Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 11, 1912, Page 12, Image 12

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Resolutions' Condemn Dele
gates Who Supported Taft
Methods in Any Manner.
Ackerson. Coo, Boyd, Carey, Hale
and Swift Commended for Voting
in Accordance With Oregon's
Choice lor President.
Resolutions adopted unanimously at
the meeting of the National Progres
sive Club and dealing with the action
of Oregon's delegates to the Kepubll-t-an
Rational convention were not as
drastic as expected. They dealt large
ly in general terms but reviewed the
votes of the Individual members of the
delegation on questions coming before
the convention and forming a part of
the Roosevelt "programme" of organi
sation and control of that body.
The resolutions were signed by San
field Macdonald. Lute C. Pease, Olive
M. Hickey and Dr. H. R. Biersdorf, four
of the five members of tne committee.
the fifth member. O. W. Griffin, not
affixing his signature. At the outset,
the resolutions give the detailed vote
for President In this state, showing
that Roosevelt received a plurality of
" nearly 6500. Reference is made to the
pre-election pledges of the different
delegates and an interview by Thomas
UcCusker. published in a Chicago news
paper, in which the Portland man said
six of the ten delegates from Oregon
would switch from Roosevelt to Taft or
t-a Follette at the first opportunity.
O piquing, the resolutions were as fol
lower iL.-mberlnr the use by Delegate McCus
ker of Roosevelt's name, and remembering
the tenor of his oath as a delegate, your
?ommlttee believes that no more convincing
evidence of Delegate McCusker's Insincerity
rould be offered; and in so far as he spoke
truly for other Oregon delegates who would
witch from Roosevelt to Taft or La Fol
ette ... at the llrst opportunity." vj
aelieve that the action of such delegates
iso should be condemned.
Loyalty la Tested.
The loyalty of the Oregon Republican
delegates was tested In two important mat
ters coming before the convention. 'The
Srst was the election of a temporary
chairman. It was clearly understood by all
that, Sllhu Root represented the standpat,
snythlng-to-beat Roosevelt element. Oov
;rnor McGovern, of Wisconsin, represented
the progressives, tt Is generally conceded
lhat the election of McGovern would have
meant the nomination of Roosevelt. When
Oregon's vote was called. Delegates Camp
bell. Bynon and 8mith voted for s'and
patlsm, or in direct support of the enemies
jf Oregon's choice for President.
Delegate McCusker was present, but sided
with the enemies of Roosevelt by not vot-
r'we are pleased to name Delegates Acker
ton. Coe. Boyd. Carey. Hall and Swift as
voting on the side of progress Ivlsm vot
ing in accordance with their pledge. In sup
port of the cause of Oregon's choice for
President. . i
The second important matter coming be
fora the convention was the motion of Gov
ernor Had ley. of Missouri, to substitute a
minority report for the majority report of
the credentials committee, which. In effect,
was to take from the temporary rollcall
as made up by the credentials committee,
the fraudulent Taft delegates and to sub
stitute the Roosevelt delegates, in certain
contested states. Ex-Congressman Watson,
of Indiana, moved to table Governor Had
ley"s motion, and we And Delegates Carey,
Campbell. Bynon. McCusker and Smith vot
ing to table the motion, and Ackerson, Coe,
Boyd. Hall and Swift voting against Con-'
gressman Watson's motion. In other words,
Carey. Campbell, Bynon, Smith and McCus
ker assisted the Taft steam roller.
Arguments Are Useless.
Tour committee has no comment to offer
upon the various sophistical arguments of
returning delegates1 to the effect that "There
was really no steam roller, after all." or
that the stesm roller was "Justified," thst
anyway not much merit existed in most of
the Poosevelt contests," and therefore the
convention was "honest enough"; that
Roosevelt would have been nominated "If he
had not bungled": that La Follette would
have been nominated If something hadn't
happened; that Roosevelt's loyal supporters
"rulnnd his chances" by protesting against
fraud; thst there was "trickery" in the
naming of McGovern as temporary chairman,
but no "trickery" in packing the convention
with fraudulent delegates: that care as to
"precedent" and "parliamentary practice" is
mora Important tha.i smaihlng precedent
and practices thst are invoked to support
fraud and theft, and that all citizens who
dare to criticise a disloyal delegate are
"narrow minded." "simple minded," "little
dogs" or "liars."
In conclusion, your committee desires to
emphasize the fact that this matter has
nothing to do with partisanship for any
leader; we believe It to be simply a ques
tion of principle: The faithfulness of an
elected official to the letter and spirit of his
platform and oath of office.
The original motion, adopted at a
former meeting, calling for the ap
pointment of the committee submitting
the resolutions, provided for the con
demnation not only of McCusker. but
of Coe and Ackerson for the reason
that the latter two not only remained in
the convention and failed to vote for
Roosevelt, according to their instruc
tions, but also neglected to give their
votes to Senator Borah, who received
the popular vote in this state as the
party's choice for Vice-President.
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Treasury Department Refuses
Permit Nickname for City.
SAN FRANCISCO. July 10. "Frisco"
as an abbreviation of the name of this
city baa been placed officially under the
ban of the Treasury Department of the
United States, and an attempt to use
it has put several transcontinental rail
roads to considerable expense and more
nconvenience. Customs regulations
provide that goods shipped by rail in
bond must be sealed in the cars, and
July 1 a new regulation provided that
n automatic tin seal bearing the print
ed destination of the car be used.
All but one of the transcontinental
railroads permitted the manufacturers
to abbreviate the name of this port,
and. when the customs authorities re
fused to pass cars so sealed, were
forced to borrow from their more near
ly correct rival.
Judge Butler, of The Dalles, Happy.
Among the out-of-town visitors to
Portland yesterday was R. R. Butler,
of The Dalles. ex-Clrcult Judge of the
district embracing Gilliam, Sherman
and Wheeler, and Republican nominee
for State Senator from Wasco County
to succeed N. J. Slnnott, who received
the nomination in the last primary
election for Representative in Congress
from the Second Congressional District.
The amlle Judge Butler wears, he con
fided to bis friends. Is not due entirely
to his approval of the elaborate decor
ations for the Elks' convention. Ten
dsys ago a nine-pound daughter ar
rived at the Butler home. "She is a
genuine suffragist of the Progressive
Ropubllcsn persuasion," snld Judge
Butler yesterdny. "and if she were a
week older she would be in the Elks'
poinds tomorrow." .
manager of the Western Pacific, for
bis work in obtaining horoeseekers'
rates from Eastern points to - Sacra
mento Valley. .
The grand Jury is reported to be in
vestigating the personal conduct and
habits of Supervisor Jenkins.
The Northern Electric Railroad is
likely to have Its big repair shops lo
cated here instead of at Unlco.
Rev. William Rader, of San Fran
Cisco, addressed a big mass meeting
here tonight on the suppression . of
vice in the restricted district of the
H. G. May, acting secretary of Lodge
No. 6 of Elks, is weary of the job De-
cause the members are all out of town.
Hartford Minister Called West.
HARTFORD. Connl. July 10. (Spe
cial.) Rev. Hugh Elmer Brown, of
Windsor Avenue Congregational
Church, has been called to Pilgrim
Church, of Seattle. Wash.
The stat rivers, harbors and bridge
commission has authorised the expend
iture of a million dollars for the im
provement of New London harbor.
Dr. Nathan Mayer died toaay at narc.
ford HosDital.
Mrs. Harry P. Fowler, grievea over
the 111 health of her son, ended her life
bv Inhaling illuminating gas.
Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew suuivan.
victims of the Maromas wreck, nave
sued the railroad for 130.000.
Detective Sergeant John M. Henry,
member of Hartford lodge, today re
covered a large quantity of plunder
stolen by the notorious "Y. M. C
gang" of thieves.
Pittsburg Suffers From Storm.
PITTSBURG. July 10. (Special.)
The hot spell was broken today by a
terrific electrical storm. W..J. Rees, a
nainter. and H. P. Atkins, a driver,
were killed by lightning. Many build'
ina-s were struck.
Mrs. Earl Fellabom was refused tne
custody of her baby daughter by Judge
Swearslng today. Criminal charges are
Den ding against her and J. R. McClin-
The Larimer-avenue bridge was
onened with a big celebration today.
The bodv of the beautiful gin wno
mvsteriously met death in the Alle
gheny River1 Monday was identified
todav as that of Anna Connors, of
Newell. W. Va.
Mrs. Mabel Stahl received a divorce
today. She alleged that be husband
was "looney on diamonds and dogs."
Chicago Elk Opposes Innovation
CHICAGO. July 10. (Special.) A
prominent member of Chicago lodge
No. 4 of Elks was interviewed today
with reference to the recommendation
of the grand exalted ruler for dispensa
tions for charters when requested in
towns of 3000 inhabitants. He is of the
opinion that this would be unwise for
the reason that it would tend to cneap
en the order, as in a town of 3000 in
habitants only about 600 of them are
male voters and eligible to membership
in a fraternal order, and in the South
ern states some towns of this size are
composed of from one-third to two.
fifths negroes.
Then there are "mushroom mining
towns." which exist for a while and f in-
allv become deserted and forgotten,-he
Atlantic City Elects All Elks.
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J.. July 10.
(Special.) Dr. Jesse B. .Thompson
Mayor Bachrach, City Treasurer Peyer,
William A. Bartlett and William tuaaie
were elected to the Commission. May
or Bachrach. newly-elected Commis
sioner, is exalted ruler of No. 276. serv
ing his second term, and was reecntly
presented with a diamond ring by his
lodge In recognition of his services to
the lodge. All the others elected are
members of the order.
Daniel H. V. Bell, the only Deino
at running, was beaten by only 140
votes in 4000 for the Commlssionershlp.
Bell is a former lecturing knight of
No 276. -
The grand jury today considered the
Burns graft charges and also looked
up beach front cafe violations.
San Francisco Committee Lonesome.
SAN FRANCISCO, July 10. (Spe
cial.) A meeting of the Portland com
mittee was called to order at the club
this afternoon by Vice-Chairman Lynch.
The only business transacted was the
reading of the resignation of Secretary
Brown from the committee. The com
mittee was then forced to adjourn, as
Lynch was the only member present,
the others being in Portland.
Trustee Ahearn was compelled to
olav the game of 13 by himself tonight.
as Trustee White was in Portland.
Herman Kohn has announced that he
will spend bis afternoons henceforth
n Golden Gate Park taxicab riding.
This followed the announcement that
taxicab' rates had been cut one-half.
George M. Hill, a member of the
Board of Harbor Commissioners, died
this morning at St. Mary's Hospital
from complications following protract
ed illness.
San Francisco bank clearings for
June were $216,444,066, an Increase of
nearly $30,000,000 over the same month
of 1911.
The Board of Health has Issued an
ultimatum requiring dairies to- meet
health and sanitary requirements rigid
ly or be condemned.
A shattered romance said to have
been hinted at by Miss Augusta Selfke,
beauty doctor, to her brother, Herman
Selfke, is believed to have been re
sponsible for the woman's suicide TueS
day in her office in the Union Square
An ordinance Intended to provide for
municipal participation in the city
beautifying plan' has been introduced
before the Board of Supervisors and
referred to the publlo welfare committee.
' Day's Doings at Butte.
BUTTE. -Mont-, July .10. (Special.)
Lewis P. Smith was appointed today
by the County Commissioners to suc
ceed the late Coroner John Qulnn.
The scheduled ordinance, which has
for its purpose the Installation , of or
namental lamp posts throughout a
large portion of the city, including the
business district, is causing consider
able discussion in Butte.
Henry Jonas, prominent merchant
and father of Julius Jonas, well-known
member of the Butte Lodge of Elks, Is
recovering from a serious illness.
Butte is to have automobile-propelled
fire apparatus.
Postmaster Glllis. prominent in the
local Lodge of Elks, took an important
part in the Good Roads convention at
Spokane to Adopt pity Flag.
SPOKANE. Wash., July 10. (Special.)
Miss S. Parmenter, entrapped by
flames In her bedroom on Boone ave
nue this morning, tied two sheets to
gether and'slid to the ground from the
second story.
Roy Robinson, brakeman for the Spo
kane & Inland, was knocked off the
top of a motor engine this morning and
received injuries from which he prob
ably -will die.
Spokane is to have a municipal flag,
with colors that will represent this city
for all time.
Miss Hazel Coates. daughter of Com
missioner Coates, was married tonight
to Oscar M. Borg. of Denver. Mayor
Hindley, performing the ceremony.
Mrs. Elizabeth D. Christian probably
will file on the Democratic ticket for
the nomination for the Legislature, and
Mrs. A. P. Fassett on the Republican
William R. Roy and James A. Brown
have been brought out by the Demo
crats for nomination for .the Legis
John Arnelius, aged 76 years. Spo
kane pioneer and veteran of the Civil
War. died this morning.
Stanley Hallett. of Medical Lake, will
be a candidate for County Commissioner
to succeed Fred McBroom.
Oakland Opposes Annexation.
OAKLAND, Cat. July 10. (Special.)
W. E. Gibson heads the committee of
100 to oppose annexation to San Fran
Cisco. A fund of S200.000 will be col
lected. '
" The Havens interests are purchasing
12,000 acres of the Moraga ranch o for
subdivision and colonization.
Ernest Porter, a wealthy Alameda
lumberman, and his wife have agreed
to -separate. A divorce is expected.
Nlta and Lyda Sheffield, famous ath
letic sisters of the university at Berke
ley, tramped 60 miles through the high
Sierras in a big storm. The same girls
swam the Golden Gate.
Mayor Wilson, of Berkeley. Issued
statement today indorsing the project
for a municipal market.
The Oakland City Counoil is to ex
pend 3o.000 for a new bridge over
Eighth street across Lake Herri tt at
ebb tide.
J. C. Hall, of Oakland, wife and two
children, .were- painfully hurt when
their automobile rolled off the em
bankment on the Port Costa road.
John Allen Partington, of East Oak
land, brother of the famous artist, mar
ried tonight Miss Inger Aune, of San
Francisco. . .
Indianapolis Talks Politics.
INDIANAPOLIS, July 10. (Special.)
Auditor of State O'Brien is most
prominently 'mentioned as Taggart's
successor on the Democratic National
Another heavy storm came this morn
ing, with an inch of rainfall.
The state tax board has refused a re
duction in telegraph and telephone com
pany assessments.
The damage to the state house roof by
lightning will be more than $1000.
President Stone, of Purdue Univer
sity, at Lafayette, today-married Mrs.
Mary Winter, whom he reared from
childhood. .-
R. H. Losey, of the Buick Motor Com
pany, has become sales manager of the
new Republic Motor Company, with
headquarters In New York. ,
Howard Smock died suddenly today
at his home in North New - Jersey
Governor Marshall and Tom Taggar.
took lunch . together today. - Marshall
thanked Taggart for work in f Is be
half at Baltimore.
The decision of Judge Leathers that
motion-picture shows using vaudeville
must pay a theater license may cause
many theaters to close.
Cleveland Prepares for Eagles.
CLEVELAND. July 10. Carpenters
today began receiling . the mammoth
arch on the public square in front at
the Chamber of Commerce for the
Eagles' convention here next month.
A Rocky River man and a Dover girl
were married here . today by Mayor
D. Z. Norton, president of the Citi
zens savings. & Trust company, is
critically 111 with pneumonia.
The "Black Hand" in a letter threat
ens to kidnap the 7-year-old daughter
of Mrs.Newhauser, o'f East Twenty
fifth street, unless $500 is paid.
Another hot day without rain and
the temperature at 90 kept Cleveland
The Council committee agrees to ap
propriate $2000 for the Board of Health
for child hygiene work, to save babies
in hot weather.
Abolishment of the street crossing at
which BUlenstein and daughter were
killed this week is being considered by
the Mayor and representatives of the
railways. Early action is expected.
Twenty-six have been . killed there
since 1900.
Between Knee and Ankle. Skin
Loose. Leg Dark Red. Cuticura
Ointment Entirely Cured Her.
ZOO Fuller St, Redwood. Cal. "My two-year-old
daughter tipped a basin of hot
water on her leg between knee and ankle.
She was burned so badly. In places as large
as a man's hand, that the skin was loose.
The appearance of the leg was dark red.
I applied the Cuticura Ointment at once
and put on a bandage. I removed the
bandage twenty-four hours later,, opened
the water blisters, applied more Cuticura
Ointment and bandaged again.. The skin
did not come off and I did this until she
was completely cured. I did not let ber
walk much until it was healed. She did
nob complain after the first day. and after
the Cuticura Ointment was put on. slept
as usual. The scars are gone; Cuticura
Ointment entirely cured her." (Signed)
Mrs. E. O. Chapman. Mar. 12. 1912.
: Spreading AO Over Face. Sometimes Sores.
Gaston, Ore. "I had itching and burning
spots all over my face. It came out in
rough places and itched and burned all the
time. It was spreading all over my face. '
Sometimes there were sores, and they were
red and inflamed. I washed the affected
parts off with the Cuticura Soap, then
applied Cuticura Ointment. I only put it
on three times and the sores were all gone."
(Signed) Ofaas. Wahl. Dec 27. 1911.
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment are
sold throughout the world. Liberal sample of
each mailed free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Ad
dress post-card "Cuticura. Dept.T. Boston."
49Tender-faced men should use Cuticura
Soap Shaving Stick. 25c Sample free.
chlnist for Longest Bros.; was held to
answer on a manslaughter charge to
day. Finn ran down and killed Mrs.
Mary E. Alford, of 977 South Second
street, June 27.' - .
New Orleans Elks Jubilant.
NEW ORLEANS, July 10. (Special.)
The legislative act providing for
probing of city official machinery was
defeated today at Baton touge.
Elks are Jubilant over the news that
Colonel John P. Sullivan will run for
Joseph is generally being groomed
for District Attorney.
The St, John Parish Democratic ex
ecutive committee is standing by
brother Fred Middleton in his fight for
the District Attorneyship against
Brother "Babe" Marero.
The Senate has concurred in the
Burke amendment to the assistance
clause in the primary, law by a vote
of 91 to S.
Slg Faranta announces that ne win
build a theater in Canal street.
Louisville Men Open Restaurant.
" LOUISVILLE, Kr July 10. (Spe
cial.) Smith T. Bailey and U. G. Baum
gardner, the latter formerly Jim
Camps' "right bower, will open a
restaurant in the old citizens- uie
building, September 1.
W. C. Nones has resigned as presr-
dent of the Kentucky Wagon Manu
facturing Company.
The Kentucky JJar Association met
here today with nearly 700 present.
Jake ttreenberg is seemng a aovuv
manager for the Gait House.
William E. Morrow, secretary of tne
Commercial Club, left for French Lick
Springs and Chicago - today lor a vacation.
John P. Stark's big building at Fourth
and Walnut streets will be completed
by April 1 and will cost $600,000. Bids
will be opened at Chicago Friday.
Edward M. Finn. 19 years oia, m
Receiver Has VVlWiita Company.
WICHITA. Kan.. July 10. (Special.)
The Monarch Portland Cement Com
pany, with a capital stock of $4,000,000,
was placed in the hands of a receiver
by Judge Thomas C. Wilson today. Mis
management is charged by A. C. Kreit
zer and G. Roll, stockholders, who
asked for the receiver. The company
is solvent and able to meet obliga
tions. Many Wichita Elks are stock
holders. 1
The City Commission has served no
tice on the water company that the
charge for service connection will be
tolerated no longer.
Ten new manual training teachers
will be added to Wichita's teaching
Watch Oregon City Lodge 1189
The Dalles Lodge 303
In the Parade Today
See Them in the Famous Elk
Blankets and Jackets
In the official colors purple and white woven in Oregon City from pure
' Oregon wool.
Take a Blanket home with you or send one to a
friend. A useful and artistic souvenir. Long,
staple wool and fast colors, assuring a lifetime of
service. For sale at the leading dry goods and
clothing stores $10 delivered to any part of the
United States. None genuine without this black
and gold silk label.
Come to Oregon City; see us weave. A beautiful hour's ride by trolley or boat.
Oregon City Woolen Mills
Largest Makers in the U. S. of Pure Wool Indian Robes and Novelty Blankets
, Since 1864
force this Fall, according to plans out
lined by -Superintendent Mayberry.
Joe, 13-year-old son or Bruce vm
flth. was hurt by the elevator in the
Beacon building.
The Orient strike conference nas Deen
postponed until July 19.
An addition wm oe omit w lus
tamrhfln freight station.
The Woodland Methodist Church has
installed a moving picture machine.
Walter Innes will establish a Board
of Trade of his own, with a special
wire to Chicago and connections wim
all Kansas mills.
t '
Election Pleases Cincinnati.
OTVCTNNATI. O.. July 10. (Special.)
Cincinnati Elks express themselves
as being much pleased over the elec
tion of Thomas B. Mills as grand ex
.It.i4 .iiIaf
Rnhrt Moore's home at Grand and
TTichinnii avenues was struck by, llght-
onri rnnslderablv damaged. Both
he and his wife were slightly shocked.
H.r.o Khlnlev and Professor A. M.
Wilson were appointed by the school
InvostiB-attner committee to in
(c fc NATURE'S
The very great majority of persona need a tonio In the Spring or early
Summer. The system undergoes a change at this season and the entire
physical machinery is disturbed. The general bodily weakness, a tired,
worn-out feeling, fickle appetite, poor digestion, a half sick feeling and a
general run-down condition of the system, show that the blood is weak or
anaemic, and a blood purifying tonio is needed to build up the deranged
system and enrich the blood. The use of S. S. 8. at this time may save
you from a long spell of sickness, and it will certainly prepare you for the
long, hot Summer. - Many people have put off using a tonio until the system
became so weakened and depleted it could not successfully throw off disease
germs, and have paid for the neglect with a spell of fever, malaria or soma
other debilitating sickness. S. S. S. is Nature's ideal tonic. It is a
composition of the extracts and juices of roots, herbs and barks which
Bcience and experience have proven are best fitted for a tonic to the humaa
system. It contains no minerals of any kind and is therefore perfectly safe
for persons of any age. S. S. S. tones np the stomach and digestion, rids
the system of that tired, worn-out feeling, and imparts vigor and strength
to every part of the body. It purines and enriches the blood, stimulates
the secreting and excreting members to better action, quiets the over
strained nerves, and makes one feel better in every way.
est Pacific Ocean Excursion
Observation Parlor Cars and Large, Coaches.
PORTLAND 10:30 P. M.
Other Trains Leave 6:30 P. M. Daily; 2 P. M. Saturday.
o ia n..Airt iii.n first-class all-year hotels, surf bathing, fishing; motoring, golf, tennis, etc.. The
lXZn?tl gat Pacific Ocean impel pleasure, rest and recreation.
Snecial folders, parlor car seats and details at "
U11I J. 11XkJCl X UHiVIi
Fifth and Stark Streets.
All Trains Leave
Eleventh and Hoyt Streets.
vestlgate the work and material put
into all recently-constructed school
buildings. Mayor Hunt is said to be
back of the movement and scandal Is
G. V. Henry Frelzer, secretary to
Judge William Llttlefield, died shortly
after being overcome by the heat today.
The Australian gum
height of 41 ft-
trees (row to a
Let's go to BAY CITY, the place we hear so
much about I
A capital idea, old man. I believe it is a good
place to buy a few lots, as it is bound to be Ore
gon's second metropolis. The new jetty and the
deep channel direct to BAY CITY will make it
a big seaport By securing a few lots now they
will be very valuable by the time the improve
ments and the Panama Canal are completed.
We can leave Portland Saturday morning at
8:45 and return'Sunday or Monday before
The deep-water seaport and railroad terminus
on Tillamook Bay.
LOTS $65 to $1500
On Easy Monthly Payments
Call or write for full particulars,
701-2 Spalding Building
while you wait at our dpwntown shop, 131 11th street,
between Washington and "Alder. We call for and deliver
shoes to any part of city.
Why he' satisfied with anything but
the BESTf We charge no more than
other laundries for our SUPERIOR
work in every department. Socks and
shirts mended f KKrj. 1'none lor a
PALACE LAUNDRYwagon. East 1030, B 2113.
X H. J.