Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 21, 1911, Page 16, Image 16

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    A C" -
On of Many.)
Office Itcnur; "Employnint DpTtt.
T. . C. A- w ,
Yet-ng mm. stranger, sat f work
hi total cah i i f I pay yoa $8 lr
a-eto-lai rapofoivnl mmbrhlp I will
lav only $13 left btwa ma u4 otar
xatlon. Ksrretary If yo pay 18 for special -
rloyment membership you will have th
1. M. C. A., itn lu r4j-arca. b-iweea
you and nanrtUoo.
F.a:i: lount nu Joined Aaeoeiatloa.
In lee thaa a woe had uUalHiwy
Record fop 19
Cm i lor msn .
I tftuenl fli!t
N s bf iltmUri
tha cd:ng Oct.
. ...... ....17
11 ed
Cmployinont -nnbrhfp -rant
m-il.yrnent or refund of -"-mbrnlp
f: ! two nwrihi' full membership
rnl,tM. 10 mihr social prtvlig
ard undertake lo keep parly mpoy4
during lb fjli lira of Bursaip wit -furtaor
We have constant dmaad for nlga
srred. - perls-iced ma. Art till"
for a better position r
inuri employ-neat le""art--tat
T M. C A.
ABLE-tWdTeD i-- wanted for lh TJ. .
Marin Corp. tim lb age of ! and
: muil be aatlr born or bv f-t ta
pers; monthly pr 11.1 to ". additional
com pe-n-usf loo p.4--ilble: f.-od. clothing,
eviart- and meliral attendance free; aj
er 30 years' tr can rilr with .
per r'ltt of pay and allowance; service
rn board ship and ahore In all part of
- or:.i. Apply t r. R. v-!n Corps
R-xruttlr Offlc. blJ.. Id and
tniiir -n :. or room 7 V;ncboir
ll-j iu 3, t.. Porltar.if. Or.
I mVE boil werklnt with poc!alty
m-o for a tt"1 many yrar. but nr
n-ror ha I boon ao:lail wltb a bi
tor sat'alod I'! t pin than our prnt
oran!atloo of 'd pnolucor. w.l"
iinuilun I -athord from wha !
oam You can bo on of lhm- Thl
bo w propMit!'n. or a np
aM p. but jrii rr.'jf? b liiMaf frt wira.
RIK.M IS I.rWBKIt 6AI HA.Xtb I'""'
3I AND flAHK. .
WA.NTEl" .
Thl 1 tha bi pmpo.ItloB ovor p a-a
on th mrkt: li mrn ar makln; 10
P- work. all at one, bofor w a.
'TKl""'EtrLON-.KOM.ra rn. INT.
ri ywh.nm HM. : Whltoii at.
jlF to aoi: our nw ub-dlvilon roal -lata;
a;rmn can ln.-ra tholr rt
lr aood opportunity for lhoo who l.aa
r-.-r .old rl tat to land th '''
no; Ir.iruoil.m froo. and ln lurlJ"L
our .a 14 ,T"
A. Jaroh Co. Larft Krally Operator
f'anfte Coat. .
rAf'FBIEV'ED ir'lnc aaloman by whip
n-ar,uftlurr. nllfll retail dair: cm
m!on. or iMi lino; otropllonal.y
lin. Kf-r.ncr rr'l ilr-d wilh applia
t.on. A. J. Cook Whip fo.. W.:f!M.
WANTED b a Pan rranrlaro J.-bblr.-b
u. a mlliln-rr trr for th N"rth
...i. oo Mlary. Addroa or apply
notptxlir to J. Hot! 1-ort-land.
WANTED Er.errtio huatTor to M ralrn.
dr aad alvrtiir nw:t! on coram:
lon. In ornn MC.mli' of Portland, coni
mnclti January 1. t12- Addra AD
W A M 1 1 A c t to-k tman f-r com -janv
with n.oat of ! tock aold: o.l
Iai and up:rt from prnt
.....hnj.n. f:rt-;a aalrrman oa.y
r-r'.nn M.'.r.
SAt.K-VKN for Portland and ylrinlty for a
puiar-pncd and w;l-mad lln of wl'Jll
-li on ftral.-rl (-immlolun
onlv only a o.vl ll hutl-r wanird.
App-'y H . t N. 'h t.. Phlla.lrlphia. fa.
- OTKO A aaleaman of ailttr: can mak
a ' ax d on a Mh-cra.lo. a.
t:.jir propoaitioB. Hill Kranklla. room
-1. after 1 A. M.
b ! . IT. 'KS for old ilbUhd corpora
tl -n bl paving- oflrr In th city for rorn. P atr. Co;hour. 41S
Voaal bl.l.. a io 1?.
t ANT Kl k Four flrl-c:a ladle tailor;
ir noi nr-U-r-lape. do not apply. Sll 811
'"g h'r A l.lppnian.
J.Al.K-iIAN iln'l for p-.ultry farm: nw
pro p..i i ion ; ff'od ci'mmlolon. R. A
ioi.'nct'n. t. Hoard of Trad
WANTKL A your man who know lha
to drlv tror-rr mi"n; alv pbona
n:;rnKr l -tio. -r-conln
TWO trmbor-faller w.inl .loo of ruttlraT
a boo y of nmlr d irir-c lh Wlntor; 1
rftr' riptrnrr. K Ml. r--orj Ian.
"n ANTED al onr. xpr1en-'od drr lon-
d-r Apply at on. o. Portland Woo to
V !'t. t. John, t'rgon.
S r'lKoT-CLAon rarpenler finlahrr f "T
It. Mirr. Or. r-H befor 10 A. M 4it'ver Kx. H!-?.
HR.T.(' ki-l operator.
o-i-. 3A1 Nortbw!
Apply at
lair th
t NTt:L fiollolior for cleanina and
pre.ln buiilnea: good rommlMloa. ftll
rv..-i i.
tTiiv not better your pre-nt condition?
v hav a new Invention that ell lk
bot cakea. IK McKay b.J.
JAPIVKSS rook for deiicate-an: only e
perlenfed and competent man need reply;
cue phon ninuner. fcl Oreonlan.
vTaNTEI To g ' h xl coaimaker and two
Job men for country, u. ti. mc
Hrld t o.
14A S!h
V NTrt A boy to deliver on a bloycle:
T'ulf position. Apple meal market, ho7
H1t .t. F C. Brown.
W VNTF.l Flrt-cla- buheiman and pre
.r; eteadr work i'nrtland Tailoring
fo. I nc. Z22 Mormeon l-
TA A NT all arourd man for dairy lunch who
ran cook; reference required. ii aoi,
f reon lan.
TV ANTK,E Experienced rollector and "-it.-itoe
of delinquent account. AN &:9.
F-WbIN'ENT Incem for lma. Aak for
i - Hrvant. Ill Teon bd.
t-.VPKKIENt'ED hotel rlrk; ! ac. phon
ar-d partlru.are. F 7. Oreyonian.
1-N71T tor e'ab.ia.ied. f;n luburbaa lo
rtion. B 1J-
WNTSD Artificial limb maker. ililll.
rn Co.. ill E. e'h t t Anceie. Cal.
iTanTKD Boy ovor 14. with wb 7
I'.ioTixjHArK coupon and portrait aent.
new o'f-r. Oitorth fitudio, ekum b J.
C.I AS.i hlr. Pacific Art Glaaa Work.
I .. I Front l.
WASTiir ITuf clerk; rout b rea;terd;
:edv powllion. O 1 1. Jl.reaonlan.
VN of ability lo handle aleman. Apply
al on. a. 1S Slark.
WANTED A flrat-clao mealcuttar. Z 773.
i :an.
W TE1) Flrtcii
t i;i'Airi .
poultry picker. 114
W XT' li M A K K tl wantlnc lo.-ation phon
lrii.l or c.l t.l. Charu. of Com.
H'"V to work In print In offlc. Nash, joj
-'e.-k t.
W .TM Automob.l wa.her; a!ry tl
l-r ill); loi.e hour Apply 44 North JOth.
n. iV "a i-'-iL Wanner Mirror Work. 413
la"a cor. loth.
irf.r WAmiv-rriitii.
f.l'U. ht. J and 14 year to aaatal In
oo-i- work and care of 2-er-oid baby;
ra'l morntr.f. 72 Tll'amook at., cor. li t.
tt.Ttli Heflned. capabl woman for re
-nalrl poatlloa. Vlavl Co Kotb b'-'. th 13d Waahln-floa.
n AlrT and ealrt Onlehera. only fipr-ie-i
-.d apply, no others, best vifil paid.
i lo-h. room ""
hit K lady acenta Call at 215 E. ZAitx at..
kit oa.mon. Position permanent, aood
-v. no' hooks, no face pr-psr tt"ne
wNrEt La ly leather for I'hlne Ml
. .'-. Taylor. 7 to iO V. M.
IV .VTK1' A competent nureo a'.rl lo taW
eompit car Intent. App.r Si 1th t.
T NTL"rI-dr barber; aleady Job. Ad
.! -e '." rav; at.
H ANTll.i 5tronr :rl for -eneral hoa
eo-Vc PI'! 4'4 7th st:
I . ! rik;'v: K wanted re. pen;: ,b. amall
.,-!' v 111 tQ'.n. r-om '-'T
TVi i.,lv demonatralors at once; good
n one lo rl ir ni party. 4 1 i Htark.
V,l :tv K experienced cl-'co:al rflrper. good
oasee. ' ! Job S.t llumsida t.
. . ; rrl l aeeial Ittfht houaework. 34
''""' '
V "T-i '. . ilil for en-ral housework. Jn
... jki North
4Trl' Kvper'-noed 'trt and waist ".'a 4o'umbia b:,is:.
ffTy I., car for girl. I year old. a 614.
t M eaonlari.
. i r v'l lr
'o in cere-at housework. Cm'A
;.A T'l ii-no- k et.. cor.
...-III" to t rib -ma and mouat photo.
in Mca.ay bl.l(.
V vTfct. A Tol-N.l VAN Of AI ";'T.
T- A' "T Ajl PM.K-IMAN .on
1 - "" 1 " " " " " t rOK RENT f FOR REST.
VAmD-A0Kyn- KurnlshedKoTm. PH,.,.,...., 1 AP.rtmCTt. artt. !
I I i THb. Kin-Dvi corner Ktnr ana Davi
WAirrro TOrxo IDIM for tblb-
Reoulr. the scrMces of several !.
need waltrewes for Wednesday ''';
ly Apply at restaurant desk thla morn
ing. WAST EI -45eeral young ladlea '
th. . of 1 and 2J lor permanent pol
tloo, app y tha r. T. T. co.. .4 Alder
su. or 1 E. Aokny st.
H ANTKO filrl lo do general housework In
s-room ipirlm-nl for family of three;
most b rompetenl and willing to taa
rare of child, reforenco required. App.r
lo H. P. Hastlnits. on . sr.. ...
MAKKIfcl' mltl.oul children can ha
three furnished housekeeping room for
carina- for small roomlne-hous: sa your
r-,it. Apply :i4 N-rth W car west on
Vorrieon 1 o ..i n. i i'"i '
Ai 4NIKl 1 ;i rl for general houseaork; per-
iraneni place, snail famllv and -rood
boi-ie for the right person, give reference.
i.i.!... r ki i ire4ttnan.
ROOM and board In nlc home given to slu-
- oi.,. iiurm itivt In ex
change for light Iio4iaework. Ihon l!l
. . tl I V4
IV INTKIl Hood glr! for general housework
. .'- . -, v. .ar transfer lo
Kenton, half block from car.'rhon Wood-
8 ILUflVoM AN wanted lo sell tock clos
. ... ...... .... ........ -rood
corporation ri"iu'.' -.
opportunity for bright woman. Al.
i 'res-on la
W ANTKI Man and wlf. wlf to work for
husband board. 159 Tag t. ; tak I.
WNTFI) An eyperleneed econd girl:
wagea g'0; rfrncea 21 Ford U Pbon
Mi.n 7'.-.
I.l-l:.-AI A k ER lo ngag In lh dry good
and notion line; fin location for busi
ness, h law.
BT wholesala hous. an ambttlou woman
willing to appiy herself; eiperlnc not
- ,-;ep, ur.anisn.
FOI'R lady agenia a.i a .u r- e..,
cor. Salmon. I'osltloo permanonl. good
WANTKI- -A woman evperlenred about
housekeeping: high-class hotel.- U21 H
WANTEl Girl lo cook and do houaowork;
- family of three: Portland Height. I'hon
Tilaln . A
4.ii-4 Washington t.. .'ir. 7th. Upstair
phone Vain 292.
WANTKI X-adlee lo make Xmaa notle
at horn, all or pr Itma; good pay;
evperlenco unnecessary. 2J5 11th t.
Washington bide.. 4th and Wash SUL
Main iil or A It. .
OlHt.S to learn dressmaking: not ovr IT
veer of age; paid a'hli learning. Apply
sun parents 112 l"th. room 2"N
WANTEDA young girl lo assist with gen
eral houaework. 307 East 7lh North.
nri.F wAvn-o hai.e or itmalt.
BOOKKSEPERS. cashlsra. bill clerk. lo. :
1 -ill guaraote your qualification to nil
positions In 80 days; prlvat Instruction
by pubilo accountant; position racured. J
430. Oregon Ian.
W'ANTED fraterrvl Insurarca man or
woman; Oregon or Washington. V &84.
MEN wanted, ag i-J5. firemen II "O
monthly, brakeinem I M on aaarby rall
r'ja.!a. expenenc unnecessary; no strike;
position guaianteed competent men: pro
motion; Railroad Employing Headquarter.
men sent lo j.oaltlone last Ihre
months. State age. aend al4t-np. Railway
Association. Oregonlan.
I. earn to iperate moving pictures, AND
EARN $2.A TO o WEEXLT. 1-hort
hour. Ins .1 work, tall and e u today,
.-.peclal low prlc on lessons. New York
Eini Exchange. 02ii-j Washington, near
MEN and women to learn lh barber trad
In lht weeks; pccial Inouremcnta: per
centage paid whil lrnlng; too. free;
iprt Instructors; 17 yeaia In th bnl 87 schools, a lifetime memorsh;
given to each atu.lecl. iloler Harber Col
lege, g- is. eourtn si., i-ort.anu. vr.
WAS1EO ray or board at start lo leara
trad: automobile, electricity, bricklay
ing, plumbing by actual work on Job;
only f e w month required: no apprentice
ship drudgery; 2il students last year:
catalogu Ire. Lolled Trad School. Lo
AngeU. .
M V8KH ycung men wanted to learn wlrw
lra or iloraa telegraphy; great demand
for or-srators; noslilon paying 975 per
month; -tay to fearn; good po;tlon guar
anteed: S'l'ith-ra Paclrio Oo.'s main lln
wire In school. Call or ad.lreae Telegraph
I -p t . . roo-n 605. Commonwealth b i J
To aell real estate. If you a- a hustler
you can make aoout I loo per vek: ex
perience not altogether ne-;esary. Call
'thK NEtriOV. KOt.T.ER CO.. INC.
101 liuchanan Bldg . :"-- Washington SI.
WASTED Rr. mall cleika. Portland lam
ination annoonced Jan. 15: aampi quea
.Ions free. Franklin InsUtut. lyept.
341-K. Fochetrtr. S. T.
Nl MUElt young ladlea wanted to leara tele
graph. asy to learn, goo.! positions guar-,
anteed. Call or addre- Telegraph lJvpt
room 5' ommonwlth bldg
P h I A A T B r..'liXL il-okkeepln. horl-h-.n.l.
typewriting, fl.ty and night classes,
aid in.x:Tiler t.f I'omnierce. Main r.--!-.
MAKrl mo-ev arlttrv short stories, or f r
pspere; big pay; frs booklet lelts how.
1 r-t.d Pr.a - ndlrit... Sin Ktancisro.
bl'ANi.-ii language instruction, day and
evening classes, H3 Commonwealth M'lr.
FRlVATrl sc.'i-l HHuHTilA.VU and III'F.
WRITINH. li mo. r Hlh '- Main !
eilOE.-t soled and heelrd. ZT-c; good leather.
7 t' St.. wear 14th.
ii-r. Ir.Ai MKI.H' A-.sUv.lATl.'N. 1J
Swet.and b.dg
Ilcn-kkrepera and 4 lerka.
UOnlikKKl'KK and rasl.ler. with g.xid ex-pcrlen.-e
us mercantile cost arcoul.tant sn1
ssten-atlser. wanta position; I hae b-'Sl
of references and ran glv bond. AP
fi. . i ".sun l.
1 . l N'T man. r.rat-c'.aas eiperlencevi book
Keei..r. wl.hea lo learn some huslrea that
promise advancement. Would, however,
gladlv consider anything at preaent. Beat
references. J O.5. Creonian.
V ANTED A p.ltlo-i aa superlnl"t;dcnt or
foreman ly married man. with seven
years' actual experience In handling men;
t,et references r-nii former employer.
Address AN Or-ron lan.
yol'N.) man with family wants nosltloa a
b,T-..kkee;-er or clerk: speaks tlerman and
French; Is willing to do any kind of work;
good ref.-ren.-es. AM Sx. Oresonlan.
up books prepare balar. -es and state
ment. Instaii systema, au
ditor. 411 Lewis hldg. Marshall 717.
M I'.E K. re.:a- . sley w orker, good e.
runlant. with too., can furnish
good referenre. must have work; clerical
preferrerl. AN t.'7. fTegonian.
OFKI.'E man. one e ho has made nt
the head of one of tiie l.rcest oflK-es In
Ihls city: will acc-pl moderate salary
with g.-"1 hous-. R eiiio. t'rca-onlan.
BooKKE'EPEH Toune mnn wtth over 9
years' sx perienr In wholesa:e house,
best of relerences. desire position. AC 044.
IHM K K EEI'EH, stenographer. thoroughly
experltoced. desires p.isitlon. AR 5e5. Or
gonlan. Tlit'NtJ man desirea r-oe'.tlon with up-to-date
grocery: : of re(.-re:ire. II It02.
Al larel lane-vne.
Pt'.:TlN by mld.l.e-aged man as nlirhl
watihman. bad experleno in autom-ibll
driving. g.d hsMlA AN o!l. Oregonlaa
BAKER, first -class , work, first 3 weeks
flee. AR M-o. lreonifin.
H niati and wife on
. !i.
.1 4.12 J.f-
ferte.n St. or Main .-.Mix.
N sTenli arv kind of work cleaning
mindowa. wood a ore, lc A 4.52.
citi'4Tiov wanted, sinale. sober Garman,
yardman, porter, chorcman: handy with
tools good gardener, car of horses, cow,
chickens; an kind of work. 0 825. Dra
goman. --
WANTI-fLi Work by young man. 23. that
will ailow evening for tudy; clean, good
character and references. II !'. Orego-
MAN and wife and good child want Job on
ranch, camp rooks, or anything In city
can make living at. wher even thing fur
lilslied. Shu. I'd t. Plion A 4.12IX
MARRIED man (no drinker) would like a
position as watchman or portr or any
kind of work that will be steady. AG eo.
WANTED By young man. 3, any kind of
work, respectable, good habits, appearanc
and hi-;!! school education; reference. H
All. Oregontaru
EXPERIENCED Janitor want position In
apartracnt-house. Chas. Lrr ejor. 274 L'avlo
St rev t. -
l'Or.NU man of 21 dealres a plac to work
for board and room: must b in city and
Inside. Writ D 61i. Orcgonlan.
MARRIED man want Itution on ranch:
experienced la pure-bred hor-teo. B tVOl.
.VKLL-EL.UCATED young man want work
In hotel or olflca at one. O 61. Or
gonlan. WILL anyone glvo rellabl, steady, handy
man. ..2. work anything, night or day;
references. A S.Oregonlan.
JAPAN-.--"Thauffeur. sober and wll edu
cated, wants position In or out of city. A
:.. tr.gon!an.
Mil ATl'iN wanted by competent man.
li tclicst references. 441 Commercial st-i
BAKKR Klrst-class. all-around men from
New Vork. want steady work. 8 603, Or
gonlan JAPA.NE 4' experienced cook wants position
In family; gcod reference. L 611. orego
gorlan. A-T TLoTHINi; salesman. 13 years- expert
enre. good sfockkeejo-r and good refersnca,
wsnts position. H d!3. Oregonlan.
eTKAKr: 4 languages, young man desirea
posi.ion imo kind. in. da preferred.
.tone Tenor 241. .
WANTED To take contract to cut cord
wood. Address K. Mlnatoya, 121 N. 13th
st . rort'aml. Or.
16-YEAR Lincoln High student desire a ah. re h can carry Oregonlan. AR
r.7, Oregonlan.
NICE" Japanea cook wants position lo work
In fam 1 1 ' i' ho n JT a bor 304.
DRAFTSMAN, age 22. arehltact'a oftlcs, flS.
Address rtcott. J9 Hoyt t.
HOVIX.l picture operstor desires position,
city or country. V 6'7. Oregonln.
Yc'l'NU man wants work as plumber's ap
prentice. R .". Oregonlan.
Rookkerper and !lenogTapher.
EXPERIENCED tnographer. ' general ofTIr
work, etc.; moderal salary. Marshall
TRIVATE srtary desirea stenogrsphlo
position at JJ a month: loyally and good
Work assured. n-tt. cregonian.
YOrN'S womai
of varied experience l
Hotel caples. room 211.
EXPERIENCED alenographer desire posi
tion Main 4oi.
STENOGRAPHER desires a permanent pos
ition; experienced. Call Main 7S.
By young lady, position In general office;
richest ref.T' nrex. c 6-4, oregonlnn
EXPERT law stenographer desires position.
Phone A 51.
XOl'NO lady, experienced, any kind of offlca
work. Main 2I.39. A 477S.
FIRST-CLASS droasmaklng. tailoring. ra
sonubl to working 111. tU9 Hood gt,
Marshall 1349.
ALL kinds of dressmaking and alteration;
price very rensoneble. 416-614 Swatland
bldg. Phone Marshall "0.
DRESSM AKINO at home or by day. Phon
A 722.".. Marshall lti22.
SEAMSTRESS work noatly don. Phon
Tit.or 112... B mod.
FI IlST-CLAfr) dressmaking and tailoring.
Phono Main H01.2; A :.".
FI ' SI -.'LASS dressmaking and tailoring by
the. day. Tabor I4itj.
A UIRL wanta work with dressmaker; ex-
pen-n.ed. A. Schneider. 4f.o E. Ankeny.
WANTED Dressmaking and home sewlnff
by day or half day. Phon East 2397.
DiTESs"MAIrERwlll go out by tint, f2; tai
loring, remodeling. Marshall 1795.
IF AN opening In hotel, roomlng-hous or
apartmenta demanding service of an ex
perienced, truxtworthy lady of refinement,
address or call 70 th st. N.. afternoons.
W ANTED By middle-aged woman position
a companion or houaekeeper: preferably
in prlval family. Phon Main 46rt8.
LADY wishes position as housekeeper In
roomlng-hous or hotl. Address lio7 Yam
hill t.. room 12.
REFINED young woman wishe work aa
housekeeper for widower or bachelor. C
'.J2. oregonlaru
WOMAN, with best references, want posi
tion lo car for Invalid; good houaekeeper.
E 6j, oregonlan!
NEAT youngwldow. gtrl 2 year, hous
keeper. Main 203. A 4773.
GERMAN" girl, experienced, wanta poeltloa
a houBckeeper. AL sua, oregonlan.
sanitary apartment for maternity
case: reeaonabl; good reference. Phon
Hellwood f'-H.
TRAINED nurse wishes mor engagementa.
terma reasonable, som housework. Main
fillUX. .
A GO ID. experienced nurse with references;
medium charges. Phone C 14'7.
MIDDI.F.-A.JED pracfl.'tll nuns; doctors'
refer-nre. Main 6'.':i7.
if tare I a nexswa.
LADT wants position In grocery store or
management of confectionery and frnlt
store. Experienced and capable; refer
ences C HOI, uregonlsn.
LAOY wants position posing for pictures
or cashier in restaurant or window dem
onstrator. Pedro. Main lbSS. Palmer
Yi't N1 woman, employed In office during
d.xv. as compnnlon to children or Invalid
evon'ni-s; good reader. Hotel Caplea.
I1..0TI '-M.
WAN'lED. by woman of refinement, posi
tion s manarer of apartment or room
ing house. Address fj 61.3. Oregonlan.
TOI'Nt married Inaly wishes housework by
day or some other kind; go horn nights.
17i 12th. Main S4i-
LI.'.HT housework or position a companion
lo elderly lady; homelike place more of
nn olJe.-t thivt wages. I'hone Tabor 313.
T K Ai'H lln will slav with children by hour,
lay 4.r evening; reference. AD 594, Ore
gonlnn. ,
YOt'NO ladv wishea room In exchange for
lessons and uae of piano. O Ilu3. Ore
gonlnn. GERMAN governeaa would like position
pari of dir. Woodlnwn S.H.
LACE cumins laundere.1. expert.
24--.: r 2-27
FAN.'V wor-c of all kinds promptly done;
stsmptng. embroidery. 3x7 Taylor.
POi-ITION a I housemaid by experienced
o-n-,p. al f"2. t-iregonlan.
BITCATIoN wanted a cook. Call 1 60
Thurman st
WfiMAN wishes day work. Phone Main
GIRL wants dsy work as washing. Ironing
and ho' seole-nlng. Csll at 1114 3'th st. N.
DAY WOKK wanted. Wed.. Thur.. SaL,
whole d.xvs. Main 147.
LAUNDRY your holiday Isce curtain now
rv ex; ert. Phone Woodlawn 2-IH4
JA1Y will prepare luncheon and dinners.
Mrs. W. Main 9l.".l.
WOMAN wants work, washing or cleaning,
?- hour. Phon A Sl'2.
t-ADY wUhe general housework. 2M N.
liith t
Gt"Mr colored woman wishes chamber work.
Phone Main 7414.
EXPERIENCED cook would like work In
well-to-do family AM 604, Oregbnlan.
A GCM D experl. nced girl would like work
In small family. AM vr2. Oregonlan.
WOX'AN -vnr.ts laundry work or cleaning. 25
c-nts hour. SeKwood 1i-.f.
A VERY good, reliable lsundrre. wishes
more steady work. T.'l. Tabor "NwlS.
WOMAN aants work by hour. 2;.c I'hona
Marshll lo2.
CtlARKl W4mn wants day work, phune
Mn'n A'.'e..
DAY work by good woman. Phone Main
WOMAN a ant work to 4 hours a day.
WANTED fly young lady, waitress In pri
vate boarding-house. Al, 404, Oregonlan.
CArAI.I.Fl voung French, give chamberwork.
Vnln '.""!. A 477".
CAI'AI'T.K ro'ored woman, good refer-ncre
general housework. Mala 2C'-. A 4773.
. i ill ,
A'OMPANY (ordinary department) la open
ing Oregon and will ofler exceptionally
good contracts to men of character and
ability; district agents wanted at Salem.
Pendleton and other important polnta.
First-class proposition to right man for
clly manager. call or write E. H. Mc
Conkey. general agent. Sol Belling bldg..
WANTED Several llve-wlr stock :esmn.
preferablv those having sold In.suranoe
stock: exceptionally strong proposition;
. new. hacked by local men of Influence.
Address, stating previous experience, AD
i',in. oregonlan.
WANTED Agents to sell premium subscrlp.
tlon books for Harper ek Bro. Call A. M.
347 Worcester hldg.
AGENTS wanted for "Richmond" suction
cleaners. See Mr. Sweeting. Th McCrum
Howel Co.. 107 7th it.
WANTED t or 4-room furnished flat or
apartment within walking distance to
1'nkin ave.. between KUllngsworth ana
Shaver: steam heat preferred. E 607,
Oregonlan. ,
WANTED email nicely furnished cottage,
close to I'nlon and KUllngsworth, by
young couple, with Infant. F 404, Ore
gonlan. ;
GENTLEMAN, of tidy habit, require well
fumlshed room for Winter; must have hot
and cold running water with use of bath;
within easy walking distance of center of
cltv; rent not to exceed 117 per month.
AM Oregonlan.
WANTED Unfurnished large room or two
smaller rooms for artist's tuuto: private
entrance, good light; state price. V. D. V.t
410 Couch bldg.
W A N i ' 1 1 Three-room furnished flat In
walking dlrtunre; twin beda: will pay $25
per mo. B (504, Oregonlan
Rooms With BoarsL
YOl.NO lady employed during day want
board and room In private family. Nob Hill
dt-trlct. R tt-4. Oregonian.
BOARD and room for elf mil boy 8 years
old whirs box- can have mother's care. F.
Allan, 447 6th t.
TOliNtl ladv. employed, wishes room and
board In private family. O 6--S. Qregonian.
Furnished Rooms.
VThose three beautiful furnished hotels.
11SH 4th t. I11H 4th t .07-. 4th t
On Fourth t., running from Taylor to
Falmon st; brand nw brick, elegantly
furnished; steam heat, private baths, hot
and cold water In all rooms; strictly up
to data In all respects, and at popular
price. If rou want omethlng out of th
ordinary. In the heart of the city, at rea
sonable prices, give u a call, aa w know
you will like It. Room by the day. week
or month. Tourist trade solicited
Beginning today HOTEL ALDER. 4ttl
and Alder sts., will offer speolal Induce
ment on weekly and monthly rate to
permanent guosts during the Winter. Best
location In tha cltv, convenient to all
theater, store, business district and post
office. A comfortable horn, with every
modern convenience. In the heart of the
city. Local and long-distance telephone
and cold running wster In every room.
The best of bellboy and elevator service
day and night. Rooms singly and en suite.
House thoroughly modern and newly fur
nlshed. Rates on application.
ResldentlaL 850 Taylor. Transient.
Bet. 7th and Park sts.
Opposite Hellig Theater. Central, qolet.
Room from 75c dally, with private bath,
from (1 dally; rclal weekly and monthly
rites; suiter New, handsomely furnished
brick; elevator, telephone, hot and cold
running water. From Union Depot "J
car to Taylor or "W" car to 7th; from
Hoyt-street depot. "8" car. transfer on
Morrison to 7th. Phone Marshall 2200.
THE CORDOVA HOTEL. 11th and Jeffer
son sta.: new brick building. Just com
pleted, over CO rooms, all with private tel
ephone, steam heat, hot and cold water,
many with baths; newlv and splendidly
furnished. This hotel will cater to the
home-loving, permanent tenant and will
make every effort for the comfort and
pleasure of Its guests; rents the most rea
sonable, considering . furnishings and
equipment In the city. Now open for In
spection. ANGELA HOTEL.
625 Washington St., opposite Mnltnomah
Athlello Field New brick building, all
modern conveniences, well regulated resle
dentlal and family hotel; splendid accom
modations for transients: convenient to
th business center and the rates ar mod -erato
(p'enty rteum heat). Marshall llf0.
SARGENT HOTEL, corner Grand and Haw
thorne aves. Beautifully furnished rooms,
single or en suite, with private bath; hot
end cold water, steam heat and private
phone In every room; moderate weekly or
monthly rates; grill In connection; tran
sients solicited.
131 Eleventh street.
. New. modern brick building, steam-heated,
private baths, hot and cold water In
rooms, beautifully furnished, coxy, com-'
fortsble; rent reasonable, call and see us.
Regular and translsnt trade solicited.
One block from Union Depot; 140 out
side rooms, with ho' and cold water and
stesm heal: offers special rate to perma
nent guests: rate 6c to $2 per day; 13.30
and up per wsek. phon Main 8413.
347. East Purnslde.
12f modern steam-heated rooms, clos
Inl hot and cold running water; rooms
slngl or en suite; rooms with private
bath; rates 6fe lo 1.50per day; $3 to
7 per week. East 5940. B 1375.
THE PFER HOTEL, East fid and Burnside.
new fireproof building, etesm-heated, hot
and cold water and phone In all rooms;
private baths, lobby and parlor: elvator
eervice; rates a per wee-c ana up, 4.44414-
slants solicited.
i'nono East i t l.
In new modern bouse at Ella and Wash
ington sts.; telephone In rooms. Call and
see them. $3.50 and up per week. Phone
Main tl. .
LARGE front room In sightly apartment
house, beautifully furnished; $20 per
month: also a housekeeping room. 13 per
week. Csll 167 Stout St.. hi block from
HOTEL RF1NWICK An Ideal home for bus
iness people; centrally located; elegant
rooms: all modern conveniences; Tth and
Taylor sts., 1 block from Portland Hotel,
opposite Hell!-- Theater. Phone Main Dlfl.
12th and Washington.
Any room In the house for $5 a -week
and nothing extra for two in a room:
thoroughly modern.
Twelfth St. Marshall 2790.
In heart of business district; steam heat,
hot and cold water, free phon In very
room; $1 day and up: 84 week and up.
LIGHT, airy rooms, modern, suites or single,
$2 and $3 week: five minutes' walk to
theater and stores: free phone.
TITF. HITK1N.1HAM. moved to 20h and
Washington: hot aater and phone In ears
room, baths: all outside roomi; $4 and
$4. So per week.
New. modern brick: all outside rooms:
rate reasonable; Waahlngton St., corner
of Trinity place. Phone Main 1135.
ARV.ENIUS HOTEL. 41T Morrison Best
and cheapest rooms In the city. Come and
see for yourself : transients and permanent.
Main 89AO.
THE KING. 3'M Jefferson, nicely furnlnhed
rooms, modern conveniences, heat, central,
rates. Including l.ath, 2.75 per week up.
PALMER HOUSE. 350 Alder t.. furnlhed
room; stesm heat, free baths; $2.50 and
up per week.
ELM PLACE 414 Yamhill, cor. 11th; rooms
$n.5.) per week and up; hot and cold water,
steam hsat.
Ndr.RiS HOTEL Rooms strictly modern;
:i "i per week and up. 132 17th st.
NEWLY furnished; every modern conven
ience. See them. 434 Salmon St.. cor. 12th.
THE Larrcbee. 227H Larrsbee; under new
management: modern: transient; close In.
THE HAZEL Nicely furnished rooms at
moderate pi-Ices. Cor. 8d and Montgomery.
Modern room-. $;t.."o to $3 per week.
HOTEL FRANKLIN. 13th and Washington.
Modern rooms $3-60 to $5.
ROOMS $2.50. suites $4 and $5 for two. 271 Vs
Furnlahed Rooms In Private Family.
NICELY' furnished front parlor for one or
two gentlemen. 411 Salmon st.
847 MARKET Nicely furnished housekeep.
Ing rooms for aorklng people.
WELL-FURNISHED room; bath and phone.
3:i.", 3d st. .
FOR RENT Modern front room. Inquire
o.W Thurman st.
PLEASANT, warm room, plenty of hot wa
ter: clean 12H Flanders.
82 PER week.
ISO 17th St..
imall comfortable front room,
cor. Yamhill.
ONE Plceiv furnished room, private fam
ily. $ per month. 42b V 2d at.
NEWLY furnished room, heat, electric
lights, bath, phone, all modern conven
iences; Larid's Addition; reasonable rent.
Phone Sellwood 8S9.
BRIGHT, cle-m. well-furnished rooms, with
home privileges, with or without board;
tlrst-claB meals. 121 East 12th St.. cor.
Morrison. Phone East loM.
FURNISHED room: two large, neatly fur
nished bedrooms, large closets, heat.
bath, telephone, home privileges. 549 Bel
mont. Pacific phone. East 20.15.
TWO connecting rooms suitable for 3 or
R gentlemen: electric lights, running water,
phone; 2 large closets. 271 Montgomery
BEAUTIFULLY furnished room. In priva"
family; double or single beds; Nob Hill
district; modern. 790 Lovejoy. near 2Sa
st. Phone Main 8722.
NICE front room, bath, electrlo light, one
block from carllne; private family. 1
E. 16th North. Phone E. 04.
NICE room for gentlemen, clean and well
furnished, furnace heat, electric light,
bath, rhone. 700 Flanders
NICELY furnished room In modern home,
all conveniences, beautiful location. Main
NEWLY furnlshsd rooms, facing front, good
for two or three men or couple, with or
... . 1 . . , 47. --,., one T"llth.
vn nout 4,4'aru. eu w,..
A GENTLEMAN will give nse of good front
room for light work evenings. E 603.
Oregonian. .
FURNISHED room, steam heat and bath,
rent reasonable; xralklng distance. Phone
East 5650.
NEWLY furnished, nicely finished attic
room, furnace heat, electric light; private
entrance: '2.60 per week. 274 Park U
$oC,,ani well-heated room; large closet,
near and rnnvenU-nt to all car on Union
ave. 402 Eugene st.
NICELY furnished front room, suitable for
one or two gentlemen. 295 Salmon st.
cor. 6th. ,
SEVERAL nicely furnished rooms from $2.50
per week, rt.xs Washington, cor. Ella.
LARGE, pleasant room, with frate, use of
piano, aai lutn st, aiam
fX'RNlSHED rooms, modern conveniences:
walking distance. 29 14th St. Main 8S3.
FRONT room for one or two young men.
487 Jjarraoe.
-00 evro r-op CT
New three-room apartment: no children.
3 WEEK, nice outside room, bath, heat.
' walking distance. 4.".2 8th st.
vTcB heated room, private entrance and
porch. 7 mln. P. O. 867 10th st-
NEATLY furnished bedroom, walking dis
tance. tl.75 per week. 4-9 6th st.
NICE large furnished housekeeping rooms.
745 Hoyt.
FRONT room. heat. bath. 437 Larrabee.
one or two young men, r hoop -.-4 ,.o
GOOD rooms, two blocks from Postofflc;
cneap. ouo oeniiuii -
LARGE alcove room, suitable for one or
two gentlemen or coupic. 4e., .on
LARGE light room, furnace heat, two beds,
only $4 per weeli 181 11th.
NICELY furnished rooms, reasonable, gen-
.1 ..--..,. 41(111. Mill St
4 1CMH.44 purnri...... . v . ......
FRONT room, bay window, closet, extra good
bed; gentlemen preferred. 305 12th.
NICELY furnished room for gentleman. 564
YamhUL .
" Booms With Boa rok
A hlgh-claas Jewish family hotel, newly
furnished. Just opened: furnace heat, el eo
trlo light, running water; also room with
private bath; rooms with board; also table
board. Phone Marshall S0U3. 635 Evorett
. - 1- - 9111 h
DOES a home appeal to you? The Whitehall,
cor. 6th and Madison; large rooms, bath,
broad verandns. quiet, close In, near car.
4 block from . J. iun-rimii plan.
Rooms with board, uae of sewing-room.
library. 610 Flanders. F. N. Heath, supt.
THE CALVARD, 452 Morrison, cor. 13th.
private family boarding-house; modern
ROOMS and board: homo cooking. The
Hollywood. 235 Grant.
Rooms With Board In Private Family.
NICE, clean, airy room, with board, home
privileges and home cooking, bath, phone,
all conveniences, easy walking distance.
54HH 6th it.
O o
RGB front room, beat of table board for
congenial business men or man and wife.
strlctlv modern home. West Side, walk-
Ing distance. Phone Marshall 80 1
NICE pleasant room: board If desired; home
privileges; hot water and bath: reason
able terms: walking distance; very doeira
ble. Investigate. Phone Tabor 818.
NICELY furnished room for two, modern
conveniences, with board. Twin beda. fur
nace heat, good home cooking, reasou
able. 647 6th St. A 3752.
NICELY-furnished front room, large closet
and veranda: steam heat, good bath, first
class board, for two reasonable. Phone
East 19S4.
LARGE front room, suitable for 3 gentle
men In modern furnace-heated home; ex
cellent home cooking; close In, East Side;
terms reasonable, phone B 3061.
FIRST-CLASS board, beautifully furnished
large room, home privileges for 2 gen
tlemen In modern home: walking distance;
no other roomers 635 E. Ankeny st-
PHEASANT single room, pleasant surround
ings, walking distance; good home cook
Jni;: West Side; very reasonable terms.
Mnln 31'SQ.
FIRST-CLASS room and board for two ladlea
or gentlemen. In good private family. Mar
sh a 1 1 37U4:Ior-Jand
GOOD rooms with board near Multno ah
Club, modern. 260 Nartllla st Phone Main
FRONT room with board, private family,
piano and laundry privilege. 631 E. 39th
st , cor. Ellsworth. Richmond car.
ROOM with or without breakfast. In pri
vate home, for one or two gentlemen, with
references. Phone Marshall 33S8.
LARGE alcove room, with board, suitable
fnr two or three men; bath, steam heat.
4li7 Montgomery st
BEAUTIFULLY furnished rooms, every
thing modern, walking distance. Call B
$4 60 PER WEEK, good home-cooked meals,
walking distance to any part of city. 392
Salmon. Main 2135.
ROOM and board, rates very reasonable. 706
Flanders St. Phon Marshall 197S.
PLEASANT rooms, slngl or double; good
board- 6.16 GIlan t.
2tt2 12th St.
rlth or without board
NICE place for two young men; home cook-
ng ana an cous-i4ieii--a. 4-,i . av-.
LARGE aJcov room, furnace heat, best of
table bonrd. Phone Main 2071.
CHOICE room with board. 33 North 17th.
one block from Washington.
NICELY" furnished rooms suitable for a gen
tleman, with board. 193 16(h St.
COMFORTABLE rooms. flrst-claas table
board. 334 Jackson, comer 7th. A 6371.
Corner Park and Madison st.
Four-pjom newly furnlehed oorner
PARK Apartmenta, 833 Harrison, beautiful
8 and 4-room apartments: walking dis
tance' best of service. Phone Marshall
THE CHETOPA ANNEX, 18th and ""landers
2 z and 4-room modern apartments,
furnished and unfurnished; new furniture,
new building. Apply to Janitor.
WELLINGTON COURT Four rooms, fur
nished, five rooms unfurnished; all mod
ern and very reasonable. 13th and Everett-
Main 1245.
nellr College; two and three-room apart
menu: strictly first class. Phone Mar
shall 67.
BRAINTKES Elegant five-room apart
ment West Side, walking distance, rent
reasonable. Main 7741. 295 12th st-
SIX ROOMS, handsomely furnished; steam
heat private bath, phone: also housekeep
ing and sleeping rooms. 412 3d st.
THE J EFFERSON1AIX riesi room apis.
In cltv modern. $25 to $30: 2 rooms, $20
and $-2.50. 314 Jefferson St.
SAN MARCO APTS.. E. 8th and Couch; new
brick modern, nice corner. 3 rooms, bath
Snd phone. -7.5Q. Call E. 2761.
MODERN 4-room apt. and sleeping porch.
Bryn Mawr. 1S5 East 15th. near Yamhill.
rS-os-CE Modern apts.; Nob Hill district;
coeniento carllnea 186 22d st. N.
Tiji.- ri MS 2 and 3-room apartments, f ur
nliihed" 191 14th st. Main 6444.
i, t -A" 649 Washington atreet Steam
heat. Phone Marshall452.
BEAUTIFUL 6-room furnished apartment.
rt g.a. rnuiu -o-"..''T-:
THE Lovejoy. 17th and Lovejoy 2-room
newly furnished apartment. Main 215.
6 ROO-T heated apt-; key at 711 Johnson.
$7 Trinity Place, Bet. 10th and 20th Bt.
Just Off Washington SL
Very attractive 3. 8 and 4-room apart
ments, completely furnished, including
steam heat, private bath and private
phones in each apartment, automatlo
elevator, excellent service. Call manager.
Apt- 1, or phone Marshall 1950.
Cor. Park and Taylor sta.
Cor. Tenth and Salmon sts.
Walking distance
Furnished complete. 2, 3 and 4-roora
apartments; buildings new and strictly
modern; service first-class.
1T1 King Street.
Corner Wayne,
4, B and 6-room cpartment. situated In
the most select neighborhood In th city;
highest standard of tenancy maintained.
Apply on premises.
HOT-gMAX APT.. 980 Hoyt it. Elegantly
furnished 8 and 4-room apts.. strictly
modern, with built-in refrigerators, elec
tric cookers, gas range, private phone,
bath: also sleeping porches. References
required. M 1552.
THE BARKER, cor. 21t and Irving sts.;
this new 4-siory brick now open: fur
nished and unfurnished In 2. 8 and 4-room
ultes; reception hall, electric, automatlo
elevator. Holmes disappearing beds, built
in buffet and writing desk, gas range. Ice
box, plenty of closet room, both phones,
vacuum cleaner free to patrons. If you
want something nice, come to the Barker.
Phones A 1744. Marshall 29ol.
Trinity Place, between 19th and 20th.
Just off Waahlngton.
Just finished; most magnificent apart
ments on the Pacific Coast; location Ideal;
rentals reasonable; every - modern con
venience; high-class service; reference
required. P h one Marshall 602. .
12th and Taylor.
' Just completed, most magnificently fur
nished apartments in the Northwest; loca
tion perfect; rentals reasonable; every
modern convenience, including banquet
hall and roof garden; both phones in all
apartments; high-class service; references
bia, 4 blocks south from Morrison st.:
new brick building, completely first-class,
furnished In 2. 3 and 4-room family apart
ments; private bath, steam heat, hot wa
ter, elevator, free phone, vacuum cleaner
Janitor service: rent per month. $.. I
(one $55 for $42). Must be seen to be ap
preciated THE DEZENDORF.
These elegant S-room unfurnished apart
ment ltuated In the heart of th city,
within 10 minutes' walk of the business
Apply on premises for reservatlona.
844 Everett st-
New and elegantly furnished apart
ments; 3 rooms, reception hall and sleeping-porch;
automatlo electric elevator and
private Pacific telephone; located In one
of the choicest residence districts, sur
rounded by elegant homes; walking dis
Thoroughly modern 3-room unfurnished
apartments. 20; 4 rooms, $25; 5 rooms,
$30; this Includes shades, steam heat, hot
and cold water, gas ranges, private Pa
cific telephone and Janitor service. Apply
on premise.
I t 4 8-room furnlshsd apartmentet
elegantly furnished; walking distance; rea
aonabla. 22d and Wash. sts. Main 7130.
870 Couch, 1 block from Waahlngton St.
on 18th .:'U1. Main 1192; 8 and 4-room
modern apartments, steam heat ,lctrlo
elevator, hot and cold water, telephone
and Janitor service. Apply of manager.
gomery; now ready: private phones dis
appearing beds, water coll. refrigerator,
steam heat, modern laundry and dryer.
latest system of ventilation; rent $20 to
Also Iris. 8d and Mill; 4 and 5
room, sou to ov.
ferson sta; a 4-room apartment with bath,
furnished or unfurnished, two bedrooms,
best of service; location unexcelled, only
6 minutes' walk from P. O.; outside room
modern conveniences, reasonable rent-
East Eighth and Burnside Eta.
Beautiful 2 and 8-room furnished or un
furnished apartments; strictly modern, and
free telephone; cheapest in the city, wa.k-
lng Ciatance.
155 19th at., cor. Northrup. Nob Hill
district Just completed. Splendidly and
completely furnished; offers very attrac
tive 2 S and 4-roora apartments; price
30 to $50. Mar. .833.
ONE new elegant l-room apartment In th
moot exclusive apartment-house In tne
city; large, outside rooms, walking dis
tance: extra accommodations for maids.
Marshall 1237.
WINSTON APARTMENTS, 841 14th St.. near
Market New corner brick, ready for oc
cupancy December 1. All bright, outside
rooms; two and three-room suites com
pletely furnished for housekeeping. $25 to
$37.50. For information Main 1...9 or oti-n.
Fine, new building, corner 12th and
Harrison: one three-room apt, every mod
ern convenience and the very best service
In the city; reasonable rent; references
GRANDEST A, furnished sparlrnen -Grand
ave. and East Stark st. New brick bldg..
8-room rolendldly furnished apts.: elec
tric elevator and every modern conven
ience; close In location, best of service.
14th and Clay 8ts.
One of the finest 4-room suites In tne
city, unfurnished; electric elevators, prl
va;e vestibule; phone and bath; $48.
82 Grand Ave., cor. East Stark.
Nlcely furnished two and three-room
apartments, modern. prices reasonable;
walklnn distance. Phone East 800.
sts best of service; desirable location,
with unexcelled car service, alio easy
walking distance: 3-room apt., with bath,
modern conveniences, very reasonable rent.
THE B JELL AND. 16th and Lovejoy 3 and
4-room unfurnished apartments, strictly
modern, brand new. $30, $35 and $40. In
cluding phone, heat and water. Phone A
1867 or Main 1SII7.
429 E. Morrison, corner of 7th, 3, 8 and
4-room apartments, furnished up to date;
private baths, moderate price, new m'gt
704 Lovejoy St
Beautiful two. three and four-room
apts furnished and unfurnished.
410 Hall St.
One unfornished, one furnished, strictly
flrst-class. A2048;
BUcTk-HARTFORD apartments. 21st and
Flanders; three-room elegantly furnisht.-d
apartment, private bath, phone, sleeping
porch, elevator; very reasonable.
naar Main An elegant 3-room apt., with
private balcony, every modern conven
ience. $37.50; two sleeping compartments.
407 Hall st
2 2-room furnlihed apartments, strictly
modern. -Main e-.u.
Nicely furnished and unfurnished 3 and
4-room apartments: both phones; refer
ences. 697 Washington.
170 St. Clair; 2 nicely furnished 3-room
apartments and one unfurnished 3-room
apartment; free phone In each apartment.
Hovt; 4-room apartment with private bal
cony; very desirable and convenient In
every way and reasonable rent
410 Bth Furnished and unfurnished,
strictly modern apartments; walking dis
tance; prices reasonable: no children.
THE MARLBOROUGH 21st and Flanders;
walking distance; one 5-room apt Main
Cor. East 9th and Hancock Sts.
E and 6 rooms, hardwood floors, tiled
bath. Dutch kitchen, hot-water heater,
separate basement, furnace, stationary
tubs, large private stairway; two
blocks from Broadway car; easy walklnr
distance; tM and $32.50. ..,
434 Chamber of Commerce.
Phone Marshall 3321.
Fine new flats 16th and Hancock, in
the heart of Irvlngton. excellent car erv
lce. 5 rooms, hot water heat furnished,
fireplaces, hardwood floor. tile baths,
sleeping porches.
E. 935. C 2322. E. 22d and Brsxee.
New B-room flats, beautiful building,
mahogany entrance, private Porches
sleeping porch, hardwood floors. tuo
baths, fireplace, large closets, gas range
furnished, hot water heat.
E. 985. C 2322. E. 22d and Braaee.
4 and 5 rooms, strictly modern, reason
able rent: U cars. 1068 Cleveland ave.
Phone Woodlawn 2295.
FIVE-ROOM FLAT. 7S2 Gllsan street; new
building, hardwood floors, fireplace, . gas
range, waterheater. furnace, etc.: $3..u.
Keys at flat. Morgan, Flledner tfc Boyce.
UNUSUALLY desirable furnished flat, 3 or
4 large sunny, airy rooms, fireplace, sleeping-porch,
private bath, close In, very rea-
sonable. 341V. Montgomery, cor. 7th.
FLATS for rent. 4 rooms and bath. No. 897
San Rafael St., near Union ave. Terms.
$20 per month. Phone Marshall 1)89 or
East 47Q8- W. M. Tyler, owner.
fits NEW flats overlooking beautiful Pen
insuiar Park, light, airy; sleeping porches;
near Jefferson high; public schooL Pal
mer & Hill. 152 KUllngsworth ave.
LOWER 5-room flat, just finished: strlotly
nioaern and up to date; hardwood floors,
nice residence section. 499 Harrison, bet
14th and 15th. Key at 497
MODERN 6-room flat, walking distance,
near Steel bridge. 200 V. McMillan t- C
THREE-ROOM unfurnished flat; all con
veniences. Inquire 225 Market at Phon
Main 51H.
MODERN fiat, 6 rooms and bath. 73$V
Hoyt st. near 22d. Apply 130 6th at
Main 6278,
TWO 6 and two 5-room modern flats. Just
completed, corner Stoutand Madison. In
quire OH" iX44l4l 41, . - o-
CHOICE new 5-room flat, light and warm.
Call East 6S47. 25.
MODERN 1 l-room flat, furniture for sal.
622 Northrup st. Main 8475.
FOP RENT 5-room flat, bath and furnace.
51'S Salmon. Key 600 Salmon.
TWO 4-room flats. sleeping-porch; rent
$27.50. 825 Northrup st. Phone Main 8225.
S-ROOM flat, furnished, for sale or rent: a
bargain if taken by the 1st. 4S9 W. Park.
TWO modern 5-room flats. East 18th and
Ash sts. Phone B 2008.
4 AND 7ROOM modern new flats, $20 and
$311 to adults. 852 Upshur st
4-ROOM upper corner flat, modern, 177
Green ave!. near 23d, Wash. Main 8988.
NEW, modern 4-room .lat, on Belmont st
Phone B 1603. .
FOR RENT 4-room modern flat. Inquire
S50 Ellsworth st .
IF you care and want something exclusive
In the flat line, call 772 Kearney.
B-ROOM flat, modern, nicely furnished; wood
In, $30. 46S East Miu.
MODERN 5-room flat, light has good fur
nnce and fireplace; 127.50. 784 Gllsan.
FOR RENT Modern 7-room flat. 165
ltlth st. Apply 11 16th. corner Yamhill.
Housekeeylng Rooms.
THE BEAVER, 12th and Marshall; fur
nished for housekeeping; gas range, elec
trlo lights, hot water, bath, laundry', free;
S15 per month up; a clean place, best In
the cltv for the money; short distance
from Union Depot. Take "S" or JBth-st.
cars north, get off at Marshall St. No dogs.
$10 TO $2-50 WEEK; clean, furnished
housekeeping rooms, free laundry, bath,
phone, deaf, linen, heat. 406 Vancouver
ave. and 03 Stanton: take U car.
-TrT4T -.4 4 XT A4-FM PINT.
... .,.-...-'- bonsekeeDlng
OIOTI- 4 , r
neat and clean; rates reasonable.
riiili U'.AX. I.4TI jno,.-. "
ONE sunny housekeeping suite, also slngla
housekeeping room, close In. 489 Wash
ington; .
ATTRACTIVE, well-heated, olaan house
keeping snd sleeping rooms for quiet peo-
. v.l. -atee il7 rallimhis Sl-
PIO Bl I44-UU4UIO - "
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms for 3 to
J3.50 per week. The MeTcedes. 20th and
W a s hington.
HOUSEKEEPING rooms In new concrete
, , , t,i - 4rrAoi .- OOQT oe "A79.
DK1K. rinirs "wom-.. -
LIGHT housekeeping room. 58 North 18th
401 K. MORRISON, cor. E. 8ih, completely
furnished houscKeeping buhup, i t--"--.q'--
IfoiiKokrenin- Rooms. In Private Family.
NICE front room, newly furnished, wllh
kitchenette, electricity, gas. bath. Phone.
$4 weekly: also one for $3.50 or $12
monthly: easv walking distance; no chil
dren. 66 North 21st st, 1 blocks from
FIRST floor of 2-story cottage, 8 large, well
lighted -.ooms, furnished, suitable for 3
adults; central location: references. 14
North 11th 24 blocks from Wash. Phone
A or aiarsnan ii.g.
WITH private family, two modern house
keeping rooms, wood range, hot water con
nections, bath and electric llBhU r?-"0,"-able
rent to middle-age couple. 90 N. 17tn
TWO largo front roomi furnished for
housekeeping, clean and HBht wood cook
tove. gas piaieo, -..-..-, .--- .
11 month. 270 Market St. Main 9240.
SUITE completely furnished housekeeping
rooms; gas. Dam, owemBiii, ...-.... -
tance; no children; $18 month. 626 Kear
ney .
LARGE, pleasant, well-furnished housekeep
ing room, flrst and second floors, electrlo
light, phone, bath and water free; $2.69
to $4. 306 4th St. ..
NEW finely furnished, some housekeeping
suites, running water, hot -
corner; large lawn; central, reasonable.
3-.- 11th.
LARGE front l-room suite. no"1"'
completely furnished for housekeeping. S3
N. 2 Oth.
THREE neatly furnished housekeeping roorn
for family of two. 40J Rodney ave. Eat
2197. .
ONE sunnv housekeeping suite; also single
housekeeping room; convenient. 187 -hap-man
st.. near Y'rtmhill. ,
LARGE sunny room for light housekeeping;
free phone, electric lights, bath. 296 Sal
mon St.. cor. 5th. ,
WELL-FURNISHED housekeeping rooms,
$10 and $12 per month. 329 Montgomery
fjt.. bettveen Cth and 7th. .
$0 CLEAN, well furnished room, house
keeping suite, for couple; furnace h9at,
bath, phone, gas range. 115 N. .80.
THREE large, light, newly furnished rooms,
bath, phone. 7 minutes to P. O.: very
reasonable to adults. 3lli 10th st.
THREE furnished housekeeping rooms, cozy
and comfortable. 380 East 1st St. North.
Tel. East 244-1,
FRONT suite of rooms, either with or with
out cooking privileges; furnace heat, uso
of both phone145010tlist
a"tHKEE-Ro6m front suite, completely
furnished for housekeeping; very close
In. 214 13th st
NICEI Y furnished housekeeping-rooms:
modern: rent very reasonable; no children.
42 Ella st. ,
TWO cosv houeskeeping rooms. Side,
cook stove, gas and walking dlatauce, $12.
ir.H 11th st.
THREE furnished rooms, close In very de
sirable, reasonable rent. E. 1890 or 800
E. Salmon
-TlARGETurnished housekeeping rooms. $10
month. West Side, no children. 62S Mar
ket st.
A THREE-ROOM front suite, completely
furnished for housekeeping; very closa In.
214 13th St.
GoOD convenient housekeeping rooms, new
ly furnished, $3 and $3.50 per week. 403
TWO cozy and neatly furnished front rooms
for housekeeping. 275 N. 21st st.
THREE housekeeping rooms, completely
furnished. 5S9Wash. st
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms. 149
lllth St.. bet. Morrison and Alder.
LARGE front room, complete for housekeep
ing. $1 per week. 340 College.
813 14TH. cor. Clay; large. Ilsht 2 and 3
room furnished housekeeping suites.
LADY would share furnished flat with a
Inily. Apply 555 Yamhill.
HOMELIKE cottage, suite furnished house
keeping rooms, close in. 310 Main st.
2 FURNISHED housekeeping rooms; pantry,
modern. West Side. Phone M. 8382.
HOUSEKEEPING suite. J22; modern home.
410 Park st. Main 8527.
SUITE oi 2 and t rooms, modern flat $20
ftnd S27 per month. H05V. GUsan. near 21st.
$S A MONTH 310 u VOt h sti furnishad
houe.k..p!iiK room In the rear.