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Horry in to the
Second Death Is Narrowly Es
caped at Country Club
Racing Event.
Twice -Yearly
Sale of
S ? r? - f
Stark Faces Destruction to Evade
Crowd, Comes Down TTnhnrt but
Machine Wrecked Oldf leld
- Makes Kew Auto Record.
Halt of the spectators who watched
Barney Old field break the Western
nUe-traclc ecord at the Country Club
track yesterday remained for the
scheduled areoplane flight and were
thrown Into a veritable panic when W.
M. Stark plunged 50 feet to the earth
In his Curtlss machine and miraculous
ly escaped death. He deliberately
pointed the nose of his speeding bi
plane to the ground to avoid killing
several people by crashing Into sev
eral automobiles filled with terrified
race fans, and how he escaped virtual
ly without a acratoh was a aource of
mystery to the people.
There was a general rush for the
shattered machine. The spectators ex
pected to pick up the mangled body of
the young aviator. He, however, booed
up with a smile of appreciation to
those who rushed to his aid. His only
Injury was a slight abrasion under his
Stark could not explain how he
escaped death except that the force of
the machine falling pitched him bead
first from his seat Just before It struck
the ground.- -
Trouble Begins Early, r'J
Stark had considerable difficulty
starting the aeroplane. Tired of wait
ing, the crowd filed out of the arena
until only about 3000 people remained
for the flight. The carburetor was not
working properly and was fixed hur
riedly to avoid disappointing those who
waited. As the biplane lifted In the
air for the first trail It took a slg
sag course down the field, making one
dangerous dip near the line of auto
mobiles. Stark glided safely to the
ground and adjusted the carburetor
once more. When he started again It
was noticeable that the motor was
working much better, but the trained
ears of the automobile men caught the
sound of the engine missing and pre
dicted his flight would be a short
Heading South, Stark attempted to
make the west curve. Several automo
biles were underneath him and their
occupants looked for him to swing
round without trouble. When he was
forced to alight, Stark's machine was
pointed directly at the autos. ' There
was no chance for him to go over. them
without running Into the bank. Right
under him was a small open space. It
was either drop Into that, with death
staling him In the face, or drive Into
the filled motor cars.
Aviator's Decision Heroic,'
It was a moment of Intense suspense.
Before the aviator lay the field of auto
mobiles tilled with handsomely gowned
women and men In brilliant carnival
colore. People In the machines made a
wild scramble for safety. Women half
Jumped out of the automobiles and
sought ' protection on the far side of
their cars. Many made a run for the
embankment. Those near the track ex
pected to see the aeroplane crash Into
the sea of humanity that spread under
neath It.
Swiftly Stark altered his course and
pointed the machine .almost directly
tor the ground. It was all done so
quickly that few of those In the death
sone knew what they escaped by the
viator's heroic work.
The fall of the biplane was fast.
When Fred Bennett severed mana
gerial relations with Silas Chrlstoffer
son the latter refused to fly during the
auto races, as he agreed, through Ben
nett, to do. This attraction was Ad
vertised and the men handling the meet
made special efforts to make good.
Stark agreed to fly, but had so much
trouble getting his machine ready that
the committee called It off after It had
been announced he would fly. So anx
Iqus was he to go through with It that
Stark finally made a new agreement
rwlth the club officials, and the crowd
vii asked to wait. Stark was to circle
'the track three times.
" . OMfleM Breaks Record,
t : Aside trom the spectacular aeroplane
episode, the work of Barney Oldfleld
jagaln featured the afternoon carnival
tof speed. The daring king of track
ilrlvers piloted his 100-horsepower
Christie around the circular course In
62 seconds, breaking all mllet track
records for the Pacific Coast. The best
previous time was 62 2-6 seconds, made
by the same driver on Ascot Park
track In Los Angeles three years ago.
It was Barney's first attempt of the
'day to beat the record. He was spurred
on by the fast driving of Teddy Tetx
.laff. who turned the mile In ES 1-5
seconds In his CO-horsepower Plat.
In bis dash against time Oldfleld had
fa flying start. The giant Christie.
;belchlng smoke and fire. tore
:down the straightaway at a 100-mile
an hour dip. As It passed the grand
stand and Starter King fired the start
ling signal the crowd yelled In enthu
siastic approval. He slowed up at the
jlaat turn, where, the day before, Chris
Dundee was sent hurtling to the bottom
of the ravine 40 feet below. But roar
ing and snorting It whlssed past the
nishing line for a new record.
On this trip be carried Roscoe
JJTswcett, of The Oregonlan. He told
the sport writer as they passed the
ludges' stand that he did the mile in
62 seconds. And. sure enough, when
tbey came back they found that the
prediction was correct to the minutest
i . It was the fastest mile that Fawcett
ever traveled, and he marveled at the
rnanner In which Oldfleld handled the
; I "On the curves he used but one hand
on the steering wheel, and worked the
far around In such masterful fashion
bat it skidded . very little," said
(Faweett. "The only time he slowed up
was on the last curve. Oldfleld thinks
fae can cover the track In 48 seconds
fter be gets used to the car. He has
driven It In only two meets, here and
at Butte. Walter Christie, who built
the ear and sold It to Oldfleld. told
Barney at the time of the sale that he
K Oldfleld) would be killed Inside of six
months If he stuck with it."
Yesterday's races, though not as
Xast at Tuesday's, provided more ex
citement and genuine Interest. Right
In the first event a three-mile match
race between Lew Helnemann, in a
Bens, and "Wild Bill" Frltseh, Cino
pilot. stirring finish thrilled the
crowd. Helnemann won In 1:01.
1 Oldfleld. driving the Christie, met
the winner of this event In a twff-mile
race and nosed out "Heiney." Old-
' . Tetslaff Shews Speed.
5 ' Teddy Tetslaff. who does not claim
to be track driver, took whirl at
l . . .. -
1. Aviator Stark. After Aeeidesti 2, Bar.
er Oldfleld, lm Christie, Wlnnlna
Close Race Fraa Lew Helaenaaa, In
a Beu S. Stark's Aereplaae After It
Plnaared to the Earth) 4, Tetslaff aad
Hill Making Complete Tire Change
la Fast Time of SO Second.
the mile track record and breeaed over
the line in :63 1-6.
What turned out to be one of the
best races of the day was when the
three-man Flat team hooked up In a
match race. Tetzlaff, Verbeck and Hill
were at the wheels. The superiority
of Tetslaff was shown at the -start,
when he whiaaed away like a" flash.
Verbeck. In the mate to Teddy's car.
gave him a close Drusn lor tne nrsi
four miles. Tetzlarrs time was J-,
while Verbeck crossed . the tape four
seconds later.
In the five-mile race for cars of
S00 cubic-inch piston displacement,
Tetslaff hooked up with Frltseh and
Helnemann, of the Oldfleld string. His
car was by far the fastest. His time
for the five laps was 4:S9 1-6..
"Wild William," as the crowd called
Frltseh,- was not- satisfied with his
first try against Helnemann and the
latter agreed to give him revenge.
This was race not on the programme
and It turned out to be the most ex
citing of tho lot. Friendly team rela
tions were cast aside and eaoh was
determined to win. The crowd howled
with delight as the little Clno.- popu
lar because, of Its . .diminutive sise.
showed flash of speed and tore ahead
of the big Bens. Soon Helnemann was
In the lead again and finished Just a
nose In front of the "wild" driver. His
time was :54 .J-6.
Tetzlaff gave an exhibition of quick
tire changing. . He and Hill, his
mechanician, made a complete change
and put their car under way in SO
seconds, record for that kind of
work. v
In the first motorcycle race Vern
Maakel, on an Indian, won from Qua
Peppel, riding an Excelsior, In 9:27 J-6
for ten miles. Later, in a five-mile
event. Maskel again trimmed Peppel.
His time was 4:43 2-6.
The scheduled aviation meet ' at the
Country Club track for today and to
morrow has been called off. An acci
dent to Aviator Stark Is the cause of
the meet being cancelled. ' The machine
was eo badly wrecked, that It is im
possible to get It in shape for today.
Berlin has -never driven Stark's ma
chine and does not want to take s
chance of wrecking It.
Finishes In Heats Exciting The
Limit Pacts Mile In 9:04 1-4.
GRAND RAPIDS. Mich., July 10.
Extra heats and close finishes marked
the second day of the Grand Circuit
races. The furniture manufacturers'
purse, $10,000, 2:13 class trot, the fea
ture of the meet, went five heats. Re
sults: 2:20 class pacing, purse $1000, three
in five Warner Hall won the fourth,
fifth and sixth heats and the race:
Beth Clark won the first and second
heats, and Jessie Direct the third heat.
The Assessor, Flaget, Alice K, Kather.
tne E. and Maxlne Audubon also start
ed. Best time. 3:07 54.
Giftline purse, $2000, 2:05 class, pac
ing, three In five The Limit won the
second, third and fourth heats and the
race; Zombrewer won the first heat.
Branham Baughman, Glnner, Peter the
Second, Jim Logan, Don Pronto and
Major Brlno also started. Best time,
Furniture manufacturers' purse. $10,
000, 2:12 class trotting, three in five
Baden, by Blngaro Kadalb, won the
third, fourth and fifth heats and the
race; Esther W. won the first heat;
Miss Arehdale won the second heat;
Marigold, Ruth McGregor, the Wander
er, May Mack, Lady Green Goods and
Bergen started. Best time, 2:08V4.
2:18 trot, purse $1000, three In five
(unfinished) Queen Lake won the
second and third heata; Sunday Morn
ing won the first heat. ' Ella Todd,
Amy, Pretoria Mo.. Capital and May
Grattan also started. Best time, 1:12 H.
Minor Baseball.
" The Portland Colored Giants want n
out of town game for Sunday, July' 14.
The manager, George Ellison, can be
reached at 764 Water street.
The Maccabees, No. 1, would like
game for - the same date; writs to J.
W. Brown. 7S Kelly strett
The opening games of the Portland
Twilight Baseball League occured Tues
day night, the Weonas defeating the
Timms-Cress nine, 12 to l, ana tne
Honeyman Hardware team taking the
Dooley & Co, aggregation, a to 0.
' Mm... .-I--
T ,,. ., ,' , , ,, M v.y--f.r-7 I
Other Clnbs Plan to Continue on
Schedule and Ask Everett
Take Vacant Place.
CHEHALIS, Wash., July 10. (Spe
cial.) The . Washington State League
today lost Aberdeen's club from its
membership, owing to financial difficul
ties, Chehalis. Centra.Ha- and Hoqulam
remaining in. " ' Manager Haly. of
Everett, has been invited to accept a
franchise in the State League and the
master will be settled with him prob
ably, late tonight. It Is intimated that
Everett looks on the proposition with
favor. Until a fourth club Is provided,
however, the organisation will go on
with the three clubs.
At a meeting of Manager Dysart of
the Centralla team held here tooay
with President Albers of the State
League, various point: of difference
were amicably adjusted. The matter
of the protested game that was thrown
out and ordered played over between
Centralla and Hoqulam Is to' be sub
mitted to Secretary Farrell. of the Na
tional - Commission. Tomorrow Che
halis team will go to Hoqulam to play
the usual series of games. By an
other week it is hoped to have filled
Aberdeen's place and have the league
going In good shape again.
Lack of Funds Causes Discontinu
ance of Gaines at Grays Harbor.
ABERDEEN, Wash., July 10. (Spe
cial.) As the result of a long distance
conference over the telephone between
the managers of the Centralla and Che
halis teams, a decision was reached
this afternoon In Aberdeen to discon
tinue keeping a team In the Washing
ton State League. All hope to solicit
sufficient funds to carry on the game
was practically abandoned last night
and - the decision today was the last
The death' of the game here Is by no
means due to lack of interest on the
part of the fans in Southwestern Wash
ington, but unfavorable weather con
ditions put damper on the attend
ance from the very beginning of the
season. All members of the team. It is
learned, will be paid In full tonight.
Pugilist Says McNeil Has All Ear
marks of Future Champion.
. Allan McNeil, the clever Columbus
Club bantamweight boxer who won the
championship of the Pacific Northwest
at the recent International meet at the
Multnomah Club, Is to be a future
world's champion in the opinion or
Abe Attell. ex-feather title bolder.
. Attell watched McNeil yesterday in
his training work for the Elks' enter
talnment at the Helllg Theater tomor-
se y
row night, and pronounced him a wonder.-
. ..v.-..
"That kid is. ready for Champion
Johnny Coulon right now," said Attell.
"He Is the classiest youngster I have
seen in years. He has a good Jolt In
either hand and wonderful natural
cleverness. I would like to take' him
back to San Francisco with me."
McNeil meets Frank Wands at 116
pounds Thursday for the Pacific Coast
championship as one of the headline
attractions on an excellent programme
Drenared bv Jack Day. Columbus in
structor, who has staged a series of
successful smokers during the Winter.
Phil Polsky, the "Fighting News
hov'" who made a hit at the May mati
nees in Oregon Hall, has been secured
to oppose Whltey Lewis. This will be
the boys' third meeting, jaacn - uu
wnn a victorv.
The me'St Is being conducted by the
sanction of the Amateur Athletic Union
nf Amnrli-ji and all the athletes are
registered boxers and wrestlera. About
10 bouts have been arranged. -.
Trixrte B- Elks, of Billings, to Play
Multnomah Club Five.
Two of the best basketball teams
of America will clash tonight, when
the Triple B. Elks' quint, of Billings,
Mont., and the Multnomah Club Ave, of
Portland, meet to settle supremacy.
The clubs will- line up as follows:
Mnitmh club Fisher. Dent, Mas
ters, forwards; Keck.- Morris, guards;
Schram, Pugh, Allen (captain), guards.
Triple B's Salsbury. Markham, tor
wards; Todd, center; Thoiine, Peterson.
Wilkstrom. guards.
The game will be called soon after
Alnrlr on the Multnomah Club floor,
following a parade of the Montana
delegation, 200 strong, led by the Great
Falls Fife and Drum v;orps.
"We will enter the big pex4 to
morrow," said Captain Markham, com
peting for the unique costumes prises
of $300, $200 and $100. The boys will
wear purple Jerseys with white let
tering, white trunks with purple stripes,
purple hose, white stripes and white
duck hats with purple band.
The Billings baskethallers have not
been beaten for two years and have
toured the country and met all comers.
Chrlstofferson Leaves for San Fran
.. clsoo to Purchase Outfit.
Silas Chrlstofferson, the Manning
aviator who astounded 60,000 specta
tors during Rose Festival by flying off
the top of the Multnomah Hotel, leaves
Portland tomorrow for San Francisco.
Chrlstofferson will return In a fort
night with a 100-horsepower Curtlss
hydroplane. ' .
"When I get back I Intend to give a
free hydroplane exhibition on the Wil
lamette River for the edification of
Portland people." said the blrdman. ' I
had expected to fly at the automobile
races, but the officials would not come
through with enough money. I would
rather fly Sot nothing than for a
paltry lum." . . ,. -
, Golden Goes to Walla Walla.
; CHEHALIS, Wash, July 10. (Sue-
cial.) w. E. Golden, the State League
substitute umpire, has been chosen as a
nmnlra in the Tri-State League
and left yesterday for Wall Walla.
f 'v.
Fast Horses From McMlnnville, For
est Grove and Gresham Coming",
6 0 Entries in Prospect.
The longest list of entries brought
together for a Riverside Driving Club
matinee this season will be represent-
nA at thn two-day harness meet, Satur
day and Sunday, July 18 and 14. Fast
horses from McMInnvllle, Forest Grove
and Gresham are now on the road,
making the total number of prospective
starters close to 60.
Fred Brooker. of Vancouver, Wash.
will bring General B. with ' which he
expects to make a clean sweep of the
v - re A
a1 lusa
r, Troy, Hew Tor
For That
Fishing Trip
"We offer a few sugges
tions:. Buoktail Trout,
"Flies, "K. K." Snelled
Hooks, "Blue Ribbon"
Gut Leaders, Tapered Fly
Casting Lines, Backus -
' Band-Made Flies, "Tyee"
Salmon Eggs.
to h causht hundreds of trout
with tackle tho same as listed above
Nuf ced. .,. -
Backus & Morris
Betweea First and seeou at.
$20.00 Suits for...... 815.00 $30.00 Suits for..., ..$23.50
$25.00 Suits for...... $19.00 I $35.00 Suits for...... $26.50
3:M trot The bone bas been perform
ing' in many local meets and the Port
land drivers are viewing the race with
L. w. Watts, of McIClnnvtlla, ta al
ready on the course with Sable Hal,
one of the best pacers at the meets
up Willamette Valley. Hal Boy, the
2:0 champion at the Gresham meet,
will be on the track with J. 8. Crane
In the seat.
fiargo, owned by Tom Howltt, anoth
er stellar performer at the reotnl
Gresham meet. Is also llstad as o,'
starter and will give the trotttors a
run for the first place.
Fred Merrill will enter Rod Kftl, the
winner of the last events of the River
side Driving Club. This Is Merrill's
best horse at present. The steed has
caused much favorable oomment among
horsemen and stands a good chanse to
repeat Its performance of two weeks
E. Dennlson's Hal Horte and T. T.
Howlrt's Hallle C, fast turf-beaters.
Second Shasta Limited
5:50 P. M.
Itfil SUNSET swl
(July 13. IS, 14)
To accommodate the B. P. O. E. and friends, the
"Shasta Limited" will run in two sections on the
above days, both trains carrying complete equipment
Observation Car, Pullman Drawing-room Sleeping
Cars and Diner. Electric lighted throughout,;;;, .;
Elks and friends desiring to return to or through
California are earnestly requested to secure sleeping
car accommodations as early as possibile. .
Both sections will make connection with the
"Owl" train for Los Angeles. .
For further particulars, reservations, etc., call at
City Ticket Office, Third and Washington Streets.
JOHN M. SCOTT, General Passenger Agent,
Portland, Oregon.
WHEN the heat
oppresses and dis
tresses, get into
-Loose Fitting V. V. U.
Coat Cut Undershirts and.
Knee Length JLJrawers
or Union Suits. There'll
be no pulling or tugging
to get out of them, r ur
chase a suit today.
This Rd Woven Label
S. V. D. Cnt Cut Outer,
.ablra ind Ksm Laxtb
Sum 50b 7Sc 11.00
St 50 l
( TmirMmk Ftf.U.S.'PaL Off. and Foreign CmnMa)
b sewn oh every B. V. D. Undergarment.
Take no undergarment, without this label.
The B. V. D. Company,
Wholesale Distributers of B. V. D. Products.
Seven Passenger Garf ord
Ideal for livery business. First-class condition.
16th AND ALDER PHONES: A 7171, MAIN 4337
. Near
are also entered for the events. Many
of the regular winners of the club will
be outclassed. It is thought, because
of the many fine horses coming from
outside points.
Saturday's programme will consist of
a 2:30 pace,.2:S0 trot and a free.for-all
pace. Sunday will have the same events
practically, with the starters that fall
to get placed Saturday.
The first prize for each of the
events, a high-class "hike," Is luring a
good many horses out. The second
place will be rewarded with a track
harness, third with a woolen suit and
fourth with a whalebone whip.
' . . . .
Morrow Votes Bond Issue.
HEPPN'ER, Or., July 10. (Special.)
In the recent school district bond elec
tion held here the voters by big ma
jority voted to Issue bonds' for the pur
chase of a tract of land to cost not
over 21800 and for the construction of
a schoolhouse to cost not over
27 Hours
San Francisco
B. T. D. tTBlon Sain P.
4-1047; 1.00 1.W
12.00 13.00 'wi S-00