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Ruse Used by Japanese Vexes
Immigration Agent.
J. H. Barbour Complains That Ori
. ental Seamen "Desert" When En
terinjf American Porta and
Some Are "Drowned."
That the Japanese laborer has discov
ered a new way to enter the United
States, contrary to the treaty agree
ments between the two countries, has
become, fixed in the mind of Special
Agent J. H. Barbour, of the Immigra
tion Bureau. Under the treaty a Japa
nese laborer cannot come Into this
country unles he has a passport from
his own country, and the Japanese gov
arnment has frowned upon eo many of
; Its laboring class going away from
home, so ' th granting of passports Is
not frequently done. 1
Since this law has been operative it
has been noticed that whenever
Japanese vessel reaches an American
port there are several deeertions of the
seamen. The penalty ror tnis aeser
tion is a head tax of $4, which is col
lected from the captain of the vessel,
and who usually complains of his crew
being depleted.- but as a matter of fact
it is believed the owners of the vessels
receive a much larger amount from the
American resident friends of the de
serter. With the payment of the $4 the In
cident is closed as far as the Immigra
tion Bureau is concerned, and often this
small amount is escaped payment by the
statement the missing man had jumped
. overboard and was drowned.
Believing that these alleged deser-
"tlons is really a subterfuge for carry
ing on a traffic in smuggling Japanese
laborers Into the country, Mr. Barbour
proposes to take the matter up with the
head of the department at Washington,
In an effort to have some means adopt
ed to thwart this growing illicit business.
of the Chamber of Commerce, this line
will become permanently established.
Unloading Has Depressing Ef
feet on Chicago Market.
Floating Spar Seen. ;
The Portland branch United States
Hydrograpblc office in its Notice .to
Mariners, Issued yesterday, says that
Captain J. A. Anderson, of the Ameri
can schooner Ludlow, reports that on
May 22 in latitude north 17.05, long
tude west 127.50 he passed a spar 60
feet long and on June 5, In latitude
north 43.45 and longitude west 137.5
he passed the root of a large tree.
Captain Mareno Heads Chinook. (SHARP LOSS
ASTORIA. Or., June 18. (Special.)
Captain Covington, of Fort Stevens,
received word from Washington today
that Captain John Mareno has, been ap
pointed as master of the Government
dredge Chinook. Captain Mareno has
been master of the steamer Fornance
for several years, and prior to that
time was in command of various steam
ers plying along the coast.
Jorlty for temporary chairman was cast
by Patrick Halleran, of the first-district
of Washington, at 5:42 o'clock.
When the solid delegation was re
corded for Boot, giving him the full 14
delegates, pandemonium broke loose in
the halL The New York delegation
yelled and cheered and endeavored In
vain to raise the heavy iron standards
bearing the state banner. With the
Washington vote recorded. Root had 544
votes, four over a majority. ' Imme
diately afterward. West Virginia's IS
votes went to McGovern, just too late.
Wyoming cast her six votes solid or
AT CLOSt vote between three men, two of whom
were not canaKiaies. w aiter Jj. iiouser
and eight others of the more ardent
La Follette men cast their votes for
Judge W. S. Lauder, of North. Dakota,
Rain in Missouri and" Texas Sends ?,n 0ol which brought hisses from
uuuocycit Quujusiiwks wuen luc result
Corn Prices Down Oats Sympa
thize With Backset in Other
, Cereals Provisions Higher.
Tug Samson's Men in Portland.
ASTORIA, Or., June . (Special.)
CHICAGO. June 18. Belief that Eastern
The officers of the tug Samson are In I Jon were unloading to escape threatened
Portland attending the Investigation
large deliveries next month had a depress
or thu renpnt ii,)ri v,w--r, narA I n 1 iiiui? on wneat. Tne marKet
in tow of th. lnr nH th o-nlfne I " . - to &
schooner Tillamook During their ab- iorTnd ' o" " o"? ZV'S'UIZ
orui.r .apLmu .upoiauu is noting uioo
ter of the Samson and Henry Binder
is her chief engineer.
was announced.
- McGovern Doea No Tote.
Governor McGovern got only IS votes
out of his own delegation. He did not
vote himself. The Wisconsin vote was:
McGovern, 13; Lauder, 9; Walter L.
Houser, 1; Senator Gronna, --of North
Dakota, 1; not voting, i.
Root got Alaska's two votes and two
from the District of Columbia.
Hawaii voted with California, regis
tering six votes for McGovern.
The Philippines and Porto Rico each
gave Root two votes.: This cWsed the
Marine Notes.
S?h.h4.fiVJ!UttlB ?! 2K low.: Root 558. McGovern 50. Gronna
Provisions closed 7H10c to J2c higher, roll call.- The total vote was an-
wa." .a,d ,hal 1.000.000 bushels of July I nounoed by Secretary Hayward as fol
Amateur. Capsizing After Run of
100- Yards, Rescued Just in Time,
The name "Suicide Club" that has
been Jocularly placed on the amateur
canoeists by the water front habitues
jj gives promise of being a correct one
J In the near future unless some regula-
tion Is placed on the use of these boats
'i by the Inexperienced.
At noon yesterday Frank Smith. I
" voung farmer whose home is nar Van'
couver. hired a ranoe at Merrill's boat-
J house and started to Initiate himself
I Into Its mysteries. He had never been
i In one before, but succeeded in going
about 100 yards down the river before
I capsizing.
J He could not swim. but. grasping the
bottom of the overturned canoe, tried
to climb up on It. His cries for help
attracted the attention of Clarence Gil
liland, engineer of the harbor patrol
' launch, and, quickly running out the
boat, reached Smith just as he was ex
hausted and had given up his efforts
to save himself. '
American - Hawaiian Company to
Send Fonr Vessels Here.
SEATTLE. Wash., June 18. (Special.)
Definitely adopting the plan of send
ing the four vessels of Its fleet to Port
land and turning them south from that
point Instead of from Puget Sound, ex
cept during the season when salmon
shipments are heavy, the American
Hawaiian Steamship Company now has
the freighter Nevadan loading at the
Oregon port, and will maintain that
vessel, with the Isthmian, IseDrasKan
and Lyra, In the Sallna Cruz-San Fran
Cisco-Portland service, while the si
larger liners will continue their three.
cornered schedule from Sallna Cruz to
Seattle to Honolulu and back to Salin
Cruz, as formerly.
The Oregon port will have a regular
1 1-day freight service to and from New
Tork- and Europe, via the Isthmus of
Tehuantepec. -
The steamer Sue H. Elmore sailed
last night for Tillamook with a full
cargo of general merchandise.
The steam schooner Northland will
finish loading lumber at Rainier to
night and sail for California tomorrow.
The steam schooner Johan Paulson
arrived yesterday from San Francisco
to load lumber at Westport for a re
The oil tank steamer Maverick ar
rived yesterday from California with
a cargo of fuel oil for the Standard Oil
Company. .
The British steamship Indravelli, be
longing to the Indra Line, and well
known at this port, has been sold to
the Japanese for 29,000. v
The French bark Button, which ar
rived at Falmouth on June 12 from the
Columbia, was ordered to Havre to
discharge, where she arrived on June
The lighthouse tender Heather will
sail tomorrow for Destruction Island
with material for the new fog signal
that Is being erected at that light station.
The lighthouse tender Manzanlta,
which is being repaired at Eagle Har
bor, will be ready to assume her reg
ular duties by the latter part of the
present week.
The Japanese steamship Unkal Maru
finished discharging ' her cargo of
hardwood at the Banfield dock yester
day and was shifted to the In man
Paulson mill to take on a cargo of
lumber for China.
The British ship Galthloch, Captain
Phillips, holds the record passage from
the Pacific Coast to Queenstown. In
1879 she completed the run from the
Columbia River in. 89 days, and no
other sailing vessel ever came near
equaling this record.
The sight-seeing trips up the Colum
ket. , 1. Lauder 9. Houser 3.
Rain reDOrtS from Uf.m.tH mr.A Tm.. I Tmm.ii(atAlv o f tor (h. vnt. fin.
moving fear of croo losses.' th. o -j u-
Oats sympathized with the backset" .. Platform. The crowd yelled, while the
other cereals, but showed steadines. for band swung into a lively tune. Ser-
iVJiwVh 'H, S,ne1uen ot reports of rank geant-at-Arms Stone had the utmost
The hog run west turned out to be lighter difficulty restoring order, and the
than expected and furnished a basis for lift- cheering broke out anew as Chairman
Kosewater, alter a brief speech which
lng provisions.
Leading futures ranged as follows:
WHEAT. " -
. Open. High. Low.
1.06 1.0S l.S
1.04 94 1.04 1.0314
.. 1.05 1.05K 1.04H
. .TJ .7114
..... .71 .71T, .71?,
.62 .62
49 .49 .48
40H .40 .401
41 .41 .40
July 18.55
IK. 80
could not be heard, handed the big
gavel to Root.
Flinn demanded attention from his
place In the Pennsylvania section, but
was disregarded.
A minute later Senator Root stepped
to the front of the platform to begin
his speech. A storm of .catcalls and
jeers broke out.
Acknowledgement Met by Jeers,
Haw, haw, haw!" came in raucous
tones from the floor and galleries ae
he; referred to his "appreciation".-of
the "honor" accorded.
Senator Root prefaced his prepared
speech by a few extemporaneous remarks.
"1 thank you," he said, "and I beg
you to believe that I deeply appreciate
this expression of -your-confidence:"
Haw, haw, haw! came a guffaw
from the floor.
Cries from members of the Penn
svlvanlA delesration tonlr a. nrroun of
. , , ..j ...... I Ul;rillOII 111 LI..L UllQtUVU.
Mnt-it.Arnifl SronA Italian unftn
i imoiny seea 4Af9 . I ' i-
Clover Seed H4-20. "" ' I the chief of "police to -restore order in
Mess Pork $18.621418.75..'. I the front rank of the Pennsylvania
jiara in tierces, sin 91 I ,1.. i 1 . -tiAt.a -d nnv .u.
" " ioose, S1U.43. !.! I- ..... 1,1. ,n V.I.
Sties: Tolal .l..rn... 1 " v-
wheat and flour were equal to 357.000 bush- mouth and called . out. Receiver of
els. Primary receipts wero 206,000 bushels, stolen goods." while officers about, him
compared witn 286.000 bushels the corre-1 called for order.
hi- ..iv .r iZLJrz. l-woI;?. VJ"- Root had scarcely begun his address
creased 669.300 bushels. Estimated receipts before hundreds of spectators on the
for tomorrow: W4ieat, 41 cars: corn. 482 1 floor and in the galleries began to
18. 70
.11.1714 11.2214,. 11.17
..10.4714 10. 1ft
SeJ- 10.57 10.6714,: 1057
Cash quotations were as follows:
- Flour Steady.
Rye No. a, 87c
- .4U
.18.92 1
' lt.M
- 11.2U
knows tnis
tKe Kand-
to Iccef) out
We tut
rown Bottles.
nlitz will not spoil wnen
even thougn
cars; oats, 203 cars: hogs. It.ooft head.
Minneapolis Grain Market.
leave the hall noisily and hurriedly.
Senator Root suspended, his speech
and requested Sergeant-at-Arms Stone
cember, I.04. Closing: Cash No. 1 hard,
$l.-,3!4: No. 1 Northern. $1.12: No. 2 North.
bia are attracting many tourists, and er?j ,'-13l -"L"3 wneat, 91.09.
tne steamer Bailey Gatsert carries
jiv.fn!,S!ln.!-3E?-rt ask those who wished to leave to
Inspectors of Customs Determined
to Enforce Regulations.
Continuing their efforts to enforce
the Government regulations with ref
erence to small boats on the river at
night, customs Inspectors made the fol
lowing arrests Monday night: E. J.
Bloomenthal. 2S1 Morrison, operating
launch Busy Bee, carrying six passen
Iters without life preservers: L. Blum
foot of Ellsworth street, no lights In
launch Van.-and the following for hav
ing no lights in their canoes: L. Ana.
i-her. Seventh and Oak; J. W. Coughlin.
Sixth street: R. AVrlght. Kohler &
Chase: John Collins, Nineteenth and
I-oveJoy: A. Stewart, 450 Columbia; T.
H. Russell. 16S8 East Seventh.
The names of these, with their of
fenses, have been forwarded to the sec
retary of Commerce and Labor, who
will assess the penalties against them.
..Joseph Kclloec Goes to Kcleo in
, Three amours, Five Minutes.
The steamer Joseph Kellogg made a
run Sunday between Portland and Kel
so that is believed to have been a record-breaker.
She took several automo
bile parties that far on their return to
, Puget Sound after .they had taken in
the Rose Festival. The distance la 58
miles and the run was made, slowing
up in the Willamette to comply with
the regulations, in three hours and
flvo minutes.
There mas back water In the Willam
ette and a strong current to face in
. the Cowlitz, but the swift water in the
Columbia assisted. The return was
made In three hours and a half, and
In this is included a stop at Rainier to
discharge freight.
. Indications That More Than Enough
Freight Will Be Secured.
The second sailing of the Portland
Alaska Line, operated by the E. J.
Dodge Company, will be June SS from
the Oak-street dock, the receiving of
freight commencing on June 26. The
recent volcanic disturbances In Alaska
have no effect on the operations of this
line as Its points of call are In the
far northern part of Alaska in the
Behring Sea.
.From present Inquiries of the agent
of the line for space, more than the
guaranteed amount of freight will be
offered and there Is every indication
that from this small beginning.. through
the efforts of the shipping committee j
large parties every morning. Without
exception, those who have traveled ex
tensively, say that the scenery is
grander than the trips up the Hudson
or Rhine.
One hundred fir ships' knees arrived
from Winlock, Wash., yesterday, and
are Intended for the new McCormick
shipyards at St. Helena. The knees
are gotten out by Andrew Johnson,
who makes a specialty bf the business.
and they are
as good as the
There is some talk of the quarter
master department steamer James
Fornance being transferred from its
service at the forts at the mouth of
the Columbia to Puget Sound to take
the place of the mine-laying steamer
Major Rlngold, which Is soon to be 1 37s.
transferred to the California district.
The investigation by Inspectors Ed
wards and Fuller of the circumstances
surrounding the collision between the
Samson and Tillamook came to an un
expected and early end yesterday.- The
inspectors will announce later what
disposition they will make of the case.
The oil tank steamer Rosecrans,
which is due this evening from Mon
terey with a cargo of oil for the Asso
Barley 55c (BS1.
Flax J2.23&2.24. - '
Corn No. 3 yellow, 71 972c.
Oats No. 3 white, 49 Vic.
Rye No. 2. 75-e76c
Bran In 100-pound sacks. $2020.50.
F'' patents. .-,. 40 5 .us : seconds, the table.
$5.105.35: first clears, $3.8u4.0J; wod !
clears. $?.70(3. I oenator
go ou at once. . .
Spectators Begin to Leave.
'As soon as those desiring to leave
have gone, the Senator will 'continue,
shouted Stone through the megaphone,
and the spectators began ;to crowd out-
Root, scowling, resumed his place at
Grains In San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO, June 18. Spot Quota
tlons walla Walla, $1.62 ai.63 ; red
nusBiaji. si. o.v 191.0 : xurKey red, $1.70i
1.72: bluestem. 11.706 1.72 U : kirUr
considered to be" equally I $l-63l-57!4 : do, brewing, nominal: white
n oak kneea oats $1.S51.90; bran. $i.5027; middlings
e oaK Knees. I 33eci; shorts. $3132.
Call board sales: wheat December. $1.58.
wstpiiiDer, ; May, sl.iB24.
European Grain Markets.
UJNDON. June Is. Cargoes, outer wall
Walla, September and October shipments at
oi.- cngusa ana country markets, firm.
LIVERPOOL, June . 18. Close: Wheat,
--'J , " - s " . uuivuti. ! o?u, ireceoiDer,
is 5d. Weather, cloudy.
Puget Bound Grata Markets.
TACOMA. Wash.. June 18. Wheat Ex
port: Biuesiem. uc: cluD. 9oc. Milling:
Bluestem, 95c; club, 92c. Yesterday's car
reueijjis uin, o; nay. au. .
Roofs voice could not be
heard half way down the hall. As the
Senator sat there, "Bill" Flinn, with
a cigar stub in the corner of his mouth
and his straw hat Jammed down. on his
head, climbed over the stage railing.
He stepped up to Senator Root and
shook hands and conferred with him
for several minutes, leaving just as
Root resumed speaking.
When Mr. Root resumed the entire
rear part of the floor and gallery were
empty. Those who remained crowded
to the front, and the empty seats were
emphasized by the sharpness of the
Minor Officials Appointed.
Senator Root concluded his epeech at
7:35 P. M., and was applauded. The
formal appointment of the minor tem
porary officials followed.
Senator Clark, of Wyoming, moved
that until rules were adopted the con
vention bo governed by the rules of the
previous National convention. The mo
, '
I UVl?- ' covers - even
lWlKSfl:f''-'.. koles of tne case
I 4r:.MBWm - .We Jo more.
. 1.1-'- '
rm w mA f r sdJ tz mB
ilk Msrm
N . ZXMXt fa I .... r UC
v jisak mv , til
h 11 1 VTilH . it De lor
I vvNXaSt. 1 r"siJr" chnn Irl ha
- - ryfr- w
A iXN ' brewery to your glass.
It is only natural tKat
Scklitz in Brown Bottles
.1 1 1
tne home Deer.
Tne Brown Bottle protects
Schlitz purity from tne
brewery to your
See thai crown or cor
is branded ' 11 'ScMtz.'
20-22-24-23 N. First Street,
Portland, Oregon.
Phones, Main 153, A 4666.
The Beer
That Made Milwaukee Famous.
lumber at one of the coast ports for
Australia. The steamer Rose City ar-
SKATTLE, Waah- June 18. Wlreat Blue- I tion wa adonr-H unanimouslv
stem. I5c: fortyfold. 0c; club. Kc; flfe. u2 w f aop.eo. unanimously.
Oil Companies, is making her L'tlViV VZi .,,T crT I f "oi T ;i7 T IZZ rived from Portland and the Saginaw
i4l tin .lna .ha wa- nrrol, l ' ' ' ' ' 4 'W T . . ' " . Salted for POT-'laTlH
monwrey uay mree monms ago. wnen Chuf8 In Available Sapplle. standing committees.
u 11 13 8JrucKwon me roc ks it was new YORK. June 18. Special cable and Governor Hadley, who had again
ucticrcu tuai HUU1U UO k iDiai I teierrapniC Communications raCMVfd hvl to Iron a n ar nn fhA era era ranoar.H
Movement of Vessels.
ASTORIA. June 18. Arrived at 4 and left
np at 7 :3 A. M. Steamer Westerner, from I Canada, decreased
San Francisco. Arrived at 8:80 and-left up I
at 10 A. M. Steamer Maverick, from San I TotaL JJ, If and Canada, dec.
Francisco. Sailed at 10:30 A. M. Steamers I Afloat, for and In Europe, dec.
larmet ana uiympic, ior aan rearo. Ar
rived at 2:15 and left up at 3.40 P. M.
Steamer Johan Poulsen. from San Francis
co. Sailed at 4 p. m. Steamer W. F. Her
rln. for Monterey. Left up at 2 A. M.
Steamer Oleum ; at 4 A. M. Bark en tine
San Francisco. June 1 8. Arrived at
10 A- - M. Steamer Rose City, from Fort-
Bradstreet's show the followlnic chanares in m. mninn c,,, TnnaA&i4
auuuuc. mm tuuiuarea wild 11.1 ji -a. i .n
previous account: - 1 ueie5t-e iur uie lempurary ruu
Wheat Bushels I m&de by the National committee. An
U. a. east of Rockies, decreased. . .2,256.000 1 agreement had .been reached that after
u. a., west or Kocities. decreased. . 287.O0O Mnis motion was made tne convention
sailed- for Portland.
The steamer Roanoke has been char
tered by tho Elks of Southern Califor
nia for a trip to Portland during the
j Elks' convention. . . .
. .2,000,000
Total American and Eurooean '
supply, decreased 4,928,000
U. S. and Canada, Increased 1,152,000
U. S. and Canada, decreased. 1.458.000
The leading increases and decreases this
weex zoiiow:
Increases: Goderfch, 60.040 .bushels; Cleve-
Coos Bay. June 18. Arrived Steamer hand. 67.000 bushels. Decreases: Manitoba,
Breakwater, from Portland.
Eureka. June 18. Arrived at 11 A. M.
Steamer Alliance, from Portland.
Havre, June 15. Arri Ted French bark
Buf fon, from . Portland.
Redondo. June 17. Arrived Schooner
Annie M. Campbell, from Columbia River.
San Francisco, June 18. Arrived
Steamships F. 8. Loop. Port B lake ley;
Brooklyn. Bandon: San Pedro. Coos Bay:
Sonoma. Honolulu; Rose City. Portland; I Arizona Com
Steamships Coronado. Grays Harbor;
George Loomla, Seattle; Queen Victoria;
Schooners C. s. Holmes, iuget bound ;
Zampa. Graya Harbor; Barken Une ' S. G.
Wilder, Grays Harbor.
Seattle, wash.. June 18. Arrived Bar re
9.1s in tow of tug Hercules, from San Fran
cisco, baiiea b l earners &aao Manx ana Min
nescta, from l okohama; City ol
461.000 bushels: Louisville. 90.000 bushels.
The visible supply ot wheat in Canada
Saturday. June 15. was 12,177. 000 bushels.
aevreaae ui- m,vov,vvu.
Stocks at Boston.
BOSTON. ' Juno 18. Closing Quotations
Allouej 464Uohawk
1 Amalg
am. . .
Montara. from San Francisco: M. S, Dol
lar, from Manila.
Columbia River Bar Report.
Condition at tbe mouth of the river
5 P. M., smooth; wind northwest 16 miles;
weather, cloudy.
4 fc U J A 3 U. a
Cal A Arizona.. 74 Vi
Cal ft Hecla. .. .515
Centennial 24
Cop Ran Con Co 68
E Butte Cop M. 1SH
rranklln 12
Slroux Con .... 3
Gran by Con . . . . 65
Puebla. Green Cananea. 5
Xevada Con . . . 211
.Ntpisslng Mines. 1
North Butte. Slot
North Lake b .
Old Dominion ... 57 14
iissceoia ......... lzs
Qulncy 90
Shannon 14
superior T1
ud & Boa Min.. 2U
.xamaracjc ...... 4K
C S S R A M-.. 3
ao nref erred 4MU
I Royalle (Cop) 31 Utah Con 11
Kerr Lake. 2Vtah Copper Co. 63
Lake Copper.... SSttJWlnona 6
l raiie copper i twoiverine ...... 4t
Miami Copper... 28 - - .
Tide at Astoria Wednesday.
Hlrh. Low.
3:27 A. M 8- feet 1 10:5 A. M. ....O.S teet
4:5S P. M.. . .7.9 feet 1 10:56 P. M. . .. 3.6 feet
Chicago livestock Market.
CHICAGO. June 18. Tlattl Rerefnts.
S500: market, iteadr to shade Invur. Rva
Mucn.iu; lexas steers, s.tMi,H.20; west
em steers. $&508.25; stock ers and feed
ers. S4.25 06.75: cows and he if era,
8.25: calves. 15.50to8.25
Hogs Receipts, 15.O00; market, strong to
hivhi l.luhl lit fHitfi: T H'l it miTs a oi
a1 ys ; neavy, o.i(rj (.u; rougn, ?u.3t
7.15: plea S5&C.75: bulk of sales. 17.25
Railroad Engineers Find Grades on BATTLE RAGES ALL - DAY
Humbug and Uttlo Fisbhawk. . I (Corttlnum From pga .
Mingled cheers, hoots
. c-ni . r 1. i.i greeted the statement.
1 W 1. i ., ouiio . J. v.'K1-1-'.-' I ... i ii . , . .
. , .. - - . v. t aiio ivuuiu uruccvura, However, .tne
Southern Paclfl"a survey or.."- the for Pennlvania men flnallr taking their
which has been at-work for several! dk. i.,.i.. . "
weeks on the Humbug River. 1. mov- L Kh Islif1.',I, We "st
lng Ita camp to, a point on the XJtttel'?' th S":--1?
uA..-uw-a. vu , uabuwToaa I Alio ICU
Roosevelt oeleatea from South Da
Fishhawk. near the Wooden ranch. The
surveyor, ar. believed tobe f;TuSa
Fishhawk from the Humbug River to
the Nehalem. near Jewel, which would
be much shorter than a route down the
Humbug via Elsie. The engineers are
retieenf.regarding their work, but It Is
known that those in charge have re
ceived orders to employ all the men
they can use to advantage, and to
spare no expense In hurrying the sur
veys to completion. v.
The 17 engineers, who have been
making surveys along the Lewis and
Clark River and have been encamped
for several days In the vicinity of the
Feterson & Frye Logging Company's
One vote out of Tennessee's 24 went
to McGovern; the other 23 to Root:
The Texas vote of 40 was divided. 31
for Root, eight for McGovern, and one
not voting.
' Halleran Makea Root Safe.'.'....'
C. E. "Loose, the National committee
man, was the only Utah delegate who
voted for McGovern. The Utah vote
was Root 7. McGovern 1.
The Vermont delegation gave Root
f, McGovern X.
Virginia's 24 votes were divided. Root
"2. McGovern 2. ,
Cheers greeted the. announcement of
camo. moved today to a noint near I v lrglnla'a vote, as It seemed to nlacc
Clatsop station and will continue their I Root safeA .-';-
work in that victaJtv . I The final vote that gave Root a ma-
Trip Will Be Made on Friday to
Sucker Lake.
should adjourn with the Hadley substi
tute list the unfinished business, to be
taken up Immediately upon convening.
Tbe Roosevelt list asked for the sub
stitution of 92 Roosevelt delegates for
92 Taft men now sitting: In the con- Chaperoned by the Women's Annex
vention as follows: Alabama 2, Arl- of the Multnomah Athletic Club, the
zona t, Arkansas 2, California 2. In- Junior girls of the club will leave
dlana 2, Kentucky 6, Michigan 6, Okla- Friday for Oswego and -will pass their
homa 3 Tennessee 4, lxu 26. Wash- annuai plcnlc at Sucker Lake., Basket
Ington 14, Virginia 18, District of Co
lumbia 2.
y It was 7:45 P. M. when the conven
tion adjourned until tomorrow at 11
A. M.
dinners will be taken and swimming
and athletic exercises will be thft pro-
gramme of the day. Dow Walker, super
intendent of the club, has made ar
rangements to secure free use of boats
for the picnic party at the lake.
Many of the club members will drive
out to the lake in the afternoon to
witness the sports, In response to a
general invitation from Professor
Krohn. in the athletic contests med
als will be given as prizes. Arthur
Cavill will have charge of the swim
ming and in the other athletic sports.
Professor Krohn will be assisted by
Edgar Frank, Eddie O'Connel ana
Ralph Knight.
The party will consist of about 250
girls. The train that is to bear them
to Oswego will leave from the station
at the foot of Jefferson street.
Aeeordtnar to L. Meerson Clftneey. of St.
Louis, who is now In London, thero is more
mud In tne Kriiisn metropolis mvi m j
. i. ,,a hi. i. h. hni been In.
and his record includes Paris, Berlin. VI-"
enna. New lorn, vvasninsiuu, .....-.
St. Louts and Milwaukee.
European Resorts and Hotels.
The highest point of woman's hap
piness la reached only through moth
erhood. Tet the mother-to-be is often
fearful of nature's ordeal and shrinks
French Sailors Have Near-Monopoly from the suffering incident to Its con,
on San Francisco Trade Handled
by .Canvas-Propelled Boats.
r.lftl 1 Thrss coastwise charters . have
Just been announced as follows: Steam
schooner Bhna YaK, lumber Iran Pa
get Sound to - San Francisco,' at' 35;
schooner John A. Campbell, Mumber
from Grays Harbor to San Pedro, at
35.50; schooner Ethel Zane, lumber
from Puget Sound to San Francisco, at
34.75, with the option of San Pedro at
35-50. - -
The French bark Bourbakl has been
chartered by Balfour, Guthrie & Co. to
load general cargo at Rotterdam for
San Francisco. -.
There are 15 sailing vessels, 14 of
which are French, under charter to
load at European ports for San Fran
cisco, of which number 11 are consigned
to Meyer, Wilson & Co. and four to
Balfour, Guthrie & Co. Virtually all the
sailors carry now Is coke and pig iron,
the regular line steamers getting the
bulk of the general cargo and conse
quently the list of sail tonnage coming
this way is becoming smaller - each
British sailors virtually have retired
from this trade and the French have
assumed almost full control. Four of
the well-known Strath steamers -were
chartered , today by A. F. Thane &-Co.,
of. this city, to load lumber on the
Columbia River, Puget Sound or San
Francisco for Australia. They were
taken at C shillings 9 pence and 7 shil
lings, exceptionally high rates. The
vessels are the' Stratlimore, Strathna
rian. Strathardle and Strathspey, aM
coming to this port with coal for the
Government. .
v The British steamer River Forth, r-
riving from Sydney today, is under
charter to J. J. Moore & Co. to load
summation. In Mother's Friend Is to
be found a medicine of great value to
ever expectant mother. It Is Intended
to prepare the system fo'r the crisis,
and thus relieve, in great part, the
suffering through -which the mother
usually passes. The regular nse of
Mother's FYlend "will repay any mother
in tne comfort it affords before, and
the helpful restoration to health and
strength it brings
about after baby
comes. Mother's
Friend Is for sale
at drug stores.
Write for our
ires oook lor expectant " mnthero
which contains much valuable infor
mation. ..
Solid Cake
Dftirr. 8m PmhIi S Heeri. Th fattec! TnrMa Stauaara In th ChtutL
o&rftiomla.r. ma-W BELGIAN BTATB 1U IX WATS.
Ttekk and InfonnaUoo Omotm TH08. COOK
Tar full
uul Tnfnrv
W. C. g, Tims Bmtldtafft. V.T.
SOM. M7vsm.
VTSTT GHENT the City of Flowets. 8PA the mother of Spas, every kind of
Balhs Ferruginous Springs. NAMUR the Gate of the Ardennes.
. LIEQE pearl of the beautiful River Mass. TOURNAI tbe Roman Towa.
BLANKENBERQHE the "Atlantic CSty" of Belgiara. BRUQE8-ls-Morte.
The old-world towns of Flanders and the Picturesque Mountains of the Urdennes,
vnlsvr 8MttU BmoH to tk WwM
1 Minli
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COimVBIITAL. 00 Rod. Roonilnmlaolkf MMth
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Th Hotel rj Madtrn to mvmrj rrmyat. m
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BrttrssBLa. Horxti Btraors, rhxcm botalk strictly first class, buitxi wttr SAma
S.IBGB. HOTCXi DE SUEDE. LEADING HOTEL. E.rr Ho4ni Comfort. ipifhwati -mUk BmAka.
'For Ptrtleoiui B3ctui lUtrnti and Hot! a. unlr Town A Country. M. Ub Atanu. N T. OSeKl OffitM
BsilVlu KttA IlaWlwkr. 47. Caddob Btntt! AS. arsv-rhiireh Rtr?t ; uui 72. Brnt 8trM. Ltrarioa t a tit Ottmm
tw Amcneto -1 pro m , ino. ooi fr son, or f. i, i iarr. ymni unw runoini, n.i.
Should on no account fall to visit the Rhine
There Is only one way to fully enjoy the
grand scenery, and that Is by STEAMER.
Pamphlets from 359 3th At.. Nsw York, and
S Recent st.- London.
TRAVELERS' CHECKS The most convenient form yet cevised for
carrying funds safely while traveling is offered by travelers' checks.
These checks may be cashed anywhere at home or abroad, without
identification. They may be purchased of the
. CAPITAL $1,000,000
4 Per' Cent on Savings. Corner Fifth ard Stark.