Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, March 20, 1912, Page 9, Image 9

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Gas Ranges
Real Couch Value Pillows
RANGES use one-quarter
less .gas than any
other. We have a very large variety
and number of sizes. They eome in
the two-burner size, with oven, and
all the way to the largest sizes. Our
prices include the connections and
anyone you select way be purchased
at $1.00 DOWN and $1.90 A WEEK
Two-burner, with oven, reduced
to 12.85
Four-burner, with oven, reduced
to S13.65
Four-burner, with movable simmerer,
broiler and 16-inch oven, reduced
to S21.5o
Two-burner Ransre, with side oven,
reduced to S26.S0
Four-burner Range, with two ovens,
split doors, one oven for roast and
one for baking, reded, to S48.00
Same Range as above, with elevated
oven, reduced to S-15.00
GENUINE CHASE LEATHER. "Black, with full steel con
struction, spring edge, full size, tufted, claw feet with
quarter-sawed oak frame. Usmillv sells for .fl7.f)0. 00-1XG-OUT-OF-BUS1NESS
PRICK $9.35
They were ordered for a hiRh-class
apartment-house, but they arrived too
late. Would retail anywhere for $5.00
We have never sold the GEVURTZ
FOR LESS THAN $25.00. Drop
head, ball-bearing machine, has auto
matic bobbin winder and tension re
lease. Full set of steel attachments.
Is easily equal to an' machine that
ou would ordinarily have to pay $35 or $40
for. Has a genuine TEN-YEAR GUAR
ANTEE. We will deliver it to your home
on a THIRTY-DAY TRIAL. If not found
perfectly satisfactorr, it will be taken back
cheerfully, without expense to you. SPE
usjr? L-vL Note
mmlMMr S
Celebrated PENINSULAR Raii?c. We have evi-ry
si, from l-lmle to hotel kitchen style. Made byT?
the oldest and best -known ranee manufacturers i" r-
the world. The kind that the President of their
I'niUd States uses in the White House. Guar-J
antce Bond with each one. Guaranteed azainstf . -Al
hrrnLinr nii.I warniiiL' Bist baker ever madr.fv ls
- - . ' o
Sold on thirtv ilavs trial and may be returned iff.J.;
iinsatLsfaetorv witlioit' expense to yon. Prices
ranre from In W.l. . t
REMEJIBER, ive are absolutely closing out our carpet
line. Note these bargains:
Best two-ply all-wool carpets, about 20 pattern? to
be closed out at, per yard... 67?
Four good patterns of cotton chain ingrain carpets, reg
ularly 75c grade. Closed out at 3Si
Eight patterns of 3-8-yard wide, wool, ingrain stair
carpet. Regular 70c. Closed out at 42V2C
Several rolls of near-Brussels carpets, 27 inches wide,
bright colors of two-tone green, red and Oriental.
Always sold for 75c per yard. Closing out price,
per yard 48Vi
WALL BURLAP, one yard wide, seven colors, regu
lar 18c. Closing out price IS'sC
Even Portland Residents Are
Amazed at Modern Pack
ing Houses.
t'oor Thousand l'cron- Are Gucl.4
t In Ion Mot-k)ard Sand
utrlir Scrtfil After KYprjr
Visitors to tlie ljvrtork Miow yrf
trrly wer mfV thr Rtiritts of the
fort la rid I'mon StoiKj M Company
and th I'rlon Mm "omanjr In a
continuous demonstration of the man
T and mrthiJ of rerelvlnit and sell
Inc stork, slauchterlm; II. parkins It
and of pUrlnit It on tlic market ready
for the consumer.
More than 40O4 of sriose who at
tended the show were treated to the
norel experience of seeinac fut rattle,
sheep and hozs arrive at the stork
yards, then proceedir. through the
various stares of development, from
the animal on the hoof to the finished
products, which was distributed amonr
all vlsitora in the shape of dainty
Many i'ortland people who have
lived here ever since the stock) snla
and the packing-houses were estab
lished confessed that they never be
fore had made a trip thruujrh the Mb
plants, which are of crowlnit Im
portance to the ciiy and surrounding
f leaallaeM Is ltaprele.
"Oh. yes, I have visited the packing
houses In Ohlcairo."" satd one woman,
"an. I J don't suppose they have any
tMnc here like them." Homevcr.
when she was persuaded to make an
inspection of the Im al establishment,
h-r surprise va keen ar.d empliat-I'-slly
exprrxiied at every department.
While the I'ortland plant makes no
pretence of approach inn the sis of
th- riiinin packine-houses. It Is more
mudern and Just as complete and
doe not rank second to any In the
-ountrv for cleanliness and sanitation.
That was the one feature that Im
pressed everyone scrupulous cieanll
nes. Throughout the hi Institution
Dk! warnintcs to employe! to be clean
under penalty of tiiemiisal are dis
played. Their surrounding were proof
of the fart that the orders are strictly
nbvyed. liven the kllKnjc f!oor Is
flushed con..intly by heavy streams of
5asn !! la Reselatlaa.
The coollnz rooms, sausace factory
and the department In which hams,
hscon and smoked meat are wrapped
inl bo-ied for shipping, came In for
rlce attention. A revrlatw-n to many
- is the tri-t urvlori thot the K'd fjovernment rxrrri.H-. Ksrh
. irras 1 carefully In-perlel. If any
part of It l louud to be below Ibc
Covrrnmrnt scale of stnndard purity
the entire animal Is condemned.
While thn regulations that make It
necessary for each piece to remain In
the rooliiifr vaults for tt hours after
bring killed precluded the- possibility
of a person watchlnjc the same piu. the
-ame steer or the same sheep from
the time It m-ent Into the plant until It
merged In the shape of meat ready
for the table, the entire course of
preparation could be followed from be
ginning to end.
What the lnlon Meat Company and
other packing plants on the Tenlnsula
are doing Is cited as an example of the
further development possible, a de
velopment that Is bound to come as
faxt as the livestock In.lustry of the
Northwest builds Itself up.
Portias err Reealsed.
Amour the livestock men who at
tended the show yesterday Portland
Is recognlxed as the only livestock
market on the Pacific Coast. It Is the
only competitive market west of Den
ver. This fact makes It advantageous
for both buyers and sellers. The grow
er Is able to gel a better price and
the packer, although lie has to pay
more, buys at an advantage, owing to
his probability of gettlnff superior
stock and having It on the ground In
the exact nuantltlca that he desires
each day. He has no Idle money tied
up and he knows Just what he la get
ting. He can carry on bis buying busi
ness, too. at a greatly reduced expense
In comparison with those packers who
buy dlro.-t. as lie does nut have to main
tain a staff of traveling buyers on the
In this particular the Portland Union
Sinckyards Company Is aiding mater
ially In developing the local Industry
as It offers an opportunity to every
purchaser to secure stock at the pre
vailing market prices. The Portland
market Is higher always than those
of the Missouri Klver. thus making it
attractive to growers, even In that part
of the country.
raatatloas Ylalt Shaw.
Tt.e present sl;ow Is aiding In a large
measure to educate Portland people
with the Importance of the Industry.
Many prominent Portland men visited
the show either Individually or as mem
bers of the organised parties, which
Included the Rotary Club, the Pro
gressive Business Men's Club, the
Horse-Owners' Association, the Credit
Men and others. The Ad Club will at
tend this afternoon.
The final decision of the- management
to permit the agricultural colleges of
the three Northwestern states, Oregon.
Washington and Idaho, to enter In the
competition seems to have met with the
finrl approval of all Interested parties.
"Some criticism was made by the ex
hibitors." said l. O. Uvely. "to the
effect that colleges were permitted to
enter and compete for the prises. At
the iir.t show the colleges were not
permitted to enter and It was the
opinion of the management that they
would not be allowed to enter the sec
ond show. In fact, the preliminary
classification was so arranged, but after
due consideration the classification was
amended and the colleges permitted to
enter. This same question has been
up at all of the shows of a similar
character In the I'nltcd States and the
discussion lakes place each year.
Colleges Pretsake Dlaewaaloa.
The colleges were a bone of con
tention at the international at Chi
cago and to paraphrase the Breeders'
fiaxctte In this particular. I may say.
that If the Pacific Northwest Livestock
Show Is a mere agency for distributing
money among Individuals who have
not thn ability to breed the best, nor
the means to buy the best, nor the
skill to fee. I the best. It would be
well to bar such enterprising colleges
as Idaho, which has set the highest
MHinUrd st the Pacific Northwest Live
stock I'.xhlbltlon If this sihow alms
to lesrh lessons that flow from th
exhibition of Lbe highest obtainable ex- ,
cellence. then serlous-mlnded men
ought not to waste time In discussion
of the subject.
"A closed competition means an In
ferior standard. That Is Its object. It
Is closed against the best In order
that the mediocre may win. The Pa
cific Northwest Livestock Show -was
not established to set a false stan
dard. It would be recreant to Us ob
ligation to the animal breeders of the
world If it closed Its competition to
the best.
"It would be Just as reasonable to
bar the Charles Ladd herd from St.
Louis Fair because he had tho ability
and the means to produce so excellent
a display of Shorthorns, as It would
be to shut out the colleges from these
Oregon Cltr Live Wire Discuss Lo
cation for Library.
OREGON CITV, Or.. March 19. (Spe
cial.) A alto for the proposed Carnegie
library was discussed at the weekly
luncheon of the Live Wires Tuesday,
and the majority of the members fa
vored locating the building on Main
street. One or two members who live
on the bill argued in favor of having
the structure erected on Peventh-streot
Park or McLourghlln Park.
A plan to have a booster day this
Spring was approved. It was d"clded.
however, to have industrial exhibitions
instead of contracting with an amuse
ment company, as was dono last year
for the shows.
Secretary Latouretto announced that
the committee appointed by the Com
mercial Club io demand lower fares for
Oregon City, Gladstone, Canemah and
Jennings Lodge would meet with Pres
ident Josselyn. Vice-President Fuller.
Traffic Manager Hunt 'and Assistant
General Counsel Griffith, of the Port
land Railway. Light & Power Company,
tomorrow night In Mr. Griffith's office.
It is believed that the railroad com
pany will grant the demands.
Kstucada Bir Poultry Center.
KSTACADA. Or.. March 19. Spe- (
clal.) A recent canvass of Estacada j
and vicinity reveals the fact that Esta- I
carta is rapidly becoming on of the
great poultry centers of the state, as
on March 13. there were within a radius
of live miles of Etacada. 98 Tncubators
In operation, with a total capacity of
in, 000 egg. Estimating on the basis
of a 75 per cent hatch, this would mean
a hatch af approximately 10.000 chick
ens every 21 days, or 50.000 chickens for
the four hatching months and allowing
20 per cent mortality, would mean 40.
000 chicks for this year. About 15,000
chickens also will be hatched without
the use of the Incubator, making a
total of approximately 50.000 chickens
for the year, .which will be a iOO per
cert increase over the production of
Derelict Xot the Randolph.
MARSHF1ELD. Or.. March 19. (Spe
cial.) It has been learned positively
that the derelict which was sighted '
floating bottom side up off this coast
yesterday was not the gasoline schoon
er Randolph, of this port, as was
feared last night. The derelict was
much larger, being 140 feet long, ac
cording to the last report. Today
nothing is seen of the wrecked vessel
and the Identity of the boat has not
been established. It was learned to
day that the Randolph left this morn
ing for Eureka, having been in port at
Eureka, south of Cresent City.
Waldo. Hall Girls to Entertain.
Corvailis. March 19. (Special.) The
girls of Waldo Hall are completing the
arrangements for the second reception
and dance of the present college year,
which will be given April 12. Mrs.
Clara H. Waldo, of Portland, a regent
of tho college. Is the patroness of this
1 mmm
,The highest point of woman's
j happiness is reached only through
motherhood, in the clasping of her
child within her arms. Yet the
xnother-to-be is often fearful of
nature's ordeal and shrinks from
the suffering incident to its con
summation. But for nature's ills
and discomforts nature provides
remedies, and in Mother's Friend
is to be found a medicine of great
value to every expectant mother.
It is an emulsion for external ap
plication, composed of ingredients
which act with beneficial and
soothing effect on those portions
of the system involved. It is in
tended to prepare the system for
the crisis, and thus relieve, in
great part, the suffering' through
which the mother usually passes.
!The regular use of Mother's
Friend will repay any mother in
the comfort it affords before, and
the helpful restoration to health
and strength it brings about after
taby comes. Mother's Friend is
for sale at drug1
stores. v rite
for our free
book for ex
pectant moth
ers which contains much" valuable
information, and many sugges
tions of a helpful nature.
IRXDF1IU) MCUUTOJt CO.. Atlanta, Ctv j
Should be cultivated locally, as well as in a broader field. Our sister state to
the east has just shown a friendly and neighborly interest toward Oregon by
her "Booster Special." There is something about a hearty hand-clasp from a
social or business friend that strengthens our confidence in mankind. Idaho,
Washington and Oregon should be more than neighbors; they should be sisters
and pull together for a GREATER NORTHWEST.
Our cities should also pull together to obtain best results. It's high time
for Portlanders and Astorians to stop their selfish squabbles and to recognize
that EACH is an ADVANTAGE to the OTHER. We need to use the mouth of
the Columbia River to keep pace with Washington on a BUSINESS BASIS.
We can't afford to sleep on their $5,000,000 terminal proposition. The Pan
ama Canal great ships will all go there, "IF WE DON'T WATCH OUT."
So let's get busy at the GATEWAY. And, Mr. Neighbor, the logical thing
for you to do and do it quick is to plant a few dollars in inside lots at
before the multitude gets wise. You'll be helping Oregon develop, and inci
dentally helping yourself to riches. See
Ground Floor Commercial Club Building
entertainment. The girls having
charge of the several committees arc
Miss Margaret Morehouse, of Eugene,
refreshment committee: Miss Delia
Mays, of Ilillboro, decorations; Mjss
Lois Wilson. Salem, entertainment:
Miss Hortense Epply, Salem, post
According to the calculation of a Trench
statistician tho number of books published
throughout the world Is 12S..rMh each yc;ir.
S?;vir;jsv 5
Plf""''"" ""'"Ifl I
j The two vital es-
jBfSjjS sentials of the fx
street pavement M
are durability and p&i
economy. They're ijEtSj J
lll Barber Asphalt
jiy$ Pavement con- g: j
18$! struction.
m M
frtfwi.r.TTj'rg'grrr""-- Mii iinf j
Gasoline Traction Engine.
Demonstration at Livestock
Ml Manufac.'iring Co.
Stucktou, Cal.
J. W. Hill, Agfiit, 617 Lumbcr
nieiis Bklg.. Portland,. Or.