Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 18, 1912, Page 3, Image 3

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Paroled Swindler Who Eloped
With Oakland Nurse Lo
cated in Natal.
Warrant Awaits Gentleman Rogue
on Return to California Girl
He Deserted Is With Rel
ative In East.
SAN FRANCISCO. July 17. (Spe
cial.) "Sir" Harry Wejtwood Cooper,
alia Ernest Moore Chadwlck. known
to the police of America and Europe
an the cleverest gentleman rogue of
the day, who has been Bought for more
than any other since he left Oakland
as Dr. Milton Abrahams, with Miss
Anna M libra! th. of that city, is known
to be In Durbin, Natal. South Africa.
Detectives are close on his (sail and it
Is expected that the notorious swindler
will be arrested soon.
Word that Cooper's whereabouts were
known came today to Captain of In
spectors Petersen, of the Oakland Po
lice Department. Together with this
Information are advices to the effect
that Cooper haa used his criminal
genius to food advantage in South Af
rica and has fleeced the Durbin bank
of 1000. Cooper deposited bogus bank
certificates In the South African banks,
according to Captain Petersen's lnfor
matlon. using the new alias of Norman
E. McCay.
Bank Aavaare Caab.
Then he succeeded In Inducing the
bank officials to advance htm money
on these deposits. He left Durbin
two days ago. but he is believed to be
A warrant charging felony awaits
"Sir Harry In Oakland. To carry on
Ms California swindle. Cooper opened
offices In Oakland, calling himself Dr.
Abrahams and representing himself as
a nerve specialist. It Was while he was
keeping this pose that he met and
wooed Miss Mllbralth. a pretty nurse
In the Kast Bay Sanltorlura. He prom
ised to make her his wife and so im
pressed his prospective father-in-law
with his sincerity that the elder Mll
bralth advanced him $2500.
Xurse Deserted la East.
"Dr. Abrahams" then disappeared with
his fiancee and soon after his depart
ure his real Identity came to llirht.
Several times since police In various
parts of the world have believed that
they were on the trail, only to find
that thy were working on false clews.
Miss Milbraith's whereabouts were a
mystery until a few months ago, when
she was found living at the home of a
relative in the East. She had been
Inserted by the man who had promised
to give her his name.
Cooper Is said to have another wife
living In the Middle West and it is
probable that he will be prosecuted
for bigamy when he is apprehended. He
Is also on parole from San Quentln
penitentiary, where he was serving a
term for a swindle similar to the one
which he perpetrated on Milbraitb,
1 hmMMWmmmm-M
?VsY til ' f
(Oonttnued from First Pa.)
time of war and that the United States
would be forbidden by the Hay-Paunce-fote
treaty from taking Immediate
measures to block or use the canal for
its own protection.
Senator O'Gorman asserted that ralK
road influence was behind the British
"I don't think British shipping is
greatly Interested," he said. "I be
lieve the railroads of Canada and the
railroads of the United States have
been enabled to secure the co-operation
of the British, Office of Foreign
Affairs to embarrass this Government
' in the attempt we are now making to
secure legislation to keep railroad
controlled ships out of the Panama
' Burden la on Vnlted State.
"The only government that has as
sumed any special burden under the
treaty is the United States. England
and other countries have assumed no
burdens beyond the payment of the
tolls and the agreement as to its neu
trality. "There is nothing to prevent Eng
land from remitting to Its merchant
ships every dollar of tolls paid the
Panama Canal. There Is nothing to
prevent similar action by other coun
tries. The only power that Is tram
melled, restricted and curtailed in the
performance of its duties to Its one
citizenship is the one that has spent
1400.000.000. In the construction of this
great enterprise."
He said Spain already had legislated
"to reimburse Spanish ships for the
tolls spent in going through our
. canal."
Senator Lodge raised the question
whether the United States would have
a right to interfere if another coun
try should undertake to pay the tolls
of its ships when passing through the
canal. No foreign country, he said,
could interfere with any arrangement
the United States might make for the
payment of tolls.
"If any government should under
take to do so. 1 for one would pro
test." he said.
K.owlaad Also Arcnsea Railways.
Representative Knowland. of Cali
fornia, called on President Taft today
and declared that Canadian railroads
acted in svmpathy with American rail
roads, were behind Grea.t Britain's pro
test against free, tolls through the
Tanama Canal for United States ships.
Not the slightest objection was made
bv ;reat Britain." said Knowland,
"until a committee of Canadian rail
road men took the question up with the
British government. .There is little
doubt that American transcontinental
railroads prompted the move." Know
land also talked with Secretary Knox.
Both the President and the Secre
tary of State are standing for the right
ef the United States to put certain
American vessels through the Canal
toll free.
While many of the President's ad
visers contend the question of tolls Is
really one of Interstate commerce, they
are hoping the dispute may be settled
without being submitted to The Hague
Swimming Tanks Deserted.
With the arrival of real warm weath
er and the consequent warming of the
Willamette River, both the V. M. C. A.
and the Y. W. C. A. have about aban
doned their Indoor tanks and are hav
ing tlie classes for the more advanced
pupils in the river.
Miss Mille Shloth and some 60 of her
pupils took possession of Windemuth
Baths last evening and held their regu
lar drills and swims in the waters of
the Willamette. The V.. M. C A. has
no definite place, but the boys that are
at all able to keep their heads above
water prefer the banks of the rived
to the glased tank of Bull Run water.
Miss Shloth and her students will be
at the Windemuth Baths every Wednes
day night. 1
"T""""1 """"" 'mmmm """""""""""T1
'J mzl&3 s-S
Portland's Nifty Order Scores
at Seattle Potlatch.
Delegation of BO, Well Drilled and
Smartly Uniformed Show Throng
a Thing or Two Royal
Reception Is Accorded.
(Continued from First Pas.)
rode ahead of the Rosarians in an
automobile, with Ralph W. Hoyt, pres
ident of the Portland Rose Festival
Association; George L. Hutchln, Its
manager, and Hyas Tyee, George Al
len, who this year takes the place of
the King. He is a brother of Harrison
Allen of Portland. The Rosarians'
drill team followed next in line and
then came the second division of the
Pretty GlrU Kidnaped.
All along the line of march the Ro
sarians cut up capers, time and again
kidnaping young women and dancing
about them. They also captured po
licemen at different points and danced
around them, and the crowds yelled.
To the celebrated classic, "Every
body's Poin" It," the. -Rosarians
"ragged" In double ' and quadruple
style. And everybody was doing it.
What? Why, laughing.
Adjuant-General Flnzer, who is
high private in the ranks of Rosarians
was one of the best "raggers" of all;
George W. Joseph, State Senator and
usually . some dignified man, was no
slouch at it.
Ahead of the Rosarians was borne a
huge Caroline Testout rose, surmounted
on a staff, part of the time carried by
A. L. Stephens, and at other times by
Robert W. Morrow, who at most any
other time is a dignified circuit judge
at Portland.
The other hit of the parade was a
big bouquet of American Beauty roses,
surmounted on a staff. Each Rosarian
carried a rose on a 16-incb stem. Three
automobiles bearing Portland people
followed, including The Oregonian car,
If.' "V
r. . v N
at v::---'' '
Hyaa Tyee George W. Allea, f
the Seattle Potlaeh.
owned, however, by Mrs. G. Lancaster,
of Portland, and occupied by her, Mrs.
O. C. Letter and Mrs. Munro Goldstein,
of Portland. They made the trip over
from Portland in 1 hours, coming by
way of Vancouver, Kalama, Olympia
and Tacoma by the Pacific Highway,
the road being in fine condition.
Rosarians Warmly Greeted.
Reaching Seattle on their special
train, the Rosarians were met by
Joseph Blethen, president of the Pot
latch and a committee. They were
formed In line and marched through
the depot to the streets, being "movled"
as they did so by an operator In the
employ of the Melvln G. Wlnstock Com
pany. Outside the depot tney . were
halted and photographed by an Orego
nlan photographer. They then started
for the Press Club, led by a hand. - The
women of the party were driven in au
tomobiles to the club where DreaK
fast of ham and eggs was served. It
was a beautiful morning and all were
happy and likewise hungry.
There was fun a plenty at the table,
the Rosarians giving their yells with
enthusiasm making a great hit. Half
an hour after the Portlanders were
seated the Spokane bunch headed by
Miss Spokane, otherwise Miss Margaret
Motie marched in. '
' "S-P-O-K-A-N-E It's the Indian,"
veiled the Rosarians, thus saluting
their friends from east of the rooun
tains. '
"We thank you." Spokane shouted
During the breakfast, Charles Berg,
field marshal, sold his ham to a hungry
friend for 10 cents. Senator Joseph
at first said he would not eat ham, but
he changed his mind and ate it. - tne
Rosarians srreatly amused the " Seattle
newspaper bunch and the - officials of
the Potlatch by yelling "we want
water." during the breakfast. "How
thirsty we are." was another yell that
brought laughter even' time.
After breakfast the bunch marched
to the Seattle Hotel, their headquarters
where they registered and laid in wait
for lunch. There was a general round
of fun at the hotel, yells being given
constantly and new friends being made
by the Rosarians. uuring tne mncneon
at the Seattle grill, the gang sang its
sones and gave its yells.
"Who runs this placer' They
shouted, and then answered their own
question. Dickinson Where's-he from?
Whv. Portland.
During this stay at the hotel. Crown
Prince Bristol assisted by lieorge jm.
Hyland auctioned off a bunch of tickets
for the benefit to a ennoren s nome ana
got $12 after which he returned the
tickets to the bashful young girl who
had been so suddenly taken by surprise.
Admiral Reynolds Give Dinner.
Tonight the Rosarians are having fun
about town. Some will return late to
night to Portland, while others will
Rear-Admiral Reynolds gave a dinner
party tonight at which John H.
Burgard. Russell Hawkins, J. H. Mc
Cool. K. K. Kubll and Postmaster
Charles B. Merrick, of Portland, were
The women of the Portland party
were Mrs. Charles B. Merrick. Mrs.
Charles F. Berg. Mrs. George L.
Hutchin. Mrs. Frank McCrlllls. Mrs.
Robert G. Morrow, Mrs. D. M. MoBes
sohn. Mrs. T. J. Seufert, Mrs. W. H.
Upson. Ma. C. C. Craig. Mrs. George
W. Joseph. Mrs. Frank Bollam, Mrs. O.
C. Leiter. Mrs. Munro Goldstein. Mrs.
G. Lancaster and Mrs. F. D. Hennessy.
Aside from the Rosarians other Port
landers seen here today were: K. K.
Kubll. John H. 'Burgard. Russell Haw
kins. Harvey Beckwith, W. C. Norrth,
J. H. McCool, Frank T. Hennessy,
Frank Bollam. Frank T. Collier. Mr.
Collier admitted that he is . on his
The Rosarians will be the guests of
the Seattle Ad Club at luncheon to
morrow noon.
T. R. Supporters Demand That
Senator Resign.
(Continued from First Page.)
elates, has just been completed. The
property will be taken over by the
Southern Pacific and electrified as fast
as practicable. Then It will become a
part of the Portland. Eugene East
ern and its management will be com
bined with that of the other electric
lines. - . i
Brilliant speakers at the Armory
tonighv tPaid adv.) . .
Members Declare Californlan, if Out
. of Sympathy With Those Who
Elected "Him, Should GIto .
Way to Another.
LOS : ANGELES, - July : 17. Be
cause of his - criticism of the 'proposed
new "Progressive party," as set ooit
in a statement Issued by him in Wash-
ington two days ago. United States
Senator Works was asked today
to ' resign by Lieutenant-Governor
Wallace. - Meyer . Lissner, - chairman
of the State Republican Central Com
mittee, and other prominent supporters
of Roosevelt. The suggestion that the
Senator resign was contained in a tele
gram dispatched to Mr Works In
Washington. .
The telegram, which was signed by
40 Progressives, including a number of
Assemblymen and State Senators who
helped to elect Mr. Works as Senator,
read as follows:
"We feel tHat your statement given
publicity through reactionary news
papers was unnecessary, unwise, based
upon lack of information and in certain
of its conclusions, false. Because of
the fact that you owe your place in the
United States Senate to the support
you received from the Progressive Re
publican voters of California, it ill be
comes vou. either to scold or to criti
cise them for their determination to
carry forward the fight along tste only
lines open to them unaer tne law.
"Due to the fact that you are re
puted to represent in the United States
Senate the cause lor wnicn we nave
contended so successfully In California,
your criticism can have no other ef
fect than to unfairly injure the very
movement that you were chosen to
foster and promote. To employ the
same line of reasoning that you use
in vour statement, we feel that if you
are out of harmony with the progres
sive sentiment in California that gave
you a-majority of the votes cast In
the Republican primaries two years
urn and can no longer work in har
mony with that sentiment. Then it is
your duty to resign ana come uunie, iu
the end that some one may be chosen
who will act in harmony with the pro
gressive sentiment of the greatly pre
ponderating masses or regiaierevi re
publican voters in California."
Senator Will Jfot Resign.
WASHINGTON. July 17. "1 sball not
resign, said senator vvorKs, wnen
asked what he meant to do about the
telegram from California 'Progressives.
"Why should I? These people are not
even members of the Republican party
they have no right to ask my resig
nation." -
Mr. Works said he had telegraphed
the signers that he would write them.
Noted Irish Leader Coming.
PHILADELPHIA. July 17. Michael
J. Ryan, president of the United Irish
League of America, has issued the call
for the sixth biennial convention
Ijanvblfe Q).
Every Article Reduced
Dainty Tea Aprons as Illustrated
That Sell Regularly at 75c to $1.00
Final Price 39c
It is an extraordinary thing this sale as the qualities and the
styles are worth far more than the price we are asking, but, like
everything else, they must go, and go quickly, and in order to do
this we give them to you far below regular.
They are made of a fine sheer material, cut in round shapes
with scalloped edges and dainty sprays of embroidery. Some are
embroidered in pink and blue, but most of them are all white.
Some are in sewing pocket style and others with a small side
We also include some dainty aprons trimmed with lace and
insertion in pretty, attractive patterns.
All these aprons are new and shown for the first time.
that organization to meet In Philadel
phia, on September 23 to 26. William
H. K. Redmond. M. P.. brother of the
Irish leader, will attend as the repre
sentative of the Irish Parliamentary
Deposit Ordinance Up Today.
The proposed city ordinance, intro
duced by Councilman Clyde, giving the
(.r'a novmieBlnn trt niihlic service cor
porations to exact deposits from pa
trons and compelling liie cwrpuranuiiB
to pay Interest on these deposits, will
come before the judiciary and industry
nnn,mittaR nf the Cltv Council today.
These committees will meet in joint
session at i:au o ciock mis aiieruuuu.
Another proposed ordinance Is that
making the minimum rate for gas and
electricity 60 cents a month. Still an-
rem B" h jsssf?
1 II
Physicians Agree
On Internal Baths
The most enlightened physicians. In
cluding many of the greatest special
ists, ar recommending and prescribing
the use of the J. B. L. Cascade, Nature's
own Cure for Constipation. "'
It keeps the lower intestine sweet
and- clean and eliminates all poisons i
the waste which It contains. ;
Otherwise these poisons are distrib
uted throughout the body; this weak-
ens the whole system, makes us dull
and bilious, and even brings on seri
ous complaints. .. - - -
The J. B. L. Cascade clears the colon
of all waste, and is shown by Weodard,
Clarke C Portlaaa. .
. Ask for booklet, "Why Man of To
day Is Only SO Efficient". .
The New Home
of the Tonseth
$1.00 Box
ilfillll ilitl
orvsetk . r
Phones: Main 5102
and A 1102.
frvv: rrr? .-- -, -r. ?
P fef3 5 t i'VH ii 8&. 3
x 4. j3t
5,W,... , J
Crystal Springs, Washington Co., Or., is 40 miles west of Portland.
Good, road all the way.
Privileges, $1.00 per week ; good fishing and hunting, good camp
' grounds, free from dust, elevation 1500 feet ; pure air tempered with
sea breezes, mountain streams and springs, fine scenery. Directions
Go to Forest Grove, thence on McMinnville road to Scroggins Valley,
, thence up -valley to -destination, Crystal Springs. All signs on road,
or drop a postal to owner.
other is that by Councilman Joy to
compel the prompt installation of tele
phones in the suburbs.
Stomach Trouble of
12 Years' Standing
Gives Way to Duffy's
ra3 zzz tliT
Mrs. Fred F. Zink, 2228 Saratoga St.,
New Orleans, La., writes of the great
good done her husband:
"My husband suffered with stomaci
trouble for over 12 years, during which
time he doctored with three Unctors
who gave him no relief. He kpt
growing worse, had to be very careful
as to what he ate, as things always
soured on his stomach, but, thank God,
after taking three bottles of Duffy's
Pure Malt Whiskey he was entirely
cured. He still takes it as a tonic and
we would never be without it. He nr.v
looks fine and weighs ISO pounds. I
can hightly recommend It to any one
afflicted with stomach trouble.'1
Duffy's Pure fcfeit Whiskey
Kew diseases inflict upon their vlr
tlms greater suffering than do dyspep
sia. Indigestion and other stomacii
troubles. If you have dyspepsia or in
digestion in any form you should use
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey. Its aclion
Is most natural. When taken at meal
time It stimulates the mucous surfaces
and little glands of the stomach to a
healthy action, thereby Improving the
digestion and assimilation of the food
and giving to the system Its full p;o
portion of nourishment.
Sold In sealed bottles only by drug
gists, grocers and dealers, or direct,
$1.00 a large bottle. Be snre yon Sfet
Duffy' and that the seal over the cork
is intact. Our doctors will send you
advice free, together with a valuable
medical booklet on application.
The Duffy Malt AVblskry Co Rorhee- .
ter, N. V.
vou Ti
Look at all water heaters, before '
buy any, and decide which will furnish
most not water year-in, year-out,
at the very least cost. The
Water Heater
End, AU Your Hot Watmr Troubhm
Cheapest of all to buy costs
less to use. The only water heater
that produces clean, clear, fresh,
hot water. Always ready tor
Instant use, day or night, Bummer
or Winter as much as you want.
No colls or dead arms tooolleot ttii
sediment or clog.
Guaranteed permanent as good
In 10 years as when Installed. Ask;
your Plumber or Dealer to show
you and explain bow the guaran
teed Pmmrlamm works, then ask the
price then you'll purchase.
Write for Free PmrU Book.
Peerless Heater Company,