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Musicians Parade in Streets of
Business Sections Great
Throngs Appreciative. ' -
Though Amusement Park Is
Theirs, Thousands Throng
the Streets.
Only Tired and Aching Feet Today
' Testify to Many Times 'Paved
"Ways Are Circled toy Bands
and Happy Revelers.
T. tm . n iAjaflrv tn mrnvlde an Of
ficial programme covering: every hour
f the day and night to be assured that
a n aaa civ inrh am Are -Portland's
guests, will enjoy themselves. When it
comes to proviaing lor meir-uwu rmoi
i . -nMav1.t'AH hv the HraltA
LftUiUiSUl. uiiivB...v.-
tions of a printed order of exercises, the
Elks are the original inventors. And
they proved it last nigrht.
' The fixed programme for convention
i- ,-,.,4 In ailvanpii f amide
yesterday for the Oaks. The amusement
resort was reserved for the entire day
-rrfnsivelT for the Elks and their
friends .
. n a m n tham nAfl the after
noon or night in the enjoyment of the
jnany entertaining nuatuuM up
Willamette River. But thousands more
remained in the city and forgot that
the Chutes. Figure Eight and Bump-the-Bumps
had ever been Invented for
the pleasure of care-free visitors to this
city. Instead, they improvised a pro
gramme of entertainment that unde
niably served the purpose for -which it
was composed.
Streets Isa TkromfnL
. - Beginning early in the evening and
continuing long after midnight, the visiting-
Elks and -their friends, accom
panied by newly-formed acquaintances,
thronged the streets embraced by the
Court of Honor. How many times the
revelers made the circuit of ths bril
liantly lighted court, only tired and
aching feet will testify this morning.
The grouch, and be did not. have to be
-of the "perpetual" type, either, waa
obliged to abdicate to the light-hearted
Tun makers.
J.' Elk Takes Role of Clewa. '
'Good-natured 'jesting was freely In
dulged In and nobody was offended.
Several bands paraded and played the
latest popular numbers. The music
transformed sections of the marching
pedestrians into animated dancers. One
lone Elk became particularly conspicu
ous by donning the costume of a clown.
It was a uniformly happy assemblage.
" Early in the evening the streets sur
rounding the Portland Hotel were filled
with thousands of the. pleasure-seekers,
who gathered to hear the concert by
the Idaho band and to witness the
antics of the mule mascot which ac
companied the delegation from Oregon's
sister state on the east.
Even the considerate patrolmen were
hot exempt, from the jokes that were
perpetrated. . One Jovial Elk, weighing
probably 300 pounds, meeting a po
liceman, less than one-half his size,
on Seventh, street near the Iperlal Ho
tel, spoke in the following serious
vein: ' " '
"I thought I told you fb Keep on
the curb . and not again get out in
the street where you might be, struck
-Guess you did." came back the pa
trolman, who stood for the "call down,"
,"and I am aware you are big enough
to enforce the order.
- And so it was, "Everybody waa dotn
it." Nobody waa spared and every
body got his. -
HcMiwrrUfe Decorates and Teclarea
Holiday for Today's Parade..
JTMTNNVrLJJi Or.. July . 10. (Spe
cial.) This is Elks week. Even Mo
Mlnnvillo, although SO miles distant
from ths seat of the great Elks' re
union, have honored . Oregon's prom
inent visitors. Elks colors are evi
dent in many ways, being displayed in
windows of most of the leading busi
ness houses of this city.
' AU the Elkdom of McMinnville lodge
Ko. IMS. known as the baby Elk lodge
of the world, are attending the reunion
la Portland and tomorrow a general
exodus of McMinnvllle's population
will take place, ail headed for Port
land. -
.The- McMinnville lodge will enter in
the parade an appropriate float repre
senting this new organization and they
aspect to be granted their charter at
this convention, to which purpose .the
Salem and Albany lodges have offered
their support.
- Business houses in general will close
up tomorrow, making it In fact a holi
day for this city. The Southern Pa
cino are allowing excursion rates and
are running extra trains between Mc
Uinnville . and Portland, a feature of
(Treat advantage to valley people.
. The organizing-of the Elks here an
nounces to the -world that McMinnville
xtow has a population .of 6000 people,
as that number is required in any city
before a lodge can be organized. For
merly Elks of McMinnville were a
part of the Salem lodge and had to
Journey to the Capital to attend meet
ings. .
Sidney Smttxi Gets Tjost on Way to
r -,
Portland Qrond Iiodfe.
..Omaha has four past exalted rulers,
Idaho has a donkey, Los Angeles has
a badge collector and Portland, until
yesterday afternoon, had. the "long and
short" of the convention. Now Seattle
has com forward with another celeb
rity, the shortest Elk that has yet
grown horns, and its name is Sidney
Smith, msgaslne writer. Press Club
member, a T 1111 cum and booster for the
Golden Potlatcb.
t. Sidney Smith is so short that he has
to use a stepladder to get in bed. When
Mr. Smith was registering yesterday
a brother Elk held him up to the
counter. He Is accompanied by Mrs.
-Smith. The "Bugs" from down Pot
latch way are telling a new. story on
Mr. Smith.
. Mr. Smith was with an aggregation
of boosters on an excursion, when he
got separated from the crowd in his
car. A practical Joker got down on
all fours and began looking under the
seats. Ths Seattle man ' had not
searched long before be had a couple
of negro porters kneeling near him to
help him in the search. Presently on
of the porters ventured:
"And what 'ah yo' lookin' fob. mis
tahT" "We's Just missed Mr. Smith.' re
plied th "Bug," soberly. "Look under
that paper over mere.
The negro looked.
Fifteen million rats hare bees sacrificed
mine 1904 for the sake of the preventive
- mi.i mmA - ftf 1 a mm
III Blll j.i . " . .. w -
brought forth- by the metropolitan police
lilt M rm. v i 'iiiiip
- V 1! V 11 ,-, ,W, . " la,." -1 Hmn Mftl..TTi riHr
It John K. Tener,
. seated "Abran
11am T. La wren c
. Pm, and H. B.
Fred Harper,
ne . I. & :
'15, Sam Fran dace's Hlgk-Clasa Band.
THE Denver delegation of the ant
lered herd took possession of the
Hotel Portland grill last night and Just
about turned It upside down and right
side out. The main feature of the day
-arfeifh almost neces
sitated removing some of the walls. A
new yell was also sprung. - n. cm
something like this: .
Come to Denver
We ask yon once, we ask yon twice.
There we will always treat you nlcej -
Are we Elks, wall I should say;
Why we were Elks when there was the
m. rvnvp . wvrvr. . the Elks' narty
f from Los Angeles were two live
nntrtrhnt that were obtained from the
celebrated ostrich farm at Pasadena.
Shortly after arriving in Portland one
of the Dims,' m.ea, proDaoiy uruuju
fatigue. . His companion, despite his
inn.nn,na '.tiiii1'.rM!( and defiant
at the California Elks' headquarters,
less numbers or visitors. . .
BUCK KEITH has always maintained
that Nebraska City. Neb. his na
tive town, was th only municipality,
"on the map."' Keith's friends- have
been Just as insistent that his conten
tion was not entirely-sound and have
chlded him on account of it "Just
wait until the Nebraska delegation of
Elks gets here and I will show you how
Nebraska City stands," assured Keith
to his friends several days ago. "They
will wear the ' most elaborate badges
that will appear in Portland during
convention week." The Nebraska City
delegation arrived yesterday. It in
cluded one- lone delegate, .James Laid
law. but he did not wear even a. sign
of a badge. Keith is now looking" for
other proof that there Is such a place
as Nebraska' City. ' ;
Ir remained for visiting Elk to- In
still some common sense into the
"noodles" of . a couple of "smart
Alecks," between 22 and 24 years of
age, it appearances . may' be trusted,
during - the olectric - parade Tuesday
night. These would-be clever youths
were loitering -on Washington street
near Fourteenth and tapping women,
without regard to their age, on th
cheeks as they passed and ducking
back into the shadow of a restaurant
entrance. A tall lanky Elk came along
with a couple of women under his
escort and the "trick" was repeated on
one of them. He managed to catch a
glimpse of one of . the youths dis
appearing into the alcove. Coming
back, ho administered to each a half,
dozen or so stinging open-handed slapa
A roan in the reataurant who had
watched the young men'a performance
for a quarter of an hour or so came
out and helped the visitor by holding
the tricksters. :
GEORGE Dixon, of Portland, is secre
tary of the Oregon State Hotel As
sociation. George Dixon, of Oakland,
CaL. is manager, of the Argonaut Ho.
tel. San Fxanolsoo. a "Hello Bill" and
,rt. tU MiaT
Part GrDd Exalted Rnler and Cwr.l r"""'!"' ", . " L " T V . o H i'. m V? Perro'tt. of ludi.n.poH., the tatter a Member o the New Home Comml-lon4. Wll-
Carmany. of Alleatowa. i-e-, 'ames jr. -y , oj s w7rher" SuTt 10 Albert UrelnlK, of ChUIieothe Oll, John P. Ka-h, of MlnneapolIsia, Marion B.
f Lynchbars. Va, Caairmaa of the Rltnal Committee, VHth His Sonny Weather SniMO. e v"wh ,' jH Addlnon for Grand Ksteemed Leading Knight.
Stats Band IS. Roland K. Slason. of Jamestown, I. 1 . i-fc . u ' - , . .
With J. B. Harbour. Delegate From
one of the delegates to the Elks' grand
lodge reunion. For the past three or
four days the Portland George Dixon
has been receiving the mail of the Cali
fornia George Dixon and industriously
tramping with it down to the Per
kins Hotel, the Oaklahder's headquar
ters. Yesterday the two were intro
duced by Manager Swetland of - the
"Hello George, said the Portlander.
"Glad to meet you. How. are you
George T'
"Fino and dandy, George," said the
San Francisco George Dixon; "Have a
drink, George?"
"Don't mind if I do, George," said
the Portland George Dixon.
The two kept on "Georglng" each
other ad infinitum much to the amuse
ment of Manager Swetland and others
who were let In on the faots.
INVITATIONS wore yesterday issued
to all visiting Elks by the' members
of the Tacoma delegation for . next
Saturday -night, when the Montamara
Festo ' and Fourth- of July - speotaole
will be repeated at the High School
Stadium in that city.- . The. programmo
for the night Includes a complete rep
etition of the recent suocessful demonstration,-
embracing a military drill by
1800 soldiers,-and a broadsword "battle
between members of troop B. Calvary.
Tacoma. Numerous other entertaining
features have been supplied by-the com
mittee in charge.
WITH . a want . ad reading, "Lost,
, strayed or stolen one -Elk, an
swers to" the name "of" Thomas Malra.
Any information leading to his capture
will bo rewarded at room 620 Carlton
Hotel," E. J. Manche. of Tacoma," drift
ed into The Oregonlan office yesterday
afternoon. Mr. Manche explained that
he had "been looking for ' that cuss
for two days" and concludes by saying
that he felt reeponslble to the people of
Tacoma for his fellow townsman's safe
ty.. ... - ,;-
AFILIPPINO supper, will be served
bythe members of . .Soout-.Toung
camp, of the Spanish American War
veterans tomorrow- evening at Knights
of Pythias' Hall, Eleventh and . Alder
streets, in honor of visiting' Elks who
are members of the Spanish American
War veterans. Open house -Will be con
ducted throughout the evening. An in;
terestlng entertainment programme al
so has been prepared."
Wtt.t.tam H.'' ATWELL, of , Dallas,
- Tex, a delegate to the Elks con.
ventlon. and D. O. Lively.j vlce-presi-f
dent of the Portland Union Stockyards
Company, atarted in life together down
in Texas, Atwell as a young attorney
and Lively, as he puts it himself, as
a "cub" newspaper reporter. The other
eight at th Beefsteak dinner given by
the . Elks publicity committee to Port
land and visiting newspaper men they
got together and became reminiscent.
"Do you remember, Bill," asked
Lively, "when w used to have only a
quarter between us for a meal and how
sometimes we bucked the faro layout
- - - . '.' n.i,i..j n,.t KniiniUnlMi r Oaliud BakM. of Taylorsvflle, 111 who rre-
Jfo. S at Extreme Left.
In the hope of running it up t a couple
of dollars and having a royal feast?
Jove, we did have a great time, now
that I look back to it."
"Yes, and do you remember what a
great fix we'd get In when we lost our
small changer returned the Texan.
Mr. Attell is now a United States
District Attorney and a political power
In Texas. Lively, in addition to his of
ficial position with the Portland Union
Stockyards Company, has been appoint
ed Livestock Commissioner for the big
fair in San Francisco in 1915. , Both
have made good.
THE O.-W. R. 4 N. has handled at
the" Union Depot approximately
10,000 pieces of baggage since the Elks
rush, commenced, according to the
statement of A. C Martin,- assistant
general passenger-agent,' of the 0.-W.
R, N. He said yesterday that in spite
of this immense amount of baggage not
a complaint has been made of baggage
gone astray. "I think the record a re
markable one," he commented. ,
THE Pendleton cowboy. Elks, who
will arrive at 5:80 A.-- M. " today,
will leave ther special" train at the
Country Club and will ride to Portland
from there on "horseback. Their wives
and children will continue to ,the .Union
Depot on the train, after .eating break
fast at the Country . Club, where two
diners will be stationed by the railroad
company. ',
A SPECIAL train, carrying at least
650 persons, will leave Astoria at
6:S0 o'clock this morning, arriving here
at 8:30. Members of the Astoria lodge
In uniform will march from the North
Bank station- to the parade lines and
will form- immediately for their posi
tion. Several hundred Astorians al-
Iready are In the city. Others will come
on regular trains. Boats ana uuucuu
It is estimated that Astoria will con
tribute at least , 2000 persons to to
day's crowds. . ' ' . '
BALTIMORE has entered the race
wrth Louisville: Atlanta and Cin
cinnati for the 1914 convention. Ralph
Sacks, a live member of -Baltimore
Lodge No. 7, la the man behind the
Maryland city who is pushing for the
big meeting two years from now. -.
THOMAS r B.; . MILLS, J-newly-elected
-grand exalted ruler, was waited
upon : by. the representatives of the
Pasadena ostrich farm yesterday and
presented with three lovely, white fea
thers, picked from the best of the 2000
ostriches under th car of .the com
pany. ' The distinguished man expressed
hia thanks and referred in a compli
mentary manner to the institution.
Portland,": who served asr advance
agent for the : Elks' convention in the
Southwest and who is responsible for
bringing many Elks here from that dis
trict, yesterday entertained a group of
delegates with a good-luck story.
"Tears ago," said the-Colonel. "I was
prospecting in the Arizona desert and
was looking for copper, when l ran
out of water. I then met a roan who
had run out of food. He showed me
Where there was a water hole and I
gave him grub. He was broke and he
sold me for S35 some rough uncut
sapphires. Not long ago I sent them to
Tiffany and had them cut. Tiffany
pronounced them the equal of any In
the world. One Is worth over $600. I
have seven in all. red, blue, morganlte
pink-and yellow. The yellow sapphire
Is held In high esteem as counteracting
the influence of an evil eye." With
that Colonel Parker dove into his
Docket and produced the ' beautiful
sapphires before the admiring group.
"I am very well pleased with -my 835
investment," concluded Colonel Parker.
(7rLL alone from Hudson, Mass., No.
f 895," was the reply made by An
drew J. Robinson, when asked whether
he knew where another Hudson Elk ;was"
located. Brother Bob 7 may have been
all alone -when he started,, but-it's a
certainty that he couldn't have been
alone, very-long in Portland with that
smile of his and a sort of friendly at
mosphere emanating from everything
about him. "Yes." sir, I'm the only one
to make -the 'trip,-but I promised the
bdys that I'd do my best not to disgrace
them."' .-- .: - ;" , ,:
OIR I am grievously disappointed
O In Portland. X am annoyed; I am
angry.-in fact" :
."What's the matted, old chap?"
"Why.. I tell you. I have traveled
for 24 years In different parts of the
world, and it is only When I get back
to' Portland that I am asked where
Klamath Falls is, .Its positively ridic
ulous. . Everybody else, - everywhere,
i. -a v - i TrinmAth " FaIIr. the one
city In' the world. The Egyptians know
or it, lor i toojt oou vttiv loii wviu.
From the : militant manner In which
rk r rmnK.U.. nstiirallv of Klamath
Falls, said this, IU is not difficult to
imagine any native or. Jisypi venturing
to contradict him. . i :v '
C - E." CLARK, who owns' 900 acres
e of " land' in Marshalltown, la., has
unfnn. an onlv badsre of its' kind
at the convention. "Back home" Clark
has a full section oi some oi mo nnesi
corn grown in the Middle West and
he is u sin ir one of the ears as a breast
decoration. The yellow of , the large
grains and the roa oi me coo, uiouu
well with the. bright, glittering colors
of the other ornaments." "
POLITICAL economy and sociology
discussed in- a mixture of the Igor-
rbte language and the new Interna
tional tongue of Esperanto, la tne spe
cialty put on every evening this week
and before crowds of
Elks anywhere, by P. J. Kelly. When
Kelly gets up to speak the crowd be
gins to yell before he has said a word
and although they do not understand a
single line of the speaker's talk, they
give the lecturer th "glad hand" until
he is through. The finale to Kelly'
speech is always the best. The police
thought at first that he was crazy,
but when thev found out the facts they
made no more attempts to arrest the
Kelly Is one of a number of young
fellows who are putting up a Duriesque
on street sneakers. He does tne plat
form work and the others lead in the
cheerlnar over his nonsensical chatter.
He- is a Portland Doy.
FS. RATLIFF, of Idaho, who is
e going to compete for the prize for
the heaviest, or biggest Elk present at
the-convention.' is on a strike, and last
night he said that he was not going
to march In any more parades until
today, because. If he did, he would
perspire so freely that his weight
would be reduced -ana this would oe
tract from his chances of winning the
coveted honor of being "the biggest
Elk" In the convention. His friends
wanted him to take a walk around the
block later, but he absolutely refused
and said he was going to conserve his
weight and win the prize.
THERE is one delegate here who
1 has a grievance. He is a Cincin
nati man, and .he registered his com
plaint with Drr Harry F. McKay, chair
man of the reception committee, yes
terday morning.
He declares that the Portland com
mittee has been derelict In its duty in
one respect. They neglected to pro
vide barbers to shave the visitors while
they sleep. No one has time to get
shaved after once they awake.
JUST a touch of pathoB was added to
the general festivity at Seventh
and Stark streets laBt night, , when, as
the big bell In one of the court of
honor arches was ringing its 11 strokes,
a wagon of an undertaking firm
passed. . Somebody In the crowd re
marked, with levity, that the bell was
tolling for the dead; but a number of
Elks, standing near and overhearing
the remark, rebuked the speaker by
silently removing their hats and stand
ing bareheaded .while the conveyance
passed with its still burden.
visiting Elks to understand that
the mail received at the Elks' head
quarters Is arranged alphabetically, and
It should be inquired tor in that way.
and, also, it is not deemed best that an
Individual shall call for the mall or all
of his lodge members. When mail Is
addressed In care of a hotel It is de
livered there instead of at the Elks'
WHEN S. B. Irvln stepped up to
George H. Lewis, the Salem hop
buyer and visiting Elk. and tried to
take away a unique badge that was
suspended to his lapel by a silk thread,
he pulled the tall off a live lizard.
There was great mourning on the part
of , Irvin when he saw his favorite
decoration thus decimated
AH Hats Raised to National Air.
Crowd Parades With Slarchers.
Strains of Stirring Harmony
Fill Streets Two Hours.
"Veni, vldl, vicl" wrote the great
Caesar, after one of his famous vic
tories. Change It a trifle to "We. came,
you heard, we conquered" and the story
of the massed band parade yesterday Is
summed up in a few words.
For two hours yesterday morning
thousands listened enraptured to the
strains of the "Star-Spangled Banner."
"Marching Through Georgia" and "Auld
Lang Syno" played by a massed band
of 200 performers recruited from the
ranks of the Band of the Fifth Regi
ment. National Guard of California, the
Idaho band, the -musical corps from
SUverton and the Oregon CoaBt Artil
lery. But for the fact that the Instru
ments were tuned to a lower pitch, the
fine Coast Artillery band from San
Francisco would also have been there.
The players lined up at 9 o'clock.
At the signal from Charles E. York.
Instructor, the men swung smartly off
to the Imperial Hotel. There the play
ing of the National Anthem was the
signal for the removal of every hat.
It was at" this point that the Idaho
band, 35 strong, marched up to take
their positions behind the others. Very
cool they looked In their white silk
shirts and their duck trousers, and
their music was not one whit behtnd
their appearance In point of excel
lence. '
Seattle Makes Sbowlaer.
A diversion occurred at this Juncture.
Everybody moved to one side to allow
the passage of white uniformed Pot
latch Bugs, Just arrived, who were
whirled through to the accompaniment
of Wagner's band. Then the ranks
closed again, the band took up the
march and moved on along the path
way of the Court of Honor.
All along the route men and women
cheered to the echo. Time and time
again as different National airs were
played the vast throng cheered.
Crowds marched betore and followed
after, keeping step, humming, whistling
or singing the airs and all combined
to make the parade around the Court
of Honor a big success.
A halt was called at each corner. At
the corner of Seventh and Alder streets
members of the bands closed up their
ranks, but later on they deployed again,
taking up the entire width, of the
Down Yamhill the procession wended
Its way, making a stately sweep
around, halting before the Portland
Hotel, where visitors crowded at the
windows, on the balconies and in the
court attracted by the music.
It was- when a halt was called out
side the home of the. Portland Elks
that the enthusiasm was .the greatest,
and th band had to play each air more
than once before separating Inte com
panies and departing to their own
headquarters. .
First to step smartly off was tn
Fifth Regiment,- playing one of their
favorite marches. "Celebrity." They
were followed by the SUverton or
ganization, then by the Idaho band.
Circling Into the Portland Hotel court,
they played for some time, thundering
out the "Legend of the Stars" and
receiving a shower of carnations from
the crowd above. '
Last to go were the members or tn
Coast Artillery Corps, which swuns
down Seventh street, to the cheers ot
the crowd gathered about the Elks
Bands Go te Onks.
During the afternoon every band
was at the Oaks, either serenading the
gathering or participating in the pre
liminary contest for the large prizes
offered by the Elks. The Coast Artil
lery Band, from California, gave a con
cert in the Multnomah Hotel from 1:S
till 3 o'clock. While the other bands
were resting last night preparatory to
the big parade today the Coast Ar
tlllery boys were working overtime a I
the grand ball given by the San Fran
cisco lodge. - They furnished music un
til a late hour, because, as one of them
put it, "we knew they wanted us."
Last evening the bands again "tuned
up" and "ragtime," which had no place
in the massed parade of the morning,
captivated the throngs in the streets.
At the Portland. Hotel there was a
musical festival. T he Idaho and Kal
(spel Bands, playing in the court, vied
with the Fifth Regiment musicians
within the hotel. At the Multnomah,
La Grande musicians kept every one In
a good humor.
A band from Los Angeles regaled
visitors at the Oregon Hotel during the
evening. One of the newest arrival,
was the Sherman County Band, which
arrived toward evening, playing before
the Elks lodge immediately atter leav
ing the station. Many others are due
inr.iudinr the Pendleton "Let er
Bucks," on horseback.
Later in the evening ins duiub b
every popular air. from "Oh. You Beau-
... . . . .. . i.t . v To 11, In Vnnr
tirui j.ou to ii u ,,v --
Sleep, Don't Mention My Name.
Central Oregon Advertised.
-n j D,.n.tfn In Its issue of
July 3 contains 44 pages of reading
r. t.j tn the Industrial devel-
opment of Bend and Crook County.
The number shows that many big en
terprises are projectea in ten u
rtmmlll nlants. lrrlara-
gon, miniums, " ' , . , .
tion systems and other industries of
an Important nature. The edition Is
Illustrated with typical views of scenes
and enterprises of the Central Oregon
country. '
How to Keep Face
Young and Attractive
(National Hygienic Review.)
The way to ward oft old age is not to
fear it. not to allow one's self to be op
pressed by the dread of advancing
years. Use only legitimate preventives
and avoid trying experiments with
preparations not inaorseo. ny pnysi-
clans. An entirely saie ana very.ei
fectlve way to keep the complexion
young-looking and beautiful Is to. ap
ply ordinary mercollzed wax at bed
time, using It like cold cream, washing
i. in fha mornlnar. This s-raduallv
absorbs the withered, faded cuticle,
which Is replaced by the more youthful,
pink-tinted underskln. One ounce of
this wax, to be had at any drug store.
Is enough to completely rejuvenate a
worn-out complexion.
Wrinkles and flabblness of cheek and
chin, the first signs of advancing an,
may be lessened by a simple, harmless
preparation made by dissolving an
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