Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, March 20, 1912, Page 13, Image 13

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o w m K 0rteed Sewing Machines Sold on $1 a Week Club Plan, 2d Fir. -Picture Framing4jHFlr.
Special 25c Shoppers' Ltxnch Served in Basement, 11 A. M. to 2-Shoe Shining in Basemejrje
Underpricing Supremacy
The qneMion of here to shop is just plain Economy
Our Ba-ement Store undersell in all lines of merchandise,
and every article sold is of ju.-t as good quality as you can
find in the rity. The extremely lw expense of handling
cood in our basement More enables us to undersell.
FREE witH $10.00 Purchases
Ask the salespeople for coupons to keep track of your
purchases when same amounts to .f 10 we will give you a
beautiful medallion portrait made from any pood photo
you may bring us. This medallion is absolutely FREE
Oldls, Wortsiaim ;.
Occupying En: ire BlocK-Boundod b Morrison, Alder. Tenth and West ParK
"IB&se'Merati Day -Sales9'
4000 Pairs of Worn em's Shoes
$3.00 and $3.50 Grades, the Pair
First Shipment of Several Special Purchases
We pent our Shoe Man East especially to round up these lines
All Generous Sizes
On account of disturbed conditions in .some localities and bad weather in
......... 1 L I! -IYT 4- J-.-. 2LI ' HI
others, many cancelations were made by the smaller Eastern merchants, which lelt the manufacturers wiin inauy wiun um. gut -
' silirf Jill nrinfl donendablc makes, and such cood. materials as velvet tops,
Isee Window! with patent vamps, button stvle; White "Nubuek," the popular Summer Shoe, satins, patents, gunmetal, tans, etc.; g gg
or Alder St. pIimps and Colonials in patents and gunmctals; all sizes. Not a lot of narrow, small shoes, but full sizes, good widths v"
Bara'ain Circle Sale
On tho basement Barsain Circle today. A sale of 100 pieces of
beautiful Mescaline Silk, rich, lustrous finish that will pive excellent
wear. All pure silk quality, petfeetly dyed and finished, 40 different
Spring colors, including black and cream. Lay in a poodQ.
supply. They are regular 75e grades. Specialized at, yard, HtOC
$4.50 Petticoats
Special $2.69
A special purchase of women's beautiful Silk Petticoats en
ables us to make this splendid offer. The materials are the
popular soft taffetas, which will pvo excellent service are
stvled with deep flounce and dust ruffle. Come in black,
navy and all Spring colors; are pood f 4.50 J r ?Q
grades. Specialized for this sale at only, each,
1 8 O O Sample
Hats Divided
In Four Lots
$8.50 Hats $4-95
$6.50 Hats $3.95
$6.00 Hats $2.95
$4.00 Hats $1.95
4'Good Spec'ls
in Women's Coats
Here's a sale of 4 new styles in women's Coats, which we
will specialize for today only. Plain serg-es and mixtures; t
son's latest approved styles. By mere chance we picked these
sin(F of nne-third off the maker's price. Take advantage of t
Lot No. 1 Special at only S7.48 I Lot No. 3 Special, only 12.48
Lot No. 2 Special at only $9.95 Lot No. 4 Special, only 14.Jo
In the basement "Underprice Store." A sale of 1800
sample Hats, comprising the entire sample line of one
of New York's most prominent manufacturers of popular-priced
Hats. Trimmed dress hats, smart tailored
street hats and dress hat shapes in every wanted style
and color. Large, small and medium. Come and see them.
$6.50 Trimmed and Tai
lored Hats, spc'l S3. 95
$3.50, $4.00 Tailored Hats
and Shapes, spe'l $1.95
Many more specials in Shapes, Trimmings, etc.
$7.50. $8.50 Trim'd Hats.
I todav at S4.95 1
. $5.00, $6.00 Trimmed and
Women's $25 Suits $14.95
$15.00 Suits $9.98
On Sale in Basement
A On Sale
1 Hour
IO to 11
Women's $1.50 Waists, at 69c
From 10 to 11 A. M. today, in the basement
"I'ndt'rprire Store." A one-hour sale of
women's fine white Waist-. Some slisrht
Iv soiled; plain or trimmed styles: waists
which sell regularly at $1.00 to "?Q
ilS) each. Special for thin hour QtC
Apron Ginghams, yard 3Ux
Fn.m 10 to 11 A. M. l-nlay, in the basement
" l"nderjrice Store. A one-hour sale of
ind quality apron check Ginghams, in
a C"od rane of neat patterns for aprons,
house dresses or children's 0 1 A
ear. Special at only, yard O ZC
Women's Hose, the Pair, at 6c
From 10 to 11 A. M. today, in the basement
"Underprice Store.' A one-hour sale of
women', cotton Hose, iu black or tan;
medium weight, fast dye; sizes 82 to 10.
There' lii dozen in this lot. Spe- Q
rial for this one hour only at, pair, O C
100 Dozen Men's Sox, Pair 7c
From 10 to 11 A. M. today, in the basement
Unilerpriee Store. A one-hour sale of
1 M dozen men's Socks, splendid quality
fast black; sizes 9U to 111 a- We limit
purchases to only 12 pair to a
customer. Special for this hour C
4 Specials
On Sale
I Hour
II to 12
Women's House Dresses, at 98c
From 11 A. M. to 12 today, in the basement
"Underprice Store." A one-hour sale of
women a House Dresses. Made of good
materials, in neat, pleasing patterns; in
splendid styles, well made. Spe- Q Q
rial for this sale only at, each iOC
25c Hat Pins, Special Price 5c
From 11 A. M. to 12 today, in the basement
"Underprice Store.' A one-hour sale of
1000 fancy Hat Pins. Plain and novelty
effects, in scores of attractive designs and
colors. Values to 25 cents each. J
Special for your choosing at only O C
Men's $2.50 Pants, Only $1.89
From 11 A. M. to 12 today, in the basement
I'nderpriee Store." A sale of 2tM) pairs
of men's trousers. Made of the well
known Reading cassimeres. noted for their
wearing qualities. All good tf 1 Q Q
patterns. Worth $2.50, only J) X 0t
Women's Union Suits, at 25c
From 11 A. M. to 12 today, in the basement
"Underprice Store." A sale of women's
fine swiss ribbed Union Suits, in the best
Spring weight, sleeveless, loose knee, lace
trimmed. A complete range of
sizes. Special for one hour only O C
Here's an opportunity to select from the most attractive
lot of suits we have ever shown in the Basement. 200 in
all. The materials are exceptionally good; are smart and
dressy; plain serges and mixtures in all of the season's
most desirable shades of tan, gray, etc. They are fault
lessly made and will retain their good shapes; are well
worth to $25.00 each. Are specialized for rt - A QJ
this sale at this exceptional low price & X Tf.JxO
T Of 7VTa In this lot We assemble 150 Suits
in serges, worsteds and mixtures.
All are splendid new models in the most desirable colors;
are perfectly tailored ajid well lined. We secured these
at a very advantageous price especially for the Basement
Store. If bought in the regular way we would be obliged
to sell them at $15.00 or more each. Spe- JQ QO
cially priced for today's selling at only UJVCJ
ale of
Brown English Tea Pots. Our
resrular 25c grades at only, ea.,
Seven-piece Salad Sets, bowl and JA
6 small dishes; 75c grade, only
25c cake Plates, specialized at only 19
10c Dover Egg Beaters, special for
10c Potato Knives, specialized at only 5
10c Scrub Brushes, specialized at only 5
10c Strainers, specialized at only ea., 5
ouseliold Needs
1 O ll Gerrnan China Sugar and Cream O O
1 1 C assorted decoration; 35e val., niO C
Jardinieres in assorted colors; OQ
our regular 35c grades for only C
35c Japanned Mail Boxes, special at 25i
10c Gas Mantles, special at 2 for 15
15c Flour Sifters, special at only, ea., 10
10c Pott's Iron Handles, special at 7
Many more specials not mentioned here.
r i e s
Sale of Groce
30c grade of Coffee, special at only ZSC
25e bottle Walker's Grape Juice for 19S
Hams, Eastern sugar-cured at only 15
Bacon, extra grade, special, pound, 15
Butter, O. AV. K. Brand, 2 pounds 70
Prunes, large size, three pounds for 25
Krinkle Coin Flakes, 4 packages 25
Yeloban Milk, 2 for 15c ; dozen cans 85
Holly brand Canned Milk, two QC
30c Asparagus, S. & W. Brand, at ZSiC
Pearline, 6-ounce packages, 3 for 10
English Walnuts, 18c pound, 3 lbs., 50
Sweet Corn, in cans, three for only 25
Babbitt's Cleanser, three for only 10
Royal Ann Cherries, large cans for 15
Quaker Corn Flakes, 3 packages 25
Jersey Canned Milk, two cans
for 15c or dozen cans at onry OvC
China Lilly Bulbs, the dozen at only 10
cans for 15c; the dozen cans at
4 Specials
On Sale
1 Hour
12 to 1
Children's Sweaters, Only 98c
From 12 to 1 P, M. today, in the basement
"Underprice Store." A sale of children's
Ruff-Xeek Sweaters; heavy cardigan rib
bed, with pockets and large pearl but
tons. Colors are tan, gray and f Q
red. Sizes 26 to 34. Special at iOC
All-Over Lace, the Yard, at 35c
From 12 to 1 P. M. today, in the basement
"Underprice Store." A one-hour sale of
all-over Laces in fine Orieutal designs,
white or cream. A great variety of dainty
patterns in the regular widths. O n
Specialized for this hour at only O O C
Men's $1.00 Golf Shirts, at 55c
From 12 to 1 P. M. today, in the basPment
'Underprice Store." A sale .of men's
fine Golf Shirts, made of good quality per
cale; coat style, cuffs attached; excellent
patterns. Sizes 142 to 17; reg
ular $1.00 shirts. Special onlyOOC
AU-Wool Serge, the Yard 45c
From 12 to 1 P. M. today, in the basement.
A one-hour sale of 20 pieces of fine all
wool serge; medium weight; nice soft fin
ish; suitable for children's wear. Black,
navy and all colors. Special- A J
ized for this sale at only, yardxOC
Choice Candies Priced Special
Nougat, special, pound, 27 30c Chocolate Drops, special, pound, -U?
ixed Candy, the pound, 12? 40c Cocoanut Biscuits, the pound, -o?
40o Turkish
15c Plain Mixed
rx nn
On Sale
1 Hour
1 to 2
Children's $5.00 Coats, at $2.98
From 1 to 2 P. M. today, in the basement
"Underprice Store." A sale of smart lit
tle Coats for girls. Black and white checks
and mixed materials. All new Spring
styles and weights. Sizes ( CS f Q
for girls 8 to 14 years, at iJ),t0
Children's Rompers, Only 29c
From 1 to 2 P. M. today, in the basement
"Underprice Store." A one-hour sale of
Children's Rompers. Made of good quality
gingham, in small neat patterns, nicely
trimmed. Come in sizes 2 to 6 QA
years. Special for this hour at iC
Men's 25c to 50c Ties for 10c
From 1 to 2 P. SI. today, in the basement.
A one-hour sale of men's Ties. Some are
a little mussed, hut are good patterns and
made of good silk. Are regular 25c to
50e grades. Specialized for this "1
one-hour sale for only, choice, JL J C
Women's $1.00 Gowns, at 59c
From 1 to 2 P. M. today, in the basement
'Underprice Store." A sale of women's
Muslin Gowns. Some are slightly soiled
or mussed. Are made of good materials
and nicely trimmed. The regular JjQ
$1.00 grades, specialized at only OtC
8V 23 M
On Sale
to 3
Women's 25c Aprons, Only 15c
From 2 to 3 P. M. today, in the basement
"Underprice Store." A one-hour sale of
women's plain white Aprons. Made of
good quality lawn, cut full and neatly
finished. Good sellers at 25c JJ
each. Special for this hour only 1 JC
Crochet Bedspreads, Only 98c
From 2 to 3 P. M. today, in the basement
"Underprice Store.' A sale of large
eleven-quarter size crochet Bed Spreads in
the pleasing Marseilles patterns, suitable
for household or for hotel use. QQ
Specialized for this hour at only IO C
Boys' $4.50 Suits, Only $1.89
From 2 to 3 P. M. today, in the basement.
Thrifty mothers will come for these good
Suits, made of good tweed materials, in
neat patterns all dark serviceable colors.
Sizes 13, 14, 15, 16 only. tf QQ
Worth to $4.50. Special P107
35c Chamoisette Gloves, at 19c
From 2 to 3 P. M. today, in the basement.
A one-hour sale of women's fine quality
chamoisette Gloves; one button, wrist
lengths. Medium weight for early Spring
wear. Regular 35-cent grades. 1 Q
Special for this hour's selling- J. J7 C
On Sale
to 4
Children's $1.25 Dresses 69c
From 3 to 4 P. M. today, in the basement.
A one-hour sale of Childrens' Dresses, in
serviceable., attractive patterns. Well
made and nicely trimmed; gingham ma
terial, in stripes and plaids. Qk
sizes 6 to 14. Regular to $1.25 QtC
Full Size Bed Sheets, for 54c
From 3 to 4 P. M. today, in the basement.
A sale of full double-bed size Sheets,
made of good quality sheeting, without
seams. Torn and hemmed, ready for use.
These Sheets are specially priced EA
for this hour's selling at onlyOT"C
Swiss Curtains, the Pair, 25c
From 3 to 4 P. M. today, in the basement.
A sale of ruffled swiss Curtains. Made of
good quality swiss muslin in neat striped
patterns; 24 yards long and 28 inches
wide. Just the thing for small
windows. Special for this hour adO C
Women's Knit Pants, Pair 18c
From 3 to 4 P. M. today, in the basement
"Underprice Store." A one-hour sale of
women's fine quality swiss ribbed Pants,
in the Spring weight, with loose knee.
Trimmed in lace. All sizes in 1 Q
the lot. Special at only, pair X O C
Specials From 4 to 5 P. M.
SI. CO Fancy SilKs, Yard 48c
From 4 to 5 P. M. today, in the basement.
Beautiful fancy Silks, in neat stripes and
checks, fine chiffon taffeta in rich, lus
trous finish; ail good, seasonable color
ings. Standard widths; for A Q
droes, etc. Special, this hourtOC
Women's $3 Fancy Waist $1.98
From 4 to 5 P. M. today, in the basement.
A one-hour sale of women's fancy silk
and net Waists, in many very attractive
styles; plain or fancy trimmed models, in
i rood assortment of colors. Q Q
Value to $3.00; special at tj) X ckQ
20c Drapery Denims, Yard 13c
From 4 to J P. M. today, in the basement.
A one-hour sale of 36-inch drapery Den
ims, in green, brown, red or tan colors;
good, heavy quality, such as sells regularly
at 20 cent a yard. Special for ! O
this hour's selling at, the yard IOC
36-inch Bleached Muslin, at 7c
From 4 to 5 P. M. today, in the basement.
A one-hour sale of fine quality, full
bleached Muslin; 36 inches wide; soft fin
ish, for sheeting, for underwear, etc. All
thrifty women will lay in a good
supply at this sale for only, yard C
Notion Specials on Sale
Bargain Circle r irsi r toor
5e Spool Cotton, all numbers, at only Atft
"c Basting Cotton, all numbers, at 4
22C Darning Cotton, special at only
5c Hooks and Eyes, white, black, 2
5c Collar Stays, white or black, spc'l, 4
12Voe Foldinc Coat Haneers 3 for 25
25 Skirt Markers, special at only 12
25c Hair Pins, shell or amber, only X5
K! Hair Pins, wire, special at only S?
or lane Measures, serviceable, onlv SC
15c Hair Pin Cabinets, special at only 8
15c Ensrlish Twill Tape, 25-yd. piece
15c Pearl Buttons, assorted sizes, at 8
15c Finishing Braids, many patterns, 5
15c Shields, light weight, special at 7
35c Shields, silk, light weight, only 18
15c Buttons, bone, black and colors, 5J
50c Hose Supporters, special at only 25
3c pair Shoe Laces 4-4 black, 6 pair 10
5c Pius, 400-paper, needle points, 2 for 5
5e Safetv Pins, nickel steel wire, at 3
10c Ironing Wax, "Mother's"; the ex
act shape of iron. Special at only 5
8c and 10c Curling irons, large size, 5 KL-irt Timid. 5 vds. assorted color. 5
15c Binding Ribbon, assorted colors, 12i
5c Cube Pins, assorted colors, special. 2H
25c Rubber Hair Curlers, 6 on card, 19l
5oecial From 5 to 6 P. M.
Girls' Middy Blouses, Only 48c II Children's 75c-$l Gowns 39c
Vrnm .t to 6 P. M. todav. in the basement
"Underprice Store." A one-hour sale of
girls' Middy Blouses, in the attractive
styles; made of good materials; tan, white
or bine. Nicely trimmed; sizes A
3 to lt years. Special at this sale C
Men's Muslin Gowns, Only 44c
From 5 to 6 P. M. today, in the basement
"Underprice Store." A one-hour sale of
men's Muslin Night Shirts. Made of good
materials, with or without collars. Blue
or pink stitching. All sizes A A
SDecial for this hour at only "rTC C
From 5 to 6 P. M. today, in the basement.
A one-hour sale of children's fine qual
ity Muslin Gowns ; very good, but slightly
soiled or mussed. Sizes for girls 2 to 12
years of age. Regular 75c to $1 O Q
grades. Special for only, each JC
100 Doz. HucK Towels, Ea. 6y2
From 5 to 6 P. M. today, in the basement
"Underprice Store." A sale of 100 dozen
splendid quality Huckaback Towels. Fine
linen finish, with colored borders. Suit
able for home or hotel use. "I
Special during this hour at O 2C
!o(-tallon Outline rian. and Dl
ru"f Needed.
That artr ffort will b JotJ
ta tho work of tdueattng th. p.opl.
of Orcon to th. Importance of th.
Tonomtral ua. of th. natural r.
iourrt of th. atat. thta year than
rirrr tforr. waa th. unanimity of
i4nlon txprrmnt at the annual mart
mc of th Orrgon Conservation Aao
rlatlon hrld Montjf night. Th. a
anritllon will urp a mora arnrral
uadaratatMUss of the aubjact of cod-
serration, bcli.vlnf that th. future
prosperity of th. atat. will depend upon th. practical ua. of th.
tat.'a reaourca.
Reaototlona wcr. paaaed urging the
Oregon members of th. Hous. of Rep
resentatives to support th. Senate bill
providing for so appropriation of
fSO.000 to be used In th. work of sal
mon propagation tn waters controlled
by th. Government. The association
also adopted a resolution favoring
amendment of th. law governing- th.
hunting of big gam. Th. association
desires that the open season be not
earlier than September 1. Th. pr.sent
law permits hunting of big gam. after
August I. at a time when danger of
foreat flras ta grtaUsU lat.llig.nt
methods In th. reclamation of logged
off lands were also discussed.
Th. officers elected for the ensuing
year are:
President. Wells Gilbert; first Vice
president. O. W. Peavey; second vice
president. K. T. Allen; secretary, H. D.
Lanntlle; treasurer. Lumbermen's Na
tional Bank. Together with the offi
cers the new directors are: George M.
Cornwall. P. S. Brumby, C. S. Chapman,
H. C. Atwell. A. H. nevers. John H.
Haak. J. 8. O'Qorman and M. W. Gorman.
four drus glet will refund money if Paso oia't
ssnt falts to euro any cm of Itching. BUno.
iliserttns. freuntaiag fU. la la It (Ugra, arm
Sam MandU-li, With Bad Police Kec
ord. Mixed In Family Row.
Once sentenced for constructive alav
erjr and having .scaped while serving
90 days at th. Linnton rockplle, later
being recaptured and forced to serve
out hla sentence. Bam Mandich, a sa
loonkeeper from Alaska, Is again un
der arrest, on account of a family row
brought about by his alleged attempts
to again Cain control of his former
victim. Patrolmen Itupert and Clement
were called early yesterday to tha Jiowa
of Georso Htlliard. 611 Everett street.
to quell a disturbance.
The police found Milliard drunk and
seeking to quiet his wife, while Man
dich was hiding on the roof, and was
brought down by a shot fired from a
revolver. Ililllard had started the dis
turbance by protesting against Man
dlch s attempts to decoy the girl away
from her home.
Mandich was arrested last August by
Detective Price, after he had brought
Margaret. i-Ulllard here from Alaska for
immoral purposes. He sentenced
to 90 days, but a month later some
friend outside sawed a board from the
stockade and Mandich escaped through
It He was recaptured several weeks
laaec, and served out hla sentence.
S. S. "BEAVER" Sails 4 P. M, Friday, March 22
San Francisco Class $10, $12, $15 Class $6.00
Los Angeles, Class $21.50, $23.50, $26.50 Class $11.35
(Two days sightseeing at San Francisco with meals and Berth free)
Ticket Office. 142 3d Sireet Phones, Main 402, A 140J