Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, March 28, 1913, Page 18, Image 18

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    . . . - irTinrf oa TO-1 1
-'- - - - I ,. ...-- I FOR KENT.
. . , -. . ! mR M E HELP W IXTrn-MAIi 1 , I FuimTfched ton
Whirl.-. Etc.
erond-hsnd Tehide, bought and oia.
new wagons and au.u beds made to on,
livery furnished to business parties at
si-ecis! rates. ,
4A Hawthorn Ave.
Phnn F.t 72. B lSttW.
I omml.sitn dealer In ail classes of ooraes
and mutes. -JVI'TION
Hanea and males for rent 10 eontracta-is
In carload lol.
24o East Mb St.. near Hawthorne.
J l eT received consignment of good horses,
weight irom sw ioa, to lOvo ioa jacn.
-.-ea from lii to $500 per pair. Eome
good family general purpose horses
irvm ; to 15u par bead. llMt fa. Stark
sr. Montavilla. .
la 11EAU of horses and male, weis.ilng
front 1U"0 to l" lbs-, aom well matched.
earns among tttun; Jew good mares;
.out, and try mem; jcu can buy ""m;
worm the money. 117 Last 12th l mar
jf.-T armed. M bead of draught ana -..-mety
horse,, 4 to . weight JIw to lw
Phi! Sutter and Fred Ha, I. of heeler
f ount. Can b wen 802 Front. Co.umou.
8125 ItUYS good larm team and harness;
good workers; weighs 250 "-S. ; -o
"arm wagon, tw. Take Seliwood car to
l.i.leV av.. wait Mocks east to houaa
A rl NajjjME black standard-bred mare,
,rei:V at"a t'Ciure. a .add,, animal,
will sell cheap or exchange for good livery
I'ttlW. A. LI11J"
A ;ouL cheap farm team wltn gooa mi
ueaa and nearly near 3!-feot -Ion; will
,.11 at a big loss. for Mason rig.
A I m-n Be., cui uci ...
U..YS good faml.y or ranch norse
wcigR, lloo pounds: go.d woraer. with
haries. and a lit at spring wagon. Phona
ff.iBCjd 1515.
OVE team, 3 and 6 years o.d. weigmng
2.M; one tl-ytar-old black horse,
ti.a 135o, a.i are aouud and true. io
KOR SALE 27 head horaes and mares, 0 to
10 jeara old. weicht to lsVO Ibsj
liarness. wagjna. bugales and harueaa. J4
,i 1.. trade JI5"0 Kiultv In modern T-room
houae In lrvinpton 1'ark for clear lota
oviiier. t W'T, Orsonlan.
Itanoa, Organajuio Mualr-I Inntrumepta.
GOING away, will aeil my player piano
very cheap, or miGin
ppon.lble party givmg aultable reference.
W e!''. Or-gonlan.
Pianos, Organs and Jdnewljlnstru i enta.
JTTrf (!Ai.K-t-!umbia disk graj-iophone
r..a9u..RLlF- iloutgomer)- Marshall
io for gents' tal-
W.ring. ti .., Oregonlan
losra. Blrda. Pet 8ttKk.
llii-RELL-BREn female Irish setter, one
year old. If taaen thU week. Phone 0-so
Main or 71 vvayee.
AlKEOALK lerriers Ch. Red Raven at stud.
1. aetata Kennels. Estacada. Or.
p'urnlture for isale.
NINE rooms furniture In fine home; strictly
modern; N"b Hill district, at great re
nin tlon. uitd.r vslur; can rent house at
S4o. F 'McFarland. 3ttf Yeon bids.
DINING-ROOM suite, of quarter-sawed oak,
wax eol.lfn finished. 06-ln. round top ta-1.1.-.
lea:h-r-eat chtilrs. and 4S-ln. buffet
f.r" rale at once. Eaft l.'-ll.
fcle.lNWAV piano, Angeles mahogany dining-room
set. ruga parlor and other fur
rlture. J:7 th St. Marshall 3i5
HC'CTi furniture n-room house, close In,
mod Income, rhrjp rent: bargain If taken
at .me. M.irshall 4410.
y HN'ITl RE cT -rc-om cottage Tor sals
rtasnab. cottage for rent. iO. 47. Jet-f,-rson.
Weft ftiue.
t-UAI.L rooming-house for rent and furni
ture for sale. "JtJi4 Larrabee st.
3 U'xi.MS of excellent f urniture for sale;
rooms rented. Phone Main ".m7.
Mr m no. line, winch cost me $1"S0. IS
tra.-tlcsilv as rood as new; must sell as
I am leaving town this week: 1 believe
that I ran convince you that ou are gel
tir.a It for half of what It Is worth.
I'EI.FEI 21'J Railway Exchange Pica.
We use nothing but the best material
and workmanship: a trial will demon
strate tha llnlsn and durability.
31. Hawtnorqe .we. ri.una --
FOR ft ALE 4-passenger 1P12 stesrns
Knleht louring car. fuliy equipped, ael.
starter. eiectrlc lights. seat covers ex
cellent condition. Uarga:n for cash, phone
liarshall 3'104. .
A ."i-passenger automobile In nrst-class
condition: will demonstrate.
4113-43& Washington bt.
1 WANT to sell my 3000 car fully
eouipprd: demountable rim. 4-cyllnder 4"-l.or.-power;
everything In first-clasa
shape; will take :."i cash If takun at
one. W Si". Oreponlan
Full SALE l-iloor a-paasentcer 1910 Cadll-
lo; a line-looking car and In fli t-class
snare, at a very low fgure: must sell.
T 7t7. (tregontan.
I; It; SNAP.
Tt lie K-pasfcnger car, !n good running
onl-r: $l.'- take. It. Call 1111 Haw
t'i.rne axe. .
1IUPVOH11.E runabout, Al condition, terms;
would take motorcycle as Initial payment.
tall H li'l' after d P. M-
l 1-TON auto truck in good condition for
tie verv reasonable, at .'"nt Old ave..
Vooi'stork. Tel. Seilwood It'Ml.
ROtPSTCR 11S model" (Prusht. first-class
condition; almost like new; will sell cheap.
1M 4th st
AUTO running gear. Including hood radi
ator and steering rear: will sell at bar
gain. 113t Aioine
A1IVR1CAV 7-passf niter, o-horsepower. in
g.od conditions: will trade for real estate.
Phone F.sst 118
iv-'R SALE One set' Tllx tires, slightly
tsed. but In good condition: very cheap.
ll:rt AlMna ave.
vR KENT Oarage. $3 per month and two
n'oelv furnished rooms, with bath, cheap.
WANTtl). t one, a Parksr. or
J.-i.m t ruck. In rooi c.T.m ..-. -
t.! Tr.k Co.. ivT Kn-t th ft. North.
-p.uij'T-i:r. AUT.
plendld con-
d:tion. fl'-ip.
COMl'lNATlN' campln-f or delivery
WANT to buy for ca.h a HcM -to; muit
WHITE I..X.HOKX ay chlck, IS per H'O
tintil May V: wf delivery KJtU
no rharre for dead or crlpplsd chick.
6. C. VHITK OKriN'iTOXS, etfca from ir.y
ue-non blrJa, M. f-w tir.- eockrreia.
V. C Hlndle, 409 Kaat 37th North. Thona
Tabnr rtlu. Mam 75.1
TWELVE younc lavlnc hena fr aal, I-etf-horn
and Wvandott--. clieaj. 4- Ben
ton t. I'hone F-ant Vt.
ft KItKSli c'r. 1 Jersey, 1 Jary-Holtala,
I i..b l'lirram. fresh in lew d.yi; 1
Jrey. Taka St. John cur to East Pt.
Juiu.a. uik T.w V1,Kk nor?h 10 -,ow
V-t-ii-i' at St. Johr il-pot. S. P. X a. K.
A 43-hoi-enower. WO-Tolt. Crocker
Wherirr moior. com-Mft with atandard
l,:l(a ftniT. no vottaK relpaj and .-
iiDPfra overman. 1. 1. c- ua
m A-1 corditi
Address room -oi. Ore-
KOTilan bidt;.
M V I'OltTABI.E KNCJINE, in ood con
dit ion ha Ins rrcontly been
ourliioW: toifther with wood-cutting
,.uu.t. 1'nre P. B. Mallory Com-
liiv. logBing eutne, 234-7 Pino at-. Port
fa.,.) 11 r
One 125 -volt direct current generator.
rO'npl-te, With field rheostat, ammeter
an.t circuit breakrr. This machine 1 In
sod repmr. Address room -tOsi. Ore
i;.nlan M'lg. ---------
A 4-K W.. :-voit Crocker-Wheeler co-npleie. with field rheostat
ani circuit bresker. tn K'Xd condition.
A(,.!r-'- roon ".'3. OKguP'iB bldg.
.'LiVEK tvpe-.vrilcr. cst $10; pracucaliv
i-iev " for sa; make me an offer. 33
.ir ei- h:c. 'h ard Washington st.
fAV-S-N-'W and second-hand, large asort
mt at "ot price, safes opened, repaired.
Muvr S . 10 yvVOTid st. Main
1 1 rl H V i' an J ornre lurnuure. e.. r.
Haler pesk n?K M"'n s'-
y r S V l.K K1: f ,-roof sale, medium sue.
V TlON 1- ah ret;t9ter-i; ret my prtres.
!'. e-" :-" 1 1 Wi basement. Main
jui -nit-t course at hai" price.
-it's N-Uve Herbs for eonatlpa
.ib.ti for ;.'c. AH druirxlsts.
NJtloua. cah resit-r.
.-jchlnl fa.r Tit. 190
a:.-; Tay or. S431.
3 riM-euan un.
SAFLS Special prices, new and second
hand; several bargalna; used eafea taken
In exchange on new and steel office
safes; satea opened, repaired. Puree 11 gait
Co., and Portland Safe Co ii 5th t
Phone Main 630.
Rotted or green manure delivered to any
part of tha el'y for gardening purposes,
rues and lawns. Phona East SSO or a
FOR SALE cheap If taken at once, bunra
low lltlS. two rooms: also tent house
liH. two rooms. Apply to owner. n
4ih st.
FOK SALE Nice raspberry rlants (Catho
t ali and soos-berrles- Call phone Tabor
a.W7 or write to Hood Farm, cleone. Or.
CONTENTS oC o-rooin house. Including
piar.o. will sell In lot or by piece. 30 E. near nimritin.t.
FOit SALE Mlscellaneoua saxes: one n
and one medium else; flrst-clasa condi
t.on: cheap for cash. S !?0. Oreioman.
FOlt SALE. $125 Hosier safe. .W:
line lichtir-s plant. li E. R. sully. Ill
S. Jersey St., St. Johns. Phone Co.. psa.
TYPEWRITERS, all makes, $10 to $63.
-2 Stark : St. .
lino a-1 STEAMER hull, full cabin; length
70. b-am 12.0. H. M. Montgomery, box
7i, Portland
WE want to buy 1000 worth of second
hand furniture In the next 30 days and
pay all the cash It la worth. Williams ave.
Furniture Exchange. East 838.
WE buy f&r cash second-hand National cash
registers and sell them on easy terms
W. J. acauley. 334 Burrlde su Phons
Main lslii. A 1S16,
Highest prices raid for ladles and
men s -sst-off clothing and shoes. Can
Main 2t'Sy. 211-i First. The 'Jlobe.
FAIR DEAL reopened again: we pay high
est princs for your second-hand clothing
ar.d household goods. Phone Main MJTa.
WANTED To buy an Invalid's wheel chair;
m:?t be In OOd condition. AG 01S, Ore-
IVTIXTED A flat-bottom boom boat, about
18 leal long. Address South Side Timber
t o.. s-appoose, jr.
WB pay the highest cosh price for second
hand furniture. M. R. Seater. Phones
Ear. ftiat. 34S Hawthorne ave.
WANTED Will pay cash for hall clock and
1 or 4 first-class oil paintings. J 954. Ore
gor.lan. CASH paid for hair combings.
Hea-jty parlora 40O Dekum.
GENTLEMEN Best prices will bo paid for
yor oid clothes. East "69w
OKEOON 2d-hand store, 203 Jef- st Mala
ioT. Pia,ys highest prices 2d-hand good.
TOHL Anctlon Co. Pays most cash for any
kind of furniture. Main .51, A 1.445.
NATIONAL cash register; prlco must ba
reasonable, phona Main 603, A 8603.
B5cOND-HAND goods bought for cash or
taken In exchange for new. Tabor 4346.
SVE want $10,000 worth of second-hand fur.
IlllUr-, Ti.ii-4, ynnf y-si . . .
V i'iu PAT hiRhost prices for second-hand
Wt 1 -I. kalso line rooms for $2.50; paint
tiituse at your price: reliable. East B'3.
WE can sell your place, Seo ua. 314 Jour
nal bids.
to sell our hom-js in all pans of the city
on easy-pay in en t plan a.d close-in re
stricted residence lots on both East and
Went Side, also close-In acreage; wa fur-
-nlH an is nroOtMS and assist in closing
sales. We will supply a Jot and build to
suit purcnaser. .iuur-,i comiuisuu a"
fur sales manager.
212 Sellng Bldg.
VAMLIU Salesmen willing to work hard
for sood returns to sell our fully ma
tured, unlnfei ted. well - rooted nursery
stock In Western Washington. Oregon and
elsewhere; cash weekly. Write today for
exclusive territory. ,M
Toppenlsn. Wash.
HAVii good opening f-r man who can han
dle furm rt-partment of established real
cstato business; must have experience,
am:itv and integrity; give references, your
address and telephone number and we will
make appoint mt-nt. Y t40. Oregonlan.
WANTED A young man of good habits
with some experience taking care or
:wn wtilinr to be reneral utility man
In a nice home: prelrr man with some
kn-wlefaire of automobiles; must have rec
ommendations. Address A ures-w-ai.
WANTED Py es;ablishvd house, competent
youn man. sii-no.rrarny. uuiin .nu o---keeping,
moderate salary to start, but ex
cellent opportunity; stale age, experience,
rt-ferencei. N 874. OreKonlan.
WANTED First-class advertising man with
leading asency as copywriter and solici
tor; great opportunity for a producer; no
beginners or has-beens. A-B tJtiO. Ore
gon i a n .
WANTED A dontvy engineer, good wages.
Call early. Pacific Employment Co.. '12
Couch sL
YOl'K opportunity If you are a hustler; ex
clusive control of good territory; free outfit-
weekly advance; complete line; guar,
anteed absolutely. Yakama Valley Nursery
Coin pan-'.
WE have a place for several good salesmen
In Oregon ; a good proposition and big
opportunity for live, energetic men. Top
pen lib Nursery Co., Toppenish. Wash.
ilJ-ViRS. aacnt or salesman to handle fac
tory line of bicycles, children and toy
wii. el :oots Iii!-; saes manager here to
nuiKO nrnir.rmfni-. am -.,
ENI'EHIENCED special edition advertising
solicitors; biggest commission in town;
e.Hiablished rrlisious magazine. 20$ Madi
son su, oppvanw i m'-.
W ANTED Man of ability to take charge of
the .V.NONA MII-l-S" hosiery and under
.ir b c u c v In Portland. U. W. Boozer,
All Arcade bldg.. aeattle.
HEK1ENCED man. capable of taking
charge of enameling Oepu; high-class
workmanship. L". Cashier Co.. Kenton
OL.Nd man for office work, one who has
naa experience " ---n 4.-
preferred; state waes axpected. AO
W WTEU Boy with wheel, good wages.
Apply at once. Portland. Emporium, 1-4
WANlU lieuaoi- "'. ui "
Apply Friday morning, 414 Kailway ti-
cnan-e cms.
WANTE D Sa 11 ors for Australia, 6o u th
America and Europe. inquire at snip
ulnr office, corner of 2d and Gllaan sta.
TAILOR for repair work, clothing store;
X11AP DRUMMER; no matinees, except 8un-
oay. riai ,ic -. , - -
lot. t'regomau
STrtON. cl-an man to take care of elderly
it. 4 n.ii' wir-a .nil room and board.
Phone Main '."imi
AN assistant cutter wanted for my men's
deciL.: must be experienced and willing to
... t i 1 . i ia . Kap vt.1 U'lihinrton st.
wui tv- ,.-41 uBii-f. T
- - 1 - .Allriltnr--
w E need iirsi-cip onr
can-t explain here. Call 101S Chamber
ot Commerce bMg.
. - . i -r i x.- hn.ikkMT-tp. wholesale House.
Yiate age, exp-rience, references, phone
number. AD uregoninn.
I.- . -r"i-i niiK. -x n.Tii' itr -4l norter. AL
o, kit rharl'sui Hotel after 9 A. M-
OliDEK cl-rk; must be familiar with ice
cream business ana a iasi woraer;
lion n-ierenc--. a- vivk'
Kiii.-T-CUASs biaCKsmiin. nurs-suu-i,
take charge, M. N- Prathcr. Buena Vista,
PHOTOORAI'H coupon and portrait agente;
DNl Dllfl . -m-a. .-.-.
WANTED A-1 collector, comml-iion m.suii
give telephone and experience, B fey.
u i. II WW V X VTED.
Pteady Jor. 1VH First st.
Siabl.-s. lTlh
carrnice washer. Central
ind Aider.
uku.UT boy for work In stock room. Tom
;:iivchfr. Washington st.
u v wanted with w ht-el. Address flower
klTCHEN helper wanted. Call 17S North
k'lH-T-iJUVSS breakfast cook- Peerless
Cafetertx U-t fiun.
FIHaiT-CAi!S ladies' tailor wanted.
A ron son. 4-5 -iaer mx.
uAXTT) Hoy with wheel; must be Id.
Ap;iy Pit! meni, vi -k '-
WANTED Experienced coat and trousers
makeTsTNicola. the Tailor. ivS Third st.
WANTED Photo solicitors; $376 piano
-riven ireo. --'-
SOLICITOR wanted; work and It will pay
you well. 611 Northwest bldg.
Cl'M 1'ETENT crk in general store wan ted
rcloj- reference-. AV Oregonlan.
nt".' new offer; $."73 p!no given
Van Djck. 4i-4 Washington st.
BOY wanted to carry papers. Call at 90
Fir-t :.. Iwiiy ADauTn.--.
-- 4 v ; n. ;.-! 'iior fof dve work-: e?ta
l';hed nu:e; nn Ens: Side. 2 Grand ave.
tA-KtER wanted for fiAturday. ituti 1st su
tone of Many.)
Office Secretary Employment Department.
Y. M. C. A.
Tounr man, stranger, seeking employ
ment 20 hl total cash aaaet.) If I
pay you $R for employment mem bars nip
I will have only 15 between me and
Secretary If you Pay a for employ
ment membership you will have the r.
M. C. A. with all lta resources between
you and starvation.
Result. Young man Joined association.
In less tbs-n a week he had aalUf-ctory
hecord for year 1812:
Calls for nien from employers a-to
Positions ailed
Our snecial employment memberahtp
gvaranteea wU! aecuro employ
ment or refund of membership fee; gives
two months' full and 10 months" social
privileges. T .
Constant demand for CLJi.kial
All young men aeklng employment,
especially strangers , are cordially Invited
to tontu.t with the seen staty of the em
ployment desartmeat.
1.0 men and wives on farms In Wash
ing ton and Idaho.
VZ single men for farm work.
2o laborers for Bayview, Idaho, at $2.w
fiaj" experienced work drill men, Bayvtew,
Idaho, 30c hour.
1 stenographer, lumber experience, rtose
lake, Idaho, $80 to S5.
1 stenographer for mine company at
Wallace. Idaho, good salary.
2 machinists for Maco and Wallace, Ida.
1 pianing-mill foreman and tiler. Noxon.
Mont-, $5.
2 cabinet-makers, $S.50.
1 gardener, single roan.
1 setter for mill, Idaho. 30c hour.
1 lumber yard manager who understands
farm machinery.
1 retail paint salesman, Spokane, wash.
i -a"1" I.iimhermen's hide..
nth and Stark sta., Portland. -
WANT single sober young man to work on
. . .,.,.tfii)1v han
dle team and be careful with work; per
manent place to good worker at good
pay; good board, bed and treatment; no
loafers tolerated. Harry Aabatir, Cor
vallls. Or.
at Oearhart Hotel for Friday and Satur
day. Apply at restauraou desk, 7th floor,
the' Meier & Frank store.
THH Domestic -Serrlca Bureau-, S0 Central
b.dg., receives oaiiy cans rum m
of homes for competent, reliable eirls for
geneiai houseworjt, cooks, second work
and nurse maids.
WANTED In Seattle, a first-class straw
sewer; none otner neea appiy. - i-""
machine; long season, good salary, fare
paid; must give references; wire nlfciit
letter at our expense. Modern Millinery,
G7 Peoples Bank bldg., Seattle, Wash.
WANTED 2 permanent waitresses for Gear-
nart iiote.. App-y iin-iiuur
desk, the MeUr & Frank, store.
BiilGHT youne stenographer and office as-
: . . r.i..V.a- nf rnferences.
aleo vour phone number; wages $10 per
week; steady position. AG UlT, Ore;o-
TWO wideawake lady solicitors willing to
WOrK S HOUrS H SIM. J ua -.a
Ushed company; steady work and good
pay. Call to 12. 418 Mohawk bldg.. Sd
and Morrlsonu
WE want a man or woman in every town
in Oregon to represent us in au extensive
advertising campaign; no experience re
quired. Write J. F. Galloway & Jo., 150
Post st.. San Francisco.
THOKOLGULY competent stenographer as
secretary to manager or large wuui.
house. Address In own handwriting, stat
ing experience, II o7. Oregonlan.
- id! rnw hnn-avnrlr modern 4 -room apt.
Must sleep home nignts; ngn. ; v.
per montn. tan aiier -.
A partments. No 4a.
WANTED Girl for general housework;
email family. Applr 1033 E. liHh N, or
phone Wood 'awn 3u42.
WANTED Helmed, capable woman for re
sponsible position. Viavl Co.. 009 Rotll-
cnua Diag.
4th and Washington.
W.-nmetan bide li70 4 Wasrv., room 85.
near 4th. Phone Main 8S30 or A 3-tfd.
GIRl. WANTED for general housework In
smaii iaiuiii , .su . . v. . .
u roan way, cor. cj. m.
YOUNG LADY wanted to assist with house-
. . .a - T-lAnhona
worK ; irouu nwao -
Tabor 74. .
WANTED Competent girl for general
housework, Gorman preferred, small fam
ily. Call Bt io asi prwuwaj.
FIKT-Cl-ASS finishers, steady work, good
wages. McDonald & Collett, tailors, H3
Washington st.
EAPEUIENCED feeders and folders on
mansie. Crjstal Laundry Co., 2lat and
.SaiKly Road.
COMPETENT saleswomen for dress trim
mings, gloves ana iiixani- w-m a-.
experienjeo. Koncru xi -a
WANTED Good girt f or second work m
smau iamiiy. -s-wj"
Take "W" car.
-- k v for .reneral housework.
small family preferably German). Apply
aiternoon, naieigo-u
WANTED A competent girl for cooking
and ceneral housework. Apply 034 Love-
joy t.
,aVi-t4nii.. -.- e." -
work, bcotcn or uenoau v "ti i c--
Main isa.
L.A V I SOIIUlIOr Ujr nui-.ia.ft - X, 7
daily can easily make $-0 a week. 611
. . , , v. .. a fafeor hnurl
Northwest Piag.
WANTED Bindery clriu to do folding; ex
j erienced help only need apply. Wells c
GIRL to do light housework and be com
panion for in vaxi u wumou. . uo
GIRL to help wlUi general housework. 70ff
v ayne, t iat
WAN TED Competent girl for general
housework, fhone t-asi (o
COMPETENT girl for Keneral housework.
i .is Kearney, u-t-t --- --
WANTED Girl for cooking and downstairs
work. Marshall 832. 5sJ Clifton st.
G1RL for housework, fajnily of adults. Call
moraines. ai otn "- corn-.
WANTED Girl to wait on table. Wheel-
don Annex, apt. j. x. a-u. t-v.-
TOl'XH gi""! wanted in
restaurant. 31
Burnside st.
LADV for housework, small family, good
vrr'k. B car. 4b3 E. 2ath N. m
HOLStlKEEPER by widower, fair pay. liht
-ir. -iv. nartieulars. E 93U, Oregonlan.
WANTED 2 women for work in coiiee
hou-e.- 26 . 4in.
EXPERIENCED bindery girls wanted. Ap
ply Howe-Davis co.. iax p---"'-
GIRL, for general housework, in small fam
flj. 3f5 East 13th N. C 2597.
WANTED Young lady to work in printing
Office. TOloing pa.'orB. -- 7T -
A liOOD kitchen girl wanted at 7ft W.
GIRL for general housework. Call morn
ings. 663 Kearney sc., near 21st st, (
WANTED Qlri or woman for gen
eral houseworK. appy oii -aJ- -"'
1A1V to sell cut-rate tickets. Cp-to-Dte
Beauty Parlor, biu swetiar.a mug.
GIRL, for coolclng. 714 Everett.
MEN and women wanted to canvass on best
pfoposi-ion In Portland and for which
there Is big demand; absolutely tew, witn
exceptionally good talking points; 100 per
cent commission; no experience necessary.
ll room ;
WVSTED Man and wife to take charge
fhomo; man must be capable gardener;
woman must be good cook; must hav
rffr-fiicfs. Address A 691. Oregonian.
WANTED A secretary-manager with social
and musical acquaintance in city, either
lady or gentleman. Address A ISO. Ore
NOW Operator for Junior linotype on
weekly in Utah; IS per week: perman
ent If vou are square. For Interview,
give phone number. AB 857. Oregonlan.
FTK Teachers--Agency secures position for
teachers. 318 Journal bldg. Main 4S33.
Instruction; GREGG SHORTHAND, book
keeping. 812 Hamilton bldg. Mar. 423.
MEN women to learn barber trade. 8
weeks- position guaranteed. Oregon Bar
ber college. 23 Madison. 289 Couch st.
WANTED Picture-play writers; big pa,;
we'll leach you: free Information. Pictures
Play Association, D 3. San Francisco.
GIKU Learn beauty-parlor work. Earn
money while learning. tii F.othchild
WANTED Two apprentice to learn hair
business. Sanitary Parlora, 400 Dekum.
SHORTHAND, typewriting school. 269 Htb
aU Main 3S03. Expert Instruction, 85 mo.
rr --. r w "a n i i !! ; -w n 'n u j i
There Is Romance in This
Sign "Rooms for Rent"
If your life is dull, if you
think there is no Romance left
in the world, you don't have to
go to Italy or Spain.
All you have to do is to cut
out one of these little Ads,
marked Rooms to Rent and step
into the circle of othe.r people's
People are dull because they
do the same things, and think
the same things over and over
If you have grovr n stupid in
this city it certainly is your
fault. Because if you want to
And tell the people, please,
2G8-8S Eleventh St., cor. Jefferson.
Practical instruction by Instructors who
are experts in field and shop. Tuition,
part cash on enrollment, balance at giadu-
ation; liberal discount for cash,
luo MEN and women to learn the barber
trade In 8 weeks, in all Us modern meth
ods; send for catalogue; tools free; learn
a trade that you can get In business for
yourself. Moler Barber college, US N. 4th.
salary to S1SU0; PARCEL rOST requires
clerks and carriers; free book. Pacific
Btates School, liaKay bldg.. Portland. Or.
MEN. women, get Goernment parcel post
lobs- li-0 week; write lor list positions
open. Franklin institute. Dept.. )t22-li.
Kochester. N. Y.
LEARN to operate moving pictures: full
course taught, secure position Pacific
Film Co.. 512 and SIS RotUchlld bldg.
4lh and Washington. .
SKNOOjAPHL'KS, beginners or advanced,
any system, quickly trained; positions
guaranteed 830 Worcester block Marshall
WANTED 2 men at onco to learn to drive
and repair autos and trucks for Spring
work. Apply Madison Garago. 1111 Haw
thorne ave.
MAKE money writing snort stories for
newsoacer; big pay; free booklet tells
hn'.v. i:nlted Press Synd., D ban x ran.
WANT reliable men to learn auto driving
, i.Q ! nrnalll. llflth St. 1
uiu retNitt. " '
WANTED Two apprentice, to learn hair
business. Hair shop. loO 5th at,
UooaUeepcrs and ClcrV.
WILL audit, open, clos or write up books,
prepare ana statements. Install
systems. (Silliugham, auditor. Hi Lewis
... 117
AN honest and reliable young man with a
business education wants a job wltn a
reliable firm with opportunity of learning
the business. Y 842. Oreaonlan.
A iiECHANIC of 15 years' experience as
ornamental and architectural Iron worker
and also as machinist, wishes a Job In an
automobile repairing shop; stranger In the
city reason lor quitting trade. R Moo.
knos line from raw material to Unlshed
product, good correspondent and technical
copvwrlter. wants position. O Seo. Ore-
SALESMAN, nine years' experience on Coast,
well known to stationery, drug and de
partment store trade, desires position,
competent, accurate and energetic AH-
aress n pis, v ftv.,....
YOUNG man, recently from the Ea; de
sires position " - :
years' experience, beat of references. AM
EXPERIENCE!; German .chauffeur wl.e.
position; ii vivau, - . f
if I have time help other work; good ret-
a is: buu t Wuirnn Ian
erencea. am q"- -o
LANDSCAPE gardener, married wants po
aitlon, private or commercial;
experience; take care of greenhouse or
at Bui nresonlan.
FlKSi-CLS general ..blacksmith want.
"or, nalidy at woodwork; toial abstainer.
tndustiieus. pnone lunula
MAN well acquainted . in city, experienced
teamster, strong, able. soDer. wants work
Immediately. H. O. New. J6. INHh st. N.
Phone ain ti
KiPtltlENCED eheepshearer would like . to
get into communication with responsible
-i,h vi.w to eoing out of town to
work. Phone Main 717, A 1S1"
WANTED by man and wife no cblldren
lust arrivea irum v"-' "i
wife good cook, man 30 years old ana
".'. s"n Salmon
cxpcritmufu. - -
EXPEKIENCED Japanese .chaulfeu r, po sl-
tlon as ariver v n,a rt
garage work; good roference. V 8i. Ore
KMPLOVMENT by reliable, experienced.
steadV mln of middle age as Janitor or
VnTral housework. A 705. Oregonlan.
fir.ST-CLAS3 waiters furnished. Marsha.'
Vul A 910. Portland Walters' Club, HVs
itK PertlanJ. or. G. C. Gerald, manager
COLMEY compositor, can do any Inslde
woVkTsobe?. Single and reliable; from a
i 4 gaaeye. a
WANTED Would like to work ranch on
fhareThere everything is furnished;
good reference. j '
TIMEKEEPER by married man; unuer-
etanda biueprxuw-, -,.--.,
tell. 10.
r a k- v-R foreman, experienced all around,
BwaS pSSSn?" SOttEast 2d St., Albany,
RELIABLE married man wants farm work;
separate quarters; experienced. AB SSJ.
vol man, experienced as janitor, furnl
"ure repairer. w-anui Situation of any kind.
uLD man accustomed to farm work wants
U pVacT where can earn board and room and
... Main 71 1 . A loll-
WANTED Position by engineer and ma
Wclnirrs years' experience lumber mlil.
preterrea. a-
WANTED Position by Puyallup berry man
ror coming a -
YOUNG Japanese wants general housework
CAM PEN TER foreman, day or contract. Ad-
jress 3. B. Young. Woodstock, or.
i-OL'NG Japanese waiter wants position In
the evening. E 980. Oregonlan.
WANTED Work on ranch by man and. wife.
or porter. m. -w.
T 10, uregomau.
vtTTr 1 vnr9 f age. with motorcycle,
"i,.30-,?,.?. work,' AG 699. Oregonlan.
STFVOfiRAPHER. thoroughly experienced
r"inSrolaL legal and abstract work; must
b.?. pa ?Ioo once: accuracy and. speed
guaranteed. Address Stenographer, K 910.
i.-v Ph-wiFNTED stenographer dslres post -St
of References. . Phone Wood-
1-vrn 2.179- D SS5. Oregonlan.
COMPETENT stenographer with legal ex
rlen desires position, moderate salary.
. East i-4ft-
quicken your nerves and your
mind, if you want to sharpen
your wits and find new inter
ests in life, all you have to do
is walk down the street a block
and ring a new front door bell.
There are plenty of pleasant
homes with new and interesting
surroundings right in the Room
Ads of this paper you are read
ing now.
So if things are beginning to
pall on you where you are, just
clip this list of Room Ads. Go
out. and ring a few door bells
and you will enter a new circle
of lives.
where you read their Ad.
WANTED Dressmnking, satisfaction guar
anteed and prices right. 54S East Ankeny
EXPERT New York milliner. Jlatti made
and remodeled, Mrs. O. O. Martin, 110
N. 21st st.
M'111 DE JEilLsI-AUT, 055 Washington,
Main 44S, exclusive French designs in
gowns, suits, waists, etc 655 Washington.
DRESESMAKING by the day, neatly done.
Call Marshall 35:0.
EXPERT dressmaking and ladles' tailoring;
hats made, remodeled. 203 Goodnough bid.
PRIVATE classes In dressmaking.
H o usekeepe ra.
WIDOW with little girl would like position
as hnusekeerer for respectable widower.
AB Oregonlan.
EXPERIENCED nurse wishes Infant to
care for In her home. References. Sell-
wood 402.
THAiXKD nurBe would like one or two ma.
ternity cases in or out of city. Address
Nina Miller, general delivery. Portland.
EXPERIENCED nurse wishes position. Tel
ephone wooaiawn tttu.
MATERNITY nurse wants case;
light housework. Main 147.
will do
WOMAN with baby desires 'position to help
with housework, email wages. Phone
Home A 3072; Pacific. Marshall 1737.
REFINED lady wishes position as sales
lady in jewelry store; have had six years-
experience. AS o'ji, uresunmu.
EXPERIENCED woman wishes work iron
ing, cleaning or washing, ;o cents hour.
A 1".48.
A GOOD Scandinavian gir! wants place for
general nouseworK. Aaaruss miss iiove,
Box 14. Rcedville. Or.
I hst-CT. A SS laundress wants work. Prl
day and Saturday. References. Woodlawn
DINNERS cooked and served,
work. Phone Marshall 2710.
also day
LADY wants work by day or hour. East
4i. Koom z.
LACE CURTAINS and blankets laundered
iv experts, i.c ana up. lanor snip,
wants day work.
Phone Taoor uj-
FINNISH girl wants any kind of day work.
Experienced. Woodlawn 1383.
EXPERIENCED cook wants short hour
work. Mrs. Russell, 501 Morrison st.
OUR absolutely square 30 to S67.50 weekly
aiapv :a rttf cpnt commission nronosi-
tion. 'assures steady workers unlimited
prosperity. GALLOWAY-BOWMAN CO.,
Div 1S7, Waterloo, la.
OUR agents are making as high as ?3 a
sell Diiica jraaie. un-- iuuui.u v-w.,
433 Stark st,
are selling the Jaeger vacuum cleaner.
Why not you? Call 701 Rdthchilt. bldg.
WANTED Lady to handle new prepara
tion : great seller: big profits. Marshall
461. '
AGENTS for Oregon. National Casualty Co.,
.Wl Railway Exchange bids.. Portland.
We want for tenants now waltlnc
not too far out, 20 to $25,
Main 6i09. 209 Wash, st. A 207.
5 to 7-room modern well-furnished
house with piano; walking distance.
Phone E. 3037 after 10 A. M.
IMMEDIATELY, bv youne married couple,
no children ; 5-room unfurnished cottage
or; must nave b.eejitiig-ywii-ii,
Rose-City park preferred; answer at once.
Ax S!'-. Oregoni"1-
LIST your vacant house or flat with us and
iinu a leu-uu
Main tib9. 2tt9 Washington St. A 6267
WAIVED To rent, 4 or 6-room furnished
house, walking distance. East Side pre
ferred; reasonable references. Phone E.
WANTED at once, upper furnished flat or
apartment, two uearooaia, xi oiu, ----
Rooms With Board.
WANTED Home for two girla, aged 12 and
- . ,( riie-enr.. w a h i n ert on
it jeaiu, & ' '
High tichool ; must be good home ana
iprrnn re-Lsonable. N W'2. Oregonian.
WXTED Room and board In private
r-nmiiv fho-A there arfl no other board
ers by young nxan attending school. J
WANTED 2 or 3 housekeeping-rooms
bath for couple from April 1; state price;
must be near the Huf Brau. Address
Gorks, care the Hnf Brau.
WANTED Koom and board with private
family, walking distance. Phone Main Bu70
between 12 and 1.
Business Places.
at once, desk room, desk, use of telephone;
give particulars. AR 888. Oregonlan.
Fxirnlfcbed Booms.
HOTETl, CORDOVA. 2iS 11th St., new,
strictly modern, private baths and suites:
mnini ss.SO Der week up. M 9472.
HOTEL OAK, 347 Oak; steam heat, hot and
-n!i water; 50c day. 1 week.
VIRGINIA LEB HOTEL, 2.". Trinity Place.
cor. w asn. Jioucm liit.vv- - -
NICE, clean, furnished rooms at moderate
prices. 41 Stark at
11th, between Morrison and lamhin, re
cently opened; every modern convenience
plenty of hot water and heat; beautiful
lobby; rates $ week and up; with pri
vate" bath $5.50 week and up; transient
rates 75c and up. Free phones. Main 42J.
Are you looking for a good warm room
with hot and cold water, nicely fur
nished and homelike, at VERY MOD
ERATE PRICE f If so, Just take a look at
Hotel Minook. cor. 4th and Salmon, ana
you wilt look no iaiwivi
One block from Union Depot; HO out.
side rooms, with all modern conveniences;
rr.aklna special rates to permanent guests;
rates from 10 per month up. Give us , a
call and you will be more luau pleaaed.
I& oin si. i
x Just step in and look at a nice, warm,
sunny room; hot and cold water; beau
tifully furnished and homelike, at a
PRICE that will CERTAINLY suit you.
If you are wise you will go at ony.
181 Eleventh Street.
New, modern brick building, steam
heaLed. private baths, hot and cold water
in rooms, beautifully furnished, cosy, com
fortable. rent reasonable. Call and see
us- regular and transient trade solicited.
14th and Jefferson.
An established hotel. Rooms en suite
or single, rates reasonable. A t2S. M.9:SJ.
. . nns-nnfV T1 hnma fYir bull
rooms" all modern conveniences, .th -tna
Taylor sts.,-J. block from Portland Hotel.
IB -."" a..-
HOTEL, Buckingham. Ui-'H V asn.. cor. E'la.
j.p n SUIiniU, UULBlua ....--a
and cold water, atea.n heat, trie Phone
. ... i. h v runprt&Dl:: SlJ
- month up. with ath.ja.
ana uhlii, j -
THE THOMASSEN. 402 3d. corner Har-
risoo , rtnuALt:u, wa -
rooms 5-i0 week up; 2, 3, 6-room suites,
reasonable; some unfutnished. S cars,
ilain 7771. A 1-70. .
120 13th St., at Washington.
Rooms, $3.50 per week up; under per
sonal management owner. J. W. Bushong.
Nicely furnished outside rooms, pood
Southern cooking, cosy reception parlor.
llU VV9U1UKWU S5 - w-v
CENTRAL. HOTEL,, opposite Pantages; large
. .. n-al, nn- 1! t I I'll I HlllteS
rooms .o uc. -
with bath 6 per week; these suitea best
proposition In townjorthemoney.
iV d Oliail -.--a. -a -
145H 'th St., just opened; new furnl
tttr steam heat, running water, $3.oi
week ud. Transients 7ic up.
THE Larrabee. 227 K Larrabee. Rooms 2
i s-.lil tuim ntat DOL
weet uu. -7-7:7.
4 hath, d n one. elactr.cltl.
HOTEL CONGRESS Beautifully furnished
011 modern conveniences. U
and Mam.
HOTEL MADRAS. 443 Wash. St.. all out-
side rooms, sieam v
ter, strictly modern, rate $1 day, 9 week.
HOTEL OHIO, Front and Madison; modern.
steam ccat. nut anu. .
1 including bath.
PRINCESS" HOTEL, 8d and East Burnside;
gooa. clean ruuiuo, " , . , : C; Vi
Come see room-.. yt -..- r
Tllnl iiHELLY. 422 Mor., opp. Heihg Thea-
ter. neatiy imui-ucj. ...w. ..-- -- - -
Furnished Rooms tn Private Family.
TWO nicely furnished rooms, close In, on
aast tiiue, guuu, - :
yard; ail home conveniences. East 12th
and Sherman sta. Phone sellwood H2.
FOR RENT Large, well furnished alcove
room, suitaoie 101 i...
-rentlemen. 141 13th at. CQJ- Alder.
FURNISHED room, second floor of steam-
heated aparimeus., wo.'-. -------- -
A BRIGHT, nicely furnished single room In
quiet nouse. uu -1
tirst-ciass. tij jolu,
NEWLY furnished room to gentleman on
. 1 . v. 1 aoau tar n 1 L- inP iHstanC.
aST. BJUO Willis" -isj - .
good neighborhoodHome phone C IJiQ
c MONTH Pleasant neatly furnished bay
wmaow rovuii w.
.3d st.
A NICE, large alcove room witn -""
sultauie tor t.nv, - -
Market st.
BEAUTIFUL front room, " r
walking aisiance. v -
2b7 1.
FURNISHED rooms, from-52 weekly; talk
ing UH-t-aUC-, iat- aw .
ONE modern coay room, only J2. 246 Clack-
amus, 4 diocks :
1517 TH ST. Nice furnished room In pleas
ant iamiiy,
STEAM heated parlor room, housekeeping
T-.iviiMres. to lady employed. Main 42.
SINGLE front room; heat," batli, phona; $2
week; waiKing "La"
NICE furnlBhod rooms, with ernwn-
van I on ft a WfllKinS uiBiauio. "
NICELY furnished, front room,
I lano, grate.
etc. -v i-iiii. ..
LARGE, well lighted room, moderate. 26S
12th st.
FURNISHED rooms, $1.76 per week and up.
1S9 West Park, corner Yamhill.
UnfcrpUhed Room.
ONE large room, partly furnished. Private
entrance, biuu"u
W ashington
Booms Vilt-i Board.
. r , . 1 -r"-T TTC I T
American and European plan; near City
iarK; conveiiacnv
Washington, at 23d st.
Residential and Tourists Hotel.
Attractive rates to perm anents and tran
sients. Maln ti,S4-
European and American, $- per day with
meals. Rates by the month and week
with or without meals very reasonable.
N e w. modern an d fireproof. COURT.
Select Family Hotel.
Modern rooms with excellent table
boara. very reasonable rates. 11th ana
Yamhill sts.
Does a home appeal to you? Doubis
and single rooms, private bath sun par
lor; American ym". -
-a -irviEW HOTEL Strictly high - claaa
. .. s.i. v.n. h Anis orRLtMi and
iamiiy noiei, v-" -
r" l 1 1 BWrv rnam: table unex-
B AlCCib sa . -
nrf- rfarances Montgomery at., at
West Park.
THE LAJHBERSON, 604 Couch, on. block
from Washington; steam heat, running
water; goou
PORTLAMU V ua,.o s uj""". """-In
rooms with board, use ot sewing room, 11-
i r Tin.4aia r-ss IT N. AI llKnri- IUD.
brary, oivri-uo" - . -
452 MORRISON, corner 13th st. Rooms.
boara optional. -
Walking distance.
THE HAZEL, furnished rooms with board.
running wtt
MANITOU, 261 13th st,
AVITOU, 2til -Jtn au a.hw:"- a.
rooms; steam heat, good board; close ln.
BEAUTIFUL furnished rooms, first-class
table board, very rewutP. "'-
UKUi iunny room, with boaid; large
i-nr.l. Casa ltosa. 800 Jefferson. -
" Kooma With Board In I'rivata Family.
icc iarte front room, just luri.isltid in
mahogany; meals If desired; suitable for
2 people; phone, gas and electric light;
bath plaver piano and all the other com
forts ot "homo. Hawthorne car. Phone
Tabor S109.
iCKL.y. furnished room with board, suit
able for 2 or a; separate beds, hot and
cold water; home comiorls; S5.00 per
t-ek. Mam birsi. aoi iiariaoo, nen m.m.
ROOM and board in uerman ramlly; sleep
lnc porcn n uoane, i, --
iences; good location, close in. 4244 Had
a PLSASA.NT, coay room in new. modern
home, for 1 or 2 employed; good boaro
and homelike place; every convenience
Marshall 4b07. 0:2 . Everett. '
PLEASANT room, good board, homo com
forts, walking distance; $3 week. East
ROOM and board in private Southern fam
nv- waikine. distance. Marshall 532.
ROOM and board for young women, walking
distance, $o per week. East 4782.
ROOMS and board, modern :(Wa'.king dis
tance. W Aom pv. J","
PLEASANT rooms and good board.
COSY, steam-heated room, with board.
N. 20th. Fhone atarsnait imo.
FIRST-CLASS board, private family, ref-
erenco required. AS 859. Oregonlan.
F.OOMSsd board. 595 East Oak. corner
E. loth, walkingdlstance. East 6o2.
NICELY furnished room, suitable for two;
excellent meals; West Side. Main 2071.
NICELY furnished rooms. good hoard,
dnitoin. 192 13th st.. near amhill.
NICELY furnished room with board, mod
ern, close In. 57 Trinity place.
Rooms With Koar-2 in Priva.e Kainllr.
FOUR double rooms, use of home, lawn, for
8 men, walking distance. 2 meals, Stt-oO
week. Mar. ;70a. E-rctt.
5-ROOM. completely furnished apartment
linciuainj piajer , .
janitor service and hot water furnished;
nice large front porch and lawn; only two
apartments in the building, which makn
It quite exclusive; will rent to reiponsib.e
parties for $40 per month; located on tho
East .Side, oniy 13 minutes ride from tho
Postoffice. Phona East M'7t.
IGth and Lovejoy. S-room unfumished
apartmc-nts. strictly modern, brand new
brick buildlne, including heat, phone, gas.
gas range and water. This must be seen
to be appreciated. phone owner. uln
1M7 and A l&uT. Janitor, A lto-
CUAiEERLAND APTS-, W. i'ark and Co
lumbia sta-, choice 2 and 3-room furnished
and uufuruishtd npts.. all modern conveni
ences, beautiful location, facing the paik;
only 5 minutes' walk from business cento.;
oet Ol service; prices ren-un
DE-S1RAHLE 4-room apartmetiT furnish,
or unfurnisheii; best in city for rent, loca
tion and arrangment; ail outride rootnu.
private bath, direct pacific phono; close
In, low rent, best service. Sheffield
Apartments, 272 Kroadway. cor. Jefferson.
lumbia sts., choice 2 and 3-room furnished
and unfurnished upts.. all modern conveni
ences, beautiful location faring the park;
only 5 minutes' walk from ousincss center;
3HS 11th SL
Modern furnished 3-room sets. Every
modern convenience. Rif ganlen and
plav yard tor children. f:.2.5o uo- Ex
cellent location; easy walking distance.
Formerly tho Hucll, 2.".( Uth St.; nicely
furnished, 3-rooni apart im-iit!. strictly
modern. Phone Marshall i'Jo'J. Home phona
A 2123.
THE AVALOX 3 and 4-ro:n apts., b:iu
tifu'.iy furnished, new S-story. steam
heated brick bldg.. few minutes' walk o.
Union Depot, cor. Clackamas and Ross
b tree is.
-l-r v v rnfRT
East First and Multnomah sts.; absolute
ly the finest and most up-to-date fur
nished apartment-house in the city; two
rooms ?32.r0, 3 rooms $4 i Phone C 2"
New, modern brick apartments; 2 to 4
rooms, furnished and uniuriilshed, from
I5 to 3U; restricted district. phone
Woodlawn tkiJ.
ii u Ft I-: I " 1 1 ST
North 2ith and Nortbrup Sts.
Homelike furnished, 3 and 4-room spart
tnents; outside rooms; balcony to verr
suite; all conveniences; rpf. Taone M. U.S.
tlverett a bu ...--.
private baths; 20 and up; completely ren.
evated- under of management; walking
distance; convenient and best service.
'f I I CTl VWIr." I .11.
Vewly furmsned 2-room apartments, II
minutes' walk from : S13 up;
llsht, gas and phone service included. Jo
Porter st. Phone Main 731)2.
Nicely furbished tnree-room apartment,
t.oo; all outside, large, li k h t airy rooms,
private phone, bath, on carline. B 30. L
'1 aoor --u-.
208 Sixteenth, Near Taylor.
One handsomely furnished 6-roum apart
ment also one 4 and one 0-room unfur-
n ig h ea apartment,.
14tii aua .oiumoia.
rumished 2. 3 and 4-room apartments;
all conveniences; flrai-clas, homelike.
?Ann.M rates: ref. Main 7337, A 301a
ORDER LEIGH 82 Grand avt 8-room
apartrr-ents, complete. y furnished, pri
- vate baths; new roana.ment; modern and
convenient. walKing distance; best ot
service, rates reasoiiaoie.
NEW HART APTtf.. 2d and lamhill; the
OLIVE rooms and apts.. 44 Morrison st.;
just opened; everything new; 1. 2 and J
room apts.; cooking naa. eloctrlo lights,
bed laundry and prl.i;e phon.s tree.
Very choice unfurnished 3-room apart
ment Cedsr Hill Apartments. 1S7 Green
ave.. near 23d and Washington sts. ; roter
ences required, phone Marshall 5345.
.-ROOM apartments to rent at 070 Kearney
convenient, I32.&0;' janitor In basement or
3-KOuM front apartment, private bath and
telephone, S3o; also 2-roora apartment.
35. Angela Apts., 3a Trinity Place le
t w een li'th and 20th Just ott Washington.
THE ORMONDE One 4-room. one 5-room
apartment, all outside and light, gas
range, refrigerator and telephone, two
Flanders. Nob Hill. Main S2al.
,,' a vr a ADA HTM K'Ti
UA. s
23d and Johnson; all, 2, a
rooms, furnished, unfurnished; reason
auf Xlaralittll 2821.
r. . , , . tj.-s a pa TiTVl HINTS.
Comer East Couch and feth sis., easy
walklug distance; modern. Quiet, reason-
fara anu luwiiauii f...
Ror rent, 3 and 4-room furnished and
unfurnished apartments; strictly modern.
UAiiKBIl APABTilJSNTS, 13tn ana a-Ash-
5 large rooms, all outside; hreplace,
hot 'water heat; must be seen to be appre
....... pnsnnA i . Phone fc.ast JS7I.
. j i r. ja hi.. .... . -. .
East Ith and Morrison sts. err central,
2 and S-room apartments. lurnished com
pletely; private batlis; from $M to t-l.M.
GRADESTA East Stark and Grand avenue-
new building, lame, airy apartments,
nicely furnished; private phones; reason-
aDte rent.
Third and Montgomery; new, modern, out
side furnished 2-room apartments; auto
matic elevatpr; close in; $23 up. Main U4oa.
2 and S rooms, newly furnished apart
ments. S15 to S5 month. 10!) korth lbth
bet. Flanders and Ulisau.Maln SiM.
290 12th St. Marshall ilti. 2 and 8-room
furnished, first-class, rents
BIX. large rooms, hardwood floors, water,
hoat private phones, large Bleeping porcu,
front veranda, new and every convenience.
Grace Apartments, mi
rt iifTQN APTS., 7b0 Irvlrs St., Nob Hill.
Vunn?. 6-room 'apU. beorooms, all out
Sde room, with large closets. !mt
porch, references. Mar. 17..B. A lius.
v.w mouern, furnished 2-room apta;
dresiae-room, tine location. Marshall
110 -1st st." Take W cur.
WALDOKf CUUKT, lrvinglon. East 9th and
Schuyler t.; 5-room apartment with
poicn; everything modern, kaat S47, C
ItiOS. .
Exseptlunally large Uvlng-room (16x20).
convenirnce. 12th and Harrison sta
. . 1 1 1, i a inisi
T15 "Wayne st. Main ti-SO. Modern fur
nished apartments, 3 to li rooms.
nished housekeeping suites. 5th and Mar
ket; under new maimsetiici"-
THE WINDSOR APTS, 8 or rooms, new,
clean and homelike, easy walking dls
. r,o. Kaat 14lh and Varohlll.
SIC BLI furnished 2-room apartment, every
thing complete. Hotel Houston. Uo th st.
HERMENIA, 400 Hall V
completely turuuu, -
"77vf(-.i 1 t'A UTilKNTS.
Fourth and Lincoln All outside 2-room
apts . t22.oUJj:ij;-lk'.'t'.taD.
Ti , v-, LJ'l'.. OlIl and Montgomery; 3
roSm 'luriiuhed; summer rates; J mm. to
l"th and Ilair.ou; 2 t.nd 3-room apart
ments; be,tservice. Apply on preni.sen.
THp nrlTkston, 4IS ilth. Nlndy furulslied
" and a-rooin modern outaide apts.,
i,.hts. Mrs. P. W. McCui.h. Marshall i.
rcjSE-FRIKND. S. W. cur. 71h and Jetlei
sJir modern unfurnished apts.; lirst-claaa
service; private plione.
aTJtONIA Marshall .and ll'th sts. Large,
"airy, 2, 3 and 4-rooin apartments; quiet
and exciusio m.... ..v....
THK C.V.MAH, 704 I.ovcJ.iy. elegantly fur
nished, 3-room from a..t.. 18.;. Marshall
2:iiii. h
apt.. 207 x. :it
turoi.dhed apartment
Marshall 13-3.
St., modern
rent rea-
The Nokomls, 17th and Marshall sts. rn,
all conveniences; moderate rules. Mar.491-.
THE KING-DAVIS. D4 King st. N.,nr. Wasn.
Kih-rlase: rclerences. iiolh phones.
THE DAYTON, modern six-room apt., low
ent Ui,f A'lanueii
JULIFTTE APT., 2 rooms, mod'-rn; 2d and
Montgomeiy; fur, and unrurnislieu
HRYN MAVR APTS.. 185 K. ' 15th,
Yamhill, 4-room apts.. newly furnished.
IRIS APTS . 4 and 5 rooms", ni"dem( private
nhone. Cor. 3d and Mill, unfurnished.
Mayo apts. Union ave. and Saeramenio, new.
to Hate, reasonable. Phono East szu.
tEAUTiKL'L new upartment hoin
lleiphr.. unfuriilyhe.i. Main 91.
2-KOOM furnished aiiartment with or wlth
out sleeping purch. E. 2"th.
5-KOOM apartment in new hjil.ling, 427.50
month. Phone Marr:rall4
CNFURsfsiTEl54-room steam-heated apart
ment, modern. Cottel Drug Co.