. colt mrainst the same
corporations to collect tho gross earn
ings tax for 1911. uemurrers in
terposed, but for some reason these
have never been brought to argument.
Dates for argument have been arranged
several Jimes. but something has in
variably Interposed. The public ser
vice corporations contend that the or
dinances are unconstitutional and on
this ground refuse to paj.
t." nPacane Inriiontions it may be
another year before the Supreme Court
of Oregon gets a cnance to pa
the question, ana aner tuai muic 1
probability of appeal to the Federal
Frank A. Dillingham, of Cincinnati, is
at the Multnomah.
Lewis R. Wilson is registered at tne
Perkins from Halsey. Or.
F. Lewis Clark, a Spokane capitalist.
Is registered at the Portland.
W. F. Mann, capitalist or spoKane,
is registered at the Bowers.
J. Y. Wray. a prominent fruitgrower
of Silverton, Is at the Carlton.
A. P. Knox registered yesterday at
the Carlton from The Dalles.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Cram, of Ray
mond. Wash., are at the Oregon.
H. H. Kidder is registered at the
Portland from Marybill, Wash.
J. W. Robey. a Corvallis merchant,
registered at the Perkins yesterday.
Lee J. Boyle, of The Dalles, is at the
Bowers. He is a railroad contractor.
ATrs J. M. Miller and Mrs. F. G.
Hutchinson, of Hood River, are at the
Mr and Mrs. George Kalahar, of
Kalama, Wash., are registered at the
L. E. Marshall is in the city from
Washougal, and is registered at the
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Bishop and Mrs.
R. J. Hendricks, of Salem, are at the
H. K. Hunkins. an attorney of Willis.
ton. N.D., registered at the Carlton
J. a. Magler. of Brookfleld. Wash.
accompanied by Mrs. Magler, is at the
Mrs. L. M. Carroll, of San Francisco,
organizer for the Royal Arcanum, Is at
the Carlton.
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Friendly and
daughter, of Kugene. ar In Portland
TTE recommend
YV Baking Powder as superior
to all others. It is indispensable
for finest food."
United Cooks and Pastry Cooks
Association of the United States.
for a few days and are registered at the
W. L. Adams and wife of Hoquiam,
Wash., are at the Oregon. Mr. Adams
Is a banker.
L. N. Swift, a mining man of Nex
Perce Idaho Is registered at the Per
kins with his family.
D. A. Payne Donald M. Graham and
J. A. McLean of Eugene, registered at
the Imperial yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stevens, here from
Tillamook for the grand opera, are
registered at the Imperial
F. M. Baldwin, president of the First
National Bank of Prlnevllle, registered
at the Imperial yesterday.
William Begg. a prominent Boston
manufacturer, accompanied by Mrs.
Beggs. la-at the Multnomah.
W. I. Vawter, attorney, banker and
business man of Medford. is at the
Portland with Mrs. Vawter.
William Miller, secretary of the
Harry Ditson Paw Company, of Phila
delphia. Is at the Multnomah.
J. A. Galbraith arrived yeserday from
Ftozeman. Mont., and is at the Imperial.
He is a prominent cattleman.
Rlshon Robert S. Paddock, of the
Kastern Oregon diocese, is registered at
the Carlton from Hood River.
Fred C. Moullen former star athlete
of the University of Oregon is regis
tered at the Imperial from Eugene.
Julius Sternberger and family. 01
Berlin. Germany, are at the Oregon Mr.
sternberger Is a glove manufacturer of
Mr and Mrs. R. W. Brooks, of St.
Louis, Mo., are at the Portland. Mr.
Brooks is president ot the brooKS
Paper Company.
J. L. Peden. vice-president and gener
al manager of the A. II. Fox Gun Com
pany, of Philadelphia, is registered at
the Multnomah.
Colonel PhiliD Ray. "pilot of cele
brities." now directing the American
tour of Bruse Gordon Kingsle.y, is at
the Multnomah.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Grciner. on a tour
of the Pacific Coast, arrived in Port
land yesterday and are at the Oregon.
Their home is Underwood, N. D.
Richard Hudson arrived yesterday
from Detroit and registered at the
Oregon. He is a retired professor ot
history of the University or aiicnigan.
Explanatory Statement Maae to
Clear Cp Misunderstandings.
Tteenuse of comDlalnts about the com
mission charter pamphlet Issued by the
city being confusing, members of the
charter commission at a meeting yes
terday prepareu an expiaimiui d
ment which will be printed and placed
, ,. r Vi a hnnlr before the
in e&cu v 1.-j . .
issue is distributed. The statement ex
plains that the city uouncu oruereu
the entire charter as it win stana puo-
Seeking Health and Strength
For those ills peculiar to women Dr. Pierce
recommends his "Favorite Prescription as
A medicine prepared by regular graduated physician of unus
ual experience in treating woman's diseases-carefully adapted
to workin harmony with the most delicate feminine constitution.
All medicine dealers have sold it with satisfaction to cus
tomers for the past 40 years. It is now obt31"3016,1"1'!".
sugar-coated tablet form at the drug store-or send 50one-cent
stamps for a trial box, to Buffalo.
Every woman may write fully and confidentially to Dr. Pierce,
InvJw Hotel and Surgical Institute Buffalo, N Y and may be
sure that her case will receive carefuU centious confidential
consideration, and that experienced medical advice will be given
to her absolutely free. -
Dr. Pierce'M Pkatant PeUeU regulate and invigorate stomach. Uv
erandboweU. Sugar coated, tiny granules easy to take as candy.
We beg to announce that our 1913
Gas Ranges have arrived and are
on display at our salesroom, Fifth
and Yamhill Streets
We extend to you a cordial invitation to visit us and in
spect the many new features embodied in these appliances,
such as enamel door panels, enamel broiling and drip pans,
automatic lighters, etc.
All of our ranges are sold on the easy-payment plan. Con
nections free.
The Gas Company's guarantee goes with each range,
which means the best at the lowest price, with the highest
"Till I inU al ill IIWIIrisT ii
the Royal
lished. The pamphlet as printed con
tains not only the charter as proposed,
but parts of the present charter which
will not be annulled if the new char
ter is adopted.
The present charter provisions re
lating to the issuance of dock bonds
and other bonds, it is explained, is
made a part of the booklet because of
the fact that only a portion of the
bonds have been sold. The provisions
of the present charter creating various
city boards and commissions is included
In the booklet because these organiza
tions will not be discontinued until
January 1, 1914.
Prince Edward Island cans and exports
.ROO.OOO worth of lobsters every year.
If Cross, Sick, Feverish, Bilious or
Tongue Is Coated, Give Deli
cious "Syrup of Figs."
No matter what alls your child, a
gentle thorough laxative physio should
always be the first treatment given.
If your child Isn't feeling well; rest
ing nicely; eating regularly and acting
naturally it is a sure sign that Its little
stomach, liver and JO feet of bowels
are filled with foul, constipated waste
matter and need a gentle, thorough
cleansing at once.
When cross, irritable, feverish, stom
ach aour. breath bad or your little one
has stomach-ache, diarrhoea, sore
throat, full of cold, tongue coated; give
a teaspoonfnl of Syrup of Figs and In
a few hours all the clogged-up wast,
undigested food and sour bile will
gently move on and out of its little
bowels without nausea, griping or
weakness, and you will surely have a
well, happy and smiling child again
With Syrup of Figs you are. not
drugging your children, being com
posed entirely of luscious figs, senna
and aromatlcs it cannot be harmful,
besides they dearly love Its delicious
fig taate. '
Mothers should always keep Syrup
of Figs handy. It is the only stomach,
liver -and bowel cleanser and regulator
needed a little given today will save
a sick child tomorrow.
Full directions for children of all
ages and for grown-ups plainly printed
on the package.
Ask your druggists for the full
name, "Syrup of Flga and Elixir of
Senna." prepared by the California Fig
Syrup Co. This Is the delicious tast
ing, genuine old reliable. Refuse any
thing else offered.
Women -
Yield to Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
Cedar Kapids, Iowa." I was always
tired and weak and my housework was
a drag. 1 was irreg
ular, had cramps so
bad that I would
have to lie down, al
so a distressed feel
ing in lower part of
back, and headache.
My abdomen was
sore and I know I
had organic inflam
mation. "Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Pnmnonnd and
Blood Purifier have
linlnnd mA Wnlrf 11 1 1 V.
I don't have
those pains any more ana iummi riguu
now. There are a great many womeu
here who take your remedies and I bave
told others what they have done for
me." Mrs. UHAS. MCIvinnon, xuxo j.
Eth St. W., Cedar Kapids, Iowa.
who em sufferine from thoset
distressing ills peculiar to their sex
Should not lose Blgtlt 01 mesa lacia ur
jki- ty.a oKilitwnf T.vrlin. R.Pinkham's
UUUUk W'1" ....... -j w J
Vegetable Compound to restore their
There are probably hundreds of thou
sands, perhaps millions of women in the
United States who have been benefited
by this famous old remedy, which was
produced from roots and herbs over 30
years ago by a woman to relieve wo
man's suffering. If you are sick and need
such a medicine, why don't you try it?(
If yon want special advice write to
Lydla E.Pinkham Medicine Co. (confi
dential) lynn, Mass. Your letter will
be opened, read and answered by a
woman and held in strict confidence.
Motor Truck
in YOUR business. No
matter how small or how
larpe, there is a place
which the White will make
for itself and make you
money. Let us prove this
E. W. HIM., M(fT.,
GO Seventh St.
Reslnol Makes Short Work ol ItcblnK,
Burning Skin Eruptions.
If every woman only knew about
Reslnol Ointment and Besinol Soap,
there would be fewer skin-tortured,
disfigured babies, fewer mothers worn
out by constant worry and loss of sleep,
and fewer lives made miserable by
skin troubles that have persisted since
Simple baths with Eesinol Soap and
a little Besinol Ointment spread on tho
. .1 l.nhlHr. I netnnt.
torcurea bkiu, two n.nie, ,..v...-
ly. and quickly and permanently clear
away tne eruption. jnu mo nwu. j
treatment is so pure, gentle and abso
lutoly harmless, that it can be used
with perfect safety on baby's tender
skin. Doctors have prescribed Reslnol
regularly for eighteen years, and thou
sands of babies owe their skin health
to it. Test Resinol Ointment and Resl
nol Soap at our expense. A postal card
to Dept. 6-S, Resinol, Baltimore, Md.,
will bring you a generous trial, by par
cel post. Every druggist sells Reslnol
Ointment in opal jars, two sizes, 60 .
cents and $1, Besinol Soap, 25 cents.
For Dyspepsia
If you suffer Stomach Trouble,"
and you try our remedy, it won'
cost you si csnt if it fails.
To prove to you that indigestion
' and dyspepsia ean be thoroughly re
lieved and that Rexsll Dyspepsia
Tablets will do it, we will furnish
the medicine absolutely free ii it
fails to aire you satisfaction.
The remarkable success of Rexall
Dyspepsia Tablets is due to the hi fh
degree of scientific skill used in de
vising their formula as well as to the
care exercised in their manufacture,
whereby the well-known properties
of Bismuth-Subnitrate and Pepsin
have been properly combined with
Carminatives and other agents.
Biamuth-Subnitrate and Pepsin
are constantly employed and recog
nised by the entire medical profes
sion as invaluable in the treatment
of indigestion and dyspepsia. Their
proper combination makes a remedy
invaluable for stomach relief.
We are so certain that there is
nothing so good for stomach ills aa
Rexsll Dyspepsia Tablets that we urge
you to try tham at our risk. Three
sizes, 25 cents, SO cents, and $1.00.
You can buy Rexall "93" Hair
Tonic in this community only at
Portland. Ore.
Stores In Portland, Seattle, Spokane. Saa
Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles
and Sacramento.
Then l a Rexall Store in nearly every town '
and city in the United States. Canada and
Great Britain. There is a dlSorent BexaU
Remedy for nearly every ordinary human til
each especially designed for the particular 01
for which it ia reoonunended. t
The Baaall Stores are America's Creates!.
m 'sT3S
Bl E. W. HIM-, M(fT., 11
f 00 Seventh St. I
fin the Business District for a
Your Convenience. j
I : I