Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, January 19, 1912, Page 2, Image 2

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Few Offices Under San Fran
cisco County Government
Escape, Is Ruling.
fnNirdtnatw Kow HoKKhk Positions
Mut Submit to Examination
In Com petition With
New Aspirant.
cial.) Clxtl serrles vu extended to
erery county officer In Ban Francisco
with the exception of Cltjr Attorney,
tha District Attorney and the Pnblle
Administrator. In an opinion a-lren to
day by City Attorney Loos; to tha ClTll
6errlee Commission.
The political appointment of em
ployee Is hereafter- taken from tha
Fherlff. the County Clerk, the Assessor,
the Recorder, the Coroner, tha Justices
of the Peace and the Police Judges,
which have not In the past been subject
to civil serrlce. About 400 municipal
employes, with an annual payroll of
mora than 1500.000, are affected by the
Important ruling-.
As soon aa practicable the new Civil
Berries Commission must hold exami
nations to brln- this army of depart
ment appointees under tha merit sys-
Thn.. who now fill the daces
rnuet submit to a tent of their efficiency
In competition with any one who
wishes to enter the municipal service.
Hereafter the eligible list will replace
political patronage in nearly every
branch of the city government.
Charter rravtadoa Rati Bed.
This far-reaching decision of the
City Attorney Is based upon a consti
tutional amendment which waa passed
by the people at tha election of Octo
ber 10. putting county offlcera under
civil aenrlee. Tha charter adopted by
Fan Francisco In 100 subjected all
these offices to tha regulations of the
merit system, but the Supreme Court
held that there waa no constitutional
authority for it. The October consti
tutional amendment, however, not only
brings county officers under civil Berr
ies rules, but ratified charters that had
already provided for It
The tax collector, the Auditor, tha
Board of Public Works, tha Boards of
Health and Education, the election, firs
and police commissions and tha regis
trar's office have long been under civil
service. The exemption of tha City
Attorney, tha District Attornsy and the
Pnblle Administrator was not at tha
direction of the City Attorney. These
offices srs omitted from its operation
In the charter.
Tew Exctlem Made.
The only employee subject to tha ap
pointment of the offlcera affected by to
ady's decision are thosa excepted from
the rule in tha charter, tha cashier of
the County Clerk, the chief deputy and
the cashier of tha Assessor, the chief
lenuty and eaabler of the tax collector,
the Under 6herlff and chief bookkeeper
Df the Sheriff, the Deputy Auditor, the
thief deputy of the Recorder and tha
:hief deputy of tha Coroner.
The number of men now placed under
Ivtl service who have been appointed
y the reepectlve officers are: Sheriff.
IS: County Clerk. Til Recorder. il:
roroner. IS; Assessor. SJ on regular
rtaff and 100 extra clerks, and six
derks and stenographers of the Justice
ind Police Courts. -
SLaior Gajroor Would Have) Grap
pling Supplant Vm f Xltat Stick.
NEW TORE. Jan. IS. New Tork
policemen must learn to wrestle. Car
rying oat Mayor Caynora Idea that tha
Bight stick must not be used except
when absolutely necessary. Commis
sioner Waldo announced today that ha
had engaged Tom Jenkins, tha Cleve
land wrestler, to teach members of tha
force how to grapple with a criminal
without calling tha billy Into play.
Jenkins has been physical Inspector
ef West Point, and comes to New Tork
with the sanction of tha War Depart
(Centlnned from rirat Paae.
sccurrence. In my opinion tha prlson
fs duration of Ufa will be. In all prob
ability, less than ona month If kept In
:onflnement. and ia the event of his
release under commutation of aentence
It la not probable that ha will live aa
iong as six months."
Designated as a special messenger
y th Attorney-General's office. Mrs.
Morse left Washington tonight for At
lanta bearing her husband's commuta
Uon papers.
-I thank God." aha aald. Just before
he boarded tha train. "I could not
have lived longer under th strain.
No human being can know tha suffer
ing 1 have endured since my husband's
Imprisonment: I tried overy means to
bring about bis release President
Tafi's act waa ona of simple Justice.
If my husband did any wrong be has
mora than paid tha penalty. I always
have believed In him and believe he
waa an Innocent man the scapegoat
of others.
-j have no hope that my husband
will live more than two months, even
though we caa get him to Carlsbad.
I know all the officers acted according
to tha sense of duty, but It Is hard,
hard to think that my huaband's life
has been taken from him."
Trie Abroad Planned.
Mrs. Morse, who arrived here today
from New Tork. waa Informed late thia
afternoon of tha President's clemency.
She left tonight for AUsnta to Join her
husband. Aa sha boarded the train aha
was radiant but declined to discuss tha
action of Prealdent Taft. The authori
ties st Atlanta have been Informed by
telerraph of the Prealdenfe action.
Efforts for a complete pardon were
unavailing, and under the law Morse
rould not ba paroled until he had served
rtve yeara. ill a frlenda wish to take
blra to Carlsbad for treatment, and ba
probably will be taken abroad at once,
Bad "Iht WltJj tlemst Leaven Pris
oner Extremely Weak.
itlanta. Ga Jan. IS. "I am glad
to hear tha news," wss the only com
ment made by w. orse. wnn in
formed by the post surgeon at Fort
Mcfhersoa that -Tssiaaui ut am j
commuted his sentence. It wss uttered
In a weak voice which carried little or
no elation, for the bed-rklden banker
realised that no mortal authority could
release him from the clutches of in
curable disease.
Warden Uoyer. who has been Morse's
jailer at the Federal prison since Jan
uary S. 1J10. hurried to the post hos
pital as soon ss he received official
notification of the Prealdent's action
and formally released Morse.
It was shortly after dusk when Morsa
heard the news, with no member of his
family present but his sister. Miss
Jennie Morse. From Washington came
two Joyoua telegrams from Mrs. Morse,
and the sick financier brightened per
ceptibly. Morse will be removed from the post
hoanltal as soon as he Is able to stand
I an ambulance Journey to an infirmary
in the city. He bad another bad night
with his heart and was not so well to
day, but bis physloisn was hopeful to
night that tha commutation of his sen
tence might have a favorable effect on
his condition. Should he gsla strength.
Morse probably will be removed to a
sanitarium in Florida and ha hopes
eventually to go to Cermany, where
the baths msy relieve his heart troubls
to some extent.
Morse is suffering from three
diseases regarded aa incurable, and tha
and may coma at any time. On the
other hand it Is said here ha may live
tea years.
Morse waa convicted of misappropri
ation of funds of the National Bank
of North America and of making false
entries in the bsnk's books snd In re-
J .fcfeg- 1
porta to tha Controller of tha Currency.
He waa aentenced to imprisonment In
the Atlsnta penitentiary for 15 years
and began Ms term January S. 1S10.
Previously to that be had been con
fined la tha New Tork Tombs for tea
A feature of the entire case has been
tha untiring efforts of Mrs. Morsa to
secure her husband's release. She has.
In addition to directing the fight for
his release, kept a constant vigil at his
bedside. Mrs Morse Is careworn and
nearly broken In health.
Mrs. Morse brought to ber support
Influences approximating In number
and strength thoee brought to bear in
behalf of John R. Walsh. Mrs. Morse's
first act In her fight for her husband's
release was to start a monster peti
tion to be presented to the President.
She obtained the tguararee-o-more
than 200 Senators and Rspreaentatlvas
and had mora than S000 names. Soma
of tha most prominent men In the Na
tion aliened the appeal.
Finding herself short of funds with
which to carry on tha fight. Mrs. Morse
sold at auction the household effects
of the Morse mansion in Now Tork.
The furniture brought about $14,000.
Mrs. Morse even sold hsr own Jewelry
ti obtsln funds.
Ths bsnker blamed his rivals for
his fall. Men In high finance, ha de
clared after reaching here, who bad
t 2tx taking everything In eight for
years did not Ilka to aee him gain con.
trol of corporation after corporation,
sa ha waa doing, and ba encountered
tha hostility of older and larger finan
ciers, who. he ssys. brought about his
Superintendent Deplores Influence
of Older Men on Tenths.
Guards Take Precautions.
MONROE. Wash.. Jan. IS. (Special.)
Uproar, tumult and riot have oc
curred twice within a week at tha
Washington Stata Reformatory, and
trouble Is la store.
The general alarm has aounded; the
guna of tha guards have hurled death
laden bullets among tha boys and con
victs; guard lies In tha hospital with
his head ripped open as an evidence of
hand-to-hand fighting: two convicts,
each with a long -term penitentiary
sentence hanging over him. are In the
"black hole" aa the recognized rlng
leadera of tha Sf 4 inroatea of tha Insti
tution, and a frail boy of IS, who. single-handed,
whipped two offlcera
weighing 175 and ISO pounds respec
tively. Is in the same correction cell,
as an Incorrigible. m
Superintendent Cleon B. Roe blames
the system which permits th courts of
the stata to unload convicts upon htm.
a . .----..r ha has 4S offenders with
penitentiary sentences, some of the ,
men with long- prison records behind
The cause waa tha taking away of
ona of the inmatea for punlahment in a
dark cell for insubordination, which
others among tha rougher Inmatea re
sented. The trouble was started by an
Inmate who has already served three
terms In varloua penitentiaries, and
who la the leader of about 40 other In
mates who have done time for aevera
offenses' in othsr Institutions.
Tha men started trouble Just at the
noon hour in the resting room, before
going Into tha big dining-room, and at
tempted to break through Into the din-lag-room,
where they started breaking
up furniture and dishes. They evi
dently hoped to be able to create auch
a disturbance aa to enable seme of
them to get away.
The guards were oa the spot, and. on
tha arrival of Superintendent Roe. they
fired ahots through tha windows to
frighten the Inmates back. Tha men
were soon quieted.
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Politics Fails, to Keep Pace
With Economic Demands,
'Says Candidate.
"rrorreslTes" Would Effect RuV
jastmcnt Wholomclj, bnt Not
Hastlljr. and Free Baslncs
From PrWate) Control.
DETROIT. MIch Jan. IS. Governor
Wilson, of New Jersey, was the prin
cipal speaker tonight at the annual
banquet of the Michigan Press Asso
ciation. He said In part:
"A few years ago. a few months ago.
It waa a matter of common remark
that the field of our politico waa sin
gularly confused and disordered; party
lines everywhere broken or breaking,
party labela losing their significance;
party combinations threatening to
break and reform themselves. But In
recent years tha scene has become mora
ordered and definite.
"Every careful observer can now
perceive that certain great definite,
calculable forces are at work.
L'areet Ia Kot Accidental.
The great progressiva sentiment
which now more and mora dominates
the country and only awalta lta oppor
tunity to determine the policies of the
Government Is not accidental. Ia not
merely a passing phaae expressive of
the temperament of an eager people.
It Is a thing that baa arisen tea Illy
by natural and Inevitable force Ilka
the tides of the ocean.
"The most profitable thing that we
can do. In order to reassure ourselves,
la to ask why this grsat body of pro
gressiva opinion has grown eo strong;
why It has spread to almost every part
of the country. The facta are unmis
takable enough. The history of the
present Administration haa Illustrated
them at every turn. We have seen an
honest and patrlotio man In the Presi
dential chair struggling with the ris
ing power. Involved In greater and
greater differences, because he did rot
understand that power or comprehend
tha great purposes that lay behind it,
and yet unable to curb it and seeming
In splta of himself to Increase Its vol
ume by the Tory acta attempted to
check It.
Conditions . Onterrew Politics.
"What has happened? ' What is it
that tha standpat ranks of the Repub
lican party vaguely battle with? Why
Is the country attempting to break
away from old party formulas and
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blase a new path for Itself in politics
under a changed leadership and by
new measures of reform 7
"Because within a generation all tha
economlo conditions of life and bust
neia in this country have changed al
most beyond recognition, while our
politics have all but stood a till. Soma
measures of reform there nave Deen.
but there haa been no steady, con
slstent force to give them .their full
effect, to guide them, to adapt them to
conditions all along the line. in
aum of the matter la that our Ufa has
changed and that our policies are be
lated. 6ur lawa lag almoat a genera
tion behind our business conditions
and our political exigencies.
"Those who insist upon undertaking
the adjustment: those who argue tha
our laws should be brought up to date.
are called radicals, not because they
would change the facta, but because
they would adjust the lawa to the
Tariff Concentrates Control.
"Recent Investigations have dls
closed and are disclosing. Item by Item,
Just the methods, of business that have
been most harmful and most unjust.
think they hsvs opened the eyes of tha
verr men who gave testimony.
"We see that somewhere near tha
center of the whole trouble Ilea the
great system of governmental favors
which we call the tariff. Round about
the tariff haa been built up a body of
business undertaking, la which control
haa been too much concentrated. In
order to maintain thla control it baa
been necessary to secure the patronage
of the Government, and ao bualneas
haa rone deen into politics. Leglsla
tlve action haa been controlled by spe
cial business interests. Party ma
chlnery has bsen used to serve present
purposes and to make aure pecuniary
"The whole normal process of gov-
ernment has bsen reversed and govern.
ment itself has come to be privately
owned. The phrase may be exagger
ated, but It is only the brief epitome
of a atate of affairs, the main facts
of which are only too plain. And so
progressives are drawing together, not
to destroy anything, but to effect a
wholesome readjustment, not hastily,
not by any too extensive plan which
runs beyond what we see and know,
but item by item we must set tne uov
ernment free from private control and
set business free from private control,
so that the economlo courses of our
life may run free again and that with
their freedom we may return to inai
vldual opportunity and open the gates
to the fresh, untrammeled .achieve
La FoIIctte's Brother Is for Wilson
In Badger State.
MADISON, Wis, Jan. 18. Leading
Wisconsin Democrats, who gathered
here today to organize the state for
Woodrow Wilson, gave the loudlst ac.
claim to the name of La Follette. It
came when W. T. La Follette, brother
of the Senator, waa Introduced ana
made a vigorous speech for Governor
Wilson. W. T. La Follette fallea to
mention any of the Republican Presl
dentlal candidates, hut praised W. J.
Bryan and Woodrow Wilson as the
orls-lnal "Drogresslves.-
Addresslng the delegates as "fellow
Democrats," Mr. La Follette said: "We
have the right to say "fellow progres.
slve Democrats.' I believe we were
'Droeresslve' in advance of the Repub
llcans who go by the name of 'pro
"I believe that National committee.
man Davis voiced the sentiment of all
of ua thla afternoon when he said that
the great commoner, W. J. Bryan,
was the leader of the "progressive'
Democrats of the state, and I am proud
to say that I have been in my feeble
way a follower of that man. I was
originally a 'progressive' Republican,
but transferred my support in 1896, and
I aay here that we have not had a
Democratic platform since that was
not "progressive.
The conference formed the Woodrow
Wilson League of Wisconsin.
The break between Colonel Harvey,
editor ef Harner'a Weekly, and Gov
ernor Wilson, of Vew Jersey, came up
for extended discussion and It waa de
cided not to abandon the effort to nom
inate delegates for Wilson in this state.
The Wilson-Harvey matter, however.
It was shown at the conference, haa al
ready spilt the Democratic leaders in
Nebraska Call Assumes Wilson's
Nomination Is Impossible.
OMAHA, Jan. IS. A statewide meet
ing of Nebraaka Democrats waa called
today by Mayor Dahlman to confer on
Presidential possibilities. The call Is
pursuant to yesterday's conference re
garding the action or ueorge Harvey,
editor of Harper's Weekly, on the can-
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sey, and the statement of Colonel Henry
The meeting probably will be held in
about two weeks.
The call saya it Is realized "that the
statements of Colonel Watterson and
Editor Harvey have made the nomina
tion and election of Governor Wilson
an impossibility." The purpose of the
meeting Is to take "such action as will
benefit the party and will prevent
acrimonious dissension which can only
Injure the candidate who is eventually
nominated. The meeting Is called not
In the interest of any particular candi
date, but of the party In general.
"Without the support of such men
ss are now turning their backs upon
Governor Wilson, no Democrat can hope
to be elected President of this country,
and with the elimination of Wilson as
a possibility, there must of necessity
be a realignment of those Democrats
who once supported his candidacy."
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