Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 09, 1912, Page 22, Image 22

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Accused Slayer of Ray Wallace
Found in Guardhouse
at Vancouver.
. Man Who Is Believed to Hare Killed
Companion of Hazel Erwln In
Alder-Street Lodging-House
Is Army Deserter.
While hue and cry after him was
traveling throughout the Pacific states
nd Canada, since June 19. Wilfred O.
Thonges. alias W. Tanner, charged
with murdering Ray W. Wallace in an
Alder-street roomlnshouse, was lying
in the guard house at Vancouver Bar
Tacks, within ten miles of 'detective
headquarters, a confessed and selfs
stirreDdered deserter from the Army.
He was definitely identified yester
day and brought to Portland yesterday
evening and spent the night in the City
Jail under charge of first degree mur
der. V
The casual mention of the name of
an Army officer, made by Thonges to
Hazel Irwin, his alleged accomplice,
was the tiny thread -which fell Into
the hands of Detectives Vaughn. Llth
erland. Epps and HM, to whom. Jointly
and inseparably, belongs the credit for
the capture. Telegrams to Alaska,
where the officer Is now stationed, led
to the Identification of Tanner as
Thonges, and this In turn opened the
way to procuring his full description.
"Want Girt Said, Goes."
Present when the accused was taken
to detective headquarters last night,
were Lee Erwin, father of the girl who
was an eye-witness to the crime, now
in the County Jail, and also John Wal
lace, father of the murdered man. Wal
lace sat silent and eyed the accused
murderer, but Erwln. working for the
release of hia wayward daughter, was
an active participant in the proceed
ings, and it was he who furnished the
last and most conclusive Identification.
"I didn't , kill him for money, any
way." This was virtually the only definite
thing said by Thonges in a long con
versation with his captors last night,
preceded with a warning that any
thing he said might be used against
"I guess the girl has told you her
story, and whatever she says goes."
he added. 'Unless this is taken as an
admission. Thongea said nothing which
throws light upon the crime.
Crime la Traced.
On-the morning of June 19, the keep
er of a lodging bouse at 603V4 Alder
street, found in a room which had been
occupied by a couple as Mr. and Mrs.
W. Tanner, the body ofa murdered
man, the skull crushed in by a heavy
bolt, which, wrapped in paper, lay be
side the body. At ' first Identification
was s-lven of the body aa that of Ray
W. Wallace, a restaurant employee of
Wilkesbarre, Pa., touring the country
with his father.
The girl was known to be Hazel
Erwin, daughter of a farmer living at
Thomas, near Albany, and, through this
fact -trace of the fleeing pair was
.found at Salem, where they lodged two
days together in a hotel. Five days
after the crime. Hazel, worn from lack
of food and deserted by her companion,
waa found by the Salem police and
' brought here to the County Jail. She
told her story of the crime, which w-'
that Thonges, to whom she was not
married, had caught her with Wallace
and had struck him down in a fit of
Jealous madness. She knew nothing
of the rifling of the restaurant where
Wallace worked, which was accom
plished by opening the place with keys
taken from the body of the murdered
Stray Remark la Cine.
The girl said that Thonges left her
without any warning. Friday, the sec
ond day after the murder, and she
did not know where he went. Later
she admitted that he had planned to
flee to relatives in the Alberta country,
figuring that without him, the girl
would soon be released and could Join
him there. On this clew, the detectives
worked for days.
Then Hazel casually . spoke of
Thonges having told her something
about having been accused of some
crime, while serving in the Thlreleth
Infantry under Lieutenant Butler. The
officer was inquired afetr and was
found to be at Fort Seward, Alaska.
A telegram was sent to him tbere, ask
ing the name of a man in his company
who had been accused of an offense
such as mentioned by the girl, and he
telegraphed back the name of Thonges.
Supplied with this, the offlcens 'easily
obtained an Army circular denouncing
the man aa a deserter, and traced him
to Vancouver Barracks.
Thonges appeared at the barracks
Saturday. June 22. the day following
his desertion of the girl in Salem, and
was immediately placed in the guard
house, to await trial as a deserter. His
first intimation that the police were on
his trail came yesterday when a sentry
brought him out for identification.
Accused Hn la Stoical.
The first act of Captain Baty on
learning that the auspect was brought
to cover was to send for Lee Erwin.
father of the girl and in whose house
Thonges had lived for two weeka be
fore coming to Portland. With him
and the proprietor of the lodging
house where the murder occurred. Cap
tain Baty and Detective Hill went to
Vancouver yesterday in an automo
bile. Colonel Young assisted them in
every way possible,
Aa Thonges was brought from the
guardhouse, stepping Jauntily, Erwln
and Johnson, the lodging-house keeper,
both identified him in an instant He
betrayed no emotion, either then or at
any subsequent time. Extradition
papers had been obtained at Salem,
but as the prisoner was on a Govern
ment reservation. It was not thought
necessary to "obtain action from Gov-A
ernor Hay at Olympla.
"I dreamed last night that he would
be caught before Wednesday," said
Hazel Erwin, In her cell at the Cqunty
Jail, when she learned that Thonges
was caught. She betrayed no emotion,
but stubbornly refused to give any
. Home Is la Iadlnaapolis.
Thonges enlisted in Company M of
the Thirtieth Infantry. May 23, 11L
He deserted at the target range at
Fort Barry, CaL, May 2. 1912. He gave
hi sage at enlistment as 23, but now
says he ia 20. His paternal residence
is at 725 Bates street, Indianapolis,
where his father. Richard W. Thonges,
The boy la big. well built and good
looking. He speaks well and haa a
mild-mannered demeanor. His poise
and control are a marvel to the officers
having him in charge.
Arraignment will be had In Munici
pal Court today, and an effort will be
made to have the grand Jury take im
mediate action. What part the girl,
reputed wife of the accused, will have
In the case, haa not been determined.
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