Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 21, 1912, Page 18, Image 18

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WANTED A 20 or 2-H. P., second-hand,
or 4-f vllnder. a-asollne. heavy -duty
n;tn. about 400 revolutions pr minute.
. 1 rl ress. r 1 r 1 n r descri p t ion , bore an d
. srok-. welaht. etc. and price. J ltfo.
TOOLS. Hlfhest price paid for men' and
.isai'r cast -on cioinmi, mow, iunur,
tools, mechanic, tossing. Cail Main 20S0,
,':o 1st st. The Gloi.
L. ROSKNBL.CM. highest price paid for
second-hsnd clothing, shoos, etc. 247 Da-
. vis st- Marshall 174.
TV ILL, bur Colt automatic military model
1-oa.iber. if cheep ana la gooa oracr.
Phone Tabor T&l tonight.
WANTED Newfoundland or St. Bernard
nun. Write, rivlna orice, etc to J. M-
Parrr. Woodstock. Or., car box 77.
FmHD Auction Co. Pays moat cash for any
k!nd of furniture. Main awi. A .a-
Hiirh-rUss salesman. Ton can
ra a k f r om $.109 to $500 mon t a.
See Barnard.
407 Teon Bids.
W A XT E D Woll-d ressd. clever, ao-Il'-Itors;
thm months' canvass; cltr
districted; clever proposition; well
advertised; nothing to sell; nothing
to carry; no collections. Apply
h:30 to 12 A. M. (except Sundsv,
.VI I Rots! bldg., 7th and Morri
son. WANTED Tao couples for mountain re
sort hotel work; one man must bo good
cook, with wife to assist In general man
asement of kitchen; one man to look af
ter warehouse, barn and assist in Jaundry
work. wlf to do light cooking, care for
tents and assist in laundry work: desirable
" pace for earnest workers. Apply between
ft and 12 A. M . Crater Lake. Company. 424
Lumber Exchange building.
WANTED fr C. S. Army, able-bodied, un
married men, between ages of IS and So.
citizens of United states, or good enw
lotr and tmMTIt habltB. WHO
sneak, read and write the English lu
-v Vrr !nfnrmllnn annlv to ReCTUl t"
tng off Ire. Worcester block. Third and
Oak streets. Portland, Or.
WANTED A reliable party capable of man
sglng an A-l established wholesale busl
iim .h!fTi wilt bear full investigation
, in one of the best towns In the State of
Washington. One willing to invest sonic
monev. or would sell controlling interest
to ncht partv. Write B. E. Mott, North
Taklma. Wash.
WANTED Man with family, familiar with
farm work, to take un residence on amall
place; permanent position, with
narii tn start: STtTtO acOUlres DOSSesslCn C
' home place; balance can be paid for from
part of wages. AN 41. oregonian.
WANTED General office man who has
had experience in country banks or witi
farm mnriri- com nan lea. Must be con
.-.r..m wuk lann values. Fullest refer
ences required. State age. experience and
salary, c irn. urgfonian.
RRIOHT vounf man anted Will start you I
In rent business and teach you bow to-l
drive high-powered 7-paaenger touring i
car; you must be honst and have $750 I
t'sso: security; reierences. Aypiy
HDTFI. man and wife to furnish and oper
ate cafe and 17 rooms: steam heat, hot
water each room, superior location, tran-
stent and auto trade; new building. First
State Rank. Greeham. or.
VIOLIN and niano teaching, also violin
teachlnr for steady salary position
'. knowledge of music more necessary than
tracmng experience, oso je. jnu i uuu -.i
room e.
ir.EVTQ WAKTED Rest-sclllna artlcl
nF invenrrd. return for $1 invested.
An automatic, belt-tlghlener for sewing
machine. Axdre&a W. M. Blowers. Har-
risbui g. Or.
a x vTirii Ki!-mn and r eD resent all ves,
everywhere, locate and traveling, best
nrMMtlrlnn in Peace River country. Can
Ida; good contract. Wilbur ss QtabL 519
Main st.. Vancouver. B. C.
AX order clerk for a retail "ash and door
and general mill work factory; must tnor
ourhiv understand the business: state ex
perience and salary wanted. Western
Pla.ilng Mills Co., Ltd., Calgary. Alia.
WANTED Man who understands gardening
and care of lawn, city job for competent
. man Call 141 Belmont St., corner ot
- :.:;d. after 6 P. M.
-a.' iVTF.n-.P-mvaiuiers. salesmen and so
licitors, at 51 3d st. Year's work. Call In
. A. M. or after 6 P. M.. ask for sale-
W ANTED A first-class printer who la good
. on book headings and general work; also
to do some oresswork: wa;es -: uniui-
shoo. F. Trfft Co.. Aberdeen. W h
VOCNO man. with some knowledge of com
mercial pnotograpny. one insi nw ni5u
' outrtt preterred; rferencea F 2X Ore-
YOINO man. experienced In the grocery
business, who would like to start tn busi
ness fnr himself; give address and phone
number. B J7.1. oregonian.
EXPERIENCED clothing and shoe sales
man for general store tn interior vregon.
Apply I. Schwartx. Flelschncr-Mayer S
EXPERIENCED solicitors who know; sal
ary guaranteed. Apply between lO and 12
A. M. . (jBXCept eunaaysi tnv Aiarquam
WANTED Reliable man and wife to take
.-ar nf modern furnished rot close In.
fur room and board of two. Address B
173. Oregonlan
BRIGHT young man as news agent, to work
on railroad trains on commission; $15 de
posit required. Apply Broun Newa -0.,
Johnston st.
TllERR'8 monev In sell in our Yakima
irovn. bardr. ma ran teed stock; outfit
free; cash weekly; steady work. Taklma
valley Nursery to., roppenisn. w a.
YOl'NG man would like the services of com
petent English Instructors. Call after S P.
M. Tel. Main 754.
fruit processor. Address Boise Canning
Co.. Boise. Idaho.
WANTED Broom - maker: first - das.
ateady. Baltimore stitcnerman. trown
Broom Works. Vancouver. B. C.
can sell drygoods; country. Commercial
Abstract Co.. ln5 c. of C. bldg.
FOR the bet mony-maklng proposition in
town call at room 330 Clark Hotel, cor.
10th snd Ptark. a to 12.
WANTED Experienced machinist and tin
ners for general shop work. The Gilbert
H unt Company. Walta Walla. Wash.
EXPERIENCED advertising solicitor, con
tracts cashed dally, three publications.
Benedictine Press. 26s Madison.
W A NT E D Several ex perlenced he 1 pers for
cracker factory. Apply F. F. Ha radon at
on, E. tn and Da via.
ASSISTANT bookkeeper with lumber experi-
ence. able to operate typewriter. J 16$,
Oregon lan.
WANTED An expert salesman to sell con-
- tractors equipment; rererencea required,
r AM 1M, Oregonlan.
WANTED Hotel clerk with ctty rc fere noes
and experience; salary .m ana room;
steady work. Address AB 153. .Oregonlan.
NO. 1 MATCHER MAN for sh and door
factory. Acme Planing 31111. East Oak
sna ater st.
EXPERIENCED helper to do steam clean
ing and rough spotting. Apply Broadway
Dye Works, Grand se- and Pcnuyier.
GOOD proposition to a photographer
small capital. F 1?4. Oregonlan.
PHOTO coupon; best ever offered; anap for
r agenta Cntnbert Stuoio. LfKani bldg.
SEE US: If you are a good solicitor; lnvstl
gate. 702 RotnchUd bldg.
WANTED 2 good men. Call 504 Board of
W AN T E D Boy with w heel,
printers. 123 First st.
KleUt A Co.
COMPETENT stenographer, lumber expert-
ence. J 14. Oregonlan.
WANTED Good reliable man to solicit fam
' Hy liquor. Eastern Liquor Co., 40 N. th.
ADVERTISING solicitor wanted at 11
Oak st.
GLASS BEVELERS to lead glaziers! LSI
Front st.
MAN with family to take care of farm
near CorvalUs." Or. AB 165, Oregonlan.
WANTED 1 men for guard duty; gits
phone number. AS 163. Oregonlan.
WANTED Experienced janitor, man and
wife, well recommended. Call 234 N. 16th.
BOY wanted. 16 years old. Apply at noon.
2i' Marquam bldg.
riRST -CLASS paperhanger with tools; come
rau'y to work. 206 St.rk st.
WANTED Exp-rienced awning hanger.
Willamette Tent A Awning Co.
TJi T wanted vto larn plumbing trade. Ap
ply 441 East Stark.
T -(.' NG men on motorcycle and bicycles
make $75 month. S?4 Tamhlll.
WANTED A man to work on farm. AR
W A NTEP High-claes salesmsn. Ask for
Vr. Pturtcn. 492 Yeon bK".
FIHST-CLArS tailor or presser wanted
1 r.;7 Sandy road, rhone Tabor 1S13.
WANTED Short order cook. Apply Peer
less Cafeteria Co.. 1M 5th st. -
BARBER wanted. 42, N. 3d su , .
(On of manv.t
Office Secretary Employment Department,
Tonne man, stranger, ont of work ($?0
his total cash asset) If I pay you $5 for
soeclal employment membership. I will
hare only $15 left between m and starra-
employment membership, yon will have
.-. w -
wcreirj u jwu PT
tween'rou and sisrvaiion.
Result: Young man Joined association.
In less than a week, he had satisfactory
nccuiu mr lour wuu m vuuluk " - l
"la . . 710l
Positions filled!!""!" 54m
Emnlovment membership guarantees
member will secure mploymcnt or refund!
of membershin fee: trtves two months full
wwiaftiKa....,.. .IiHI.h 111 mnntha' atwlal
ii ' f j T, " T ,
employed during the full terra of mem
bership without further charge.
h. r- v ;
fTdf' "JILJ1111- Ar you ued
See secretary employment department,
T. M. C. A.
SALESMEN, connect yourselves with the
most progressive and largest real estate
concern on tne v:oast. w ti zjkj ihisub.
Our system of getting; business will en
able yon to quadruple your present earn
ings; our salesmen are making big money
right now. Business Is flourishing. Ws
need more rood salesmen to handle It.
Ask anv bank about us. then see Mr. I
Clcaveland. sales manager Fred A. Jacobs
to., -fHt wasnington st.
A R I.K-ROnTED men wanted for the Xj.
Marine Corps, between the ages or iv ana
3.": must be native-born or have first
papers: monthly pay $15 to Si9; additional
compensation possioie; loon, cioinun,
quart ers and m ed leal attend ance free;
after so tctrr service can retire wlttt t
per cent of pay and allowances; service
An knirri ihln a n A Tinr In 1I ID a. 11 of
the world. Apply at U. F. Marine Corps
Kecruiting urnce. nira ana wwnmgwn
sts.. and lH Third St.. Portland. Or.
an.r wanteo kkaialk.
GIRLS to work In factory.
Must be is or over.
6th and Davis sts.
7th Floor Restaurant, pleasant surround
ings. Good pay. Apply at once at res
taurant desk. , .
EXPERIENCED g'ove and hosiery sales
woman-; only those with experience m
these departments need apply. Per
manent Dositions. good salaries. Len-
non's, Morrison st.. opp. post office.
vni-vr. Taiiu tn take nnaltlon at the Oaks;
must be good penman: tancy writing i"
prove an asset. Addrets in own hand
writing; give phone. number. X 333, Ore
gon ten.
BIG girl for housework, no waehlng. good
nome, sic montn. o. o c-i. neiei v.uui
Tali PnrtlmH Helorhts car to 20th and
Spring. Inquire at drug store. Phone I
Marshall 4066.
Apply Standard Factory No. t.
Grand Ave. and East Taylor St.
THK rnTERIE Cpneral and Domestlo Serv
ice Bureau, room 309 central oiag., en
deavors to render the Vest of service to
Its patrons. Mam 7667.
GIRL to cook and take care of home: $23 I
a montn; must Turn inn goou reierence.
good home, steady place. Call at store.
Mrs. btern, i Aioer.
WANTED Neat, reliable girl for general I
housework; must understand plain cook.- i
Ing; two In family: good wages. Call 11 I
to 4 P. M. z t- zsa st. isortn.
STENOGRAPHER $50 per month; usual!
hours. 8 to ; give xuil experience buiu i
pnone numoer ior prompt ulwhuuh.
166. Oregonlan.
WANTED Competent woman for general
house worn m tne country; sman larauy.
no washing; good wages. Phono Tabor I
EXPERIENCED girl to care for child of I
and do small amount oi secorm wora. i
wages $30. Apply before 12. 82 Mar-I
snaii si. i
WANTED PnmiMtnt nurse, mlddle-ased. I
to take care of small child. Apply I
tenant Naitx. Vancouver Barracks. Phone
PI, ancouver.
WANTED Soubrettes. one sister team, pro
fessionals and amateurs, for road snow.
Call at room 323 Hotel Lenox. 3d and
Mair sts., Portland.
WANTED An elderly lady for small fam
ily to take full charge of nousenoid au-
ties and care for children. 761 Thurman,
in store. I
WAK'TRD An exnerlenced vounar ladv to I
act ii oisnenser ani waiter in a new con-1
fectlonerv store. H 162. Oregonlan. I
WANTED An excellent airl for general I
housework: 8 in family; wages .i&; nol
washing and Ironing. Phone M. 9415-
WANTED Experienced girl, cooking and
general house wor- zjo . xein. atain
EXPKRIENCWn -irl fnr areneral house
work and cooking, family or a; .Norwegian
preferred. Csll E- 5552.
w NTEn Stenorraoher exoerlencad In col I .
lection work; moderate salary, ad idi,
COMPETENT girl to cook and assist with
housework:; small iamuy, gooa wage
Apply 735 Kearney st.
WANTED Girl to assist In general house
work at beach. 6S4 Schuyler St., sroaa
way car.
EXPERIENCED fiunil. cooks. $40: second
girls. $30: general girls, $40. SL Louis J YOUNG man, German, to drive, repair au
Agenry. 2581a Alder st. Main 2039. I toraobile. private family preferred; ref-
- , - " i
X S1 avnar1ndt nrii marh n hand If AT, I
periencea nocy ironer. raises diwd i
Laundry. E. 10th snd Everett.
WANTED Girl for general housework:
good wages, good home. Phone forenoon.
C zbu'. Location irvington.
Weshington bldg.. 270 J Washington St.,
near 4th, Phone Main SS36-or A 32A6.
WANTED Refined, capable woman for re
sponsible position. Viavi co.. o itoia
chlld bldg.. 4th and Washington.
345 H Washington st., cor. 7th, upstairs
Phone Main 2692,
ALWAYS wanted, chorus girls, singers, pian
ists, good salaries. New York Theatrical
Agency, reucra oiog.. suite otv.
WANTED X lady pretsera on ladles
clothea Apply at Broadway Dyeworas; i
steady work. Grand avenue and Schuyler,
MIDDLE-AGED American woman to keep
house for man with small boy; good
wages. J. G. Samier. Yoncalla. Or.
WANTED Ons first-class waist girl; one
apprentice. 42 Chetopa Apartments, 18th
and Flanders.
wiTEn i maid for eenaral housework. I
Apply at 450 E- ISth st. N-, after IP. M.
WANTED Good girl for general housework.
small iamuy. mv Kesrney st.
rlrl to cook and do light j
Call at 4 Ella st.
WAITRESS wanted. 404 Madison St., cor
ner 10th. phone Main 2006.
EXPERIENCED girls wanted at oce. Pori-
isnn Motel iaunary tept. 1
WANTED First-class buttonhole makes and
finisher. Eastern Tailoring Co.. 105 6th.
GIRL as cashier In restaurant; $5 per we
a nours day. v ltrz, Oregon 1 an.
GIRL to do general housework. Phone Essf
3050. Apply airer a r. M.
GIRL wanted for general housework; 3 Jn
fdmiiy. Phone East 13-2.
MIDDLE-AGED woman, housekeeper, coon-1
try. Jo. ft. Louis Agency, asain
EXPERIENCED chocolate-dippers wamed. j
Apriy alter iu a. x. conmans. jrronu 1
WANTED A girl to care for 2 children,
good borne and small salary. Call Tabor
1 ZP Jdy
bare ray modern
apartment; companionship object; terms
very reasonable. Marsnaai azos; evenings.
I WANTED Good sirl for general housework.
. . I good wages u competent. Aaareas in
I - -- - - 1 ;
l EXPEBIEXnEn mnMrttnrm who know. U
I ary guaranteed. Apply between 10 and 12
I a. m. except bancays ow jaarquam oms.
I WANTED Experienced g-irl for general
i nousawork and cookings lut JjranKiin at.
fnoild JJaln J'Jfif.
COOKS, chambermaids, waitresses, helpers.
1 t-amuj amp. nvwvi ajbucjt, -, -ti
vah!ngton st.
I x.,- vrt n a Airi..
1 . ' 7 . . ?
" i nousewom: no wasning. n4 nrvereii be.
- 1 WANTED Girl for
general housework.
Phone M. 4115.
WANTED-Good competent girl for aec-
ond work. Phone 6762.
I WANTED Experienced skirt and waist
help. 206 Columbia bldg.
I WANTED Girl for cigar stand. Ice cream Iv
poor room. g per wefctc .48 tjonch st.
GIRL to do housework in small family. 733
k. uoucn.
WOMAN for general housework, family of
g. inquire pia t-ast aiot, iv tn.
WANTED A girl for general housework
and plain cooking- 6 S3 Myrtle.
GIRL for general housework. Apply
HancocK St.. irvmgion.
HELP WANTED Union Laundry Co.. Sec
ond and Columbia.
YOUNG girl for general housework; small
ramuy. wzs taeign. m. z4.
SOLICITOR wanted at once: good reliable
party: aiso presaer. Aiuunoman uieanmg
& Dye Works, 395 3d st. M. 1J40. A 3130-
MARKER and distributer wanted at lade-
y1"""1" .' ii ou-
20 IOCAL and general agenta at once;
per cent, idora Hotel, 9 to .
MEN WANTED for firemen and brakemen
on nearbr railroads: $80 to $100 monthly:
promotion, engineer, cocductor; experience
unnecessary; no strixe; age xn-aa. nan
road em ploy leg headquarters; over 50o4
men sent to positions on ntw orricuu caiis.
State age. Address Railway Aesociatloa
UK: snd women to learn the narber trade
in eight weeks; special inducements; rer
cent age paid whtla learning; tools free;
ex Deri Instructors: 17 years In the busi
ness; 87 schools; a lifetime membership
given to each student. Meier Barber joi
lege as is. Fourth sl, fortiana. i?r.
Moving-Picture Operators
In all cities throughout the world.
Operators make $25 to $40 weekly.
Learn business In 2 weeks.
526H Washington St.. near 17th.
FOR RENT Completely furnished 6 -room
nouse, .oeacn center, iong, rvasn.,
$75 for season. Phone Main 7170 or A
RAILWAY mall cierks. Drepare aow.
ceiiect salaries ana promotions: no jar-
oirs, sore psy; tree dook. tai; toaay. fm-
cine states He coot. Mcnay mag., city.
MAKE money writing short stories, or for j
papers; big pay; free booKiet tens now.
unuta trees syndicate, can rrwncisco.
WANTED Picture Dlay writers: big pay;
we'll teach you. ncturo fiay Association,
&an gran cisco.
ELITE PRIVATE Business College, 642
Hamilton bldg. Mar. 4258. Open all year.
schools and teachers. 610 Ewetland bldg.
GIRLS, learn beauty parlor work; reduced I
rates tnig montn. cia notncniia piag.
' SHORTHAND. Typewriting; School, 269 14th I
st. Main 3S83. Expert instruction; s mo. i
Bookkeepers and Clerks.
op books, prepare balances ana state
ments, Install systems Gllllngham. au-
Cltor. Cia Lewis bldg. Mars ball II..
POSITION as assistant bookkeeper with
good concern: several years office experi
ence, fair salary expected. F 176, Orego
! A-l OFFICE clerk would like to substitute
durine vacation season or would accept
steady job; amdependable and can make
gooo . a rc it i, uregon tan.
EXPERIENCED hotel clerk, young man.
formerly manager of Southern California I
noiei, wisnes position witn jortiana wowl
K. iqo. oregonlan.
BOOKKEEPER and office man desires post
tlon: quick, accurate and reliable; best
of references. AN 159, Oregonlan.
PRACTICAL business education: experienced
as bookkeeper, general office work and
salesman; age Z7. Fbone anva.
M Uce Ilaneoua.
sociated with one of the largest corpora-
tions In the Middle West, in the capacity I
of assistant purchasing agent. Desiring I
to move West, I solicit correspondence!
with reliable firms, who contemplate In-1
creasing their working force. Have had
13 years of business experience; five years!
traveling salesman. Thoroughly fa
miliar with all kinds of office work. Am I
60 years of age; single. Address AV ov6 1
215 Second St.. Corner Salmon.
Women's Department. 245 Salmon.
All classes of unskilled, skilled. Drofes
slonal and clerical male and female help
furnished on short notice; no fee charged.
Pnone Main 8535, A 66J4.
JAPANESE, first-class cook, wants sltua-
tion cookinr in nrlvate family: good expe-
rience, about 10 years; in the city or coun-
try; has good references. Address Alt lod.
WANTED By married man with 9 years'
experience as grocery salesman and solici
tor, also speaks Finnish, acquainted with I
city: wishes position with wholesale or I
retail nrm. h'none Mam 37W.
EXPERIENCED butcher, understands the
business thoroughly, wants steady work;
strictly sober and honest, R 104. Ore
YOUNG married man would like position
as moving-picture operator In or out of
ai n&rAiK ann rariRa man ac Jioerty:
no motor student, but one who knowa
vt "
wa.mll' jianaacment oi restaurant, ain
Ing-room or cafeteria; experienced In all
branches. c !."., oregonlan.
SITUATION br good pajstry i
tnd bread
baker; country preferred. e
358, Ore-
gonian. -
c.Art - mci. r.u cnmimur wants position.
city references, not afraid of work. A 18L
sAMticu. wisnes siwnj position jh wnoie-1
sale or commission house.
AB 154. Ore-
YOUNG man with good recommendation
wishes position as chauffeur. AB 163, Ore
MAN and wife, Scotch, want position, groom
and cnamnermaia or uscrui man. t jtio.
ure gonian.
erences. w io. uregonian.
rAi. xan, umruuEii mwitAUK:, wwu BLcujr
work with builder or take charge. J. H. ;
stars nail, pnone isaat aiqv.
WINDOW washing. house-cleaning, floors;
waxed and polished. He ii wood 116.
CHAUFFEUR Steady and sober, capable re
pairman, witn reterence. a 4Z3. room zi.
BOY. IS years okl, wishes position in store
or driving, r-nono a 4o.
EXPERIENCED vegetable man wants work.
Cail Marshall 205, Room 67.
HONEST Japanese boy wishes a position i
cooking; and nouseworx. a iT4, uregonian.
BOY wants elevator work; experienced. Jo-
nientx. 3ix oak st.. room Z4. Main 44 to.
CHAUFFEUR. Japanese, wants position; I
can neip miiue nPW. rnioa t.
JAPANESE wants position, housework in 1
family. X 152, Orcgonlan.
YOI'NG man wishes position as table waiter. I
Address a. L. t. q., pit liniicis ave.
HONEST man. German, -wishes steadv nosi-
tlon on private piace, v ioi. uregoman. i
Bookkeepers sad Stenographers.
YOUNG lady with several years' experi
ence, wants position general orrice work: I
can do typewriting. X 105, Oregonlan.
BOOKKEEPER desires position with charge
ot rci wi v jwii vriein a in i
clty; good referencea Phone East 1S72.
TOUNO girl, .cms knowdge of typewrit-
YOUNG lady wishes work in doctor's office;
can use typewriter. ittu, u re gonian, 1
STENOGRAPHER with some experience
seeks position. Phone Marshall 275L
FASHIONABLE dressmaking at home or by
day, oue vviuiams ave. nasi t.
DRESSMAKING and ladles' tailoring b
uj. a -c.
SEWING done In families by the dav. Phone j
asm toid, im 1
MDLLE. DB BILLAUT, 55 Washington
(EUa-st. entrance). M- 4493. Exclusive
rencn aeaigna in gowns, salts, waists.
CAPABLE wotnan ' wishes sewinr by day,
mendir? or general repairing of ladies
wararooea. is. b. J? landers St.
FIRST-CLASS dressmaker wants day work.
g- io i. jkkj in. uresoaian.
EXPERIENCED nurse wishes work, nervous
patients a specialty, or care of elderly
may. Aggress Ati uregonian.
MATERNI7Y nurse wants cases immediate
ly; win do work also; July. Main 147.
FOR dependable experienced nurses; reason
able terms. Main 4461.
HOUSEKEEPER, experienced, capable of
taking charge of reilned home; can give
children a mother's care and training;
references R 158, Oregonisn.
YOUNG lady wishes houRekeeDinz for wld
ower or oacneiors nome. ii me, orego-
GOOD girl for general housework:
cook. Tabor 2106.
REFINED, congenial widow wants position
as nougeHeepe.r. am j.t, uregonian.
WANTED General housework by a girl 16
j eovra uiui rnont a iki.
GIRL, wishes position taking care of chll-
aren; capaoie. jiam tjo.
M iacella neons.
EXPERIENCED woman desiring steady em
ployment ror one year, capaoie oi earn
ing two dollars a day or better, wants
place to cook. No objection to Isolated,
inland localities. Woman employer pre
ferred. Ten days required for answer.
AV 395, Oregonlan.
DEPENDABLE young teacher wishes
employment In office: would assist In a
home or coach pupils; terms reasonable.
Main 310.
YOl'NG lady wishes position In general
orrice work; dentist's or physicians ot
flce preferred. AB 163, Oregonlan.
! GERMAN woman wants to go out to work
ior wasmng ana ironing, m. b. ri. a.,
- Guilds ave. "
WOMAN wants work housekeeping or nurs
Ing in small family; good references. Room
n itex Hotel, o-tsa w asnington.
EXPERIENCED cook would Ukt a place I
private family to go to beach for Sum
raer. Mam ttt&&
FIRST-CLASS laundress wishes work Thurs
flay; ret. vvooo lawn lHii.
LACE curtains washed. 9 years' experience.
jaoor Z44. .Mrs. ?cott.
POSITION by dictaphone operator,
shall 3034. AN 163, Oregonlan.
EXPERIENCED woman wants work today
East 538. Room 10.
JAPANESE woman wants position In small
xamiiy. r-none .Mam vsi.
FAMILY woman wants take in all kinds of
washing. E. s. K. R-. 617 Guilds ave.
i LACE curtains, draperies, blankets, laun
dered, sun bleached, 25c up. Tabor 317.
LACE curtains washed, stretched, called for,
delivered. Main 3665.
WANTED Women aeecti to handla xat
anted article that every woman needs; loo
per cent profit. Sells on sight. Writ
today, indicator Agency, uougias. Ari
zona. AGENTS Our patented specialties sell like
wiianre. sena ior Tree catalogue ana sam
ple, worth JOc. The Dellzell Mfg. Co., 448
soutn Mathews St., Loa Angeles, cai.
TO SELL county rights for the best water
vacuum cleaner on eartn; investigate this
one. a v 8P4, oregonlan.
If you have a swell residence, furnished
A-l, located on Portland Heights or Weat
Side, list with us at once; wo have eight
people moKing Tor mat Kind oi residence
$5l to $90 month.
913-917 Lewis bldg..
Main S400. 4th and Oak. A 7158.
WANTED To rent a modern house of from
seven to ten rooms; smau lamtly ; no
cniinren; not over w minutes want rrom
Third and Washington sts. D 153, Ore
gon ian.
WANTED House or bunralow to rent:
must be modern, good location and car
service ; responsible pa rty. i j, ure-
WANTED On West Side or Irvinsrton. 7
room nouse, completely furnisned, for
montns or more, Dy responsioie party.
Phone E 4861 or Marshall S'ASQ.
IF you wish to rant your house or flat, see
3G5-6 Spalding bldg. Mala 7592.
SMALL house, with barn suitable
horses. Ring up Marshall 13 tO.
WANTED For the Summer, furnished
houseboat. Call or write 614 Couch bldg.
WANTED Two to four furnished or unfur-
nished modern rooms, walking distance.
b,ast siae; permanent, mone East i.iw.
Rooms With Board.
WANTED Room and board in private fam
nv ror man ana wne. witn z-vear-oto
fcaby; also care of baby during day; must
be reasonable and close In. AR 162, Ore
I YOUNG man In business wishes board and
room, with superior private family, in
good, quiet locality on West Side; state
xuii particulars. ioz, uregoman.
WANTED By man and wife, two or three
rooms end board in private family. West
Slde; no other boarders. Phone Main 8732.
LADY and gentleman employed downtown
want rooms ana Doara close in witn pn
vate family. P. Q. box 2061. Station A.
Business Places.
Centrally located on West Side: fac
tory purposes; 24r00 to 3000 square feet of
floor space. Pacific Art Glass Works, 151
Famished Boons.
Seventh and Taj'Ior Streets,
At Verv Moderate Rates.
Absolutely -central; two minutes from
Pos toff Ice, stores, theaters and restaurants;
just off business streets and carlinej;
quietest and best location; handsome brick;
ample steam heat, hot running water and
phones In every room; suites and private
baths. Any car from depot.
8S7)& East Burnside Street. ,
Live in this hotel and save money on
your room rant. Wa have 120 modern
rooms, tingle or en suite, rooms with pri
vate batn; rates sue to n per day, S3
s per weex. mast ov, ts
HOTEL LA SALLE, 10th and Burnside sta
AbsDiutely fireproof; new and elegantly
furnished rooms ; private baths ; steam
heat, hot and cold water, private phones
In each room; special rates by the month;
phone service free. Phone Marshall 4040
One block from Union Deoot: 140 outsid
rooms with hot and cold water and steam
heat; offers special rates for perntaaent
guests; rates ooo to $2 a day; ss.ou ana
up per week. Phone Main 3418.
HOTEL KLICKITAT. 826 Holladay ave..
nsw brick building, an outside rooms, not
and cold water in all; new and clean: 15
minutes' walk to P. O.; 50c to $1 a day;
12.50 a week and up- East 59S&.
THE BEAVER, 12th and Marshall sta
Take S or 16th-st. cars north, get off at
Marshall ; rooms 50c night for one, or
si.w for two. rnone aiain aril. Moaern
HOTEL REN WICK An ideal home for to sl-
liess people; centrally located; elegant
rooms; all modern conveniences; 7th and
Taylor sta, 1 block from Portland Hotel,
opposite Heillg Theater, phone Main 91a
150 Park st.. very central. European and
American pian; nomenae service in ain-lng-roozn
at reasonable price; $1 European.
$2 American. Special rates per week.
Z05 Twelfth st Marshall 279a
In heart of business district; steam hsaU
hat and cold water, free phone In every
room: $1 day and up; $4 week and up.
390 Morrison st.
$8 and $3.50 per week. Neat airy rooms.
Larxe. nleasant front rooms: easr walk-
In distance: all home conveniences: la
$2.50 to $4 per week. 228thaL Main ZZ41.
THE GILMORE. I31- 10th st., oor. Alder,
close to an tne Dusiness a 1 strict ana tnea-
ters; clean, well furnished rooms; perme-
Knt ana transient, rates reasonable.
iwwiun nuitiu. ? jtOTrwun, cor.
transient; permanent rates very reasonable.
NICE, furnished room for gentleman.
23d. Marshall 2S2L
fine apt. house, private bath.
189 N.
NEWLY furnished rooms, hot and cold wa
ter, phone, bath, $12 to . lo. Main 543
05 Jefferson st.
DO you want a good room in a good loca
tion at a low rater lry noiei iarraDee,
227 H Larrabee st. East Side. East 849.
NICE, clean furnished rooms, 25c and up.
Grand and Hawthorne Aves.
For rent, the finest corner parlor, bed
room and bath suites In the city; large
rooms, beautifully furnished, cine win
dows, fine view of all the mountains; also
some single rooms; elevator service, tele
phone, hot snd cold water, electric llaht
ana steam neat; moaeraie prices ior ae
lrable tenants; eight streetcar lines pass
the building.
The largest and coolest rooms In the
If yon are looking- for permanent, home
like quarters, be sure ana Inspect the Sar
gent before locating. Excellent restaurant
in connection witn tne note. none jl&si
J. H. CLARK. Proprietor.
Those three beautifully furnished hotels
' HUICh HUlt-L UUTtiiu
2134 4th st. 4th st. 207 H 4th sL
On Fourth St., running; from Taylor to
Salmon st. : brand-new brick ; elegantly
furnished; steam heat, private baths, hot
and cold water in all rooms; strictly up
to data In all respects, and at popular
prices. If you want something out of the
ordinary, in the heart of the city, at rea
sonable prices, give us a call, as we know
you win tia.e ic r.oomi oy tne a ay, ww
or month. Tourist trade solicited.
025 Washington St.
Under New Management.
Large lobby, finished In mahogany, tile
and marble; ladles' parlor, with elegant
fireplace; free telephone service in rooms
all night and day. electric elevator, steam
heat, hot and cold water in all rooms,
many with bath. A residential hotel above
reproach, where every effort is made for
the comfort and convenience of Its ruests;
rents the most reasonable in the city;
rooms by the day, week or month. Look
this over before locating. Take W car
at Depot, get off at lth and Washington.
131 Eleventh Street.
New. modern brick building; steam
heated; private baths, hot and cold water
in rooms; beautifully furnished, cosy, com
fortable; rent reasonable. Call and see us.
Regular and transient trade solicited.
$3 A WEEK, front room, newly furnished in
wnite enamel; baths free; hot water au
hosrs; desirable people only. Hotel Cadll
lac. 3d and Columbia.
Furnished Rooms tn Private Family.
THREE beautiful front rooms, with kitchen
privileges; will rent separate; all conven
iences: two carlines. 23d and W. 275 N.
24th. Marshal! 3056.
ELEGANTLY furnished large room, first
floor, private bath, new house, close in.
large porch, shade trees, $35 per month.
Marshall 4013.
FURNISHED room In good home for child
while mother is at work: also nice, alry
housekeeping room. 292 1 1th St., corner
of Columbia. Mars nail 44H1.
LARGE, newly furnished suite, suitable for
two. $4 per week, with bath, hot and cold
water. ad at., near Jefferson. De-
sirable people only.
NEWLY furnished clean single outside
rooms, f 1.50 to $3 a week. Call afternoon
or evening, 331 Front st.
NICELY furnished front room, suitable for
two; one small front room, $2.00 week;
bath. Phone 44S, Taylor, near 12th st.
PRIVATE family; 2 neatly furnished rooms
for three or four -working girls; walking
dlBtance. 426 10th at.
LARGE, airy room, also bay-window alcove
room, opening on veranda; modern, rea
sonable. 6S6 Everett.
1165 EAST YAMHILL, 1 block from Sunny-
6iae car; nne lurnisned parior bedroom
for one or two gentlemen; private family.
NICELY furnished rooms from $2 weekly;
easy warning aistance, inone uou Wash
ington. NICELY furnished room, all conveniences,
private home; reasonable. 3H College.
Main 6060
TWO connecting parlors, single or en suite.
strictly modern, ii replace ana piano. oV
jvortn join st., near wasnington.
FRONT room, phone, bath, board if de
sired, nawtnorne ave, i-none jiiast
20 L
NICELY furnished front rooms for gentle
men; phone and bath. Phone B Z27.
168 i-i 10TH, completely furnished kitchen
ana oearoom. sio montn.
PLEASANT furnished front room and other
rooms reasonable. 211 12th.
LARGE room for one or two men.
st., cor. Taylor. ,
LARGE, pleasant room, every convenience.
talking distance. 301 nun st.
12 ROOMS, second floor, brick building;
newly papered and painted. 340 Front.
ROOM, $3V week and up: board if desired;
nome privileges, -van otn.
1S7 EAST 14TH Nicely furnished room in
new and modem noma; warning distance.
ELEGANTLY furnished room. Nob Hill,
walking distance. Phone Main 4S62.
TWO nicely furnished rooms. 688 Irving.
Roams TT it b BirarA.
THE CREWS' Nicely furnished rooms
with hoard; walking distance; prices rea
sonable. 30 N. 7 7th St., near Washing
ton. Marshall 2395.
DOES a home appeal to youf THE WHITE
HALL, cor. otn ana Maaison; large room a
bath, broad veranda, quiet, close in, near
car; 4 blocks from P. O. American plaq
Modern family hotel; popular rates, pri
vate park, close in, cor. West Park and
Montgomery. Phone Main 8783.
THE LA MB ERS ON, 554 Couch st., very de
sirable outBide rooms, steam neat, run-
ning water, with ' or without board, close.
Rooms with board, use oi sewing-room, li
brary. 510 Flanders. Mrs. E. N. Wilson. sup.
THfcl HAZEL Furnished rooms with bear
running water, steam neat. jq st.
MANITOU. 261 18th st Attractive, clean
rooms, steam neat, gooq ooarq, ciose in.
THE CALVARD. 452 Morrison, corner 13th.
Rooms with board. Modern conveniences.
LARGE, airy rooms. Including nrst-class
board; lacing tne far, g? f-arn st.
Rooms With Hoard la Private Family.
HAVE room for three young men of. good
habits and character in nouse occupied
by gentlemen only, $25 a month covers 11
expenses. Box K 87 Oregonlan,
REFINED voune ladv wishes room-mate In
modern home and gooa poara, iu minutes
from P. O. 3l lOtn st.
LARGE room with board, suitable for two
gentlemen: single beds, baths attached;
close In. 291 West Park
VERY pleasant rooms, excellent board, in
private nome: every convenience, wna use
or piano, ciose in. rnooc ov.
PLEASANT room with board, strictly mod
ern, fine view; prices reasons nie. o-tu
FOR RENT Furnished rooms, with or with
out board; first-class. 475 E. Eleventh st.,
cor. of 9th.
120 PLEASANT front room, modern con
. venlenoea, single beds. 88 17th, near Ev
erett. BEAUTIFULLY furnished room, only young
-people In family; every convenience. East
ROOM and board, $5 a week. 606 6th at.
Main 3204. r
BOARD in modern horns, $34; two 1a room;
two meala 410 Park st.
ROOM and board, with home privileges. 655
Kearney. Marshall 197S.
GOOD room and board, (20; walking dis
tance. 10 E. 15th. Phone B 1791.
ROOM, board; private family; two gentls
men. 576 Laad ave. East 2833.
FURNISHED rooms and board. 595 East
Oak. East 552. Prices reasonable.
TWO pleasant rooms, large porh and
grounds; excellent board. Main 207 1.
ROOMS with or without board. 712 Flan
ders. M. 1547.
FOR 2 gentlemen, large front room with 3
single oeas, rirst-ciass ooara. oa& irving.
GOOD home for children 3 years and up
wards. Main 1030, A 81,48.
LADY wishes to board children; very rea
sonable. Bellwood 402.
THE BARKER, cor. -21st and Irving sta;
this new 4-story brick now open ; fur
nished and unfurnished In 2, 3 and 4-room
suites: reception hall, electric automatic
elevator. Holmes disappearing beds, built
in buffet and writing desk, gas range. Ice
box, plenty of closet rooms, ootn pnones,
vacuum cleaner free to patron a If you
want something nice, come to the Barker.
Phones A 1744. Marshall 2961.
NEWLY furnished The Upshur. 36th and
Upshur sts., furnished 2-room apartments.
$15, $18, $20 and up. This Includes steam
heat, hot and cold water In every apart
ment, private phones, public bath, electric
lights, gas range, laundry-room, all free;
also 3-room unfurnished apartments with
private bath. $18; 4 rooms, $20. Take S.
23d or W cars north. Phone Main 859.
Two and three-room apartments; large
rooms, large closets: strictly modern, cool
and airy for Summer; reduced rates.
Phone Main 7755. 695 Love joy st. Take
W car.
GRACE APTS., 797 Northrup St.. corner
24th, 5 large rami, hardwood floors,
front veranda, large sleeping porch, pri
vate telephone, water, heat and hot water,
new and strictly modern, vacuum cleaner.
841 1 4th sc. at Market, new corner
brick. 2-room suites, completely furnished
for housekeeping; walking distance; prices
reasonable. For information call Mala 172a
ROSE-FRIEND, cor. 7th and Jefferson
Verv dMlrahlA unfurnished anartmanta. all
otslde rooms, hardwood floors; refa j
St. Clair and Washington.
One 5-room apartment, beautifully fur
nlshsd, fine view, all outside rooms, sleep
ing porch, private phone, tiled bath, the
most exclusive house In the city, beau
tiful entrance and rotunda, ballroom for
use of tenants. We also have a few sin
gle rooms for genelcmen: references re
stone palace of luxurious homes. Trinity
Place, between 19th and th streets, jas
off Washington: magnificent excluslv
apartments in heart of apartment-house
district: rentals reasonable: every xnod?rn
convenience; sleeping porches. high-cia
service; rennea clientele; reierences re
quired In all cases; two beautifully fur
nished apartments available Ma? L Mrs.
A. N. Wright, superintendent, paone J4r
snail iioi.
Most up-to-date apartment tn tht I
Northwest: every convenience; 4 and 3
rooms, all outside aunnr rooms: "new:
walking distance, 21st and Johnson sta;
cnoice residence district; attenosat
premises. Marshall S360.
12th and Tavlor.
Jast completed, most magnificently fnr- I
nuned apartments -in tne portnwest: loca
tion perfect; rental reasonable; every I
hall and roof varden; both phones in all
apartments: high-class service; references
required. Main 2276 and A 7057.
VnifOVTS Mirhl nmr 17th at. New
building, never been occupied; rates
$20 snd up. One unfurnished, $18.
ARDMAY TERRACE. 12Ui and Harrison
sta Largest 2-room apartments la
the citv.
ALTON 1 A. Marshall and 19th sts. Large.
airy 2, S and 4-room apartments;
quiet ana exclusive neignpornooa.
Lncretla st.. Near 23d and Wash.
Unfurnished apartments, from two to
Ave rooms, all large, light and outside;
large closets, hardwood floors; under new
management, juaranau iaia. janitor, mar-
shall 1500.
ISth and Flanders sta
Beautiful apartments.
6 and 6 rooms.
Call and see them.
670 Couch, one block; from Washington,
walking distance. 8 and 4-room modern
unfurnished apartments ; all modern con
veniences, nest or service: unaer new man
agement; references required. Main 1192.
CUMBERLAND Apts.. W. Park and Co
lumbia sta.; very choice 2 and 3-room
furnished and unfurnished apts.. all mod.
ern conveniences, beautiful location, fac
ing the parte; a minutes- wane irom dusi
ness center, best service, prices reasonable
8 OR 4-room apartment with bath, fur-
pished or unfurnished. Pacific phone In
each. $32.50 up; outside rooms; splendid
view; convenient arrangement; supero lo
cation; close to Postofflce; best of serv
ice. The Sheffield. 272 7th, cor. Jefferson.
12th and Harrison; 2. 3 and S rooms.
furnished or unfurnished ; latest improve-
ments; beet service. Apply on premises.
Jefferson and 13th Streets.
4 and 5-room furnished and unfurnished
apartments, exceptionally well arranged.
Rates Reasonable.
Modern. References. New.
Everett 2, 3 and 4 rooms, unfurnished.
private baths; $20 up; completely re no
vated. under new management; walking
diatance; convenient and bes t service.
A NICELY furnished 3-room apt., $22.50; all
outside, large, light, airy rooms; private
water heater, laundry trays, large closets,'
phone and patn, gas range, rerrigerator,
on carline. Tabor 2293, B 3041.
Corner 8d and Hall, newly furnished 3
im flnartmen ts. building? new and strict.
ly modern, large outside kitchens, service '
lira i-ciass. way w.n-s uwnww.
r-f.iiaira - x nr room Hnarimcnri Tiirnichen
for housekeeping; private bath, phone and
all modern conveniences; 7 minutes' walk I
to P. o.
All outsiae, 2-room parunenu; Holmes
beds, built-in writing aesxs. vacuum clean
er, janitor service, $22.90 to $60, including
Ugnts, private pnunes a tu. aiaan 1 j .
20th and Northrup Sta
Three and four room apartments; rent
reasonable; wanting aistance.
GRANDEST A furnished apartments. Grand
ave ana isasi sura, xsew onoic ounainx.
elevator, modern conveniences; close la
location; best or service; very low rent.
Tw it. MEREDITH. 71 Washington bl a
$ and 4-room apta hardwood floors. wlLs
very COU v aiucuv. nvwj tuiuwuwi, iiij-
est rent in m cuj.
C-room apartment, choice residence dis
trict, walking distance, every convenience.
j lat and Jianaers sts. jaain ta 1 s.
EXCELLENT large 9-room apartment; front,
hack and sleeping porches, maid's room!
hot-water heat, vacuum cleaning system. I
Stevens Apartments, ni jNortnrup.
E. 7th and Morrison sta,; very central,
2 and 3-room apartments, furnished com
plete, private baths; from to 32. 50.
THE FLORENCE Nicely furnished, 3-room
front apartment; rent reasonable; walking
distance; roof garden. 868 11th st. Phone
Mars nan 4H.
706 Everett st.
One modem nicely furnished 3-rom
apartment, lots or outside windows,
11th and Hall, 2, 3, 4 rooms, furnished
or unrurnisnea, moaern, narawooa Iloora
private balconies: summer rates.
Park and Madison Sta
For rent, 8 and 4-room furnished and
unfurnished apartments, strictly modern.
THE LEONCE. 186 N. 22d, near Johnson.
New, modern, brick, 2 and S-room, beau- I
tlfully furnished apartments, all outside
rooms, privam pam .u. yuuue, j.ay up.
tuct LEONARD 3-room apartments, fnr-
nlsnea ana uiumuwumi, ixicuy moaern.
665 East Main, r-none .asx iv.
11-ROOM apartments; good furniture; rent I
&; wanting ujoiui.o. AiMauaii 0000. 1
Terms- I
THE DAVENPORT Newly furnished 2 and
ft-rnnm ants, i nrivate bath and nhonA
Summer rates. Main 5435. 505 Jefferson,
THE CHETOPA, ISth and Flanders 2, 3
and 4-room moueni M.yniui:iiiB, urnisnea I
or nnturnisnea. Appiy laoaiaay.
THE DAVENPORT Newly furnished 2 and
4-room apts. ua pnone; I
Bummer rates. Main 5435. 506 Jefferson. I
THE WINDSOR 2. $ and 4 rooms; new, I
ClCttU a. w UJVCS. I
Cor. B. 14th and YamhllL
THE ALAMO, 494 Market St., furnished and
unrurnisnea s-room t., ujso single I
-rooms, sirwujr y '-"j io i
THE DRICK.STON, 448 Uth, nicely furnished
2 and 8-room modern outside apts., near
Height.. Mr. F. W, McCune. Marfan S7.
BJELLAND, 18th and Lovejoy Unfurnished
Mth. fnd Columbia .ta; 2. ,
" . ..rJii.h.rt and r
THE DAYTON Beautiful location. tlni
larg. rooma. apartmant, porch., and
convenience. 682 Flandera. Reduced
i-ROOM apartment. $18 to 122.60; between
Thurman ana ..uauu, ..a ana itu. Th. 2
Guild apts.
1'HE Klnc-Darla. cor. Klni and Davla
THE ONEONTA Nicely furnished 2, 3 and
4-room apartments, only $20, $25 and $35;
single rooms. $7. 187 17th St.
o . 4-room aparcmenta. new. hH.h I
building, new furniture. Marshall 8638. I
353 Harrison St. Phone Marshall 80T0.
BBYN MAWR APTS.. 185 E. lEth. near Yam-I
QUI. line ,-room apartment, witn porch. I
' 4 and 5 large rooms; modern.
THE NORTHAMPTON, 407 Hall st. Main
4209. 2-room. elegantly furnished, $20 up.
JULJAKTTE Furnished and nBfurnluM 4
twiml Com.r 2d and Montgomery.
THE LATJHETTE 1 furnished 3-room aoart-
ment; private batn ana pnone. 22u ma st.
Furnished and nn furnished epartnvnra
from 2 to 5 rooms, from $20 to $60 pr
month. If you want one, telephone
MAIN 2015.
(On Sunday call Mr. Berry. Main 21R1.V
Our automobile will call at any addiest
with our agent who will be glajd to stow
those apartments.
We owe or control the following:
Angela, Washington and Trinity Place,
Co-Ilia. 22d and Glisan sts.
Ciavpool; 11th and Clay sts,
Fordham, 170 Ford street.
Grand est a. Grand ave. and East Stark
Han thorn, 251 12th st, near Main.
H mover. lG."i King st., near Washington.
Kingsbury, 1S6 Ford st.
Knickerbocker, 410 Harrison, near 11th.
Sheffield. 272 7th St.. near Jefferson.
St. Croix. 170 St. Clair st.. near WasTi
St. Francis, 21st and Hoyt sta
Wellington, iGth and Everett sta
503-503 Abington Bldg.
Cor. Park and Taylor Sta
Cor. Tenth and Salmon Sts.
Walking Distance,
Furnished complete. 2. a and 4-room
apartments; buildings new and strictly
modern; service first-class.
NICE and new furniture, bedding, rugs, etc.
of a 5-room modern f la t ior ea i at a
bargain; location near East Morrison and
imh. Inquire Geisler & Dor res, 386 E.
bTKAld -HEATED 5-roimi flat, vety desira
ble; convenient arrangement, witn rat
range: $.S2.5t Summer rate. Apply jani
tor, Wellington Apartment a iota
a J
1 4-ROOM flat, linoleum, gas range and
water heater; everything clan: rent free
I to July l. l'h j;. i;n. near iisi
I v --
i j-nuun iiat. ttz uiicsd si., new nirawwa
floors, firepiaco, gas range, water heater.
furnace, $32. ou. Keys witn janitor, ceciiia
Apartments. 2 2d and Glisan sts.
ELEGANT lower flat, 6 rooms, furnace, pas
runse. fireplace, lawn (owner takes cure),
garage; adults. 744 Kearney. Inquire 72
4-ROOM furnished flat, every convenience.
good location, walking distance, piano,
phone, reasonable to right party. E. 3;M.
ti.'O E. Alder.
flii Modern 4-room flat; porches, base
ment, yara: cnoice locatinn; annus, iou
Williams ave. Phone Woodlawn 42tt.
CORNER East 2d and Multnomah at.. Hal-
lad ay Add.; new, modern 5 and o-room
flats, close in, near new steel bridge; $2.
NEW, modern flats, 4 rooms and bath, elec
tric nsnts. gas, wooauii. very conven
lent; close to car; $12. Phone Tabor H2.
THE best modern outside 5-room flat, on
East Side. Inquire Flat A, 654 East Aider
or phone Ebsi 8113
6-ROOM upper flat, 42S Oregon St., modern
improvements, iirepiace. i' nones .asi
242. C 15US.
VERY desirable 6-room corner flats; fur
nace, fireplace, hot-water coil, etc, bee
them at 22 d snd Kearney sts.
NOB Bill flat 7 rooms, fine yard, splendid
neighborhood. 776 H Johnson st.. bat. js
and Mth. Main B5l.
FOR RENT-5-room tint. , 2, Ewst th.
near Burnside; walking distance; rent $-J.
Keys at I. G. Woodward. 204 Second si.
TWO new four-room fiats; gas stove, water
heater and linoleum ; walking distance.
3S3 Ross: $17 and $2. East 4?t77. ,
MODERN 7 -room flat. 24th sL between
Hoyt and Irving; vacant July 1. Apply at
144 24th st. N. :
6-ROOM flat, yard and fruit trees, corner
15th and Division sts. WW and WR car.
MODERN 5-room flat with nice porch; low
rent. Call 441 11 1 h St.
MODERN 4-room flats, upper and lower.
furnace. $18. East 5. B 14Q4.
NICELY furnished flnt, rensonahle rent for
three months. 701 Hoyt st.
MODERN 3-room flats for rent. 225 Mar-
ket st Phone Main 516
CLOSE-IN. steam-heated flat. Rood location;
reasonable; adults. .4 Couch.
6-ROOM furnished flat. Inquire 24$ 5th it.
FOR RENT Two flats, modern.
located. Inquire 529 Everett st.
$32.50 DESIRABLE flat, 6
rooms, attic.
Main 4220.
yara, porcnes. west Miae.
THE BEAVER. 12th and Marshall Fur
nished for housekeeping; gas range, elec
tric lights, hot water, bath, laundry free;
$12 per month up; a clean place, best in
the city for the money; short distance
from Union Depot. Take 8 or 16th-street
cars north, get off at Marsha'! st. No dogs.
THE UPSHUR, 6th and Upshur sts. Fur
nished 2-room apartments. $15 up. Includ
ing steam heat, hot and coM water in
every apartment, public batn, electrlex
lights, "gas range, laundry-room, all free.
1 aku S. 23d or W cars north. Phone
Main 859.
BRIGHT, clean sleeping and housekeeping
rooms, suitable for working girls or small
family: no objection to one child; reason
able rent to respectable people. Inquire
at 86 W. Park st. Phone A 7S36.
$1.50 to $3.00 week, clean furnished house-
Keeping rooms. ounaoie tor two or lour;
free heat, laundry, bath, phone, yard. gas.
4W Vancouver avenue and 203 Stanton.
THE MILNER, 3504 Morrison, cor. Park
Furnisnea or unrurnisnea nouse Keeping
apartments; all conveniences; best loca
tion; Summer rates.
CAMBRIDGE BLDG. Furnished, unfur
nished houseKeeptng rooms, cneap. noon
86. 3d and Morrison.
THE MONTGOMERY, corner East Morrison
and eth if urnisnea nousexeeping suites;
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms, $1.50 t3
$2 a week; also single rooms. 291 2d at.
LARGE, comfortable housekeeping suits
SZ.ou up. vin JSt St., near at urn.
THE ELMS. 2 and 3-room housekeeping and
single rooms; transients solicited. I9i uta.
HoUSEKEKPING rooms In new concrete
building. Phone woodlawn zvmt or JAia,
Housekeeping Rooms in Private Family.
2-ROOM suites. alFO single rooms, newly
furnished for houfieeKeping; every conven-
nce, excellent location, close in, beauti
ful Summer home; price reasonable, by
month or week. 655 Flanders, near 2"fh.
THREE nicely furnished rooms, use of
kitchen and Datn, to wonting gins em
ployed or married couple; on carline. SO
iast zm St.. cor, iverett.
FOR RENT Newly furnished 7-room house.
view lot, loveiy neignoornooa: no smau
children. 551 East 39th sL, corner Ells
worth. Richmond car.
TWO or three nicely furnished H. K. rooms.
private bath, porch. 672 E. 6th. Sellwood
LA R GE. airy, newly f urn tsh e d room s in
beautiful home, with or without house
keeping. 63 North 20th.
HOUSEKEEPING rooms, private family.
verv desirable for honest wonting peopie.
32 N. 11th.
CALL 651 East Morrison 1 large house-
gas, water, cam; eau
HOUSEKEEPING suite, modem, walking
distance; good neignoornooa, io a montn.
Bi. Marshall.
NICELY furnished housekeeping rooms; gai
range, phone and natn; no ennaren. u
N. 15th st., near Davis.
NICELY furnished housekeeping rooms, all
Conveniences. vua
8047. -Wft Everett.
ESPECIALLY desirable suite rooms; large.
light, airy, pleasant, wen lurmsnea.
TWO clean H. K. rooms: phone, bath, walk-
ins distance; $10 month. 368 6th st.
'QE e,irhouke.pln, room, run-
nlng water, phone and bath. 221 13lh.
t? "-
NICE suite of room., cheap on account of
. owner IeavlnB city. 14 4th St. M. JIBJ.
CONVENIENT, rewona Die turn., neu n.
room.. 4-- Salmon, bet. 11th and 12th.
NICE1.Y furnished housekeeping room. 67
N. 14th St.. between Davis anTl Everett.
NICE front rooms, modern. 504 a. nor-
rison. Phone E. 6576.
TWO nice housekeeping
rooms, gas range,
bath, pnone. 41 hbji.
NICELY furnished front housekeeping-room.
IlKllt, phone ann pam, iwv i.m
FRONT room, furnished. light H. K.. also
' 2 ST
FITRNISHED . housekeeping rooms. 208
1ih ft-
I NICELY furnished front housekeeping suites.
private iamuy. ,io moniq. nm p.
PARLOR room, large, light, airy, beautifully
lurnisneq. reaeonamw.
147 LOWNSOALB (ISth st). near Alder;
neat. moms. a wiK ann npwirai.
6-ROOM house In first-class condition, on
E. 31st and stark sts. vey at vto c
Stark: $1".
WELL-FURNISHED 8-room house. East
low. Xdtn ana .cast oainiou.