Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, January 19, 1912, Page 14, Image 14

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County Judge Makes Forecast
Before Lively Meeting of
Big Taxpayers.
Bickering by City Council Over
Broadway Bridge IXapit De
cision f Modjeski I -.
no n need by Two.
A low.r tax l.rr tor Mlt21om
County next year wu P"'
rountr Jodire Cleeton at the taxpay
er? meetln In th. Courthou.. y.t.r-
dThe aentlment i
tunnels under the river and the ac
quirement of Rom Uni tor "clJ
purposes, would bo feasible if they
were no? so .ndlf th. coun
ty could afford them without curtail
ing other needed Improvementa. It
wL pointed out that to
project, at present would bo an unrea
sonable expenditure.
How to decrease the county ex
penses and thereby lower the tax rat
was dtacwd at I.nrth. County Judj.
Cleeton euiraested four-year terms for
1V. and bounty VViTM
two-year terma. Joseph S. Teal said
the city and county oh f!Vhl
distinction between necltles and the
extravagant expenditure of rnoney. ue
likened the tax-levylnr bodies to a
string of aausas-ea-
Birmli" Is Asoalle.
TV. C-Brlstol .aid tho taxing; procesa
la to be compared to a strln of aaus
tied to a dor s talL He .trenu
ously denounced -Jonathan Bourn lm.
wylnc be bad nothing "J.
but only aralnst his syttem. He com
pared th. inltlatlT. to dynamlt. In th.
hands or cnimren. J .
on. political achtn. was abolUhed. a
worn. on. naa oeea . .1. -in
by It U possible to mak.
th. upper room, of a lir.ry .table, and
put It through If you have n'
enouch and put enough d""J"
th. delduo split th. vote." H. .cored
th. bickering by Councilman over th.
strl. of th. Broadway brtdite T'
alter Ralph Modie.kl. an expert engi
neer had submitted his recommenda
tion; remarking that "In th. municipal
election you will put a mugwump In
office, and then damn him
take. th. money." He nrired greater
efficiency and higher saianes.
Edaeatlm Pabl" Vred.
-We haT. a rotten public mind." aald
Mr Bristol. -Instead of serein th.
- . . ..!.. aarh man
UtereStS 01 in. iginm.-.n Th.
feel, the other will beat Mm. Th.
public mind lent educated. Thers . Iw it
a man In this room who could
Ih. question. In Th. Oreonlan edi
torial tht. morning right off th. bat.
-I am not big enough to
remedy. W. art all Imitator. .0 I
.n -1-. an Imitation."
H. then described the New Tork
Bureau of Research, which found In
New T.rk thre. departmenU of th.
city government paylnir th. 1
der three prices for oats. ranging from
120 to 13 a ton.
-W. must educat. th. public h.
aid. -Somebody has to get up a
propaganda, and advise th. public of
SonSTSona. Then w. wUl have to rats,
some. money In addition to th. taxes,
and employ a commercial efficiency
engineer or sereral of them, and go
through th. books (not to expert them
we haT. had oceans of that In the
last few years) and suggest plans for
.renter efficiency and eavlng In the
county government. Get a man such
a, Vnnett I. In his line of city plan
ring. Let thl. man tell u. what pub
lic Improvements ar. needed and what
ih. ratio of expenditure for various
projects ought to be. .
Cowaetl'. Way Attacked.
-Do you think they would conduct
the O.-W. R. N. very long, and pay
dividends. If they conducted it .an you
do your local government? Tou have
fixed It .0 a man can go Into
room and fix up a ". and th can
elect any candidate he like. If h. put.
up enough money, and put. enough
candidates In th. field to dlvld. th.
vote. Tou bav. flattered yourselve.
you wer. going to run th. government
yourselves, but you donf know a thing
b-They'hlred Ralph Modjeskl. th. best
bridge expert In th. country, and now
th. Sty official, are debating how to
connect th. east and west .Ide. of th.
river They hav. had a debat. with
some disappointed bidders. Mark yon.
ten will have another bill to pay If th.
Council keeps on In th. way It Is going
""TThe W C. T. XT. and equal suffrag.
advocate, will y.t give th. bailot to
women In Oregon, and ther. 1. an added
expense, for you will hav. t. .ducat,
th. women.
-Th. Executive Board penalised Rob
ert Wakefield. Do you think they will
get the money: Never In th. world.
Tou will pay th. bill to repair the leak
ing reservoir h. built."
Taxe Gems Wage.. Say. Oae.
William F. Woodward .aid most la
boring men do not understand that
every tlm. they v.t. to Increas. th.
taxe. by expensive public improvement,
they cut their own salaries by placing
a. -.,.. nn their employers. Jo
seph N. Teal took excepUon to-that
statement, aaylng in wage-earn.. v
poeed th. park and boulevard bonds.
. . a. ..- , nubile library
and South 'Portland bridge, while th.
Chamber of commerce.
Leagu. and other commercial bodies
Mr. Woodward complained that th.
heavy tax -takes trie very nie u. ui
h. iiMlrt to conduct a business er
mak. a business venture. Th. shop
keeper 1. assailed In every direction.'
... 1 1 H.nlnreil that imall meet
r. 1. uwu .. a., va a.-... - . .
Ing of taxpayers assembled at th.
County Court s inviiauoo.
art- W.m -aaw WAV hnbT th. t.X-
payers generally can b. given to under
stand that with thl. privilege of voting
. t..t wn iiiae thev have loaded
themselves up with th. responsibility
which properly neiongs upuu m.
ders of th. officer, they hav. el.ctedr
he qu.rted.
ilnu falimnsw Sera.
-In my opinion ther. never has been
In atultn.mah Conner any grossly ex
cessive waste." said Mr. Teal. "Ther.
... . .h.ih.r th. clerk, ar.
being paid too much, but I have exam
ined th. accounts ror years
. 1 used to
oppose th. road tax. but I think th.
majority of in. people in
.k. mm a ui 1 uiuqii there has
been n. money wasted on th. n.w
Courthouse. W. need a commercial
efficiency engineer to go through ajid
lay out our work on an efficiency sys
tem. But no engineer of this kind will
lfaor. th. flv. tax-levying bodies, sr
permit them to work independently.
Th. city authorities have argued over
the Broadway brldg. draw with dlsap
pointed bidders, although w. bav. em
ployed the best brldg. engineer In th.
world. They ar. taking a great chanc.
of obtaining a vastly excessive bid by
proposing to rendvertls.."
E. B. Piper said bonds ought to b. Is
sued for the erection of permanent
structures. Ilk. th. Courthouse and th.
public library.
County Clerk Fields advocated th.
elimination of th. biennial registration,
and would provide for registration of
only those voters who change their ad.
dress or who ar. newcomers in th.
W. B Ay.r said th. meeting was t.o
pessimistic He said $1,000,000 mor
ought to b. voted by the city for parks,
that th. bridges ought to be brilliantly
Illuminated, and that what money has
been expended has not been wasted.
Wire Across Road to Waylay Trav
elers Proves Cndolng.
Capping a long aerie, of petty theft,
with an attempt to bold np vehicles on
th. Sandy boulevard. Louis, Cyrlll and
Gregory . Mench. brothers, living In
Portsmouth, wer. captured yesterday
by Sergeant Wanless and Patrolmen
Go Its and Hellyer, and later confessed
depredation, too many to count.
So far as known, the brothers had
Rom Orae.
not attempted any major crime till
Wednesday night, when they .tretehed
a wire across the Sandy boulevard and
with revolvers in their hands lay In
wait by th. roadside. They said they
wer. after milkmen and particularly
one of tnat trace, wno, n i.
brothers thought, would carry a .urn
of mofley. ... . .
The boya probably wouia nave u
opportunity to commit a crime bad not
two pairs of lov.r. .auntered along
. i ..... ..j tiHnnMf over th. wire.
They thought a practical joke had been
played on tnera ana om ."
th. Jokers. Thl. frightened the boy..
... nrmjt thxlr trims and fled. Th.
hooting was reported to the police.
Th. thre. ooys. i ,
emnlored as plumbers, bad a shack In
the brush, where they ate plenteousiy
at th. .xpens. of neignoonng tnic
roosts. Taken before vapiam omu
v mrA Questioned, they ad
mitted stealing shirts from clothes
lines, milk from ooorsieps, iw ""
buildings In process of construction,
and in general anything found lying
Only That Colored So as to Resemble
Bntter Has 10-Cent Impose
To offset th. work of oleomargar
ine manufactures-, to have u"
that product removoo. mo nu
Dairy Union has sent out letter, call
ing attenetlon to the fact that much of
. t ... ..... ..ini.ted bv the manu
facturer, of butterln I. misleading and
that tb resolution, onerea or
i ,,.. Mnsl of the tax
OrKUHUUUU. aaw - - W -
have been prepared without full knowl-
dK. of the conamoue wu,.u -
was Intended to cover.
-v- c . - . 1 1. 1 r, anii Kood Commi.-
sloner". office ha. Just received a let
ter from th. National iairy
Washington. D. C, asking that It. of-
.v.. .Hjintlan of wora-
en s clubs and other organisations the
misleading information cuui. .
oleomargarine manuiacxuror.
ture. Tb letter Is In part as follows:
In the last few months those Interested
In the sale of Imitation butter have been
M.dTng out much misl.adln. t,',,:tI"r,I !
. .... J .. A.araiaiim-tlOnS. 1& 11- and circulars the claim has ben made
that the prevailing aigo v
was du. to the 10-ceot tax on olomarsa-
it and an appeal has oeen mau. ior
letters and resolutions pni..u
thia tax. Is theee documents the 10-com
iax ta declared to be Indefensible and no
criticism can attach t. any person or to
V is-oclatlon for nrslng It. "P"1;,8,
we believe that false and misleading state
ments bare led many te ask tor the repeal
of the 10-cent tax who would not have
takan such action had th.y fully under
stood th. reason for the" tax and what It is
really accomplishing.
Uncolored oleomargarine) 1. not taxed.
Colored oleomargarine 1. taxed to pro
tect purchaser, from Imposition when
th. product resembles butter.
Ohio 31an Declares 'o Paper Ever
Published Better Annual.
Appreciation of Th. Oregonlan An
nual Is expressed In a communication
received yesterday by the Portland
Commercial Club from a W. Clark, of
Holland. O.. who Is making efforts- to
And bis daughter, who. ho believes,
cam. to Portland recently from El
Paso. Tex., ber former borne. ......
"With a traveling record ofJOO.000
mile. In the United States and Canada."
he says. "I never hav. seen a New Tears
edition to beat Th. Oregonlan's Issue
of January 1. 112. Seattl. came near
It one tlme within my residence of 14
years In that city, but 1 never saw a
New Tork or Chicago paper beat it.
-Th. growth of th. city la wonderful.
Such magnificent new buUdings and
graded streets. Its wster has no com
peer: It has a low death rat., all du.
to her good water and mild climate,
which Is th. b..t in th. world.
-I hav. been In .very stat. In th.
Union. In th. torrltorle. and In Canada,
and I am convinced that Oregon ha.
th. best facilities for all purposes. It
Is a paradls. for fruits and has no
equal for fine stock and poultry. It
has th. best flsh In th. world and no
end of timber of th. beat quality. Then
there is some advantage In living In a
country In which ther. I. no danger
of being killed by lightning or floods."
Mr. Clark says that one month ago
his daughter packed" her household
goods at El Paso and prepared to come
to Portland. Sine then be has not
heard from ber.
Rosa Orme Is Sfiot Through
Heart as She Writes in
Room to Friend.
Claude Whltsell, Employed at Fareo
Saloon, Sfnrders JLanndry-Worker
at Second and Madison Streets
' After Making Threat.
Because. It Is said, she refused to
give op her position In a laundry and
again go. back to llv with him after WklteelL
having left him a year ago, Claude
Whltsett. aged 30 years, a bartender,
last night shot and killed Rosa Orme.
aged 25 years, and then shot himself
In the temple, dying Instantly. Miss
Orme died within a few minutes after
th. shot was fired, and without tell
ing how It happened. Th. tragedy
took place In a rooming-house at .Sec
ond and Madison streets, shortly after
:30 o'clock. '
Entering th. room where the woman
was sitting at a desk writing a letter
to a friend. Whltsett leaned over her
and fired downward, the bullet -from
.aiihr navnlver striking the wo
man over the right breast and lodging
In th. heart. Then Whltsett stepped
back and fired at his own temple. The
bullet went wild, striking In the wall
above his head. Then b. pulled the
muaxle of the revolver to the level of
his temple and shot again, the ball
lodging In the tempi, and killing him
at once.
Friend First at Seeae.
Attracted by the shots, W. P. Mor
rison, employ, of an oil company, and
a friend of both victims of the tragedy,
ran to the room and found Miss Orme
breathing her last. She was unable
to apeak to him.
Morrison said last night that Whlt
sett lived with the woman after Mis.
Orme had separated from her former
husband. Harvey C. Galbraltb, of Ban
Francisco, th. two passing as man and
wife, for some time and that after
wards th. girl obtained a position In
the Union Laundry on Second street
and refused to live longer with th.
bartender. Two weeks ago. he said.
Whltsett went to the lodging-house
and to th. girl's room. "With the as
sistance of the clerk of the place,
Whltsett was thrown out and came
back with a policeman, to whom he had
reported that Miss Orme was his wife.
When th. patrolman found that Whlt
sett was not the girl's husband, ha
mmnrtmA whltsett from the place and
Whltsett did not return again until
last night.
Baby Ctrl I. Left.
Miss Orme, who took her maiden
nam. after her separation from her
husband, whom she bad married In
1901, Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
A. M. Orme, of Grants Pass and In
land. Or. In their custody Is her 7-year-old
child, Grace, who Is th.
daughter of Oalbralth. Her father Is
a partner In a placer mine at Leland.
Following her separation from Oal-ly-alth
she lived at several places on
th. Pacific Coast, earning her living
aa a waitress or as a laundry worker.
Whltsett. who Is said by Morrison to
Oar "Women ''They are wonderful," says Japanese bride of diplo
mat, "but they have their bad points, too." A full page of unusual
Fables in Slang George Ade writes another crisp fable, "The
lonesome ride on the sprinkler."
Success on the Stage William Faversham says that a liberal edu
cation and groundwork in the classics are necessary assets to the actor
seeking high place.
Renaissance in Architect ore Uncle Sam is following the classics
in the making of Government buildings. An important half page,
fully illustrated.
Six Picturesque Congressmen An account of Delegates who have
no votes. Four of them are foreigners, and one was in line, once to be
a real live King.
Women Startle Man From Dungeon Released from a dungeon
after 30 years' confinement, the thing that most startled Leon Peltzer
was the ''tubelike" women of today. Half page, illustrated.
Walking 3500 Miles Two Harvard men did this to settle a dietetic
question and then did not settle it.
. The Peradventurer A live short story revealing the fact that men
are often not just what they seem.
The Man Who Wouldn't Belong Another short sfory of the busi
ness world. How a hardware man drew all his cash out of the bank
during a business depression.
New adventures by the color supplement folks Sambo, Slim Jim,
Hairbreadth Harry and Mrs. Timekiller.
have threatened the girl's llf. two
weeks ago wnen lurnea '
. "I'll Bit In some
time and Til "how you all about It.
wa. a bartenaer in vne
. . . . r i . l. nri wax a member
BI IH nil" Bim, .j a.
of the Bartender.' Union. He had been
In Portland ror tno pant
A .Ister of the woman .lain, Mrs.
Cora Aldereon. of Leland. Or, was no
tified last night by the Coroner.
Apple - Growers Will Investigate
Fruit Exchange Methods.
mass meeting of the fruitgrowers
.r ,h. w.natchee Valley was held In
tb. opora-hous. at Cashmere. Wish,
Monday. Th. meeting was largely ai-
. a. A there being lew OI in. prin
cipal orchard lata of tho valley present
- fn, th ntimose of
in. rawuuj " - .
discussing marketing plans In B.n.rtU.
but more particularly to o'w"
terms of the "Rogue Kiver
offered by K. 8. Miller, manager of the
Rogue River Fruit A Produce Assoola-
. . r I .haMhtf it ! nrODOsed
lion, oi auiw , -that
the four principal district, of the
Northwest,, inciuaing nim.vtu.
River, Rogue River ana
-i in.r - eontrolling Interest in
the Northwestern Fruit Exchange, of
Portland. . '
It was decided to appoint a oom-
..... , ..Mai 1 a Tnrt1and to Study
the methods and facilities of th. North
western Fruit Excnango. ino
i -. i u t rtiiva. Grist Paton. and
William Rico as a committee to make
th. trtjrto Portland, on meir r.miu
to Cashmere they will report to the
growers, and the matter will be acted
upon. It was decided that this visit
would be made at once, and the com
mittee will probabjy start for Portland
In the next few days.
Foreman of Morrison-Street Span
Tells Cans of Delay.
In a letter 'wrlten to The Oregonlan,
J. H. Richmond, foreman of Morrison
street bridge, commenting on a recent
article In The Oregonlan regarding a
delay of 2 minutes In closing the
bridge draw, says he is Informed by the
Portland Railway, Light Power Com
pany's inspector that the delay in ques
tion, which was shortly after noon Sat
urday, was but 20 minutes.
Mr. Richmond says that the steamer
Ruth was backing to hold herself In
position before the draw opened and
that he planned to close the draw be
fore the No Wonder arrived upstream.
At this Juncture, be writes, be found
that he had not sufficient pojver to
make headway. Later, with very in
sufficient power, he closed the bridge.
Mr. Richmond says he was on duty
continuously until 10:30 P. M-, when
repairs to ground and feed wires were
made, which must last until the river
subsides. . , .
Delays In opening the draw with
the river in Its present stage." says
Mr. Richmond, "might mean great loss
of property and perhaps life and I shall
reserve the right to safeguard both
bridge and water traffic, even though
slightly more than ordinary time Is re
quired In opening."
Two Men, One Posln as Officer,
Captured After Chase.
With a partner who posed as a
peace officer lying In wait to cover his
retreat, J. F. Leffler attempted to pass
a worthless check In a second-hand
store near Second and Morrison streets
.ataaulatf . A Vl rt IT D-h AllCe f "If AS'll bV
the good 'offices of the pseudo police
man, was later capiurea ancr
chase by Patrolman Endicott and De-
..,... Tvla.a, and Rnvle.
When Leffler proffered the check.
i. . n.An,itnr nr in. store iukkcbin
going to the bank to cash It. Leffler
demurred, whereupon the intended
victim seised and held him. The sec
ond man then stepped forward and
v. - .4 . Wh.n Informed of the
trouble he said he would take Leffler
to the station. Btm suspicious, mo
merchant watched them walk away,
whan P.trnlmin Endicott OBSSed
by, he told him of the affair. Endi
cott chased Leffler three blocks, and
be was captured by Royle and Price
in a rooming-bouse.
V .a. 1 .a. I. a.LI .A I1T. TlMRAcl HU-
merous checks, putting on the garb of
a worklngman to assist me uecopnuu.
and changing into more siyiisn ciom
jng as soon as the coup Is made.
Patrolman Startled by Two Explo
sions, Arrests Lodger.
Great coolness under fire was dis
played by Patrolman Huntington yes
terday morning, when a fusillade of
bombs broke forth at his feet while
he was patrolling his Alder-street beat.
"Bang!" went a missile that came
v..-iina- th air and lit beside
the policeman. H. Jumped but soon,
steadied himself. Just in time to dodge
another bomb that descended like a
knlfr fpnm the httlA.
a-s v. . - flnn, nf Ilia "Rnrtrtn TTntel.
VU a"" aK , .
Sydney Woodhouse had discovered two
, .... .. , . - a 1 1 1 inn aa
No Other Emulsion Has The Quality
There Are Two Sizes 1 6 oz. and
8 oz. Each Brown Bottles Only.
No To Eat Up Quantity.
All Druggists are Glad to Sell It
Children Love It Tastes Good
Sample Bottle Free by Mail
That those who are seeking health and
strength for themselves, children, rela
tives or friends may experience the life
giving properties of this exclusive Nor
way gold medal osonlzed cod liver oil
medicinal food emulsion as well as to
know Oxomulsion superiority In being
most palatable and easy to take a gen
erous 8-oz. bottle will bo sent by mall to
those who send addresses by post sard or
letter to Osomulslon, 648 Pearl St.. N. T.
electric light globes that had glim
mered their last and he dropped them
GO feet to the pavement below. Hunt
ington spied him leaning from his
window, following the flight of his
missiles. The policeman made his way
to the room, where he placed Wood-
house under arrest for throwing glass
in the street.
City Attorney Also Holds Commis
sion Has Authority to Bnlld.
AtAraa,v rir-o n vfltnd&v sub
mitted to Mayor Rushlight an opinion,
1 .,.1., that tha FltV hBS full
authority to proceed with the construc
tion of oocks at any sireei mu
.v. .-at that ih. fi.nirlnl Dock
LlltS lllCIi wa. ...w a -
PAHimlMlAn 4a th nrnner bodv to do
the work. The opinion was given at
the Mayors request, as mere u
some question as to the power of the
city government to build wharves, es
pecially on street ends where private
parties have constructed their estab
lishments. The questfon of the power of the city
to build docks was raised recently
when th. Dock Commission began its
active work In arranging for dock-con-etructlon
on the river, following out
the policy of public docks, voted by
th. people when a 12,500,000 bond is
sue was authorized.
Ex - Councilman Ellis lntroauceo,
many months ago, a set of ordinances,
15 in all. declaring the street ends
along the river open, and revoking all
permits that had been granted In past
. . tka PftiiTn-M nr a.cted on the
at all orcpnt to refer them
around from one' committee to another
or to the City Attorney, ana wnen m
Dock Commission was created, they
. . i. tha tnamhers of that bodT.
They, in turn, sent them to Mr. Grant,
asking for an opinion.
Man-lace licenses.
GL.UTH-THE1L1EFGE Willie Gluts, city,
28. and Alvlns Thelliefge. 21.
Gresham. Or., 45. and Clara Stewart,
Gresham. 28.
city, legsl. end Mary O. Blanchard, legal.
VERDAOLIO-RB Pater Verdagllo, city,
80. and Mary Re. 19.
ORESTE-BELARDONE Joe Oreate, city,
26, and Lucia Belardone. legal.
city. 22. and Myrtle E. Shadlngar. 18.
JONES-HERSEY Howard P. Jones. Se
attle. 27. and Cora Hersey. 28.
peth, city, 24. and Lenna Shipp, 18.
ernalha. city, 24, and Catherine fichwarts,
"edWARDS-W ATKINS James Edwards,
city. 45. and Olive Watklns, 88
DUNCAN-DIVENS C. A. Duncan, city,
45, and Mary L. Dlvena, 27.
' Births.
ZEISMAN To Mr. and Mrs. Mas J. Zels
man, city, January 11, a daughter.
MOULTAN To Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wi
ley Moultan, 48S0 Thirty-second avenue, Jan
uary 18. a son.
GRAY To Mr. and Mrs. George A. Gray.
102 East Elzteenth street, January 4, a
JORDAN To Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Jordan.
833 Thirtieth street, January 4, a son.
SCHWARTZ To Mr. snd Mrs. Joseph
Schwartz. 680 Fifth street, January 12, a son.
DEWEY To Mr. and Mrs. John Dewey,
city, January 7, a son.
CROW To Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Crow, 7130
Forty-third avenue, January 10, a daughter.
POGUE To Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Fogue.
1063 East Twenty-sixth street North, Janu
ary S, a son.
OL8EK To. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Olsen,
301 Holladay avenue, January 16, a daugh
ter. PETERSON To Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Pe
terson. 408 Brazee street, January 4. a
CARTER To Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Carter,
8543 Seventieth street, January 14, a son.
TAWNEY To Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Tawney.
Forty-third and Holgate streets, January 11.
a son.
JTJL1, To Mr. and Mrs. Severt Jull, 15B5
Atlantic street. January 12, a daughter.
POTTOCH To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pot
toch, 1182 East Eighteenth street, January
13, a son.
PORTLAND, Jan. 18 Maximum temper
ature, 45 degreea; minimum, 37 degrees.
River reading, S A. M, 13.S feet; change in
last 24 hours, 2.7 feet (all. Total rainfall (5
p. m. to 5 P. M.), none; total rainfall since
September 1, 1911, 18.16 Inches; normal rain
fall since September 1, 23.20 Inches; defi
ciency of rainfall since September 1, 1911,
4.04 Inches. Total sunshine, 1 hours 6 min
utes; possible sunshine, 9 hours 12 min
utes. Barometer (reduced to sea level) at 5
P. M., 30.02 Inches.
State of
Boise ...
Denver a..
Des Moines ....
Eureka ....... a
Galveston ......
Helena ........
Kansas City....
New Orleans .
New York
North Head ....
North Yakima .
Portland .....a
St. Louis
Et. Paul
Salt Lake
San Diego
San Francisco .
Fpokane . . . . .
Tatoosh Island
Walla Walla .. .
4U 0.
22 0
26 0
26 0
,02 4'NWjSnow
08.14 SW Cloudy
00 g xw PL. ciouay
OS 20 NW Pt. cloudy
00 8'NE
14' 8 NW
08! 6 S
70 0
VI 0
00: 4 BW
00-10 SE PL. cloudy
26 '0
.00!10:NW Clear
BS 0
16 4 SW Cloudy
24 10 SW Rain
12 20 SW Rain
44 0,
48 0
68 0
34 0
02 20 SW Cloudy
00,18 B Cloudy
00 4 E Cloudy
00 4'NWCIear
00 4 W Cloudy
64 O.
82 O.
10 0
.0010'E Cloudy
10 4 SB Ciouay
08114 SE I Bain
3u'l8 N Pt. cloudy
42 0
.001 4'NW Pt. cloud,
60 0
.00112 NW
181 6 S
00 4 NE
ft. cloudy
.00' I N
.00 28 E
00 4 S
The high-pressure area yesterday over the
Canadian Northwest has moved southeast
ward and this evening It is central over the
q All knowledge is the result of investigation.
Every achievement in the science of chemistry,
medicine, electricity or mechanics is the fruit of
continued and exhaustive research. Therefore,
those who, without full investigation of the newest
and most modern ideas in scientific piano con
struction, are led to testify to the superiority of
an instrument, without having seen, tried and
become thoroughly familiar with
may be questioned, not in their sincerity, but'
Burely for their lack of knowledge.
fl Exery Mason & Hamlin Piano is sold in com
petition with instruments which have in past years
been considered the acme of piano perfection.
Every buyer of a Mason & Hamlin Piano, and
there are hundreds in and about Portland, is an
investigator, a lover of the truly artistic qualities
found in far greater measure in the Mas6n &
Hamlin than in any other piano.
Cjf All real knowledge is the result of investigation.
Therefore, in the selection of your piano, make
careful comparison of the Mason & Hamlin with
other leading makes. Satisfy yourself that you
are buying that which is best. Be governed by
quality only. The Mason & Hamlin will tell its
own story under your own fingers. A new sensa
tion awaits you.
I Our Mason & Hamlin stock is complete in both
Grands and Uprights. We cordially invite you to
see and hear them. x
Victor Talking Machines and Records.
New Location Corner Morrison and Seventh Sts.
Dekotas. The Texas disturbance has moved
northeastward to the lower Iake region.
The barometer Is rising on the Paclflo Slope
and falling In the Canadian Northwest. Rain
has fallen In California and Southern Ore
gon and also In the lower Mississippi Val
ley. Light snow has occured in Southern
Idaho, the Missouri Valley and portions or
the Lake region. It Is warmer In the At
lantic States and much colder between the
Mississippi Valley and the Rocky Mountains.
On the Paclflo Slope the temperatures have
remained nearly stationary.
The oondltlons are favorable for fair
weather In thla district Friday, except In
Southern Idaho, where light snow will tau.
The temperature will remain nearly sta
tlonary. FORECASTS.
Portland and vicinity Fair; winds mostly
eaOregon and Washington Fair; easterly
winds. ,
Idaho Fair north, light snow south por-
""edWARD A. BEALS, District Forecaster.
The big clearance sale of Pianos, Pianola Pianos (Second-Hand) and
Organs is nearing the end.
Good Organs $23 up
Upright Pianos $67 up
Grand Pianos $250 up
We've never had so many for sale and we've never sold so many
in so short a period of time.
Arrange Payments to Suit Yourself
Remedy Made From Garden Sage
and Sulphur Restores Color
to Gray Hair.
A feelingr of sadness accompanies the
discovery of th first grray hairs which
unfortunately are looked upon as her
alds of advancing age. Gray hair, how
ever handsome it may be, makes a per
son look old. We a "I know the advan
tages of being young. Aside from the
good Impression a youthful apearance
makes on others, simply knowing that
you are 'looking fit" gives one cour
age to undertake and accomplish
things. So why suffer tho handicap of
looking old on account of gray hairs,
when a simple remedy will give your
hair youthful color and beauty in a
few days' time?
Most people know that common gar
Lightens All Housework
Cleans, Scours, Polishes
from cellar to garret
den ease acts as a color restorer and
scalp tonic as well. Our grandmothers
used a "Sage Tea" for keeping their
hair dark, soft and luxuriant In
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy
we have an ideal preparation of Sage,
combined with Sulphur and other valu
able remedies for dandruff. Itching
scalp and thin, weak hair that is Bplit
at the ends or constantly coming out.
A few applications of this valuable
remedy will bring back the color, and
in a short time it will remove every
trace of dandruff and greatly improve
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Get a fifty cent bottle from your
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ence in your .aair after a few days'
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guarantee that the money will be re
funded if the remedy is not exactly as
Special agent. Owl Drug Co.