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Woman on Trial for Murder
Leans on Attorneys Know
ing Fate Rests Therein.
Oat tie Fast-Care Specialist Admits
on Third Day That Case Is Be-
ginnlng to Tell oa Her.
Defease Plan Foreseen.
TAOOMA. trash.. Jan. 17. f8pecial.
The third day of the trial of Dr.
Linda Eurfleld Hazzard. Seattle faat
enre specialist, accused of the deliber
ate murder of Claire Williamson.
M.lttw 1 1 a K -nlmt.l who. with her
sister, went to -Starvation Heights" at
Oiana. lor treatment, enaea i -i-today
at Port Orchard, with ths special
Seven jurors were In the bos. sure of
remain leg-, and lour ouers naa pm.
j . . T Y" . W v An!rd
y.u iui ..-huw-j-
a third venire of IS drawn to report to
morrow morning-- 1 no sxaie naa ex
hausted all but two of Its peremptorlea
and the defense all but three and coun
sel tonight is confident the jury .win
be completed tomorrow forenoon.
Today the defense exercised three
more of its peremptory challenges and
the state one. Jurors excused by the
defense were: T. J. Hammer, a rancner
of Paulsbo; E. Q. Harmon, a machinist
ii.u- - ri-fhar! and Andrew
Bolferson. a farmer residing- near Port
Orchard. The state excusea i. rami.
an employe at Hall Bros.- enipyaro.
.agie Hsroor.
n.fft-- vtmm rsHws.
Intimations as to the nature of the
defense to be Introduced by attorneys
for Mrs. Hassard developed today.
The derense will try to prove that
Claire Williamson came to her death
In the Ollala Sanitarium because she
steadfastly refused nourishment when
offered to her by Mrs. Hassard. Fur
ther, assert her attorneys, she came to
the fast specialist when practically
riven up as hopeless by physicians, and
jn inia respeci cney noia
merely unlucky. That Mrs. Hassard had
schemed from the first to obtain part
of the Williamson estate, it Is said, will
t resulted try evidence woicn win
hew that all Dr. Hassard would have
received In any event would have been
a yearly donation to the sanitarium of
fSC. bequeathed by Claire Williamson.
i . a .1 is Mint m.ria
Aliv.nci - "
known today. In that the fast specialist
Jioias a license, irom in, i'" prw
ties, earing disease by the fasting
method and also a license to practice
Today the woman sat unmoved la
court, content to let her attorneys con-
A 7i f tftiA fmmm .mmln.Mnn of ttirorS
with 'is suggestions. About ber eyes
mere appearea m urea loom, anvwina
that the strain oi tne inai win inn
Its mark npoa ner aespiie ner Declara
tion of enduring strength. That she is
watchful of proceedings, nevertheless,
betraying the same keen, quiet alert
ness aa would a tigress la the Jungle.
Is plain In every action.
Daily when court adjourns she walks
to the wharf with her attorneys, keenly
consctous that )n their hands and skill
largely rests ber fate.
"It is strange." she said today, "but
this is the first time I have had to lean
on anyone. I find It bard to get used
British Ylce-Coneul Agassis, of Ta
coma, was in court today for the first
time since the trial began, and satd ha
would be In attendance until the case
is concluded.
Pertlaad fade Presvat- '
John Herbert, uncle of the William
son girls, of Portland and. Dr. Arthur
Langley, cousin, of Australia, were also
present. Mlsa Dorothea Williamson,
sister of Claire, and Miss Margaret Con.
way, nurse of the two sisters, are at
the Navy View Hotel at Port Orchard,
but have not appeared in court and
probably will not until wanted by the
Indications are that the Hassard trial
will prove costly to Kitsap County. A
conservative estlrrate places the prob
able expense at 15500. providing the
trial does not last over two weeks.
Counsel for e state believe it will
be completed next week, but both sides
admit a possibility of Its lasting longer.
The lot witnesses subpenaed were in
creased today by one additional sub-
pena Issued by the state.
- . ) & I
tbe audience did not know It. Follow
ing a strike by the regular chorus, for
too many reasons to be recounted, the
management of the Grasl Grand Opera
Company pressed local "supes" of an
other nationality Into service. As a
result silvery-throated warblers draw
ing up to ftOO a night rubbed shoulders
with them and helped swell the volume
of the chorus and drown the Italian
words. The blending of the two ro-
mantto tongues considered. "Louise"
went fairly well.
The seeming Incongruity was passed
over lightly by M. de Journal, business
agent of the company.
'Maybe dey seeng French, maybe dey
seeng Italian. It la all right; we don't
care; Jus' so dey seeng." be said.
The ehrous. in spite of the avalanche
of French expletives hurled at It by
the artist. Is still busy, the Italian
singers trying to grasp the French
worda or substitute Italian ones and
at the same time follow the score.
Cardinal's Home-Coming Ac
claimed by 750,000.
Prelate Declares Conviction That
God Has Placed In Cbalr of Peter
Man Who la Meeting;
Needs of Time.
Republicans Will Work for Nomina
tion and Re-election of President
on Portland's Plan.
NEW TORK. Jan. IT. Illumination
tonight of St. Patrick's Cathedral with
50.000 electric lights strung to the
tips of two great spires ended a mem
orable day of ovation for Cardinal Far
ley on his return to America as a new
ly created prince of the church.
It It estimated that 7(0,000 persons
aw his eminence driven from the
Battery, where he landed, up Broad
way and Fifth avenue to tbe Cathedral.
So unbounded was the enthusiasm of
many who sought to see him that
mounted police charged the throng re
Dressed In his scarlet robes, the car
dinal rode In an open carriage through
a lane of people for more than four
At the Cathedral it was only by
force that way was made for him
through the crowd. Six thousand chil
dren's voices were raised in the Te
dum" as he entered. In thanks for
the welcome, his eminence shook
hands with feeling and delivered the
blessings of Pope Pius X.
"Coming now from his sscred pres
ence, he said, "and after several pri
vate audiences in which he opened his
fatherly heart as to a loving son: e,nd
after hearing that voice which aeemed
to speak in tones of inspiration pro
claiming to the world fearless denunci
ation of the schemes of the church's
enemies. I have returned with a con
fidence more full than ever hefora that
Mill . Qod has placed in the chair of Peter
President May Act on Surgeon's Re
port Just Submitted.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 17. The Ques
tion of the Immediate commutation of
the sentence of Charles W. Morse sgaln
hangs In the balance. Surgeon-General
Torney, of the Army, consulted by At-
torney-Oeneral Wlckersham as to
whether Morse's condition now seems
desperate, made a report to tbe At
torney-General today.
General Torney's opinion will be laid
before the President and in the mean
time will not be made public. If the
end seems imminent, it can be said that
the President will commute the sen
Reports from the hospital at Fort
McPherson. Ga., where Morse is con
fined, are that Morse is continually
losing ground and that his condition
Is grave.
Rearse Not Moved While Non-Cnion
Chauffeur Drives Mourners.
SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. IT. (Special.)
Refusing to allow the funeral cortege
of the late Abraham Stern, a prominent
merchant and banker, to proceed with a
nonunion chauffeur driving the private
automobile of Jacob Stem, a brother of
Abraham Stern. 8. T. Dixon, business
agent of the Chauffeurs' Union, delayed
the start from the Fairmont Hotel for
half an hour today.
On perceiving the nonunion man at
the wheel of Stern's machine. Dixon or
dered Wlllam Fitzgerald, driver of the
limousine hearse, not to proceed.
Jacob Stern and his party finally ob
tained another car and the precession
made Its delayed start for the cemetery.
ington. Jan. IT. (Special.) The Taft
committee for Marlon County. Oregon,
formed for the purpose of promoting
sentiment favorable to the renomlna
tion and re-election of President Taft.
will be constituted of the following
members, whose namea have been sub
mitted, by National Committeeman
Williams to Private Secretary HUles
and approved by the secretary:
A. W. Gilbert. James G. Heltxel. R. J.
Hendricks. Dr. J. N. Smith, Hal D.
Patten, B. F. West. Louis Lachmund,
John McNary, John Carson, Ernest
Hofer. H. A. Johnson. Frank T. Wright-
man. John Brophy. Dr. W. Carlton Smith.
and Frank B. Southwlck. of Salem; L.
J. Adams and A. C Steelharamer. Sll
verton: J- T. Hunt, Sublimity; W. H.
Hobson. Stayton; H. C Porter, Aums-
vllle; E. L. Martin. Turner; J. L. Cal
vert. Hubbard: J. M. poorman and J.
D. Simmons. Woodburn; A. M. La Fol-
lette. Brooks; W. M. Mahoney. Ger-
vais; Louis Webert, Aurora: Joseph G.
Fontaine. Jefferson; Lloyd T. Reynolds,
Che maw a and Robert S. Shaw.
The foregoing list embraces the meet the needs of time.
names of men representative of the I "Not onlv is that feeble
ibllcans of Marlon County. These . calm and untroubled, but one
Republicans win be requested by Corn- ; h i placid Insistence is founded on the
mitteeman i imams to take up mis profound faith of the saints, strong as ;
work along lines similar to those be- ( adamant In the belief that God is with
old man
Ing followed by the Taft committee In
Italian Supes Hired When French
Chorus Quits Few Know It.
TrS ANGELES. Jan. 17 (Special.)
Italian "supes" mad, up the chorus of
Textile Mills Reopening and All Ex
pected to Be Operating Soon.
Disaffection Xot Over.
LAWRENCE. Mass.. Jan. 17. A clash
between parading strikers and militia
men was one of tbe developments to
day of the textile strike In which 15,000
militia operatives are concerned. On
the heels of this disturbance. Colonel E.
Leroy Sweetser. commanding the mili
tia, announced he had taken a band in
efforts to settle the trouble.
Colonel Sweetser conferred tonight
with Joseph J. Etter. lesder of tbe
strikers, snd later said he had sug
gested to Etter. a plan for a definite
settlement. Details of the plan were
cot revealed, but Colonel Sweetser later
communicated with Governor Foss by
telephone and arranged a farther meet
ing with Etter.
Between S00 and 400 additional em
ployee of tbe Arlington mills Joined
the strike today, but more operatives
were at work than on any other day
this week. Only the Everett and Law
rence duck mills are Idle and the lat
ter Is expeoted to reopen tomorrow.
him and his church as he had promised
ne would ever be.
Oakland snd Los Angeles Decide
Dance Will Xot Be Tolerated.
OAKLAND. Cal. Jan. 17. Commis
sioner of Public Health and Safety
Fred C Turner has decided that the
"Texas Tommy," and "ragging" will
not be tolerated In Oakland. This ac
tion will be taken In response to a pe
tition by the Civic Purity League.
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 'lT. The "tur
key trot." the "Texas Tommy," the
"grizzly bear," and similar dances were
officially placed on the blacklist of
Los Angeles today. The police com
mission decided that such dances oould
not be given In public dance hall.
How WrinKles Are
Caused and Removed
Scotch Folk Wed at Vancouver.
VANCOUVER. Wash.. Jan. 17. ("Spe
cial.) Porter D. Castle. 43, and Miss
Bessie Richmond. 25. of Inverness,
Scotland, were married here today by
Judge Donald McMaster, of the Su
perior Court. Charles Johnson, of
Alberta. Canada, and Miss Emily Ap-
(Frora American Home.)
"Why did no one think of this be
fore?" writes a clear-thlnklng reader.
"Wrinkles are caused by the skin be
coming loose. Obviously the remedy is
to tighten the skin. Equally it is ob
vious that the only thing which will
tighten the skin is a powerful astrin
gent, i
"Now. it Is well known that the only
powerful astringent which Is absolute
ly harmless and beneficial as well, is
pure powdered saxollte, obtainable
from any druggist. Dissolve one ounce
in a half pint of witch hasel. Bathe
tne face in it daily and behold! The
result la almost magical. The skin be
comes firm and smooth, the face feels
smug, comfortable and solid. Instead
of loose and flabby. Simple. Isn't it?
As I asked why did no one think of it
"One should be careful, however, to
plestam. of Portland, were married to
day. Lortng Wbltaker and Eieanor i use no other astringents than pure
Smith, both or I'ortiana. secured a saxollte. aa the former do no good and
f w 1 . ..,.. . . k. - ... r.l . mr Htt-nu h.r. ImllT ThM ! ..alt. lnflirlnil.mAr. nft.n .Han
V 1 f w v. u vpvim 4 i iiigui v King AU i " --- - - - -- , t w m
dltorlum. and It seems that IJ-J00 of 1 were accompanied by Edith Smith. J not." Adv. J
Hypnotist Is in Asylum and
Physicians Labor in Vain
to Break Spell.
Good Shampoo for
the Winter Months
Tailor, Xow Raving and Abusive,
Cannot Restore Her to Xormal
Mental Condition Xelgh-
bors Appeal to Police.
OAKLAND. Cal.. Jan. 17. (Special.)
-Wilfred Belleveau." possessed of the
powers of a Svengall. was committed
to the Nana Hospital for tho Insane to
day by Superior Judge Arnot. Mrs,
C. Wlllard. who was arrested with
Belleveau at her home In Berkeley last
night, will be examined as to her san
Ity tomorrow.
In the meantime physicians are en
gaged in a vain effort to release her
from the hypnotic hysteria In wnicn
the hypnotist left her when ne was
himself bereft of reason. The strange
couple had been holding a hypnotlo
orgy in the Wlllgrd bungalow forsev
eral davs. The woman's husband ren
to Denver last Wednesday and she and
Belleveau, it is said, began a wild se
ries of orgies which startled the neigh
borhood. There were shouts and
songs, laughter and tears and much
noise. Neighbors importuned the po
lice to stop the noise, but nothing was
done until yesterday, when the man
and woman were arrested.
Mrs. Wlllard. after being taken to
the Receiving Hospital, told the police
that Belleveau had cast a spell over
her. He told her that her husband
had died on the train en route to Den
ver and that he was the husband's re-
Incarnated spirit. She believed him,
So they celebrated the death and tbe
reincarnation until the police interfered.
Belleveau was found to be a raving
maniac, violent, incoherent and abus
ive. Mrs. Wlllard's condition was
hardly better. She could not remove
her eyes from the tailor, who is
short, uncouth man and who has none
of the characteristics of. a dominant
personality. Physicians at the hospi
tal and the observation of neighbors
are authority for the statement that
the tailor exercised a hypnotic spell
over Mrs. Wlllard from the first time
they met.
Neighbors have telegraphed the hus
band of the woman and he will arrive
tomorrow, when a desperate effort will
be made, with his aslstance. to bring
Mrs. Wlllard back to her normal men
tal condition.
"The Hair and scalp require sham
pooing nearly as often in winter as
during the summer." writes Mrs. Mae
Martyn in the Philadelphia Star, "and
when a woman neglects this important
duty her hair soon becomes oil-laden
and unmanageable.
"A soothing and cleansing shampoo
mixture can be prepared at little cost
by dissolving a teaspoonful canthrox
in a cup of hot water. This rubs into
a thick, white lather, stops the Itching
almost instantly, and dissolves every
particle of dust, dandruff and excess
oil. Rinsing leaves the scalp clean and
healthy, while the hair dries evenly
and quickly, taking on a charming
softness and rich gloss. Occasional
shampoos with canthrox encourage the
hair to grow long and abundantly."
Finding Views Opposed in Illinois,
Mrs. Parker Resigns From League.
CHICAGO. Jan. 17. Mrs. Alice Bright
Parker has resigned her affiliations
with the Illinois Equal Suffrage
League. She was formerly bead of the
league's publicity bureau.
It was said today that her action re
sulted over a discussion as to whether
XJm CARMEN N OT dangerous
metios mod acquire beauty without
cosmetics mod acquire beauty without
wauwg or roooing. rfustatoucaof
Complesxlon Powder
ml ytnr tttMtthy, bhMxiifrff tMuitj rf yooth irf1I
b mhmaced, to TemMincatHjn witiv
CeU-CMTjls) diffennt rrons ethsr
ee UnCT so powder snout ae
. rimh mmd ih i Tout aim 60.
Carmen Cold Cream
feed for sara. roasa sks
Him Hi I J. ja5Sc
Stafford-hAUler Company.
61S OUveStreet St. Louis, Mo.
Satisfied Customers
Oar Strongest Recommendation
We have been so careful to make
careful, skillful examinations of
the eye that we seldom make a
We make so few mistakes that
we can afford to guarantee all
we do and thereby eliminate all
If we told you we never made a
mistake you would not believe us.
Our Skillful Fining and Ad
justing Will Satisfy the Most
208-209-210 Corbett Bldg.
Fifth and Morrison Sts.
more spectacular and militant meas
ures were necessary In Illinois. Mrs.
Parker stands for militancy. Others
favored more conservative measures.
Mrs. Parker, It is said, will go with
the woman's suffrage party, which
stands for more militant action than
the state organization with which it
has never affiliated.
Patients Restrained With Difficulty.
1000 Others Compelled to
Leave Buildings.
CHICAGO, Jan. 17. Fire destroyed
today the infirmary of the Dunning In
sane Asylum at the outskirts of the
city and caused attendants considerable
trouble in restraining 100 excited pa
tients, none of whom were injured. The
loss of the four-story brick building
was 135.000.
The burned building housed 300 per
sons, most of whom had to be aided
to other parts of the institution. Lack
of water and difficulty In getting fire
apparatus to the remote grounds threat
ened five adjoining buildings, which
sheltered nearly 1000 other patients.
AH of the patients were made to don
wraps and leave the buildings, stand
ing in the open air under guard of at
tendants until firemen had the flames
under control.
Every Article Reduced
Canadian Tells American Lumber
men They Are Done Injustice,
MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 17.-Denuncla-tlon
of the Government with regard to
the suit pending against lumbermen
was made today by E. M. Trowern,
secretary of the Retail Merchants' As
sociation of Canada, in an address be
fore the Northwestern Lumbermen s
Association. Mr. Trowern Invited any
special agent of the Government who
might be attending the meeting to
make himself known and take a front
seat that he "might hear all that was
being said."
"You fellows work for the pubiio
year in and year out," said Mr. Trowern
to the lumbermen, "for what practl-
$h m& v m 3.:.
Only Three More Weeks of
Our Great Removal Sale
AH Goods Purchased Through
January Will Be Billed to
You March First
cally amounts to nothing, and In pay
ment for your trouble, the Govern
ment becomes Imbued with the idea
that you are parties to a conspiracy to
defraud the people." , ..
Vancouver Clnh Men Forgetful.
VANCOUVER. Wash., Jan.. 17. (Spe
cial.) The Commercial Club held a
mid-week luncheon today at Hotel St.
Elmo, and so Interested were the mem
bers talking about the home industries
that have been established .here, that
10 forgot to pay the cashier. Tho de
ficit was made up by tho Commercial
Club. E. E. Beard was chairman of
the meeting and asked a dozen men,
representing Vancouver industries, to
The big clearance sale of Pianos, Pianola Pianos (Second-Hand) and
Organs is nearing tbe end. ....
Good Organs $23 up
Upright Pianos $67 up
Grand Pianos $250 up
"We've never had so many for sale and we've never sold so many
in so short a period of time. -
Arrange Payments to Suit Yourself
Is Your Piano Just Furniture
Or a Musical Instrument?
The perfect tone qualities of tbe
Bush & Lane
win never permit It to becooM
idle or purely ornamental.
Bulb ic Lane Piaoo owuers take
s pride la having their piano
It completes the home sad Is a
constant source of pleasure. Built
to stand s lifetime of use.
A Bush & Lane Piano in Your Home
Is a Badge of Musical Culture
Bush & Lane Piano Co.
855 Washington St.
Majestic ater Bid.
"There's only one place In Portland
where you can see the GAITER BOOT"
TShe j
As different as a gowi
by Paqnln or Worth
Faultless and stunningly, stylish
The Rage in European style centers
(Comes with patent vamp
and top of black, gray or
brown cravenette, or any
other combination.
the Pair Made to Order
Tnll Gtbbs' Bldg.
Helpful Hints on
Hair Health
Scalp and Hair Troubles
Generally Caused by
Dandruff is a contagious disease
by a microbe which also produces bald
ness. Never use a comb or brush be
longing to someone else. Ho matter
how cleanly the owner may be, these
articles may be infected with microbes.
which will infest your scalp. It is far
easier to catch hair microbes than it
is to get rid of them, and a single
stroke of an infected comb or brush
may well lead to baldness. Never try
on anybody else s hat. Many a hat
band is a resting place for microbes.
If you happen to be troubled with
dandruff, itching scalp, falling hair or
baldness, we have a remedy which we
believe will completely re!le-o these
troubles. We are so sure of this that
we offer it to you with the understand
ing that It will cost you nothing for the
trial if it does not produce the results
we claim. This remedy Is called Rexall
"93" Hair Tonic. We honestly believe
it to be the most scientific remedy for
scalp and hair troubles, and we know
of nothing else that equals it for effec
tiveness, because of the results it has
produced In thousanas of cases.
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic is devised to
banish dandruff, restore natural color
when its loss has been brought about
by disease, and make the hair naturally
silky, soft and glossy. It does this be
cause it stimulates the hair follicles,
destroys the germ matter, and brings
about a free, healthy circulation of
blood, which nourishes the hair roots,
causing them to tighten and grow new
hair. We want everybody who has any
trouble with hair or scalp to know
that Rexall "93" Hair Tonic is the best
hair tonic and restorative in existence,
and no one should scoff at or doubt this
statement until they have put our
claims to a fair test, with the under
standing that they pay us nothing for
the remedy If it does not give full and
complete satisfaction In every particu
lar. Two sizes, 60 cents and $1.00.
Sold only by the Owl Drug Co.
stores in Portland. Seattle, Spokane,
San Francisco, Oakland. Los Angeles
and Sacramento.
Bronchial Troches
A remedy of superior merit for Coughs, Hoarse
ness and irritation of throat, giring wonderfni
relief in Lung Troubles, Bronchitis and Aathma.
Free from opiates or any harmful ingredient.
Sold only in boxes. Sample mailed free.
JOHJT I. BROWN & SOK, Boston, Mam.