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(f I r I could only mafce our folks be
I lleve me when I tell them what
I've seen I shall be satisfied," said G.
S. Maxwell, of the Chamber of Com
merce of Dallas. Tex. "The develop
ment here Is beyond our highest an
ticipation. The new buildings have ex
pensive details in them that bring them
op to date and right Into line with the
best we can show our way or in fact
anywhere in America. This certainly
i.-- th. wnllest handled conven-
n&3 utvu . " " " '
tion I have had the pleasure of attend
ing. I am more than glad I came, and
I shall come again."
f(t AM not a man of many words."
I said Henry Brie, of Juneau, Alas
ka, "so you will not find me saying
very much, when I do say anyininu,
though, I mean it. Any city, I don't
mind where it is. that can beat this will
have to be going" some. The conven
tion was the best I have ever seen."
((IX vold of Kraft from the
r hotel and restaurant point of
view at any rate." said Brother Billy
Baxter, of Salt Lake City. "Thats
what I find here. It is the only city
where the hotels have not tried to ad
vance their prices. As a rule I expect
to spend, or rather I have had to spend
about $500. while I have had a better
time and done just as much here on
$150. and that is going to make me
come again. This city has established
a precedent by the courtesy that has
been extended to us. such as I have
not experienced even when attending a
National convention. And talking of
politics, it is the West that will hold
the political dictation in its hand in a
few years. What I am telling you Is
nothing but facts, and if my business
was In a condition to permit of it I
would move down here tomorrow. My
wife is going to stop behind when I
do go, so yon see she likes it Just as
inach as I do."
THE friendliness of the people and
the entrancing kind of weather
were two of the features of Portland
which were first noticed by William
K. Drlsland, district deputy of New
Tork, and a member of the Albany
lodge. "I Just hate to leave, for I have
never experienced such a great time.
' There Is no city of this size to com
pare with Portland, which, with its
wonderful climate and the unlimited
hospitality of its people, must attract
people by the thousands in the near
"Judge Addington, also of New Tork,
was talking to me about It Just before
he left. . I know he thought as I do,
but he was also immensely pleased
with the legal holiday given for the
parade, a thing I believe that is un
precedented in the annals of Elkdom."
fflT IS very hard to tell your people
I here what I , think, for it has all
been so remarkable. The first thing
I noticed on my arrival was the num
ber of skyscrapers for the size of the
place." Such were the opening re
marks of D. H. Crowley, of Cheboy
gan. Mich. "And if I have heard it
said once I have heard it 200 times
that this Western hospitality we have
received in Portland makes us all wish
to migrate to this part of the world.
The 'news from home' feature which
The Oregonian has been running has
been appreciated by every Elk. and it
has never been .carried out before by
any other newspaper."
AMONG the foremost of unique fea
features of the convention was a
Japanese parasol of unusual si,
which was being carried up and down
the. streets by C J. Hahn and C. H.
Harder, members of Twin Falls. Idaho,
Lodge, No. 11S3. The parasol meas
ured approximately 16 feet In diam
eter, and was being used "to preserve
our complexions," one of the boys ex
JEROME B. DAT, of Moscow, Idaho,
f Lodge No. 249. is known as "Jerry
by every one of the 200 Elks that came
from that state, and all or wnom are
at the Portland. Mr. Day is one of the
owners of the famous Hercules mine.
As soon as the party had been fixed
for their stay, Mr. Day gave a check
book, with every leaf signed in blank,
to the secretary of the lodge with in
structions to see that it should not be
money that prevented all from having
a. rood time. What tnis mignt mean.
and probably does, can be understood
' when it is remembered that there are
tOO In the party.
THE same spirit of festivity that
moved some two dozen visiting
Elks to commandeer a city street
sprinkling cart and "ride the water
wagon uo and down wasningion
street Monday night, led another
bunch of visitors to attempt to put one
over on Sergeant Carlson, of the first
night relief.
Carlson was keeping a watchful eye
on Seventh street, when he suddenly
noticed half a dozen heavy-set and mus
cular Elks start a fight. Other Elks
hastened to interfere, and were drawn
into the fray themselves, until there
was apparently a small-sized street
riot in progress. Sergeant Carlson had
sen the nrellrainaries to tn deal, now-
ever, and. in spite of the excellence of
. the staging of the fracas, refused to
Interfere. Seeing this, the Elks desist
ed, remarking that Portland policemen
seemed to be too wise to be caught
VI Lodge 174, who is in charge of Ta
coma headqu-rters in the Portland Ho
tel. Is perhaps one of the best-known
telegraph operators on the Coast. He
was sitting in his headquarters enter
taining some visitors, when he sudden
ly pricked up his ears and listened in
tently. A moment later he excused
himself and dashed out into the hall
way, returning in a few seconds with a
friend who was carrying a cane, whom
he at once led to the refreshment
counter. Then he returned to his duty
of entertaining guests.
"What made you leave us so sudden
ly?" asked a young woman in the
McCarthy laughed. "Emergency call."
he replied; "that was another operator,
and he was standing out in the hall
way tapping out distress calls in Morse
with his cane. I heard the ticks and
rescued him. My. but he must have
been thirsty: look at him punishing
that punch over there.
WOWEN screamed in dismay and
- W pity, drivers brought heavy cars
to a sudden halt and solicitous in
qnlrles were made last night when
nearly a score of puppies, crusnea
under the wheels of the vehicles,
uttered their dvintr velDs and howls.
It was . the Kansas City crowd of
young men, putting on their stunt.
There were no dogs, no crushed and
mangled bodies and no need of pity.
The howls that died out in a last feeble
expiring yelp came from one of the
Missourians stationed immediately be
hind the car and the crowd that gath
ered about were accomplices of the
"show me" delegation.
W TELEGRAM was Just received by
J- August Menn, Jr., from San Jose,
CaL. Lodge No. 622, B. P. O. Elks, stat
ing that they had let the contract for
their new building, to cost 135,000. ex
cept furniture. The site, purchased at
a cost of 160.000, is located in the heart
of the city, southeast corner of First
and St. Johns streets, facing St. James
Park on the north. The old shacks are
now being torn down to make roomj
for their beautiful three-story building.
Blx years ago at the time of the
oarthauake. San Jose lodge went down,
and nearly out That never-fall spirit
of Elkdom took hold of the boys, ana
with a $1500 note staring them In the
face they purchased the old Methodist
Church property and went in debt over
$35,000. The mortgage on that prop-
Ai-tv was burned some four weeks ago,
and they have now started on their
new building, which, when completed,
will call for an Investment of $150,000
or more.
E. HOLCOMB, . designer of
San Francisco cadge, is such
clever sleight of hand performer that
whm he nut on a series of stunts on
the train coming to Portland, all the
women gave their Jewelry into the care
of the porters.
GRANT - Pauley, who designed the
classv watch badge of the Musko
gee, OklaJ, delegation, is the exalted
ruler of that lodge. In place of ng-ures
indicating the time on the dial,- are
the letters M-u-s-k-o-g-e-e, O-k-1
tk t hiAolc find Insrersoll
desitrn and it really runs. On it is the
Elks' head, clock and roses. A beautl
ful fob is attached.
THERE is much Joking around Med
ford headauarters about the nun
ber of politicians in the delegation
from the Southern city. Judge Prim,
r..,. xr uiiiBi- KnriftUat Councilman
County Engineer Harmon, A. W. Dean,
Captain oi tne muoow
nlng for Joint Representative for
Douglas and Jackson counties on the
Democratic ticket and C. E. Whlsler,
on the Republican ticaei; aususi
C7i i.. ,.qaA fnr Sheriff: W.
Coleman. County Clerk: Fred Colvlg,
County Recorder; "Bob" Dow, Deputy
Sheriff; W. T. Grieve and John Demmer,
ex-Councllmen: also are Interested per
sonally in the coming election.
SWAIN BEATTT, of Caldwell, a
member of Boise lodge No. 810,
called on his old tlllcum. Bill Cuddy,
yesterday. Thirty years ago tney
helped put Caldwell on the map of
toKa v.. otirf thA town.. Bill, ran
the newspaper and Swain beat him to
it by conducting a aisseminaiur
dally news the swellest barber shop
in the territory; he also "doubled In
brass." the first requisite of leading
citizenship in those days, and ac
quired fame so rapidly tnat at io
time of the Lewis and Clark fair, the
n,.- innnintsil him s-eneral music
master of the state. Now with silver
threads- on his dome, ne lets tne
younger element make the muslo while
he recounts past glories.
ip HE Michigan Society of Portland
M naa maintained neaaqu&riors iun
wfwk at the ImDerial Hotel. Visit
ing Elks from that state are Invited
to register there and meet tneir irienas.
TW LTHOUGH J. H. Albright, of the
r Bremerton Elks' delegation, was
burned by the explosion of a clank
nn ), mtnipturo battleshln
Oregon, In the parade Thursday and
was rusnea to tne nospitai, o um uut
a 1n-fllT-lA fill SArlOUS enOUSTh
... .., t,im ,A waft until thftv mere
dressed, after he had arrived at the
hospital. The powder Durnea nis arm
somewhat and made a small flesh
wound, and under the pressure of the
momentary pain he decided to go to the
hofiDltaL v nen ne arnvsu o.i i . -
cent--, he was asked to wait in the tVti- mnmAnr vtlll, at'
ui crams , u ... -
tpnHnntq nroeured the necessary out
fit with which to dress the wound.
When they returned, however, ne naa
memory of the "absent brothers"
I of the Elks, a special service was
held under the starlit skies Wednesday
.i.iit hv tha PAnriiAton loasre ro. mo.
Promptly at 11 o'clock the special train
stopped on tne prairies woat
tilla. The engine sounded 11 whistles.
and the Elks left tne train ana gaia
,h, Tha pnwhot band struck
up the tune of "Auld Lang Syne," and
the aseraoiea hubs toon up im
O SALEM, Oregon, ' lodge. No. 336.
J sprung a surprise at the close of
th Grand Lodge meeting Tuesday by
presenting the members with a carton
of Royal Ann and barooert uueino.
The committee furnished 2400 boxes of
the fruit. They were distributed to the
members as they passed out.
Special boxes were given to the of
ficers of the lodge and members of
COAL-BLACK pickanlnnys, Just like
tha "niggers" way down In Missis.
.inni in ornoA water melons and the
whole lot set in a natural cotton boll, is
the official badge of the jnerioan, miss.,
delegation of three men. There are
only 100 of the unique badges In exist
ence. The three Elks are Sol Suger
man, Ike Rosenbaum and S. C Moseley,
all of Merldan.
The pickinanny has black, curly hair
and regulation chocolate-colored skin,
and he rests serenely In his favorite
fruit. The watermelon is cleverly ar
ranged in the center of a cotton boll,
and the thorn or stem of the boll is left
for a handle. The Mississippi Elks
think they have the only badge in
THE Idaho Elks' Band rendered an
Interesting concert last night at
the Portland Hotel. Features were a
cornet solo by Professor C. J. Carey
and a tenor solo by Claude Heard. The
Drorramme was brought to a close by
a ragtime concert.
tj V ATCH Tacoma grow!" exclaimed
VV a bystander, plagiarizing some,
what on the Tacoma slogan, as the
delegation from that city passed down
Alder street In Thursday's parade.
"Yes, and we did not bring them all
over with us, either," retorted a Taco
ma Elk in the line.
"Well, you have surely grown some,
then, since the last census," replied the
first man as he craned his neck up the
street In an attempt to get a glimpse
of the final line of four stalwart Ta
comans that was passing. -
Here Are Facta We Want Too o Prove
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g. M JM H-VHa J M. HHW - aw " ,
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New Four-in-Hands, the kind of
ties that you'll be surprised to
find on sale at so low a price.
Neat patterns in good silks, regu
lar 35c and 39c ties ; spe- T Chf
price at only, basement 74
Women's $5.00
Shoes $1.69
High or low shoes are included,
and you may choose oxfords,
pumps or Colonials among the low
cut models. Black, white or tan,
all the leading leathers and lasts;
values to $4 and $5 flj "1 fZCk
the pair at, special jyJ-.Ji7
Men's Pongee
Shirts 69c
Just the shirt you want for Sum
mer wear. Cool, always neat and
easily laundered. Made without
collars, very neat pat
terns; regular $1 shirts