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Seventh Annual Event
Salem Has More Thari
500 Exhibits.
hla Bible class In the auditorium
during the hour prwcMmg ma lecium
William McCormick and his dog-.
Bronte, were the entertainers of the
day's programmes.
Today the domestic science class w
leading feature. Following- the
rrnoon nroeramme, Mrs. lorenw
Ewll Atkins was entertained at a re
ception In the Chautauqua nemui-
ters of the women s i-orun ic...-
perance Union.
One or me moai bucukblw
grammes of th Chautauqua was pre
sented last night by the Cambridge
Players. Mme.. Jennie iMorein. pnu
rinnno .onrano. late of the Metropoli
tan Opera Company of New York, will
be the feature of the Chautauqua to
morrow. A baseball game iur
championship of Albany between me
Albany Athletics ana Aioany nuausio.
will be played on the Chautauqua
mir. Pimnt in Portland Takes
Two of Kvery Three Resident
From Capital; Large Crowds
Attend on Initial Day.
SALEM. Or.. July IL (Special.)
Although two out of every three resi
dent of Salem went to Portland to
day to witness the big parade of the
Elks, nevertheless hundreds of country
neoDle. as well as the remaining pop
ulatlon of Salem, turned out to wlt
the ooenine day of the seventh
annual f-herrv Fair here.
And although the "crowd was not im
mense the displays are. At the Armory
is being shown the most perfect and
ha larrpnt display of cherries in the
inniii of the seven cherry fairs that
hav heen witnessed In Salem. In ad
dition the large floor of the Armory
is virtually covered with industrial ex
hibits of "Made in Oregon" proaucis.
Thi the first of the "Made in Ore
nn" .-rhihttm which has been seen here
In connection with -a cherry fair has
proved an eye opener to nunareas as
to what Oregon produces in an Indus
trial line.
Exhibits Continue to Grow.
Tha nxhlblts are handsomely ar
ranged and beautifully decorated. The
cherries have swelled to over 500 boxes
mnA vm first nra exnected and are com-
ina- in each hour. Last year the exhibit
nntQind nn more, than 200 boxes, 11
lustratlns- the beauty of this year's
exhibit. The quality is of th
aa well
In addition to the boxes and cartons
there are hundreds of plates and fancy
.h!hlt. Settma- off the cherry ex
hlHIta ara malMI of flowers entered
by women of Salem and of Marlon and
Polk Counties.
Th industrial exhibits contain in
dustrial products wide In their range
nrt Atversltr. Orea-on-made furniture,
a small Oregon-made home. Oregon
made cabinets and stoves, as well as
Oregon-made hop dryers, prune dryers
and stoves, Oregon-made tile and num
nn nthr articles are on display in
the more than half a hundred exhibits
whlrh ar on hand.
While it was expected that judging
of rherries would be started today, tn
4,,A-a from the Orearon Agricultural'
College sent word he would be unable
to arrive until tomorrow, and probably
lu.t tomorrow morning Judging will be
started and the final a war as maas do
fore tomorrow evening.
Geveraor Playa Cowboy.
of the sreat exodus which
was expected to Portland no parade
was held today. The Industrial parade,
whi-h waa scheduled originally for to
dv will be held. tomorrow. It will be
1.4 t Oovernor West in cowboy cos
turne and on horseback, as he expects
to start his long-heralded ride to Boise,
Soorts which were held on Commer-
.i.i an Ktafa streets today were
watched by a large crowd. The results
Knventv-flve-vard dash, boys under
12 years Sam Carter first. Raymond
u.,m rond. Leslie Springer third.
i.n frnir race Harry and Dean Cur
Tls first, Nick Brill and Earl Dimmick
second. Loj. Patchin and Murril Day
nn hundred-yard dash, egg
Hugh Hope first, Ralph Burroughs sec
nnri T?tr IjttnT third.
Slow bicycle race Sam Carter first.
Dean Curtis second, ineoao.
Obstacle race Frasler and Curtis
.. Rrill and Schaefer second, Min
a nH T.nnd third.
Keg race Frazier and Curtis first
Patthen and Day second. Loter and
Frohmader third.
Jrnmlnn Is Fir Ctaasi
Pie eating contest Albert Jennings
first, Edgar Collins second, Floyd White
third. . ' ,
One hundred-yard dash, free for all
Ersel Kay first. Brazier Small sec
nri John Holraan third.
Cracker eating contest Sammy Car
ter first. Ray Loder second.
Trial Ihlrrl.
sirnrv-five-vard dash, boys under
IS Al Patchen first Berle Day second,
Fieam Curtis third.
svntv-flve-vard girls race Mar
garet Minton first Miss Tuffli second.
Lime Winkler tnira.
Three leered race Frasler and Cur
tls first. Gill and Dimmick second
Seaimster and Stearns third.
Sack race Al Patchen first
Carter second. Gill third.
Superintendent Wright Issues State
ment Pleasing to Oregon.
Deleaate ' Thinks Roosevelt
Relegated to Political
Dead Timber.
'( Ox
tl Y - I. I- :- - - I ll"1'
Hrr, Alice Marks Dolman.
COLLEGE, Corvallis, July 10.
(Special.) Announcement has
Just been made of the election
of Mrs. Alice Marks Dolman, La
fayette. Ind.. to the Instructional
staff of the Oregon Agricultural
College school of domestic art
and science.
Mrs. Dolman is a native Hoos
ler and a graduate of Purdue
University, from which institu
tion she received the degree of
roaster of science In 1911 for
major work done in the subject
of home economics, with bacteri
ology and chemistry as minor
courses. While doing her gradu
ate work at Purdue she was as
sistant In bacteriology and later
served as first assistant In the
department of home economics.
Since receiving her degree Mrs.
Dolman has specialized in die
tetics and invalid cookery and, in
addiUon to filling a position on
the hospital staff at the Indiana
Soldiers' Home, has appeared as
one of the special lecturers be
fore the Indiana State Nurses
Mrs. Dolman will have charge
of the classes in home nursing
and dietetics when college opens
next September.
SALEM. Or, July 11. (Special.)
Denosits in the banks of the state
have Increased I6.34S.125.01 between
Jim. 7. 1911. and June 14. 1812. accord
ina- to a statement which was Issued
-bv Superintendent of Banks Wright
Tn total amount of deposits in the
state were $124.769.013.7 at the close
of business June 14, this year, as com
nri to tllS.413.8S8.78 last year.
Th entire statement shows that the
hanks of Oregon are in a flourishing
condition, the only decrease being tha
In e-verdrafts, this decrease being jsj.
808.48. This leaves a total of 3471.
037.14 in overdrafts as compared to
37S4.S45.62 for the preceding year.
Total resources this year are 3156.
720.350.61 as compared to 3147.764.893.68
for the preceding year, or an Increase
of 38.956.057.93 for the year. Loans and
discounts total 380.304.99L87 as com
pared to 374.725.S84.93, or an Increase
of 35,579.406.94.
Albany IfcsldenU Take Lunch and
Pass Day In Park.
ALBANY. Or.. July 11. (Special.)
This was Women's Christian Temper
ance Union and children's day at the
Albany Chautauqua, and the leading
sneaker of the day was Mrs. Florence
Rwell Atkins, of Nashville. Tenn. She
spoke In the auditorium this afternoon
on "Queen Esther."
The attendance today was the largest
r tha Chautauaua. A general holiday
observed in Albany today, and
hutdreds of people took picnic lunches
and nassed the day in the park. Rev.
W. B. Hinson. D. D., pastor of the
White Temple of Portland, spoke at the
t..ini hour this forenoon on "The
Grtat American." Dr. Hinson conduct-
a m tnmnrrnw afternoon, and John
C. Burkhart probaDiy win give
aeroplane exhibition.
Educational Feature of Xe Perces
Tribe Proves of Value. '
t t-misTOV Idaho. July 11. (Spe
, , v ran. waa hrnk-en Tooav ax iu
son' Butte, a site several miles west of
v.iim.r TriaJio. where about 600 Nes
Perce Indians have been conducting a
raiia-ious Chautauqua in inn
u..,..ains fnr ten days.
Tha .aaainn has been pronounced by
leaders, both Indian and white, as the
most successful ever held under the
of the Nez Perce tribe. The
meeting was purely an educational one.
The feature of the session has been the
special attention given to m yuung
ladles, under the direction of Dr. A. L.
Hutchinson, of Portland, who has taken
,h.r of the Bible work. Unusual at
antinn haa also neen given io n
skins in music under the direction of
Dr. Wallace H. Lee, dean of Whitworth
College, of Tacoma.
Acinrin. Men Commend Action of
Grand Jury and Sheriff.
ASTORIA, Or., July 11. (Special.)
Twenty-five business and professional
mar. met here last night the avowed
object of the meeting being to organ
... j j 1 rr . a ' A rem.
Ize a law anu uruci 'too
porary organization was effected, off!
,.-- alaoterl and committees appointei
to draft a constitution and by-lawa
The organization will be made perma
nent .
Resolutions indorsing the grand
Jury's report with reference to the re
stricted portion of the city and also
commending the action of Sheriff
Burns In carrying out the orders of
that body, were passed.
Centraliav "Dry-" Not Numerous.
CENTRALI A, Wash- July 11. (Spe
cial.) The Men's Federation of Cen
tralia Is circulating petitions in the
city calling for a local option election.
Four hundred signatures are required
before the City Commission can call the
election. Up to last night only 32
names had been attached to the peti
fimelySale of LINGl-RIE
An Interesting Process. With
Up-to-Date Appliances
Vn Excuses lor Action at tmi!
Offered and Charges of Thievery
Are Declared False Hillea
Is Satisfactory.
rat.em. or.. July 11. (Special.)
Declaring that the selection of Charles
D Hilles as chairman of the itepuoiic-
nna nrnuirl he surnrised to know that
there is a place in Portland where they
ahanlntelrr irrlnrl lenses for glasses, but
nn .al lino.
floor Selling building. Sixth and Alder
streets, I was delightfully surprised on
ha nir Invited to See BIS woruuufi
nrharve. ha amnlovs several men, who I
do nothing else but- work on lenses for
glasses and was also expiainea ine in
ference in the grinding of the same. At
first there was a rough piece of glass
about two Inches square and one-fourth
inch thick, cemented to a steel disk.
Then the glass was placed on a whirl
ing disk, held in place Dy a sman pi
Tha riaa. was then ground on three
different kinds of emery, grading down
from a coarse grade to a very fine
flour. After it Is ground to the proper
curve, of which there is about 100 or
more, a felt cloth was men piaceu vu
the disk, and by applying a fue
(polishing powder) It was neia
the disk, or cloth, until absolutely no
marks or pits remained, taking in all
o Km, t an hour's time.
. " - ,
tw waa also another macnino
an National committee is an excellent wnlch Kr0und the glass in a cylinder
one that Taft is certain to be re-elected form. The disk being straight one way
i JAlxaeV a. l . a. m awl ah a Mil CVS til YYlll M.T tO
President of the United states una .... ua r.8..v Tha rlas
xn...Vair has no chance 01 wmmus
n,,t. ven If a third party is inaugurat
ed Fred S. Bynon returned from the
Raat todav.. He was an Oregon dele.
gate at the Chicago convention, visited
the Baltimore convention ana nao uecu
spending several days in various East
ern cities. '
Ti-ii o Waahtnz-ton he visited l'res
ident Taft through a letter whlcn naa
been sent to the President by Mr. Hil
les and while there spent half an hour
with the President.
v, Hiiia. I believe, is a goou iu.u
ih. National cnairmansuiu, m
a Mlltmn nemo; cut in nail.
waa then readv to be cut for a lens.
by being properly marked to find the
center of the lens, also to get the
axis of the cylinder, and to cut It the
nrniwr nr.
The next place was tne cuiier, w...w
has a very fine diamond point, and by
a pattern the rlass was cut the regular
shape of a lens. It was then taken to
the s-rinder. where a stone was revolv
ing at the rate of about 250 revolutions
a minute, and so fine mai it seemou
most as smooth as If It was polished.
but cut the glass away very fast but
in looks It seemed to correspond to an
old-fashioned grindstone, but tne aoc-
Smart New Styles Dainty as
be; worth $7.50 to $9.75. Sale at
At first sight of these Dresses you would expect to pay
a great deal more, they're so dainty and smart. Some
are made of allover embroidery, others of dainty lace
insertion and pretty styles in cotton voiles. A variety
of styles that will suit every taste. The new peplum
styles are also included. All sizes, 14 to 42. d A QC
Your choice Friday and Saturday y-x.-
Pretty New House Dresses
Selling Regular $2.95. Special $1.95
About eight distinct styles for your choosing, cool,
sheer lawns, ginghams and chambrays in all colors
and sizes. Several styles tnai are
suited for street wear. All are ex
ceptionally well made in styles that
are becoming. A very good bar
gain at
Entire Stock of Tailored Suits Reduced
-silted. -He 1, in close touch wlth t e'rhat they" we7e mad.
President and Is a man of considerable r expressly for the optical
political anility.
o Excuses Offered.
I have no excuses to make for ny
moves which I may have maae m tne
nonuhllrvan convention. 1 voiea
Mr Root as temporary chairman
several reasons.
was because x
Foremost among these
believed he would be
eminently and absolutely fair. He Is
taiv annuainted with both Mr.
ti-ada This atone was used to get tne
glass in the proper shape of a lens and
to remove all the ragged eages. i
comes tne arming or. m b..
Hill halno- n sort nt a lame wim a
diamond point that turns at the rate
of 2000 revolutions a minute, and took
about a minute to drill the hole in the
glass. Next comes the mounting of tne
lenses in rimless mounting lor tj-r
Taft and Mr. Roosevelt Ho is a man glasses, which is a very delicate piece
. rarnrnlzed ability and one of the of work, as the sides of the mounting
n,n.r attnmevs. if not the lore-
tha United states. w.
most, in tne uniwu T I hnlri It
merely followed the precedent 01 jot- 1(ke tWQ hours to get the in8 out from
miiRt rnnfnrm to the shaoe of the lens.
and then a small screw is set in to
fast, taking in an onreuiine
$3.25 to $3.75 Peplum Yaits
These much-desired Waists of finest sheer ba
tiste and voiles, very daintily tnmmed with lace
in new designs. High-grade Waists M Q5
priced exceedingly low at .V
New Norfolk Middy Blouses
Ideal for outings; smart in style; made of drill
vath patent leather belt; blue, $1.35
I CKif Ul w lu -
mar- rnnvnuoni 1 II wav.A,,i
tional committee In its selection of tern.
Mparv nhafrman.
As we Deiievea. u . -
Mr. Root proved nimseir. to m t"-
tlonally fair. II a juage on
a-a m ait on mv case I would ask
nn nna fairer than Mr. Root
When the woman irom b-mhw
started her 45-minute stampeoe i.
on.aval aha was out 01 Place .u
.. ,inn and had no rignt tu uc
there, but Mr. Root auowea m.
onstratlon to cdntlnue lest he be ac
cused of unfairness.
Thievery Charges Unfair.
'a a to thievery in the convention,
the allegations were unfounded. I w"
rannaated to serve as a member of the
...j.h.Ii committee from Oregon.
ia-a k.v..-. J T
But I was an avowed lan man u
i..,j nr that reason my actions
l.),i ha takAn as BrejUQICBU B.UU uu-
fair and I retuseo. x
stand that as the delegation was
pledged to Roosevelt some Roosevelt
supporter should be named on the cre-
the time it gets to the factory until.
finished. If there be no bad luck.
tha n.rt waa rna norior s iiiuiik
rnnm whara tne natlent is lllLea w.lii
lenses out of a sample case, so as to
get proper correction, which is no sim
ple matter, as there is only one of
several nearly fits that is the absolute
u. aim fnfnrmad me hOW easy
it was to make a mistake in tne iuuns
of glasses, and also why a person con
templating getting glasses should go to
a. c.nmnetent oDtometrist (one who
moWc a analaltv Of fitting glasses)
and not a person " who does not make
, iv s,r rna aama. 1 1 R &isu ex
plained the reason of the several in
struments that he had, and the neces
sity nf havinar the same, all of them
v, r ih. varv latpst make.
Dr. Dubaek also lniormea me mi u.
had the exclusive agency or tne
mnuntinar and th'e Neutro Rayo lens,
thai tha Kavdee moununn was
sruaranteea aKainst xr
w. ar, A harl nn arraws to work lOOSe.
The Neutro Rayo lens is absolutely the
only lens on the market that produces
the sort oiue ugni, nu r A
wear under gas, sun or electric light.
He also showed me some cheap lenses
and frames, which are sold, as so-called
Mil II
Buvvyji'.r .- - swift, of first-class material, but on Deing ex-
denUals committee. 11H A.V. Sw lft or I'"1 da8ge d,rferen-Ce, It seemed a pity
n.ksr Tx-a aelected. I asked Mr. Swill f ' ... nnalHar S-Attlne- a
uik.r. was selected. ' I asked
...-rcari as to the actions of the com
mittee and he stated that the great
nf rha contests were abso-
ii.iv vvniinrlless.
"As to the two California delegates
technically they were entitled to a seat
In the convention. The National cora-
ln aandlns: OUt IIS can
Portland boy and
that one would ever consider getting a nf chean el asses, when so much
depends on tne eyes.
1 - n.ihorV la a P
Af tha. TTniversltV Of
tha Michigan ODtlcal College. A
few moments' talk with the doctor soon
convinces you mat no murousmy uu
Am him hnalnass. and one on
n.-hnm von can strictly rely when it
districts. " " - -" -,a ina- rorner Sixth ana Aiaer.
California gave Roosevelt between 60.- ;nK- c"
nn A Til AAfl VAtttll HDDHrtlULiy ia va
the Roosevelt California delegates tet and Haille Parrish Hinges furnUhed
should have been seated, but from tne music during the evening.
standpoint of the can 01 100
1. .... tha two which were con-
tested rightfully should have been seat
ed for Taft
Third Party Doubted.
In their districts they received the
highest number of votes and under the
terms of the call of the National com
which stated delegates should
ce voted for by districts, they were en-
iiiuj In aaats. 3UI as wo
Railway Franchise Carrying Emer
gency Clause Unpopular.
SALEM, Or., July 11. (Special.)
were Declaring that If the emergency clause
pledged for Roosevelt we followed out tacked to the franchise for the Port
that pledge and voted with the Roose- land Eugene & Eastern extensions in
. r.-tinn in that case.' iki. la vnt r.mnveil before Das-
,3.V . . . I .MM.J . . . .
Mr. Bynon refused to comment ou everv member otthe council who
rhnlm of the Jjemocrats. uui u.v. 1 foP it should be recauea. n. a.
1- atrant a third party is organized netltion de
with Roosevelt as its leader it will be nouncing the Council for considering
of material benefit to Taft ,h franchise with the distasteful
"I think that the same element ui ,,,- included.
will vote for Wilson would also vote The petltion is signed by some of the
for Roosevelt ana wim uuu. most substantial citizens.
field there would do a atciuta m Representatives of the company say
between the ultra-raoicaie. oui i ,t ,8 nopea to have tne improvement
.o,. ima I am doubtful as to a third !,, h rh. nnnnlnsr of the State Fair,
party ever materializing. I think and accoraingly, hope to secure pas-
Roosevelt IS a Daca nu.nuo. " aira of the francnise wnnom uc.oy.
been relegated to 1110
Fair Formally Opened.
Tha i-harrv Va.lT was formally opened
in tha Armory. 8. O. sargeant.
nraairiant of the association, making
the address of welcome In the absence
of Mayor Lachmund.
An aniiraaa nn "uresron m inuuBwic
by Eugene Brookings, 01 i-oniano. ana
an address on "How women -an neip
the Industries or Oregon , oy mwi
Tozler Wetherred, vice-president of
tha Washinaton Press Association,
were features tf the evenings pro-
rrra m m m
a hrlaf talk on woman's suffrage
was also given by Mrs. Albert Ehrgott,
of Portland. The Stalwart jaaie viuar-
and Go to
100 Miles of Columbia-River Scenery
Leave Portland 9:10 A. M. Arrive Beach
Points for luncheon. Spend the afternoon at
the ocean, returning after dinner. Arrive Port
land 10:30 P. M.
Observation Parlor Cars, large Coaches.
v, r.0;r,a fi -sn P. M. daily : 2 :00 P. M. Saturday.
First-class hotels for meals and longer visus.
Surf bathing, fishing, etc.
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