Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 07, 1912, Page 13, Image 13

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, Demonstration of Gossard Front Lace Corsets, 2d Floor-,
ptf? Delightful Luncheon Served Daily in Our Cool Tea Room
Ice Cream Parlors in Basement All Kinds Soft Drinks
Delicatessen Prepared Foods of All Kinds on 4th Floor
In a Class by Itself
Occupies Entire Block
Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Berries, Etc., on Fourth Floor
Refrigerators, Screen Doors, Window Screens, 3d Floor
EYE OLASSES During Testival week hundreds of out-of-town people
will have their eyes tested and fitted with glasses. Many will fall into
the hands' of incompetent and unreliable practitioners; they will pay
"fancy" prices for glasses that will prove worthies after they return
home. Remember, our optical department is in charge of an eyesight
. specialist of ability and long ezpenence. Our prices are the most reason
able in the city and this bis; store guarantees every ease. You are aafe
here, Mr. Visitor. We carry a full line of smoked and amber glasses.
Manicuring and Hairdressing
Expert manicurists, operators and workers in plain and fancy
hair dressing. Marcel wave, scalp treatment, clipping, sinpeinjr,
shampooing, hair dressing and bleaching; children's hair bobbed
boys' lair cut, electrolysis, face, hand, neck and irm niMMgs,
manicuring, switches made to order and dyed, combings made ip.
Old9 Woriman&King
. We Ourselves Are Better Served by Serving Others Best
$6000o00 Voting Contest21 Cash Prizes r7
-. : : ir7M .1(1 StflSSB
Don't Fail to Ask for VotesCast Your Ballots in Boxes Placed at the Four Street Entrances
Get Your Friends BusyThe Big Prizes We Offer Are Worth Working For
Tliv vpnvivn OREHOXIA. FltlDAY, JCXE 7, 19VZ.
v.'ic n u x n t. ia;.'
fill ii x m
$5.00 Mtne Helene Corsets for $3.75
$18.50 Grades Reduced to $13.90
In .the Corset Salon Second Floor, Northwest.
June White Sale of our entire stock of the famous Helene Corsets, which were made expressly for
Olds, "Wortman 4 King by one ot New York's most popular manufacturers of high-grade Corsets.
The models on which these tforsets are formed are the most perfect, highly improved forms, esper
rially adapted to the various fashion requirements of the American women. The materials and
boning will retain their shape under the most severe strain. They will endure the test of constant
wear. They are' made of heavy or light weFght coutil, plain or fancy mercerized batiste, silk, satin
striped, dotted, broche and corded silk. Made with hose supporters attached and are neatly trimmed.
Kach model carefully fitted and priced aa follows for our' Great June White Days Sale. See them :
$5.00 Helene Corsets at 83.75 9 00 Helene Corset SG.55 $14.00 Helene Corsets S10.50
$6.50 Helene Corseta at S4.88 $10.00 Helene Corset S7.50 $15.00 Helene Corsets SI 1.25
$8.50 Helene Corsets at $6.38 $12.00 Helene Corsets S9.00 $18.50 Helene Corsets S 13.90
Our annual Gift this year will be disbursed according to
the wishes of our customers. This contest offers an ex
traordinary opportunity for the members of the various
societies and churches, and for the patrons of the various
charitable institutions to appropriate large turns of
money to same without any effort other than to band
together and cast their ballots alike and for the same
cause. Twenty-one institutions may share in- the distri
bution of this gift of $6000, in the following amounts:
TWO GITTS Or $260.00 EACH .
Total of 21 Gifts, Amounting- to $6,000.00
Ballots will be -distributed in denomina- "rttfrs
tions of 25 votes, f0 votes, 75 rotes, 100 1
cash or credit purchases of lSe and up.
Purchases of 18c to 35c entitle you to 25 votes.
Purchases of 36c to 65c entitle you to 50 votes.
Purchases of 66 to 85c entitle you to 75 votes.
Purchases of 86c to $1.00 entitle you to 100 votes.
A purchase of $5.00 gets 600 votes.
- A $22.68 purchase gets 2275 votes, and so on.
Our regular sales check will be given with each purchase.
This sales check bears the date of itUxe, and five days
will be allowed in which to bring the check to the boot
where it will be exchanged for ballot, which will
stamped nth a date five days ahead, and must be vote
within the time, or the same will not be counted.
be 1 I 1
Women's $32.50 Suits $16.95 -i-ATub Dresses
$8.50 Grade $4.95
In Portland's Largest and Best Suit Store
A suit sale which is in every ense an economy event in which you should take the strong
est interest. The materials employed are chsviots, serges, mixtures, etamines, black and
white checks, etc. Trimmed in the most pleasing effects. The coats and skirts are styled
in. keeping with the very latest dictates of fashion. No woman who looks r ng
carefully through this lot can go away without a suit if she needs one, price J X OeiO
Women's $25 Suits at $13.95
In the Big Salt Section, Seoond Floor.
An immense offering of women's fine tailored suits in the navy serge, shepherd checks,
mannish mixtures, tan serges, striped novelties, etc., in all the latest models, with fancy
collars and deep revers. Skirts have the high waist lines with wide side (Ijl Q AJ
pleats; others have panel back and front, regular values to $25, special at D A V!0
Women's $10 Skirts at $4.95
i ' In the Garment Store, Seoond Floor.
A special sale of women's skirts, especially desirable for vacation wear and street wear.
The materials are cheviots, serges, panamas, etamines, novelty mixtures, checks, stripes,
white corduroys and pongees styled with high waist lines or with belts of same material,
panel backs, side front effects and the popular three-piece skirt, all sizes. . C A Ar
These skirts sell regularly at $10.00. Take your .choice while they last at iPTeSiD
Garment Department, Second Floor.
A seasonable sale of women's Tub Dresses, compris
ing a new lot of samples which were bought way
under price and a lot of our regular stock dresses.
An attractive lot of new styles of such splendid ma
terials as linen, gingham and chambray, styles with
Dutch necks and round necks and with short sleeves
with white linen on collars and cuffs, some have
V-shape necks, trimmed with chambray, embroidery
insertions, covered buttons, etc. All good CA Q C
eolors for Summer. Values to $8.50, J"i'J
$6.50 Grade $3.98
In the garment store, second floor, a sale of women's
Sweaters in gray, red and white; hip or three-quarter
length, styled with V-neck and roll collars, plain
and fancy weaves; all sizes in the lot; (PO QO
reg. values to $6.50, special for this sale PO.&O
Pongee Silk- Day
On Center Circle
Today will be pongee day A nale of beautiful high-grade Pongee Silks
Imported direct from the Oriental milh, where the thrifty little brown people
weave them on hand looms; silks made by operators who have not yet learned!
the art of adulteration, silks which you know are reliable, silks which will out
wear all other fabrics will stand every test. The wauhtub or sun have no ter
ror for them. All those requiring silks should take advantage of this sale,'"
26-inch Imported Pongee Silks, Special for this sale at the yard 89f
26-inch Imported Tongee Silks, Specially Priced Now at yard $1.09,
2b-inch Fancy Pongee Silks, Specially Priced for this sale, yard SI. 69
26-inch Heavy Pongee Silks, Special for this sale at yard S1.98
26-inch Heavy Pongee Silks, Specially Priced this sale, yard $2.38
34-inch Plain Pongee Silks on Sale at the Special Price of yard $1.00,
36-inch Plain Pongee Silks are Specialized at low price of, yard $1.19
34-inch Plain Tongee Silks, Specially Priced for thin Kale, yard, $1.29
34-inch Plain Pongee Silks, Speoinlly Priced for this sale, yard $1.48
34-inch Plain Pongee Silks, Specially Priced for this sale at yd. $1.9
36-inch Heavy Pongee Silks Specially Reduced to, the yard $2.89
36-inch Heavy Pongee Silks, Special for this sale at the yard $4.29
Sale Boys9 Suits
$6.50 Grade $3.98
Juvenile Store First Floor.
A special sale of 1000 boys' good school
suits and dress-up suits tailored as well
n big men's suits are; .well finished.
The patterns are all attractive ; many
blues in the lot. Sizes 6 to 17 years.
Thrifty parents of energetio boys will
take advantage of this sale. Better
come prepared to buy two, for when
you, see them you will want them.
Flegnlar $5.00, $6.50 and Q QQ
$7.fiO values on sale for sD3e70
$12.50 Suits
Special $5.95
In this lot we group the best suits you
have ever seen at such a price. They
are snappy and stylish, high-class ma
terials in browns, grays, tans and neat
mixtures in tweeds and worsteds. They
are the knickerbocker styles, full
lined, pants peg style, double-breasted
coats ; sizes 7 to 17 years, fr
$8.50, $10, $12.50 values 0;70
Women's Hats $3.95
Worth Up to $12.00
Women's $17.50 Hats at $7.95
In the Millinery Salon, Second Floor.
A great sale of women's Hats in trimmed, tailored and walking styles.
The foundations are of Milan, hemp, azure, Panama, Leghorn, Tagal and
band-made hats, beautifully trimmed in flowers, ribbon, silk and feathers.
You may make yonr selection from this line of hats regularly J0 Q C
$8.00, $6.50, 7.00, $7.50, $8.00, $3.00, $10.00 and $12.00, for ?O.VO
For those desiring a more eletrant bat may choose from these Cj7 QC
$13.50, $15.00, $16.50 and $17.50 values, now reduced to only V tfJ
Our entire stock of white Hats are on sale at greatly reduced price
$1.50 Crochet Handbags at 98c
85c Handbags at 48c
250 Irish Crochet Handbags, all
linen with long corded handles as
drawstrings. Come in several pat
terns, white or cream; our Q ir
regular $1.50 values, only'0-
Dainty Macrame Bogs with draw
strings, in white, cream and ecru,
all lined with silk tops; excellent
values at hoc; offered spe
cial for' this sale at on
5 48c
Chamois Bag Novelties $2.25 to $3.00
Just received by express newest novelties in Chamois Bags, CJO ff
several different shapes, all silk lined, priced at $2.00 and
$2.25 Ra tine Trimmings,' the Yard, 89c
A sale of thousands of yards of the popular Ratine Trimmings, now in
great vogue, in widths to 7 inches, in a large variety of new patterns in
white, cream and ecru. Our newest and best stock of regularQQ
values to $2.2o you can buy them at today's sale for onlyOC
House Dresses for $1.29
On the Bargain Circle, between the elevators, a
great sale of women's house dresses in good qual
ity gingham and percales, styled with high and
Dutch necks, some have sailor collars. Many
two-in-one bouse drones in the lot; plain colors,
checks and stripes and figured patterns; some
have the high waist lines; others have belts; many are trimmed with J
embroidery, insertion or bands of same material. Sizes (J f Ofi
ara 34 to 4t. They are specialized for this sale at each eb X .J
Men's $1.00"Summer WeightUnion Suits, Special 65c
E'orous mesh, ecru color, short sleeves and knee length styles, trimmed with large
pearl buttons. They come in sizes 34 to 44 and are exceptional values for the money.
Men's Nainsook Shirts and Drawers, Special 35c
Men's Nainsook Union Suits, Special 70c
Good quality checked white nainsook athletic style Shirts, with no' sleeves, knee
length drawers; union suits without sleeves, knee length .and they come in all sizes.
Men's White Gauze Shirts and Drawers, Special 45c
The best Summer underwear for comfort. Athletic style Shirts, with no sleeves;
knee-length Drawers to match. All sizes np to 50. for the low price of only 45c
Men's Pajamas $1.15
Soft finish material in plain cream, tan, light blue, pearl gray and helio, trimmed
with silk loops and large ocean pearl buttons. Full range of sizes.
English Tweed Hats $1.25-$1.95
A new crusher for younger men ; pretty mixtures in tan, brown,
gray and black and white. They come in all sizes and are all right.
Men's $3 "Cheshire" Hats $2.19
600 Soft Hats, telescope styles in tan, .brown, gray and nutra;
smart shapes for town or country; every desirable proportion in
the full range of head sizes. Remarkable values for only $2.19.
Men's 50c Silk Socks, 29c Pair
Plain Thread Silk Socks in black, tan, gray, navy and Burgundy.
Fancy' accordion knit silk Socks in variety pretty two-toned
colors. .They come in all sizes and are on sale for only 29c
Men's 12V2C Soft Collars for 8c
Just sizes 15, 151-2, 161-2 and 17 in plain white and tan color.
85c Wash
Veils 47c
At the veiling counter, on the main
floor, a sale of 250 white lace Wash
Veils in a good variety of new de
signs, iy2 yards long, just the thing
for Summer bats during the7
Rose Carnival : reir. 8oc values. C
85c Embroidered Collars 48c
In the neckwear section, main floor, a sale of the latest and best Spring
embroidered collars; all linen, different height, trouvilles, turnovers and
plain effects, all taken from our regular tock. They are m q
sold regularly at 65c, 75c and 85c. Special White Sale Price tOC
$2.00 Fancy Neckwear 68c
In the neckwear section, main floor, a sale of the latest and best Spring
and Summer novelties in jabots, stocks, frills, cascades, yokes, Dutch ef-
tects, cnamoisettes ana guimpes. borne are slightly mussed from handling,
i . i -. . i -i, . . i
dui a miie pressing wui put mera in nrsi-ciass nape. iney jq
sell regularly up to $2.00. On sale at the low price of, each OOC
$1.25 Embroideries for 37c
A great cleanup of 27-inch embroidery flouncings in the raoRt pleasing pat
terns on good mterials; some are slightly soiled or mussed. They q T
are the kind that will wash and wear. Values to $1.25 for J C
For Today ;
Phone Your Orders '
Marshall 4800, A 6231
Glouwood Butter, in 2-pound
squares, priced special, square OOC
Tillamook Checho, pure Ore- 1 7
gon cream, tbo pound, special, " ,
New Potatoes, 6 pounds for only 23
Appetitsild, in cans, special at 151
Ruckling Jmported German OC
Herring, special at, the can, C
Norway Mackerel, two for only 25
, Bakery Special
Cup Cakes, plain or spiced, 1 l?L
special at, the dozen, only XOC
Men's Negligee "Madras" Shirts Special, 95c Each
1000 Shirts, plain negligee style, made pf fast color "Woven Madras," coat style with
cuffs attached. A big variety of the newest pencil stripes on white grounds, also in
plain white with pretty raised cord effect. Wonderful variety of this season's styles.
Men's $1.00 Negligee Shirts Special 65c Each !
Made of good fast-color percales in plajp colors and pencil stripes. coat styles?
French turn back cuffs and a separate collar to match. Also Eagle Chambray $1.00
Shirts in plain blue with detached cuffs; in all sizes. See these before thoy go.
1000 Pairs 50c Suspenders 22c
In the men's corner, main floor, a great sale of 1000 pairs of high grade, good sub
stantial Suspenders, with wide or narrow elastic webs, leather ends and mounted 00
with fancy buckles. All are good 50c values; to go at special price of onlyC
New lines of Automobile Driving Gauntlets just in. We are headquarters for men 'a'
Straw Hats.
Seattle and Spokane Candidates Are
Mentioned Indians WUI Meet
Delegates at Depot.
Selection of the next president of the
Pacific Coaat AdTartlalng- Uao's Asso
ciation will b fsatur of tha annua
mertlna: ot the association which will
crvn In Portland next Monday morning
and continue until Wednesday nlchl
The two eandldatee which are men
tioned more frequently than any other
are Joseph Blethan, of Seattle, and
O. A. Lootnls, of Spokane. Representa
tion In the convention la based upon
the membership of the club. The elec
tion of the president takes place on
Wednesday morning-, June 11. The Se
attle people will be on the ground
with a full representation and will
make an effort to rar-v .ir candi
date to victory. Henry Q. Longhurst.
of Sacramento, la now president of the
association. It Is not certain that he
will attend the Portland meeting. Mrs.
Longhurst recently was killed In a
streetcar accident.
Arrangements have been made with
"The Bridge of the Gods" company by
which 100 Indiana will be at the train
on Monday morning at the Union Depot
to meet the Seattle delegation. The
Indiana are all to bava on thalr war
paint and will be decorated with Pot
latch buttons, riaga and poles carry
ing the familiar face ot tha Potlatch
Indian will be In evidence. When the
Seattle crowd fata off the train the
Indians will surround them, give forth
yells of their tribe and proceed to ex
ecute a Potlatch war dance.
The committee having In charge the
banquet to be given by tha Portland
Ad Club on Wednesday night In the
Commercial Club dining-room Is atlll
actively engased In planning for thla
secret event. Scenlo arUsta from the
theater are painting scenes to properly
stage the affair and professional talent
has been engaged to give the proper
acope to the errtertalnment.
The flneat flavorl Th highest qual
Ityl Pure olive OIL Plnmmer Drug Co,
10 Third st. Delivery free. Main lit.
C. U. Rose, in Trouble at Kansas
City (or Fleecing Minister,
, Known In Portland.
That , Rev. C. H. Rose, who Is In
trouble In Kansas City, Mo, over a
charge of obtaining money from a
brother minister on false pretenses,
and who represented himself as being
the pastor of a Portland United Evan
gelical church. Is not now and never
was a pastor of a Portland church, was
the statement made yesterday by Rev.
C C Poling, pastor of the First United
Evangelical Church, and .presiding elder
for Pbrtland district. Also Rev. Poling
said that Rose does not hold a license
to preach, as his license was revoked
by the United Evangelical conference
which met at Blllsboro In April. Rose
left Portland several months ago on the
pretense that he was going to Kanaas
City to claim a fortune of let.OOO, which
he said had been left to him by rela
tives. "Rose came here with 1111 credentials
from the World's Missionary Alliance,"
said Rev. I'ollng. "and on the strength
of these credentials we gave him a
license to preach, and gave him work at
Warren and Wichita, near Mllwaukle.
Afterward he waa given work In Kings
Valley field. In all the places Rose
waa sent he made himself obnoxious,
especially In finances, and so much so
that members of the Kings VaUey
Church demanded that he be removed.
In the face of these complaints we were
compelled to tell him he must leave the
Kings Valley charge, or face serious
charges. For the sake of his wife and
children, I urged him not to return to
Kings Valley, as we did not want to
prefer charges against him. We then
revoked his license and returned to
him the credentials he held from the
Missionary Alliance.
"Rose waa morally weak. He could
not tell the truth. He was really an
able preacher and at first made a good
Impression. His wife and two chil
dren are now at the home of his half
brother, L. A. Northup, at Wichita, near
I Mllwaukle, and he has taken care of
them ever since Rose left here. Rose
represented before, he went away that
he had been left a fortune of 161,000 In
Kansas City and that he was going
after It. Ha aald that when he got the
money he would return to Portland
and clear up the Kings Valley difficul
ties and make It Interesting for those
who caused bis license to be revoked. I
do not know whether Rose got the
1 88,000. but I suppose not. JudRlng
from his record for truth there was
nothing In the claim that he bad been
left a fortune, I am very sorry for
his wife and little children."
Monnt Angel Team Wins Game.
MOUNT ANGEL, Or, June I. (Spe
cial.) In an Interesting exhibition here
yesterday, featured by the sensational
fielding of the local club, tbe Mount
Angel Athletic Club nine was victor
ious over tbe Can by team. 4 to . White,
who started the season with tha Angel
team, twirled for the visitors and with
more aid from the Can by players would
have beaten his former teammates.
Scherback was en the mound for the
Mount Angel Club and pitched bis
usual steady game. The fast work of
Shorey. the Mount Angel shortstop,
was the feature.
Aviator Confers With Row IVstlval
Management Regarding Exhibit.
Weldon B. Cooke, well-known aviator,
reached Portland yesterday after a se
ries of successful Sights at Eugene and
Albany. Cooke la here In an endeavor
to lntrpt the R"M Festival manage
ment In an aerial exhibition during the
festivities. )
Although he has been a professional
aviator for only nine months, Cooke
has met with pronounced suocess In ail
his attempts to ride through space. At
the January meet la Los Angeles, Cooke
established a record for duration In an
American meet. In nine days, one
night each day, he soared through the
air for 11 hours, or an average of two
hnnrn eni-h fllrht. "
1 0,000 FLAGS FREE
of 8 years of are or under calling at oar store Saturday afternoon
between 2 and 4 P. XL
Henry Jenning & Sons
Corner Seeond and Morrison.
We carry the finest line of flags in the city.