Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 17, 1912, Page 9, Image 9

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Americans Play Baseball at
Olympic Games.
m il mini inn n nni hiimimrnr-t nmrnnsi ; a
1 1 5 for ftlbis gemmae sSSS
Swedes Sec Game for First Time.
Oregon Boy Hurls for Western
Nine, losing to S United
States Officers Ride Well.
STOCKHOLM. July 1. A team of
American athletes representing the
East defeated a team representing the
"West in an exhibition game of base
ball today by s to S. Piatt Adams,
New York A. C. and C. F. Brlckley.
Harvard, composed the battery for the
Emst. while Walter McClure. Multno
mah Club, Portland. R. L. Byrd. Adrian
College, and Edward K. IJndberg. Chi
cago A. A., were at the points for the
West.- The game was a novelty to the
In the military riding competitions
the American officers are doing better
. A Thjtv w handlcaQDed
. by the long voyage and their horses
had to endure a lortnigni on ouju
t . i . -v,-.. hnnful of win n In 2".
: i 1 u, out ....... ,
, . j . ... .4 ... I In the our events
of the military competition at the close
of today s Jumping were:
American OfBcer Second.
Meyer. France and Rockow. Ger
..r.i.H fii.t with as.S; Lieuten
ant John C Montgomery. Seventh Cav-
alrv. U. a. A., suukow ana ncnauuej
MnnlMl necnnri with 39-40
Casparson. Sweden, third with 39.29:
Henry Lutchow, Germany, fourth with
39.27: Lieutenant Ben Lear. Fifteenth
Cavalry, fifth with 39.07. and Lieuten
ant IS. F. Graham. Fifteenth Cavalry,
-(.v i.k - rnntaln Guv V. Henry,
Thirteenth Cavalry, stands tenth with
n c : n th 17 comnetitors.
Tomorrow the fifth and last event in
tlie military competition, the prize rid
ing. Is to be decided. Of the 29 officers
who started In the competition only 17
are left.
Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia,
in the uniform of a German guards-
W- KranH TliilrA Pavlovltch
of Russia, were the most conspicuous
performers at me jumi
France W ins Jumping.
The points for the individual jump
lng contests today, in which no Amer
leans competed, wars announced as fol
Carlon. France, and Von Krocher,
- . 1 fie urh! Deblomert. Bel
gium. 115. On the Jump-off Carion
was declared the winner.
The total scores for swimming and
diving, as officially announced, are:
Germany. 22: Sweden. 17; Australia.
14; Great Britain, 12: United States,
. fmnaAa S a.iw4 Austria. 1.
Most of the German and Swedish
points were scored In diving, in wnicn
Antralla was not represented. Thus
Austrslla easily Is the first swimming
PlaM Scene of Banquet.
The palace waa the scene tonight of
..... K.nnn.t whlnh nroved a fit-
tin ending of the main part of the
Olympic meeting. n-ing uuivo on-
tertalned 400 guests. The Xing ana
n f - Trilm inH CrOWD Prin-
ueu. - . . . -
cee were seated at the head of the
hall, the guests occupying two long ta
bles below. The fourth Included
members of the Olympic committees of
the various nations, foreign diplomats,
members of the Swedish Cabinet and
all the visiting officers. ,
. . . v. . Jin,.. th e-uestii assem
bled In the reception-room. The King,
in the guards' uniform of light blue,
walked about and conversed with many
of the guests.
u.anmhiu the nubile was enter
talned by a water carnival. All the
shipping In the harbor was illuminated
nd there was a oispiay oi nrcww-&
Independent Baseball to Be Played
by Late State Iagners.
CHEHALIS. .'Wash.. July 16. (Spe
rll. The Chehalls baseball club di
rectors yesterday derided to hold the
plavers of the local team in tne ivasn
Ington State League and play inde
pendent ball in this city until the end
of the season. Labor Day.
The local management has sufficient
funds In sight to play out tne season,
the intention being to secure games
with the strongest teams in tne rortn
Manaaer Murray. Qf the Chehalls
club, is In communication with such
and is open to engagements for the
local nine. President Albers. of the
State League, telegraphed from Everett
that It was impossible to line up that
city In the league. As Aberdeen and
fentralla are definitely out of the
game, all hope of reorganizing thi.s
vear has been abandoned.
t'hehalls expects to hold its team so
that It will be in good shape to help
reorganise a strong State League cir
cuit next season.
Trotter Goes Mile In V.0 1-2 on
Track at Kalamazoo.
KALAMAZOO. Mich.. July 16. In one
of the most remarkable races ever seen
at Recreation Park. Anvil won the 2:08
trot today In two straight heats. The
first mile was covered In 2:06. the best
lime of the season, and in the second
heat Anvil further clipped the time to
3 f.ii. Helen Stiles, winner of he
1V07 trot last week, was Anvil's near
es competitor, but at no time was
Geer's horse In danger.
IjOHKWorth B. won the 2:08 pace, tak
ing mree out of five heats.
The 2:18 trot was hotly contested for
five heats, of which Zarrine and Dave
Ilallit each captured two. The former the best average standing and was
given first money.
Vancouver Boys on March.
CENTRA LI A. Wash.. July 16. tSpe.
rll.) The first soldiers to pass
through Centralla on tneir long nine
to participate in the big military ma
neuvers to be held In this vicinity from
Julv 20 to 29. went through yesterday.
The troops were from the Vancouver
Karnrlo and were marching to Mon-
tesano. where they will form part of
the invading army in the maneuvers.
They consisted of three troops of
r.alry. one regiment of Infantry, three
batteries of artillery and one battery of
Calgary ficts Two More Fielders. WKh.. Julv IS. Spe
rial.) Guyn and Ruegg. two outfleld
mrm nf the fVntralla State League team.
left for Calgary yesterday. This makes
four of the disbanded local team to oe
signed by Calgary. Vivian and Roche
having already reported.
Blsr Sturgeon Is Captured.
riTHI.AMET. Wash.. Julv 1. (Spe
daL) Len Quigley. a fisherman of
this place, caught a sturgeon weighing
400 pounda last night. The fish became
tangled in the net and was too big to
bo put in tne ooai so waa iuwcu uui
It sold lor -
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nmpnmiumyuniiiiu n
tim ..-i ii. -mi. .lUumi.miiummmMniin.iwij.-iiim.nwiimim.!
,-.,,-, ..... . , ..,.,, .ii.m,m.iiiii;ii uiiiiniMm-iii'Mr.MKmiinimiiiiuullmiiMn nilllicm lUUOUIMiiniliiillauailllim uiaim.niiniin
liiiiinBS'iiBi i
: : : I
Hundreds of Swimmers Enjoy
Cooling Plunge.
Though Few Oarsmen Go on Stream
In Afternoon, Evening Sees Big
Number of Small Craft
Skimming Orer Water.
Not even during the Elks' convention
week ild the Willamette River attract
as much attention as yesterday. Each
little Inlet alonft tne mm. -one
of the many public hatha had a
many patrons as couia m u..u..-
For rowing it was a trifle too warm.
i . , aa not do an extra
amount of business, although In the
evening, when the air became cooler.
many boats dotted tne n..
The bathers were a merry lot. and
i iritlnir other people.
whether known or not. was the rule.
A laughable incident occurred .
. .. i . -iri wearing a
or tne pain - 7..
stylish bathing suit appeared. t-he
seemed afraid to enter mo
a number of boys, among whom were
William Holden. Warren Jackson. Rich
ard Oram and William L" lf- g-?-Ising
athletes of Portland High School
Hrcfes induced her to enter y,e water
under their guidance. Wil lam SlnKW
undertook her instrucnu ... o
ful art of swimming.
She appeared to be quite a novice,
and listened real attentively to all the
fnstruction. given by the five young
men. and tlen. to the , or all
plunred In and swam. l'S her
would-oe insiriiciu..
said all along that the Beavers were standing or the clubs, and they seem Bill Reldy, or the Seals. Is another
a better team than represented in the to be just striking their stride." Coast league manageT who pays his
Managers Say JlcCredie's Team Is
Just Hitting Stride and Will Yet
Be Pennant Factor.
. I tt. T-i v-rMsiT 1 11 1 v 16. Spe-
claU It's Manager 'Bud Sharpens turn
now to do some j.vorrMii w
wavs and means or keeping his Oaks
up "in the race with a batch or player"
out or the game. Happy Hogan. Bill
Reldy and the other leaders have had
a taste or the difficult task, and they
admit that It makes many a night
- - m th corif this weeK
In Portland Is looked upon as quite
important. M the Beavers, iu their
present lorm. aie m""-'- -Chance
to drag down the leaders and
afford the Oaks an opportunity to
move up the ladder.
riscuss!ng the coming weeks series.
Manager Bud Sharpe. of the aks.
ia" "Or course I think the Oaks
..." . ttt fnr the Denna:it.
will inae 1 't-. . , . . ,
and the ract that we have been.holulng
oCr own with Able, and Gregory oat
or the game ror several weeKS bears
me out In my contention. erBon Is
team we will have to beat, how-
i)aik hnrio we Will
1ver. ror -havs
to look, out for Portland. I dsts
'ssssssssa ' m mm mm mf t'. V'"'"""""'!. -
l"1" - . ' . I , - -r '-!. i,m- ifwuiMumJl
u&smv -vj
respects to the Portland 1911 cham
pions and predicts that they- will be
In the right berore the season Is over.
Bill Just got back rrom Portland, where
his Seals were trimmed rour out of
six times by the McCredie crew, and
he knows whereof he speaks.
"Portland has a good ball team, and
ir it continues to play the way It did
against us last week. It will make
trouble for all the other teams in the
league," said Bill today. "Those big,
husky pitchers had our number and we
couldn't do much hitting. The pitch
ers were backed with good support,
and the Portland team Mt behind them.
Butcher, the new outfielder, has added
strength to McCredle's team, and sfl
around they look like one of the best
teams in the league at tnis time.
If Rcidy's estimate or the Portland
team proves correct, San Francisco
fans can hope for nothing better than
fifth place for the Seals.
Wife's Affections Cause of Sult
ASTORIA. Or., July 16. (Special.).
Frederick L. Normand filed a suit In
the Circuit Court today against Bunyon
J Sloop to recover damages In the sum
df $15,000 ror alleged alienation or his
Hf- affections by the defendant
the delightful Columbia River Route on
the Steamers
STEAMER T. J. POTTER- leaves Portland at 10:30 P M. (dally ex
cept Sunday ..arriving ,iriT VBj"1V aY 7:00 A. M..
turning. """ VI -.',.' Dni., 4-30 P. M. On S
LUrililiK, iTo. "-"I V. ".1 j a. on. tj AT r Snnlsv pbvaS
X.oS:S! &foiSp?M P"rwfn Porttand at S:. A. M.
Mtpmfb "HASSALO" leaves Portland daily (except Saturday and
PnIWarrfvin I &JS 'V3f
sti-.imf.h Mir arvEST aVEEX" leaves Portland dally (except Sat
arriving PortUnd 6:00 P. M.
Trains meet all boats at Megler for North Beach points
Astoria ' "' $V
r Saturday-to-Monday tickets d.UU
North Beach Season tickets 4.00
Five-ride round-trip tickets lo.UU
One-day River Trip, Portland to-Megler and return 2.00
For particulars apply to
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