Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 17, 1912, Page 20, Image 20

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All Portland Mast Surely See "Old Darby," Rosa Bonheur's Celebrated Horse Painting, Vained at $65,000011 Exhibit on Fifth floor
Arrived by Express, 2d Lot 'Silk-Maid $1 Hose, All Colors A Special 50c Luncheon Today in Our Beautiful 7th Floor Tea loom
J Mr m r
ma i Lrvi
Begins Today at Meier Fran
Famous $1.50 Shirts for 75c
Folly 5000 of the famous Gotham, Star and our own
M. & F. Special $1.50 Shirts. All coat style
with plain fronts and cuffs attached. Less
than the ordinary wholesale cost, now at
Silky Mercerized
Shirts, with separate
military and collar
and tie to match; blue, white, tan,
cream. .
Pure Linen Hemstitched
Handkerchiefs, full . size,
with Vi or -inch hems. .
For warm weather, 4000 white
hemstitched, soft Cambric Hand
kerchiefs with or J&-in. hems
300 Dozen $1.00 Shirts, 50c
Men's excellent Fancy Golf Shirts, with plain or
pleated fronts ; cuffs attached. Madrases
and Percales in all light and medium pat- J Vy C
terns ; $1 grades, for Clearance, your choice
Straw, Panama Hats, V2 Price
white, tan,
White Stiff Bosom Busi
ness and Full-Dress Shirts.
Plain or pleated; broken
lines and sizes.
Soft Mercerized Negligee
Shirts, with attached soft
collars; light and medium colors.
50c AND 75c BELTS" V
Black, tan or gray, with
nickeled and brass buckles.
Beautiful Custom
made Gotham Shirts
of China and Japa
nese silks. Some with separate mili
tary collars.
Light - and medium pat
terns, strong leather ends
Japans and open-stitch
Silk Half Hose, all colors
Positively nothing withheld every Straw and Pan
ama Hat in our entire stock at 1 T
exactly half! All popular shapes 0 rIlCfi
and braids, from $2.50 to $8, at
Finest grade
Gotham Pure Silk
Shirts, elegantly cus
tom-made, in exclusive patterns.
Fancy and plain colored "x
Lisle and Cotton Socks in I 11
See Big Morrison St. Display for This Sale Extra Salesmen
all colors.
Over 6000 pairs of fa
mous Onyx 35c and 50o
Socks. Fancy and plain
colored pure silk, silk lisle and cotton.
Men's Neckwear
50c Famous Manhattan Washable Four-in-Hands
great variety of smart striped Pat-K
terns, also plain white; special at only"
Men's 25c Fancy Wash Ties 10.000 of them in
new panel-striped reversible st3'le ; 1 O J Ly
buy them at this low price, each dt
All 50c and 75c Silk-Knit and Crochet Ties all
beautiful new patterns and colors; OO
special at this very low price, each
$1 to $3.50 Silk Knit and Crochet Ties all fine
English and French importations; toCf
clean them up, special at this low price V
25c Fancy Silk Four-in-Hands flowing ends, re
versibles and French folds in 10 fo
every color; special low price at
6000 Beautiful 50c Silk Ties reversibles, flow
ing ends and French folds, in all colors OCp
and patterns; special at this low price
Sweater Coats
Boys' and Girls' $1.50
all colors; special at
Boys and Girls
Sweater Coats,
this low price
' $2.50 Sweater Coats 1 OQ
gray, maroon or navy; at only f
Boys' and Girls' Grizly Bear Ruff-J1 CO
Neck Sweaters special price at V
$3-50 and $4 Ruff -Neck and "Vfljt QQ
Sweater Coats for men or .women P
t A 1 l
Wash Goods
50c Silk Mulls wonderfully dainty for
Summer and party dresses. All light and
dark colors. 32 inches wide. - ft
Yard for the Clearance at only LjC
75c Voiles in pretty stripes. Cool and
attractive when made up. 40 m q
inches wide. Yard for Clearance tJC
60c Waistings of fine striped linen.
Ideal for tailored waists. Launders beau
tifully ; 36 inches wide. Yard q Q
for the Clearance Sale at only 3cC
35o Batistes in all white with striped
and checked self patterns. For ry
the Clearance Sales at only, yard aOC
$1 Batistes handsome quality French
Batistes. Daintily embroidered, ftq
Priced for the Clearance at only iC
(Mint Floor, New Building
J Embroideries .
Clearance of Cool Summer Dresses
Linen, Lingerie, Tub Frocks Reduced
HOW comfortable they axe, these warm Summer days the cool, Lingerie, Linen
and "Wash Frocks! and what an opportunity this, to choose from our immense,
entire stocks at greatly reduced prices.
Every imaginable style included in the various lots. Every new fashion idea
among them. Charming one-piece models, joined at waist line with rows of inser
tion, lace, embroidery and bands. Some with peplum extensions. Others in tail
ored coat" style.
Dresses for all occasions. Practical Wash Frocks of chambrays, tissues,
voiles and fine ginghams. Lingerie Dresses of fine, sheer mulls, batistes,
lawns and marquisettes. Others of linen, linen crash and ratine. Choose
today at these Clearance prices. .
$9 Summer
Dresses for
d1 O OO for $16.50
p 1 a00 Dresses.
$18.50 Sum- t O Ofi
mer Dresses p 1 0.Od
p 1 0.OUmer Dresses
for $25.00
$1.75 Outing Waists 98c
Just the smart, comfortable Blouses for this
warm weather. Mannish Shirts of percales, mad
rases and soisettes, in neat stripes of all colors.
Dainty low-neck Blouses with round or pointed
roll collar and short sleeves. Regular QO.
e nnoa w
$1.50 and
Waists, Clearance
$30 Sum- &00 Cf
mer Dresses Pi i iQ"
Cool Dress'g Sacques59c
Pretty, well-made Dressing Sacques, of cool
lawns, in neat figures and dots of lavender, blue,
white and black. Peplum or belted styles, with
"V" neck or collar. Just 300 of them q
for the Clearance today, special at. only'C
3 i
Entire Stock Famous Vassar Union Suits for
Men sleeveless, three-fourths or full sleeves,
knee or ankle length; $2 to fo Dhim
$4 grades; special at only TtAS
Men's Famous Gotham Athletic Underwear
Shirts, Drawers and Union Suits; all mate
rials and colors; 75c to $5 fo OtMff
grades ; on special sale at only ' IwC
Men's Zephyr Sanitary Mesh Shirts and Drawers
cool and comfortable; on special saleOC
for the Clearance sale, the garment''
Men's 75c Fancy Balbriggan Shirts andOCr
Drawers all colors; special, garment J3C
Men's 75c Varsity Athletic Shirts andOQ
Drawers sleeveless and knee length at 27C
$1.50 Illma Mercerized Underwear Shirts OO
and Drawers, blue, white, ecru, salmon OOl
Men's $1 Norfolk and New Brunswick Lisle
Shirts and Drawers blue or white; ""CCj
special sale at this very low price, only
$1.25 Welch Athletic Union Suits Fine 7Qr
white lisle, drop seat; Clearance sale
Boys' and Youths' 60c Semi-Knit Union OCJ
Suits in white; Clearance Sale price aCiaJl
$1 Famous Cooper Shirts and Drawers spring
needle knit, form fitting garments, in CQ
blue, white or tan; Clearance Sale only
$3 and $3.50 Gotham Summer Pajamas fine
soisette in all colors; on special (fl QQ
sale during Clearance Sale at, suit piJO
Summer Underwear Clearance
COOL Summer Underwear here a-plenty
and at savings that make the purchasing
of quantities worth while. Specials, too, on
styles comfortable for wear at the beach.
Women's 25c Vests
of light weight rib
ped cotton. Long
sleeved, high neck,
also low neck, sleeve
less styles. Clearance
at 9J
Women's 15c Vests
low neck, sleovelass,
plain- yokes. For the
clearance at llC-
Women's 25c and
35c Vests with plain
and fancy yokes. Low
neck, sleeveless style.
At 17 '
Women's 75c Union
Suits low neck and
sleeveless, with lace
trimmed umbrella
or tight knee, 47
Women's 50 Vests
of the Kayser make
with dainty crochet
lace yokes. Low neck,
sleeveless style. All
sizes, at 33
Women's $1 Union
Suits very fine rib
bed. Low neck, sleeve
less. Lace trimmed
umbrella and tight
knees. At 69
Women's $1.15
Union Suits fine
ribbed cotton. Low
neck, sleeveless, with lace
trimmed umbrella style.
Special for the rJCkn
Clearance Sale at V
Women's $1.50 Under
wear of fine lisle, with
low neck, sleeveless and
with wing sleeves. Lace
trimmed and tight QQ
knee styles; onlyO'C
50c to $1 Shadow Allovers dainty and
lacy for yokes, for waists and trimmings.
White and cream. lS-inch. For q C
the Clearance at only, the yard 50C
75c to $1.25 Embroideries thousands of
yards of Edges and Bands in dainty Baby
Irish designs. Ideal for lingerie waists
and gowns. Insertions 2 to 4 inches wide.
Edcres and Flouncing, 9 to 18 o
inches wide. For Clearance, yard 33C
Semi-Made Robes Reduced lovely pat
terns for Summer and evening dresses. $S
to $12 Robes for $3.98 ; $18 to $25 Robes
for only $12; $20 to $30 rf j- ff
Robes for Clearance at OlOUU
Macrame and Ratine Laces entire
stock of machine made Edges and Bands,
3 to 9 inches wide. $1.25 to $1.50 Laces
a 08c ; $2 Laces at only r
S1.G9; $- 30 to $3 Laces
Tint Flor. New Ruildlajc
(Clearance Life-Time'
Mission Furniture
OUR Great Semi-Annual
Clearance Sale
Immense Jewelry Event
PRACTICALLY everything in our enormous stock of
Jewelry affected by these radical Semi-Annual Clear
ance reductions.
Beautiful Imported Novelties, as well as all staple Jewelry, Watches,
Ulocks, etc., at bedrock prices.
Hiirb Grade Frcith
fc'orelty Jewelry The
f popular Drop arrlngrs,
n rhlnestone, pearls and
all colored stones. Set In
erold-filled. sterling: silver
and solid frold.
60c to SI Rarrlnsa 39
M to 16 Earring SK2 9S
2 Earrings only 81.49
9S.SO-9VJ Earrinss S6 98
12 to 17 Earring; S9.98
Long; Opera Guard and
Lorg-nette ChaiHN of gold
filled, sterling; silver and
gunmetal set with cor
als, amethysts, rhlne
stones, pearls, sapphires,
SIJSO Chains at only 98r
3.00 Chains for 81 98
5.00 Chains for 8298
0.00 Chains for 4 98
- Ija Vallleres, Festoons
and fancy Necklaces
Almost unlimited variety
from simple effects to
the beautiful ornamental
colorings and designs.
3.50 La Vallleres 81.49
W.OO Li Vallleres 82.98
10 La Vallleres 84.98
IS La Vallleres S7.50
A blK lot of the Fa
mous "Bliss" Novelty Belt
Buckles, worth S4 to
7.50, for only 81.49
A lot of Beautiful Hat
Pins, selling- from J4 to
$7.60, at 81.98
A great table In the
center aisle filled with
Imported Jewelry, La
Vallleres, Brooches, Hat
Pins, Bar Pins, Bead
Necklaces, Belt Pins,
Buckles, etc Values so
ridiculously great that
we will not give their
real worth, on salQ
tomorrow at only "'C
Our entire, stock of
watcnea 1-4 off regular
marked prices (contract
Watches alone, excepted).
You'll find Elgin Watcn
es, Hampden and fine im
ported Swiss Watches
every style is represent
ed, from the most inex
pensive to fine solid gold.
Our entire stock of Sol
id Gold Jewelry 1-4 off
regular marked prices
Link Buttons. Brooches,
Bar Pins, Necklaces,
Lockets, Rings, Chains,
Fobs, Bracelets, and a
hundred other beautiful
Jewels, in great variety.
All Mesh Bags Reduced
An opportunity to buy
high grade sterling sil
ver, . imported gunmetal
and gold-filled Mesh
Bags at ridiculously low
0.60 to 7.50 Bags 4.S
10 to 18 Bags 86.98
15 to 1'0 Bags 810.98
f.tO Bags on sale 816.98
3S Bags on sale 827.50
First Floor, Mala Building Mall Orders Filled
in the Furniture section
brings forth these worth
while reductions on the cele
brated "Lifetime"
Mission Furni
ture. The $22.50 "Life
time" Mission
Rocker, exactly as
illustrated, with
trenuihe leather
auto spring seat,
$22.50 Morris Chair only
$25 Leather-hack Chair at
only S19.50
I $27.50 leather-back Rocker
I at S21.75
I $30 Morris Chair at only
l $23.50
$ 1 7.25
$35 Morris Chair at only
$40 "Lifetime" Settee at
only $32.50
$100 "Lifetime" Daven
port at SS2.75
$110 "Lifetime" Daven-
port at $87.50 JA
Clover Leaf Butter
Special, 2 Lbs. 59c
Just as fresh and delicious as that
which the name suggests. Clover
Leaf Butter, special today in the Pure
Food Grocery, 2 lbs., 59
Kingsford's Gloss Starch, in wooden
boxes, 50
Eastern Bacon, the pound at 17
Prunes, four pounds at only 25
Special Soup, 11 bars for only 25
Cream of Wheat, package only 15
Special Steel Cut Coffee, lb., 35
Potato Chips, three packages at 25
Roundup Cleaner, 6 packages at 25
Pnget Sound Salmon, 2 cans at 25
Raisins, three packages for only 22
Yeloban Milk, four cans at only 25
Wheat Eats, the package only 10
Shredded Coacoannt, the pound, 14
Libby's Catsup, the bottle, only 18
Split Peas, three pounds only 25
Mexican Beans, five pounds at 25
$1.50 Atlas at 98c
Rand & McNally's new Atlas of the
World, containing all latest official
census, maps and data brought up. to
date. Size 10x15 inches. Reg- QQ.
ularly $150. Specially priced OC
iiasrmcnt K'ew Building
Ft. Smith Refrigerators at
Our Clearance Sale Prices
It 's rare time
liness that the
beginning of
real warm
weather c o i n
cides with our
Semi - Annual
Clearance Sale,
for the famous
Ft. Smith Re
frigerators ; are
all liberally re
duced. .
$25 Refriger
ators, S19.95.
High-grade white enamel-lined Ft. Smith Refrigera
tors, exactly as illustrated. Holds 65 pounds of ice,
which is placed in box from the front (11 Q Q C
door. Stands 43 inches high; reg. $25, at P
$19.00 Refrigerators, Reduced to $14.49
Ft. Smith white enamel
Refrigerators, with . 50-lb.
ice c ap a e i t y, which is
placed in box from front.
Stands 48 inches high.
Regularly $19, $14.49
$26.50 Refrigerators, 110-
pound capacitv. Clearance
Sale at $21.20
$8 Ice Boxes, 40-lb. ca
pacity, $6.49; $10 Boxes.
Boys' Suits
lUfOTHERS who've waited until now to
buy tlie boy's vacation Suit will be
amply rewarded by these phenomenal
Semi-Annual Clearance Sale reductions.
Our entire stock of Woolen Suits di
vided into three lots. All the best makes,
including famous "Sampeck." Double
Breasted, Norfolk, Russian and Sailor
styles, in all sizes, 4 to 17 years.
$5 to $7 Suits, Clearance Sale at S3. 75
$7.50 to $10 Suits, Clearance Sale $5.75
$12.50 to $15 Suits, Clearance at $8.75
'365 odd pairs of Men's and Young
Men's Trousers. Patterns and weights for
Summer wear.- Regular $4, tfo Y?C
$5 and $6 kinds, priced, pr. (9JtOD
All Boys' and Children's Straw Hats,
50c to $3, at One-Third Off.
All Men's, Young Men's and Boys' Blue
or Black Suits,. 10 Per Cent Off.
Third Floor, New BnUdins
j Needlework
$1.25 Huck Towels of all linen. Bor
ders stamped for embroidering. QQ
In this Semi-Annual Clearance at 3C
20c and 25c Centers of plain linen and
of all over Battenberg. Round or square,
in the 9-inch size. Priced for thisr
Semi-Annual Clearance Sale at only 5 C
85c to $1.25 Linen Scarfs neatly hem
stitched and stamped for embroidering.
15x45-inch size. For the Semi-
Annual Clearance Sale at only X C
50c to $1 Cordeliere Bags ready made
and stamped for embroidering. Of black
cotton repp. Attractive when fin- c
ished. For the Clearance Sale at 3C
Third Floor, Main Bulldlns
5c Glass Tumblers, 3 c
J LAIX, thin, blown Glass Tumblers,
which you must have so many of for
warm weather. Regular 60c a dozen. Special at 3
35c dozen covered Jelly
Glasses, dosen, 27
$1.25 Whirling Lawn
Sprays at SOc.
40c Grass Sickles only 29
$1.50 Wire Meat Safes at
only $1.08
$1 Hose Keels at only 74
Basement. Mali Orders Filled
nd II SgyiaSgFE? II
Sole Portland
rents for
Cousin' Shoes .
Ferrin'a Gloves
AJx Onmrutoed
Gotham Shirt
Madame Irene Ooneta
Kpo Petticoats
Sampeck Clothes
Sole Portland
ents for
Brown Lin-
John S
Mnnslna Underwear
Willamette So wins
Acorn Stoves and
Fulton ft Whitney
Gustavo Stickler Orig
inal Craftsman Furniture
PHONES Pacific, Marshall 4600; Home, A-6101. Only Portland Store With Complete Mail Order Service and Catalogue.
Free Strip Buttonholes
T0 introduce Mrs. Newcomb's new "Every Ready"
Buttonholes by the yard, we've secured 300 sample
strips to give to the first who bring in this announce
ment. Mrs. Newcomb's "Ever Ready" Buttonholes
are made in strips, which you simply sew to the gar
ment. Sample strip of plain white lawn, long enough for
either front or back of waist. We have justlf Tj
300 of these strips to give away today "
First Floor. New Bulldlns