Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 08, 1912, Page 13, Image 13

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Use of Cleveland's Instru
ment Recalls Incidents.
Portland Man Tells of Accompanying-
Former President on Xight
or J 84 Election and Sur
prise Victory Brings.
The announcement that Governor
Wilson, of New Jersey, would receive
election return! at Princeton last Tues
' day night through the same telegraph
Instrument that ticked off victory to
Grover Cleveland In 189J reminded a
resident of Portland of hitherto untold
incidents of the night of Tuesday, No
vember 4. 1884. when Mr. Cleveland was
notified of his first election to the Pres
idency. The relater of the Incident is
George M. Bailey, president of the
Northwest Townsite Company, of Phila.
The Cleveland-Blaine campaign was
fought with bitter personalities." said
Mr Bailey, the most scandalous of
which, against Mr. Cleveland, first ap
peared In the Buffalo Evening Tele
graph, published In his home city. The
former Mayor of Buffalo was then
Governor of New York, and had visited
Buffalo but a few weeks before elec
tion day, to attend the funeral of his
former chief -clerk. Harmon S. Cutting.
That visit was chosen as an opportun
ity, by his many friends, to tender him
a reception, to show their confidence
In him and their resentment toward the
publishers of the defamatory article.
I was at that time a reporter on the
Buffalo Morning Express, the leading
Republican newspaper In Buffalo, and
was detailed to meet the train bringing
Mr. Cleveland from Albany to Buffalo
to vote at that election.
Small Crowd Welcome Chief.
"No one In Buffalo believed that their
former Mayor would be elected. The
name and fame of Blaine were believed
to be all-powerful, as vote-getters:
therefore, when Governor Cleveland
came home to vote only a small crowd
met the train at the Exchange-street
"Mr. Cleveland, who was then a bach
elor, had rooms on the second floor of
the Weed block, in which his law of
fice was located, and voted in that
precinct about 3 P. M. From the poll
ing place he went to the Buffalo Club,
which was then located on Washington
street, near Swan street, where later he
dined with a number of friends.
Charlie Thomas, of the Courier, the
leading Democratic newspaper, and my
self, called on Mr. Cleveland at the club
and told him that we had been detailed
to 'cover" his visit In the city and to
remain with him until he retired for
the night. Mr. Cleveland, who was al
ways gracious to newspapermen, and
whom both Mr. Thomas and myself had
frequently met In our work, made us
feel at home at the club, which was
practically turned over to him for a
residence while he was In town.
Applatue la Mistake.
"The principal place of amusement In
Buffalo at that time was the Academy
of Music, owned by the brothers John
and Harry Meech both ardent Demo
crats and admirers of Mr. Cleveland.
Early in the evening one of the Meech
- brothers telephoned to Mr. Cleveland
that he had reserved a box for him and
his party that night to witness a play
entitled. "Our Governor." and in which
Billy Florenoe, the popular comedian
of those day", was playing the chief
part, that of the governor. It was late
when we left the Buffalo Club to go to
the theater. Besides Mr. Cleveland,
there were In the party hU law part
ner "Shan" BisselU who was afterwards
Postmaster-General in Mr. Cleveland's
Cabinet, and two or three other friends,
and Mr. Thomas and myself.
When we arrived at the Academy the
curtain had Just been rung down on the
first act, and as we climbed the short
stairs to the dress circle, the applause
was just at its height. As we went
around to the box on the right hand
side of the theater, those in the audi
ence downstairs caught sight of the
familiar figure of their former Mayor
and Governor, and the applause was re.
sumed. Billy Florence, behind the
scenes, hearing this second outburst,
naturally concluded that it wai meant
for him, and Just as Mr. Cleveland
reached the front of the lower box
and was returning the greetings of the
audience by bowing the curtain was
pushed aside and. covered with smiles,
the comedian also stepped out and.
walking to the footlights, was about to
make a speech of thanks for this un
expected encore, when he noted the
smiles on the faces of the people and
their eyes looking toward the box be
hind him.
Actor Tuth Tables.
Billy Florence was a quick-witted
Irishman. He was a brother of former
Police Inspector Conlan. of the New
York City Police Department Florence
being his stage name. Turning to see
what caused the mirth and beholding
Mr. Cleveland, who was also smiling at
the actor's predicament, he quickly
turned to the audience and exclaimed:
'I beg your pardon, friends; I see that
your applause was intended for the
other governor." and gracefully bow
ing to Mr. Cleveland he retired behind
the scenes, this time to the sound of a
genuine outburst of hand-clapping,
. meant for himself.
"After the play was over we returned
to the Buffalo Club and continued to
receive returns, which In those days
came In more slowly than now. How
ever, about 1 A. M. the leading New
York newspapers announced the elec
tion of Mr. Cleveland, and If I remem
ber rightly, the chairman of the Re
publican National Committee also con
ceded Mr. Cleveland's election, shortly
after midnight. So little was this news
expected that few persons In Buffalo
were on the streets at that hour, and
Mr. Cleveland went to bed amidst
comparative quiet. Next day the news
was fully confirmed, and the blame of
Mr. Blaine's defeat was placed upon
the head of poor old Dr. Burchard, who
had uttered that famous and unfortu
nate epigram that the Democratic
party was controlled by "Rum, Roman
ism and Rebellion." "
E. A. Cushman. of Estacada. la. at the
E. J. Mahan, of Ashland, Is registered
at the Cornelius.
R. A. Cowden, a Sllverton lumberman.
Is at the Oregon.
F. D. McCully. a sheepman of Joseph,
Is at the Multnomah. '
E. R. Chatterton. a Kelson lumber
man. Is at the Perkins. -
8 B- Ellla, a sheepralser of Prlne
ville. is at the Perkins.
Paul Kuhn. an orchardlst of White
Salmon. Is at the Bowers.
Dr. A. J. Browning, of The Dalles, Is
registered at the Bowers.
Lyman W. Ward, of Goldendale, Is
registered at the Cornelius.
W. D. Plue, a lumberman of Rainier,
is registered at the Imperial.
William G. Northrup. an auto dealer
of Seattle. Is at the Bowers.
S. K. Robinson, manager of the
American-Hawaiian Sugar Company of
San Francisco, is ieglstered at the
E. P. Ash, a Stevenson merchant, is
registered at the Multnomah.
W. H. Abel, an attorney of Montesano,
is registered at the Multnomah.
H. Seiner, a button manufacturer of
Philadelphia, Is at the Portland.
Axel Lagergren. a fruitgrower of
White Salmon, is at the Perkins.
George Cripe, a lumberman of Aber
deen, is registered at the Perkins.
H. E. Crowall, a walnut grower of
Dundee,- Is registered at the Seward.
J. A. McCormick, a real estate opera
tor of Seattle, Is registered at the Ore
gon. Alfred Mosley and J. Elliott Drieff,
of London, are registered at the Port
land. Harry E- Llppman, an Insurance ad
juster of -Seattle, Is registered at the
H. D. Dietrich, a wholesale druggist
of San Francisco, is registered at the
H. C. Cunningham, president of the
Buffalo Steam Roller Company, Is at
the Portland.
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Kinney and F.
L. Warren and wife, of Astoria, are
at the Portland.
S. C. Turner, superintendent of the
Columbia River Packers' Association of
Astoria, is at the Imperial.
Victor Zednick. manager of athletics
of the University of Washington, Is
registered at the Oregon.
John D. McGowan and James W. Mc
Gowan. salmon packers of McGowan,
are registered at the Imperial.
C. H. Scott; manager of the Pacific
Atlantic Fish & Transportation Com
pany, of Seattle, is at the bewaro.
J. S. Workman, manager of the Port
land. Eugene & Eastern Railway, Is
registered at the Seward, from Eugene.
Henry E. von Groenewald, formerly
connected with the Portland Pinkerton
detective agency, has returned from a
visit in Europe.
J. M. Brownell. assistant manager of
the Multnomah Hotel, has returned
from a trip- to California. His right
arm was broken In a streetcar accident
and this delayed-his return.
Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Oakley, of Spo
kane, were in Portland yesterday en
route to Los Angeles. Mr. Oakley
resided in Portland a number of years
after 1877.
CHICAGO. Nov. 7. (Special.) The
following from Portland, Oregon are
registered at Chicago hotels: Palmer,
W. B. Crane; La Salle, Tom Kindred.
Steamer Service Resumed.
WOODLAND, Wash., Nov. 7. (Spe
cial.) The steamer Etna operating
from Woodland to up-river points made
her Initial trip for the present season,
yesterday, with a full cargo of freight
The recent continued rains have raised
the river to a point where she. can
operate. This will be good news for
upper river people as the rains have
put the roads in pretty bad shape.
Gas arid Misery
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Keep Your Stomach reel
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Pure Food Grocery Bakery and Delicatessen, 4th Fldor-Hair Dressing and Manicuring Parlors on the 2d Floor
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Olds9Wdrtman Km
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I v7 AJt O a mf rt . k4 r. m H n . Oi. . . A S A .. A. A,4U) A J v A , . 4... J
S-A mmm. M W frnk ' V W lS I V mm WV
Beautiful $2.50 Dressed Dolls 69c
In the basement store A sensational offering of
hp nti fnl Dressed Dolls, lierht or dark hair, with rosy
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XXn Dressed Dolls on Sale at 10c
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"Noiseless" Grocery Wagons 35c
Fourth floor "Noiseless" Grocery Wagon, with
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$2 Rocking Horse Special at $1.39
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Ifi inchps lonsr: best hard wood, with strong stir
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"Noiseless" Express Wagons25c
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Women's Cape Gloves at 95c
Glove department, main floor Another great Friday sale of
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Department, main floor "Monarch" Kid Gloves for women are
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Pique sewn, with two clasps at the wrist. Black, tPO ff
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"Derby" Gloves for Women
Main floor "Derby" Kid Gloves for women, the glove par ex
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witn tnree pean ciasps v " . , , . J .71 s, . rw
ting glove. On sale for today only at the special low price of, the pair, yJ-w.t
$1.50 Motor Veils 98c
Main floor Another shipment of "Our
Leader" Motor Veils just in. Complete
line of all the most wanted col- Qfis
ors. Satin edge finish. $1.50 val.,
35c Neckwear at 25c
Robespierre rolling or high neck effects,
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Big Sale of Thanksgiving Linens
Mair. floor As usual at this time of the year we
are showing a splendid line of fine Table Linens.
We are now offering exceptional values that we
claim are not to be duplicated in the city. Portland
agents for "Richardson's" famous Irish Linens.
Pattern Cloths at Special Prices
fi Kfi Tohlo ninths. 2U3 vds.. with border. S4.34
$L50 Table Cloths, 2V;x3 yds., with border, $5.00 J
$7.50 Cloths, 2y2x3y2 yds., border all around, !o.UU
$9.00 Cloths, 2y2x3i2 yds., border all around, S6.00
$6.50 Cloths, 2x312 yds., border all around, $4.34
$8.25 Cloths, 2x3i2 'ds- border all around, $5.50
$9.00 Cloths, 2x4 yds., border all around, $6.00
$12.50 Cloths, 2y2x4 yds., border all around, $9.00
$8.00 Dinner Napkins at $5.95
Splendid quality pure linen, with scalloped edge.
Size 20x20 inches. A great bargain at this price.
$ 5.50 24-inch Dinner Napkins, special at $4.40
$ 7.00 24-inch Dinner Napkins, special at $5.50
$10.00 24-inch Dinner Napkins, special at $7.25
$10.50 24-mch Dinner Xsapkms, special at ?i.OU
A Sale of Women's
Leather Handbags
Main floor You'll not make a mistake if
you buy two or three of these fine bags at
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Women's $30 Suits $14.95
Coats Lined With Skinner's High-Grade Lining Satin
Women's ready-to-wear section, second floor bmart, dressy lanorea
Suits for women and misses, in plain tailored or four-button cutaway
style. Made from good, all-wool materials, such as serges, cheviots, home
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Women's Long Coats $15
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Silk and Wool Dresses at 2 Price
Garment section, second floor Latest models in charmuse satins, serges,
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Robespierre collars, nign giraie enect. uuicn nee biies, uiy uiwmcu.
' ! : f
$18.50 Dresses, special, $ 9.25
$20.00 Dresses, special, $10.00
$22.50 Dresses, special, $11.25
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Beautiful rich Dresdens in a vast assort
ment of dainty colorings and combina
tions; also stripes and plaids. 9tXg
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Splendid quality Satin Ribbons for holi
day purposes. Every imaginable color to
Choose from. On sale for today at Qp
special low price, the 10-yard bolt Knit nf Odds and Ends in Laces
Main Floor, 10th Street Way 35c Linen Laces at 19c Yard
. i i 1 e .11 i i 1 , It r i : i: T aac in a errant mnv
$28.50 Dresses,
$32.50 Dresses,
$35.00 Dresses,
New Dress Skirts $5 to $12.50
Second floor An excellent assortment of new Dress Skirts in all the
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ford cord and corduroys. Four-piece models, with side or side-front
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you may have in mind, we can please you at from $5 to P
Carving Sets Reduced
Annual Thanksgiving sale of Carving
Sets and Table Cutlery. Third floor.
$3.00 Stag Handle Carving Sets, $1.95
$7.00 Stag Handle Carving Sets, $5.58
$5.00 Ivoroid Carving Sets at $3.95
$10.00 Ivoroid Carving Sets at $7.95
$2.35 Nickel Poultry Shears at $1.80
$,").50 Stag Hdle. Poultry Shears, $ 1.38
$3.50 Ivory Table Knives, dozen, $2.75
Children's Hats U f4
Worth up to $12 I J I
Second floor Velvets, corduroys, velours
and knitted Polo Hats in good range of
colors.. Handsomely trimmed. Prices range
from $2.00 up to $12.00 each, U tf
offered for today's sale at just V
Children's Coats A
$11.50 to $29.50
Girls' Winter Coats Plain tailored styles,
with patch pockets and belted back. All
the most wanted fabrics and colorings.
Prices range from $11.50 up U f4f
to $29.50 each, on sale at just vll
For today, a final clean-up of all short ends
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dreds of dainty patterns to choose from at
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to one-half. Priced at 19c to pJ.sO
Beautiful all-linen Laces in a great many
attractive patterns edges and insertions
for your every purpose are in this lot. Best
regular 35c Laces are here on sale"l Qs
at lljc special ivw j " ,
d Children's Underwear
W w flat- m m -
of Good Dependable Uualittestlere in ureat assortments
Fleeced Vests & Pants
Women's heavy Winter weight
Vests and Pants, heavy fleece
lined, gray or white, and nicely
finished. All sizes in tne l"
lot, priced at, a garment, -
Women's Union Suits
Women's fine ribbed Union Suits,
f7j wnite cotton, w inter weigni, wun
'f 1 hierh or low neck, long or short
sleeves, ankle length. 'In 7 SZg
r'w sizes 4. 5. 6. the suit at --
'Dr. Denton" Sleeping Garments
Main floor Fine knit merino fabric, soft, elastic and
durable. Made with feet. Neatly finished. Come in
sizes for children from 6 months to 10 years of age.
"Dr. Denton" Sleeping Garments are CP T l f
what your children should wear. 50c to P - "
Men's $4 Shoes at $3.48
Main floor Four splendid styles of Men's Shoes in this extraordi
nary Friday offering. Tan and black calf. Also shoes made to stand
this damp climate. A good range of lasts and sizes CP O S Q
in the lot. Best regular $4 Shoes at, the pair, only P-
Children's $2.50 Shoes $1.69
Main floor A Friday sale of children's Shoes that ought to bring
denartment todav. Patent kid. pat
ent calf, gunmetal and vici kid, in good, sensible CP "I fZQ I
lasts for school wear. Reg. $2.50 val. Sizes 8y2 to 2 I
Carter's Union Suits
"Carter's" fine ribbed silk and
wool Union Suits for women,
Fine, soft finish. High neck, long
sleeves, and .ankle CPC? Iff
length. A garment, PJV
Children's Pantalets
Children's School Pantalets, of
Winter weight black ribbed cot
ton. Good, serviceable garment.
Sizes for girls 2 to 12 Afip
years of age. At 25c to"'
Merino Vests Pants
Misses' and children's merino
Vests and Pants, Winter weight,
ribbed wool and cotton mixed. In
sizes for children 2 to 12 O 7g
vpnra of ace. at. carment '
J - o-7 -7 C
Boys 'SchoolSuits
Double Breasted 5 LL
Styles, 2 Pair Pants pJJ
Main floor. Boys' double-breasted School Suits,
of excellent quality materials and attractive pat
terns, in browns, grays, tans, etc. Extra pair of
Pants with each suit. Regular val- CP fftf
ues to $6.50, your choice at only PJ
Pony Stockings for Boys' and Girls 25c
"Kememberme" siiKtiose 91
Main floor, women's pure silk Hose, Winter
Lisle thread soles ana neavy garter
Girls' Dresses $4 22.
Department second floor
Girls' all-wool School
Dresses, high or round
necks, long or short
sleeves. Kimono waist
styles with pleated skirt.
Navy, brown and cardi
nal. In sizes for girls 6
to 14 years OQ
of age, ea.,
Spec'l $5.39
Dainty little Dresses for
the school miss. Gored
or pleated skirts, with
long or short sleeves and
velvet collar. Very prac
tical styles for every-day
wear. For girls in ages
6 to 14. at CPtf OQ
low price, PJJS
Hosiery Dept. on Main Floor
"Pony" Stockings for boys and girls, light
or heavy weight ribbed cotton, with extra
spliced knees, heels and roes, ine yftZZf
satisfactory Hose. Priced at, pair,
25c Stockings, 3 Pair for 50c
Children's medium-weight, fine ribbed
Stockings, with extra spliced heels, knees
and toes. Standard 25c Stockings,. CZflg
sizes 7 to 8V2, special, 3 pairs for-'-''
Infants' Cashmere Hose 25c
Infants' fine ribbed seamless Hose of best
BTade cashmere, silk heels and toes; black,
white, tan, red ana pinit. jun--t
nnnllTV Tnp nflir v
the pair'
TVr.2 For YOUR
I'lUHf if l Complexion
"Maurine" Toilet Preparations are sold in Portland
only at this store. The "O.W.K." guarantee back
of every box or bottle. Manufactured under the pro
visions of the Pure Food and Drug Act. Try them.
welt. Black, white, tan and CP 7 Jl
gray. .All sizes. The pair at V,vv
Women's Wool Hose3 Prs. $1
Women 's ribbed wool Hose, Winter weight,
seamless foot, with gray merino heels and
toes. Splendid quality. All g 7 fifl
sizes. Special at 3 pairs for W
Wayne Knit' Hosiery 3 Prs $1
Two styles cotton or silk lisle thread with
double garter top. "Wayne Knit" Inde
structible Hose are the best CP l flfk
wearing Hose made. 3 pairs, P''"
Outing Flannel at 5c Yard
In the basement, 5000 yards mill ends, best qual
ity Outing Flannels, in lengths up to 20 yards.
All good, staple patterns checks, stripes, etc.
Extraordinary value this. Positively none IZf
to dealers. Priced special at only, the yard, --
Heatherbloom Petticoats for
98c Each
Women's Dainty Waists $1.15
On the main floor bargain cir
cle, a special lot of women's
Petticoats sateen, halcyon mes
salines, heatherbloom and ging
hams, with or without under
flounce, neatly trimmed with
tucks, etc. Several QQp
styles. Your choice atyOC
On the bargain circle for today.
Dainty styles in lingerie and
marquisettes; high or low necks,
long or short sleeves. Hand
somely trimmed with Val. and
thread laces. Manv styles to
select from. Spe
cial at only, each,