Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 26, 1912, Page 13, Image 13

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    WEDNESDAY. JUNE 26, 1912.
CHnrne Purchases Todau and the Remainder of This Month Will Go on July Bill Which Is Payable August First-Take Advantage of ThMer
Standard and O. W. & K. Hfah Grade. Guaranteed Seigma Machines Sold on me i.uu-a-neeKuo rm uruu
Demonstration "Gossard" Front
Lace Corsets, Second Floor
Secret of Successful Merchandising Is in the
Buying Goods Well Bought Are Half Sold
Olds, Wmtman &Mng
We Ourselves Are Better Served by Serving Others Best
tee Cream, All Kinds Soft Drinks
Candies, Etc., in Basement
Special 25c Shoppers Lunch Served Daily in
Our Basement Lunch Room Excellent Service
Women's $49 and $5- Shoes for $
A Special Purchase of Eight Thousand Pairs at Less Than Half the Regular Factory Prices
(iy -cj CfiTh This Is the Greatest Sale of ( "T7 fcQ
&' the Season -Do Not Miss It! 5) QtP
1L $4.00 and $5.00 Shoes $1.69
Acting, upon advice from our New York office
that there were many splendid opportunities to
pick up Shoes at sacrifice prices, we sent our buy
ers on a special trip to Massachusetts to lay in a
big stock for our basement "underprice store."
Here's the First Arrivals
Women's Shoes .
The greatest sale of strictly up-to-date footwear
ever, offered in Portland. Manufacturers', sur
plus stocks and canceled orders on account of
not being able to make timely deliveries. These
are instances where manufacturers suffer great
losses and the consumer gets the benefit. , A rare
opportunity for you. We bought these at
Less Than Va the Maker's Price
They are all high-grade Shoes, made for this sea
son's selling. . They represent the. very newest
ideas in footwear, are the products of the best
manufacturers. Our last big basement shoe sale
is fresh in the minds of our customers, ;This sale
will eclipse it in points of quality, quantity, price.
An endless variety of women's and misses' Shoes in the white buck, velvet, suede pat
ents, vici kids, gunmetais and tans in oxfords, pumps and colonials; thousands of pairs
to choose from; all the late lasts; sizes to fit all women and misses See J fZCh
big window displays Sale of a century Don't miss it Shoes worth to $5 P X. v7
Bargain Circle
Sale of
Naiad Shields
Bolero stvle, Naiad Shields, plain;
sizes 2, 3, 4 and 5; the "gu-OQc
lar 50c sellers, . jppecial,. t.
Bolero style, lace -trimmed .bhielos,
sizes 2, 3, 4 and 6 .ourregu
lar 65c sellers, special, pair V
Spool 6ilk, 100 yards, all colors, 5
Spool Cotton, 200 yards, white Ag
or black, special, the spool, at
Basting Cotton, 500 yds., white, 4
Safety Pins, all sizes, the best Cf
regular 5o sellers, special, 2 for
Bias Folds, all sizes, 10c values, 5t
Tape, white cotton, 25 yards to Qg
the piece, regular 12o -value for
India Tape, all sizes, special at 5
Hair Pin Cabinets, 10c size, only C
Cube Pins, 8c size, special at 5?
Iron Holders, 8c size, special at , 5$
Vash Trimming, 25c piece for 15
Skirt Markers, 35c value at only 25$
Hair Nets, five in envelope for 10
Pearl Buttons, all sizes, the fZf
regular 10c values, special at
Silk Shields, all sizes, 25c vals., 18
iVire Hair Pins, 5o grade, 2 for 5
Pad Hose Supporters, assort- T Q
?d colors, regular 35e value, -- "
Hair Pins, large size, 3 on a Og
-ard, 15c values, special at only
Coat Hangers, folding wire, 15c Of
ralues, specially priced at only
Skirt HanS3:6trong wood, Og
regular 15c values, special at
Common Pins, 5c paper, 2 for 5C
Collar Supporters, 5c grade at 3$
Stomach Powders
A formula compounded by a distin
guished physician of Kentuclsy.
This powder will ' afford positive
relief in nearly all eases o stom
ach disorder occasioned by indi
gestion or chronic dyspepsia.
ment GVOCeYieS
Bacon at 18c
Eastern sugar-cured Bacon, has streaks
of lean and streaks of fat. . The chil-
- dren will like it. Sweet and wholesome.
Picnic Hams 12c
Here's the dainty little hams for
..- making sandwiches and to bake and
slice cold; just nice size. Cut t Q
from little pigs, the pound at -
Jersey Queen Milk, the can for 4 C
Holly Milk, special at, the can, 7J
Chocolate,' Ghirardelli 's, the can, 25c
. Corn Starch, the package at only 5
' Sardines, six cans, special at 25
"Easy Jell, three packages O
and glass dish. free special,
'"Corn, special at three cans for 25J
String Beans, spee'L three cans, 25
Baked Beans, three cans only 25
Soups, special, three cans for 25J
Crinkle Corn Flakes, 4 pkgs., 25
Bipe Olives, the can, special at 19
- Sliced Pineapples, the ean for 15
Sliced Pineapple,- the dozen, $1.65
Garden Hose $3.95
50 -foot 2-inch guaranteed Garden
Hose, complete. Special today only.
k Brass Lawn Sprays, special at 4fc
$1.00 Hose Reels, today at only 75
Women's Trimmed (t "
Hats, Worth to $10 P J
All Bay in the Basement.'
An extraordinary sale of beautiful trimmed Hats, com
prising, our entire, basement stock. The sale will begin at
8 A. M. Every woman who studies economy will take ad
vantage. Hundreds to choose from, by far the most ex
tensive range of styles, colors, and sizes we have ever
fehow4 'at -one price; All ire new and up- ? "f QQ
to-date; values range .up to $10.00, at only P v'"
Women's $20
Suits $9.98
In the Basement All Day."
An extra special all-day 6 ale of wom
en's Tailored Suits, about 200 will go
in this lot, the materials unusually
good. - All popular fabrics, such as
serges, diagonals and smart mixtures.
Every garment is well made and well
lined with good satin and finished up
as well as the more expensive suits.
Nearly every size in the lot for wom
en and for misses. Yal- Q QO
ues to $20.00, special, p770
Women's $32.50 Suits
Special, $15.95
Garment Dept., 2d Floor
In the big garment store, second floor, today, a sale of women's high-grade Tailored
Suits, serges, in navy ana DiaoK , etamines, nurtures, dibc&. bhu wuiib mwnea maieiuua,
etc. Coats are medium length, with good quality peau-de-cygne lining with fancy collars;
also plain tailored suits; skirts are plain panel front and back with side- Z f g Q Z
pleats; sizes from 14 years to 42 bust. Values to $32.50 2d floor for p J.
Women's Crepe Kimonos $2.19
Women's Tub Dresses $2.75
Second Floor, Southwest. -A
sale of women's crepe Kimonos in plain
and . floral designs; the empire styles or
shirred in at the waist. Have large collars,
trimmed with pleated ribbon and satin
bands; sizes 34 to 44; spe- CO 1Q
cialized for this sale at only Pf M.S
Second Floor, Southwest.
A great sale of women's tub Dresses, made
up in all the newest models in gingham and
chambray materials. One very attractive
model has allover embroidered waist, with
Bailor collar; all sizes. Well P9 7
made and trimmed. Special P'
On Center Circle
First Floor
Women's 40c
Aprons at
On the Center Circle, first floor,
a sale of women's fine percale,
gingham and chambray Aprons
in the fitted styles with large
bibs neatly bound,' have good
generous pockets ; the patterns
are stripes, dots and checks; the
most practical and most wanted
style ' in a household Cg
Apron; a 40c value for 4JK
Basement Sale of
Dinner Sets $3.15
In the basement underprice store, a special sale
of semi-porcelain Dinner Sets, just right for the
Summer cottage. 46-piece set, blue underglaze
decorations, 6 dinner plates, 6 soup plates, 6 pie
plates, 6 teacups and saucers, 6 oatmeals, 6
fruit saucers, 1 platter, 1 bowl, 1 T fif
vegetable dish, 1 salad bowl. Set for pJJ-
Odd Pieces of China
Teacup, Saucer,, 11
Dinner Plates, ea. 9
Pie Plates, each, 7c
Soup Plates, each, 9
Salad Bowls, ea. 13
Vegetable Dish at 17
In the Basement "Underprice Store"
Bath Towels 11c Each
10 to 11 A. M. today, in the basement
underprice store, a sale of good quality
bleached Bath Towels, size 20x34 inches.
Lay in a. good supply for the season while
yon mayhotel and rooming-house T t f
keepers, take notice at only, each ,
Women's Waists at 29c Each
10 to 11 A. M. today in the basement, a sensational one-hour
sale of women's White Waists,' made of fine white lawn, styled with
high neck and long sleeves, trimmed with- tucks and rows of inser
tion; sizes 32 to 44. Thrifty women will avail themselves OQ
of this opportunity to lay in a supply for vacation use, each
25c Silk Ribbons, Yard at 9c
Men's Black Socks tor owe
10 to 11 A. M. today in the
basement, a sale of 6 and 6-inch
pure silk Ribbon in a great va
riety of colors. JiiXceiiens qual
ity that sells regularly at Qf
25o and 85c yd., special, ifK'
10 to 11 A. M. today in. the
basement, men's fine black cot-'
ton Socks, light weight, seam
less feet, fast dye ; all sizes. Pur
chases limited to. 12 J 1 Ug
pairs, special at, pairv
From 12 to 1 P. M.
25c Corset Covers at 15c
12 to 1 P. M. today in the basement, a
sale of women's fine Corset Covers, cut full
and nicely made,- trimmed with fine lace
and embroidery; all sizes, excellent values
at 25c each, bargainized for this t CZ
sale at the very low price of only I
Women's Short Kimonos 39c
12 to 1 P..M. today in the basement, a one-hour sale of interest
to every woman. Be here on time. Short Kimonos, well made and
trimmed. The materials are fine lawns in neat floral patterns and
colors. There are all sizes in the . lot. Kimonos that are OQ
worth a great deal more than offered for during this hour, V Y V
25c, 35c Box Stationery 12V2C
Crash Toweling, lara oc
12 to 1 P. M. today, a sale
of 500 boxes of splendid full
size linen Paper and Envelopes,
in neat box. Sold regularly at
25o and 35o tt"7 9lAf
box, special at only--"'
12 to 1 P. M. today, a sale
of linen fininh Crash Toweling,
washes soft and absorbent, good
for general household use, on
special sale for this one CZg
hour only, at, the yard, Jl
From 2 to 3 P. M.
Pillow Slips at 10c Each
From 2 to 3 P.. M. today in the basement
underprice store, a one-hour sale of Pillow
Slips, size 45x36 inches, made of good qual
ity bleached sheeting, torn and hemmed,
ready for use. Rooming-houses will l fif
lay in a good supply at this price,
$5 Sweater Coats Only $2.15
2 to 8 P. M. today in the basement, a one-hour sale of women 'a
fine wool Sweater Coats, good, heavy weight, plain and f anoy
weaves; V shape or high necks, with pockets and large pearl but
tons; white, tan, red and gray colors; regular $4.00-0 T T
to $5.00 values, on special sale for one hour at, each, -- -
Boys' 25c Underwear for 15c
Children's $ uresses a 4c
From 2 to 3 P. M. today in the
basement, a sale of boys' mesh
Underwear, shirts and drawers,
fine close weave, well made and
finished. Short sleeve, t CSg
knee length; 25o grade,
From 2 to 3 P. M. today in the
basement, girls' tuD .ureases,
made of good staunch material,
in plain colors, pretty checks
and stripes; sizes 6 to CZ7g
14 years; $1.00 dresses,
Fruit Saucers, ea. ' 4
Dessert Plates at 8
Oatmeals, each at 7ft
Bread and Butters, 6
Meat Platters at 17
Bowls, each, only 9
From 4 to 5 P. M.
Standard Calico at 4Kc
From 4 to 5 P. M. today in the basement
underprice store, a one-hour sale of stand
ard grade Calico, light or dark colors, suit
able for house dresses. Choije patterns.
Be here at the sound of the S0DsAl'tf
and lay in a good supply at, yard"
50c Silk Ponlins. Yard at 29c
4 to 5 P. M. in the basement, a sale of splendid Silk Poplin in all
wanted colors. The most durable of all silk fabrics. It washes
and will not slip. A rare opportunity is afforded for this hour to
purchase this meritorious cloth, sold regularly at 50c the OQ
yard, but priced for the hourly sales tomorrow at, the yard,
Women's Corsets at 50c Each
5c Spool Silk for Only 2c
From 4 to 5 P. M. today in the
basement, a one-hour . sale of
Women's Corsets, made of fine
coutil; medium length, 4 hose
supporters, sizes 18 to EZf)f
30, special for one hour,
From 4 to 5 P. M. today in the
basement, a good grade Sewing
Silk, hand or machine, 5c O,
seller; black and colors,
Pearl Buttons, all sizes 5c Of
and 10c grade, the dozen,
From 11 A.M. to 12
Women's 25cNeckw'r 7c
11 A. M. to 12 today, a sale of hundreds
of pieces of dainty Neckwear for women
Jabots, Side Effects, Cascades, Stocks, etc.,
in lawn and lace effects, a good assortment
to choose from, regular values to 25o 7g
each, on special sale at low price of .
$2.50 Wash Skirts at Only $1
11 A. M. to noon today thrifty women will flock here for these
Wash Skirts.; 'Ideal for beach, for outing or for house wear. 100
Li the lot, all made of good materials, white or blue.' Well made
and neat fitting skirts which sell regularly up to fi T flfh
$2.50 each, special for this one hour only, each at P-L. VTJ
Women's 45c Union Suits 25c
Men's 50c Underwear 32c
11 A-' M; to 12 today in the
basement,' women's fine Swiss
ribbed Union Suits, close weave,
Summer weight, sleeveless, loose
knee, trimmed in- lace. O CZg
sizes 4 to 9, 45o vals.,
11 A, M, to 12 today " in the
basement, men's fine silk fin
ished balbriggan . Shirts and
Drawers, Summer weight nat
ural Egyptian cotton; 00
All sizes, good 60o vals,'"'
- r
From 1 to 2 P. M.
Reducer Corsets $1.18
1 to 2 P. M. today in the basement, a
sale of splendid Corsets, made of good qual
ity coutil,' with nonrustable steels, abdomi
nal straps, 4 supporters ; well made and fin
ished. Sizes 22 to 36. A good . J f TO
$2.00 Corset, special at only '.P
$2.50 House Dresses at $1.19
1 to 2 P. M. today in the basement, a one-hour sale of women's
pretty House Dresses in odd lines; various sizes, good materials and
good patterns and colos. There are not all sizes of each, but there
are dresses of all sizes in the lot. Regular values to 1J T 1Q
$2.50 each, on special sale duririg this hour, priced at K
Boys' $1 Wash Suits Only 48c
50c Embroidery t iounctng iyc
1 to 2 P. 'M. today in. the
basement, a sale of boys' splen
did Wash Suits in neat, attract
ive styles, made of good mater
rials,' white and colors. JSQg
Sizes 2y2 to 8; $1 vals.,C'l
1 to 2 P. M. today in the
basement, hundreds of yards of
27-ineh Embroidery Flouncing,
fine Swiss muslin with deep
embroidery, regular 35c T Of
and 50c grades, yard,
From 3 to 4 P.M.
Women's 12V2C Vests 7c
From 3 to 4 P. M. today in the basement, a
great sale of women's fine Swiss ribbed
Vests, Summer weight, close weave, sleeve
less; excellent quality, all sizes. Lay in a
good supply for the whole season at 7 f
this low price, 120 grades at only
To $12.50 Silk Slips at $3.85
3 to 4 P. M. today, women's silk Princess Slips, made of fine,
soft silk, neatly trimmed in lace. Colors are mostly light blue and
Oriental patterns, a few others in pleasing shades are included in
the lot; only 40 to be sold at this price; regular $7.50 fl? Q Q CJ
to $12.50 values, on special sale at low price of only pJ.JJ
85c Foulard Silks, Yard at 39c
50c Blue Chambray Shirts 33c
From 2 to 3 P. M. today in the
basement, beautiful Foulard
Silks, 24 inches wide, in spots,
stripes and figures, 85c QQ
value, special, the yard'''
Don't forget the Voting Contest
From 2 to 3 P. M. today in the
basement, men's good quality
blue chambray Shirts, made ex
tra .full in the body and long
sleeves ; sizes 14a ' QQ
17; our 50c values for-l
From 5 to 6 P. M.
76-inch Sheeting at 19c
From 5 to 6 P. M. today in the basement, a
one-hour sale which will appeal to all
thrifty housekeepers. Unbleached Sheeting
in 76-inch width, good, durable grade. On
special sale for this one hour only T Qs
at the extremely , low price, yard, -
Men's Black Sateen Shirts 38c
5 to 6 P. M. today in the basement, a rousing one-hour sale of
men's splendid black sateen Shirts, made, of Hydegrade sateen,
have good, full bodies and sleeves, and range in size from 1442 to
17. Just the thing for work shirts or for roughing it in the QQf
hills. Lay in a good supply while you may at only, each V
Gingham Petticoats Only 29c
Children's 15c Waists 9c
5 to 6 P. M. in the basement,
women's gingham Petticoats, of
fine quality, fast colors, in
striped patterns; deep flounces,
assorted lengths; or9Q
this hour only, each at'''
From 5 to 6 P. M. today in. the
basement, a sale of children's
knitted Waists, Summer weight,
closely woven, taped around the
arms; sizes 2 to 12; regu- Q
lar 15c values; 1 hour,
$2 ScreenDoors$1.69
Our best grade of Front Doors, complete with
spring, hinges, etc; size 2 feet, 10 Ct iZQ
inches by 6 feet, 10 inches; $2 vaL, Vx,u
Plain Screen Doors, very strong, size OQ
2 feet, 8 inches by 6 feet, 8 inches, at Of'
Window Screens, adjustable, size 18x33; 0f
special for this sale only at low price of & "
Window Screens, 24x45, adjustable, each, 35
Wire Meat Safes, $L35 values, special, $1.13
Our $6,000.00 Voting Contest Is Now
in Progress --Twenty -One Cash Prizes