Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 19, 1912, Page 10, Image 10

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....... S-M
Entered at Portland. Oreson. Foitofflo, a.
Oeond-Clan liatter.
E-bacrlbUan Rate. Inrarlably In Aavasea
Datlr. Similar Inclosed. one year. ??
Dally. Sunday Inciu-ad. six montna. ...
Sally. Sunday Included, thraa montna. .
Dally. Eunday Included, on monta.
Dally, without Eunday, ona year.......
Dally, without Eunday. alx month... .
Sally, without Sunday, time montna..
Zaiiy. without Eunday. one month... ...
weekly, ona year .......
Eanday, ona year ............
Sunday and Weekly, ana year.
Dally. Eunday Included, ona year....... J"
Daily. Sunday Included, one month '
How fa Aemlt Bend Poetoffica money or
der. erpreas order or personal cneck on yonr
local bank. Stamps, ooln or ourrency are
at the aaader-e nan. Give portoClce addraaa
la full, lacludmc county and state.
Poataaw Batca lO to 1 paaaa, 1 a":
to 28 paces. 3 cents: SO to 40 payea. scents.
40 to SO pasee, a cents, rorelsa postaaa.
double rata.
Kawtam Baa-Mas Offices Verre Conk,
lta Kew Torn. Brunswick boll dint uif
caso. Etecer bull dins.
San Fraadeeo Office R. J. WdweU Ca
rta Markec atreec .
Baupiaai taffies No. Recant street. B
W- London.
The) remedy proposed by Colonel
Roosevelt for participation In proceed
ing's of conventions by njen not rightly
entitled to seats as delegates might
the Colonel's appearance before the I
multitude? .
What Is there about single tax that I
repeats that which had been cause for I age; from the time wherein she went Of course we must understand "treas- I SEK$ KO WEED OF ROOSEVELT
so great condemnation. What weight I up and down the Coast from San 1 ures" to signify in this passage all the I ;
I I..... -. I YXr I . II. ii li 1 1 a.MWI 8l..Ha. .s.
. k. - . .. 4 .l. i -, nitia t n T fl I rrni tn R.ottl. n ,4 Pnrf Tnvn. I 1 tt.rinv lurao r nr. I " - - ... . ...
Colonel's declaration that he has Per- I send, and on and out In the Interior i It is not precisely a fair criticism I ravora ran.
aonallv examined the contest records to the crest of the Rocky Mountains I upon the Rubaiyat to say that it de- I PORTLAND, June 18. (To the Edl
and knows he has been robbed, when land beyond, proclaiming the gospel or nies the existence of the soul after Iter. unaer ue caption ropuisr
in the next breath he repeats that (equal rights to an unsympathetic and I death. All we can truly assert is thatlLoglo and Roosevelt," Mr. Jones, of Al
which the waverer knows to have been I at times an antagonistic and scoffing I it holds the question open. The exist- bany, wants some definite rules made
a widely exposed misconstruction of I multitude, to the present era of pro-1 ence of God is definitely assumed all I by which we may know what argu
the President's opinions? ' . I gresslve thought and foreshadowed I through the poem.- Not a solitary I ment is. I am positive Mr. Jones is a
The speech no doubt tickled the ears triumph; from travel by stage and passage of the Rubaiyat can be desig-
ents, but was that the chief object of mountain roads to the elegant and and omnipotence of the deity. But it " ' Jrtt 1 St Mr Roosevelt to B
wiuiuiiuiuuj uoDuut.- , ia nuciuci ui uui. n Ruirlinin R. ut It la mere in
nentai railroads; from pioneer sntrt signed an immortality to his creatures. I .inuation. It shall cease to be such.
and makeshift all along the line of life More warmly still, Fitzgerald debates That letter, written when Mr. Roose
and endeavor to the comforts and lux- I the problem of our destiny in the next velt was a candidate for the Presidency
nrlM that wait nnnn tha nreaent era. I wnrld If It Hhn.ilrl turn nut thai w. of this Republic, could mean but one
All along this line the voice of Mrs. are immortal. The old theory of the lining. meant noose ve it
identity or work from ambush? Some -.,.. -.nrn- t,,, ....ui anri I i)imi., i dim . r. it nnnnaiv.
little time ago the alias band of Fels- lts toneg have aIways rUng ciear and able, asks Fitzgerald, thai the Al-
paid patriots were writing- letters over true Those who have succeeded to mighty would have created us without
names mat ao not appear in uj rwi. - activities in the cause of eaual the sower to resist evil and then con.
land directory. I rights regard her tenderly and honor signed us to everlasting punishment letter meant that Teddy was at dinner
men Single lax came lorxn .a iniua- l..-n ., tlrle .humnlnn Winu wa riiri r.nt rmlst? (In thi witn jsooaer wajmngioc
uve iorm as an r-uiiopian in mo wuu- who made smooth the way for the point it can hardly be disputed that
pile. An elaborate description of the comInsr ot tnelr reet. Her serene face the Rubaiyat rather has the better of
lOVeiy SieaKS Ot uxnuer la UIO iunr marlrorf hi f ho nlnwahnroa rvf tlma anfl th nM.tlmA DmnlnrlxtiK
saia wooapne. dui no mention oj. u. Buffering: her folded hands and in- Returning- to the agnosticism of the iam and that Cannon means boss. Mind
colored gentleman, appeared thereaf- vaiia', chair and garb tell a story eas- poem. Its position Is simply that no- you. I don't say they are "bosses." but
ter In the timid evening- newspaper y read bv th6 llgbt of lntelllgent sym- body has any definite knowledge about that impression seems to prevail in the
wmcn oneniv suddoits no measure un- i n.t. . tu v. -mnnM .1.- c A AAM 1 mmas 01 me people, ins queauwu is.
. - - liij auuukia TV. uiiiuji. iiiu 11 . iiJft, I 11m ucjht .vv.ju. vr ew n u cm o tv.i- 1 ... .
til it is sure It will win. Through the h.
rat frnm hAr Inhnni whilA her I rernari It 1e ilarlr ftnd mnat aliwnva ra- I the bosses are aga nst -I
aama maditim wa ar. now bombarded , . .u , -rrr , " is against the bosses, way om ne not
... . .T ."". .r ,7,., , i 8alca" iiiiii ui. vo iuj ui UIr denoaa the bosses when the power was
less probable guesses about it and I m nis hands?"
tROMPFFU)rH flmTRFRV rRlTv I tneoiogians may assure us uiat mey i ir trie doss is .Hiram jonnson, ot
Llterally flowing with milk and nava receiveo complete eniigntenment.
tion," was a veiled hint that Harriman
would not be bounced from the White
Does Mr. Jones think the Harriman
Mr. Jones says I use Indefinite terms
as to Aldrich and Cannon. Now, I was
under the Impression that every per
son knows that Aldrich means capital
with letters signed with initials only.
If anybody is for single tax, why
should he be afraid to come out openly
and say so? Or do these meaningless ,; ,.,. .v., , but after all the situation does not al
l.ftor. of h. alnhahet atanri for the "" """"'J , . , . ... ..
... . . . . . . . - , i j . rar i n a worm navnnn inn truv i
easily prove a more effective means of worn-out names of Cridge. Eggleston, X of orchardT and trdn an unknown country if it exists. This
-nil nr rha tiMTila than Wmmnn Trim., anil ir nn T lne promise oi , orcnaros ana grain ... . .
UCVAUUC. " " , , " . T " 1 .... .
the practice hitherto prevalent. He I is this the most effective single-tax
proposes that no contested delegate I fight J50.000 of foreign money can buy
be allowed a voice in the proceedings ia Oregon 7
svad that none except uncontested dele-
By Addlaoa Bennett.
The noon rush was over at the cafe
teria, but the crowds still thronged the
gangway and the tables, for the Rose
Festival had filled up the city as never
before. The chef and his assistants in
the kitchen were worked to a frazzle,
the dishwashers were faint with fa
tigue, and the servers wished the. event
was. over for they were all dog tired.
The proprietor was on the floor among
the guests, looking after their comfort,
having a jolly word with those he knew
and a smile and genial how-de-do for
the strangers
But the best-pleased person in the
entire place was the little blonde cash
ier, for she had found dozens of absent
minded customers who had left their
change lying on the counter as they
paid Jhelr bills and walked out- In one
case she had confiscated the balance
of a $5 gold piece, after taking out
the amount of the ticket, 40 cents. But
this vast sum she had laid carefully
away expecting the stranger would call
for it, and If he does he will get It
with a smile and a "thank you- from
the little blonde, for she is honest clear
down to her little No. 2 feet.
Just now she is taking a mental ac
count of stock, rather she is summing
up the tips and left-over change for
the day, and she figures, that without
the change for the five, which she has
scarce hopes of retaining, she has in
her apron pocket something over 1& as
her day's percentage, with the day but
half gone. As she was at the height
of her delight the boss came up to her
and remarked that he guessed she had
better telephone for some one to come
and relieve her, for, said he, "you must
be very, very tired. And you had better
aatea have a voice in making the tem
porary roll of delegates. Under his I
plan 254 delegates would have been I
excluded, though he now finds only!
Colonel Roosevelt declared in bis
Monday night speech that 60 to 80 of fatness.
f tlZ T-v- ,. k X I the delegates placed on the temporary The uncertainties of a Preslden
"s, rrrit.r., nint the re- roU Dy the National committee should tial year do not trouble the farmers
madder were so devoldofmerit that , b" Permitted to participate in the and horticulturlsta and dairymen of
"h" l.ttearrnd nantonnsl'v ln 010 flnal decision as to the quallflca- their side and cheerful Industry is
o n T,'. tJ," N tions of members of the convention, their handmaiden. Already the ranch
Roosevelt s own adherents on the a- I v,. . .v.v, ',,
eanrgn7fort f -ch procedure had it struggling waist deep with the heaviest
41.. nmalnil.r RnOMTClt hlmSBlt I '.. I "V ue.. ...
in uie ruia ivr wuiuii j utt. i ... u.. acvuuu. riuju mis miuc xi i ai i ev auu
lfornla, who defended Dalzell Brown,
wrecker of the California Safe De
posit A Trust Company, which failed
with $12,000,000 of deposits, happens
. 4. nn..n.l. V,. 1. mtrlnt Tf
fields. Southern Oregon approaches 18 doctrine of the Rubaiyat, and the bo haPPens to be Senator Bradley,
the harvest season of 1912 her dreams inasmuch as it Is the doctrine of most I ot Kentucky, suh, and a Taft man, he
a . . . . I . I man wnn nV " B1T.II H ItV inr.lll'ArtT I 1 . 4 . WKn, nr. n T Inffl . I. THMTT
j!cCouynty and" JsepMn feght r
Douglas snare in this -rou. Bounty Iron Com. l you suppose. ' she replied, "that
oi iiem ana garaon ana orcnara. xne - C pany la Illegitimate. Just so. To tell 1 wouiu go away witn an 01 tnese peo-
enUre land is literally bursting with seined by saying that we know when J "."eif,", u heresy. Let me Pie here, and more coming? The Rose
it is uorictuj cvuiciii s uu um say that Roosevelt's explanation of BB"V1" ouraes put once a . year, aim
know? - "We have but faith, -ve can- ,. an.. n(, .miain ex- we must make hay while the sun
not know," Tennyson sang with exact cept by Roosevelt logic and as to his shines. I can stand it quite nicely on
fidelity to the truth. breaking the law to stop a panic, you til closing time," "How loyal she is.
Tha nnaiHon h niihalvat la iflAn. miKht as well authorise a casn-er wno . "'('
j u rf I . ... . I . I 1. . 1. I Y. . . .v. C
Ai. , i . i .i a .i . i.i ru ahort; or r unns to n oia up a dmi, jmimwh i .uuwiuk uuu. vo
Tn?.rr.h.r..Y; i -topd thepamc. H.iMtua"k-m
ww... - - i wAiiiri hara AvtAniiiiLtinn to om i ueture cioBinir xime.
ucuniy. nwo wo imvo itwui, oe extent. but the facta ahow that the
In another passage he admits that we fused us our gold they held on to B5f. w? .n3
have no evidence of what we hope for that precious metal, made clearing- tf.JL L l Xfm
except faith. "Faith." he writes in so house certificate, legai tender , and ?7 Tr,6",!6?.- .t.?"e
. hta ehr of theft extend : Root had a majority of B. but In the from clover and orchard bloom the except raitn. tn. no writes in o rnTn,cklng until they tha littla b1"", their re
make his charge of theft extend to . R(Josevelt idate, bees have already stored an Immense fny wort "is the substance of Ptjjf .P they
W. thus have 174 contested dele- Mcuovern were me votes or - crop oi noney. anoirom me pseiur. - ; , "V " er. Illegitimate, eh?
. uiu. c ... ---- -. rnni, i.j. -..ii tcr-A k tnings not seen. n is easy enougn to 1 u..--n. ..,. trot
gatea agnausi I j, .-. u ti,.. ,ii I j ,.. o - a I snow that Fitzgerald in the Rubaiyat ht v hv th. nnmni
their regular table
were very
lucky to find three vacant seats at any
Colonel him- o.'. . i show that Fitzsrerald ln the Rubaiyat ,.t v. t,, .h. nnn..v.i n,thnd "Well," remarked Veg, as he bolted
self admits there was no valid ground " fJl ""L. If. u"""". " " merelv restates the orthodox Christian whT.h f wa na v liid a the f uture bv a mouthful of beans, "that fellow Ob-
m-r - la. I llUUtl LlrlHK IlUVn K1UIIU W 1LII AUUBCVClL 111 I lUfUI Willi lfniHr aUD ULnflr Willi I I . - I . . . v TT.
of contest. Had the National temporara Thair- iKro l hta0 ln "arQ to earthly ambiUon the past, mean, "that tie Federal Gov- session has flew the coop, I gue.a He
tee no voice la deciding contests and Election or " temporary cnair- growth, the oairymen have aa I future world. One la a little ernment shall -control. It means death couldn't stand prosperity. He is some-
were this task left to the uncontested man' ine iegaies enuueu to vote prosperous season, in auuiuon to mis V" a lh" , " ,hf . i v to state rights; it means centralized thing like the fellow we read about in
,hM1 174 Would have Kould havB numbered 998 with the 80 wheat Is standing between young or- , l"er"orB' "ml ." government, centralized wealth, one- the Bible who swapped his birthmark
delegates, these 174 men would have n,..r M..r mltrrt Koa Lharrt row. l-r ft hlc-h In n Mr. Daly, who has consecrated himself I 1 ki r tia .nd for a mess of potash"
ntnaH Hint- iif crelrnrnved tes. or what would have been a ma- the grain, as far as developed. Is of to the Propagation of the Christian of the RepU'bllctne only republic thatt "Of all the dinged numbskulls I ever
ei.ii. H.h? t th.i7.aat. Vandl- Jority. But what then? an exceptionally fine quality. Where P""spny. conoemn me poem. ever existed upon earth. It means glory seen, cnippeo in cones, you are tne
their right to their seats. The candl- T , ... vl .--j.j ... ' of an infamous sort for Theodore numbest. Did you ever open the kivers
date of a minority faction ln a con-
The La Follette and Cummins dele- Irrigation has been extended there will
j of an
Infamous sort
The willlneness of the beef trust to Roosevelt and It means that we now ad- of a Bible? I guess not. Now, I am
dissolve in face of the mere threat of t that there is among all our 100,- a regular reader of the Good Book,
a civil suit, taken in conjunction with 000.000 people only one man who " read It morning and night, study it.
the failure to convict its members ln a
nH.n wn.,M then nof nnlv t con- Sates wouia inus nave oeen given oe inree crops ot aiiaiia inis year
, ..rmirh .unnnrt.ra of I the balance of power. Are these men where there has been but two before;
the majority candidate ln order to con- 80 pure-minded and so clean of polit- an enormous apple crop, having been
vert the majority Into a minority and lcaI thought that they would not have thinned to proper proportions, will be
. . m tt. An v Aiit fnr thu anriAM nf thAir nvn T&thered In diiA ReMnn. &nrl Altrmther
i-ni if.J rL hi. t.mr7 nnJ; candidates? What could give La Fol- prosperity is spelled in large letters for swer to men who' ikf .B.rJran; "W: principle, "let the people rule." to which lernt it at my mother's knee, and, let
' ."-.- " riTlZ. lette or rhimmln. tha hnn of ..lo-ess the ranchers of that section of tha r ln magnates in. jail. iaxpen- i reply tnat you can judge a man oy ui, me ten you, that teller you mention
to seal nis own men, secure coniroi ot H.artin.u Tha tm state ence has proved that to be easy to say, company he keeps. Perkins is a cap- was not in the potash t
the convention and capture the nomi- than a. deaaiocx The steam , J hut almost impossible to do. Before it ltalist. He says he Is putting up traded his birthmark for
nation In defiance of the will of the oiiex wouia simpiy nave oeeu turneu """, o im. " h(, 'blf .: lini money to carry on the Roosevelt prop- pottage, which means that he was an-
i nvnr in ii nfr nninnRflnL wm Hnnnin WM-t liiw uiiu&uoj iniiiiaii ui li if. niii i ii k i aa-atirio MAi'nrrniMir l m en inprirpn or
nf I followed hv the naat three weeks nf dergo such a change that the average h)
' ' .. " . ..: "I..". ,''r'-"ZZ"'l..C li.rnr will rrarrl tha ).wl. rlr-h with T... t .... i. " "lc ? T""'. " . " ..'"
In fact. It would be possible to re- Power voung nrst witn one side, tnen unciouaea sunsnine. r-urtnermore, tne - -- - IT, V , mloa ln lno ""r "' i swapped his DirtnmarK to nis orotner
j,,-. -i, PnInnol' nlan In an ahaiird- I "10 Otner, inus Iiatienmg out DO ID louuieis ui mot iwuvu unri! siuureu - - - . , , , .
1FZJZJ$ Taft and RooseveU coatestanu until their soil, and Earned to adapt their TjlJ ttFJ&SZ JTl2 ?, for p
i- ' i rnn iimhii nr it nwxm B.wiirpn nun I uus lu luciui iiuniijKoiu will uu .13 I - i . ,. . . . . . i i - -
raged as the Taft and Roosevelt fac- the deadlock became assured and crops to them. Intelligent and perse-
tions now are. it would be possible for I nommauon ot a miro man. maae " """"
each to contest all the seats of the tne oniy solution, some or ine "nanea
other. If thev neglected to enter eon- tneits" wouia tnereoy suu remain un
test, aa-ainat tha Cummina and la Fol-1 clothed and unashamed, and the "will
left. men. the latter, belnar tha onlv tin- of the people" be thwarted.
contested delegates, could make a I On the basis of his own latest fig-
temnorarv roll composed of them-1 nres and demanded procedure, it
selves alone, organize temporarily and therefore now appears that Roosevelt
seat onlv such of the contested dele- couia not win witnout xne aia oi ooin
rates as came to their terms. We the Wisconsin and Iowa men..It also
should then have minority rule with eems clear that Roosevelt recognized
a vengeance. It would, however, be w0 nopeiessness oi nis own case ana in
How utterly insignificant to a people
thus situated and thus masters of the
situation are the quibbles and furies
of the political contest that Is nbw
raging ln the great centers of the Na-
not vote to convict a magnate of a and Mccormick than tney couia gainer
n.nitanti. ffn. there were no combine. To get more
" . " I n.ll... .1. mo .. -. m n f (1 h !l r.
vesters or pay less for work.
difference wheth
pottage or potash
or potaters," remarked Fat, "so long as
he traded off his birthmark to his
brother for something, so long as he
got shet of it?"
That ain t the point," said Bones.
The point is that Veg compared Esau
Thia tiro
The Rev. J. B. Parsons, of Hood I --dure in turn either raises the price
River, believes that preachers are not of wheat or throws men out of em-
pro perly paid. Who can dispute hislployment and lessens the demand forta obsession : but does anvbodv know
tion's population. Opulent Southern statement? Some say the average wheat. Then what happens? Jones that our political purging friend ever
n.n an hor, ni.t preacher's salary is about 2500. The Ma '"-.. "J"" had a birthmark?
profession is poorly paid because it Is 'UZ T ar T eitTa" exnse for io jaw oi auppiy aim tno desires of Messrs. Perkins and Mc
demand applies to the ministry as it Cormlck, who contribute liberally to
does to all other vocations. When the campaigns and again tack on a little
market is oversuonlled nrlcea fall. Tha I more expense to the harvester.
'they are partisans oi i. n. wny
An Irrelevant Query
By Deaa Colllas.
I met a man bespectacled.
And of a mien scientific, '
Who-on a pad of paper made
Some figuring prolific
"Why dost thou thus?" I asked, and, lo.
He said: "l do compute to know.
By mathematic computation
The center of earth's population.
"I seek to locate, to a dot.
Where, beyond any doubt.
The hub of all the universe.
May be seen sticking out;
The point exact I seek to solve
Round which our world doth now re
volve." I giggled low; "Why that's a thing
Quite plain, without much figuring."
"Methinks, good sir," I thus went on,
"Thou'rt wobbly ln the crown.
To figure on the obvious.
And set long columns down.
When It should be quite plain and
The world, at this time of the year.
Spins round Chicago's campaign pot
Which, you may gamble, is some hot."
Said" he: "Ah yes, I had forgot
The present wild campaign."
Thereon I murmured, "There is hope, .
The man perhaps is sane.
He will speak further, and I'll find
What is his attitude of mind
Toward Taft and Theodore, et all
"Speak sir! Your dialogue let falll"
Hopeless alas! What said the gink
Of scientific bent
"Who do you think they'll run." he
"To be Vice-President?"
I called; the wagon came; they went
Forth to the bughouse with that gent.
Who had so little neath his hat
That he dared ask a thing like that
- Portland, June li.
Half a Century Ago
Oregon, and as happy as opulent.
Peace and plenty are its portion
Tou-all make me tired," chimed in
Veg, "for you don't seem to know that
what Is meant by the Scrlpters is
coat-of-arms, everybody ln them days
having one of "em given to 'em by their
parents; but when you swap It off or
lose it or-ln any way get rid or
then you can't never get It back or
Jamea J. Dalv. a member of the So.
. .. . ' fn.ln. (h. I.. rll.M. mm tn . , . .' . .. . . . oiiurenu
rtnasioie to contest tne seat or every - ..o cietv or Jesuits, nas nuoiisneo some in- . - - -1.- ,
. - i . - in a sicp m iv in i iTBiuniis ivf prtaa
delegate, in which case there could be a favorite son for temporary chairman teresting observations upon Fitzger- tige to tne ministry Is to close all the
Via MAnnanttAn in T n & a rtsiaknrt A r onvi uvrucu lui a vuiu LmiiAL-ilaj LiiaL nuuiu a rl'a "lu haivor rT I iman K ia irvam ' . . . WZLUL.
nave control of the credentials com- 7,n. t Mr nTv-. aw Fiti- .r"";,?- " 6 c.ountry kind.
nt.. unn iiHIni.t.h lirin. th. .. " ... .... ' ... . I UU.. un W.ilira Utum
w "o - i aia was guilty ot - lowering me moral i inations
"- ana spiritual tone or an age, by rob-
thlrrt man In rirolv nf hi. nvn .KnndTi cr I . . i . . . . . . . , . .
o. oinyitoi lis religious jnsuncts mine Th rtth nf PharlA Mlnn f
nnrnp of truth- Thft hnsln nf bin rnm. I v . , nrhn aaoantt y,tm nnnnlaHtv
WOOD RESCUED Br TAFT. plaint aealnst the Rubalvat is. he adds. Zi 4T-,-. -1 ' -V ZTl.Z.l He is popularmade so by the use of not only flew the coop, as veg so poet-
pdn..t Tort-. tn ,v, I :, . '. . . . , I "l ruiunuu .uu uuo ui mo ymneoi i j-.. Tk, 1 lcallv remarked, but he nas nit us tor
T?. "oS; autPhoriri appropriation bill hsT the TracVic'al .T; 'ZL" ? J 5iU IsT "Who cln TeU us why so a coUp,e , thousand dollars first and
I rttt r t.f..ri.. h etit I" " . "I I" many u uur omer reeiaents nia ineim,nT voters look upon him as the po- Mast, una uwn, om 1 a uiu .i.uw iUr
-o. ejLiaui " toe pn,uw, ""'" "'J""' tnougni go xartner ana reacn greater of eneTgy and activity during a long litical Moses of all the ages?" What us to play even onless we can get an
Muim vvuiviiuuiu ia me .i.uwiim luu. I -" I HU1UUCI9.
Is there not a reason? Do they
want regulation? Tes, the Roosevelt Bet another one.'
1 .
Jy Tnna. DQca- rMv nnlnt I. thStl '
tha. failnra affectlvelv to assail Mr. well, remaraea x at. nnnninritv I. riii. tn I wnetner uosession naa
m.thnd. r ....nnino" wau t ,w I or not; I do know that he ought to have
T rtnn't I a coat 01 tar ana lemaera, lur lie 11ns
I don't know
He does not believe that a I ...uj . a.. j 1 1 v.- a t,i ? I other man to act for us in getting up
inittee- If a member nvho in 1908 fair, and the next Congress. It is lmprob- man can be "exonerated from the I ...i h.- u .. t Anri i.t. hut not least, what nolltlcal these 'ere laws and getting the signa-
sins nas r resiue n t iau commiuea mau -'
T. R. must again take up the reigns account, worthless cuss, and we re
of government? Logic! Consistency, lucay -ne oion t nn us naraer man ne
Thou art a jewel! oia. ti
What 1. the matter with President I XJia you ever nave any liiiiik iu u
Taft? What Is the matter with the witn a proressionai rerormer perore r
nnnnirvf Who started this row. I asked Bones of his two inenas.
ti . - . .v... hm .nvhawT Never in the hlstorv of the recKon not, or you would Know tnat-
VW UI 1U WOI O UflOUia DV U.UUjr, .V Illill, I - " ... . u-. J J o-
. . i i XT-.n. .a A 1 1 hniit mir rAfnrtnprH fn niihlln. re.
as other public institutions About homM fiiiad 'with pictures and marked Veg, "for it is to be our mis
the only place from which politics can o.rn.ta and musical instruments. Never I slon to make progressive changes ln
be .excluded is the grave, and even I aa money so plentiful, so easy to com- the laws. We are not professional re
then It creeps Into funeral orations. I mand. Never before could wage work-1 formers, for professional reformers are
erg ride in carriages, automobiles and always busted, always aom- business on
Juilrlnr frnm h. onnMn.tnra i.n. Palwe oars. Never before was tne some otner tellers money, ine proies
I v.. .1. . in n.n.n... I ah a lcnnw. evervthlno anil mora ahont
. w v ...... v,,.ow ui mo nr - , " " . DcButT wouia not persuaae uur 1 . v. 1 n . t-, ... iw.. pwh" 1 r 17, . , . , ,
acttonaries of that time against r- wtth unflinching opposition, for they Raphaels and Rodlns to elaborate chairman, the BalUmore lty to a grander civillzaUon. Then this bringing up children, never having any
- . .. -a"""" - . . . . . ". ' lupaneis ana riuuuia to eittuorate I convention threstena to ha a. hrmn.k.i iJi .-.i- - .v.. nf h.r nwn. Tha nrnfnm nm reformer
lormers or nis own peculiar stripe. It j Bre OI one mina in cnampioning wood, their masterpieces.
is a poor rule that does not work both snouia a democrat become president, Mr. Daly's position differs from this
ly represented the people of his state able rtat a separate measure leglslat- sharae of uttering an evU thought be- recent years lived in ease and retire
TiT. n.preni nem in i Z!,, ,' I CaU5?. ne utter " powerIU"y ana I ment. He leaves numerous descend-
i.i.. ji ouiuoi t neivea ...a must oe 71, , - --w , weu. ln otner worus, Mr. uaiy aoes anta and a name respected in. this
"""ul I op,nlan' "n L' " rnV-Tmh.. TTT . T "ol acc6Dl lne P"ncipie or "an ior community in which forty-four of his
l" .V.1'. " "r "Is I ;r, " ,rr Z. " ' ZZ I s BBMe- cernara Bnw es not elg;hty yearg ot lte were spent.
vvuoiuuruio. iimi is uuio wi mo pcuai- w vu,,6i '- accept it e liner, out nis reasons are
tle of human frailty. Th rule may cauea next juarcn, anaira win tnere- not the sams as Mr. Dalvs. Shaw
work the other way four years hence, fore remain as. they are until Decern- .ays that if art had no other and more ha8 lnvaded the inslne asylum as well
For example, if the virtuous Flinn ber 1913 attractive purpose than Its own being .. other public institutions. About
should be elected National committee-I ultimate success or tne scneme to i nobody would go to the trouble of
man from Pennsylvania, he may prove shelve ood, with the effect of clos- producing it. He reminds us of the
to be as completely out of harmony Ins the door of promotion to Funston tremendous amount of work it takes
with the opinion of the. party In his and Goethals and opening it to Per- to paint a Slstine Madonna or chisel a
state ln 1916 as the ponderous Penrose shing. will depend mainly on the next statue from the marble and assures us
rays. The existing rule may work he may prove as ready to enter into a little. Ha does not denv that art
Roosevelt's way In 1916. If It should, schemes to rip up the Army as his for art's sake might be produced, per.
we snail not near ntm speaking above Party now is -to rip up the depart- haps, but ln his opinion it were far
whisper about naked theift.
Colonel Roosevelt's auditorium
speech plainly was drafted for the
ears of Roosevelt supporters. In view
of criticisms of the National commit
tee by men and newspapers of Taft
leanings. It might have been expected
that the Colonel would attempt to
clinch their sympathy. But did he?
VTe think not.
There are vast
rho no doubt were willing to "irt- Both the Wood and and thou. Beside me singing in the VTa " spiring a feeling of gloom is bright
ments at ine expense or emciency. But better left undone. Unless books.
In order to make his hostility to Wood statues and pictures tend to uplift the
practically effective, he would need to moral and spiritual nature of men tha
can an extra session or secure action world is safer without them. It is on
early ln the first regular session of his grounds of this nature that he oon-
term. for Wood's detail as -Chief of demns the Rubaiyat. It is a beautiful
Staff will expire on April 22. 1914. The poem, but at the same time It la
prospects are, therefore good for the wicked. It presents the hopeless doc-
uBicai ot uie ireraocraiic rippers, at trine of materialism in all Its horror.
least so tar as wood is concerned. denies the, future life and holds un
The same reasons which Taft gives nieasnrn a. th. nnit thin tn liv. fnr
wr vviuina; uie wi in y oiu apply to uie
nlous and uninteresting as the Chi-1 mon sense, ask, of one and all, "what knows just how everybody else can
earn convention Is otherwise is the need of T. R.?" succeed, being a down-and-outer hi
I'm not a capitalist, my means are ownseu ne Knows more aoout law
c..,.. ... ...small as wealth Is counted Iam poor, than a lawyer, more about preachin
. .'" "T '' ' " T,7 but in my bungalow there are pictures than a preacher, more about everything
of peace from Austria, reached New ... 1. ,. ,ia , ,nr thn anvhodv else in his mind. The
inn auu u sun ousu mnj ,.j bric-a-brac and books and linen I troupie is mat nis mi no is so smaii,
ruther bis brain, tnat it would have
more sea room ln a grain of mustard
seed than a shrimp would in the Wll
lamette "
"Look who is here, interrupted Fat,
'as he pointed to Obsession coming
through the doorway swinging a cane,
a rose in his buttonhole, as debonair
get a few pointers and considerable I and a full larder. On my lawn beau
local color at Chicago. tiful roses shed ' perfume into the
ambient air, flowers of every hue de-, . ito.v knn. ihintn I light ib7 eyes. I have friends and fire-
l.n'l ittmlnr linw h.n. nno k,,l " W11UIUI .uu 1""S
J .m i.,, TLT.T .oluru fa nnt loro-A hilt
think of the good advertising for Idaho. guite enough to supply every need and
inuw, mruj umu v buiuo unjgun ouuater I leave a surplus for old age.
make himself heard ? I These things I have acquired since
'A book of vera.. nnrfernAath tha
number, of people r?ndry Clv" b"'- "hltLh ab"shes "H bough. A loaf of bread, a jug of win. gi&tabf
. Tri . peolle I Commerce court. Both the Wood and L.j tv. h..m. i, , I frauds. Probably prevented a brief I , ,
a, ebuUitlo'orhaa iheTolol the CmJ, Court provlslona are wildeess." "that Is all wV can expert happiness and an extensive suffering. Vh i. poTtenU of ' jou. possiMll-
i-. r ... !r.":.r general legislaUon sneaked into an ap. from exlatence. Thr.fnr it mv. ties which shall outshine the present
.... - a. 'IK iiiiorpreis. I ....H.llnn hill Th. -H !.! " . - ' . .
tlon or President Tact's reference to r VL . 1 . t . ln mosx. or it wnue it lasts, "ir wine
government by a "representative part" . K fot T n eP" and roses are tho ""Preme matters,"
of the people. The exact words ut- SfVS. 1 DOllsh,"5 tn" Commerce inquires Mr. Daly with convincing apt-
tered by President Taft on the subject P. mTZ "f8" . "T",8 over a veto- ness. "ho can blame the socialists for
... hut wnnM ilmnut nnrtaln v HI. In . - ,., . . im . .. .
nave oeen quoted tne country overt,. " ., . ' iBning to wrest tnem rrom tne ncn,
. j -f ." Senate. The controversy would then or the rih fnr .i.Mn. tn ...r.
IT .ri . : probably be shelved until December, .n . -. prize, a French aviator will now be aance?
:!,-"'"-T",.,'01Jca' "P'H 1913. In the meantlm. the court mav ; " Roosevelt ha, but kept hi. finger
paB1u rsj no stretch . w -,.,, v v,l r.-"""; -".-... " - ,,. upon the popular puls(
'"i" i uon or puss in anotner world has sub- ' "
within the bounds of the jurisdiction stantiallv aided th. Hnh In v..nin. th. I
vested In it and by being purged of hands of the poor off their treasures. Yesterday was the anniversary of thelr doctrines, but he has never been work on my half block mornings and
I Taft was seated as President. I m only I as a Malor-General. And with a smile
Th. Sheriff haa nrnuniail . -annln. I one of thousands of men who have 1 he reached the table of the noultrymen,
by arresting the bridegroom for alleged b.u.nt horneat under toe Ba-me order of reformers and reached out his hand
. , ... . . . .things and the future so far from ln-l with a heartv "erlad to see vou."
Vancouver Mas Utilises Half Block as
Supply Garden.
VANCOUVER, Wash., June 17. (To
the Editor.)' I am sending herewith a
statement of what I have on half
block. There might be some good re
sults obtained by inspiring others to
By choosing one a day for the vart
ous convention committees, the Ore
gon delegation may fill the bill ere ad.
as the sun ln his superlative glory out-1
dazzles the moon.
Then why this stirring up of strife;
this promotion of unrest? Why this
crying need for a change? Why bend
th. Icne. tn the noDular idol, made so
Having won the 110,000 high-flying by- pretension rather than perform-I
of imagination or honest Interpretation
could the President's utterance be
placed in the light of a declaration
against participation by tha whole peo
ple ln the government of the Nation.
Roosevelt's misconstruction, deliberate
upon the popular pulse. He has profited ao as 1 nave oone. i nave to a certain
from the teachings of Bryan and Lai extent soivea uie quesnoa oi tne nign
Follette by pretending to carry out cost of living. I have done all my own
Archbold. should the charges against Tf triA "Rll 10 Ivot haa v-aa llvr oVia tara1 the great cyclone of 1883 ln the Mid- ahead of the American people in su. evenings before and after office hours.
him be sustained. It has already re- this expectation it stands to reason aie West. History repeats itself. gestlng progressive principles and, The half block is on Vancouver
eel a mil ehatlam.nt from th. .-. fT- " l I therefore. I take it as an Insult and an I Heights, and is occupied as a home.
" - i tiioi li IK i nil nHvaa mniiinn rrnunn ti I . . i j t i i . .
injury to the Judgment and patriotism I -n are a Sooo-ntu uam,
. .... I Supreme Court and other, mav h. In I i -1 . , . I The TWtmnrrnt n nflt. hv th. nannh
or unmienuonai at nrst, must have . . T. , I . , , -;iy.'.- kwl , of the people to advise any citizen to be woodshed and tooinouse ana a chicken
been called to his attention time and torot. " a a useful, even neces- A closer examination of the Rubal- "can error, and the Peerless Bryan f0erSd by the theory that we as a yard. Besides -a lawn, which contains
again. Taft made ln reality no "ex- ,arT y' erre , -t-rtln8' llfe yat might convince Mr. Daly that he sits where he can keep tally. people, as the greatest nation upon 16 ornamental or flowering shrubs and
planaUon" of his remarks. They need- 01 " exareerted opinion of Its own nas somewhat overstated the force of earth, are far in the rear of the vines, and about 70 rosea, I submit
ed no explanation. Be and his sun- Pwers its negations. It does not actually A dictagraph at the Colonel's end of swift-moving progressive patriot th following list, to show what may
porters merely reiterated them and T deny the future life, nor does It go so the telephone wire would produce the Theodore Kooseveit.
called attention to the way they had A mtlKlxo PICTCRK. far as to assert the futility of effort in season s pest seller.
Deen garoiea
It is seldom that a mora touching this world. The position of the poem
In spite of these facts Colonel Rooa I picture has been presented to the pub- Is that we do not know anything what- I No, the Root-McGovern contest had
velt at Chicago Monday night again Uc. her or elsewhere, than that print- ever about what Is going to happen no reference to Jack Root and Terry
and repeatedly took up the expression d yesterday of Abigail Scott Dunlway, beyond the grave, while as far as this McGovern.
- government By a "representative part I tne veteran leader of the woman sur- I woria is concernea, it is a good deal
of the people' " and implied by his I rra&e cause ln the Pacific Northwest I more enjoyable to sit and listen to ma-
be done by a little effort:
All the fruit trees mentioned are in
bearing this season except the peach
and two of the apples. About half the
trees are over 10 years old. Eight ap
ple, four pear, one peach, one apricot.
Do not let convention interest over-
manner of using it that President Taft Mrs. Dunlway, disabled from long sis beneath the bough than it Is to I shadow the presence of the "Oregon ponderous strength is daily used in his berrJes strawberries and loganberries"
Elep-aata as Ce Laborers.
Baltimore American.
The whole elephant tribe is looked I -h-niiim. one Italian n-n- nn
upon with great veneration by the er-.pium, one quince, five cherries,
Siamese. The elephant Is the symbolic three English walnut, one filbert, two
ammai oi un niuuu j, uiro-su m varieties of raspberries, two of black
advocated government by a favored or I service and retired from the fray, sits I strive for the vain rewards of ambi
selected few. I ln her Invalid's chair awaiting in se- I tlon. In this last particular the Ra
This may be good politics, bnt when rene patience, with unfaltering cour- balyat is distinctly Christian. What Commencement week brings to an
one considers the fact that there was I undlmmed hope, the outcome doctrine la more Insisted upon ln the end the happiest period of one's life.
much to criticise in the acts of the I of the election next November that I gospels than the vanity of earthly as-I
National committee and consequently shall either grant or deny to the worn- plrations? In our hymns we are It was 89 In Portland yesterday and I
a reason and hope for winning over I of Oregon the right to vote. - taught that "all is dross." We can a hundred more by Lake Michigan.
some of the people who have been I It is a far cry from the vivacious. I hope to compass nothing of real value
standing by Taft, it Is difficult to in-1 energetic, tireless youth of the veteran I here and the Savior himself commands I The steam roller would be called a
dorse the political acumen of one who I leader to the enforced Inertia of herlut not to lay tip treasures on earth. I "caterpillar" In Oregon. -
master's service. He is man s
laborer, not his beast of burden.
co I Tn m v a-arden vou mav soa aanara.
stub, horse radish, rhubarb, dill, catnip.
I saar.. ' narslev. spinach, three varieties
A a. Incident In the Stock Market. I vale, beets, cabbage, peas, three varie-
Juage. ' I ties beans, lettuce, radishes, onions.
Post Tour rich uncle was set upon I sweet corn, cucumbers, three varieties
by a bull. I squash, pie pumpkins, muskmelons,
Parker WhereT I watermelons, carrots, tomatoes, cel-
Post At his country place. I rv. four varieties potatoes and, last
Parker Good! I was afraid it was I of all, a hop vine. Can you beat it?
ln Wall street. I .-. PjSRCIVAIi,
From The Oregonlan ot June 19, 1862.
From Powder River. Mr. Cooper.
just from the mines, says Kirkpatrlck's
company on Blue Canyon are taking
out dust at the rate of S180 a day. It
is supposed that there are from 700
to 1000 persons ln the Powder River
The people of Powder River have
organized a new county, and named it
Baker County, ln honor of the late
Senator. They elected a county judge
and a full set of county officers on
election day. J. M. Kirkpatrick was
chosen to represent the county ln the
next Legislature.
The government Is now building 48
ironclad frigates, rams, batteries and
gunboats at a total cost of over 20,-000,000.
Sykes, one of Lane's Indian agents
in Oregon, is a Federal prisoner at
Columbus, Ohio, with irons on his legs.
He was captured in Virginia with a
portion of Jackson's army, ln which
he was an officer.
The Continental telegraph is silent
beyond Salt Lake, but the continuous
working of such a line for a single
week Is one ot the wonders of the
age, to which many of us do not ren
der sufficient homage.
A tall specimen of the forests of
Vancouver Island has been sent to the
World's Fair ln the shape of a tree
242 feet higli.
Thanks to the young lady who sent
us such a beautiful bouquet of roses.
We would say something very nice to
the young lady, only we are a mar
ried man and our wife might happen
to read this paper.
From present Indications we con
clude that the citizens of Portland
deem it Inexpedient to get up a
Fourth of July celebration in oonre- !
quence of tho flooded and Impassable
state of the streets. Hence all efforts
thus far to procure the necessary
means have proved a failure.
Mr. Benjamin Needham, of Wells,
Fargo & Co.'s express office. Is get
ting up a directory for the City of
Mr. W. H. Frush has posted notices
to the effect that he Intends making
application before the County Com
missioners court or Munnoman
County for a license to establish and
run a ferry boat across the river from
tha foot of Stark street to the oppo
site bank for the term of five years.
Max Irwin, assisted by a company of
Ethiopian minstrels, is to give an en
tertainment this evening at the Gym
nasium halL
the: ..trouble.
It isn't much of a task to write
A column of prose or a bit or verse
That much may be achieved alright,
But pray beware lest the theme Is trite
If you would nope ior a latter purse.
It seems that everything's been said
Of tales that are somewnat common-
And the modern bard must scratch his
With an angry claw till the scalp Is red
To seize a yarn witn a new-Dorn
And before us sticks that word "ver
It is the critic's sweet protection,
So clip those charming adverbs olose
The tale may have an overdose
E'er it is posted for inspection.
And don't sink to the lowly grade
Where literature cannot exist;
Twera hetter that vou find a spade
And dig for flshworras ln the shade
Than from this level see your sn.w
It Isn't so much of a task to write
A column of prose or a ouncn oi
That much may be achieved all right.
But friend, it is an uphill fight
To get It Into print sometime.
Getting Hid of Ground Molea.
PARKPLACE. Or- June 14. (To th
T-riitnr i Will vou please give me some
Information regarding the extermina
tlon of "ground moies7- iney are ae-
stroying vegetables, strawberries, etc,
ln this part of the country and I
would feel thankful to you for any ad
vice given. SUBSCRIBER,
Traps and guns are most effectlva
Be careful with the latter, as tney
"go off" easily. Get tnem at tne see-
A Dog aa Letter Carrier.
Boston Cor.
Twice daily Bruce, a dog owned by
John Rechter, of Cornwall, Conn., goes
tn the oostoffice, a distance of about a
quarter of a mile, and carries the mall
to his hbme. He has carried the mall
for the Rechter family for eight years.
and is often trusted with mouey. When
it is time for him to go to tne post-
office a mall bag is given him and at
the office the clerk locks the man
in the bag.
Advice After a Dinner.
Washington (D. C.) Herald.
The new cook came out and did very
well her first afternoon at Lonelyvllle.
After dinner she approached the had
the house.
'How early shall I get up In the
morning?" she !nqulrd.
Well." said Mr. Subbubs, "the first
train for the city leaves here at 6:iB.
ou'll have to get up about 6 If you
want to make .that."