Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 22, 1912, Page 15, Image 15

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    NOVEMBER 22, 1912.
Acting Official Complains of
Low Efficiency Rating Given
Him by Slover.
In Civil Service Examination Chief
Recommend Him With Mark of
70 Keller Gets 100 Tjyon
and Craddoclt 5.
On the ground tkat' therein for
fflclency given him by Cnte? Sloyer
in the recent examinations for tne
position of captain of police was Bucn
that he could not with dignity retain
his command, of the first night relief,
Acting Captain Riley announced yes
terday that he would return to his
rank of sergeant, beginning today. The
announcement, when made to the mem
bers of bis relief, caused surprise and
the retiring captain was cheered ve
hemently for the stand he took.
Under the civil service rules, the
Chief of Police gives a rating to the
various candidates, which at the max
imum is given a relative weight of 40
in the hundred in the final markings.
Thus, if a candidate receives 100 for
efficiency. 40 points are added to his
standing, and if he receives 50, 20
points are added.
Keller Gets Perfect Rating
Chief Slover gave Joseph Keller the
perfect rating of 100. Sergeant Lyon
and Detective Sergeant Craddock re
ceiving 95. Riley, Sergeant Casey and
Record Clerk Circle were given 70. The
three rated highest by the Chief stood
at the head of the examination list,
while any of the others, with a rating
as high, would have been contenders.
Riley takes the stand that he has
for many months commanded the most
Important of the three reliefs, without
criticism, and that in fairness he was
entitled to as high a rating as the
others, or else should have been re
lieved long since. He placed the mat
ter thus before Chief Slover yesterday
and announced that he would serve
no longer as acting captain. He says
his superior pressed him to remain,
but he closed the discussion, by ask
ing to have some other officer placed
in charge of the relief tonight.
Vacancies in the rank of captain
have been a source of scandal ever
since Chief Slover was elevated to that
rank to take the position of acting
chief, and Sergeant Keller was ap
pointed to fill the temporary vacancy,
with the pay of a captain.
Hem Refuse to Withdraw.
An examination was held, at which
Circle, Riley and Inskeep passed high
est and were therefore eligible to ap
pointment, while Keller was seventh
on the list. An effort was made to
have those between him and the eli
gible three withdraw their claims, so
that lie could be appointed, but they
refused, and it was then discovered
that there was no vacancy existing.
Slover still being a captain in fact, and
Keller was retained.
Later Captain Bailey was suspended,
and eventually resigned, and Sergeant
Riley was appointed to fill the tem
porary vacaney. At the end of a year
the eligible list expired and a new ex
amination was called. It is openly
charged around police headquarters
that the Questions were so framed
that there could be no slip, and Keller,
with the advantage of a 100 rr cent
rating and of the nature of the ques
tions, was sure of becoming eligible.
It was general gossip long before the
examination that Lyon would fall into
the other vacancy.
Keller's Showing Good.
One of the questions in the examina
tion was: "Name the 10 worst crimin
als captured by you, with the disposi
tion of their cases." Keller, having
command of the second night relief,
when a majoritw of such men are cap
tured, and being taken into all impor
tant arrests by the officers under him.
was able to make a better showing
than any other candidate.
No changes were announced at police
headquarters yesterday, but it is
thought probable that Lyon will be
assigned to Riley's place today and
Riley will return to one of the reliefs
as a sergeant.
Men, Women and Children Eligible
to Xew Y. 31. C. A. Organization.
Org-atiization of a poultry club, open
to men. women and children, has been
decided upon by the educational de
partment of the Toung Men's Christian
Association. A series of poultry lec
tures was begun several weeks ago by
the T. M. C A. and these will be con
tinued, but in addition a club will be
formed to meet every Saturday night.
Organization of the club will be ef
fected and officers elected at an open
meeting in room 309 of the Y. M. C. A.
building tomorrow night. A textbook
course will be taken up and especial
attention will be paid to the subject
of co-operative marketing.
Several interesting features are be
ing planned for the lecture nights,
which will be set monthly. Among
the speakers will be H. H. Collier,
member of the executive committee of
the National Foultrymen's Association,
and Miller Purvis, editor of a poultry
journal, who will be in Portland to
judge the poultry show next month.
A novelty will be the exhibition of a
reel of moving pictures of poultry,
loaned to the V. M. C. A. by the Ore
gon Agricultural College.
A collection of poultry books from
the Public Library will be Installed in
the 7. M. C. A, which already has a
branch library made up of books used
in the religious work classes. A. com
petitive poultry exhibit will be made
In January by the club members.
Membership in the club Is open to the
public, and the monthly lectures may
be attended by everyone, whether mem
bers of the club or not.
Son of Sirs. Henry Northrop Dis
appears in Chicago.
Police of three Paciflo Coast cities
re searching for Valford E. Weithoff,
a 15-year-old boy, son of Mrs. Henry
JCortbrop, of 394 Salmon street. The
lad dropped out of sight after leaving
a railroad train at Chicago November
6. Detective Hawley has been assigned
to the Portland end of the case, and
appeals to the police at Seattle and
Los Angeles have been heeded In those
Presuming that her son was en his
way to join her. Mrs. Northrop does not
know what city he may have started
for. as her movements at tne tirr.e sne
were uncertain. Her husband Is in the
employ of the Ellers Music House,
Estrangement continuing after being
divorced, caused a total discontinua
tion of communication between Mrs.
Northrop and H. E. Weithoff. her form
er husband, a resident of Columbus,
Ind.. and since last Christmas she has
heard nothing from her son. At that
time the movements of the Norttarops
were so Indefinite that the boy, if in
search of his mother, would not know
which way to direct his travels. After
the disappearance Mr. Weithoff wrote
to Mrs. Northrop, on the theory that
she was concealing their son. but on
being assured that such was not the
case, wrote again, resigning all claim
to his custody in her favor, and waiv
ing any action on account of the boy's
taking $160 from his father's house.
"I am dreadfully worried," said the
mother yesterday, "for fear something
has happened to my son. He is an ac
complished violinist and able to sup
port himself that way, but I feel sure
that he is somewhere in the West, look
ing for me.
Book Offered by The Oregonian Tells
of Government Methods.
The discussions in Congress and in
the newspapers concerning the Com
merce Court, as to whether or not it
shall be abolished, naturally create
general interest in. the Federal judi
ciary system. Comparatively few per
sons fully understand the great changes
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I Y--- ,; - -f f '' 'I
Acting Captain Klley, Who Quits f
Command, Saying Chief Underrated
...................... A
that have taken place In the system
in recent years the establishment of
the Commerce Court, the abolition of
the old Circuit Courts, and other
sweeping changes that were made Jan
uary 1, 1912.
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