Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 11, 1912, Page 11, Image 11

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Manilla Edits Main 7070 A softs
Sunday Idllir " J A joy
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Superlateadeat bul.dlns . .. .Mam T70 A WW
A3frBE3tEIT8. THEATEH (Seventa and Taylor)
Tha Durbar la klnamacolor. Tale ertar
Ben at t:i and tonight at :80.
BAKER THEATER (Eleyentai and Morrt-
in Dakar mock Company la the play,
"Wildfire." tealsht at B:10.
ORFHlnM TRRATEH Morrison, katweea
tmn and Sventh Vaudeville. Tbla aft
arnooa at I 11 ana tonight at b:ib
risTinn THltiTin-rintnlk and At
dr Vaudeville. This aftarnooa at MS.
tonight at T:0 and o'clock.
ton) Vandeviile. Thla aftarnooa a: 1:1a.
tonight at T:0 Bad 9 a clock.
OA KB PARK (Willamette River) Ameee-
reont park: varied, attraction. Tnla arier.
aooa and tonight.
COfNCIL CXXI T fportlaad Hslfbts)
Brenie Amueemeat Park.
rrn.ri. rrn mrinc. OH JOT,
TIVOLI AND CRtSTAl riret-roa plo-
turee, II A. U.-12 P. M.
HOW OROl'NDS lwanr-flfth and Rel.
oich 101 Ranch wild west, Thla attar,
noon at I and tools ht at a.
TtlCREATrO! PARK 134th and Vaughn)
ViKb.n, Portland va. uuuu. i o'e ain-
nooa at 3 oc.oca.
Tmr the arkee aWlvery a Tbe
Oresoslaa at Baaamwr roaorta. eae
arrlho thraash tha follawtng strata.
Ity rates, SabarrtpUeae kr aaaU ara
payable ta edvaac.
nrtghtoa Beach. Or..... A. Baldwta
t'arvoa Bprtaga Mineral Hprtaga Hotel
Col Una Spring Prod A Teas
(Marlurl Parti B. . ralrbarst
Leas Brack Laala Cessna
Jtabretla t. B. Brawa
Mewrert Oee, Sylvester
Oreaa Park D. E. Beewk
Rsrkasmy Boark. Or. .WUkkaa a) Klee
M, Marttaa aprlnga. .Mrs. BL. Mart la
graaldo Clark ttrattoa
orarlrw. Waak Fraak K. Btraahal
Tillamook Laaaar
Tokclaad. Waak 4 aba Marty
Bitmap W. M. Bci.L Cokma. Bishop
William M. Bell, of Berkeley. Cat, will
arrive In Portland tha laat of the week
to take part In the convention and
annual conference of the United Broth
rent Church of Oregon. Sunday the
convention of the Your a; People!
Christian Endeavor Society will be
opened In the First Church, Eaat
fifteenth and Eaat Morrison streets,
to continue Monday. June 17, and In
the evening; Bishop Bell will deliver the
consecration sermon for Rev. Morris
Ooodrlch, of Paclflo University, who
aoes aa a mlaslonary to West Africa.
Tuesday, June II, the Women's Mis.
slonary Association of Oregon will
meet In tha Second United Brethren
Church. Eaat Twenty. eighth, near Al
berta street, and on Wednesday, June
19, the Oregon conference will convene
In the First Church, Kast Fifteenth
tnd Kast Morrison streets, to continue
iver the following Sunday.
Kailwat Mat Build to CiirnRTViLt-a
Prospects ara favorable that the Mult
nomah Eastern Railway Company
will build Ita line from Cottrell through
Sandy and Cherryvllle to BrlghtwoodJ
a distance of about 15 miles. The
surveyors ara now In the field be
tween Sandy and Brlghtwood. Dr. A.
W. Botktns, who has a Summer home
near Cherryvllle, said that tha sur
veyors ara running lines for the route
to Brlghtwood. Last week there was
a meeting of the cltlsena of Cherry
vllle when a commercial club was or
ganised to assist In securing- a right
jf way for the line.
Preacher Mat Rctubk. Friends
of Rev. Andrew J. Montgomery, for
merly pastor of tha Portland Third
Presbyterian Church, and now pastor
of the Oak Park Presbyterian Church,
of Chicago, may pass his vacation In'
Oregon thla season. Word has been
received that be has recovered entirely
from his recent Illness. Last year he
expected to come to Oregon for his
vacation, but was prevented on ac
count of 111 health.
CL.INTOK Kat.LT Church Completed.
The Clinton Kelly Memorial Metho
dist Episcopal Church, East Thirty
ninth street and owell road, has been
completed, and arrangements made to
hold dedication services next Sunday.
It was named for Clinton Kelly, a well
known Portland pioneer, and stands on
grounds donated by J. B. Kelly. Rev.
C. O. McCulloch Is tba present pastor.
Work waa started on this church five
years ago.
Bishop O'Rbillt Rbturns to Baker.
Bishop C J. q'Rellly, who celebrated
pontifical mass at St. Mary's Church,
Alblna, Sunday, where ha waa the sec
ond pastor, left In tha evening for
Baker. His health waa slightly Im
paired by his Eastern trip, but there
Is nothing serloua In his condition.
Many of his old parishioners called
to pay their reapecta to the bishop
Sunday afternoon.
Wl cordially extend to you tha cour
tesy of our company and desire you to
feel free to make our offices your Port
land address. We have provided desk
room, phono service, stationery, etc.
end will take eara of your mall during
the Festival week. Wa shall be glad
to meet you at any time. Cbapln
llerlow Mortgage A Trust Co., third
floor Chamber of Commerce.
Pl.AMS FOR CLVBHOl'S-g LVrawnj. The
Rone City Club Is having new plana
drawn for a clubhouse to bo built at
the corner of Kast Fifty-seventh street
and Sandy boulevard. Tha plana which
'were first drawn were not adequate for
the purposes of tha club. It Is hoped
to get the building under way so It
will be completed and ready to be oc
cupied by September.
Ollie Cmribtemssn'i FrxxRAt. Held.
The funeral of Ollie Chrlstenaen, who
died Saturday, waa held yesterday
afternoon from Hemstock's Chapel,
I'nlverslty Park, and the Interment
waa made In Rlvervlew Cemetery. He
was it years of age. and a member
of Rose City Camp, No. 11. Woodmen
of the World.
Bodt Wii.t. BE Pbwt East. The fu
neral services of Charles f. LJndqulst,
who died suddenly In this city June 6,
were conducted yesterday afternoon
from the chapel of Pearson Company.
39-7f Kusiell street, and the body will
be sent to Aurora. Iil., today for In
termnnt. Mr. Llndqulst waa 71 years
of age.
Columbia I'nlverslty will hold Its an
nual commencement exerclsea next Fri
day morning In the chapel of the main
building. There will be II graduates
from the various departments. Post
master Merrick will deliver the ad
irens. Liquor Dealers Wrxed. Notice waa
sent to all retail and wholesale liquor
dealers yesterday by the city license
deportment that all licenses not paid
by June 14 for tha six months be
ginning July 1 will be cancelled. The
city will receive s total of flSt.OOO ln
Walter Mdkdeu. Buried. The fu
neral servlcee of Walter H. Mundell.
who died June 1. were held yesterday
afternoon from the home of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. Mundell, 711 East
Ankeny street, and the Interment fol
lowed. He was 13 years of age.
St. Frajicis Acadkmt Cloes. St.
Francis Academy has closed Its work
tor tha year. There were IS promo
tions In the grammar grades, but none
In tha academic courses for this year.
Dr. J. C. Hates la nw located at
21-J1 Selling bldg.
Dr. F. M. Brooks, IIS Oregonlaa
building, has returned.
SKATtHa today all day. Oaks Kink.
Dowirrowx Nursery Opeked. To en
able women who may wish to do shop
ping or view the parades and have
babies and small children to care ror,
a day nursery has been established by
the Fruit and Flower Mission, the
Junior League. - and the People a In
stltute on the second floor of the Royal
building, at Seventh and Morrison
streets. Robert Smith, manager of the
building, has donated a large room
on the second floor for the purpose.
Tha room has been fitted op with beds.
cots and cradles. Two trained nurses
will be In charge from o'clock In
the morning until 14 at night. Moth
ers may remain for an hour with their
children to prepare their food. Certi
fied milk will be furnished to all babies
requiring It. and cereal, bread and but
ter. Jelly and milk will be provided
for tha older children. There will also
ba toys for their amusement. Children
over f years cannot ba accommodated.
Mayor Ottered 11 an Horn to
Read Book. A dollar an hour la the
price Joseph Jordan Deveney, author of
a publication on anti-socialism, la will
Ing to pay to have Mayor Rushlight
read the book. A letter received by the
Mayor yesterday contained a new fl
greenback with notice that a copy of
tha book has been mailed under sep
arate cover. The writer of the letter
says It should take the Mayor an hour
to read the book and he considers the
$1 Inclosed sufficient payment for the
work. The author says the Ideaa as
contained In the book will aolve the
labor problem of the world, the Ideals
aa set forth being In harmony with
the demands both of capital and labor.
Portland Boisi lie Demand.
Premiums as great as 4 per cent above
par were offered yesterday by various
bidders for 17,00 of municipal
street and sewer per cent bonds ma
turlng In ten years. Twenty-six bids
were opened by the ways and means
committee, but no awards were made
owing to the fact that there waa not a
quorum of tha committee present. The
bids range from 1 to 4 per cent above
par. The Issue waa oversubscribed
nearly five times.
Patrolman Bursttow Sropa Runawat.
Patrolman Buratow stopped a run
away horse yesterday morning on East
Water street at considerable risk to
himself. Policeman Burstow. who waa
mounted, waa thrown from his own
horse by tha runaway plunging Into his
mount. The policeman a horse waa
thrown, but Burstow regained his feet
and finally caught and atopped tha
horse. Policeman Burstow was con
slderably bruised by bis horse falling
on him.
Art Association Meets. The annual
meeting of tha Art Association waa
held yesterday at the Art Museum.
Reports of tha treasurer and the
curator were read and approved. In
the abaence or Miss Annie B. Crocker,
the curator, her report waa read by
Miss Mary Frances Isora. Tbosa at
tending the meeting were Mrs. Lee
Hoffman. Miss Jessie Ooddard. Judge C
H. Carey and William M. Ladd.
An Aoed Woman Die Mra. Wll-
helmlna Tbumann died yesterday morn
ing at her home, 10 Emeraon street, at
la years of age. She waa the wife
of Henry Thumann, aod mother of
Henry Thumann, Jr., and Mrs. L. Muel
ler. The funeral will be held tomor
row afternoon from the undertaking
chapel of Blackburn, Chambera sY
Lowry. Final services will ba held at
tha Portland Crematorium.
Oaonoa Stehnken Buried. The fu
neral of the late George Stehnken. of
the firm of Mergens St Stehnken; who
died In thla city June 7. waa held yea
terday from Erlcaon's chapel. Interment
being at Mount Scott Park Cemetery.
Tha funeral services were conducted
under the auspices of the Oerman Aid
Society, of which Mr. Stehnken 'was a
Work Start on Woodlaww Epqinb-
House. Work on the foundation of
the Woodlawn. engine-house waa
started yesterday on Dekum avenue
on the Bite of the former carbarns. It
will be of reinforced concrete, and the
cost will ba abqut 11000. It will be
for horse or motor-drawn Are appara
tus, and similar to the engine-house
now being built In Rosa City Park.
Two East Bide Houses Burn. Two
vacant houses In Forty-first avenue. In
tha South Eaat Side, owned by H.
Young, burned Sunday night. H. J.
Lowrey, who. lives near by. discovered
the fire and gave tha alarm. Engine
company No. t. Sunnyslde, responded.
The two houses stood cloaa together.
and the fire' la supposed to have had
an Incendiary origin.
Tiii Baltimore Furniture Compant
will have a midsummer sale with IS
per cent off on all furniture: Sheffield
plate and antiques; also, ordera taken
on their hand-made furniture. The
manager. Mr. R. Kugel. win make a
trip South and Eaat to pick up antiques.
He will pay especial attention to orders
given, ill Alder st Phone Main 04l.
Mb. Merchant. If you want to see
the snappiest line of popular-priced
children and young men's clothes, made
In this 'country, call at 141 Sherlock
building, and Inspect tba Progreas and
Success line made In the tailor shops
of Koch, Schaffner dt Adler. Cincinnati.
Funeral or Mrs. Govts Held. The
funeral of Mrs. Elisabeth Ooets. who
died at her residence, 4 East Twenty
sixth street, waa held Sunday. Burial
was' made at Mount Scott Park Ceme
tery. Mra. Goets waa (I years of afte
at the time of her death.
Second and third floors of the
new Globe building. Eleventh and
Washington streets, will accommodate
100 people wishing to see the electric
parade Tuesday night Chairs, (0 cents
each. Parade paaeea building twice.
Lost. If party who found three
ladies' rings Saturday at Multnomah
Hotel will return same to Sig Slchel. 11
Third street (Phone Main SOI), a lib
eral reward will be paid and no ques
tions asked.
Come to the Rose Festival rest
room at the Unitarian Church, Seventh
and Yamhill streets. June 11. 11 and
11. Light lunch aerved from 11:30 to
t dally.
For Saxe. Choice lot on Cornell
Road, most desirable residence location
In cltv. For sale by owner; ftOO leaa
than market price. Mao Rea, Main 17 1.
Grand Carnival Dakce. Rlnglera
Hall, Morrison at at Id; Wedneaday eve.
$150 In door prises. Minuet Club.
Portland Swtmmino) Baths, 1(7 4th;
open daily ISc. Visitors welcome, o
A man of good habits, unquestioned in
tegrity and push can form a splendid
connection by joining the salesforce of
QrCgOnTlfC Insurance Company, the only
company "exclusively Oregon." This
Company receives preference from all
discriminating buyers of Life Insurance
in Oregon. For 3 successive years 'sold
more Policies . each year than any other
company operating here.
L Samuel, General Manager, 'Corbett
Building, Fifth and Morrison, Portland.
Jensen Held as "Whitm Slaver.'
Carl P. Jensen, whoso Indictment as
a white slaver by the recent Federal
grand Jury has been kept secret, ar
rived In Portland yeaterday from Call.
fornia with Leo V. Youngworth. United
States Marshal for the southern district
of that state. - Jensen Is charged with
having taken a woman from Astoria
to California. Tba case Involves the
desertion of a wife and children, who
were left In destitute circumstances
apd for this resson the Federal au
thorities have exercised strenuous ef
forts to bring him to trial.
Civtt. SERvrrrE Exams. Announced.
tha United States Civil Service Com
mission snnounces that the following
examinations will be held to secure
ellglbles and fill vacancies In the dlf
ferent departments: Cadet engineer, in
lighthouse service. June 14; assistant
In farm management. June IS; agri
culturist, bureau of plant Industry.
June 21. Further Information desired
concerning these examlnationa can be
secured from Z. A. Leigh at the Port
land Postofflce.
Hen Lats "Rose Eon." Even Port
land hens are celebrating the Rose
Festival. A Rhode Inland Red hen be
longing to E. P. Doacb laid an egg yes
terday which la aa near like a rose
aa an egg could ba. The egg is ex
reptionallr large, probably double
yolked. and on one end la a beautiful
roae all except the coloring: Mr. Doscjt
lives at 4110 Kast Forty-fifth street. He
Is dock agent for the American-Ha
waiian Steamship Company..
Michioan and New Tobk SociB-rrjai
Bust. With greetings, hospitality and
Information for their "home folks." the
Michigan Society has opened headquar
ters In tha lobby of the Imperial Hotel,
where a register of the visitors from
that atata Is being kept. At the Mult
nomah the New York Society haa ea
tabllahed headquarters for the same
Wajctetx To buy flats; three acres
aa part payment. V.127. Oregonlan. "
Dp. Albert Elu-gott, Manager, May
Have to Sell Home to Settle
$2000 Concert Debt.
A heavy . deficit, aomething over
11000. stares In the face tha manager
of the Multnomah County Sunday
School Association, Dr. Albert Ehrgott,
If (000 people do not attend the popu
lar priced concert with which the Roae
Musical Festival will conclude lta
series of five concerts at 1:10 o'clock
thla afternoon at tha Glpay Smith au
ditorium. Chapman and Taylor streets.
Dr. Albert Ehrgott accepted the posi
tion aa manager of the music festival,
practically guaranteed tha bills, and
saya that If tha receipts of this after
noon's concert do not amount to 12000,
he will sell his home If that sacrifice
la demanded. "I feel In honor bound to
pay tha debts which I have contracted
on behalf of the music festival of the
Multnomah County Sunday School As
sociation." said Dr. Ehrgott. last night.
It Is up to me to keep my word, we
ahould aee (000 people present."
Tha Rose Musical Festival concerts
have been poorly patronised by tha
general public, despite the excellence
of the programmes, the chorus of ISO
ad u lta, 700 school children, the sym
phony orchestra and three New York
soloists. - It la unfortunate that the
festival should have been held at this
time of tha year. when there are ao
many counter attractions, but tne is
sue Is now one to pay the debts that
have been contracted. At tha concert
thla afternoon 700 achool children.
Mary Cheney, aoprano, and Oacar J.
Ehrgott, bass-baritone, ot new tor,
will sing, and there will be other fea-
Dr. Albert Eargoft, W bo aa Man
ager of Rao Maaleal Festival
Map Have to Boll His Hoaa ta
- Wlp Oat Coaeert Deficit.
tares of a patriotic nature. It la to be
hoped that the parenta ana reutiivea
of tha achool children who ara to alng
will attend thla momentous concert.
Mannfactnrera' Association Indorses
Compensation Act.
Forty members of the Northwestern
Association of Manufactuerers met yes
terday afternoon In tha Imperial Hotel
and Indorsed tha Washington work
men's compensation law, which forces
employers to pay from 1 to 10 per
cent of thalr pay roll a month Into
a general relief fund. This method
ellmlnatea tha Injustice Inflicted upon
manufacturer and employe by expensive
lawsuits. A copy of the recommenda-
i V C ""j
LaaaaaaaaaaalTAIkt. Saaavaaa
"Sufflrtent unto
the day Is the
e r 1 1 ' thereof."
would be cold
comfort, once '
your fears were
aroused aa to the
validity of your
title. Provide
against s u c b a
By eee u ring a
guaranteed Car.
.tlf Irate of Title
before) you make
the deal. Inves
tigate. Call for
Title Trust Ce
tlon wjll be sent to A. T. Buxton, of
Forest Orove, who Is. chairman of Gov
ernor West'a workman's rompenaatlon
law committee.
under the Washington law. employ
ers pay a certain per cent of their pay
roll Into a central fund which la In
charge of tha state, the amount balng
regulated by the comparative hasard
to the laborer. When a- man la In
jured be carries his complaint to an
unprejudiced commission which makes
an award and paya It from the general
Other question discussed were "Ex
tension of tha Market"; "Footage," or
the number of feet of timber that go
Into a boa?, and "Cost system."
George M. Cornwall, editor of The
Tlmberman, will deliver an address on
the "Necessity of Securing Reasonable
Profit In Box Manufacture" at tha
meeting today.
Officers of the association ara R. B.
Dyer. Astoria, president; O. W. Cheney,
South Bend. Wash., secretary; and C
M. Lannlntr, imaiuger.
Department Makes Ran to Save
Three Flags on Trolley Wire.
Festival throngs were treated to one
thriller not on tha official programme,
when, shortly after noon yesterday, lira
engines, hosewagons and ladder truck
from headquartera dashed-through the
business section to Sixth and Wash
ington streets to extinguish a blase In
volving three small flags hung above
the trolley wires In the center of the
street intersection. The Incident
blended well with the clamor and ex
citement Incident to the festival per
Coming In contact with an electric
wire, the flags went up In a puff of
smoke and aorae excited cltixen. not
found, rushed to Seventh and Washing
ton streets and pulled tha fire alarm.
Damage, 10 cents; no Insurance.
While visiting the Rosa Carnival
drop Into this delightful place and get
anything you want to eat, American
and Chinese dlshee. 347 H Morrison St.,
bet. Seventh and Park ats.
Also Maillard's, Allegrettl's. Mullane'a.
PIg'n Whistle delicious eandlea at our
1 stores. Sig. Slchel & Co.
Chicken FTlcassee and Hot Bli-nita.
Pyramids Egga and Pimento Sauce.
Crab Meat Stuffed Eggs, Lemon ri,
English Trifle, Ice Cream. lt4 6th st
Customs reeelnta durlna tha flrat Quarter
ot 1012 were 12.e88.43. against (11.424.11S
for tha aame time in lull.
I T .
Main 104 -A
'.4 '
S v1. LrT U fl -nr-..,, ' '
v " . '"Her Heart's Desire )pil;
f; '-w IsRight
a Tans liis
The Ilome Telephone Com
pany has installed for the con
venience of the public, daring
the Eose Carnival, free tele
phones, with attendant to as
sist the public with any kind
of information which they
desire, at the following places :
Third and Morrison
Fifth and Morrison
' Fifth and Washington
Park and Washington
North Bank Depot
Union Depot
Edward E. Goudey
Lewis Building.
I per cent on beat business properties.
per cent ana 7 per cent en etnar ciose
In business and residence securities.
Foster & Kleiser
Hlh-Crade Cesaaeeertal aaal Electric
Teat BeTaarth aa4 Eaat Etwe't Otreeta
PhMM Kaat I ill. B ttti.
j- -4 e- P
Pumps, low heel and high narrow toe
and wide, $3.50 to $5.50
Oxfords, buttoned $3.00
Oxfords, laced, Blind Eyelets, $6.00
Sorosis, Blue Ribbon Tans $4.00
Have You
with Adjustable Files?
The Cutler 1
Desk Co.
88 jean ago.
Roll and flat top Desks fitted with any fundamental type of
commercial, legal or professional filing within the pedestal.
Made in Solid Oak or Mahogany Only ; no built-up stock. And
like all merchandise we handle, they are goods of integrity,
backed by our reputation.
TJT77 W A TST stationery &
Commercial Stationers, Office Outfitters, Printers,
Engraver, Booklet Makers amd Bookbinders JJJ
la taa Heart at fas Olrsnplee.
The C'artafca af Aasrloa."
Mairnlflrent KS-room hotel,
thoroughly molrn; meals and
wrvlce unsurpassed.
Hot mineral water specific la
the cure of rheumatism, liver.
toma h, kidney, blood, skin and
lervous disorders.
Altitude feet. Mountain
?llmhtna and all aorts of amuse
ments. Finest fishing. Modern
Posts leare the Colman dock,
Seattle, dally encept Sunday, i
A. M. Round-trip tickets. Lay-lia-hi
For descriptive literature, ad
dresa Dr. William W. Karles,
medical superintendent, Pol Due,
Peck-Judab free Informal ITm
If ,ou have a claim at any kind, sea us.
1 yaara tipnwoa nncrtnmh
Marahsll ISA. sal Veea Bids.
; i
Bilk Hose
Tan, Black and
White, 50c,
75S 31.00
r -4
New Idea
Abner Cutler
Roll Top
40 years ago.
Will Buy You a Chicken
Bre sd find eAoled by nslaff
I'yrec'a Antlaentle Pewd.r.
Tftrors ofrntl' odors; slves Instant
rellf. Itellphlfolly rf freahln. A una
pnlnmnnus Rermlclde that dluolvet In
stantly In water. I'ncqualetJ ai a doucua.
I. S. Tyree. Cbeenlst, Wsablactea, D. O.
try ITndurla H 31
At louisisi, y.l
I SOS Spnldlnc ti
T t Kids, i, J
V Pntliit Or. J