Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 18, 1912, Page 7, Image 7

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Says the "Woodlark":--"This-
Is 'Woodlark' Tuesday"
r.lE(l STIRS RUi
Delegation's Call on T. R. Re
ported to Mean Support
of Programme.
Report That Cecil Lyon Would Xot
Issue Credentials to Taft bnt
Colonel's Men Instead Is
und to Be False.
CHICAGO, June 17. Mr. Roosevelt
today received in his headquarters
scores of delegatea, among- them seven
iowa delegates Instructed for Cum'
mlns. who were said to have pledged
tneir support, to the Roosevelt organ!
sauon programme, two Taft delegate
of Hawaii, and delegates from New
Jersey, Massachusetts and West Vir
Members of the Wlsconsln-La Fol
lette delegation were the last to call
on Mr. Roosevelt, and their visit caused
much comment. That some of the dele
gates, and probably all of them, would
support the Roosevelt organization
programme was reported. It also was
reported that should the La Follette
delegates support the Roosevelt tern
porary chairman. Governor McGovern
might be made the temporary chair
man Instead of Senator Borah.
Taft Meat Confer.
One rumor that reached Taft head
quarters was that the Roosevelt lead
ers had planned to place defeated con
testants for seats In the convention
hall, in place of delegates awarded
places by the National committee.
Rumor had It that Cecil Lyon, of Texas,
and other Roosevelt members of the
National committee who had charge of
the distribution of tickets for thel
states, would not give up the creden
tials to the Taft men, but would issue
there to the defeated Roosevelt dele
The report struck the Taft leaders
like a thunderbolt, and within five
minutes after It reached Director Mc
Kinley. Senator Root, Senator Penrose
and James E. Watson, of Indiana, ex
Republican whip of the House of ReP'
resentatives, conferred on the parlia
mentary phase of the situation.
While the conference was going on
a number of National committeemen
were summoned. Before they arrived
it was discovered that Colonel Lyon
had turned over the Texas credential
to the Taft delegates, and that there
were only two Taft delegates, those
from the fourth district of California
who had not reecived their creden
tials. I
Summarizing he events of the day.
the Taft managers Issued a statemen
declaring there had been no defections
from the Taft column and that the ef
forts of the Roosevelt managers to
secure Taft votes was a confession of
Statement la larard.
"That President Taft has an ample
number of votes for his renomlnatlon
has been conceded by Colonel Roose
velt throughut the day." said the state
ment. "This encession takes the strong
est possible form frantic eforts to in
duce Taft delegates to violate their
instrutcions. Another evidence Is
that nothing Is being done by the Taft
forces to induce Roosevelt delegates
to resert and go to Taft.
The Roosevelt delegates from Cali
frnia sent to each delegate to the con
vention and to each National commit
teeman a statement today concerning
the contest in the Fourth California
The letter characterized the case
an assault upon the whole primary sys
"If the principle in this case Is to
stand, said the letter, "no primary
law is safe. The facts are briefly that
two delegates elected and certified un
der the California law were arbitrarily
excluded, not on any claim that they
were not elected, but on a decision by
the National committee that the law
of California under which they were
elected was invalid because not In con
formity with this year's call ol the Na
tional Republican committee. In other
words, when the call and the law differ.
they say the law must yled.
The letter waa signed by Governor
Johnson, of California, and urged care
ful consideration of the case.
Public Service Commission Gives
City Same as Seattle Tariff.
OLTMPIA. Wash.. June 17. (Spe
cial.) Tacoma shippers are to get the
same rates over the Northern Pacific
Railroad to Spokane and Eastern Wash
ington points as are now enjoyed by
the shippers of Seattle, as the Public
Service Commission entered a formal
order today directing that the same
rates apply out of Tacoma as out of
Seattle. . .
Thts marks the end of the tight
started by Tacoma as soon as the rail
roads announced their tariffs under
the distributive rate order of the Com
mission. Seattle getting a rate of 9
cents a hundred while the Tacoma rate
was f 1.07 a hundred. The new rate will
be s cents a hundred, and as the
original rate from Sound points to
Spokane wa $1.35. it means a reduc
tion of 3S cents a hundred as the result
of the Commission order. Tacoma was
discriminated against on the ground
that the Northern Pacific had to meet
the Great Northern Short Line mileage
competition out of Seattle but the Com
mission directs that Seattle Is not to
be favored.
Aids "Sure-Thin"
at Alan Race Track.
SPOKANE. Wash, June 17. (Spe
cial.) Stripped of all his worldly pos
sessions when a "sure thing" at the
Alan racetrack failed to "deliver the
goods," J. D. Weyment. a racetrack fol
lower, proceeded to the pawnshop of I.
Segal. 521 Main avenue, lyast week and
"soaked" his gold teeth. The report
reached the police station shortly after
ward and was recorded as the first in
the history of the department.
Weyment gave his address as the
Spokane Hotel, and told the pawn
dealer fate had parted him and his cash.
Assured by Segal that any goods with
commercial value could be left for se
;urlty on a loan, the unfortunate Wey
ment removed his shiny gold "uppers"
and - submitted them for the mow"
i '' - f
' ' J . ..: :-: t .&.&tStBK'tt-
tltel li .. ; zTp
. v ' ':.:.-
Sjc: W
- 1 . '
Photos Copyrights by American Press Association.
Above Kd win M. Lee. Chalrmaa of Roosevelt Maryland Committee and
Judge Phil C. Gould, of Maryland. Centeri Ex-Governor vVarmoth. of
Kentucky (Left) and Charles Nag-el, Secretary of Commerce and Labor.
Belows Onnaby McHarg tLeft) and Jndse Oscar R. !UHdir7, of Alabama.
lender's inspection. Weighed and test
they were accepted and Weyment
walked out minus his teeth, but $5
wealthier. a .
The gold teeth are still held in Segal's
vault, unredeemed.
W. A. Kdmondson Takes Gas at Los
Angeles Roomings-House.
LOS ANGELES, Cal.. June 17. (Spe
cial.) Despondent because of pro
longed domestic trouble, W. A. Kd
mondson, of Spokane, who lived in a
rooming-house at 832 South Broadway,
ended his life today by gas. He was
iddle-aged and came to Los Angeles
ine months ago from Spokane. He
had complained occasionally to other
roomers that he had trouble with mem
bers of his family. He was found dead
on the bed with a rubber hose leading
from a gas jet to his dead.
Attempts are being made to com
munlcte with bis relatives in Spokane.
Second Nature to Him.
Many things In this world seem very
strange to us until we know why they
are done.
"Why do you look under the bed at
ghtr asked a woman who, waa vlslt
g a friend.
You d never guess, was the reply;
"but. since my husband has taken to
motoring, I often find that he has
crawled underneath.
P arrow Trial Halted by Illness.
LOS ANGELES. Cal- June 17. There
was no session today of the trial of
Clarence S. Darrow, for alleged jury
bribery, owing to the illness of Attor
neys Earl Rogers and H. H. Appel, of
the defense. A continuance was taken
til 10 o cjock wmorrow morning.
Clark Men Give Position
Temporary Chairman.
Senator Stone, of Missouri, . Says
That Any Man Worthy to Pre
side With Fairness Will
Prove Satisfactory.
BALTIMORE. Mr, June 17. Adher
ents of Speaker Clark for the Fresi
dential nomination made it known to
day they would make no fight on the
temporary chairmanship and that any
man worthy of the office would be
agreeable to them.
News of the Clark position was an
nounced by Speaker Stone, ofH Mis
sourl, leader of the Clark forces on
the convention floor. When Informed
that the arrangements committee waj
trying to find a neutral man for tem
porary chairman. Senator Stone said
The names of several men have
been suggested to me for temporary
chairman, but I desire to say that any
man worthy to preside with dignity
and fairness is satisfactory to me.
Actios Not Expected. '
Senator Stone said that. while he be
lieved that nine of ten Democrats were
June 17. (Special.) Weather forecast: Generally
and cool.
Crisis to come when California is called on the vote for temporarw
chairman. Governor Johnson will announce 24 votes for Borah and
two for Root. Governor Hadley. of Missouri, will protest the vote and
the battle will be on.
Texas Taft men In caucus ousted Cecil Lyon as. National commit
teeman. Texas, Roosevelt men hold separate caucus and plan battle to
overturn the rival camp.
Governor Deneen notifies Roosevelt that ifUnois .delegates will In
sist upon lawful and orderly procedure in the convention and will re
sent any attempt to seise control by force.
Senator Borah chosen by Roosevelt camp as candidate for tempor
ary chairman. Governor McGovern, of Wisconsin, who had formerly
been agreed upon, was dropped because of objections by Wisconsin
delegation. "
Minnesota delegation brings a resolution denouncing the National
committee's "attempt to thwart the will of the people of the United
No additional converts reported by th e Roosevelt camp. Fifteen
Roosevelt delegates said to have intimated that instructions should be
as binding upon Southern delegates as they are upon Northern dele
gates, indicating they would bolt to Taft if the "gumshoe" hunt for
shaky delegates continued.
Talk of a "dark horse" candidate Increases: late arrivals among
the delegates Insisting neither Taft nor Roosevelt could win.
Roosevelt managers in first positive prediction in figures say
Roosevelt will win on first ballot by majority of 42.
Roosevelt men declare not a single contested delegate seated by
the National committee will sit in the convention. The alternative
is a separate convention.
Final orders given the 250 picked policemen who will have con
trol of the convention. Rigid measures will be taken to keep out all
but those having proper tickets and disorder will be sternly repressed.
Emergency hospital at the Coliseum fully equipped for "trouble,"
with 0 physicians. In two shifts, on duty all the time. -
Taft and Roosevelt agents assail the Cummins and La Follette
camps in hope of aid, but find them impregnable. -
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Third Street, between Morri
son and Yamhill.
for the abrogation of the two-thirds
rule, he did not believe any action
would be taken toward the abolition
at this convention.
The boom for Mayor Gaynor, started
in the name of "Democratic Associa
tion of New York.' became active to
day 'with the arrival of Jacob A. Can
tor and William A. Black from New
A -Gaynor dinner was given tonight
at which a resolution as adopted pledg
ing the association to work lor Gay-
nors nomination.
Fobs Boom Heard.
A movement for Governor Foss was
launched by Frank Hendrick, of New
York, who said that Governor Foss'
platform was the immediate reduction
of the tariff and reciprocity with
Regarding the repeated reports that
the New York, Indiana and Illinois
delegations would unite to make the
Presidential nomination. Committee
man Sullivan, of Illinois, remarked in
the presence of other, committeemen
"The Illinois delegates will vote as
a unit and continue so to vote through
out the convention. We are for Clark."
Headquarters for Speakef Champ
Clark and Governor Wilson were
opened today.
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Men Go to Baltimore to Farther In
terests of Mayor."
NEW YORK, June el7. Jacob A:
Cantor, William P. Black and Francis
Gallatin, officers of the Democratic
Association of New York for "Gaynor
for President," left here for Baltimore
today to further the interests of their
candidate. The leaders of the move
ment said their support of Mr. Gaynor
was unauthorized by and unknown to
Mayor Gaynor said emphatically to
day that he knew nothing about the
organization formed to support him.
Gore to Second Nomination.
WASHINGTON, June 17. Senator
Gore, of Oklahoma, who returned today
from conference with Democratic lead
ers at Baltimore, will second the nomi-
ation at the Baltimore convention of
Governor Woodrow Wilson, of New
Jersey, which will be made by John
Westcott, of Camden, N. J.
Missouri Editor Recalls an Expe
rience and Draws a Parallel.
Ed Smith in Fulton (Mo.) Journal.
Did you ever try to get rid of one
of those old hoop skirts? The writer
ad that experience some 40 years ago.
We remember it well and wish to tell
of It here so that the Democrats of
Missouri may know what they are up
against in trying to get rid of Dave
The particular hoop skirt we were
commissioned to dispose of had been
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Fourth and
WoodarcL Clarke & Co.
discarded for some time; had spent a
year or two in the attic, and we were
sent to hog tie it and put it In the
smokehouse. If you ever tried to hog
tie a hoop skirt you know what we
were up against. It took two hours'
hard work, in which time it jumped
through the window and hopped 52
feet in two hops.
After running it down we got a
cinch on it before it recovered and
carried it struggling to the smoke
house. For four years that hoop skirt
lay straining at his or her bonds, and
finally escaped into the back yard,
where It wandered about for another
year or two. Then one day we were
told to dispose of It for good and keeps.
We dug a deep hole In the back end
of the garden. We tied that hoop skirt
into a bunch about as large as a bushel
basket and burled It deep, and forgot
about It Ten years afterward we hap
pened to want to go fishing one day, I as though placed there by a dressmak.
and in digging bait the spade struck er. We didn't want to start anything,
a piece of wire. We reached down and
gave a little tug at It, and in about a
second that hoop skirt was wound 40
times around our neck; the fight lasted
about a half hour, and we finally
downed It with a toehold and tossed
it over into the alley.
The following Winter we chased a
hog down that alley and without warn
ing that hoop skirt again got a stran
gle hold on us. It got one fall out of
us before we knew what was coming.
The next two falls were in five and a
half and seven seconds respectively.
In acknowledging that .we were out
classed we detract nothing from our
ability" as a wrestler. Frank Gotch
isn't deuce high with a hoop skirt on
the mat. It finally jumped up and
down a few times and landed on our
shoulders, hanging all around as nicely
so we let the hog go and started to
wards the river, which was a mlfa
away, carrying the lower edges In our
hands, like a woman crossing a muddy
street.- We hardly dared to breathe,
and moved not a muscle except our
legs. When we arrived at the river
we. called for help and a friend came
and helped up to free ourselves. We
tossed that hoop skirt far out into
deep water. That was many years ago,
but it is there yet. Bound aa ever, and
when they come in style again we
are going after it.
Judge What have you to say for
yourself for beating this man in such
a brutal manner?
Prisoner Tour honor, he asked me if
my name was Ismay.
Judged Discharged.
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